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The Port Jefferson echo. (Echo P.O., Long Island, Port Jefferson N.Y.) 1892-1931, May 17, 1913, Image 4

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EDITORIAL NOTES Xim tv-ni.m: years ago Saturday, May in , isll , the lirsl steam ferry boat to lie operated on the l - ii s t I liver heg/m makin g Hips between the olil ferry sli p mi the ltroiikl yn side anil Hie I lcekiiian slip mi Ihe.Maiihattan shore. The name of Hull boat was the Nassau anil she wa s a Hubert l - ' iilum s teamer. Tin: Hai led States Deparliiienl ol A griculture has sent out information about a new p otato pest. II is de- scribed as \(he mus t potato |«*sl tlint has ' ever visited f ' alifnrnia. \ I ' nf nr- t t tna lel y it is mi l eonlineil to Unit sta le. Durin g Hie past tw o years it lias rea ched till- slate of W j i.sliin ^ lim anil menaces adja cent stales. Speci- mens of this pesl have also been dis- covered in New York I 'ity. II is known in Hawaii , Austra l ia . New /. ca- lami . Algeria anil other ruimlri c s in N orthern Africa. Iteeenily it has lii'cn received fr om ( 'lii n a. Tu t: New York Medica l Journal says: \From Ihe health stand point , city life , p h ysically, m eniall y and m orall y , p la ces n greater strain on Ihe individ- ual than coun try life , anil lends In pro- duce a ra ce inferior in most respccls. In Kl l rop c Ihe ellects of lone; conlili- uccl in i luslrial nnd lo wn life are onl y loo probabl y eviden t and it should be the object in ll i e co m p i irn l ivol y Ihinly populated coim lrics of what is known as the new world lo avoid the mistakes which seem us if they mi ght wreck some ol Hie richest and si prosper- ous nations of Kur ope. Hack to the land is no parrot call; il is insp ired liy regard f or Ihe liest interests of heallli, mental , p h ysical and m oral. -—.— ¦¦ ? — Features on Yacht Emeline. The yaeh l Kiiiclinc, Capl. Carmen Howell of 1' or l -lellerson , sailed [mm New York this Friday l or the Ptin i uun. Canal , the yaoli l havin g liccn chnr ler- cd b y Kober l (i raves. The Kiii clinc lias a number of elec- trical novelties. One of lis font ii res is the electrical fountain on the rea r of the main deck. When in play, the water is thr own fro m a glass bowl whi ch contains an ever changing as- sortment of vnri-eolored electric li g hts , which pr oduces a licauliful rainbow cITcc.l. An olhcr f ealure is that forty bells are s luing aluiiil the outside of the yacht and an equal number of chimes ' of corresponding (ones are s et up in the cabin. The hells and chimes can he operated t ogether or separately b y means of an electrical key b o ard similar to Hint of u p ian o. Peop le lounging about the decks will hear tlie music h y Ihe hells , while those in Ihe cabin will have the licnell l of llic soft chiincs, Mr. t lrnvcs lias tilsu installed itslerc - (iptlcou Hint throws its views for a (lis- lance of two miles on any while object. New Hector of Caroline Church, The Itfv. Step hen Herbert t lrce n , son of Hicfor t ncr Hlshnp of Mississippi , has been culled to be (lie ree lor of I' ur- oline ehu tcli , Setaukel , unci will lie - in his work llieri'im Trinity Sunday. Mr. ( irecn comes with n record of dis tinguished service in Ihe church. A |;radiia le of the llerlui e y Divinity School , he was educa lcil under bishop U'illiaiu s of <\»mieclicul , and al one lime was his privnle secretary. lie bus hail long service as rector at Si. I / illts; bus been Hellll of the Dallas Culhcilntl, Dutu of Uu- Memp his I ' a- thcilral ; nnd (or Ihe lnsl ten ycat s has been ree lor n[ the ehureli at liar Harbor , Maine, lie was iu (he lienor- al Convention for 2(1 years. i' aniline church is Ihe oldes t in ihe t' ounly ol Siil T olU anil has had inniiy distinguished rectors , limoni; I hem Hie Itfv. CIiiik. Henbiiry, fnthcr (if lli s hop Sciiliury, Ihe lirs l llisliiip of Ihe church in Hie I ' n i tcd S lnles. Intcresiin u Old Watch. Frank Cnrwln , n jeweler of lllvor- hi'iitl , luul uu interesting old watch hrough l In In Ills place for cxh l lii i ion Friday. II luul a liiind - niiido silver s case , nnd llie lust repair on the l iiuc- \ ) > ( tre was iiiiiiic in 1HI1H , lm l. Ihe watch Is still runnin g as merrily as a young- ster. A new mainspring wiih pm hi in 1S:' , 1 nml llie oilier minor repairs made [our yea rs Inter, hut aside from Ihal Us upkeep had cost Hie owner nn lhlur;, The works are munriilly vastly (Ill U 'ren l [nun llinse pui In watches of Ihe present. No I' m mis to Repair Koiuls. Spe n klni: uf Sinlc roads Hie I' a leli- nguo A t lvaiiecs says: \And so ul lctly incuinpclent has been Ihe iiuuiitei- mcii l of llie lii|;liwu , v ileparliuciil lliiil il Ik n ow foiiiul no money Is itvallulilc [or Ihe repair nnd inaiulcuiiiiceti l Ihe riiiul s built with the ri 'Hiill Hull new roads lui |iri > |icrly eoiislrueli'il me going nil In pieces because there Is no n innuy (or liiimeilliile repulr s . Wiml lire the people Kill iu; to tin abnul II' . '\ Serving the Public I Business is getting all you can For what you Rive. I Service is Riving all you can for what you get , \ So a keen writer has said , and he has struck the sharp distinction between the idea of business which would exploit the people , and the newer idea of business ser- j vice which would really serve the public. For a quarter of a century we have been animaied j by this idea of service—aiming always to give all we j could for what we get. We have firmly believed that , j a public thus served would give us loyal support and | that profits would take care of themselves. The more j we have been able to please our public , the more suc- cessful we have been. Thu greater ihe value we give , the greater our volume of business grows. This is in reality the working out of a law of ethics , and business men all over the country are waking up lo (lie necessity of obeying this law of ser- vice , if they would continue in business. The best proof we can offer that we are here in the service of you , and YOU and YOU—of every man , woman and child in this section , is our readiness with Spring wears , and the quality arid quantity of good things we offer at prices folks are glad to pay for good wears. Give us an opportunity to serve YOU this sea- son , and learn how our service can serve YOU ! satisfactorily. j MmmmW * ' INCORPORATED ^ OUTFITTERS TO MEN WOMEN S.CHILDREN BRIDGEPORT , CONN. A l iniinil Tri p Ticket fro m IVirt .lciTvr.sm > Riven to each customer wh ose purchase ainounls to $1(1 or over. Tickets must be procured I H i time of purchase. Es tablished 1888 ACCLIMATED Evergreen Nurseri es 0fmdai ta ; SpeClllStS PATCH OGUE _ j — Lon g Island f «ek demvkihes i TK . . K .- MON B ONN KCllON » * ™™ ' S '' AX1> I FACTORY SALE OF PIANOS Wator Street , Near Davis ' Mar ket PORT JEFFERSON $ 7 00 Pla y er Piano $500 500 G rand U p ri g ht Piano 300 375 \ \ \ 200 With ench of these Pianos we will also Rive Piano Lessons for Two Pull Terms Absolutely Free Hy IMIOK. KAHI. I.ANd M , loeuleil here. Repairing, tuning and polishing of Pianos undor guarantee STORY & CLARK PIANO GO. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Boars tho snj? J/S ^ Z ^ ' Signature of \ ^ Lc X( * /Z 7& & /U4{ NOTHING SO NICE for tho Ec t l room , after ntt f at a real pood Matt!j i ,7» es pecially when you can get on o at a moderate pri c<) that 1ms no odor whatever , nnd wi' .l n ot fade , no m atter bow long expo s ed to the sunlight. C*n be tewed like an/ carpet nnd we ars V.Ue the old fashioned \All Wool and Yard Wide \ variety. Tl ffhtly woven nnd tho most sani- tary mat ting made. Tlio G enuine n ^ b » »thi. Otol OT Rft S i T Trade Mari e . U \- . - .p ^ - rov r ? We ' re ahow l n j r quite nn l uiort - mcn l of really beautiful pattern* and guaranteeing every yard. I Come In anil fee th li a trlct l y up- I to- ^l ato ma lting. To-day, | I V Darling & Son \' I ' OKTJKWHHH O N Long Island Railroad Time Table ( TakiiiK effect March 'J , 1M3. | Trnli m te avu tt' iiiliii tf It l v e r for Row York (IVnii x yl v iiiilu Station) and Hrnoklyu and iirJue l p . - il i u U:nut '<Uutu n ntti< *r w — ufc k t hty n , T w » A. M., 3 2» I* . M.» SunduyH—7.25 , 1O.30 A. M., 3. 'i3. fi.4 2 P. M. U m v f i Vurt Jf ltnrmn. 5.36 , G.2U , 0,42 , 7 ,21 , tt.UO , 11.4H A, M„ 8.*7 , fi .Oi P. M Hii »da>'«-7 i' .\ 1 0M . A. M.. 2.85 , 3,60, D . W , 7.06 , 8.16 P. M. Loavn Sf tauh o t about 6 m l nnte n laTflr ttian (' O ' tJ' i I I firH d ii tlino. J,«ave S mltlitown s .ftrt , 6.42 , 7 or. , 7.40 , y . ss , A. M.. la.lo , «.in , R.37 P. M «n r dav « . 8.W, Il.« A. M., 3.02 , 4.13, 0.<W, 7. W , « .42 P. M. Tr a lii n loavo IIlnkHviil n fur Hiverhead . Qro e ii - port unci i >r l n«1piillntonu p diat« flTa t lnn s , 9.1R . 0UM A. M. . a 3.6y , - (1.6.04 , f t u.Bl , 16.43 , ¦ <£ l .: VJ P M. ¦Sun dayH , U fi5 K. M „ n ® 2.24. 6.07 P. M. L t mve Now Vork (P e nnn. Hla ) atatlon for Smltlitown , Port Ji'f T (>rnon , WucIIiik Rlvor an rt principal tn l^ ni u idl u to Rtatloiifl—w o eli d a y a , fi.42 , UV.tn , U M A. M., XJ1.:6 | ' , U.Cl . I' , i30 05.37 , C40 . 8.OS , Xll.HO P. M. Snn dayfl , U'J.Wl llio.oo A. M., I. n9. IKUO , 11.04 P. M. uTrain rutin to Koi i konkniim only ami priu- L' It till llltCllll 'Mli l lt ^ fttutiniis. I Train niu n lo Itlv < !rlicad only and prlnci iml Intunni'diut o Ktiitloii n Train ruiin lo U ' udliiK Utv c r. x Train runt* Siitunliiy only. u Will not run on hollilayH Train Irnv t- H l i rooklyn, Fliitlmnli Av n iuiu H tJttlftt i , nliout tlin p hiiu ^ titn t i uh t l iat flli o wn fro m Pcniiriy h'Hiilii Sttitlon Thffl tlmu-luldc Hiibjeut to uI.iuik o witlumt notico. STAOK LEAVES IN FRONT OK SWEXKY ' S DRUG STOKE For traln n j rolnp west—A. M„ 7.00 , 8.35 . I 1.2B. P. M.,8.20, 5.85. Trains K*»I» W «H8t—A. M.. 10.45. . P.M., 5.35, SUNDAY-OohiK West: A. M.. 7.25 , lO. tW. P. M., 2.10 , 3.26 , 5.20, 0.40, 7.45. Golt)KeaHtr-A. M., 10.30 ,11.30. P. M.,7.45. W iJ) tJ.)fO pnHHt ' j iK ur n to thv C20 ftlid 6,45 A.M. train if notttloil over nlglit. J. W. Bliowj f . ~ Br. T. H. MORRISON , Osteopat hic Physician , Port JcIlcrMOii , I,. I. Alonday, Wednesday and Friday, AJIcniooiK , a to 5 and by Appointment The Lon g Distance Tele p hone Saves Man y Tri p s \mHAT you , Smith ? Can I have th e option on that p iece of pro p e r t y ? ¦ * Th anks. I' m sorry I coul dn ' t t ake the tri p, but I' m too busy just now. \ Busin e ss matters th a t requ ire attention in some distant town or city may be quickly dispatched by the Long Distance Telephon e. It saves the many inconveniences and uncertainti es of traveling and ena b les you to get the same results with minimum effor t and without loss of time. Y o ur Telephone is a Long Distance Telephone. < NEW YORK u J pJ TELEPHONE - CO. v H. H. ACEEKIY , A gent - in-Char g re , # New York Avenue , Huntington , I. I. — ^r=r r ^ r ^^ . _ < IRVING M. SW EZEY Suwassett Hall Pharmacy j BHIM.L I NHBD 1853 Hotel Square , Port Jefferson , N. Y E. A. RAYNOR & SON j v m Furniture j i Undertaking 1 W HOT - RL SQUARE , PORT JEFFERSON . N. Y M ) R UF F ED E. GOVE H PRACTIOAI CU atchmake ^ and Jcaiclei ? Watclies , Diamonds \ and Optical Goods ^ F ine Wnicli Repalrln R Jewelry En R ravIn c ( Tt i i c iition ii r. tf. 1, , Port Joffiirmiii \ \ ~ . ' T~\ \' . ' ¦ : :-~- ~~ :~~:c ~j > > : ~:: ~ '~ \: \r.: ~r: rr ~ \ r \ r 7'rr:r ~~ ..Cat, Drink and Be Merr y.. II We have dining room furniture that will please you. Come and look . Dining chairs $1 to $10 , Dining Tables $5 to $90 , China Cabinets $16 to $75 , Bu ffets $20 to $110 , Side Tables $13.50 to $50 , R ichmond Ranges $26 to $50 , La ce Curtains 75c to $9. WC HAVE EVERYTHIN G NEEDFUL 1011 THE HOME C OMPARISON WILL ONLY IWI NG YOU HACK N. Buckingham & Co., Inc. Esta bli s h e d 1 8 4 2 177 STATE STREET «f IIIU»GlvI > OUT , CONN, E. H. ROGERS DEALER IN pl oui * , peed Hay, Straw Oats , Corn Oyster Shell. Meat Scraps Charcoal Chick Feed Seed Oats Fertilizer , Seeds , &c. Wholesale and Retail STORKS AT EAST SETAUKET and Port Jefferson Station Te lo p iiotin commotion Taten ted A NEW CESSPOOL THAT WILL ' LAST FOREVER I Ruarantee to Hive you $10.00 worth for $5.00 If yor j urc Intcrc Rtcd in i l o ul i linR your money, telephone <>r write nnd J will cull on yon. LANGENEGER Manu f a c turer and Builder l ' OUT JHKKKIISON , N. V. ..PROTECT YOUR FAMILIES.. Von j»e t . iliviilciiil x when iiisiuiii R wl ih me LIFE INSURANCE AGENT Israel B. Haw kins , Jr. i SETAVUET, LONG ISLAND Al I.(i|irr Him. M ill, Poll .li'Unnnii , wini l i ituyrt ur at my liuiuti uvuiiIii ^ h W ill cull ill . ytiur linuii ' H liy niiiH i lniiiii i iii. Th ousands of hl o innin j ; pcuch trees (in every hiinil in this scc lion , not only niiike n beautiful si ^ ht from an esthet- ic point of view , hut llicy indicate the uron l advance in llie wlioleMileprowiiiK of peaches , nnd in converti t.fr ulino.vi- oiis scrub oak wastes into remunera- tion returnin g industries that are takin g p lace here. Kx tensive additions have been made this year to many or- chards and the trees thin are hearinf; this year are much more nunioriiu s llinii ever before , and Ihe indications are n ow thill llie crop will lie enormous. Alladmi l Ihal Ihe transformation of land covered with scruli oal; into beau- tiful peach orchards is a line thine , for the community. Not only this , hut Ihe net of the peach (, 'rmvcrs is likewise a line thine , for the owners of the land , as well ns f j iKiil f\ r thousands of city people wh o are thus able lo net fresher mill he ller peaches limn those that come from g reater di s lunces from the metr opolis. » • • Tlie appointment of Harry Inejee nsp os l iiinslcr of Amilyville was eon- lirme i l liy Ihe Senate lust week. This Is taken as another severe blow n l Ihe lliiiley fuc liou which endorsed (. 'laiide b apsley for the position afa t ncel- iiiKof the (' miniy Committee in lliv- erhea i l I wo weeks a ( , 'o. # . • * Mollan ' s Footwear. Neal , pretty footwear inessential to complete an n ltractiveiiosliiine. Suni- iner Kowns of the present sty le leave the fee l subject lo observation. At Molina ' s well known s hito house , Mitt Main street , llrld n cpor l , there is no liinll In the miinl.iT of Hinarl desi g ns in w o men ' s l ow and hh i h s hocs. ili ^ h- es l uradc foolwcnr anil low priced fashi onable shoes arc n hown in all stylos mid sizes. w umnc i uw m i . II is reported that a lar g e ]iiece of potato seed on the estate of !• ' . M. Smith at Shelter Island rotted. Sher- wood 10. Tnthill of Sound Avenue had , -12 acres planted , but five acres rotted. They were ploug hed up and new seed p lanted. The Atlantic Henl ly Co. will build a hotel, to accommodate between 20 0 and !! 00 guests , on the bench near Wi tter island , opposi le I ' ateliogne. OKFK' I AI. COUN TY I'AIM ' .ll SATIM1IIAY , MAY IT , l it]:: A. JAV TliPI - 'T - lidltor an d Prop. 0. F. IIALLOCK Associate E ditor W ort i lfft V n i im S r Jjn C . S . MARSH DEPOT PHARMACY IN CONJl'M-l'ION WITH Ice Cream Parlor CONFECTIONERY Stationery and School Supplies CKiAllS , TO UA CCO , CIGAHK1TIS Local Jo ttings. —The I.. T. I., will I\' omitted Ibis week. —Th o Mar g aret a i i s hauled olll on l l . ' ldcl' .s ways and painted Ibis week. —The w oodwork on the Kirst Na- ti onal Itatik is licin ^ fre s hened b y a new c oal of painl. —A dele gation fro m Sui l olk Lodge , N ' o . » , o, !• ' . ,v A. M., journeyed lo Pa l- eh ogiied in antos . Monday evening, where lliey werehuinlsoiiiel y en lertain- ei t at a baiupicl g iven b y South Side Lod ge, K. ( V A. M. — Shoemaker llolTinan of Port Jef- fe rson Station has fallen heir lo a farm in Karlstad , l ieriiinny, lef t him b y bis father , wh o died .severa l years ago. The informati on was cleaned b y 1) . C . Sipiire s , who has recentl y been in cor- responilenee with the shoemaker ' s br other Joseph. — Miss Julia Hanc ock , daug hter of F. W. Hanco ck al Miller Place, a stu- den t of Ihe Hig h School and a mem- ber of Ihis year ' s Krailun ling class , was discovered lo be missin g on Monday h y her paren ts. It was soon learned I lint she had gone lo B ridgeport with Douglas Harlow and Ihe y i g coup le were married and relumed Wedne sday when th ey were forgiven b y th eir par- ent s. —A liout seventy were prcscnl and enj oyed the I' uv cred Luncheon given b y the m embers and congregation of the Presb yterian ehureli in Ihe ehureli parlors Wednesday evening, at which time the yearly busine ss meeting of the church was lleh l . 1 olcrcsting re- p orts were given Iron i . 'ill ihe bra n ches and societies of the chinch and the fol- l owing olliccrs were re-elected: <L K. I.opcr, L. II. Davi s I 11. S . . Wi cks as trustees ; c . K. I. opcr and It. It . Uny loii as Klders for three years , and J ohn It. Post lo lill a vacancy as Klder for two years. The reports .showed the various organizations in good con- diti on. The membership of lliecburch is • - :' ,il . There was expended f or local w ork i'J . ' I ' rJ, and for Ihe various Mis- si onary and Itenevolenl Hoards of ihe Church , $u;i i . —A fores! lire near Ihe Crystal lirook Turk r oad, star ling in a t about four o ' cl ock SiiiiiIuv afternoon, soon be- came a raging furnace , tlie s trong north wind funnin g it rapidly lo the Ml. Sinai road ul Ihe south. A few nearb y people resp onded and b y back- firing Ihc lire was soon under control and nil hands departed. Some three h ours later John J. Davis, who hud previousl y w orked hard to subline the lirsl blaze , disc overeil that the lire had again appeared nod creeping l o the wes t was approaching his residence. -Mr. Davis s larled in single handed wi lh u shovel , ami s oon received hel p from an unexpected ip t arter. Miss Annie Tinker , who has on more than one occasion endeared herself lo llie peop le of this eoiiimuuily, appeared wi ll) her auloinobile and a iiiun ser- vunt united wi lh n shovel , and with the hel p of others n l lust stopped fur- ther pro g ress of the lire. Kite Depart- ment Chief Herman I' . Hawkins also was present , nnd while the lire was outside the district limits be generous- l y ol f ered his personal help. women ' s Political Union. The I' or f Jelterson brunch of Ihe Women ' s Political 1' nion held a meel- Ing iu Ihe library Monday evening. Mrs. Florence Cooley made a short ad- dress iu which she outlined thepurpose nnd work of the branch unions. Mrs. Cooley was sent lo ns b y I be W o men ' s i ' oii licai C uio t i iu ,Ycw Vnrl; lo organ- ize a branch here and lo hel p us In Ihe work. Similar brancUes arc lo he t unned iu Ihe larger villages on llic isl- and. This w eek a large siilVragc mccl- log is to be belli in Hivcrbcad. Th e Port JelTcrsoii brunch bus a membership of Uvcnty- si x , linchnling several men) from which was elected an executive h oard of ten mid four ollb ccrs: chairman , vice chairman , s ccre - Inry and t reasurer. 'I' n each member nn ini liiilion fee of twenty-live cents Is cluirged. There are no other dues. Meetings are to be held the llrst Monday in each mimlh In Ihe library n l S p. in. These Hirel- in gs are open to Hie public, nml nil are cordinll y invited. '¦ II is the purposeof the orgnuiza liuii to Impress upon (lie people of Port .lef - f ersiiu ami vicinity Hint women earn , es lly desire en f riiiit ' lilsciuent , the rea- son why lliey iln , and with what suc- cess it li tis met with in stales where they already have II. Through the l ocal papers and wilh Ihenid of speakers and li lerulure from lu 'iiihpiurlers of ihe Women ' s Poll liciil Union in New York, II Is our purpose lo Inform the people on suffrage i pies - lions so lliul in IPIo , when the voters tire lo vole dlreclly on sulVnigc lor women ns nn luiii 'iidincut lo Ihe New York Suite ConstHu l l o n , Ihey may be Inlornicd on lite K t ibjeel. The lurger mir membership in llic union here Ihe more thoroughly we ciui do the wiuU, We invite every mini nnd woinim In I ' or l Jel l ' ersoii and llie a . djacen l vlllui i es lo Join Willi us, tiiairuiiin, P, .l . H rnueh Women ' s I' llli llflil I' lilon. ' Hoys with s lliig-sliot s nml Klobe t l. rides should he (old Iha l II Is n criminal ul T ense lo shoot birds nnd If cnoitlit Ihey are liable In lie seal lo Jail or henvllv lined.

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