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Debate An interestin g debate between whom I think I can safely say two of Hie greatest living American s , too k place Sunday night at Mecca Temple, New York City. Mr. Bert rand Russell, phil- oso p her , too k t h e affirma ti ve t o t he proposition , \ Shall the State Hear Our Children?\ Sherwood Anderson , writer , took the negative. And John Watson , psychologist , introduced the speake rs. Aside from the intriguing subject , the op portunit y to see and hear these raen. was in itself a treat . Often when we read, our m i nd p icture ot t he au t hor is hazy, if not altogether incorrect. To hear them speak for an hour or so corrects that. As to who won the debate—that was left up to the audienc e. In fact the s peakers agreed to many points, and the talkfe s t took on more the nature of se parate speeches than a conventional de bate. ' Mr. Russell said that the physical env ironment in an institution, es pec- ially in the cases of the poorer and middle . . classes, would be supe t lor than even t he most doting parents could provi de. In an institution provid ed exclusively J or the rearin g of c h ildren , a scien tific -well-balanced diet would be provided , ' a delt prepared for CHILDREN. They ¦wou ld have the great advantage oi amp le companionship with other chil- dren , which in this day of small famil- ies is o l to a not provided in the home . They would have the advantage of not too much care and solic itude , which man y mothers of one or two children give, Mr. Russell also brought out that in this day an ever Increasing number of ch ildren are brought up in big cities. This is bad for the children , In an in- stitution they would have plenty o f room to rom p and play, an d o p portu- nity to exerc ise their lungs , a p recious prerogative of childhood . They would Ii ave plenty of fresh air ana sunshine. Mr. Anderso n contended that to in- stitut ionalize childhood would be to standard ize it—even as we have done to clothes and most ever ything in this machine age. He said that he . wanted econom ic security for all , but t hat was no reason for abol ishing the family. ¦> In answerin g, Mr. Russell said that the fam ily is the fountain-head of individualit y and that communism of wea lth would not be possible with the fami ly as the basis of society. Some \ShorSo * * . An Incongru ity—Traffic cops in New York Clty, rlde horses- out here ' I n the country they ' ride In motor cars. Some of the unemployed -ar e now sellin g apples at 2 for 5 cents. They Say ' The new wine brick, we understand, provides Its own plaste ring. — Arkansas Gazette. S londorness Is going out ot fashion. Not , however, for pockotbooks. —Boston Transcri pt. On tho screen, the masterfu l lover hns everythi n g his own way. But In rea l life somebody generally ups and marries him. —San Dlcgo Union. A Now York bank cashier has d is- ap peared. It 1b • thought he may be cvadln - j arrest by goin g about disguised ns n gangst er. —Life, T o western e y es It seems stran g e that China and. Japan should fall to fight- in g over a railroad. In this enlightened country, ownin g a railroad Is the worst thing that could happen io anybody exce pt strikin g oil. —The Now Yorker. If we understand the exports cor- rectly, ri gid economy Is tho process by w hich we cut down expense. \ , no that we con produce more cheaply nnd cosi ly the things we ' ve not too many oi n t ron dyv—H od ton Hera ld. Wo have nothin g official on tho next war , it any, except that possibly for a tlmo there tvlll bo no -wheatlo s s days. — Detroit Nowh, A college progessor says tlint civiliza - tion will lost for 4 0 ,000 years. That' s nlco. And - or , when will It be gin?— Thomoston Times. ' An author na ys there was more money In fiction flvo years a go than tlioro Is toda y, Dnt nt llio s amo tli i i ? thoro wns mow notion in money. — Louisville Times, \Austria to Ship Swallows South Aboard PlniioB , \ Canada used to do It. too , but they can haul mow on trucks . — Ohio Statu Journal. A western educatoi' ^ dcelavcii the c»l- Jr flo student doesn 't need direction so much an a kick In tho piuiUi, Still , why not face tho youn g man In thn way ho should go and lot htm linvo both?—ttlcl irnond Tlmes-Dl s fmtch. Bo M n cDoiinld sacrificed hlnmolt tn nave England , Those Seals will nave, no mutter wlmt the cost. —Brooklyn Times. Where ' * nil that work Satan la tiiiw- po s od lo find for lillo limids to do?— Arkansas Gazette. Tho reason tho old \West got icsull n wan because It mui p o ndcd tho had man Instead of tho sentence. —Brookl yn Times. Wo Jud ge that It wan mthor Imrn for tho President to got tho Le gion boyn to concentrate on tho ship ol s tato wlion their winds u ' oro on so l ioonoru. — Boston Herald , By Edward- A. Blolcr nU And Joseph said untn his brethren , conic near unto me, I pray you. And they came near. And he said , I am Joseph your bro t her , irftom ye sold into Egypt. Now therefore be not grieved , nor angry with yourselves, that ye sold me hither for God did sen d me before you to preserve life. Genesis 45:5. I t i s a ver y h uman stor y t h at is told In the book of Genesis of the re- union of Joseph with his brethren af- ter t he lapse of twenty years. The cir- cumstances leading up to it are thril l- ing ; many Interesting and salutary lessons may be learned from it. There were twelve of these sons of J acob , ten o f whom were involved in a c ons p iracy against their younger brother. Now tho situation is reversed- Joseph -is honored- and elevated to high position; they are brou tht to poverty an d grief. M an y events h ad t rans pi red since the days of this dark dfvislng. Jacob had become bowed and f ee bl e. T he loss o f his r ;on aged him. Now a famine was on an d only in Egypt was succor to be had. Through a succession of prov idences . Jose ph, long supposed dead , ha d become prominent in Egypt. He honored God and God elevated him. His ane early life haloed his later years. His brothers ' ear ly life , en tho contrar y, demonstrated their nee d of testing and chastening. Where there is inclination to do wrong, tem p- tation is sure to be present. This (ruth was il lustrated in their lives. Their father couldn 't trust them. T he y cou ld not trust themselves. The dart s hadow of thEftfc sonsplracy hung lis a pall over them. Now they must .be brought face to face with what tliey had done and associate present trou- ble with past misdeeds. When Joseph saw them coming to buy food , he knew them. They didn 't know him. He had good reason to re- member them while they had equally good reason for forgetting him , or a t leas t try to. Men like to recount their g ood ' dee ds and bury their evil deeds ; but both kinds must be accounted for. According to the Scriptures the wick- e d dead will be raised as well as the Ju st. The books are to be . o pened and another b ook w i be o p ened , whic h portion of Scripture we underst and to mean t lie biographies of human ) if« and the standard by which human conduct is to be jud ged. See Revela- tion 20:11-15. Ever y test that Joseph gave his brothers re lated sto their misdeeds and conv icted them. Their first approach to Joseph was met-by rebuff. He made himself stran ge to them. But hadn 't tho y as brot h ers ' acted ' stran gely [to- ward nlm twenty years be fore? ' : 3s there greater perversion of huhtan na- ture than to sacri fice one ' s own flesh and b lood for gain? Jose ph next charged them with be- in g spies. But let us not forget the old conspiracy. Recollections of this con- s piracy might have inspired fear in the soul of J ose ph , that their v isit mi ght have had seditious motives. These brothers must , prove that the y had undergone a chon g o of character, \We are true men, \ they protest, \Nay \ counters Jose ph , \but to sco the nakedness of the land ' are y o come. \ in other words , to menace the country If In a state o f unprepar ed- ncss , duo to the fam ine, Joseph' s brethren then tel l him ot t heir family and of their youngest bro- t her I sS nJamln. Joseph seizes upon tho opportunity to tost tholr voracity re- s pecting this. Said he: \Brin g your youn gest brother unto me , so shall your words be verified. \ This seems r uthcr harsh for we all like to be taken m our face value , But had thoy not Hod to their father concern ing w hat had happe ned to Joseph, nnd t hn lulu ol the wild bawl and the bloody coat ? Yes they were- linta and they knew It. However Joseph tempera Judgment w Jlh tneroy. \1 t ear God , \ liu nuyt. llio fonr ol the Lor d softens the heart. The Godllcat ol people oro the moot lenient with tho errin g. Joseph' s brotlicm did not spare him when his soul wns In an guish, but ho would cparo them , notwithstandin g, He Is planning to re- turn good for evil. Mcnnwhllo llio testin g must go on. \If yo bo true men , \ lie contends , \let ono of your brethren bo hound In tho house o f your prlnoii: go yo car ry corn for the fnn i liio of your houses , but bring your youn gest brother unto mo. \ Thin edict was lllco deepening tho wed ge In the process of s olf-rovelatlon. it wan a vivid reminder. Snld thoy olta to another, \Wo nro vorlly guilty cam- comin g our 'bro ther -In tnnt wo law the an guish of his soul when 1m bo- lou g lit un and wo . would not hc u r, Ther efore In this distress como upon us. \ it lo iv princi ple of justice; to as- sociate the crlmo with tho criminal, Tho auo n tlon of vora city Is fol l owud by a fliiestloii at lioneaty. Jose ph setttia them homo lndon with (food ti ling*; hut returns tholr money In tholr sacks, Ho would teat thorn on to thin, Peo ple- will do Hlmii g o thln ga for money, \The lovo of money Is tho root of all evil, \ Josep h probably fi gured Unit tholr re- action on discovering this money In their ancles—easy money for hard tlmc-a—will dot o m ilno tholr honesty, The need of nnd Ino i'dlnnto desire , for money nerve on a double temptation, Mi lt an It liiippc ii cd , their former 111- uoltcn Buln did not servo thorn well; therefore tlilu discovery of tho mone y Hint wan not t heirs, n nvo thorn no »at- U f ftotloti, H liuul n id four Instead, Wi ly moil deceive U i c msolvo j on. to llio virtu * of lll - i iotton Vain , mirm itis V LIGH T ON , . Life ' s Pathway by Rev. ' Charles Elmer Furma n Hev. Charles A. Livingston Choral Eucharist nnd sermon 9.0V A. M. Church school 10.30 A, M. ST. PAUL'S JMJTHEBAJJ CHTJBCH Jo hn J. Mltal , Pastor • Sunday sc hool every Sunday at 10 A, M. Divine service with sermon at 7. 80 P. M. Everybody welcome. POET JEFFERSON METHODIST EPISCOPA L CHURCH Bcv. 1. L. Smith , P astor Sunday— 10:00 a. m— Bible Sohool. 11:00 a. ni. — Morni ng Worship. Talk to - Junior Congregation. Sermon , \The Togeth ers. \ 6:30 p. m. — Junior and Epworth Leagues ' Devotional Meetings. Arthur S i monson , leader of Ep- wort h L ea g ue. 7:30 p. m. — Evenin g Service. Hymn Sing. Sermon , \God' s Election Da y. \ Tues day— 7:30 p. m. —Boy Scout Troop Meeting at the S cout H ul l . 7:30 p. m. — The Lend-A-Hand Meet- ing at the home of Mrs. Kuth Strandb erg, High street. We dnesda y— ' 2:00 p. m. —The Ladles * Aid Society. The Society will hold a rumma ge sa le all the week in the store vacated b y the Hawkins ^ Meat Market , Plumber Bui lding, Jones street. 7:30 p. m. ~ Cheerful Hour of Worship. Thursday— 2: 30 , p. m. — The Woman ' s Foreign Missionary Society Meeting at „ the parsona ge. 7:30 p. m. —E pworth League Business M eet i n g and S oc i a l at the home of Archie Deveau , Halletlr street. FIRST PRESBY TERIAN CHURCH George J. Blester, minister 9: 45 a. ra. — Church School. The Alpha Nu Class will have charge - of t he opening worship period next Sunday morn ing. ' 11:00 a. m. —Mornin g Worship. Serr mon : \The Prosperous Soul. \ 4:30 p. m. —Ves per Ser v ice. Sermon: \Conferring with God. \ Wednesday , 7:30 p. m. — School of Mis- s ions. _ STONY BROOK M. E. CHURCH Hev. Chas. Williams , P astor Sunday School at 10 a. m. Mornin g Worshi p and Sermon ' at 11. Arm istice Day service at 7:45. . Mrs. Poppy Chadwlck Weston .will be our s pecial soloist with Mrs. Charles D. , Spence .at the organ. Also our church ' jChb lr;v < lll sing. All are invited , junior League Friday at 3:30. PORT JEFFERSON BAPTIST CHURCH Watso n S. Wallace , - Pastor . Sunday School at 10:00 a. ra. ' Morning Worship at .11:00 o ' clock. Sermon, \A Happy Church. \ Christian Endeavor ot 0:45 in the evenin g. Speaker s , Betty Terry, I rene Newbery, Wilson Cucman, Darnell Mc- Olellan , Guerdon Ramsey and Lillian Pendleton. Evenin g Worohlp at 7:30. Sermon , \The Tra gedy of Doubt. \ There will be ba ptismal service also in the even- in g. On Wednesday evening, Nov. 11 , At 7:30 o ' clock , the Senior Christian En- deavor will give a play entitled , \ T ho Double Gift. \ This play will take tho place of the monthly meetin g on mis- sions. Tho ploy Is very spiritual nnd should prove , ins piring to all. An of- ferin g will bo taken for missions at the conclusion. There are seven ' charac- ters takin g part in tho play. CHRISTIAN flCIKN C E SO C 1 ETV ( UUI Mi ow i i ' Kali , - C' os - f, Jefloraoii A branch ot Tho Mother church , Tho First Church oi Christ . Scient ist , In Ilo s tan, Mans, \Adorn ami Fallen Mnn \ Is the «ul>- Jec t ot the Lesson-Sermon in all Churches of Chru it , Scientist , on Sun- day, November 0. The Golden Text Is from Ephoslan s 5:14; \Awafco thou that (deepest , nnd ar ise from the dead , nnd Christ uhnll give thco light, \ Among tho citations which compri se the Lesson-Sermon Is tho followin g from the Bible: \But there went u p CHRIST CHURC H , EPISCOPAL tho unsolved mystery. Next comes tho sorest trial of nil nnd that Is tho discovery of dishonesty in Ben jamin , ns wo supposed , Nothin g could have been mora harrowin g in tho circumstances , Joseph ' s silver cup was found In Ben jamin ' s sack, In the face of thin seemin gly positive proof of guilt thoy woro dumbfounded and at tholr wit' s end. Judah who-kne w tho possibilities of evil In them, all , simply pleads for mercy. Ho so ya , \What shall wo say unto my lord? What ahull w c .t pcak or how »)m)) w clear o i uuolvoB? Ood liath found out tho I tUautty of thy sonants , Behold wo arc my lord ' s servants; both wo and ho alio with whom the oup Is found ,\ Ah friends ! 8 ln makes servants of MB. Indeed It million slaves of ua, Thin lost Infliction makes a draft on tho emotions, Jurta lb ono of U w brothers bens Joseph for consideration of n h aged father, forecasting the probable effect of this hut calamity upon him nnd offers himself as a sub- utltuto (or BonJ t mln. Then Joseph could not refrain himself, Ho rovenlod his Identit y ; In q uired tenderly after hls i ffittwr and. displayed sublime con- d fi Acormlon toward hit errin g brothers, as vid . wo In the la t igiingu ' of our ' tout, a m ist .frcm . tn s earth , nn d watere d the whole i ace of the ground. And the Lord God formCd man of the dust of the groun d , and brea thed into his nos- trils tho breath of life; and man be- came a living soul\ (Genesis 2:6 , 7). The Lesson-Sermon also Includes the following from the textbook of Chris- t i an S cience , \Science and Health with Key to the S O riptures , \ by Mary Baker Edgy: \Anybody w ho Is able to per- ceive t he Incongruity between God' s idea and poor humanity, ou ght to be a ble to discern the distinction (made by Christian Science) between God' s man , made in His Image , and t he sin- n ing race ' of. Adam \ (p. 345). MT. SINAI CONGREG ATIO N AL B*v. Franto Vooi hecs Mornin g worship , 10:30. Armistice Da y Services: \Keeping Faith. \ M iss Evelun Davis will sing. Sunday Sohool , 11:45. At Rocky Point , 2:30. ' V. P. S. C. E. - at Mi ller Place , 7 p. m. ' . ' Our Share in Making World Peace. \ L eader , M ^ S. Warne r. ' Ladies ' Society, Wednes d ay. ¦ . -¦ ~ \ . ~ ~ zz^ , \ , — : - . -. . ... - ^ ^ _ __ ^ j B H J1\ ' V/ITH CONFIDENCE THE HOUSE OF FRIE NDLY SE RV^ l ' , j OF _ __._J ESTABLISHED 1843 . . .. . : ^ i0 . PHONE STONY BROOK 290-291 STONY BROO ^ . • FO F ff C t \ l \ The ''Rain y Bays 5 * IJ ! - ' TMnk o f \ coAL ^^ flitv V iammy Fehraary Miit ^ l JJH *^ • Decelh ber STORM SASH March *~ \™ # g! •x v e c e muer WEAT HER STRIPS , • .? y« i W n .»> m Ki>» INSULATING BOARDS, Amil ^ s $ Rovem b e t glassed in porch Hpm ' ; « - j , , , , GARAGE ¦ ¦ ¦ • ¦ giffi &a October PAINT ' - ' ma y . ¦ ' ' , . ¦ ' • ,!' „ • ¦ • .io . . - i ' - ' i i n We Are Exclusive Agents in This Territory for the Famous ' ,,, . \ , | Albany he was Joined by Joseph Van B runt We ll s , w ho accompanied him to the football game between Cornell an d Columbia at Ithaca on Saturday. Jesse W. Wells is a graduate of Corne ll and his nephew , Jose ph Van Brunt Wel ls Is a gradu ate of Columb ia. While there they had t he pleasure ot seeing Miss Mary Mulford Wells , daughter of Jesse W. We lls , w ho Is a ' student at Cornell. A fine new line of evening; dresses at the Fowler Dress Shop. It53 Arrangements were made at the meet ing of the Women ' s L ea g ue ' of the Presb yterian Church to give a silver tea at t he November meeting. This or ganization is planning to do some line work durin g the coming months. Mr. and Mrs. Elbert M. Wells who have been on a two weeks tri p to Vir- ginia , arrived home toda y after .a very beaut iful scenic tour through the \ Old Dominion. \ They also spent some time in West Vir ginia. Mr. and Mrs. Archibald H. Gilder - sleeve , who have been s pending a month at Ba yberr y Cottage in Set- a u ket , returnepv to . Kingston . on . Thurs- da y, Oct. 29th T \ ¦ ' ' ' There will be a get-together part y for the children o f the Sunday School ot the Caroline Episcopal churdh of Setauket on Friday evening- , Nov. 6 , in the Sunday School room, at 7:30. The party Is In charge ol Mrs. Mary Kcullr g , Superintendent , and M iss Karol y n B p ence , assistant. All the children ot the Sunday School , their parents and friends arc cordially in- vited. A special meeting of the Village of Poquott trustees was held last Sat- urday \ evenin g for the purpose of pre- paring assessments. These assessments are at Oreen Acres Studio nnd will be o pen to tho property owners from now unt il November 37 , which Is grievance day. __ . ! DR. AIXA N K. YOST Dentist Office ovor the Banlc of Port Jel T oraon Next door to Browutor ' o Port Je fferson , Tj. I, N. Y. Oi i ic o Hours O A. M. to 4.30 P. It. Except Wedneo d a j B Tele phone Port Jolforsoa 582 GEORGE E. DARLING . Ag t nt for AU Kind * of PLATE 0LA88 AUTOMOBILH uu 3 Other INSURANCE I» I. lighting do. ' * B o lldln s B o oond Floor M. I!. ROBINSON I t e|Utar«d Optometrist M HA O * MAIN B TOStWr rATCHoauiv i* i. Phono lOOtt Don ' t Gambl e With Your Eyes HAVE yo a r eyes exam- ined every year. i ' • ' .i <k , ' i . ¦ l . ' _ _ i I U J ,..i,_ „ , , . :¦? J >) to White Roofs of Bermuda * IV l\ Tho allra ' ctlvo whit© roofs of tho houses In , ' ' , ,! Bermuda s erve a double purpose ' . . . . at '\ ' . \' \ shelter and as sp illways for rain , the o kily . - , : B ourca ofv/atar on the island. I In this community your water company takes ..< ; ' ( the worry of tho water supply from y pur \| shoulders. Its stora ge , distribution and purl- i: -i flection facilities assure constant wate r ;, ' ' . ' , ' ' service io . ©very homo In the communit y. \ h SOUTH BAY C ONSailDATI E bP ' WATER C OMPANY , „ t fo h t <i» «f Mirai w mr S»rt< t CowNAm ' ¦ , • > ' ¦ ' . ' .. ' ¦ ' ¦ , ' . • ¦ ' ' ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ • . . , ' -:¦ • ; » .. ' , :. ¦ ¦ i 'A ' i\ i ii si iioiiwwi is s mi i — I. j |-- I - , -- f, j ^ ' iin ii . i ^ I ^^^^ ¦¦ ¦/ ' . > !¦;¦ i^ '^ ' C • ¦¦ :v f ^ ' v i \ • ; \ ; ' . ! . 'i S v ' ,. - ' ' ,;, ' \ ::. : ;!. . ¦ .:¦;. ¦ ¦ . \ ? :¦ ¦ :., ¦ , ¦ : ' v ;i : - i' ! ' ;i{' - '> . - ' '7 ' . v vv l ,! ! ' ' ' ;. . ' c M[: x ^^ r) - /v .. , Vi , » ;. ; . \. V ' :. ' !r A - ' ; j :-' - ' .f;. ' .Vt* , W ::' ^ • DR . A. B. GILMAN SURGEON DENTIST Port Jefferson Station EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT Telephone : Port Jeffer son 410 . j Miss Marie G oc - el of New Yor K Is s pending the winter with Mrs. Poppy Chadwlck Weston , the well known singer. Mrs. Helen M. Parsons has been v isiting her son , Kenyan Parsons , Jr., f or t h e p ast wee k . Mr. , Samuel \ West has been visiting his daughter in Brooklyn. Mr. and Mrs. Car l Smith have start- ed for DeLJRa y Beach , Florida , where they .will s pend the wint er. Mrs. Mass le has returned from Queens where- she has been visiting Mrs. T., O. Denmnn. Mr. August Flatteau has gone to New Yorfc , Mrs. i ? ara h Randall is entertaining Mrs. Emily Hopkins. Mrs. Ju lia Tyler has returned from an automobile ¦ tour w ith Mr s. Natalie Mara lli , who Is now staying with Mrs. Tyler. \frs. Randall M. White has gone to the cit y. Mr. H. V. Hartman an d Mr. . Bans- ford S. Beech returned t « New York. Mrs. Hoy Oildcrslceve is visiting friends in New Rochelle , N. Y. Mrs. Edward Wncken lj eim has re- turned from the city and , lias settled In v her home next to C o rdwells. Miss toulse \ '' Stnohle has returned from the high sc hool in Arlin gton , N. J., anc] is now at tending our local hi gh school. Miss Hazel Campbell stayed at her . summer home the past week. George Smith, Lawrence Lyons , Ed- na Gibbons and Ida Kemble drove to Shelter I slanc J. ' ^ a f urday to attend a Chrla ' Uan ' Enfia W meeting. • . Mr. and 'fe' rs: 'J r l enry £' . Jayne spent t he weeKcn d in \ the city. Mr. ar id Mrs. \Will iam Holland were In town over Election Day. Mrs, Sarah Randall entertained her friend , Sirs. Emily S. Hopkins , a few da ys this week. . Ramona Ka pp \ arrived at the borne of Mr. and Mri Charles K&pp on October 29. Both mother and daughter are doin g nicely. ' ' Miss Halite Post spent Sunday wltn Abble Hawkins. Miss Ruth Ber g and her mother were In town, for election. Ten da y sale at the Pattern Shop, Surf Avenue, Port Jefferson, startin g Frida y, Oct. 30. 10% discount on all goods. —Adv. 2t 62 The largo store and dwelling house just cast of the B c taukct Post Office recent ly occupied by Mrs. Beverly Ty- ler , Is bein g moved to v Rld gway ave. b y e ainuel Elkov. Kemble Bras, liava the contract for the W o odhull bun galow and started work on it Wednesday, Nov. 3. Mrs. Harry Kemblo entertained Mrs, Arthur Ba ldwin and ulster ot Cold Spring for luncheon last Thursday. M te Lllllnn Van Brant entertained at afternoon tea In honor of Mro. Harold Fog Wednesday iittcrnoon at her homo In Ponuott Village. Mr. Samuel II, West lias boon, visit- in g his daughter , Mm. Robert Jayne of Brooklyn for n week. Mrs. Albert Van Brunt la spendin g mo week with Mrs, William Hutchin- son, Mrs. II, Howard Hdwnrds and father loft on Wednesday to spend a few days with Miss Florence Bryant in t irooklyn. Mrs. Henry Jayne is assisting Edith Tyler at tho Bctaukct Post Office. ' Dr. and Mrs , John O, Knapp nnd family of Woodlmvon, L , I., s p ent E lection Day with Mr. and Mrs, James A. Vwi Brunt, Mr. and Mm. A r ci i lh ftli! Jones have Ju st returne d from a motor trip In tiio G u tskllb , stopping at Roxliury for a cnutile of days. Princi pal N»nh entertained one ol his former students over the weekend , Miss Vivian Hulls ' entertained at brld go the faculty of tiio Setauket IIlBh School nt tl u homo pf Mrs, Harry Walter Kemblo on Wedne sday evenin g, October M. Among those present were: Mr. dud Mrs. Leonard V. Niwli , Mr. and Mrs, Harold ftUf , Mils Bhemcld, Miss May, Wta. John Darling, Mrs. Hoary Jou m, Wra. ' Itoa - Innhl P f olfTcr , Mine Edna Ros tra, MUs Dotty Hyde , Miss Lopar; also Mlaj Helen Pnrduni, Miss Thompson arid MIbs ICoobl o of tlw Port Jtffe r tiou IlUjti B oliool, Joiu m W. Wells left on Vrldny, pet, Sttli (or Oonioll UiUv e m l ty, Itluca. At East Setauk et LADIES' & CH I LDKEr r S r CdiTS AND FURS KENOVAT EO , ' , „¦ FINE DRESSMAK I ^ !\ A* Rome or Oat by iie Day ' . ,. PEJCE SEASONABLE /i . i ' l - .UJ MRS. MARY HUFFNER ' Til. l x ll p 13 0 2-B . 7J sp rac a ' v B fc , islip MANoa , . „ ; . ¦ . . . . . ,- , w •: ,ii ' . 'nH CHARLES REPA C l \ CONTIIACTOR AND LANDSCAPE GARDENER - . ¦ ...ml Top Soil and Fill In For Sale P ort J ci lcrson S tat i on , N. ' 3 f. : -U Box 25 L - ~ — ¦ ' ,ti n \Hl s \ «r— ¦ ' ¦ ' , ; ¦ . . j p | DO YOU KNOW that t i ere are many ! boats *c* safe at SACRI F ICE prices ? f j • - ¦ 7 - . - . .;I. • bill! Sot JE Ji ampI o : ¦ ¦ ¦ • . , . -. , < . 4Bit; Huokin s Fairtorm Uly f p. . - l B iOC B - A W . t ^ m p m ^ ri i BB J tSii l l ^ jff lW ¦la fit fied fa lrifc.i W MHa iHf' ^ ff . W ft : : IS «. Mnttho»'8 , S 4 !gE ^* <* W !S * 'j6 . 36rti: Oo ' ubio Cabta ' i -B B lw Sm v A ' i ft MTO 28 «. Doubl O Cabin Blchar fl Dpn , - ajB O : J7It. Elc o Marinette (1980) ' •\M dO . . 20 ft. 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CH- HARTBIAN Hotel S q uare , Flirt Jefferson SANITARY SCAVENGER CISTERNS - CESSPOOLS R easonab l e R ates FRANK GHOSCH P. O. Box 33. Central Islip. Tel. 77-J T . ¦ - ^ _ ' -

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