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That both the Pre sident and Mrs. \Washington suffered from homesick- ness while in executive residence In New York and Philadelphia , is record- ed in histor y. Mrs. Washin gton wrote to Mrs. Fann y Washing!. -] whom she had life i ' n c harge at Mount Vernon: \1 n _ _spr go to any public place. In- deed I think I am more like a state prisoner than anything else ; there is certain bounds set for mc , which I must not d e p a rt f rom , nn d as a I can- not do as I like, I am obstinate and sta y at home a great deal. \ The President , in writing to a friend in Virginia regardin g the dignity of his position , said , \ God knows it has no c harms for me. I had rather be ot Mount Vernon with a Iricnd or two abou t me, than to be ottended at the scat o f g overnment by o ffi cers o f state an d re p resenta t ives o f ever y p ower i n E uro p e. \ - Yet , as we arc i n f orme d by the United States George Washington Bi- centenn ial Commission , t h ere was no lack of gayety in either city with a --Minimi round oi na ns , dinner-pa r- ties , theatres, concerts , and ot her di- vers i ons , and if the Chief Executive and his wife could not join in the most excit ing pastime. , of the capital , they could at least follow their inclin- at i ons i n man y respects. In Colonial times there was a pas- s ion for gambling in certain quarters , nnd bets were placed on ail games. lyoo or as Washington sometimes spell- ed it \Leu \ was the ' most p o p u l ar , and it was no common thing for a man or woman to w in or lose two or three hundre d dollars nt a sittin g. There is no record , h owever , .of Was hington ' s w inning more than three pounds , or o f losing more than nine pounds , four- teen s hillings and nine pence. In fact , Washington always S played for small stakes. He -cemed to be interested in . t he game and the diversion is afford- ed rather t han in the winnings. Washington ' s fondness for cards and billiards shows in his diary an account where before h e became P res id ent h e often recor d ed that h e ha d b een \home all day at cards , \ and Itemized purchases of \ one doz. packs playing car ds. \ Washington ' s natura l f ondness f or horses and rac ing and sometimes cock- fighting during ills life , -was entirely ' in keeping with the traditional tastes of the Virginia gentleman. He not only su bscribed liberally to most ot the rac- ing purses , but ran his own horses , at- tending in person , and betting mod- erately on all the results. He was fond of riding to hounds , an d w h er at Mount Vernon this was one of hi: f avor i te p astimes. He loved huntin g and fishing anc dragging for sturgeon, too , an d otter went duck huntin g. Although these pursuits were for the most part Im- possible while Washington was in of- fice , he did' occas ionally manage tc slip away. In 1790 a paper records \ yesterday afternoon tho President . ol the Un i ted St ates returne d f rom S an dy Hooks and the fishing hanks , w h ere lie had been for the benefit of the sea a ir, and to amuse himself in the de- lightful recreation ' of fishing. We are tc ld he has had excellent spof t , hav- in g himselt caught a great number of black sen bass and black fish—the weather proved remarkabl y fine , which altogether with the salubrit y of the a ir and- wholesome exercise , ren d ered this little voyage extremely agreeable , and cannot fail we hope of being ser- Vicem-ic l- si _ _ r__uy mm - _ i ii _ i i -._ - _ - storation of health. \ Both the President and Mrs. Wash- ington were exceedingly fond of the t heatre In spite of the vigorous opposi- ti on accorde d t hi s art in ever y state in the Union. Durin g his Presidency, Washington used the theatre for en- terta ining, his ledger showing pur- cha ses of tickets bought and sent to various ladies and gentlemen with the Invitation to occupy a seat in his box. Th e y went to p u pp et s h ows to see danc ing bears and (o Mrs. Bowen ' s wax-wor ks at No. 74 Water Street , New York , and a lso attended the cir- cus where a famed equestrian of the times performed in the ring with \ his com pany of skilled riders and acro- bats. ' f Although Washington was extreme- ly fond of dancing, and was an ac- complished dancer of the period , the conc e nsu s o f o pi nion is that ne i ther he nor Mrs. Washington danced while lie was in o ffice. Some historians main- ta in that he danced at a ball which w as given in his honor soon after his first Inauguration , and before Mrs. W as hi n gt on h ad arrived f rom M ount Vernon. On this aecasion , h e I s said to have danced the cotillion with Mrs. Peter Livingston and Mrs. Maxwell , an d to have led the minuet with Mrs. Maxwell' s s i ster , M iss Van Z andt , one o l the famous beauties of New York. V!iM 3^ m _ __ _ t _ _ ____ j WmhingtoMs h omesick I m 'Cmp & Mi j Four men arrested In a recent liquor ra id at Commack , a few rods from Pilgrim State Hospital , secure d an ad- j ournment w h en t h e y a pp eare d be f ore TJ S. Commissioner Edward E. Fay in Brooklyn Fedora 1 Court for a hearin g. They will be heard again next Wed- nes day, Nov. ii , in connection with a ra id staged on a large barn on the Fowler Estate at Commack by dry a gents operating under. Thomas Ma- har , chief o f the Bay Shore division o f t h e De p artment o f Justice , on Oct. 21. In the barn the agents found 00 , 000 gallons of mash , and a 1500 gallon still , shown above , ca pable of turning out between 600 and S00 gallons of finished product a day. They also found u 100O gallon still , d ismantled , 1600 pound - of sugar , and an electric pump. * ¦ Dry ngent a brought back 25 gallons o f a l coho l whic h wi ll b e submitte d as ev idence when the case comes up next We dnesday ; The four defendants are Louis Sofia -jJ T -icksville ; Gulseppe Di Macco of 205 _.. ' llltli st „ Manhattan; Tony Fat.; ' ! -170 Westchester ave., Bronx; and Joseph Pari , 2418 Seventh Vommc & ck B r y iMuasiom Pr isoners! J Held For Hea ring Next Wednesday \ Miss Florence Berry and Mrs. Ralph Yarusso were i n N ew-Yor k Ci t y s h o p; ping Tuesday. Henry Neber celebrated , his _ v. -l t . l- birth day last Wednesday. 1 . ' .. Sam Devlno of Oyster Bay was here We dnesday. He Is leaving next week . ..... to pass the winter at Pass Christian. Miss. Mr. and Mrs. David Richards enter- ta ined friends from Hollis last Tues- da y. Mr. nnd Mrs. Anthony Stepanek en- tertained Mr. and Mrs , Robert Koste- l ak o f Whltcstono over the weekend, Wil bur Gamble has been transferred from the sixt h to tho seventh grade. Mr. and Mrs. G. Marsh motored to Now Y-rk Sunday. Stanley Hand spent the weekend In the Catskllls. , Miss Lllynn Dvorak of New York City wns the weekend guest o f Miss Helen Zavnd ll. Miss E lva Jones Is visiting friends hi Balt i more , Md., for n few da ys. The Presbyterian Church Is holding ; ves per services every Sunday ' cvon lnr . dur ing the months ol November and D ecember. A re h earsal by the east o f the \Smlthtown Scandals \ wns he ld at tho \ , hlrr - i .nc lio-l ' auditorium I-ondny c-ven- 1 \ .I. g Mt .i Mnrrrle Wells enterlallied Ml.-. r. W innie Mulllns ol Scar.sdal o , N. Y „ov cr ¦ t he w.ol t iniri. ;¦; ; ' Mrs . Prank Adniurck of New York : ; ' . , Oily wns tho wceekml g ui-l of Mrs. A, ,, '\ ;> ,}_. ovotn y. • ' . ¦ ' „ h' -j ' ,Edward -Co-lilt has bc.ii spending a \ ¦ ¦>' \|' ' f*W days hern with Ills m t ill.in • . lie will ; : ' 'j|J»turn In New York City Friday. ' ' ¦ i \ : ' . : ^ Charles Zavndll visited Henry Wll- ^i vj iijwi -) of Pelhum ' over tho weekend, !. ' 'V; ' j V fta Evel yn K o g era and Miss Linda ;, [ : ' r|.|lainin were weekend . wc sl s of Miss ; ' ,, i>: , : _ tonn Lullicr. . ¦ j\ ' ' ! . ' ¦ Mlas Alva 8clilos.( . spent the weelt- ;;. \ ' .» end with hev parents In Woodhaven. - . . Mr, and.Mrs , A. fi ynn of . ._t-i_ .li ^ ' ' .s pout tho weekend here . . > ' • ¦ ¦ . ' Mr. Bild Mm. G oorf j o Hoist enter- ' < }. . . \ . .nl nod friends from H ushing Sunday, 1 ' Prank Petri-, tho son of Mlehiicl . ' ¦ ' ' • Pot.lo who hold, n. position on llio Gov- . . hard M, Dnlil estate, wns painfully In- ' ¦: ' . i /J ur c d Friday when he was attacked by , ; « police do _ and his face badly l o cer- * «tcd. At flint It won fear ed that one ol h_) -yes was ln jiu. il, but nt t he present ' ¦ ¦ writin g that ilnm i cr Ih past ami ho I: '' - iro Bves- liir . nicely. . ¦ ¦ ; ' : ¦ Tho Misses Ruth Pnrtri-tuo nnd Anna . Wortliln g ton Imvo moved' Int o ono ol $ }io .i-trti - t on t- nt ll io corner of Maplt ' »VO. ' Mr, nml Mrs. Monson Morris hrvvc 1 ' ij ono to Alteon, 8, 0„ whom tlioy will ' ojwi. tholr winter home, , nouovt Osbom c mlo . .nliicil a niimhoi of his amull fi . _i.i_. nt n, I f ullowo ' ci ' party h' voii Frida y nl a lit nt tho hoim 6f hto iinr o ntiii Mr. and Mm, O, Mllto r O n borii , ' ' . ¦ ' ¦ ¦ ,: Mr.. Emma Tyler, Mm, Joseph A t aml , Mru, Jol i ii Brown, Mi ' fl. Ny-tron •ml iiov-.nl other -t-.mh.ii . of t |i< ' . ;¦• ' 8n \ Ulitnwn.Won|0 i| ' « . .. ..Iitlnn Ton * perance Union will go to Southold Fri- da y where they will attend the county conven tion. About seventy-five young people at- tended the Hal l owe ' en soc i a l g iven Saturday evening In the Methodist parish hall by ( the Seven O'clock Club. The crowd was divided into three groups according to their ages and • suitab le games were played. Prizes for t he best costumes were won by _ _ Inor Le Mort and Alois Marlni and each received a box o f candy. Refreshments o f sandwiches , cru llers and cocoa were served. Mr. and Mrs. Harr y Banta moved Friday to their new residence on Bowers Coiirt. A beautiful and impressive service w ill be held Sunday evening In the Smlthtown Branch Motliodlst Church when an I lluminated cross is to be pre- sented In memor y of Mrs. - Elizabeth Land. It is the gift of her son , Nor- man Land. Special music Is to be rendered. Mr. nnd Mrs. Coo D. Smith left early Monday morning by automobile for t heir winter home In Crescent City, Floridn. They expect to make Dover , De laware , their first ' sto p Monday night. Miss Penelope Scaver entertained wllh a Hallowe ' en party Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs , Tracy Hlg g lns attended thn Yale-Dartmouth game Saturday , The flr..t of the s erle.. of Sunday evenin g song services was held lust Sunday night In the Presbyterian Chapel and was attended by a large number oC people. Mk.. FVmnle Smith pi -sl ded at the piano with Harry Mar- tinson aa s l s tlng as violinist. The pro- gram was In charge of Miss Vloletle Spalir. Miss Beatrice Ailing rondci - cd n flen solo nnd tlie choir sang an anthem \Now the Day Is Over. \ Oilier Intorcsth i f; features am planned for these ficrvlcc..,whlch will be hold during tho month of November and December. Mr, and Mrs. John An g elbcck and children of Bollmoro vvu'c In town -it n. lnu Mls_ Ethel Tlirashor is In Now York City niter passing tho last few months In California, Mini Dorothea , Klein was ho-tc o s Saturday evening to several friends at a Hallowe ' en party, tcon HubUs has ci._3._t_ u pon Ids now duties w local night watchman, On Thursday evening, Nov. 12, tho Inilles of the PiC-bytorlan Church will : hold tho-v annual tinicoy dinner , Din- nor will bo served from 0 o ' clock on ' lluoii - hoiit tho evenin g nnd tho tickets ' will lio ono dollar per peraon. The mc-tln g of the North Suffolk t County chapter of tho American ned ¦ Cross was held on Friday nil-moon In ' tho Sinltlitown Branch. Presbyteilnii Ohinoh. [ Mrs , It nlph Mo tolnnil and children 1 linvo returned to their home hi Oom- nuiclc a fter panning tho ytruit row weeks : ' with Mrs. Honry Hiiblw. \ 1 Jonn nnd Judith Lyon entertained 5 fourteen of their .mail filond n with n 1 1-f . llowo ' oi . party Sntuidny night, \ Mm. Uuoll William. , of Northport, a . fonnor local renlil o nt , left tho first of i th). week tor ton Anj i o l c-, California, i whom alio will udj i - the i i oxt . nix . month - . ' 1 . ' ¦ ; ' , ¦ . ¦ ' ;. ¦ . ' ¦ ' . ¦; ¦ ¦ SMITHTOWN BRANCH ! . . . .. L C a /-L ADV Cn TrO E TJ C'T T { ' ¦ CITATION THE PEOPLE OF T .I E STATE OF NEW Y OIUC TO Isabella F\ Ho s mcr . Henry E. Fi n-liny, Chfi r lcs a. S. Flncl l ny. Wllllum J. F m i- roneclll , Elsie M. Hnr f cll . Herbert W. FJn dJ fly. Mnrcia W. Miller , Margnrct R. . - Pabst , Frederick T. FindU y. Alfred Flnd lny, Edyth\ L. Hnle , Pry or M. F .n _ _Iay, V/ll llnm 'Fin-liny, Clmrlcs f t. Fl ndlny, persons Interested In tlie csMitc ns heirs nt taw and D cx t of kin or otherwise , of Alex- ander Plndlay, lnte of the Tov r n of Stntth- to w n. CounLy of B u tfolk . i tc -c as ed , S end arc\tlng: WHEREAS. M ary Ftndla y. residing at Luce Grove . N . Y., Executrix named in the w ' U of said . I«ea s ed, lotrl >' App lied to our Sur- ros j ate ' s Court of the Count y of Su f folK to have certain instrume nt In written be__rm ar date the 5th. day of June. 101ft , minting to bath real and person a l property, du ly proved aa the Last Will and Testament of the said deceased. THEREFORE, You ' and each of you are cited to show cause before our said Surrogate at th« Surco g ntc ' s office in the village of Rlvcrhcad and Town of ntverhend, In tlie County or Suffolk , o n Monday, the 1th day of December , 1331 , at one o' clock in. the afternoon of that day why said instrument should not be admitted to probate as the t .._ - . - will nn* TM i nmunt nf Rnlrl deceased. And such of you as are hereby cited as are under the age of twenty-one years may appear by your guardian , il you have tme . or If you have none you may apply for one to be appointed , or In the event of your n c fjlect or failure to do so a g uar U lan will be appointed by the Surrogate to represent and act for you in the proceeding. IN TESTIMONY WHEBEOF . We JlflVC caused the Seal of the Surrogate ' s Court of our said Count y of Suffolk to be hireunto afQxcd. WITN E SS , HON. ROBERT 8, PELLETREA tT , Sur rogate of our said county, at R l v - . InS. ' . c rftc&d , ' N. Y., this 28 th day of October , 1931. JOHN D. HAL-JOCK , i C lerk of the surrogate 's Court, GEORGE E. DARLING, Attorney for Petit ioner . Port Jefferson , N. Y. 5U V 3 NOTICE TO SEWER CO_ V TBACTOES . Sealed Bids will be received by the B o urd ol Sewer Commissioners of the Port Jef fe rflon Sewer District at the office of their Attor noy, George E.. Darlin g . Main Street . Port Jeffer- son. r_ \ . I., New York, on Friday, November 20t h, 1031, at 2:00 P. M. Eastern Btand_ _ rd Time, for . the construction of Sewers with man-holes and other appurtenances under the side-walks of Main Street, an d in the center of Jones Avenue , -with connections to the existing Sewerage System on B A rnum A venue nnd Wynne ' s Lane , Port Jefferson , the major portion of the work being in'the newly \cteated Extension No. 2 of th? Port Jefferson Sever District extending to Port Jefferson Station, Brookhaven Township. Hew York . In accordance with Finns and Speci- fications p repared by Fred. J. Diele . C. E., Consulting- Sanitary Engineer , which Plans -lave u k i _o uppruvcu uy uii: ^ iuw * w i_w w wj__ * Department of -Health. The work included under this Notice con- sists of the furnishing of all labor and ma- terials to build approximately eighty seven hundred and fifty feet (8150') of eight inch 18\! Sew er line, seventeen ¦ hundred feet .1 700'! of ten Inch tlO\) Sewer line . and four hundred and fifty feet (450' . of twelve Inch (12\ . Sewer line with five Inch . 5\*) bran ch Y* s spaced ' every fifty feet .50') on the s l ^ h t (8\) and ten i nch (10\ i Sewer lines-(except on the eight inch (8\J line on Jones Avenue which shall be provided with Y' s every twenty-five feet (25'l.. and ever)' twenty-nvo feet (25' i on, the twelve inch ( 12\) lines; the furnishing of all labor and materials for the proper construction of approximately sixty (GO) brick man-holes. Man-hole frames and covers must be of the standard pattern adopted by the Board of Sewer Commission- er s of the Port Jefferson Sewer District. - Official Bid Sheets , Plans , etc., may He- 6 b- . talned at the . office of the Cons ulting Engi - neer , 18. Nassau Avenue, Huntington . New York , upo n deposit with' the engineer , of the sum of $25.00 .(twenty-five Dollars.) Of this amount , 515 , 00 (f l f tc . n Dollars ) will fee _ re- funded upon return of the Plans and Speci- fications la good condition ~ by bona - fld e Bid- ders within ten days after receipt cf the . bids. . - . - . . ¦ . . . Each bid must be accompanied by a certi- fie d check in the amount of Twenty-five ttun- . dred Dollars (12500.00) made ' payable to the Board of Sewer Commls s tone n . Fort JeHenwB, 'f< 6w T t6_ _-, ¦ as '^ VlO C n W lol ^o od I MUi and un anc i ai responsibility on the part oi tne Bidder , w ith the understanding ' that if sward- ed the contract , the successful bidder will commence wo n tc within five cays after no- tice of such award , and In the event of his failure so to do , his check will be forfeited to tho Board of Sewer Comml s sloneri as liquidated damages for breach of such faith. The cheeks of the unsuccessful bidders will be returned within ten days of the award of the contract. That of the successful bid- der -will be held until he presents a proper surety bond executed by a reliable, so l ven t Su rety Company. Didders are to state in their 'bids, unit prices for each of the several Items, nnd must 6tat o the length of time which they require for the completion of tho work. The Board of Sewer Commissioners reserve the rl c lit to reject any and nil bids and the right to let the cohtrace to flitch bidder , who , in their judgment, ma kes the most advantageous proposal. Trio bucccs b -U . Bidder will be e i mecUd to ufi e reasonable euro in the removal of ex- i s ting cement, flag-stone or other kind of side-walks which must be removed in con- nection with the Installation ot Bewors ' con- templated under this contract. NO SIDE- WALK REPLACEMENT IS TO HE lNC T AIDED IN T1 H 0 CONTRACT. The at tout Jon of Contractors la ea l l.d to Chapter 18& oKtho Laws of 1031, Adopted In Extraordinary Session , which provides that no laborer , w orkman or m e chanic In the em- ploy af tho Contractor, uub - contructor or o ther ricr _ ;or_ doing or contracting to tft> the whole or* a part of tho work contemplated by Uii* contract ' shall bo permitted or re- quired to work mum tlmn eight h o un i in any one calendar duy or mom than live .lays ui any on. week except in ciijies ol ex true rd In- n ry onwfiency en inert by nre . flood or dan- ger to life or property. Mo such person Hhall i »- Hi iji t i .w i ] d.o . i. t hmi t ' liilit huwn in ni . y uuy ut .uuii: Uiu n Itvu - U _ /t> tu u uy omu v.. ck except In inch cm .r __ < . nc y. IJifltl cr. ' . mij. - t ..mti. u' l th tfw)r hadi , thn type ot pipe uud Join t lni c material. , which ' they propose to lurnl u h If nw- irdeil the con- tract. UnlDH.i other.. I_ i] ti|i_ cifl_:iilly noted m L lio bl.l, a will l)u u _ ,tmli- .. l UiuL Hi-; U Ulilui |)i o[)ua ' ca to furnlnli uniU iuutall flral cl n «u \lit Mury ' u \ Vltrlflcil Bower Pipe mid \Prcwi- tlte \ pre-form ed a s phult u m Join ts, This Puljllc Notice to Didder * , |h e I»l«m nnd Br. -clflci-tlonn , wh ich huvo been i i r.nure.l In connection with this nropo s ed ^ vork , the Iiuitruetlom to Didders , t he formal Propaml i iiu l the Con l niot l- ' o rm, ihitll all lie coli- n ldoruU na component p u rtit nt the Contrftct for ( he porfortniineo of the work undor e n n- (ili l .nuton , o tu l cm.aldoreil as ono tt .nlru- II) on t , nutei l nt: Port Joffornon , Now York , Octo ber 3qLh, 1031. THOMAS O'DONNBL X , CHARLES W. DAKH. cn EB TE R L. DARUNQ , Conim lflBlunera , Port J ct Tcr n on Bewor District. 3t83 NOTiar Ol* MKETINf l TO lib' -lit (JOHr MlNTH T TAKK NOT f CE; The AB a e s son of tli» V f t- f.A O t: Of HOQUOrr have prepared their u BseinmoH ro ll for tiio current yo a r. that n copy thereof fins hetm placed in tit . Village o lilo. where It may bo Been and v Kumlned by any person until Uif nth, day of Novem- b er next hiilI that on inch clay at tho Vllln u e Of llre , are«n c uore O tudlo , mat ti e taiik t it , be- tween the hi.urn af four and olult. . In the R flornooii , th< . unti l Auuiifiori , wi ll mt w t for the ptirnojio of . com pleting men- asiiumant m il, And ot hearl t m nnd it ot i ritilntne com- plaints In rflU U lrm tllontf ) , on i lia nvpllcHtlori of any t tsr a on concetvlnu hlmielf (if u rlsved thereby. DATED: October 31 , lD. ll. U. O , PlCAMlOitN . Cl o rk, itn \\\ viu-A o i T br «T i 7T_ki,i) notick notick \ a m n xuv oivkn r nvr ui* iia n .ahiiici. t ro ll.of tin Vllloie ot Olit fiaUl hns heoii fllod with the viUaa * Clerk ut hli r o i liUnoo on Old VlfM Il oa il, VHI400 uf Old Violet , whore it hi ay ba aift-nln.d by any naru .11 a t any tlm t durlim Uimlma noun un- til did (li.nl Tu . -.U * of Wo vfliiHir, Q h tt'thut an nal t t Ui lvd Tue w luv of Nov*nib«r ut tho r c iia .nuo uf VIIIik * ClerU ami rtutlim ¦ Um hnuri from ft V. \i. to 0 1* , M, U10 U«Mitl o f Tri u -U v i o( Hit Vllla « 9 edin l llut i nf It* Ifo- t rd of Aiucmori , will lu c tt for tin i >UiWji» .of r. -iDiiU tlnu tho mi»ca* i ii«ti . roll (Hu t of H«ur- lii K nut dfllcrmliRitg ooinuUiutii Ut Ml*turn there to, UMod i U o yamUi lit, iw». _. \ ¦ ¦ ¦ „ ¦ . President of Veterinary Med- ical Association Sees Present Law Inadequate for Needs AT ROTARY LUNCHEON Dr. O. K. McKlnini , o . Fort Chester , Says Money f rom l icenses Should Re Available In D am u e. Cases Members of the Bay Shore notary Club were araccl on Tuesday by Dr. O. E. McKIm, president of tho Veterina r y Mcdl enl Association ot New York City, to re quest the assemblyman from this d istrict to support a proposed Jaw w hich would broaden tlie uses to which the Income from do g license fees m ight be used. At tho present time, Dr. ji.cl . i m said , (lie law docs not ade- quately moot the demands of the con- ditions t-ivou _ hout New York State. \The ao „ tax wns orl j lna lly imposed HI .i) .) ( Id;: owners In relnilinrne .slump owners for sheep killed by dogs , \ he wild . \The wordin g of tho law has Blnce been rtin need In include other animals that may be killed by doga, \1 .ill provisions liav. not been mnde for other damages tlmt ma y be caused by or traceable to (lo gs , to bo dofra ypd by the use of monies collected by this tax. Tlie provisions of tho law have boon nnd still nro wholly Inade quate to give proper protection to the stock owner and citizen. \ After citing several examples of liow tho tow fa lls to protect citizens of the s tate; or. Mci.tm said, \tlie , flo _ tax fund under tho pi-Bent law in quite l imited in tho s cono of tho protection it Afford... This ncccssiirv 1 prot -Ctlon to public hiinlth anil private property n gnln s t depredations caused by or traceab le to dogs is a mutter that should lie given Acrloits consideration b y the dog; owners who pay tiio tax , as well ns the i i toclc owner nnd oltl . on for whom the protection 1b intended , nnd who nt present ore not the recipi- ents of It. Bald protection can bo pro- vided by the ana.tn.ent of the follow- in g amendment to tlie present dog; t_vx law: Pro pose- Amendment \Amcnilmont to bo known as Sec- tion ll flA nnd to rand ns-follows: Un- der this section reimbursement or pa y- ment tun y bo inndo for any du .n_i. es or oxuc i mitui . a for climiu _ ca,.trncoub)o to dn g u , which are uiit liorl . cd for pay- m« Hi l i y tlin local health officer ' or bonril ot health; or expenditures niado or auUwrlzed in the Inte r est of public health which directly Involves tho board , nxftiiihir ttlon and observation of do gs or other anlmnln 1111 well nn pay- ment for Antl-Ilablo treatments by p l iy s loh tiii i vdilch are administered to peonW Hint liavo boon bitten by, or ; Icoatlmi cii : op n.ut6.i_i ra a o) \ - .. ' Urges Support for Mew Amendment To Do g Tax Laws Bullet ' Fired ' ait target by Bro- ther Stri kes Elsie Alberts , 16 , in the ;,Spine Miss Elsie Alberts , IB , dau g hter o f Mr. and Mra. ^ lpyd Alberts of Beaver Dam rd., Isilp, lies In the Southside Hospital in Bay Shore In a critical condition wit h a bullet lodged close to the s plnn J column between the seventh and ei ghth vertebrae. Her brother , Walter , IB , fearing punishment from his father fled nt once In the gcn.rnl direction of Cal. No police action 1ms been taken ngnlnst the youtli by State Trooper It. F . Kelly, investigating .Ul- cer. Walter adm itted to the State iroop- ers that ho was havin g: target practice against a barn wa ll in tho yard of his home w hen the acciden t occurred. His sister had been watch ing him slioot the . 22 calibre, rifle , and had turned to lenvo tho scone whon lie Died a . .hot Unit slrucl; a nail li_a _ . of _om . o lliur hard object In the wolf and ric- ocheted. The bullet ( .truc k his sister in t h e I j j i c I c , Klnncln B off on two ri bs no d lodi;ln _ li ^ the front ' p url o f the s pine In the lumbar region. T ho wounded Blrt was treated at tho S outbsldo Hospital by Dr. A. CSold- schln ijor of iifilp. Dr. aoldschl ng er admitte d yesterday Hint the r IiTr rtm- dltlon wns critical, nnd that an y at- tem pt to remove the bullet by an oper- ation mi ght prove fatal. — . Girl Kear Death Fvo m Riile 5!w ! icgm , /l p y s r . -B- i - i-i i . ' : ¦ NOTICE Trp ^ p. - 3 -Inr: or Kunnlb fl : on posted land- of the Echo aun Club Is -Btrlct l y prohibited. Vlolntors will _c fined. ECHO avtt CLUB. JOHN KOLTZA- ., \ Se cretary. Its . -JOIIO D TO C__ED__ OI - _ In j i ur auan . o of an or t lor of Hon. Rob- er t S. Pelletrcau, Surro s at o or the County o _ Suffolk: No tice l« h_roby R lvcri, accordin g lo Inw , to all por_ona bavin s claims against John Muru s ak , also known as Jo hn Mar- ushalf, late of Miller Place , Tovtn o_ Broo k haven . Suffolk County, N/ T., fl e- ccaaet l, that they aro required to exhibit tbo v s am . , with the vouchers thereof , to tho subscriber at her place of transact- ing- business at the office of hT attor- ney, % .CarI J\ , Hey a er. Port J efferson Sta- t ion , Long I sland , Now _ T ork , on or be- fore the 3 0th day of January, 19 32. Dated Ju ly 20i 1031. , ANNA MAKUZAK Adm inistratrix CAM, 3. HEY SER A ttorney for Administratrix : Port .. *ffo.f_m Stntlnn. ' . ¦ ' .: l>oi! _r Islan d. New Tbrk, . . ' . • . . tss \ KOtlCE TO O-U C DITOSS , . IN P H RSDANCE OP AN OKDER OF HON. ROBERT .S. PELLE T R- A . , Surrogate.of th_ County ol Suffolk: no tice is hereb y atv _ N , _«_>r-in _ to _a_ > , to ell ¦ 'persons having claims a _ o l--t MARTHA H; W E AVER, Iato of Eooky Point, to t he Town of Sr c o - ha - cn , County of Suffolk , 'deceased. U_ Dt t hey are required to exhibit th. same , with tht Vouchers thereof , to the subscr iber at the office of C_rl J. Heyser , his a ttorney, at Port Jcffer -an Station, la the County of Suffolk , N. V. , ' on or before the 11 th day of March, 1932. Dated. Pert Jefferson Station. N. 7., August . . th , 1..1- VfKAy D. HAOH-SSAN, -A-m ln t atrator. CARL 3. I T X-SER, A ttorney for AdmlnUtrator , - . Port Jefferson Station, He_ r Y_ rk. NOTICE TO CBED1TOBS In pursuance of an order ot Hon. Robert S. Pelletreau, Surrogate of the County of B uffoll . notice la hereby given to all persons having claims . against EDITH _ _ }_ _ - .<_ FU y j -RTON, lato of tbe County ot Suffolk; , deceased , to present the same with .oucher s thereof to the subscribers nt their place of tr ansacting business, at the lav oface of Ralph J.. Hawkins , their attorney, Syn dicate Building. West Main street , Patchogue , Suffolk County, New York , on or. before the 2nd day of May, 1932. Dated, Oc tober 30 , 19 31. ¦ ARTH .B B. TDTTI--. - fo NAlD V. PER O DSON n / _ Eiecutors. ' - d a t r it y i irk nnr W O 'A ttorney ' for Executors , Futctiogiie, K. y. -7t5_ conu r sr court : supfoik: count. : . ^ X *In the Matter of the Petition of the : ' County ol Suffolk for the pur pose of: ac q - l ring tbe lands la the Town s of: Huntington and Isllp, Suffolk Count y, : New York, require d or necessary for : or Incldcat s l to . .t he construe -lot! of: the Sagtlko s State Parkway and : Northern sta te Parkway, ar ln-ldcat s- : . to the .separation of grades at _ho:- lntersectka - of sold state Pa rkwa ys : nn d. county, ' Town ' or VL H ase Scads , : highways ' o r streets. : ^ ^ Wo . r the ' un dersigned , co-unissloaera of es timate, __ t hereby, give notice that on the 9t h -ay . of.Kove o iber , 1931 at eight . o ' clock la.the evening of that day atr- fce Conn Room. Abrew Eulldh -g, East Main street . Bay Shore , .Suffolk County. N. y ., we win meet f or , tai purpose ' o _ bearing the parties c laln-u_8, -an Uitene s fr la ; tbe- . ' damages to be aw a raec l by re o -oa ' of the acquls l tlo-i t r the County o f Suffolk of land. Um'title ox Interest to. or , _a wh ich b-is w ette .: ' ! . , t he Co-t-ty, wit h' re sp eefto the re al ' property required or takca 'for the above i mprav e n s cnt , and we win t hen pmcetd at sntU hearipg _ -_> at a ny a dlo o mment thereof to hear proofs and .„-_-_(___ . all ln»_ n -rtMt n i rtles. Sotl Cft Is ' a lso further given that a map or maps of th* above Improvement w a re nled In the omce of the Clerk of the County of Suffolk on t he 2-tb day of June. 19-1- Dated October . S dt h. 19.1. JM -ES ». O ' B - t - PPE WfLLIA -I c. pra -H-} . Jr. . JOSEPH E - ENAM 20 . . . \ NOTICE ' or IOC aPmCATJON OF TOE GENOUt CEI_E- _ _i_ - AS- W fA T tTON TO ENIAKCC ITS P B ESENT CEMETBB S AT EAST NOBTI I POR T . 1M TI1E TOWN OF HUNTINGTON. SUFFOLK COUN T V, NEW -OBK NOTXCE is H EREBV GIVEN that oh ap- plication has been made by lb- Oenola Cem- etery Associa tion for permission to enlarge I ts cemeter y to lnctudo tho following; property: ALL those lots or parcels of land , s ituate lying and being at East North port. In the Town of Hun tington, C ounty of Suffolk and State of New rork . known and designated as Lots Seventeen (11) to Twenty-two (23) both Inclusiv e , ns s hown on \Man of Belle Cres t , Section *• \ j which Map Is duly filed In Suffolk County Clerk' s omce. . ' The total area of sold plot being less than one-third of on acre. That such application will bo presented to t he Board of Supervisors for action at the nrs t session held by said Board on the twenti-clalilli day of December, 10-1, at 1 P. M. at the meeting place of said Board In the Board of Supervisors ' Room , County Court House , nlvorhcnd , Suffolk Count y, New V ° ll£ ' K E NN-TH L. RHODES . Clerk o f the Board of Bup s rvl s ors. 1 CtS3 •MO - CTOn TO -mHDWOHB H fl -iry N. Smith. — In pur a uanco Of un or-or of Hon. H obort 8. Polletroau, Sur- rnira to of tho Count y of fluffo l k, N. Y., no tice lu huruby i;lvuu tu ull D.rbana havin g -lnlmn ai t alnu t Henry N, Omltli , late ot 1-uot Gotuukut, N. V„ daco n sed, to pro n ent the undorslined with the voucbem tl t ern of to tho e ubEcrtt j -r at Iter plane ot trnn snctlnir buolne ea at the orrl-o of Q eor go In. Darlin g, I-irt Jeffor- iion , N. V „ nn or t infarn tho Int da y of Dec e mber, lt.l, Jr i-OIU ' ! - . SMITH Biocutrl x . ai-OTtai. in. DAitwNO At torne y for l C xeoulrlx IPort Joffornon, N y. _7tf . — : , . ? CITATION TUB P EOM.B OD' TUB BTATBOP H KW YO R IC TO JAMI C O Al ATKINIION. JO O KI'II I IIB J. OHE O artV, noreans Intere i led In Uie estate at heirs nt l aw, next of kin and illatrllititfles or otherwise, of JANE ANN ATK I NSO!.. Isle of tlie Town ol llrookliavon. County of tluf l olk , decease d , Send preotln g : WII - R EA S , JAMSS c. ATICINflOH, residing at O etauke t , (lu f falk County, II, V „ B s ecu l or nam ed In Uie will of aalri deceased , lately a pplied to our Surrogate' s court or the County ot Suffolk to have certain Instrume nt In writing bearing date the < duy of June, 1-00, relatlnu to «ot!i real and personal pro perty, duly proved ui the Lout will and TAfltuo i e n t of the said descaled. T)i„f.lirG j . _, You and oath ol you are ol toa to show ouuso before our said Biirrog u to nt tlie Surrn u ale ' s omen In t he village ol lllverliond an. Town ol I tlvorliend, In Uie County of Suffolk , op Uonday, the .l it day of December, 1031 , nt one o 'c lock' In tliu nftf i rimnn tit tlmt do- wltv mill in-lr,,_.»,i* s hould not be admitted to proUte as tiio Mis t Will and Testament ol laid deo e aiud, And miQh of you us ait her s by cited un nro under Hie sue o f twenty-one years may up- pour by your g uurdlan , If you hate one , or II you Have none you niuy tpiily lor one lo liu n pnolntod, or tu the event of your n i aleat or ftl l ur a to do no a guardian will bo an . pointed! by ,th» tlurro gt i e (a represent and a u t for you , In the proceeding, ' IN r X ftTIM O HY VVllUIIUOr , We havi caund {lie Real of His t lurr -trat o ' s Court of our.tnlil ( lounly of initio!, to bo lioroimto a f flsad. i wnnitu n , iioN. nou-UT u , i' _ ii,_,in'it«Au, (lilrromte o f our snld eounty, ut H . .UJ I tlverliouil , II. Y„ (lit) 3 .IH day ol \ OaliiMr , i ltll, • JOHN P. If A IIACIC, Clerk ot Ilia I l iiiro . nH ' p Uiiurt, , Attoruiy tor K.neuter , , , , ¦ . v.«» J S » ff»mon. t; _ _ ' n ,, v,.Lii - i. ' • '\ • \/v i;i ' . , ' ¦ _ : ia . uivt .ikcautkty; i 1 _ *, ' . v.. ' . - f. i . . _: ; ., ! • ¦ ' ¦• )!'\ ' . ' ¦ . •' , ' ,, ' « . \ ¦15. , . ;¦ > ' • ' ' ¦ . li \ > ' , ' : ' ' , \ ' i ( ' ' l l . : , ' . ' ' ., ' i' , . '' i i W . ' • ' ¦¦ ¦¦• , ' : ' 1 ..u ' ¦ ' ' ¦ • ff . : Lr3. _ - ffl_ .T,B_ - 2 .i r -,- , notice to cn_ur j oi . _ ; - \ - ; , t3l ¦— h WEi r wlE W. DAVIS—In pursu ance b _j an order of Hon. Robert S. pelletrcau , Eur) . - .to- ol the County ot sn_ _ lk, N. v., Kotjc* Is hereby given to all persons having e hl ma against Wcnnle W. Davis , Into of Port K $ >r- «« i . Suffolk County, Ucw York . dccoajlHi to present the same with the vouchers thrf : of to th- undersigned subscriber at his tpl ,ce ol transact ing business ot the ofJce ot O trt go E Darling. Port . Tc d cr-on. N. Y., on or , pm iro trie 19t h day ot M.rch , ^ 0M. a R ^^ E-CCU M . Ocorge E. Dorllnj H Attorney for Eiccutor. a > P ort Jefferson , N. Y. ' S1 0 • , __ __ .s_ COUNTY COURT : S O FFOL g CODMT g . g l T r T th o Mutter of the Petition of the : S, COUNT Y OP SUFFOLK for the pur- : rf no se of acquiring tne lands In the: -J Tovm of South ampton. Suffolk count y. : u] New York, required to lay out . widen : £» and relocate tho hl . hv.ay known as the : nj RIVErU I EAD-HAMPTON BAYS ffl C H- : SI WAY In the ' Town of Southam pton , : \J y Suffolk: Count y, New York. : l g NOM- T eOF FIUNG OF TENTATI VE BE W tT #,_ > mu_IRfli nvF.R_ ™1 PLEASE TAKE NOT I C- l t hat the Ten 5 } vo Report of the undersi g ned _7 _ trun l_slonel ! K e- ge t l ier *-_- cur i ama g * l a a r> ^ ^ ba Wrr ve entitled proceed ing, wns on the 29th d JS of September , ' 19 3 1 ' . Wed in the o l llce oW ) ho ^ Clerk of the County ot Suffolk, and will Oi re remain on nlo until tho 22nd. day o f Ot i nt : r, 1031. That the County of Suffolk tu el -11 persons Interested In this proceeding' ,, K) In • any ot the lands, tenemen ts and her S a j a- ments and premises affected thereby, ant m v- me objections theret o , are required to p M nt their said objections In writing, duly v ffl ed t o us . setting forth the real property w r ed by the objector.uad his Post Office Ad m js , a t the omco ot the County Attorney, . 0 (* o. Walscr , esq:, in the County Court ' 9 ni i o , Rlvcrhcad, N. Y„ on or before t ho .23- 'In ay of October , 1031; and that we, t he said Bm- mlsslonero , will hear parties so ob j cctln i r*nd for th at purpose will bo In attendance 'i pi be said office on the 23rd day of October , m 11 , at obe o' clock In- the afternoo n. Th fu In case there are no objections to . our euldjs j i n- tatlvc Report , our fina l report hereir rjj 111 be presented for con d rmatton to the C >w ty Court. Suffolk Count y, _ iew: * Yor_, at a Jfl i c - clal Term . - ot said Count y Court , to bdUlbld ot Patchogue , Sul f olk county; Now Yor K on t he 7tb.dn y of November, 1 0 31 , at the oi Si ng of courtNjn that day or as soon thereat & _ as counsel can be heard. ' J_ | Dated Suffolk CountF, H.. Y., ' uri Septcmocr 29th , 19 31. . .. - • fr , ALBERT A. ARNOL jy RICHARD D. CI _A RB _| S HEPHARD S CUODEJ - l . Condemnation Comml s stor en i • - - \Ef \ NOTICE [5 The Penal Law of the State prov l deflUffl a t , a pe rson who deposit * , loaves or keeps ^ a or near a highway or route of public tjtf el . any n oisome or unwholesome substance , j__t all be guilty or a raisaemeanor , an u tJia c ¦ $ 10- ever wilfully shall -throw , drop o r pt *a ffi or procure to be thro w n , dropped or p l _ u rf fa any evele path , avenue , street , sidewalk , ox 3/, roo d. ft- G hw o y or piiWJc.wa y or place U} ny glass , tacks , nails; pieces of metal, S er . thorn or other substance which might, ra ire any animal or puncture any tire ,: .? ? As* a vehicle , or which mi g lit wound , _ x i_i__. m £T Injure any . person using such way, d ut ll » fully deposits within the. limit* of any hi h * way, any garb os e or other rubbish , sbfflU gui lty of a misdemeanor. J 3 Any p erson doing: any of tbe t t bov q ux :ta wi ll be vigorously prosecuted. [ £ Dated February 20. -1931. ' ¦ ' * r * Arthur w. mm n A T , g Superintendent of IIlKhwa in ' t f 48 ¦ Town of Broo kh a g | . . CITATION 5 ¦ - No. 333 I W 31 THE PEOPiE OP . TEE ' STATE OP - V EW\ ffSK TO FannJe M. Dovl s . 13 Harold CavliJ In WUUaia h. Davljj, ¦ Jr. - • ' K Sadie Randall -Robinson £ £ . Ernest E, Randall ' . ' 3 Ida It. ' Schryver ' . «J v Edna Scaryye r Tltu a . ' - . ¦ , tn fted L. Randan - . ^ . g; persons 'lntere . tf-1 In th s estate as he Sl at Uw . next , of* ki n ' -and dlslrihutccs or ¦ « J r- w i se. on.;' Addle Davis , 'late of the ft Sf m of Brookhaven , County of Suffolk , deceased . Send Oreetin s : , , W 7T EREAB , Daniel R. Davis , res ldli M jat VOrttUl , 11 . - _. [», K-A<_l>U.V. A U UIII-U f r _ IWI « will of said deceased , lately applied t » 7flu r Surrogate ' s Court of the County of 8 lt f olb to have certain instruments in writing K |«' - [n g date tlie 25th day of ^ Se ptember . mSo , and the 24th day of March, 1831 , re ffmg t o both real and personal property, ra i ly proved as tho Last Will and Tcstnme tu j of the said deceased. f£j| THEREFORE , You and each of yoi Cyfre cited to show cause before our said £ nf fo- gnte at the Surrogate ' s office Jn tbe i P M ffe ot Hlverheod and Town of Rlvcrhcad , J Hfthe County of Suffolk , on Monday, the 16U G f Py of November , 1031, a t one o ' clock li nwie afternoon of that day why said lnstru Wt s s hould not be admitted to probate, a JOpe Last Will and Testament of said electa Sal And such of you as are hereby cit Kl a s are und er the ti g e of twenty-one yearn ft w y a ppear by your ffii o rdlai ), if you have J_0pe , or if you have none you may appl <^ for one to be appointed , or In tho ovent of mint neg lect or failure to do ' so , a e i u Mnkn ' wi ll bo appointed by the surrogate to : M _ |e- s ent and net for you In the proceed fittl ' IN TESTJMON y . WIIEREO P . We EJvo caused Uie Seal ol the Surrogate ' s Court)[of our said County of Suffolk to be heitf-UIto affixe d. trjl < WITNESS , HON. ROBERT 8. PELLETI WO , Surro gate of our said count rt at (L.S. I R lverhcfltf, tf . Y „ 1Mb fl th dt W ot Oc tober , 1031. at JOHN D. HALLOClffit ' Clerk of the Burro g ato ' A Co 0R| < Vunk and Cnrloton, Ksq s , . HI . Attorneys for Executor. % - . r l l , g ja o nOTIOE TO OltBriTOSlD S f~ atc Cartliy, D rldRo . 1-Jmmn. —In pi Wh- anco ot an or der of Han. Hobort S. pll- lotrcau , S urro Bat o of thn Count y of 3yx- lok. Nfivv York, notlnft i.i hernny r*YR 4 n la nil iiuv-.io .in h uvliib' clu t mu ii _. ' U r iilJ t liriii s ni i .mmn McCarth y, lato on pine V lJI ft Ki. i - , f l>ort. .Itiff.ir . i nn B tatJon , lf fl{ w York , d ecou i icil. to prt i Hoiit tho ft i-iio , w ith voije l icrj. t t .nr nof , to thn B U bHorm w r, at lt t i pliic o of triin n iiatli u r bunlnciH _ } J , iit th- i o tt lc o -of Wt ;lta It. nttch , Tort i kf - fcr/wn , N. Y. , on or bef ore tlic s I S tli U ^ .y of D- i combcr, 1021. rh I- ON O ISLAND H TArriO B lit IC AND TRUS T COMPil N V, ' J? Admlnl o tmU r , WKr _ T_3 n. niTCii l \ .Attorne y for AilmlrilHtrntor [h - I ' or t Jflff u rMon , N. Y. ' W 11 ' COt/NTV COUftT ; BUPFOIiK COUNTy. !5 \\ —, , l_ x fe in the Mulur of tho retltlon of tho; ft! COUNTY Ol\ B UXTOLK for tllfl purpou I HI or i t e qulrln g tlie landa In the Town of :'U] . Boutlininptoii , Duftti.lt County, N e w . I/i Yart c , required (a lay out, w . d un nnd i n: rq locaU <lie lil n ltway known k & tho ; p UlVEniIirAD.IIAMl »TON DAYS m O H- ; U WAY In the Town of Bout Hampton ,: iii fluffolk County, Maw York. : rt NOTICE III IIER K DY GIVEH that oil 5 111 of Coit o , Clmr ueH .uud _5«n » n»oa inourr rt i y ' reni ni n o f tho nbov o entitled H roc no til m (A 111 be pre n ontcd to Hon. a nor do it. fu im n, J Ui Iro of tho County Court, Q uIYolk Or £l V, at a Special Term , to be hold ut l* ato l M o , o u f folk county. Now York, on ' the •M lS iy. or Novem ber , \o_ i , ut ten o ' clock in \t lin Id t - noon o f Una duy or an mm. Ui c reaft Vj \a couiii c l cun bo htur d thereon, for tnicati W in o ccor dM i co vlth the cort lflcatfl ot the B it Ik count y Attor ney and that the laid nS l of Coit i , Ohuru m nnd l.x , ton.s« , .with the U4 r- • t incato cf ths County Attorney tli v rot >/_. t- (ao bed , Ha * bean ( Ir pofllt -it m tlm nftloo . u| t« Clerk of th t County of Suffolk , there - 1 (7) a- m i iii for the a puce of tea daya , na te f lU i d by law, HJ D B ted, OulY o lk County, N. Y t . . In llaptambsr aoih , 1031. n . A T -IHEK I T A. A H MOU H JIIUUAIIU U , UEiAltl r * fllI__l>l(A U n (lOtlUD It , CamJemnntlo n C o tnm l ua l ot i fn ; . m v otnoz i vo omiiD n Aiu 5 in nur i uknoA nf un order of Ji m. . Iii - nrt Q , INillfltreati , Hurrot fato of Hti tt t County, Wiuv Y o rlf , no ' reo In ho m) / irlv u n u o(iohih.i r to law. to all i mr iU it linvlnir olnli p u uwivhiMt IllflN U V IlBCi Hli . htto of Mo l fliilc ul , HiifYo M . 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I n noil r -i mnitiu iiimc Cor uu r iitlon H oller l> hnrcliy ulvrn Hint tut Uo a r iL or Ou j iwHsar s of nun -Ik Counly, Now Vnrk , w ill hold n hcurln u.In mi| i _ct to such iiiaph nt Hie r . m i ii n ni tlm ilo . r.l rot minor visors, ttlv_rlin.nl, uiii t nlk ooualy, (Jew York, oil November 10 , lull , ul two o ' c lock I' . Jl , al M ill ilsy In nltoril nil importunity to ull 111- torosleil i_._on- to inn l te obj o ctlons tl t .r.lo or milium clmniit'ii ilioioln. Nollot Is nlr.ii liorovllh iiUnn Hint Burtolk Comity will lii' t nmo vosl.il with llio Interest iinii nun in mo |iro|i.ri . y .nuaiu 10 nn uo- . ll lroil for thin !iii|>rnvrhiciit li|ion th- Unto or f ll li i ir ost ii s uf c mi imli s luii s r n . .i>u r_ u. .n_ to law. Dntml i N To r. .i h, to .l, ndAitu ot' nup t iivi doitii oi' BUFiroi.K COUNTY, NUW YOIIK. ¦ tiyi ll.CHAIll ) W. IIAWICIN O . Olislniinn , -IM ' NOT I (IK ~ ' • ' _-_.__ -. ^ t lclioihilo of tlm ni i ttln . i lo lis lull. In Uiu Town Hull , u t. 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