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- q ^ y E e O ' B 4 i f c y - P A L i A B i i t M , T u e s d a y , F jE B B U A H Y m , 1924 . : f ^ r a | A M l Watertown Girl Chrfrges She W»? llbeU^by IJearst Newspapers. WATERTOW^f, f^b. 19,—In d imanding $160,000 to repair the dam­ age th a t has beep done,to her good name and reputation by the Syra­ cuse Evening Teiegram, a Hearst newspaper published by the Syra­ cuse American Newspaper Corpora­ tion, and also in the Oswego County News, of Pulton, published by the same company. Miss E. Marie W il­ son, 22. a beautiful young nurse in charge of the operating room of the Souse of the Good Samaritan, of this city, becomes the plaintiff and central figure In one of the most sensational libel actions that has ever been started in th e Supreme Court o f the State of New York. Breen & Reeves are her attorneys. Sensational articles printed in the Syracuse Telegrapi January 14th and 15th, and in the Oswego Coun­ ty News Januaryary 14th.4th. allegingllegi: th a t 1 a . youngi woman, who had been iloyed as nurse at the Ideal Rest Itarium at Orwell, Oswego coun­ ty. during the summer and fall of 1923, had eloped with Dr. Fercival V. Bailey, 45, the superintendent of that institution on January 14th, are made the basis of the action which charger, willful and malicious intent to Injure the character of All of the accounts bear a Pulaski date line and purport to have been Thrar B p v e hw r w u n d e rrh e same date in the Syracuse Telegram, the dif­ ference being only In the head lines. The complaint In the action di­ vides the demand for dai second is for the one in the Oswego County News the same day; The third is for the article and pictures in the Telegram thoffollowing day. The matrimonial afTalrs of Dr. alloy and his wife have not b( NEW lAKE VESSELS \IpiE R O O fflS lljEVlATHAN Big Lake Steamers Will Have Sleeping Rooms, for 650 -Passengers. DETROIT, Feb. 19. The new sensor steamers Greater Detroit aud Greater Buffalo, which are now bund­ ling in the yards of the Detroit Ship­ building Company for the Detroit & Cleveland Navigation Company, are the largest In the world. If the num­ ber of roqms for the accommouation rf passengers is considered.today said Frank E. Kirby, designer of the ships structlon. The Greatter designer of the ships erintending their con- le Grea Detroit and her twin the Greater Buffalo each contain ship the Great 5 “. = ■ss withith sleep-i for passenger w s lodations for 1.500 people, lere are rooms which provide •space for 200 or more passengers \ do not care to go to the added forr berths.erths. Therohero are alsolso pease fo b T are a ac­ commodations for the crew, which numlvors 300, The Levi£\than, one of n. one of licet, has the largest ocean passe only 571 rooms for passengers. Many Innovations have been in­ corporated in the mom plans of the Greater Detroit and Greater Buffalo All the cabins deluxe a r e located for­ ward of the machinery, and a large of single berth rooms have the ocean pxis- ^^lines have single fore, passengers traveling aloii siring a room by themselves were compelled to purchase a two-berth « . T . w n U n a - .™ .- . . r ’,\ corridoTB- -of the hOitta Venec'flng through the ventilators Into their rooma has been so bvlgln that they wore unable to go to sleep, and to obviate this difficulty footlights have ;htlng system will be (T T Ol'T THE R.U1 MEAT .SAYS HEALTH OFFICER o f . k o c h e s t e : Bailey an d his wife have not been going right for some tim e. Several ; .ro c H p ^ R In g the statutory charges of cru e l, T (“kes care It Miss Wilson, the lattei commenced a Supreme Court action against her setting up slander and asking $25,000 damages. This actl. lught through Attorne of this city, at revealed, ho said. ? of the persons who break of tho I “C o t o t '^ m I \Do not b u y ’cfieap m e ats.' 1 \Meat much under th e market , price Is meat that should bo used I hM not yet hcon trice.. , Miss Wilson’s homo Is, In Oneida and she graduated from the H igh, School in that city, whereupon she i entered th e school at Syracuse. According to tho articles In th e ! ^ irst newspapers mentioned. Dr. i * ----------- “ ------ - ---------------------------- ley and Mls-s Wilson fled from, — ------------------------- s^SE rE ^ r^ G E R M A N BABIES “ ' IN DIRE STRAITS r:* • r ” . ‘V! . tho l.ilG ed ^fo cinehi — - S j L f x l e b ^ ‘\h f a f f ld a v it:j» Turn to Water t o S ^ y Cases.. claimed Utah she has the of several Bertfins a t tns HvsssBuai-=*«»»- th e Good Samaritan, w hlclt—iuate BERLIN, Feb. 19—T h a blood th a t she •was engaged in her work a t the institution during the entire tim e covered by th e publication of the stories. 1 Miss Wilson, who is a professional 'ho Quaker fee< and registered nurse, having recelv- dren have di^co'vered. ed her training in the Crouse-lrving Hospital, of Syracuse, from which she was graduated August 13th. 1922. obtained a position at the House of the Good Sam a ritan in this city December 15th, 1923, a month betorg the alleged elopement with Dr. Bailey and was In (he city at the tim e the doctor left Drwell. she de­ clares. N o r did she meet th e doctor there, in th is city or any other place or see him. she w ill testify when the case comes to trial. In supple­ m enting th is statement. D r. Bailey w ill go upon the witness stand aud under oath will say that th e woman w h o was seen riding with him In his mobile when he loft SYRillilARS b W ontrol Council Adopts Ordinance to Keep Out Meetings. The Common Council of Syracuse has adopted a resolution prohibiting all meetings in the city at which the subject of' birth control is the topic. The council was unanimous in its vote, a'.though one Alderman wanted the measure to go over a week un41 there could be a hearing an the ordinance. The American Birth Con­ trol League announced yesterday that on February 28th there would be a meeting at the Mlzpah in Syracuse, at 1 which Mrs. Margaret Sangster, prime ] advocate of birth controf, w ould < speak. Mayor *Walrath will sign thaj ordinance, he announced today. Mrs. r n m ^ ^ i r n w m I f P u r e , F r e s b D e l i c i i o u s a t i d i t i y | » | i » S o l d e v e r y w K e r e . T r y RECORD MONTH ized action of the council qs ridicu­ lous, and stated that Mayor Walrath had promised her some time ago that he ■n’ould not do anything to .prevent a birth control meeting in Syracuse. Frank J. Cregg, corpptatlon coun­ sel of Syracuse, states the Council is entirely within Its rights in draft,ng the proposed ordinance, and that it did its duty if the members felt such a meeting would injure the morals of the community. Attorney I.. B. Whit­ tle hold.s that the ordinance is with­ out legal standing and in direct vio­ lation of the Constitution .md the right -of people to have free speech. HELPING OTHER.S, ties All Over The ™™„™BEUSKIESrinEV', ,1 W E s r a r iiip tT j . . . I S f s r , f ; r ; , “ i 4 ™ “ : : : ’s«vec.i ly in the traffic records of the New j fOgtte Miller..^'' York Central liifep. These statistics j -■ a ■eded the 1' 16,250 Motor Cars Shipped on New York Central Lines in January. New York Central lines exceeded the l&ft ai> estate valued at *W),0( previous record, wlilch was made in cording to a petition Hied for the April, 1923. by mo.-e than a thou- |,ate of his w ill In Surrogate's ^ During tho month of January 21.- estate goes to his 94X cur.s were loaded with automo- (hlldren, biles at station-, on the New York Appraisals Central lines, which was an average of Leonard of S4 4 ea.s dai a dally average But in the last , . __ daily average was 9.'!2 cars as Boynst cars for tlie last of this 3. previously th» betvvt : “;ia\'y'as Tompm.Ml wUh dty'^ w\hk^ show r$10.537S rage of >!;!2 in April 1 923. penses of $1,127.94, loaving high recor, Further Humuiie Societies All Over Country Are AcUve. •..'tie gets fnto the newspaper about tho activities of the Human Society ami yet this is, in ali parts of the country, one of the most .ac­ tive organizations, doing a splendid -work. Luealfy the 'soctetr -nmiUhTiy ' cheeks up scores of cases and sees that suctsrr is furnished animats or children who are In need of asslst- Reporta received here from the i Massarhtisetrs society Tor the Pro- [ ventlon of Cruelty to AnJmaia. shows ' Arthur F. Warde, st that they maintain a force of fifty I Shakespearean actor , trained officers, many of whom aro | FrederHck Warde. was In the-cit capable of securing good Incomes | teiday completing arrangements for elsewhere, but who give tlieir life to 'he engagement of Carl Laemmle's the work at nmnll anInHoc ' nrnrbir-Hnn of thA m.^rvAMoiiQ T ’ ,syrasi.'23 rsss, asi. At the Theatres. S\ and orator, also filed. , igem e n u ‘'f o r “.'inXIOX DOUiAR” iilNSlCA&EB elsewhere, but who give tlieir life lo l'h c engagement of Carl Laemmle's tPIND the work, at small salaries, ber-ause production of the marvellous I'nlver- _____ Uvlty“IL!i'\’th ^ ‘’llnl DnmT'v Wcl^o crs“r s ' ’“cial'’m r\r7 In' Boston alone last year there i merit at the Strarnl i nir^me.u ng Sal- Ught b8 G n a n u tfe^ V4.I were 7.677 eases investigated a.id urday Mr W.ir.lc h.i.s t.o, n assoc i- .NEJW YORK. Feb. 19.—Forced to i 235 prosecutions, of those proseeut- iMed with all the lii: prcUire.s of the show down by the wily LuU Plrpo^t' 1 ■ past ten yo;.i .. .,n.| wl.ui seen yes- iho ••million dollar\ syndicate that* terday .said. ' U n,.,. nut oeom good was bidding fo r a Pirpo-Wllls match- I taste for me to pr: 1 e The Hunchback, will have to find an out or admit t i ‘ JlU l.l can at Ica-t^hc Uuthful and it-iras onty-spoof'\”- - -------- -- s v ; ^ i ‘ r g^r.’y r t h r aif.?^- ^ The charm of the picture Is not alone to g In Its magmfleenc.. and stupendous- igRo.OOO and «t 235 prosecutions, of those pros ed 211 were convicted. The same porcenUge of convictions to arrests is maintained throughout tho State SEIZE BEER CARLOAD. Beverngo Now Prohibition enforcement agents, un­ der the direction of Frank E. Shyer, have seizeded 50 barrelsiTels of whathat theyey seiz 50 ba of w th claim is pre-war strength beer, made in Scranton, Pa„ and tho beer Is stored in tho basement of the Court­ house at Lowville, Lewis S g “ h \ r Ing. but In ti r imatlc them-' n <1 s spokesman td i ~ — „ - - - r -- ------- jalres sportsmen^, ^ •lure Is not mone gjyg pirpo and 'Wmil- . 3 and stiipendous- (250.000 and stage the fight t o * which s breath- concrete stadium in <^n-\ He took no propagandist's word for things, but went out In tho dark cold places of the big cities for himself. His report to tho Quaker mission was in substance that Germans, es­ pecially the chlldrec, a r e suffering from, chronic under nburishment. Actual starvation does n o t exist as It did in the Volga ^ s tr ict of Russia. But years Of deprivation mingled _ with cold bousea and lack of baths automobile when h e loft Orwell was are now wrlttilg a fearfal tragedy In his mother and n o t Miss Wilson, the history of the nation, and that th e articles had no founda- Babies who outwardly may apper tion in fact, say the complaining pa- sound are found on taorp careful e: jim & E c o o p i a t MOVES. Takes Action Abont Delay in Cour­ tenay Case. » Court, today announced launching of IPLANNEP IN FiJlTON. many German children is beginning to irn to water. This la the startling condition that the Quaker feeders of German chil­ dren have disco They have the word of no less authority than Doc­ tor Emerson, New York h e a lth expert, tor this statement. Doctor Emerson recently thorough survey of Germ Esmeroiea 7:. y.r.: -h.. 'wholo nota7e \ '. i f . V 'T . i S . i 'S ’'*® r..U u r a n i’pro7i'o,oA“ a n d 'w a i'h 7 id :1 u T ’M^^ ' 'im V t’h e ’I'l.HA syndlcaie and I, w.s laRcn 11 QMr,T.os S-... .. ---- Ho worst, . i . . r. .d lays down his to get the contracts so th a t rttiT, life for her. might be sold to him to r a b r ^ e r i k e .■V-' f‘-v Siruiid. • InreHt. --------- - ----------------------- His Chl'd.in's Thildron. a story great ’hum''ii ip'.rest as it was written in npvei Eurm by Arthur Train )ih?s even more interesting a week. Then __ _ _ ____________ it shipped to Deer River, but It was watched by dry agents, so they paid the freight on i t and o rdered It- shlp- ' ' John Smith. Scranton. The s placed in a train, but a war- cuaslon as to- the ownership of the boer amd 'Whether the agents who broke open the car against objection of railroad officials had a warrant at the time No charges have been against tho two men. herff- the. inch dls- Two Years, Experts Say. ------ -- ,.. more interesting as it \ icreanod and shown now at tho , md Theat amlnatlon to have no substantial lay- measure er of fat. such a s the normal child , -’calo ar should have. Such (at as they have is bounds, a fluid substance like vegetable fat ' growers have enjoyei} a .false sense, of security, and have nbglected the rou­ tine preventive measures which held the pest in check in the past, declares the entomologist at the New -York State Agricultural Ebtpcriment Sta­ tion hero. Fruit spotted with scale, and orchards \Io n s /' with the Insect have been observed in increasing numbers during the past two years by the station specialists. —-* -------- - sound a re found on taorp careful ex- the station specialists, and prompt amlnatlon to have no substantial lay- measures by grower^ to control the mal child ■‘“'alo a re urged if It is to bd held In a fluid substance like vegetable L And thousands o f them a re . In their growth, two or three years behind j growth, normality. In many ti . ____ turn to water—an ill many knew directly Witt its hunger TO DBCPSS PSOliafil’nON. -S Meefang W S , -in Syra- case bn Mkrck Sd. ess which Ger- , , _ ... after the war ^ meeting of preachers i ' laymen of Syracusb will be held on ! March 3d in the Y. M. C. A.. Syracuse. ............ ......... ■ f d e W a W 'H . isel for the Hayward, of NeW - m Bl, I » r for W^Lorlh. this was only S I f e s 't i.lr.5! PENSION FUND ALBANY. Feb. 19.-^A 'COnre'MMice^ died to draw, up JegfsljttlOh ^ S k lx permanent all locsl nrOiiied.aiid’^ . ...................... I'ke pension funds was attendbd'M l 'The story, which .deals with the today by fepreaentaDves ot J foibles cf modern society life, hlgli ;,|,d firemen's orghnlzatfoub of lY. , flnance and parental neglect of chil- „{ (h,. s ta te . The aotlpn:’te f * k . '3 ■>>» “ “ <• *\\■ « - 1 sub-ways, elevated roads, beaches, I Copies ot a b i l l ----- ------------- Greenwich Villhge, and Long Island bantm in the Stat hunting lodges. jllc utilities bonds were recetveH At the CapIfoL / WflieBrs ot savings banks? y e s tb f t^ .S They have not taken any poalUbn.’Vb (SsyaswfibiB^ In a few days, it is ttnSfef£ sefitod' in 'a Chicago sewUph^er con­ test ,and won a $10,000 prize. It n a r ­ rates in most dramatic fashion, the change that coffles over a man rated a coward, and brings out some in- Pooi ftrlcett#2. . , as a coward, and brings out some in- I The Dairymen’s League Co-op«|>(4«.., tefesting character studies. It opens tbe Assoclatlonv Inc., aimohnbefc at the Capitol today tor a two-day run. pool price for January Of ?2.60 jflif. • ---------------- r-^-——— ^—.—^ 100100 poundss ott 3 per cent.ent, naiKfllk- ••'irti ------------------------- ------------ -----------------)1^S10 tnileb ff S^ttotion of , ^ — 1 pound o 3 per c n WAS DEMOCHAXir LEADER. {the base gone 201^210 miteb troniN , 'York city, A. k\ “ JOINS rNITEb HOTELS STAFF. ROCHESTER, Feh. 19.—Pay 1 Mareness, manager of The Sagamore resjtgned -to join ‘.thdwDiflbl^i ga streets today; j;

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