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Fulton County Republican. (Johnstown, N.Y.) 1881-1927, September 28, 1882, Image 1

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RR Gold and I PAYING ~UANT1TIES I L. S. Lalgviilo[& Co.'s, II2 Mam St • Gloversvtlle It:vJipa}j' fntPit r ln,}thwg In the I • f Fine Je~elry mo !'I stock before b \ ng Clocks. I IN GUEA l V Ut!ETY All Goods Warranted. tl!rOiteful attent ong •en to jll kmds of!® PAIRING by a com1 eteJ t work~an -~--- -=--+1 - - D. F. COWLES & CO.'S STORE IS DECIDEDLY THE Window Humorous CLi\.RlNOA WArfB Clurliula waits-a pretty sketch And looks across the dell To Ree Lmnder fond)) fet h Tht- tuothson e an 1 t I The butterflies about be tl t The bees around her wtng He qtyle and mnke up E~weetb bit The poet q dream f $pting I Co N. Y., She sees the woodland rose& ft eight The br('C:ZC with petals red She sees the borse-61es ag at The tau1Inc quad npc I Hut still LC-nnder doe en t 1wte el'l' f!;1J~:~~~i~~1~i]i~j~i; laon~fe'~'l.;p~~iii(,\Q~·; I Ill ICli p;';:,T, tlem.an 1 A htllc ~-·- , ... _ .,itoii•jShmeJn.t fh 6 .,b seal:l uf bloolnaml ~ t'Ot .Ah u r ' ho v ~he sighs to tash: The f od of st>ntiment Baby s Fingers on tile Pane When my hRnds with tuH wetoe wea.r! Aud the t vilight sl \do vs fel And I wRnd r slowly I omewanl To my cot Wlthin the dell- rhen I y wcaty steps gtew Hgl tPr As the). floated tl vn the Ian Mus c sweet of bab.f s fingers rat 1ung on the vnul w pnnc.: I Oft the vo 11 u cold~css net me A td ;vould c us~ n1b m ts p Ide Oft tilisfortUUl'S gt: t~rcd round m<l ro o erthro v nc r; th tho ttde Ste.k: and :wea ~ fain and hungrj I woula wan lcr: up hat u. fl Tbf.'IL 1 ow Uear w LS b~bl tl- fiD 0 Cl'!; C 11 ng t tbc '\ 1 dO v p nu .Uut one o u n 1 u kcncd shu.du v Fell across the cot~ gc floo \.nd the cr lPe upon tihc morro v Hung Jn folds acroSS tho doot Years of weariness u d sorlow I have listened nll in aln For the sounds of baby s tinge s C H Dfl at the vbt<lOW: pnnc But methiuks tb l tbc ctJttugc Of. the mty of 1 urq.:gold There IS wmttn:; fm· :\UY foot~tcps Papa. s babl us of dl.d And so~e summcr..dlly in beu.' en Treading up the pTly lane I shall hear roy baby s fingers Tapping on tho wJo low pane BY CONST\NCE C\LFOI~TH C UAI FEU. I -UNDER THE SPELL I the lOOtn Wltb surpriHe Then followed the mtroductwn after I lluch tllhnn contmued I canassme you ~lr Merry thnt I ha'Ve mneli pleasure m m cr1lmg your name upon my list of fncnds :::io ne other Y:Jsttors now entereU and our I h:er0 retired to a !-!eat Jol n s::cn.rcely felt at home 1 1 that bcauu ful drawlng room altl ough he cx1 c tcncc l a sUtnuge sensation of delight at bcmg there B~1t I e dtd not kilow any one present and H.\ ythmg was so dUferent to :what he had heeD accustomed to m his house ! th the felt strange and out of Ius \\'u\\·\· not Ion&: been seated alone- an ludy w1th careworn features ex•trellitcll_v agreeable expressiOn took stdc Fm some months cottuc opera had Ucen runmng m the most successful manner at the '~\'\g~;~~(sim>etblin!f.\ aiti1tm:ed'uf.s;im1h: .Am~ncun Theatre and the actress to wh JtSc charms accomphshments and cxertmns tlus 1 t;'up,IUIIO, wns c~mtly owmg was known as Jrltss L1l Jian Lawson. The • l th p 1 cgw .s cn~nol\\>e m whttewushiil(l' !Jw;mc•s m obed1cnce to the golden nile ~

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