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•uyspak •?pmo.te.<- ti^^iv,^,^-^ tl il„^, I i! ii 9 S 1 r j. t^^.-^••T•»3«n^r^aat•f^*-•^ , l PWIfc<IHJMMI,4ul<Hfc«w Board Names Mason Intend Superintendent » i**rs<fM XAitw* on has The ifaiiport Board of Edu|atc appointed Robert W» Masbn as Interim Superin- 'tendent'of Schools for the Fairport 8<j:hooJ'di8t(jict, effective October 15. \' j .. ' Mason will. assume the duties of the chief school ad- . ministrator on an interim basis following the resigna- tion of Dr. William J. McPhee. , > Dr. McPhee is leaving the dis- ,. trict to take a position in the .eastern part ofjthe State. ;, The interim superin- tendent will continue in office while the Board searches for a Superintendent of Schools. The process [ is expdcted to take several months. Mason has! served the Fair- port district for, the past eight years, most, recently as Assistant Superintendent for Administration. Comment- ing on his appointment, Board President Edwarjd J. Gallagher said, \The Board is looking forward j, to con- tinuity of leadership in the district and a continuation of efforts to maintain the quality of programs and 'ser- vices which characterize the Fairport district\. Mason came 1 to Fairport in 1969 as Director of Research., and Personnel. He has served as the District's chief nego- tiator in collective bargain- ing with employee^groups. He has been responsible for re- cruiting and hiring of teach- ers and other District person- nel, and has served dn nume- rous committees concerned with tqacheri evaluation, facilities! usage, district re- organization, school calendar and others.' His background includes experience in! East Ironde- quoit ais art elementary teacher and administrator, and a summer as acting 1 superintendent of the dis- trict. _ j He received the Bachelor's and Master's , degrees from te a len- prpfe SUNY Brockpjbrt his \$jmd hook r f 0 J 'Substitute Teachers,\ '[developed fia.._ {graduate thWs, in usedlcur- Jrently |in Fadrport's elr-— jtary schools ; I In addition to his bional interests, Mr. Mason has been abttvd in icom- munity affaire, as'coachi of a tattle League baseball teara Hid al parish high school jasketball tdam fof Church of he Assumption (CYO). He is * >n the Board of I Directors, Day Care Center for Handi- capped Children, j I Mason, hip wife), Barbara, md tneir four children-, re- iiide at 48 Winding Brook Drive in the village! of '. 'airport. To Recruit -i/ i Lis > jvplujateeifs Fred A. McCormici, Director of tie llonroc ' Developmental Center, announces the formation if a Volunteer Advisory jCom- nittee. The Ce nter ispn agency of he Nev < York! ;tate Departrriterrt of dental Hygiene Serving 1 the jevelorimentaliy disabled ofjMon- oe County. Appointed to the committee ire Mrs: Leta Belgarfi, Mrs:, John Jiemiller, Mr<. George Bird; Mrs. Jene Costantt ii, Genjy Gizzi; Rob- ert H. Gnagy, Mr. RobertlGom- )erts, Mrs. B;tty Htipp, Rodney •louck,; Sistei MarylLouise Hef- ermanf Mrs. Pat Koenig,' Mrs. Sandra] D. Ko )n, Mis| Anne Law, vlrs. David Masters, Paul Pierce, [pplauds Law on \6ttereM Spouses i • : '' M Fajmily Court Judge H. Robert Herman today ) lauded recent amendments to the Family jiirt (act. which allow battered spouses to have their cases heard in either Family or Crimal Court, and announced a new procedure to assist persons filing petitions in family offense and PINS pro- Ronald Ralg, ^rs. Rojger Rpbach, Mrs. Rbnald Smith, Mark Sweet- and, Vlrs. Robert Tabor, Dr. Uames Toner/, Richard Walsh, RichardWilK, Mrs. Karl Warner, pnd Mi's. Rictiard T.Eiehm. The Advisory Committee has scheduled their first meeting for jSepterrjber 311, at thfe Center. Teniis Doubles Delayed * • . - Tjie Pei inton , Recrejntion jand Parks scheduled it 3 Doubles Tennis Tournamen tj from] last week- nd due to b. id^eajther. In the en's Doul les? Bob Whiting d Bob (Coppola, defeated ave Thoi nas and >JDave jReddington 7—6, 6—0 to win Ithe final mt.tch. John Hotch- Jriss and Gary Moran, Cal (Deyermond and ^.arry; Lar- Robert Mason ceedin - - \ \ • According to Herman, the Mmroe[ County Department of Probation has been direct- ed iby /the Monroe Courity fajrjily Court to assist in fil- inijl petitions , following 1 a diitjctive from the Office ,of Cturt Administration which sayk that the Family Court stuff cannot prepare the papers that the Court, itself, wi il| be jfenewing. \This is a necessary service for victims who need counsel\ in j I in| determining what acbion they will take, and, should Ibe done by someone 1 outside] the actual Court stiff,\ said Herman. \This is our iGrsti move in implement- tic n of the new State law and it is essential in making the ,1a v function properly.\ iierman also called on the St ite Legislature to make for- th ;r amendments in the law .C iaptejr 449,197*7) to Drotect triitims ;of spouse abuse. \While the recent amend- ments to expand the services and choices available to the vi ctim of a family offense are a positive step forward, the stajtuatory coverage requires ft rjthcri refinement.\ Among the changes Herman would like to see in the} law would be an exten- sion ofjthe time a victim has tb petermine in which court their case be heard: 'Abuse and battering are humilia- ' ting, embarrassing, and dan- gerous JBituations. Too often, the victim does not know the law or have enough informa- tion to make a quick decision o iipressing criminal charges o • | going through a Family Cojurt proceeding. I am sug- gesting^ that we give the vic- tim a ijreasonable period of tone to make that choice. That period might ranjfe trom S 72 hours • as much as four- teen days. This also will give the victim the option of chanarinff ^courts once the criHin has BUDWHAH QX level fid off in emotional intensity.' Herman also believes that the law should include both protection and probation in the cass of spouse abuse. The combination of an or- der of protection and proba- tion should be an available-al- ternative,' he said. 'Both are necessary to provide quick ac- cess to police support in the event of further incidents, and probation may well be a necessity to supervise a pro- gram of remedial help such as family therapy, and alcohol or drug treatment.' Herman stressed the ur- gency , also, of amending the law to cover step—parents and steDchildren. and to give criminal courts the ability to issue certificates of orders protection. 'We mustgive the victims of abuse every possible alterna- tive in dealing with their par- ticular problems,' said Herman. 'While the new law is a step in the right direc- tion, I am asking our State I legislators to review ad- ditional amendments and to malce the changes which will improve the law.' •g -t ••* ru** i -ri *- ^TrO***-* • | bwj-lftfoteyi. I .1. | THE FAIRPORT HERALD-MAlL, *J Fairport, N.Y.,:W'^esday. September 28. 1977. U BERTS PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS j 0J1R3 FRIENDLY PHARMACISTS ALWAYS GIVE YOU PHOMPI SrRVICl WITH 1H[ ARFAS LARGiS\ PRESCnil'ItUH IHVSHTORY IHOIVIDUAl IAMII Y PR£ SCR IP I ION Ml CORDS SlOfU 8. BANK CHAHGl ACCOUNTS (M1RGLNCY PR I SCRIPT ION Ot LIVIRY THI.S IS,THE DIFFERENCE IFOR BE! JS ORDER EARLY!! ORDER TICKETS BY PHONE - BY MAIL - OR IN PERSON Department re- ser serii anti were beaten in the -finals. Bernie Scott Paul Leake won the consolation round. : Ijn the Women's Doubles Lbis Clark and Polly Sutton edged Debbie Cantabene, Sue 6-4, 7—5 in the finals. Jackman and Carol will meet Marl en e aijj and Mary Gau in the solution finals. voice Stadfe Professional Dance Classes For Both Children & Adults • Ballet • Tap Acrobatics azz duft Ballroom Adult Slimnastics and Dance Classes ******** i* * * * * * The Most Dozzlno J S1ari on kie • • • • • -kjxi I* * • * it * The Sensuous JILL SMIPSTAD Debonair RICHARD DW 1 ER HBartous CxxnecUdhs, Oi ample ns from me Worid Over, Beautiful G+to, Elegant Costumes. DazzflTQ Music, <\\ and Luscious ughtt >gH TUES. OCT. 18 THRU SUN. OCT. 23 At the Rochester War Men orial PERFORMANCES: MUPPETS NC. 1971-77 lUES-OCTie .. WH)~ OCT 19 . THURS OO 20. FRI00 21 ... SAT OCT 22 . . SAT OCT 22 . . SUf*OCT 23 ... SON OCT 23... •Opcrtno Hgut h Martns Mkaond! 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