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'. I FAIRPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY 18 PERRIN ST. ,:'.\. FAIRPORT, N.Y. CI •Art!\*' V New Dish ' r liety-first Year-- NO. 34 i IFAIRPORT. MONROE COUNTY. N. Y.. SEPTEMBER 19. 1962 ^jfiursery )School Session Ox mm May Be Doomed On-Wednesday,\September 12£h, the Perinton Coop- erative Nursery School opened its doors for the first full session of its fifth year. Its classes are held in two; freshly pointed rooms injthe Oosman Community Center. 1 There <ari 18 four year ojlds, who (are .taught toy Carol Ely] on.Jtondays, old . „ For further information con- Wsdnesdays. and Thursdays. The tact ^lores Kle'nberg, IAJ 6-0397. 14 \three 'year olds are taught I by j Carol Dietrich on Tuesdays and The officers for the 1962-1863 Fridays. Classes last -from 9*:30 school year are as follows: Ohair- a.in. tin til'noon. Two mothers: as- man: Mary Temple; 1st Vice- sift each morning. | . Chairman (4 yr. olds): Wendy i - i: Lewis; 2nd Vice-Ohairman (3 yr. many inter- olds): Dolores Kleinberg'; Record- such asljplay jing Seenrtary: Win Colwill; Cor- , locks > s W rd y responding Secretary: Ahnabeth tricks, todls, and a variety of ^5^^^. Treasurer: Marge Ful- eniall toys and -puzzles. There is al K> ..a -hou jekeeping' .comer, Ibook ccrri|ij, • anjd larr-! j-^ay h£u\e. * •• • Many creative materials are • en- . . . - N ,_ j. Water Lease OKed Final contracts to lease t-fe County have s'oun the Oxbow, an order o: ering the ites were into the ' alth AuthoBities miiy the death ;> knelt to* week they issuea and desist ocv isHm • that the Oxbo v dumping '• raw sewa ? 2 e Canal. . B«fg« widew aJters R<3 The the Hulburt fifty-four to year unoccupied, summer I \\x Curl (!'«MTmyr This week n trio of old tiling chefs 1'roin Mfjijli;itt;u\ co>ked up a most unsavory dish called CandidatejjCJaprici*. Tl'ie^ principal ingredient a' very dead maekcralj mimed Mor^enthau, which was tossed into tin* |w>t very Ui.tt-. ;un' brought to a quick boll. It was then covered with sauce a la boss and served piping hot to the gujists of the 'Democratic Conven- tion in Syracuse. . While the dish .seemed accept- able to those who had a hand in 1 1 ', jam the menu down the .throii'sjl of the diners with little] or no ri-j spect for the dietary •«(* wk*iii-»*i j laws. ' •. ' i i ' Fortunately- neither jijni.v Vtr*-! cf at comjmunity on the edge of\ the' canal is composed of soin cottages, many adaplei round .use and still oth^rjs Originally it was mmuimty. ler. The T of the Co residents build sani tion. joyed toy t*e pupils, !«ueh as paint ing, finger painting.; collage work aid modeling clay Ar ptay dfeh. ^^ wotep m ^ the ,^ There are a s|ory.time. re^-|me oe c Waler Audl ority las juice^Ume and mu<jic }™W*f ™ been made offlcia j. ^ : lea se runs Reschedule. In fa^weathe^lome yea rs ;and become* ef- tine is spent pfeytag on the out- £^ ve ^^^ ' door playground:', , v .•.;.;••••;.<;.•;. ;-.•••:••. „..'--^~<-i: ?• \ Board was unaware Jty's move .until Oxb >*jv •tltioned the town try sewers to the sfc According to authorities thfcrc is no roorl for septic tank le4<?h fields and the residents have li choice but| to P( pipe their sanitk facilities into canal waters. like\ '^^l^ssram^ •&%&£. water • diistriot^^esidents.t peitiwon:V for a ' used referendum.- Suchl-a- move- isjiloubt- The-'n^Bery^-sch^KWwoul^l tti obtain \fsome IfceMeriffil' tricycles iri gbod^^ditioh,j 'Inhere fui F . aocorddngy to localpources., .i; one opening left for a thresjyear its! preparation a great many more derbilt nor EmMy Post \|iM- e in^a* left the auditorium dining hall tendance and it i.s;'&ui& obvit^is f. - . _ . • .4.1 * _«.-. .. ~, •m~^t nl **.s-l T5 , \.l\ n *• I «J It'll II ly ding their noses and occasional- that a man named' iRujjjerts \\hn stopping to wretch violently. wrote the \Rule* of OrWer\ \v,.s A S unpalatable .as it wa,s to so ™* Lhcre eitncr - many Democratic diners it waa To long time observorSlhe &•»>• predicted that a Republican named ocral j' c banq-uet was a\gfkronnr.t ! .'- Rockefeller would find it so de- rjo, in ybrook. highly ei^tertajnir^;.' lectatole a serving that he would fil]ed wRh excitement <j|' pOUti. .1 gobble it in one mouthful without macm nations. satLsfyin^l to some regurgitation or even a polite bul completely indigvkible-• to bejeh. . many. 1 |l .. i While it was much too late for tt.,,\i television (about 3 a.m.). the maitre^ The public won't buyj|\MeHir^e d\ of the affair one Erastua Corn- °/ Morgenthau\ evenJfVJthey g,ve ing. long a top chef for «ie s 6'Con- Alka Seltzers with eadgvote. nor clan of Albany, .was nearly Only Mr.- Rockefelled| will fu|i mobbed when he undertook to the dish very-much to ras liking. I r- ,% 1 I I 4 Although the area is oufci«ie Fairport's icorporate limits Villi;je officials iad recently e.xpress«l concern about the appearance and condition,of many of the cottages. T- j residents do not >vwn It is State property land I them. The health de Oxbow the/land, leased to paiManent jstated that unless ije&i dents dtK^htinued disposing of raw sewjjge into the canal • th^ir State -leases would be cancelled, and tenarits obliged to move. Octo- ber first [was given as the dead- line. ! Perintlon Town Board mem-lxus were of, jjthe opinion that it.vas unlikely || that sanitary severs would be constructed unless tue State provided the financing. PocfPrograpi Begins Sat. The '1962-63 Swimming ^pol Program at the Minerva Del,and High Scioo) pool opens this \ wi'th a f;unity swim night this CARPENTERING PROBLEMS: Tiny Susan Pfeifferj finds con- ftruction work fascinating on her first day at Nursery School: charged needed , activity, Monday urday evening September 22 slart- ing at 1' :00 PM. The use of the pool is; reserved for resident* of the school district. A fee 1;o pay for the life guards o properly .supervise the • The schedule follows: PIGSKIN PRODIGIES: Coax-h I^ipra is counting-|i the above trio to put FHS in the win column S«Aiirtia>t'| Bo»»hy iCostanxa, end; Pred S07J0, ««>nt«*r; :uul S;un >Sto!t, |IW 'eek 3at- capped'and Retarded Childr 8:00-b;:00 P.M. •;— Scuba) JTraining Tuesday 7:00-8:00 PJM. Raiders Up' For First m Veteran Squad Figures lio Coach Lop«*y/and hfs team of Ii.-tiih-r vi't< face a*stronj»-.t«*am from' (IIVI-IT in^ln-ir o]»eiu*r ; S!'j\' !|, ' tt 11 i-jrl 1 school field oji Saturdny. Cuime-lime ^Uf'jlty. n. Willi the fiivf sfpiad made up largely.of fcl'fcV«'«'ir lettermen the Fairport Club is ex- '\ ' - j jPij^J 1 .; JJdi- en Fir< men i— Open for Scout* Organ izations i. Wednesday —\ Adult Education 7:30-19:45 P.M. Thursday 7:00-8:00 — \Paisanos\ For the Big Di \*r~ Dpen dm- annua! 'Paisanojl^y\ wi;: place on Sundaj|i|ind. will with a parade atVfij2uiO;' |A« Pescini. general 'chaSrTJfjJjJi :^oi rh«- The start -he mm W\*l& , ^l^ff8/'7^- Tl r^ R : /k 'T J111 ijf.:* ** ^*nay^ Bnwtiw,. NwauapS, 8diooIee, charge for virious groups r of the munity. • ' .\ ! t 8:00-9:00 — To reserve pool, call Joe Cummings. Djirjec- tor atj the High School FjR 2820 j Friday -j- Open for groups till i?o- vemtojr 24th, then closed] (be- cause of basketball season Saturdi.y| — Family Swim ^K^tit . 7:00; 8:00 Fee. p^'per person. MSxlmjum $1.00. per family.., tfae wortt evot:tf thcrhonsetswaa really* Only ,<dr£ldreiJL j • accompanied., by . ps ft nts •may - pe allowed on ' SaUiriay nsglrts^ pected.t barring injuries, to have a successful season. , * Lopez is counting on half back Sam Stolt to spark the backs while veteran Bobby Costanza the flashy end is counted on hot only as a receiver but a fine play ana- lyst. Hred Sozio nti center gives considerable strength to the all lak importaht middle defense. start • WhileUoo much is not known Pe9cini gener;1 ] 'chaHr|ffljji .|U about thjb Gates-Chili aggregation festivities announcefi' pftfparation- they ma^ o»itwe:gh the .Raider to lake carc of th.ft;-»oWd9 fo?: Club man', for man. and. have lhe sp , affhcfti and m ea|!,&aH din- earned a reputation as consistent ner S(t rvings will starBat 4 .p.m. ground gainers in off tackle plays. j • . %^\ I The Fairport gridders who havc^\ The \bocci\ ••tournanjpnt at. th* been undergoing extensive condi- \tre $ctte\ .contest *4M ; go 04 tioning are reported to be In shape throughout the afternotiWL^nd cvej- . i\ T ning: AU events wil? iitjake placj; at the-:VJF.W. Home. \\' ' be distributed in the e^ 1 Supervisor Courtney joined Entertainment will forces with Penfield ilast week in by Benny Prestiani, teriS^,'\dir'ectot .seeking an talternate route for of the Verd* .Op^ra S^eiety anc Penfield. Sd, to connect Penfield. Attiffio laceM, ibaritpnei who- foi with the (Eastern Expressway at years (has been.,' dire<itpr' of the Alternate Route fUrnisf Linden Avei,: .Italian How. .u ; \ J I •\ • p \

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