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Herald-mail. (Fairport, N.Y.) 1962-1979, June 27, 1962, Image 2

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•H' usy D **.*! «*!.*» •' J \\»'•,,!*•, ; »-»rj!H.t»cw;3»..'?: ?-i^-'?V'v.d;.-.r.^r:r^-4,'»i^.^~ri; FAJRPORT HERALD-MAIL. FAIRPORT, N. Y. ( WEDNESDAY.. JUNE 27, • 1962 Editor of a strins y for Governor te M st. Of Many I 1 ••!! ^ THREE' ,tha; the publisher ers becojmes involved in a ts NotB: It isn't eifery day of wsskly ns^vspap campaign for Gc|vernor f- eveh a dark.hdrse campaign Curt G-erlhg, Empire State Weeklies publisher was in vited -alonfc when Can^ndaigua's Hojvard Samuels nounced hfc would seels; the Democrat' Governor at a press conference in New York City. A <{a> aspirant, v succession shaking. A day in Samuels traveling c even livelier here th »«• asked for his reactions r~ and by Cm.t <j[*rlm in the life or Howard JSamiu snally covers a' lot of \-round of meHings, speeches, emu rooms but it as they were gua Inn at 9 bouncy dresses, the packaged in ic nomination 2y are the lifs of Howard n f amity is and mc re complex. Last Thursday (J$ne 21) is a case in point an- for We ji,'ul>iM-]i:it.fj)rial ere parer )i*oves to ees anil li )e JI in;I- thetically, and to, is a poli-- We add prove that Howlard Samuels personality that transcends We don't enow ute exact time tjcal enrolment in the substan- the ten merrjbers of the Samuels fi'ai gathering, at least twent^ per tribe began jheir mo-ning soram- cen t of th2 wklwishers present ble for the four uftstairs bath- were of Rspublfcan denomination, hau to be seveh-ish The announcement over, a 'sher- all at the Canandai- iff conducted cavalcade of i cars bouncy m t h ei r fresh-as-a-|Jaisy press and ve il ^rishers motorkd to took them and fort& others to New York City dresses, the older -gKrls properly th- Rochester airport wher|e a fashionable but, un- chartered blane obtrusive outfits, the boys hair slicked down an ly knotted. Mrs. Samuels, bri cheery, kept a wat her ^brood in the best wife. Mr. looked; not th's importsht sion — busn'r with , a flight to Ne ties proper- candidate's^ second \offici nouncement. At ht-eyed and . the airport flash bulbq, tee\ ee cameras, mon|ing of > i 'i * E- h GUBERNATORIAL ASPIRANT EN FAM- ILLE: Howard Samiels, hislwife Barbara and the Thursday where he niade his official aiitttmnoeintyit; that he would seek the diiinocratic djtndldacy for, !l H awaited th.im for v York. eight children pose b if ore the chartered plane that governor of New Y<>rjk. The tiny toti&lri the fr^nt; row are twins. • ! (Photo by |Urry Reidy)j 1* u ! {iff,- • _i L ! and the an- more press Sl^w York v ess suit! relaxed deci- Cpty Lead£r atti- ing yp and down tired to thq well,wishers awjaited s*al'ng ar a crowd for ,the p^e|dicted announcement, <jlred lettejrs. to delivered but with the FOURTH as a interviews hful. eye on i *hile greeting* frpiends j The trir to t-adition if a politico's gay affair with lunch and' bever S, star Of the Ahow, ages, and Onta-io County Leader moi >ne: wit J different on John Fab izi and Canandaigua ing speech. The rest of the group, chatted gaily, as if tioward Sam- uels was both a cinch to be and abetted by friends, and How- nating) in the area — a reputa- ard (in the early part of the trip) tion that most of New York iState withdrew to a corner in the front will confirm in the veo-y near of the plane to polish his impend- future. Village Board The regular Village! Board meet- A inated. then elected. Heib EIMnwood ijluck- th: In New York's sm4H, plush, .and riouse, La nom- Arriving, Howard Samue's' de^isi^n \t«- run -&s a family\ was probably the best he has made to date. Huni v 1 ing is- slated for the Municipal Builjding, at 8 p.m., July 2 Seek Old Cook Books d stamping several hun- the life of Howard S hout fldwery phrases York.' Mrs. Sabiuels. with djrjpctndss and hones- ness and detachment, rode ty for whidh-Samuels has i long on the younge r members, r- ,• • • be mailed W- New take P lace - Off - JtaY CitEARANCE SALE SAVE 15 TO 20% aisle 1 li'-e fasni o nable Hamj tude. affable smile andthe ^ant ifio'th'er heks atiendin^ their brood. reachPd bv ^\\tered b\8>^k La In conjunction with the Belles- forelock pasted firml|r in place. But more khan feat, it demonjrtrat- Guardia field ' a11 «\ in readiness. B \£ n ^Bf e - a . n d< ^ la \ of oId - UT \ e After the!demise If a hundred ed the Sijnwl, familv orglni~a- Chairs were in.place in a sTcond ^.^^^7 — flash b'uibsj t^e SamJels group re- tjion. The oldei members % the floor P riva 1 te meetin ^ room,a(Ad 45 ^\.^JjT. 0- ° f f ! he fT\\ \ tf meetin3 room where family U to he task of fo ding. minutes later - a h * m H^ j \ ^ u,cent ^ nnial ~ the older thc . .L 7i. . i .. . .. T. . J . 1 the Mftx nf Wnnxrarr? S imuelS WOUld 'better. PRICES RE] >tTCKD WOMEN'S & CHILDREN'S SPORTSWEAR SLACKS, |<SHORTS, BLC USES DRESSES, SWEATERS ON FAIRPORT 9, SAT. *TIL 6 All persons having such a cook- \book or collection of codk : books p«'m- With a few minutes to jspar° they are willing to loan for the herd the Samuels family re-anp>ar°d. exhibit are asked to contact any .aided ^.^ gamuels and tie girl' child- member of the Belles' Batting: Bee ren freshlv frocked, the boys in committee: Mrs. William Carr. whiter shirts and ne v ha'r pombs Chairman, FR 7-0165; Mrs. Laur- The fantasticall.| successful en Knapp, FR 7-1310; Mrs. Wil- meeting, a'rrangad by the Samuel.« Uam Wacenske, PR 7-0766; Mrs. New York represen atives, Louis Charles Whitney, FR 7-2li89; Mrs. Weintraub Associate;, and the lo- Stanley Wright, FR 7-0409. cal representative. Rumripl Co., saw every New Yo-k newspaper present. pins CBS NBCJ ABC Newsweek, Time and a half doz<*n other mazarines on hand for th'? announcement. Amid pooping bul >s. in front of a huge poster — ' Sanve's for Goveror\ Howard Samuels madp' h's rlecla'-atinn tn .se»k the nom- ination. Calm, genifl and| articu- 1961 PLYMOUTH Convertible AU wh^te. Full-power. Low mih-age. Radio, Heater. Autonuxtic j '.'i Save $12p0 d •Mi & WEBSTER COSIER ; PLYMOUT^%c| : 168 W. Main St- \\ Webster j os i-iajqjj i s 3 f reasons cynical Vi GALLON HOT'nCOLd JUG High Impact Plastic Cake, Marlex Liner, Fiberglas Insulated, sstd. Colors. TsiiPER SPECIAL > Regular $1.49 late, he soelled oirt his for his decision. At the conclusion, the. New York press tr ok owr. th«v fired questions of the .\when did you stop beating yo lr wim\ varie- ty, as well as tho.' e designed to bring out what Howard (Samuels reallv stood for in t lis tough race. The candidate landlep, ev^ry \toughie\ fired at h m with direct- ness and deftness. An FTDR or a JFK couldn't have ione patter It proved to us the it tellecjtual flex- ibility and gifts of Howard Sam- uels who in eight short weeks changed from a political'neophyte to fin o'd pro. ! : Before, during and afterwards, more pictures, flasl and still, tee- vee cameras and lights, personal press interviews, h indshakes. Th» small frv twins. 1 ninhibited and undisturbed bv the fanfare, were a jnv to the iaded phojOcrraph^rs of the New York f ress.j jThn little girls parad?d abou.. collected ash trays, visited frie ids. 'drew pic- tures, fell down, stood! up, and gazed wonderingly at tht-ir father, talking so long into that silver tube in front of dim. Obviously, Caroline Kennedy has not only one rival, but two. The flight back was without Mr. and Mrs. Samuels, the two boys, and eight .year old Barbara. Th?rg were more meetings and politick- ing to he done in :he big city 20 WZSTOot\^ F.A1&POGT \ •:-::^-^-^M \^iid^^$m^M WrJUlXefi '.'•. d-dD v .1 %mw. •••Mi^g'-'tf^ The older frirlsj Susip, Kathy. and Vickv. and th? twins made th» return trip employing the usual Samuels organization techniques and after a long day, 'thWe was nary a tear nor tantrum; to mar the reputation of tie Samuels clan as the \best behaved\ (Sirid fasci- :M *\•- ... is a key If? one of our safe deposit boxes! No one, not even tin's bank, can open your box until' your, key and the bank's are inserted to- gether—and you alone hold your key! Insurance Pojijcie* Birth Certifi&tei Social SectjrilyJCard Automobile BilVjof Sole Deeds' |f,-' Naturalization Papers Leases! '(^ Marriage Certificate Army-Navy Papei* Contracts' \; Household In^en^ory Heirlooms Mortgage*: | Pension Certificate! • Wills ty Jewelry Tax Papejl* ; ETC 1 i ! If Enjoy peaco-of-nii!hd in knowinp your valuablybapers are safe from fire, l^icfl, Jo>s, mhpiaceinent,—o^pn; prjiin^ eyes, l^ct us sho^v vou our s«fc CICJMKSLL vau|tj f^eiliciesl (A 1 * FAIRPORT OFFICE -;! i II.!.' ?! .i M I! 1 , 51 U I

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