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Herald-mail. (Fairport, N.Y.) 1962-1979, June 27, 1962, Image 12

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, w|r ^ MMwan(m — a&&waamm&ncca*£mi»* H'tfii'll wa igaaawiiww— -«W'• cdwfg*—wtwcK : FAIBPORT HERALD-MAIL, FAtRPORT, N. Y., WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 1962 u)ii»iMi«n^\j'<w*«i*.y..'* p i''***M> i *'' wfci * iw < | i^»'> i •» Sesqui Plans.:. rhrh'tij noww seemss too bee thee abgenc right ajfter the Celebraiop. \ « S ( Souvenir Plates The first order of . plates have been entirely However, a* reorder r placed *'lth the pottery Ses&uicjmtennial 4 expected to arrive any dak If you (Souvenir sold-outJ hasj been and are righ't no seem t b th absence of beards or mustaches on] |the gentlemen of th e Town of Pjerin- ton. !Of course these violators can avoid being served a Summoi)3 by didn't get your Souvenir (Plate by slopping in at Headquarters and now C0] ' - ''getting their \Shaving Permi}.'* or 0 f your what a lot of- folks call \A Chic- ken Badge\. We sincerely jhope • J;. Ill i .1 i 1: i H i :l everyone will enter into the 1 ipirit of thi3 \fun\ part.of the Cel£bra- _tiorf. now contact the Queen Candidate choice and place your oc- der with her immediately {so you will be assured of one \o& these beautiful Souvenir Plates, ! - I Sesquieentennial Cold Medallion* , ' Did you see where a f'esh ply of Gold Medallion coins brought into the Town of P ton the other day under H GOP Picnii. s\ip- •vere irin- 3avy gjard? Yes, the Police Dejart- like a y oungisn Rcbert Hillsborough St. •and his daughter MJiry Ellen, led last' week's cavalcade to this Newark Row Fes- tival, pace. The (vintage Ford 'runabout' set a lively ment helped deliver a quantity of the souvenir coins to the Security Tru3t Co. in Fairport the tarly part of this week. These coins are being distributed to all busi- ness places in the Town of Perin- ton and have a Face Value of 50tf. They will be considered as Ljegal Tender in the confines of the Town flate membership committee jjubilantly counted money for new > member- ships and r^nuwals . . j'.. Pierce n^cr. in beard and copper, -looked yov .:.,.. ^„^JIJQN6RS: I From left, Martha jConners, iPenny;:pftyie^ Pat,.Gri»wold, Jtuiie. GlpyOilan^ Linda \/.^^«vhoff^Judy:Hoyt, Linda |StapIey, Jeanne Bud -.' .\> V;.;'i'\ , vi'--~' :'V •*•]••'-:- '}'• ••V.l>^l)ri • ^V -„ •' V,, ? j.' '*:'•••:• -r • \I : 9 Pass. 1959 |;l/dtiritr^ Squire Wagon .Aubomatic Transmission. ; t , 'heater and Radio 1 ; Power peering and brakes. .Ebony\ • K- 1.' I if^qtiTH] INC. I •188^^Midiiist. ~~\- Webster J ; OS 1-1820 • (371 Scouts Win Honoris •until July 27th. After that they will be a lasting souvjenir of the Sesquicentennial Celepra- ; tion. Final Notice for Parade Entries Entries for floats, marching units, bands, drum and bugle i corps and general units have 3een i coming in quite fast during the j pastJ week. We want to have .as ! many people participate in the I Gigantic parade on July 28t i as | want to but since time is drawing toward this date the Parade Chairman, James Schrader has set a deadline for entries to be p aced in the Official Line of March. Af- ter Saturday, July 14th all ei;tric.i will be placed in the parade in the order they are received. . Volunteer Help is Neede<^ During, the next three help is needed to put the! touches to this Stupendous bration. Help is needed to care ,of Headquarters — anyone who can \spare an hour or two a dayj one day or everyday qf the week, is asked to volunteer time to help in Headquarters.! is needed to assist in'the Queen's Candidate ''Contest - a couple of Boy Scouts could do. the jobi Drop in: Headquarters and offer your services. Antique Items Needed Store window s throughout the Town of Perinton are planniig to , i _ , , MM _ i.- - .. „. j, be decorated with Antique items Linda Brinkerhoffr Pamir Davis] duAng the week of July 16 L h> If and ' Martha Connors J received ; haye any o]d items tha n date their Curved Bar in Citizenship] back lQ the earIy lQ0Q - s or ttn the and Pam Haines, Judy I Wjemple a800 . s please bring theJ into and Jane Cleveland received their • Headquarters so we can put: them on display, properly marked with will soon be a county coi o..o».v hollas eveiywherejijj! Knapp jdid a fair job on l! helping with the distribution! aajfwsll as th? consumption of the i!ce cream . . . the Augie Mauro family was well represented and j we^wangled a dinner invitation ojot ofi Mrs. M (one of Perinton's fin.-jst cooks) which we intend to accept as scon as our waist line subs des a-bit'.;.'. Bob Strachan was >icnic . chair- man. Bill Dancy buried i.the hpts just right, Mrs. Mar in ind M)rs. Knapp ;each masterrnind(:d< a din- ing area and Dave tTabler' did a i I < masterful job in prizes. obtaining the I 1 . ',• I •' • •••• ' • i.i geon, Sandy Murphy, Pam Haines, Judy; Wemplc, Bonnie Gilbert, and Eiise Jensen. 4'eeks final Cele- take their Help NlWCOMER? Have you, ][,,•; or has som#B|:: you know, just moveij t(| hew home theloarier's identity, in these An- |The barents. and familiefe .of Curved Bar in Homemaking 1 , Fairport- Girl Scout Troop i 653 if were- gie&ts at a .cookout! and In addition to the four required. , court of Awards,during the troops badges a minimum of 15 hours.of ^\e window displays. Old |Legal •t^oent pWmittye camping tripj held service Ume is required,-1 The»s documents, Historical newspapers, lat tfce SAvon Day,Camp Site ojwned girls performed a total ok over 2*).-' we a rin g apparel, books, pictures, t by tile local council; The girls re- hours this year. The troop is spon- household items, farm implements, f-ceived Girl Scotttihg's highest a- sored by the Uons Club of Fail- machinery — all will be aken wUrd, The Curved Bar. port and the leaders J are MHL ^*™ pf and returned to the leaner The pins -were presented by Warren Gilbert and Mrs. Harrjy their fathers. Linda Stapley, Eliee Davis ' Jenson, Bonnie Gilbert, Pat Gris- Wold, Sandy Murphy, Judy Hoyt and Jeanne ©udgeon received the Curved JBar in the Out - of - Doors 1 i i Vour Welcome Hostess will cdl withj gifta and friendly greetings from thft|com- f munity. ! .'j' 1 '!» f: ! ! i Call! Betty Scumelia, DU 1-2780 r= -i : ;P0URTH-O ••m BRAKE AD •-V- :; -V : r-:AlTY CAR •TONE -UPSV •j OVE: ••re ••- ; icvfaisEFs [AUJiS • iVBJOLETi J8 A3L TILL }I5^'?N;-MAIN' XrY JSPECIAL S ONLY . OsfMENt WASH • LCBE SERVICE SERVICE TELL 6 £ Playgj'otjnds.:. . „:„i j««c .TvuHal events! trios, a MONj FR 7-9952 Lown & Garden Equi TORO^PNPI MOTO MOWERS &i£i.'M^ 6 -.x;m EEDEX dwip TRXCTQRS &£(*£'£&&* cial days, special events! trips, and sports and athletics. AJ topi notch staff has been secured to .man U e playgrounds. JAt Potter MeWori il —4Roy iMcLean (Director)! <Iack King (Asst. Director), Bett^ Scott (Asst. Director), CaroljBartolotta (Leader), Frances Santillo '(Help- er); Crosman Community Center — Gail*Samacca- (Director), Mar- lene Pittinaro (Asst.j Director), John Pittinaro (Helper); Mdblle Unit — Robert Smith JtDirector), Kathryn Ulp (Asst. j Director); Bushnell's Basin — Ronald Cza!d- zeck (Director), Wilda Wehlege (Asst. Director); Egypt — John' • Smith (Director), Carol Seaman .(Asst. Director);. Jiidvale |— : James Dash (Director), Elizabeth Russell (Asst. Director). All boys and girls In Fairport - and' Perinton; who have completed one year of kindergarten are eli- . uible -for the i • Tair^rtrPej^ntdn playgrounds.' 6oy s -'and * girls Tae- low this age are welcome tbjeome 1 to the r plagrounds -if ^uey- ace ac- .. companied by-an- adulL. .Th©.xhfl- dren may. register, at any jpbiy ..; ground of-their .choipe, a^d^ iattjenc ;.:.acny.-,playgroimd.;in\.»erF^dr^pt-; t Ji Perinton area. 'I I r I. V WEBSTER CAPT. JOHN LEGIOH ANIMAL Camels^ Llamas ahdj and his EDUCATED • Ph» «ai^ «ort Cir PRESENTIMG •¥ JOHN ^World's Younged and Most Fearless Wild Aiiimal' Subjugator direcfc'from leaux, France, in a Jer,.o(furv; ERRIOn and THE FOREIGN FANTASY; \ •\7iU3s */i: Favorites. TWICE DAILY* 2&8PM !• ! f. it {:/' u 11 i f i ! r V t i i ; i ; ii! I 11- r •; ill U I.i ? It ! !!i 1 jl , !1 i i i : i? J

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