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BAiLY t1M-£8r~ WBDIfESPAY, Relief 6 BELL-ANS Hot wafer Sure Relief RELL-ANS fc^FOR INDIGESTION MANY 3,422,233, of Army Demobil- ized in 1919—Record Breaking Achievement Washington, Nov. 24,—Final \details of the demobilization , of wartime armies aro given American aro given by Adju- tant-CSenoral Harris In his annual re-' port to-Secretary Baker* made public recently. The Adjutant-General points out that In tho year ended November IB, X919, a total of 3,422,233 officers arid men were returned to civilian Jtfe, gnd adds: . \More than GftjOOO more officers' tfaa men wero discharged from service during the first twelve week's of the _o recent demobilization than were dls- liver and bowels—there's no neeel of charged from the Union Army during haviMas»ilowcopipl^tOn—darkjings tJ i° entire civil war demobilization tinder KMT eye»—pimples—i» bilious Durioa of one and one-half years; look in your U-^uTeye, with no \™S£\X?StiS^*w> to drat six months, and more than three times that number were discharged within the first\ eight and one-half months of the recent demobilization. It r s Easy- If You Know Dr. Inwards* Olive Tablets •frae secret of keeping young is to fee! voting -to d this you must watch your ,. . - . all sii'tnt-68 comes > inactive bowc-to and iiver. Dr. Edwards, a -vefrknewn physician in Ohio, perfects! a vegerable com* pound mixed will oHve oil to ait on the liver and bowels, which be gave to his patientd for yeara. ' Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the sub- stitute for calomel, are gentle in their action yet always effective. They bring about that natural buoyancy which all by their olive color. Dont cougk T HE violent ptroxyims of coughing noon eased by Dr. Kxag'm New Discovery. Fifty yearn a standard remedy for colds. Children Hkeit, No harmful drugs, but juurt good medicine. At your druggists -60c and (L20 a bottle. Farcxldsaxulcoughs \The comparison Is further'accontu- ated when it is considered that the greater part of the world war emer- gency army had to bo transported thousands of miles across the ocean prior to its demobilization, which was moreover conducted throughout in a, disciplined and orderly manner. In marked ' contrast with the procedure prevailing at the close ot the civil war, no man being separated - from service during.the recent demobilization un- til every necessary detail, including a careful physical examination, had' been properly accomplished. Gen. Harris's report shows that at the end of the last fiscal year, or on June 30 last, the strength of the army wu 16,461 office™ and 184,848 enlisted men. At the chute of the preceding- fiscal year, or oir June 30, 1919, the army was composed of TT986 officers and 758,879 men. The Officers Re- serve Corps Juno 30 last numbered 68,321, distributed from Brigadier- General down to Second Lieutenants. The low desertion average during the year ended June 30 last is Com- mented on by Gen. Harris, who places the average at 1.37 per cent, as com- pared with a pre-war average of 3 and 4 per cent. The low average, the Ad- jutant-General declares, is especially significant in view of tho fact that the army last year was not a homogene- ous unit, being made up IS part or \old army\ and in part of \new army\ END OF CIVIL WAR IN RUSSIA . ..,„ „ • . ...,• Brusiloff Says End Is Ap- proaching as Result of Defeat of Wrangel • Moscow, Nov. 20, by wireless to Berlin, Kfov. 23—\Civil war to Russia appears \to be approaching its\endf iis a result of the decisive victory, of the soviet army over General Wrangel* on the Crimean front,\ said General Bru- siloff today. General Brusiloffl is ona. of the most famous cavalry generals of the o(d Imperialistic regime In Rus- sia. ' He led the final .successful drive of the Russians against the Austro-1 Germans m .the v Worl£ War. After 11 the collapse of tne Kerensky govern- ment General Brusiloff cast his lot with tho soviet and has been one of the military advisers of the people's commissary for war. He lives in Moscow with his wife and nephew in a comfortable but plain, home. Hia completo analysis of the present mili- tary situation in Russia follows: American Government WilJ. Not Change IU Policy in Regard to Russia u Wrangel could under THANKSGIVING The screen'* mort beautiful star appear* -fit'thta production which is «rie shown to New York audience*..„ m . •• • Washington, No*, 2*.—JM»y trade agreement negotiated between Great Britain and soviet Eusaia will not al- ter the policies\ of \the United States toward the He'd learned here on good authority, nouncement that a Commercial agree- ment was shortly to be signed made in the British parlijtmenf-Thurs- T it interested officials diplomats here«_ The view.was expressed that fjl il l an arrangement • fojiows logically! tho -Bolshevik armies of in southern Russia, a conciujsiQ-x pf_ negotiations which began several months ago. The American government-will do nothing toward ch&nging its relations sucpesje* .»••• Special Children's Matinee Thursday Morning ** - At 10 o'clock Thursday morning v»« will hold a special matins* .f«r 1h* children! Prof. Madro*and \W«*H Humpty Dumpty troupe With Taltf hg Dell*, Marittrfettes and Special Picture* for thi ChiiartVwfll 1,'j given Prico for Matinee 15c including laic -«-. • • ; ••>•'\ Humpty Dumpty troupe Wh Ta g given. Prico for Matinee 15c including laic Friday and Saturday—^William 0e»mond in • t - U«U17<M.l nilU)5Q l VUU1U |WVU UUUlil '-..l* . t i . . • — — - any circumstances by himself man-, wlth * htt -\ovleta although the State age the soviet government. His priu- ae P a \\>ent is under more or less. pres- clpal iole is to aid the Poles. It was BUr f constantly to establish formal due to Wrangel that the Poles won;? aae connections. ;, Seme fear .has» their military successes. When the \f 1 ? expressed that Great Britain war with Poland was finished Wraa- ; mJ 8 h * obtain advantages Itt • a 'pros gel's part waa finished also. He wasiPeetlvely huge market. Tnja govern- «nent several months ago removed Its tiion abandoned by Prance. \Wrangel managed to weaken our front against Poland because we. nad to concentrate for protection In south Russia. \Even If Wrangel's r intentions been honest he could never have anything for Russia. I pity very much the officers who were misled by htot. All they did was to give more terri-agreement tory to Pojand and spill much bio 3d on both sides.\ General Brusiloff was told thafc~tlte latest casualty reports from the front showed that 10,000 of the best troons of the soviet army were slaughtered in one day's fighting whllo the reds wero storming Wrangel's defenses at Peie- restrtctlons for trade, \except-In war- materlals, but warned merchants that, their business is' carried on at their own risk, since np government exists in Russia which can be recognized. It will adhere to this position until there is a chance in Russia. It Is believed the' 'British-Soviet will involve a de facto rec- ognition froi i Britain, which would i acknowledge the'existence of tho sov- iet gqyernmenf and the necessity ot dealing with it,'without politicar rec- ognition and intercourse. Brltaitt ex- tends such recognition frequently. Britain, It iirunderstood here; ls anx- ious to avail herself 7 1-2 Per EMPIRE GAS AND COMPAIW of guar»ntees| kop at the northern end of the -Jri-jfrom the. Beds that no effort will be; mean, peninsula. • I made to spread Bolshevlkl propagan- ; \While I did not see the battle field I da or domination in. Persia, India- and I,, know the positions taken without heavy said General Brusiloff. taj>lo because of the geographical oof sition of the Isthmus as well as the strength of the fortifications whicn. had to be breached > before Crimea could be penetrated. General Brusilofl was asked if he thought that the anti-Bolshevik forces under General Petlura could not he. Afghanistan. This would amount In loss of Ufa,*' i effect to repudlaton ol tne famous \It was inert- Third Internationale by the Red rul- ets. These guaranties ars said to be a part of the trade agreement. Other factors' influencing Britain are pressure from labor men and..mer- chants. The worken? have repeatedly expressed sympathy\'for the Russian The merchants have NewDisccrvS Lazy People, Lazy Bowels So many folW neglect th« teriou* condition of constipation. It under* nines the health, takes all vim out of you. Dr. Kin?'* Pills wilt in a (Tcntlc manner invigorate the system, stir up the liver, move the bowels. Same old price, 25c., til druggists. f/Worrt Gripe PUT CREAM IN NOSE AND STOP CATARRH Telia flow To Open Cloned M toils mad Ead Head-Colda, Belachovltch could £T hi ™nH«HJ et8 ' X \ e VBloran 8ralu ' u The view here ls that trade advan- SKrj«jyrrar! S^VSSSsK enow thi»™ is no armv lpft *« eiir^t oat6 there ls little merchandise to b» ™U,st the red arm? As for P£! j bartered, especially If transportation um K ! know htaTshtlt* He wiA™ \ n ^ ior P° ints '<? ™» ir t f- f»». ever a military man He was con-i there ls n<J system of international ex- RIls DONT FUSS Mustentfe Works Without the Blister—Easier, Quicker There's no aense to mfadnga mess of murtiri flour and water when you can easily relierepaln, aonroessor stifl- nesBwitlialittle clean, wUteMustenle. Musttrole is jmade of purs oil of mustard and other helpful jngraffltnts, combined to the foroof the present white oiiitiiicnt* It tsane tteplacftof mustard plairtffi'S, afid will not Mister. MutteroUumdlrghrcspntpptrclIef from son throat, btoochitiajtoasBitis, stiff Beck, tsUiiHsv neurslcla, daaw,congestion, p)ead«nrbeuxaa> imfSjiSBsfL wjHj^nva ••••• BjPnPH aTsr wimi y ^^^^^^^^^^^^PJ^^ST ^S^^^^^^^^W l^^^^^^M l^^^^^^^^^w ^W^ ^B^P^^^ back or k^iitiy spnissv aoce ntisdes> DTUISCSJ TrllHrlS uie chest {It. wU You feel tltte In a lew mu.uo.wJ. Your cold in head or catarrh will be gone. Your clogged nostrils will open. The air passages of your head will clear and you can breathe freely. No more dullness, headache; no hawking, snuffling,, mucous discharges or dry- ness; no\ struggling for breath at night. Tell your druggist you want a small bottle of Ely's Cream Balm. Apply a little of this fragrant .antiseptic cream In your nostrils, let It penetrate through every air passag* of tne head; soothe and heal the swollen,, inflamed mucous membrane and relief comes Instantly. Ifer Is just what every cold and catarrh sufferer needs. Dont' stay stuffed-up and miserable. .eeted solely with the Zeemetvoes.\ \Do you think Poland will again go to war against soviet Russia?\ Gen- eral Brusiloff was asked. , \Great Britain and Prance want a strong Roland, but if the Poles are change: The Bolshevlkl are understood to have some $500,000 000 in gold in their vaults, and payment might-bo with this, But the government 'has herd that the title to thla gold Is clever tlioy will realize that they are I clouded . and other -natlfins-have 1 'levi- strong enough,\ replied the general.! denced a desire to let-it atone. 1 The \They have now taken from soviut* money was looted from the old Eu»- Russia everything they will ever ie'sian reserve and It is held that every able to take. If they fight Ru«la f owner of a legitimate ruble note is Say You Want \Diamond Dyes\ Don't Spoil or Streak your Material in a Poor Dye again they will dig their own graves.\ {.part owner of the gold. As the correspondent was leaving | The American government Madame . Brualloff remarked now' frankly discouraged trade under much her husband had always bean' present regime, while permlttini against Intervention and civil war. j without protection. In \Yes the report was printed -abro.id, fact, trade, of a sort Bach packasre of \Diamond Dyes\ contains? direction su simple that way woman can dlamona-dy* a new, rich, fadeless color into worn, shabby i*x- ments, draperies, coverings, whether wool, silk, llnw, cotton or mixed goods. Buy \\Diamond Dyes\ — no other kind—then psrfeet results are «nar- anteed sv«n If you have never dyed b*f»r*. Sruflst haa color card.. \Feel DBD, Dopey? It's Your liver ~, A consMtad ana Inactive llrec rohf •you of energy, pep and vitality; makes; I you constipated, dull, headachy, list- ; Hess, laay, nwlancholr. It interfere*)), with dictation, elimination, aasimlla-'; tlon; clog* yowr body and makes row unfit for work «f plttanre. 11 1 When you «aff«r from these symp-r -toms or not* signs of a bilious spell.] lake T. S. B. Liverclean figrht off. This mild, but prompt and thorough Milne laxative tones the liver. Increases its activity, regulates the flow of bile and cleans out the sys- tem. It never causes nausea, never gripes. IU action is pleasant and its effect azna-cing; gives you back your energy, pep, vim, \ginger improves ( . , ,- „ . .- your digestion, sharpens your appetite. J reason tor their use. Begin today to makes you feel like a new person. -*--•- \* \ \ * ' '\' Try it instead of harmful calomel or strong ptirgea, You'll never ba with- out T. & B. UrVBRCLBAN oneo you Experience the relief and benefit It brings. Ask your druggist: to _.. Resinol aids poor complexions If your complexion is rough, red, or pimply, don't try to cover up the de- fects with cosmetics which do not con- ceal, but usually attract attention to the that I was.not with the Soviets whileUnited the story was circulated in Polandup that I had been shot for the failure of Uie offensive OKulnst Poland,\ inter- rupted General Brusiloff. \My husband was not even chief of staff and was not responsible for the oftrations, against the Poles,\ aaid Madame Brusiloff. He offered himself for that position, but they selected somebody else. At present he is serv- ing on the soviet supreme war coun- cil.\ Brusitoffs only son, an officer la tho red army, was taptured by General Denikln's troops lsst year and exe- cuted. > Moscow newspapers continue to ' print. long accounts of the final bat- tles on the Crimean front. One head-'l Una will serve to give the tenor of the article: \With their own bodies have the workers and peasants broken down Uie defenses of WrangeL\ INCREASE PAY OF President Grants $7500 Al- lowance for Quarters, Heat and light for die General \ m ' \• Washington, Nor. U.— General John J. Pershing, as long as ha remains in active service as head of the American army, will receive pay amounting to tn.DOd a rear. It was disclosed here recently. • . Under the law creating the rank of general of the army tor * the com- mander in chief of the American ex- peditionary forces the President was authorised to fix his allowances. The President has ruled that Oenera] Per- shli-Lg*s yearly income Is to be In- creased from fl3,E0O, which is the pay of the grade, by allowances for quar- ters, heat and* light for eleven rooms, to a total reaching $21,400 per annum. spite pf between has the it this the g ty to c j ear you, s fcj n ^th Resinol Ointment and Keslnol Soap, This treatment not only cleanses the skin and enables it to breathe but usually removes blotches, rednrd and roaghnes*. Alk n*r feakr tor Xalnol Soap mni QiMiacnl Should not be \dostd.\ Twst lUtm externally with— VJCKS • VAPORUt tkm 17 Million Jw VtiYmtg R.«d th« Went Ad». •ctiwfl, No One Need Buy Cuticura Before He Tries Free Sampl ^fcte^&GZ&Lj States and Russia has grown through Baltic and Scandinavian countries, engineered largely \by ad- venturous persons lured by the pros- pect of huge profits. • The larger firms- have, In the main. followed the baft of the State department. The government has held that the soviet gold is not needed Irr this 1 coun- try and that If It were obtained the Russian people in later years might resent It Moreover, other, nations, have huge interests In Russia, notably France, whose private Investors nave sunk billions of--francs In Russian se- curities. Should the Reds guarantee to dis- charge de^ts of the old regime, Amer- ica might be interested, sihee' this government loaned money to the czar and to Kerensky, and ruble bonds were sold to private Investors. But the possibility that the Soviets wlH discharge th* old national debt Is considered remote. It amounts to S.5#O,O00,0O0 or 4 «B0.009,QOO rubles. Despite the military successes or the Bolatieviki In the Crimea, officials here consider the downfall of tae'sov- iet* only a matter of time. They as- sert the Reds control in small.iwctloiw of the country, notably In Moscow and in Petrograd. and that the peas- ant* wilt have none of thentv Hunger is growing. It Is claimed, and demoral- ization is spreading In every direc- tion. It la argued that support to antl-Bolsbertst tactic, by outato*, governments only prolongs the life of! the soviet system. _ Farm Convention Set For. December 14 and 15 Rochester, Nov. 14—Because of some conflicting dates and engagements, the New Tor* Federation of Agriculture has changed the -dates- -for its- annual convention. It wtl lbs held on Tues- day and . Wednesday, December. 14th an<l 15th, In Convention Hall in the city of Rochester. Addresses will be made by recog- nised leader* in the Grange, Farm Bureau, Dairymen's League and of the State College and , »Mhl«3 By, direction of\ the\ President, theI 1 P*??? 6 \*! J 3 ?' 6 ** 1 general of the army, in addition to the usual allowances for travel, trans- portation, stable and forage, is pro- vided with the following fixed allow- ances: Suitable quarters., or Us lieu thereof commutation of quarters at * the rate of $6,000; necessary fuel and light for quarters, or in lieu thereof commutation at the rate of f 1,500 -per annum, making a total yearly pay of $21,000. The new rate became effect- ive November 1, Agricultural of De- na- tional reputation will be on the gram. \\\ The convention wilt concern itself principally with the problems of trans- portation and distribution of farm A new French Invention ls said to photograph acUrately by telephone. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Pursuant to an order of the Surro- gate's Court of the County of Ontario, notleo iu, hereby given to all perocms having: claims «galnat Marlon Johnston, late of tlie City of Geneva, Ontario\ County, State of N$w York, deceased, to present the slime, with the vouchers thereof, to the -undersigned, the executor tit her will at the office of A. p. Bow. Fairfax Bultdlng, Seneca street, Geneva, N, T.,, on or before the tenth pf April, Dated September 24. U20. a, Executor. policy on these important -subjects for the consideration of the, incoming Logis- luture and new executive administra-, tWn. Washington, Nov. 24—Housewives looking to the Influx of immigrants to solve the servant girl problem had their hopes blasted by Dr. Katlierine Herring, head of the newly created woman's section of tho • United States immigration service. Approximately 60 per cent of the in- coming hordes frp.m Europe are wom- en, according to \Dr. Herring but they are steering cleat of domestic service. ' Even Frederick Wallls, commission- er of Immigration\ at-New Tork, with all the good, lootl and music he Is serving; the arrivals at Ellis island, cannot conj'ole one of them io relieve the servant shortage in his own house- hold. Dr. Herrinir wild. He had baea trying for throe months. A Safe InvctrnentJit a High Dividend Rate . This issue is authorized by the PUBLI£SERVICE. COMMISSION, Secpn4 D%%t,, State!'\ of New York. ••••'•• _-••-. . ^ - ( .-.- .. .,,;. An opportunity to become interested in a progressive arid seasoned eriterftdse, in* & biist ness supplying a supreme necessity on which vSftiole comnuinities- depend^ in goqd times,as r * well as in times of depression. - ' r •'-* This company is legally entitled to earn Dividends on all its Cjapttal Stock, outstanding,of\ lf three «r four times the dividend on its Preferred Stock. DIVIDENDS PAYABLE-MONTHLY the Same as your gas, and erecttic bill*; Shares $100.00 par value. Price par, either cash or on a partial payment plan. Call on Treasurer of Company at office, 103 Castle Street, Geneva, Nl Y.> or on, any local superintendent. • / EMPIRE mECTRIC COMPi4NY \Think and Thank\ Suggested-Motto for. Nation Today •Thtnfc and Thank\ wns the motto upon the family eteat of the great He- brew philanthropist Sir Moses Monte- Hore. It • would be an appropriate armorial motto ,f«r America todsj. These two little English words: differ- ing in s single vowel, were originally Identical. In the Anglo-Saxon topple, s ''thank\ was a \think.\ Thanking j. conies from thinking,^and thankful- ' -ness from thoiightfufness and thanks giving front thought-giving. This will be a sea-ton of unusual th«nkagi\rfng— for we are made to think us we have- not been wont to think. It will be a very seia.ih goal that this season falls to think of the sorrows and the sufferings of others. Look back at that first American' Thanksgiving,. Strange skies, sparse settleptents, spars* larder, savage en- emy, bnt thankful spirit I What makes' the raaaoTT of tfa* Pilgrim so pre* eiousf Bis thankfaloess! AsHoweB puts It: \It is no Improper comparison that * thankful heart Is fflrt * box of pee* dona ointment which keeps the suetl Isag after th» thing Is (gent\ The PHgrim aoi the Fartta* 1MT» passed on. bat they hare left as s predoas possession—* Tbankirt*rtiig day and the Thankagbrlng spirit Theirs waa the tadointtaNe apfrft -fcM cause they \thanfcs* 6od. awt tsot conrage.\ They landed va&taStatOj «o a \rsck-boond wfattrr «traji4,\ tat they thanked God aatd took ceurafa. They rood no roW, bnt tiwy «« «a* the goMea grain at a first karrstt aac they tfeaaked God mi «Mt eMraga, They fosa4 a ndt wOdenMsa, tat tkatr ttaadced G«d and tort eoongc, and fBnwws www* tUM-f aad tanras were built and dttet grew and facts- riw floarlahsd and -MRer* da-sitgpad and Instead of a wlldsra*** • -pwdeat blosssoKd and tto fragrance «t tkefr memory still anrrtves aad t*« sstrit of their grace attlf InsBtrfla. MEOWS 1MM Teachers Seek To Banish State MUiUry Training <.* •--\\• Rochester, Nw. S4—Delegates to the sev*ntjr>flfth annual conrentton or the New Tork State Teachers' Association at a meeting In the Common Council chamber, City Halt yesterday after- noon accepted unanimously, without discussion from tlie floor ef comment from the chairman, twelve resolutions presented by tne Resolutions Commit- tee, headed by. F. D. Beynton, of Ith- aca. Recommendations for legislation embodied In the commlttee'B report touch upon vital phases of the edu- cation problem in this state, including the questions of health, taxation and adequate compensation for members of the teaching -profession, Prominent among the resolutions In the report Is one aimed at banishing: the Military Training Commission Ih this state and Its work. This measure requests the, Legislature to formulate \legislation whereby all health work pertaining to the school* of the state be placed 'under tHe> single direction and control of tbeNState Education Department and through it with local boards of education/eliminating en- tirely the present Military Training Commission and its Jwork.\ \Rimer siaoved m«his ne^ poena. It u called, 'Sonnet to But One.'\ \Humph! By rtghtsVfee ought t». have called It 'Owed to Bt Popular all over the for Colds, 6r|p and Preventive. World* Influenza Be mm its Bromo The genuine bears this signature

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