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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1911-1955, November 18, 1920, Image 5

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You What .\l,,-.t ,,f the joy.of&.com^,;||Q^|heway others .treat tlll ,l from their feelitigs towai^f^ygiii,\ ^T^i get wluiT'yJu\\ this world-; Reactionjis^qual to action.'\ The besT\ any business achlevenh'ent is the kindly . iu . in .irt »i y ^ lus <Ti-atc(l in others. Through the. kindly feelings if lias vi cati'il among- those hawing- dealings with the Geneva TrijsT , -..miianv of this -city this p*t(|pssive institation has tBTiiiTS\ irpFrsingly large'Jfst of?depojsitors. , «.«-» a Mi Tha Geneva Paid on.Special Interest- Accounts* of schedule, over ,an: equ^Jizalion llie ^.ijxjTvlsqrs \for a week, us accomplished ^ by a «\V>te of £2 to 9 litte yesterday. The adopted- th& fourth jM'es.entod Xi\o Jxwtrrt, ';cai-Tlos but few orTangcs ffufltunvliho vrg^iwl draft us presented\ C ^A. F^ljill §.])!> of tils -ominitte$ anrt which\ down 'iiii.sda.y. Prior lo ileflnise ac'licm a. •signed zation \Charles a sd thro* m^emb*r8 of the eqiiati- i / $& f q im<3 presentee!/ '*$& «rait h of Nisples was defealt- 10 ,,ed 11 to 10. Supervisors vot IIIR- In favor' of ihe \fomtlj sclimlule prose-ntead were ,To1i:i B. Gregg of Bristol, 0. A. Otbfts oS Vanadice, Kalph M, Simmons of ar.daigua town, h \ p \ \yamei- Ami g , Haley Hancock of and city,. Aibert*M*. Stevenson of Karmington O. Eddy B bT Wl d Edd Barrws of-Onevic r^rr-' Gor-lmren, Edward Many, of the teach«rs of the city are planning: to attend the 75th \annual ntleting of the iiew Totit, State teachers' Association, -which will bo held rtext Monday, Tuesday and Wed- I \Fomom 498 Exchange St., Geneva, N. Y. (\Where Smarj;*Style Meets Moderate \Price) t j, dy d d*at • BocheSter. A number of the teaqhers ai)hually GO to this cQn- ti bt i 'e f >w and Saturday volition, but. owing to th' fact that ii. | will be held at Rochester this year a •• larjjen ntiimber than usual is f>lan{iiD£ I fi t6 attend. The day sessions will be II held.at O'pii^ntioii H^'l and the Mon-jp d day yfl, Jguieadaj evening iiybe of tfitt© arihpry. Chi«|! iiit*restj of the general lildl \ stssion-i h«| it*tj of th e general undoiJliledly v>'\\\ center in •Roc Jiflgrh-t,**\ whieji ivill be' ot serve Kh tk public chPster rved at Armory Tiu-.aifty p\-p. ' with-.a. Sppcial p»gramine of music by' tWe Rocrj6s1.fr Hish 'School and Orcheptra.pnil.stn IUWURSS bj *j?r. l^rank Wakeley CJunsaulus, Big Sale j Rev, ?. y naulus, PCgsid«nt of the Armour Institute or Tehology at Chi O f he r.Qt .Manchester,. Klrner G. Alill^r \f Technoltfey at Chicago uiul o:u> of th T. Sliof- nati.'u's conspicuous Pduaato.s. juii- Plielps, tor and field. diaries -A. Phillips of .VI?- Ptarry Tafl of West Bloom- p o ers and pulpit and platform cirut()£s. His topic.will be \The Kducat.on o: fhe AmeiTC^n,\ and ft is promised thai he wia brijig- a message of v u i A resolution cari-jlng an,Increase of'timely import to everyone who ha ?300 In^ularj Tor E. Clohecy went Untf-effiherlff George over- until Monday. Washing Greasing/^ Refinishing WASHINGTON STREET GARAGE -DIAL--S92 3- \WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE\ Temple Theater, Moh. t Tues., Wed. '- Will poirtiyefy b« wen. her. with\th» i*m« great ca«f and .rtagni- cent costumjr di«pl*y ,a« RfMlsn^d in all- the New York Va«S,?il e Palaoei, 4,10,000.00 tnScinery »,Td Cottume.. . **•<£?\\> FIFTEEN PRETTY GIRLS AND COMEDIANS\ • TWO HO#RS OF RARE PLEASURE AT. VERY SMALL PRICES *' \~ . EXTR A^U Macaroni Elbo .. ! Spaghetti EggNaxiks Ouldrrn pitt Ion to t«t-1TOODC0ar nucuoni ptoducU. tlnj; ••»•««»* theyemve. There UtoJmntbodG* tmiM'ng vigoroui boy* Hpd(P*** : ' * WWTEfar Boot ofChkeRtcfr^^ JOHN G. EiBS,Wta9uftdi«e«:\\ s \ Rocherter,N.Y.,USTA- Urge FULL P«dcag«! Women postal clerks 4ii Detroit are indignant l.efause the poi»traa«t«V: hai ordered th«m to wear gray chamljr«y apron? while on duty. They threaten tn appeal to Washingtoiii,, The ppSt- master Mlevos that efflcionoy trill be promoted by the aprda ilpftorm. Road Work Wrll Be Resumed , ^_ <-i€ -Is. iibw 'aasui^a - tlmt tfie- building.-program in New York state will' be resumed In 1§21. according' ,tb inforniatlon from state highway oflje- lals. Test contracts were advertised and- the range of Wdji • received indi- cates that the work jeans ba done with* in reaeonable cost limits. Bdad^ wijl be adapted more and more to the in- creasing motor 'truck traffic. Asphalt surfacing- is in. considerable favor, it is saidi -because of the resilient resi^tr ance 'it offers .to .the pdunding ot heavy loads.•- ' •S °.M«. atifl Mrs. 1 Cheater jP. Mills of S^opJcIyrt are th.e gli6sts 01 Airs. Hills parents, Mr. and Mrs, B. M. 'Hufte, of 4i Hieh street. \Mis. B. W. Keyesof^l -High street left this morning for Cleveland, Ohio, to be the guest ofjber spn-iriJaw and daughter, Wtjr. and \birtH- ^Hf ^chulte. Mrs.\*Keyes wiU be til' nearly Christmas 'time. v Mrs. JEJorton tiee \Price and\' little child of Rochester ar» th« guests\ fox the remalndeir of the week of Mrs. Price's Barents, \Mt. ajjt Mrs. Prank (3. Pierce, of-B3 tiewla s^tfe Emotions of Soy *nd playf«Jnose Beeh: observed in aome 'ant Clohecy' now i-«epi VPH ?9ftO as county jailor, — The \CanandaJgu-a rfcally Messenger, Democratic fl«<3 Ifeio (jeneva the welfare oCchilclteo»And.Un- ment of educational s'andiir<l.« fafilitios at hemt. \-*-. • - •• Dr. Gunsaulus haa been nt the O D o of world-famou 1 ) Armour» Ii stitiit • for the past 27 years, has l>e*n a le. - Times, Republican,. *ea;e designated.as turer both at the Cnive aity »f (.'hi-' the «eWspa-j)crs to pnkilisri the official'''ago «nd the Yale T.'beolojriipal S«miri. canvass, nnxl eleottoil -notices and th<?|ary, and was for u number of jeur-s Met-serigrer and--the ( Jntarlo County ] pastor of Cential (^hurch, wlitch met Journal Eepubltona. of Canandalgua toiln the Auditoritinx at Chicago. He ts publish the 1 session ln«rs of 1921. 'a prolific writer cf verse, and his phh- Adjotiriiittent was ta3<i'tt uhtjt Mim- !os-'phicol and p da-;ogiral «r ting'i day when- it Is oaqiccrted the annual {are internationally knonn, Ue Is also Trimmed Hats cdtnnty**budget -will lie M&r*sl«u-ghb«t Defense, ^ie, N IS—Tlmt a-Ford ear wrth which lit later collided, oh- gtructcd Jils viewtv 0* the- woman whose p death he Is acenaod of linving: eiuseii. famous as a bioeiaphical wntrr unc (asavlst. and us a writer aiiid lecturer' (in art. His published works are nu- j rapious, among ihe most important ! being \The Man of Ga'il.e\ ahtj \Patlis to Power.\ \ 1 1AII sessions ot the convention anfi • public meetings will-be .presidoci I j g O u s Practically every hat in our entire s tock reduced for this great money-saving event. ' „••!.,.- Hats for every occasion in all the m ost desirable styles, colors, materials and trimming ideas. Hats Formerly $5.95 to $6.95 is the mala detense of Oarl Amidon. over b j,,dson g/Wrlght of- Kali oner,; y .™? s ^ aUl T il11 ^, ? 1L ^ \ ial het K < \l lp L rJ?8d I president of the life o.Satlon. The O with. manfflaug-lUiT, second degree. Amidon is alleged to failve- lain down and killed^ Mr^. G-ottlt«b \Walters of Manchester, \near Tliftoti S|)rirms, September 12. - * Amidon was Ule principal wltruss for the dtfrtae. He- ta<5 not coiu'ludi'd hi's testimony whoa t^eurt iv^p »d- journed yesterday, Trial will \tie con- cluded today. This is t lip last ease to be iHed' artlils \lernn or court. Historical Society. fanandalg^in, Xo~%\- £8--_AIl ofliefs of the-Ontario Couatty* Historical, SJ- j •eiety were re-e-lert-ed a t * lie ttnnna'1, meethng held In the Hi-storieai build-! ingr Wednesday ovenlns-.. 'They -irn: [ President, eharlea, F. ailllilien; -i-e! pre;sideKt, Miss Antoinette F*. G*angr«\'.: I recording s«cre4ar>z, 'Aars. John H. ', Je-wqtti.coirespoTidtag secretary, Mrs. \ Geovp6iJ^V, UnnoJInt- tre-nsiirci-, Kr-uik Vk r . Clj^bl'o. ' . Advisory &ouu<Mli>E*s- elected wfi'o: •BristojytMvsr IiVaDk 0, Case, to suc- peed M& 'P. H. JCeratt, d^ee^sed-; Can- adlce, -e. A. S-Sbbs; faai|jndalgxw, Georg^- B . Hickoxj Ea»t T3loonifl>Id, Mrs. is.'O. Holffeter-; Fiirnaineton,\- A, H. StevensoB; -GeneTa Cltye ArtHwi v P, Hose; Geneva. 1 to»^n, £>i\ John Par- menter; Gorfcaiit, I^ewlas C, Lincoln; Hopewell, 1 H. 1, Coate&: MEancbester, Dr. John v H, Prfltc; l>?aple-s, Mijs Clnda 'Watkins; |>lF«lps, HEarfe S. Warner; Richmond, ljeo)\ Allen; Seneca. Mrs. T. B . Wilson-: Soitlte Bristol, WTrs, E. M, llors'e; j^ictoa 1 , 1PV, S. Osborne; West ^lootnfleld, A|&r«ii D- Gates. A balance oj 1it)l,3S was reported hy the treasureiC \Ers, \^J. SI. Jewett <n' the secretary's repos-t acknoivledgped the gift of tfiae o f tl*e original copies of the famous; Jiclicrenn \Treatj- and-Ti beauest of (14)00 irotan Georpre B. An- dferson of this e'ty- Following the waslnjfss Meetlner Mrs. Harry .C. Buetl read m pa^er oii '\His- toric •Homeg ot tlie-Heads»3i Valley.\ House of Delegates, which is the off)- ' cial, business body fit the a. c so laticrt. J jvtll meet in the Tommon Council' Ohamliej- In City Hall. SAW. MIRAGE ON SlucwALK Hats Formerly $7.45 to $8.95 Hats Formerly $10.50 to $12.95 $7.45 - Hats Formerly $13.50 to $17.50 \Dr. W. D. Mortoji Itas been given a, place in the Btall of Parno\ on thel ground that h e was tjhe disooverer or ether as an anesSthestle. Aathorlt'e*? f of the medical scbbol of the tlnivpr- slty of Pennsylvaniia sctaira that I>r. Crawford W, I^ongr of Ocor-Kla»_ n prmrt- ] Uate of the gohdol lia 1839. \was th« discoverer and thai he used \teihrr a««| an'anesthetic a t I«ast two y<>ars be- fore I>i\ Morton used 1-* In Boston. AnJ Investigatlort at Ox* cldlna iaoy be College Pr'cf^cscr Records Interesting . Ofaoertatiott He Made on the Street* of a City. A rnrlous case of sidewalk nftTage was desri'lhed by Prof. !•'. \V. McNnlr. of Mlchignn Co'llt'fje of Mining. I'rof. Blt-Nalr wrote In Sctotice: \I wns. walking wislwnrd on a &• ment sidewnlk ou^,a> swept rtmnJng nonrljwe'nst and w'est. nnrl moving Up n modornte crnile• whlcjr jnins n ncftrly level strelrH -of walk. On relishing a pnliit nvliloh broujjlit my v,ve slightly above*{\he level portion, anil at which nornmlly the level istreK'U would have been -seen In Us entire iensi Ii. but much' foreshortened.. • I observer)- in- gfend what appeared to lie n stretch -of clenr -dark water edverlrvtr the en- tire width of the^ walk and brllllnnn.v • reflecting moving persons «ml uthcr objects in siglit beyond It. \The sky wns Hear, (lie nfr cnoU the sun hish. It wns abojit 3 o'clock p. ni., local ttnie. There wn» n moder- ate breeze. T.be angle ot ah.fipr.v.'itJo.n was very amall, probably not nbov«* three degrees* .A step or twfT..either east or west, nnd .tliewnter wns jrone, but within the* proper limits, the Illu- sldnwjis deflnlteTind coDtlnntnjr^. Th« Wt-atJier hurenn report for ilie day indlcofecl tiiat npproxlmatply !!0 fret above the spot wberg IIIP mlrrtRc wns n observfrt the nfr tejirpfrcttun' was aoout 60 degrees P. anrt tlie humidity about G3 degrpes.\- The resemblance betwppn conditions here descrlhwl anil tliosp which pro- duce the talrttst on the iilnln* Is ob- TJO119. ' FOR QUICK CLEARANCE 200 Trimmed and Tailored Hats Worth Up to $7.95—Your Choice $2.OO C * I « OXSOt tocaot locaoi IOEX0I There are abont 1.^00 disease.\ which afflict mankind. ^ Pkttnis Hosiery iefi'ifc is W , fs^fh' Likh Luggagt The price on theji& .tloea teoftlt tft# s <iay s when you could buy * irtfcset car ride for a nlek|e. \VJse bnyerii saving opportuSty, The Gre$ks H9tn want another iiHg r H*w m«ny time* have y»u Wished, for that very setf-stim thing ',: }ffi&%.si*r hand were~twti? And hat* $9* at atethsr time ' ... *-'S'$(0ii 'H^^M^* 1 ^ Mt * i feWi$&M$&-$& r *? if so \ nbt>stoj> upslspg said come in and get fket&S Whether you r 1 Qiirte^m or A*s or G's/ve , tk& in an/st^e ot material yam nwy mte;^fy calling tfie IDbsenbwy ga&r- En-Bbry Sho^s FOREMEN These shoes we lire offering represented big money's worth when yrt sold them for $&50T It will be your own fault it you doo't get them while'you W E have seeiTa great deal , about wholesale price re-' duction oil men's clothing. 1 We foresaw this situation ilionths ago and have since oper- ated on a basis itever before at- tempted in the retail clothing x business. We also foresaw that the pub- He did not want cheap clothing \but good clothing at lower prices. We have and are giving them what they want While this pol- icy has cost us our profit it has brought us many new customers WELCH'S ° C«h and One-Price Clothier Exchange Street Gettev^ •ITie Hom« of Hart Schiflner & Marx Clothes

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