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% t ,h fl ••• *>% E&nmm' \ : . aMBHaVMa*aiBaMBMBaaHaBMaMaMHHaasakBMnnMaHMMnSi IEVA DAILY TIMES „. Dally, except Sundays at 9* tantca »iu O«n«vi, N. V., toy «ht Oensvs •rlntfng Company, W. A. Cracky, Presi- Isnt, S B. William* Vlcs-Prcsldentf I • WBIIami, See'y and Trait, tnttred at- iecend-cla«« matter Deo. 27, 1«W. tt thtffli aaa N. V. at iecendcla«« matter Deo. 2 1«W a tht po$tofflce atiiava, N V und»r Aft of Conprett March 9, 1970 Kmi Subscription Price—3 cent* per copy, ic p«r m*K delivered M th« ejty- By n outiMt city sop fieranoB!»h*.ogPW t *.ogPW t pay*bl* i adva L» Ft outiMt city sop fier pay*bl* in advance. W00 per yea In Ft. F. 0, 40 et m»n tii ay*bl* in advance Loc«» Ft. F. 0, W.00 per year In advance, 40 cent* DIFFICULTIES MAKE MEN. * 1 Edward I». Dolicny Is \now pel 1 - • ' 1 ps tho forcmo§£ J?II figure in the • v MM. • 1 When he ^ad developed a prop- • 1 tj to the 'money-making stage— • ' i ten a* lie once remarked, • I'heie Was nothing left to do but • d aw in the profijs'—then lie sold • _lLjo.iit.-and started on a new quest, • • - f> eager to pit himself against some • >_»ew (ind difficult situation, • •• Iherg, js Wore joy in putting • -t> foUh eftoit than fn gloating- over #» • .easily-won profits, • » DUtlcultles malic men. <** • i— Jttutc- makes mollycoddles,- J • < It is harder it} climb than to • BANKS ARE SOUND. There If solid ground for ik» assur- ance of American business in the re- port of the federal controller of the currency, showing the soundness • American banks; He announces that for th« last fiscal year tbe national bank* mads * aeis, high record ia their earnings, and that during the year onJj; five jpanlta wont In^o, the hands of' receiver*. This bankruptcy record has bcennurpaawd only*oj$ce. XiurU>K this yea* the American bajas- lng system has met a severe test. The shrinkage i n the' value of tbe principal commodities, ' as Controller Williams remnrfc), has been the greatest In the nations' commercial history. Blllio of ' AbUarg have been squeezed out of f> <m|>ll along or dawdle • »> leading to tlio to; W are .^ppping-stones • do not Magazine. dodge them, • from them.--• • • MILLER FOR GOVERNOR. In Judge KnUinn U Miller, who has been-<4e«l<*d as On» -next eroveraor of tho Empire State 'the people havo chtwen u man who seems destined to bo one of Hie best governors the state rrrr imown. lip la a inan dis- tinctly of iIN* IIUKIK-S typo, not a poli- tician. l>iit a. man <f pound and sober Jiidt-rnnnis. a <!• > ri thinker, a man tlioioticlily pound m stutr history and \On our Judge present nc CIF. 'Mlllei in.iile mi M dlent-Im- pression on tlir \ *he two times i On In g llii- • .imimiKii. tfill ) won tiuin\ M>tis i.rs of this locality jmsintid himself anil lin- «t that time H\ did tici ninj»f» extravagant ^anipalKn promises, nor did he wusto 4 JiI» time hurling mud nt his opponent, Bui lv did have c«-rlaln well-deflnod Vlft«» <n> Home o-f !!«• muttorH'that are «i(>p to ronie up licfmn the stnlio Leg- islature, during Hit- nr.\t two jyearsj and ho ijtiTli'd HIOHP opinions in a man- nei thnt wna eon\lnilnB that ho would do his utmost to BIT that they wore ir lie were fortunato Jo bo elected. Judge, Miller is th«- kind of mrwi of Whom \j't 1 need iimi-fi In our politleal 'otficis. (H«- has iho foundation In jclutiaclc'K and thr pRscntial training. Ho rhoij'd malfp n splendid governor. ,It la not <^B8y to br Ku\ernor—in NOW art \any «Uw »ta+ff—-i«rt vm be- Jildpc Miller will ii'e governor, e\en a^ (.'harlef* KUIHH HUB1IO B was jjo\ennoi' one who stnod aUvass for jtlic best there was nn«l who fought foi It lo the ln«t <Jttt li It looks like a Hlneuhirlv rxi-pllent Choke. May the prophesy br fulfilled. THE WOMEN VOTED. Ol course It will require many days *0 determine nil the various effects _jthu*-woman'.vote had on the elec-tlpn ju*t passed 4v*r. Tho results will bo taken as a basis on which to Jutlee othei clr-rttuns in ihe future and. con- defiuentfy, will be valuable to the poli- ticians In uiakins tli«'ir forecasts nnd in inakijig their rampnlgn plans. Hut (U first glimpse or tho election and Its u'sults tin- women awm to liaVo nfiiuHtPd themselves very cred- It&blv whercx PI It has bpen possible i r>«n of ^he, vote that Showed distinct fftmininc traces. It is hot likely that the vete of the women conitlbatPd anything to the results as a who!.-.that would not have been in-, cldent to n voto c>f the men only. Ifc Was n ltepublican joar and a Repub- lican I'lfirtion. Tli«> women added the istienKih of their vote and pluralities (.Wen marly doubfed, which shows that tho nomen voted much as do the njten, AH h nl been oft predli !(•<!. Therd is no dlt'iaotly feminine slant to thn vnt«\ Ijava come through The conclusion Is Bound: \The facts and fljrures must give the American o and the world. Increased con- ldence In the safety and power of the banking and busineo interejiU ol thl» country.\ Such a record M their* h«f been, during; the war and slncCj in- spires confidence refwdjnf the re* period ot reconstruction. PROBATION CONFERENCE, The thirteenth annual,probation con- ference will be held in Buffalo on No- vember 7, 8 and 0. A large atten- dance of probation officers, judges, and others interested in the courts and the reclaiming of offender* are planning to attend. There are now over 250 sal- aried probation officers In the state in addition to a large number of vol- unteer workers. These *re employed In axil children's courts and In alt im- portant criminal courts. Their work Is to investigate offenders brought'bV- fore the courts, to ilnd Out the causes qf their offenses, and to apply the pro- bation principles of strict supervision and the helping 1 hand. Tho probation service In this state is on» of the most important factors in dealing with crime. There 'are over fifteen thousand persons oft probation at all times. This number i« three thousand greater than the number now confined In all prisons, jails and re- formatories In the state. Probation Is now used by practically all humane and up-to-date judges, especially in cases of young and first offenders. In rftwrly 80 per cent of the cases placed upon probation each year, the results are successful. There, will be a diBcugslon of tho lawn of the State concerning children with especial reference to children's eourts. Charles I* Chute, soceetary of the State Probation Commission, will present a report. The eonferonco will discuss recommeudattons to bis sub- mitted to the commission to revise and, codify child welfare laws, which was created by tho last legislature. RAILROAD CASUALTIES ^ ' Fewer persons were killed on rail- roads during 1919,. than In ar»y year slnre 1898 and fewer were Injured than in any year since 1910, said a atato- ment Issued\ by {he Intnrstnt'* Com- jnerco Commission. During 1919 a total of 6,978 porsons were killed and 149,053 injured, com- pared with 6,869 killed In 1898 and 110.507 Injured In 1910. Of the killed during the year 278 were passengers. and of tho Injured 7,4i>0 were passen- gers. Employees killed during: 1919 numbered 2,138 and, 13-fcOtS were In- jured. fewer trespassers on railroads were killed in 1919 than during any year of the comnilsslon'B records which go back to 1890. Last year 2,653 tres- passers were killed and 2,658 Injured. Railroad officials said there were fewer persons out of employment and. fewer tramps than,formerly, because of the-' war. Beating'fern To tt or own bu*ihesPf pa* FUTURE DATES Nov. 6th and Oth—Annual Meeting if Finger Lakes Association, Auburn Nov. 4 th—Prosbyterlat School for Geneva Presbytery, 'North Presbyter- ian church, 9:15 p. m, Nov. 6th—Annual Meeting of Vet- rans Association of Company B, Ar- mory. 8 p. ra. Nov. 6th—Concert by New York hatnbar Music Society, Smith Opera House, 8:15 p. m. Nov.. 6th—-football Game, -Hobart CoHcgtfi vs. RCiisaelaor Polytechnic lln- titute, Boswelt Field, \S p. m. Nov. 7th—Football Game, Glcn- woods vs. . All Skanca teles, Gulvln Vif! &\>•* At last nn editor Is to bo prenidenL. t « ^ ^ Well, even though Debs was In pris- on, he made a good showing along with the other \also rans.\ # ,, Like the old soldiers, the ranks oC the Democrats grow thlnper, and thtn« ner. It Is to be expected that tho women will take a large amount of the credit unto themselves. Well, they did help. '.the police arc \OTTPI-'' boys wrio\ Shoot craps, liut perhaps the boyB breakers who are not molested. \Buy n home, and nay for It the same us rent.\ the* real estate men U3P(l lo say. And now every time you pn> A month's rent, you feel as if l»oi is It,desirable thai th<-ie should bp. . vou - re buying the place. ! Nor diti the women split their ticket to A otp for candidates i>f their own sex. Htttilpt^ May Mill?, Democratic eah- for spcrrtnrj rf state, received appioxitnatfly the s«nn- vote In this llufioriloU any shoes from our Mr. (\oolldjje says he hnsn't been buy- inff any shoes In these high-price years. That's all right; moat of us haven't City as did other candidates on tho Demori'attc HiUrt. trni mi more. Mrs. ]Blla Buole. candidate for Cnited Stntes iSonator. did run nlientl of others uf 1'iolilhltlon part>. 1'tit it was on « t peisunoV issue ondher extra IVptes • nnnot l»- ', i<»!itr<l to hi r be \ ->f hf-r Vx. Hoi cHjU It even be tliat anj gutitcr- r proportion of tliet|* wer«- i-ast for her by women tjian jl •• women enjoyed the election, lid not. the^-thoufht ^f partlcl- ftat, and so on. '•.rlKbta\ »t*th* Uiewi and « Weli. sne at thl« «arly ite may be said to haw fltt«4 teto fathers. IN THE SPICE BOX Our troubles are over We can say with a smirk. Those campaign orators now so to work P Standard. Talk is elicap. but not when otoney floes It.- -Life. -' Mr.a. Scrapp- My foot Is asleep again. Scrapp—It's funny that it i s snover y»ur tongue. — Boston Tr«n- lrt \\ *\ ' Callor—-I saw your mother «O1BE to ft neighbor's as I crossed tfte street.. Oo you know when sbe will be back? tiUI^TM ma'am, sbt said sk« MMt be back u soon as you l«ft—B»ya* Lifo. , __ . \• It's a frooie »l»wt with a* «£**, 'iggfa&J**** . Wn&HS in the sara* fmshion «wth Nov. 8th—\Opening of Term of County Court, Court Houje, C^nan- dalcua, 10 a. m. Nov. 8th—Meeting\ of Home Kcono- njic Department with Ta+k on \Cuts of Meat,\ Woman's Club/ 8 p. m. Nov. flth—Ceremonial of TJmarkan Grotto, Smith Opera House, 8 p. in. Nor. 10th and 11th—Geneva'District Conference of Methodist church, Methodist church, Canandaigua. Nov. llth and 12th—Production of \Oh Oh, Cindy i\ Ausplce8 ot Busi- ness Women's Cltlb, Sraltb Opera House, 8: IB p. m. . I?py v 11—^.jjicriean Legion Dance in Armory.' Nov. 19th—Grievance Pay on School Assessment Roll, High School. 10 a. m. • HERE AND THERE Steamships sealing between the United States and the Orient are well patronized, but It i s estimated that 76 per cent of the passenger* - are traveling on business. Before the -war business men furnished about five per cent of the passengers ,the others be- ing tourists. The missionary travel ts about the same, as before tho war, but the\ increase In 1 the number of busi- ness men BIIOWS that trade relations of American merchants with business in the Orient are promising. Vice Consul H. T. Goodler af ToSo- hama reports to this government that a variety of pumice atone found only In the small group of New Islands and known u \Ksk* sekl,\ has beat re- slating properties, and 3s suttablo for boiler and furnace construction,-Inner linings of safes and ice chests.'Nails can be driven Into the puralce stone, and It will take a surface of paint or inetal painting;\ It is best known In relnforr-ejl concrete barge buildings in Japan, 'it is lighter than tbe ordi- nary concrete and resists seepage, water erosion or serious breakage b> freezing and thawing. Brazil 1H developing- Its sugar in- dustry.* Sugar- rane can be grown in practically all of the states of Brazil. The nresent crop Is estimated to be over 400,000 tons. The cultivation of the cane has not been perfected as 11 has In Cuba, Hawaii and Java, but Brazil's climate and soil offer bound- less possibilities to the grower of sugar cane Californila's grape industry netted $75,634,150 last year, more (ban half Of which was paid for raisins. Wine grapes brought net returns of over $15,000,000. and table grapes of over $18,000,000. The California •erape growers fougrtit prohibition, and pro- phesied thnt their Imsiuess would tie mined if (ho Volstead art went Into effect, yet crapes are In greater de- 'inand \than exer. and thp prices are California packers and dealers havo Started a campaign to encourago tho tis« of tbe term \glassed\ in describing fruit and vegetables put u p In glass lastcad of in tin. The increased uso it glass has prompted the California.™ ta> se«k a new term to designate goods yatckftd Irt glass* and to distinguish tk«a* froan fruit and vegetables put up wtiM ; Tid» Preaident Marshall told a Bai- HWIH Mm nfHXter the other day that iSt ttr» htm. ft* «aid: \i have With '.?!-> pnrior cooties lUards irtio are afttlngr siwwllag about I lie kind of smnsMat, th»r mn hot i TJie More Syilfee^ ¥{e Qrow We Let Oui? Bodies pLARENCE DA*. J&. } ^ less prop^: l c/iamg pf }U !?* ispoveries jj, gtirgerr ^ predfeine wjU also be p^rpraised.. W \]\ frftQ tI, S r^ ^j & ^i ^^ ^pco^ ' m fa nmim4m$4 mftmU #e Hy. p^rf j ^ tle r care let, tfaa. fo / grow fcfc iicp. % p pace the s?ffww sw descendants $ j stricteffly, 4 .pecieg y orest^ pt wamperedt |0c* deer v pr mince along rtreeti mortuf coa- goDf W \ Pm P ftf !\JP^ H<WPPt pppe s fWWS: ?hey will io»e H« respect for the dignitj: pf fair Mothek Earth, and whisper ^> each other fhe fy «q PY4 W$ in^eeent pld. petspn.' ' ' . They will match at her gifta, pry inherently into Her mysteries, a ignore half the warnings they get from her about ho* to U^*. -when it is their own fault that they are not getting- it. They toast their shins until they find that corruption has taken hold of their government and then they walce up and put in a reform government—and go back to toasting; their shins. They don't re- member.* that Mr. Ross is on the Job 24 hours a day and' 365 days a year. H« is not in business for his health.\ It is true that the man or woman who wants to reform anything: must be on the Job day and night, for the 'opposing forces never sleep. A Nebraska farmer who' lfved «» miles from Omaha could not obtain cars In which to ship his wheat to market. Not only that, but the local wheat elevators were filled. The far- mef owned a two-ton truck, which, he loaded with 110 bushels of wheat and carried to Omaha. He was gone thres days and his total expenses were 922.09, q,r 21 cents a bushel, but he sold his wheat In Omaha for %S a bu- shel, which was 'moro than he would have received at home. Tlie story about the Welshman who had heard In his native, country about the wonders of Reinsert has been-told many times and has finally found its way into a New York paper. The Kvening Post gives this version of it: \Ftemsen a towrr4n Hie foothills of U»e Adirondarks, has a population largely Welsh, and naany are the tafes n? !ts Klorles and advantages which find their way back to Wales. In- fluenced by thesp -tales sUI another Welshman finally found himself standing at the Battery. Open- mouthed, he gazed: then Raid: \'If this ii New York wn&l mwst Remsen be?'\ • • •• \ a RURAL HOME CAN BE GRACED^ WITH BEAUTY. Farm Mousing; Program Has Entered . Wind* «f Country Rtsidsntc. Wnshlneton. N O V. 1- Thf? ptonee.- Itxg stage in human housing is pm- labfcd beyond the pioneering stage in animal nnd crop housing. The mod- ern farm house follows at cotno distance the modern rtniry barn. Says C. .T. Gstlpin. economist in ritarre of rural life\ studies of the V S. r >e- p» rlment of Agriculture. A survey of the attempts o .house, be continues, shows that t'hia effect Is accomplished^ by psychologi- cal harriers, abreens \and enclosures. The work appliances of the farm are flecessasH*' in such close proximity to . the house that exclusion is done bv suteestios, rather than by actual shutting out of every scintilla of farm work. The low wall, the hedge, tiie clump «>f trees, running vines, are mental screen. We citn. peer oter or around, but we do not. Roofs ana «utH»<* of jtsrm buildings, are vhrfbtBi but lost to sense In the competing hu- manism thia side the banters. TJ>» scattered situation of the v&vl- oits farm biilldrnes and yards\ about the ordinary farm house, often at * V <*J Mifle. produces the serious dif- ficulties of, the detaching process, Georp Wttshhjsrton. the farmer, .dis- posed his 'bairns,\outbuildings/ yards ana gardens at the win,a'of Ws Mount Vernon house. The rear i*as i«rt open and free for stretching lawn sky above, tnll tree foliage at uidM sky at end of vl$ta, meadow land drop- ping out of sight. The front was'laid aowm handsomely pn Erass,\ as George WasWnerton described the lawn, while wi* Potomac rirer, a real moving nlc- *\\-. ran among the oaks on the river The country'life problem, as a whole cannot make consistent headway ia bumanliiiig «nd socializing farm life, so long as the work elements of farrn- SS«S? ple .. Bet ««.mtomed to the ever-present occupa- Then is such a thing at g£tti«c *o ttaedto jnuixxini^ the wiuaw tn ao OH, wonMiBt 'range tut you 4S nat fealtte ho* *udj extra, imneceattrj^time it aubt> you afeodt in die IcitdKO. V .\\\\f -•f ^ I - - ! i, - -* • '* • i: 0m: • Doei your ringe bafter rfcy d« yo« e»4«re kt That help yon out like a perfect stnrant exactly wkat t» da, They aerer came yn die fuss or worry which you hmrt to npm * ' range that is oW and worn out will gsrp put.- \\'*• They nuke food taste better. They make Ac day's worit lighter and happier. ^' '-^••^— - - -^ -^ When, an Andes Range eaten, jwur titctan—^-_1— all your cookinc trooUet Waoisfc; Manykkcaeas *\\'* right here at home lure beta nude; brifster, .,. , happier placet, and ^re forth more denewtn food* because of toe Andes. Let «t show thta* to you. BetkrCookingfirlessMtinof Dorchester & Rose Hawkins Hard ware Co 20-2? CASTLE 8T. - r>\ ^ i — ir t A \(> l«r^ -^g^aqft- £ ORAIN *\• > v»M -ii[f \£?f $\} »*«««« means that hard(inla ff Invades the pre- J* i 8 f i irm mm ad soul ** h ib Uvln S on the farm fV C \ an Blr , °* \ -art brautv. d * y * r an and give hltt tOUVAlN RISES FROM f.ouvaln. Belgium, ftov. 4— ... v u ruins of touvaln; tfr ! whleh tlh» tier- mans applied the'torch on August 25, 1914. sre BDrtnginff dox«ns of modern bonding*. The* lack the historic »n- fe-iyst of the destroyed structures ' but no city in Belgium wljl bn ablV to bo«*t of a more up to. date »ppearano« than Lou-rain when the work -of re. eonstmction is flniihM. The Hty strnenti to the around %pmnee. :faraa...ri)H!s heHa. mm,,9**, stOTjr THfe WITCHERY OF COOKING You know: When everything is cooked to^ you almost eat your head off. That's txxtting which comes to you with the 'tJEiftftiBMf. famous DIRECT ACTION RANGE. Vte^M#^ age of 44 different temperatures, boU, bake or ttew it's »»the ^ same. . \•\•' -*' PHONE — Seneca Fall* — Washing ' •*•\•'\; Refinishing ^ ^ •,*•( WASHINGTON STREET GARAGE ^\fm^^S^^*^'. \ What •.' have yet Wn made to h ** *° want .-; ~.-jfT-, ij^*\^* low.-i iong,s»go uao gian Oovemawttt. allyjtedint l» < yjt l» <m2a$^J 2'iM ori0 * 1< *»'»>*l'uaci4pt8 «*« Jbodfcn looted from lh R Hbrarr b» nermwis- >, • . * .* - ••-:;... :.;•»•* . •/... r Mm§ wonde aarry each ^u only, tjco peopl* In the and sometime^ et*U iM

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