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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1911-1955, October 21, 1920, Image 11

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*..-.„ Cshttf ifckt powe.io.~of rjr vdvk annexation t* v ' -''•'s^W^^^S''i'-.' :x ^M\P- \;* •: ••>'X { y'.<£ : M'F'- i . .-.-,'- ->:•»;:-;•?•-• • t; ' .• A -.'V\''.:;T(' ff/ ^-V''-^V'i- . .' •^.w-'.^/;v'^'l 1 v-''!V'!'^':''^•^'' f '>>' ;! '^ ; V-';'-;'^ . . \ . .' '•• :•.'•• ,-(•;•-. -'\'i^t''•jj.\\\\ c •-\..\ •.••'•••• ^ ^ \••_ > j U V * < --»•••-• position of Low^ Piifornj Governor Was Strono. HID ^ ^pointed by Nine Y' ,-f Involved- 19 « i* (\in Any of tha Rev- 4 rupte* Mtxtcq, and- Then Everyone by Quitting. ; .The sudden demist «fll In J occnrence th«te-^hfc peacefjfl,\ rertgnts: tlon of Gen. Estaban. of Lower tlced by tea. Canto's' peaceful .jpasslrjg into private life IB not ha^j| ignored, how- ever, by -shrewd students of interna- tional «ven,ts> writes Paul 3. Srlndei In the Chicago Daily JJewa, . , Any njan who can peacefully Wslgn his office in Mexico $n bis «rwirterW Is worthy of American: interest. Add tlie fact that Cantu ruled successfully most of Lower California through the nine stormiest years of JIwclcp's hjs- tory, and yoti have another Interesting Item. But most interesting of all Is the seemingly unanswerable question of \why did Gantu resign?\ True, De la Huerta and Obregon h$d threatened dire things agatnst him. including in- raslori of Lower California, it he did not. But they were'huhdreds of miles 'away, and other attempts bad taught Bicxloan expeditionary forces, from Dinz to Cnrranza. that jmlg ajnllitary expedition of a great power could cross the hundreds of miles^f-bjH»lB|MBinJfc beiwepn MexJcaliTand Mazatlan. let . Cantu resigned, and with very llttla- dickorlng, except for certain rigWs and amnesty for his followers. Appointee of Porflrio Diaz. Mke most things In Mexico, good and bail, Cor. Cantu and his administra- tion dated ^^ 3911. when Diaz appolri.tafhlra, to the time of his resignation. Cantu defied successfully all effort*.toinTOlve Low- er Califoimia In tlie mess \tistt test of Mexico ls*!n. While the Maderos, HuiTin. Carranssa, Vllls, Angelee and Zajmtn each strove* to, succeed to the crown of Diav Ctptil Stocky to his: . knltilnR as governor In his*border capital of Mexican, opposite ! CalexI«. Cal., metropolis pjt.the Imperial Val- ley- . * \ „.' i;npekfn»'to}5ia'. : Juanna for *\** -no. imm-M&.&et it !#$ ^ ftq la \di»co«rsg!ng unfa- mmkm^ ; . HI* Amerttai bartenders never Jlost • chai!<te ff |^|pt onfthit with .jWtyt of-Canada already-dqr; ifejtl^ft is -the i only hope of the thirsty in ment in rait transpbrtatiion, fewer yet* MM&iQiithetm& call, ^vhere «reat deserts «treteh for kundi*d«# miles. JDndwa; LowersGalf- fori>?« wrer law bemapnbjlectflliby any. .jape- f%, fer. aa\irt|tq«t: Tbe» s mrumftv «o«»t town* la the w.eat, on *!ifeJhi^e'jgd,teiii^«!Mt) tfong the Ckilf of Cliroral., wlti farpe Meilcan \md Indian populations, bat the dlmate I* too hot for permanent settlement by wiltea. Hundred* of American slack- ers and deserters who filtered acrow the bwder duilne-tte>wir tried It, bat most of them;Tafer a?e¥ -vreeka, jpre^ Jgrredi army court-martial to the h fc The cooler .mountains of the interior are almost an, unexplored wilderness' inhabited by biff\ \game and wjlder inytlis. pne legend which Hex Beach, the novelist, tried to trace down: Jsst wiDter, Is that giant women once in- habited the peninsula-ra story which Cortez seems to have believed .also and for which American archaeolo- gists are finding some b»sls for;truth. They have fonnd portlOM *f akeletons showing the t existence, bit an ancient race over eleven feetiall. , Race of Giant Cannibals. Of even, greater \Interest io i^Se* cans seeking adventure almost in their back yard, are' the .^cgnnibal^ inhabl- :tants- of- TriburoU' IBIUUJU ofif coast of the jenijtnla^Jt gr^ecaey placed by eUinologlsts, they have repulsed successfully \for four centuries all at- tempts to civilize them. They wear pelican skins, hunt utith prlmltlva bows and arrows and atone, fight with, their teeth^and constantly are on tb* loofcggtfor a Cancasiac_addltJon^to- their discovery by the Spanish, only one white man has visited them and came-away to'tell (a>*^i The J>est token of hik «nccess.1i) r.e- insliiK to be one of the many \saviors\ of Mexico is evidenced by Hie fact that 1 irfiilp good American citijens were be- ing nsntl ns rifle targets daring the hectic days following Diaz's flight, as\ fnr ns is known no reputable citizen df the fnlfed States ever lost his life or even was molested In tower Califot* nla during Cantu's administration. Cimfu's success as an administrator. that, unlike my other in Mexico, passengers on the re- con tiy completed San Diego and Ari- zona railroad find it extremely difficult to dotprniine when they are in the Fnitpd States and When in Lower Caff- fnrnln. as this newest extension of th* Southern Pacific #g-zags its way from Iiinin, Ariz., through ilextcall, Calexl- cn and El Contro in the Imj?eria,l vai- le.v then hack to Mexico again, finally ^ ivintlio^- wp in Sim Diego, through Tia\ JllUilllD. * w Tia Juanna's Rise tor Fame, In tlu'lr anxiety to reach that west » toast Mwca of'the thirsty—Tia Juan- T to—iwRf dilcttgoatJS en rente to tfia ppnioiTotic* national, convention in Ian Francisco passed through Mejdcali __ without realizing \4tieir proximity to \ one of the few Latln=Aroerlx;Hrr pott- •srorth- acethwr—Tla—JnSnUS; how managed to win their friendship by presents of lead* and clothing. Sttch is the territory over which thi* S9-year-old Mexican governor ruled s* STiccessfally for nine, years—a long time to role In Mexico. With 4,000 troop* rated \the best paid in tht world,\ receiving their %1JSO per diem each eTealpi In AaerJcaa **W, his ^ J°^ ti '$0 M** ^ J^« ti $SB0 M«** he cbose to resign. No wonder *hrewl InternationtI pWrfJcllni _am asUng COSTLY DrNNER BY VILLA Kari Heagelin Paid 4^000 to B« HI* Gueil if •Invftatlbn AfTafr> \ It cost Karl .Heagelin, formerly a resident of Atchison, |5,00O to be-a ^'dinner guest\ of Francisco Villa, th» Slexlcan ex-bandit leader, according to a letter receJyed from ilr. Heagello, who is president of a brewery^ompa- ny at Sabioaai- OaahuUa^lftsrtco, i»y relatives. At tneJJnDek. 0 ' Heagelin'a' experlenpe, reports of the \idd^aplnV were carried la press dispatches. In hit letter the brewer says it was real- ly an \invitation affair\ and probably was Villa's last bandit act, aa the fol- lowing day he surrendered to tha fed- eral forces. After a- conKr B oT*^WniET'men baa raided the breW?ifana\Tiad been'aF peased by a diplomatic employee, who gave the bandits 20 pesos each, Heage- lin says he was laformed of Villa's in- Hi to dtoae'r.—They—virtually placed the brewer undg? arrest and accompanied him to Villa's headquar- ters, Vhgre he dined with the bandit W J €a*Ele\d tte-role of a hospitable io*^ according ia planned by Cantu to be <fteMonte<3ar- , lo of North America, has had a must*- t ronm growth In the Iast_ few monthSj esjvfc-ifWIj <*sljtc6 Jufy*l, Jfllft. '«• Two rpars ago before the completion <L o^.t.np Sari^ Diego and Arizona \cut- % off,\ II wasn't even on a railroad map ami vns~practfcally unknown except to, some of the sporting fraternity Of Bin nipgo and Lo* Angeles. Today it end ff<, American sister, Tfa Juana, f-iil., nre^ supposed to_havS. cl^se IOL 5,00f> tjcrninneht ihnabitants, not to , Teak of a flaHy Influx of the thirsty, averaging Several thoasari'd per day. ^aover*/Ha JnamJa, Jfeaco, has \ n \>|-e i # saloona than can he counted -on v a lint August afternoon, a fair race> track: iiaff-a thousand adventnreases * • mid every rarlety of gambling game p-iin \black jack\ to faro and rou- '«•»?. No wonder two through Pnil- »rifins are onerated dally frpnr Chicago «> Son Diego en route to Ti« JnaiinSi , w that (he two dally trains' ffom San AmiPro fluently run in two section* ae '<*#\** the Mexican border; * ^ Mexico the last \OMis/* (co the Mft O*«i«. d< ' sw 'ptton of #iiu mmm is not Vm ID further fldverti«e the town* »ut-{«(-ou«e ft is further evidence of ine astuteness^«4hf%atHi pi c TI or, s»fe-freni jjiatfcon invasion <>? tne dpsert, o*ntu rcalfefel th«t nn- tipri, -;,, iiritnfnistrntUjn fe tlte- illOlV! of \the\ dfifOiatitl ttwt ,„. States pnrcbase LoWes Cs\- Every tdm ^tftfj^fof ifii-fafc ' or inorertniff ps'tiMm-MS h&en usnally tuilowlDg. ,jj| story (ft <h naval hose having ^6en .,„,, .along .Magdrtlena or Tdr- l-itrs pv,. o n fljfn sfyjp uf. territory o t'ng on into the PnciSft In 1015 n *.» n ,,.,. -.vero tedietfd by tt ftdeml Heagelii^'s letter, then In conclusion Informed his guest that he mast write a check for ik&SO pesos, whfcn'Beafc-e- lindid. „ t . , ' The following aay Heagelbi request- ed Villa to return some, males which the bandits had driven *War*rom the brewery. Ho <:oniplied with- the re- quest, - $ j. -- BABY IS BORN A YANKEE Atlantic Steamship Races the Stork to New York and la Winner, . The Oscar II, Scan<ilnavJan-Amerl- can line, docked at Boboken the other Wlien off lUe, Iri^h coast the.^ip's phy*iclan, Dh* Axel Trolle, tofonned ,Capt. A. J.-Scfeinidt th*t a woman in the steerage expected the advent of a child on the trip »nd wi» anxioos that the, cblldbe H6ax ha America. - \. The cabtaln' give orders for full speed ahead, with the f esolt that tha ship had 1 just come lnsjdo the, three- nTIIeUwir when anTnftnt son was born to Airs. Clan Danlei»on of Far- tnnd, The sending plant Jiiga-power wirelHW Mtmtlm is W ed to be ojened ltt.0ctO*eft I*\if- ralifd iralafijIsaaoiS:\ ~WM '\ Mart* ana rrtc^lte* pre« mi«sntes ^hretti frtrm -> #ernmny «n* picks up messages Sent f rom Nanen to JBuerfos Aires. It ha* been announced jhat in conifecfliMlSfith *h« pim '» l1 *- titt telephpfl^* will be instiUed that will enable merchant stales to^k^P to coinmunication witfa U* ilwd ,. jfmcAwm-^ bateftrff «pnt»fi6n. it te more xcootrJy ctBad taa frott-a«tiBaT bat ar fiatt bat an* the Auatralivi fruit irowers have loar waged war on It, thopfh so far with- out much success. , • . t*o& itaaMey ohs«nna< thesa la tk« Anstngian bush and-described now, SflS*.^ A^ .. JV h J. b ^. L - ^ m . . ^ < • -' ^u. m . -^-^ d^ ^toWf«ttwJM w^i« chUdrtn to lo AtTlng any Ind*- entcm 1 * '' tcoinoafenae. , :., \I limply expressed ak optalon, not jl dictum, not even a wish* . Sou ar«, yooug, artl«« r .^pqlitv;^ KT«, and athbak oft?jr ot JOTT iwa,\ So .|«*tta|?;*f «^a pont Cat OfwOi- •m m rnoMi fiucfattia. Bum even \Sh«>-^fll TeaiB a» «m» f» be j»«e- tlcal,\ Gresham'tild nlm««lf hopefully thourh wfth M. tncpressed ifefc. Eva chafefl «t jyaviet and resented KMJJHM tt tite and thli ted eained Qreshain anxiety^ )le pmendly, truthful, sincere, the finer points In bcr temperament had wen him cBoapIetely.. Tacitly .*||J accepted by bolt itt«t f^ p by boUi ftat ««Wnr were letdlng tnt»t aattled •mgagemept. '• J ' Some, girl friend* bad suggested m two nighta* camping cat on Bear Is- land, located In th» center of a lake. In a rough lonely district* some miles from GranrOle, Greanara had told Eva there were element* «f risk and discomfort In the affair. \But «w expict **a to go, too t Wynne,\ said Bm, *^e ahanld have little fear with such a pHot and de- fender. .'.. \I shall have to be away from tome the. week jmd,\ N Nothlng more was MSO. about tha U grt'a peilewity b bnrrt forth when abs met her bosom friend, Amy Desbrow, an low later. . \I am rslng, Jnst iCbe same,- ah* said with set Up«_ and defiant tyk \Wynne Gresham ft not ftflts my master. Ws won't ?fesnit onr pro- grain, Amy, enly wt nut inS a new conaiit-ired -I^trell, i» at th* house «na.waek'a viam Ion remem- ber him, Evaf \Oh yea,\ nodded Bra with a faint b^ush. \Ned vu my lint beau, you know. Of comte it wu boy and girl nonsense, but he was real alee to ma. !Hiat will Ju«t do.\ Med TjrreU waa only too glad to be nice to ET» when b« proudly accepted his appointment as managar and di- rector of tha ciunphig function. H» brought hit owtnittle tentlfidlwsted It on the high pbmt rf ebserraHon on the island aomc stxty feet away from tta imeltered copa* wneMefni, gWi made eamp. He rigged up a tickle that would img a bell tn bia quarters If any alarm algaal wu aeeded alter lw had left them nlgm*. Xhera ware aeveral aeddenta reach- ing the Island ant getting tta camp in order. As usual «Jra dominated the proposition. She had .first sug- gested the outing «od was to* ac- knowledged leader. In Ned Tyrren ana found a pladd,.readily molded alare to all her whims. Wheq oat in the boat she suggtated taking a cer- tain course to reach tba ialand, ha nodded agceeably and proceeded to carry out her orient. - VJuat as you aay, Eva,\ h« agreed and did not grumble when they founjl themselvejfjmpriaoned In a net work time* extricating themaelves from dilemma. It was Bva'f fault that .the tents were placed so that later they caught the ill effects of a aadden windstorm. pronunciamento of the Impractical Tyrrell were demonstrated with the iifelessj motionless: \Jnst as you say, Bva.* At first the willing ebedlence of this siava»llke escort pleased Bra. It.wns snc« a contrast to Gresham's way, al- .ways arguing 1 that she was wrong, But there came a climax- the second night of their stay on the Island that for all time convinced Bva that Tyrrell, however pliable as, an ne- commodatlng' man, waa indeed a broken reed; There came up an early morning storm that drove the tents flat Drenched/ miserable, a further de- pression came when the girls elscov- ered fbst dnijlnc the night aomeane had carried away a chest in which was stored all their- extra clothing and jewelry. Investigation showed % «'daaaa>, ptocs af Aosh, principally of young; tma. *«§ m^^tMm^ Iooktarltte- great Mack;«u«s; •pproachtd,'-' he Says htvsn tarchanja, *tixtf bats aaewed «nd after tu« difllcult to fora us sad mmiUimi * Mr^^i fe^i turfced. •• They wti» la enoRmms mum- bers, and alth«tigjt v tbmsands' Ifcaol bean j&tt'le&jtefa'tgr. m. fti»g» InMaUyJatefrtrltbatlseonsJelerecl a great dellctcy^ and, _cooked with plenty -of spic« ; aiff lBtnafnu»iBS% is said to tMt« something Uka hare. liXfmr ita^v'ttrreaily a -vcrjr good Maw for tbemv tax Htm' licad is ex- cetalngly Uke that «f a fox. Boms ex- traordinary flight* of them, always in single file, Mv» been observed over Calcutta. 1 v *~~™ 1 . V> ^ '\, { -L It is almost 26 years since the Geneva Daily •<5 • ' .. de its first home run, and it hat been running home ever Isirxe. v _i! HAS NO ONE RESTING PLACE fionea of 8t-;,*aTrtan ; An ^ Pretty Wil|0w «h* Whole ^fli most scattered saint In qj; Is St. Adrlanu. Eimalns of this former Boaaa—Ml«ir are 3aapt,..Jai~!Bp aU and more lasting of all, the Geneva Dally Times is the HOME new^ paper for families of Ontario, Seneca and Northern Yates counties. It gives its read- ers the real news of the happenings of thl worM as well as the news of the immediate vicinity, while^e news is fresh. i4 f ot St. Adrian, la. Ge«rslrart. BalgJua, but they are alfo-kept at Haulcourt in fiie sam« country, and Ohent has still another full set of ramiins. The Jaw and batf arena in SBVWB mt Cologne, a heed at Bologna, and various parti of tha saint's anatomy are also dls- «*JfcCnfi£3»tt 33a JgBCS3 erly bald tobft tha patron blame of soldiers, and was tciy Pnw- lar with th» -wild troopers of northern rrance, JTttsdeni and part of Oexmany centuries ago. Qa was also held dear by^lenaajrbrewtts. . — ^ St Adrian lived In the early part of the fourtb century, juad was ooa of tbc guard of tta itepitewGalertas His mat tba torture of M CTiristiana one «ra- nmc -when thatr fortttuac and patteaet io-lmprewed- hlm-tbaf Iir becamsTf follower of pie faith on the toot. Hit wife, already a CarisHan to secret joined him In openly deciaAv nig views. As pnnlahment fie Bid bis limbs struck off sat by oaa on «a invU and was then beheaded. Ancient Irish Law* In Poetry. Bveai a ssbjeet so casenUally pr»- salc as the law mi interwoven with poetry in ancient Ireland; where Jus- tice was administered by the SHe, or poet the most important person in tba country after the king. In olden times verse was employed when the matter to be recorded was of particular im- poiKln?sr cn^f amature that called not •nly far grace asA,. beauty of expres- sion, but for dignity of language aa wdL When the ancjerit laws of Ireland were \ revived, says the Christian Sfi l nnoTer The olrectlon of St Patrick, a FQe was summoned «*.* nnf u thread of poetry^aronnd them.\ This la beUeved one of tha reasons that so much of the text ot the Irish laws is In metrical form. J*om_J2 JoJlIjresr«_ef jpedat study was needed to qualify a File for the legal profession. • \. that a lot of ^iTpsles htd visited th# Island In the darkness; Tyrrell start' ed in pursuit quite valiantly, bnt T dld not overtake them. \ • \Home the shortest and quickest way/ waa thf imperative order of ta% discomfited Eva the next morn* gi .. \iust as you say. Bva,\ cams tha aow^««arp apiiited chevsfler of th« pTf -Dm\ ever tell publicly of toa abomlnaMB tlm* we havt had,\ plead- ed Eva with bar girt friends. dt d bnta^parted VlOkt g1««riy Insyttabteii Ity displayed by th* hnmblediDva Ifter thst. It was some time' before he ; learn«rthe details' of the distress* Inir otftfif. One_d»y_-whBB : • jWSi -yq tfif. gjy _ inlMI? aliwd voItintiiHiy^fof #$ ion on some trivial matter, his eyea flickered mischlavously is He began: \Jnst as' yon fiiy-^ ', •>\.\' n?on*t n)ake-mis:c^,W>nnf,r ple*d- Eta contrlttly. \It s&ili always Cafes In the Kstbah. CSobHed step* tnark the ways of the Moors In the Kaebah, the native quar- ter of Algeria, and -once the traveler leaves .the' streets -where street cars dang and Bur»p«flns walk, says an ex- change, he must climb. Pepperpods and onions hang In rosaries beside ha- mars. Mosques are hidden here and there In nest* of houses and cafes are open to the street with the futturtl gossip of the A>tb drinkers And' the click «f-domlnoeS drafting outward. . ( -Sandals of leather, laced and filled with golden threads, are main by black-eyed Arab (iris with long, soft eyelashes. Some at thest girls are .only twelve yeajra old, but married; and, they sit on any***, *w!tt»«-»\g through their veils at passersby, mean- Whlle isinbrolderlng deftiy the things they have to sell for If your neighbors or trends are not taking the Geneva Daily Times won't you pass the\ good word along to them and suggest that they, too, become subscribers? iThankyou. .: *«<a>- Tffi m ••>tKW1ffi.*- ll ?j *- — '- ^ . 'M< j . _ i. r m %^ z i v. •* University Club Plan* Supper Hour Meeting Departing- from Its usual custom of meeting at 8,-IS o'clock In the main dining- room, of the Seneca. Hotel, tS« XTnlverslty'Caub for Its regular meet- ing next Monday evening will meet At 8:30 o'clock la the grill room, -where a 75-ccnt Buppor will be served. At 7:45 o'cleck there wlU be a talk by Humphrey Vines, a graduate- of Ox- ford University, who has been, for twenty years headmaster of the Kar_ for atuTiunuiiufom boya in India. Mr. Vines la now spending two-years leave of absence at his home Agency Establbhed Here Chevrolet . ( Fruiti and Vegotableg , . ' , Philadelphia, Oct. 29* .AISLES—Per bW., f2.g06W.5O.\\ 1 POTATOES—Jersey. p:6r--&-» bush«l oasket, t»9m. ;:••'•;•- . . ONIONS—Per owt. $1.SS@1.66. CABBAGE—Per ton, li.QO&ltM. . ». . Boston, Oct. 20. POTATOES-sPer cwt,' • f2.35@2.«0. AJPPIiBS—3?er bu, • 7Sc#*3.50. ONIONS—Per bag:, $1.60@2.00. IiETTUCE—rPer box, |L0O@l.M, CABBAGE—Per bbl., .75e©|1.2B. •• Cleveland, foot, 28. • APPLES—Per bbl., *4.0O@6.0O. @$4.0O. ONIONS—Per owt., ll.CO@J.O». ^CABBAGE—rltonjeglQISUV- - • • w 1 4 • y M £A Irk M -. •rpa'Jl 'fc tfTt Kf <•* ^AjSr-lii) > «*^* ^ • •K| JJM . f P ih Aft*> r-J- ^W i*.*l'.tl ^Xl^m |y»Vv.. , iSS ~«< ( j K*-~-w .'- i * ' '-# \ &' :Sfr *lh * * T i_ ^- rf * 4 CTg *du \*• . . . Chicago, Ofet. POTATOES—Per cwt., *1.50@1.7S. ONIONS—Por • owt., • CABBAGE—JPor crate, 75c. W- Everett TVilson, of Rochester, hiw taken the jMiovroIet- agency for ~\ TBSva, the towns of Seneca, Pheips- ..„ adjacent territory in Seneca County and will open a sales and service sta- tion at 866 Exchange Street, opposite . •*,/,-„«,<»' 1,1. i. .»- ••; Canal street' TK» 1» the Store forin-. M^ ttia sa at ?ft.00#16.00, heifers at -. rJ a Live Stock Market *T Ea« Buffalo, Oct. 21.—CATTIiB— 'H«ceipt3 «00 Road MarkcE ruled ex- tremely dull; sales shipping steers at \\ butchers at Canal street TM» i s th* Store fonn. M!&sa t $tt.#., eife s a t erly occupied by the Gleason BakerjrJ iS.0p@lLOO, cows at »2.6O@9.6t>, bulto Mr. Wilson -will use the store is- a at f5,50@».00 and slockera and feed- salesroom and tW lkrgre,*>ak*BhopJln *w,«t *S.S«©«.iO. Fin* Mftrfcmanaiilp. Most of us carry two remarkabls specimens of mtaute worknanihlp. 'Hb& are both conUlned in our watch* *!; On* is the name of the maker on tfut dial, . this lettering thonth onljr abont>a-i«0 ( inch in hel«bt, is iW d . Wv ire Indebtexl tcmachlnery for tne other mlctoacopic feature, took, with a glass, at som« of the screws, •• \ * mitmm$m^':M MiiiaiRiMiiB .mmmrvmr ys,wi»'w»v<j m%*vmm'mMjfu, that the thread* ire sank merely 2-100 .lttcn ; \\ '•\ - ' . \ -'• - ' ,\ Thislaflne work; but mnch more so corporated lit rings or ear-rings. aas««aj. ., v is always aei- m^. \ , x-\ z- send 3Om arousUl I liiV \ ' the rear as a service station, -with an entrance from Tlllman street. Alter- •qilons to adapt* the propjsrf* to, its new tise will be eoiinmen66d\Mpnday. Mn> and Urn. \Wilson anft 8dia- nave moved to Geneva and will reside at 60 Park PJace. ; ' Bif Hallowe'en Party Planned by Y. M. C. A The T. M. C. A. is m»Uvg elaborat* HAi* t a 4 building &aturd«y-T6TeTtinjf, 30th biig It 715 'l building &aturd«yTTeTtnjf, Potopf 30th, beginning It 7:15 o'clock. This 1» the fourth.H«Uowe'«j party thai the aasoolatipn, b«s held and It • is planned to make it,more attractive than any of its predecesaorii. All boy* of the city of ten years and older are invited to pwUclpilte in tlie event. They are urged to come in gTofesqtf ._ j _.:ri'^u k ' . _ L-.. _ _ • ^ ...'. . .• • i i ' arf j •\—\\'— x i ^1, \ r ' l . M ,..-. w^t-wcmrma^Motttni for the most, striking and imi«u« oos* tomes. During the evening there will be Hallowe'en; games, contests and .real Hallowe'en eats, including dough- : ****' cldeI> an( i aPPlw, wlU be served. Complete returns; from all football punes at Comialtjr'a Smoke Shop Sat- Bcnr wanted to vicinity of Hamilton newsp»per« d RSfeJ Mtteets,.' Steady rbutaj Inquire Times~ 1OiBce,--Adv. ' tontaining sum of money in JDr; Goods .store or ,on Senea* «tre«t. Finder return td JBtftrtJAgtopi. Itfif ^Jinery store, Seneca St. Rectlre-'iw- m K T«mornHi /GAlVBS—Receipts 400 head. BJar- Jcet slow and prices 25c lower; sales at I6.0«i8r,il75. ••\ HOOS=K p , headt. ket active-and prices 15@25c lower; •Alss heavy at $15J)0iga6^5,-wired «t flROO, rorkera at »lfJ5@16.O0, light Yorkers at $13.74#14.50, plgfs at|ia.75, rougrha at, }12.OO01.2.SD and staga at \fS0»@10OO \ T .0»@10.OO, SHEEP and LAMBS—-Receipts 1,200 Mad, Iambs and yearlings 50c high- er; others unchanged; sales lambs at f|7,00@12.l6O, yearlihtfs at 1)0B t t |600@6S0 Orlqln of Picture Postcards. Pkrtara postcard* originate* on tha continent of Europe, probaJjlyJnGw- Many and Austria, where the enter- prising hotel keepers\ at the various spas ef these conniries indoG^a th«W ta to send them p their fritofls eo«Bt»«s,'with a shrewd idw of advextislog thtir hostelries. At any j»t% artistic poatcards gradually be- came popnlar in Germany; France and Italy and ether eoTOtries of continen- tal Europe, ajnejr were introduced to th* Kngtish-epeaklnt people by tht llrm of Haphael Tuck ft Sdhs, Londoq, wlio wi»r* nindei^tr.lt Hrsi by Oie BcJOaJi postal wgulations, which would allow; only l * t» * 4 -I .-- Blue Monday ~\ Win Be a Thiog of the P*X •f H Xiibt Kab! Sabl MM f mtlrtjp THE Motor Washer Riggs & Jensen 475 Exchange St, and RSeJ mu9W , 9°'' A *!**>& P«rt of the card »es -tf» ; tn| flffWed torn picture or ^leir, : 8mC> then pl^^» - jp<«^ay#|- -jjflf^- apretd »H over the world. They were first used In this country about 1897. **«•*« * •• * 1 :, of town Moving- \ i V. <$. FREIGHT *« % ••^KTJ^^.

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