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PAGE TEN GENEVA DAILY TIMES, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19,192U IN JERSEY CITY jiiiHouslng Problem is Handled In Wonderful Manner. BUILDS HOMES FOR PEOPLE WORK EXPLAI Mi»» Miriam Canfield Spoke Before Woman'i -4Bfa& en Bill la Passed $4,000,000 Will Be Put Into New Civic Project—* taok of Housing Accommodation* for 00,000 P«r«ons Out of Total Pop- ulation of 325,000— Boost Taxes of Profiteering Landlords. J? Jersey City, N? Jn ander the f §v ance of James H. Gannon^ Jj\_ *' jbnndled its housing problem wonder- •.. fully well, Van Ness Bar wood. In the jjSLJKew-Xork-World- tells how tbhrttfis \been accomplished and how the state \V purposes to build houses for its real- ;. ;•;.. ients and curb profiteers. .>...• James F. Gannon, Jr., commissioner t:>*• pf revenue and finance In Jersey Qity, '..estimates that there Is a shortage of ^'18,000 homes In the city across the C',7 river. This means there Is a lack oi r~~9fD:using accommodations for 00,000 i out-of 825,000, the total popu-. Has Been for Several Tears Connected With Schools of San Francisco Taking the work done In the Kan- Francisco public schools for children as a criterion by •which to Judge results, Miss Mariatn CaufieJd, who is now engaged in Binrflnr -wont at thq_sneelal Jjian-ch school in Geosr see Park,, presented in a jnost Inter- eflting~4v*y-the program and-jrurpose of these classes before a group of seventy five or nioro women at the Woman's atUfto.€nlon Hn4 creclit given. An eighty pe«* cent at- tendance Is necessary for credit,-it was :«tflt£c(, •THewe l«dtur«8 are to he held In the High' school fruikflng on Tue»» day and Thursday evenings at 7:'so •it flock In Miss barker's room. Mr, Merrell aIse'*»>a<Je ti lje»fcibi)» whereby h W tentative sus- organized bodies ' each as the Woman's pinb might an- ~'~ 1 *•\ \ manner in con- school. COALSITUATION NOT FAVORABLE But there will bo houses In plenty five bills to be Introduced in' the Jersey senate, bo passed. They through the house last spring. Not only will Jersey City benefit, but Ho will every other municipality In that state. But until these bills become and houses are constructed, Mre. . \' Gannon is keeping rents down with i .his thumb. He husn't nny laws to c back him, but that doesn't make the > ; Slightest difference to this young and .., pugnacious director of revenue and finance. Last winter when rents began to Jump he organized rent strikes, nnd ... made so great a success of them that ..Mayor Hylan sent for him to nsk him . jiow be did It. There are 386 tenants >'\ jn-Jersey City on strike now, and they Htm't pay rent or get out until their -—-landlords become rensonablo. Aided Rent Strikers. •> JJ O J On jy jjjjj jj e fgnjp^t strikes, bat |L lie saw to It that landlords who ousted tfinnnts to obtain higher ^rents had Shelr personal and real estnto assess- ments increased. lie also saw that they obtained various city permits only after long delays and much dlllleulty. He had ordinances passed to help htm, but a Supreme court judge knocked those out. However, Mr. Gannon kept ^-Tftght on gotngr The Bve new bills were drawn by a Joint legislative committee, appointed after a number of women, Incensed by * high rente, had gone before the senate ' at Trenton and demanded action. New York's nntlrent profiteering • laws were studied and Improved. Ono JMIl Wfl£ ttfldod. This Is considered tho \tt'ostfraportant nnd goes further than New fork ban gono. It empowers cities Of tlie state to build and operate houses •i> to 1% ppr cent of the real estate jratnble. These homes, to be construct- ed on model plans, can be sold or or Club teat evening* Tho address WAS given under the auspices of the i fare Department. . The speaker showed tho necessity for Individ ua! work and said \a teacher may take care of more than fifteen chiklrejtl, but she cannot train thorn.\ • \One \of t|ie difficulties for carrying on tliis special kind of work,\ she con- tinued, \Is to secure the proper kind &t il room; It must be airy, have different klird of sealing arrangements, if pos- sible, movable chairs, desks to contain tlie handwork, a game table, all of Abo ncces^iu-y. background,- 1 ' gart DISASTROUS ^HIE- . IN DWELLING HOUSE Fire caused damage? estimated at $1,500 to a dwelling Howie _ occupied by Mr, and Mrs, Daniel Collins at the corner of Lehlgn street and Gates avenue at 8:45 o'ctacJc last night The fire, 'wb.itsa started in a clothes closet on the second floor of the dwelling, was extinguished in about 30 minutes. No one was in- the house when the blaze started. The flames were seen • by a lasjserby i*JM» torned in the Both Soft and^Anthracita i alarm. Two south rooms on the up- per floor and the* hallway were badly VWIetle, HA Likely to \Be \Be\-' liev«d at Present. p& pparety gainin to week. Judging 1 froih with ' Geneva dealers the tion is foj 1 from favorable. \Hardly enough to speak of,' l hih t\ i intervlewi coal sltua Hardly enough to speak of, is the reply which comes to\ inquiries of whether the dealer has any coal on hand or not. The local dealers say they are not entirely without coal at fie fwesetat time, having been able to get one or two cars at long intervals. There Is equal shortage of both soft and hard coal, according to the deal- ers. It Is beli«vedt-by Oeneva dealers that relief from the present shortage wil undoubtedly come with the closing ot 'ho navigation, season. TUB will' be Mention wtkrinnde of the tests given ^el] children which is a rovUjion of two French tests and standardised and known as the Uoddard anxi Stam- ford revisions. A day's program was taken up, showing the relation of work and piny, together with the splendid results ob tallied through iiand-work. There was first j a morning ci-rule, a pooin In -which oil joined, singing; a talk on some current event, facts about tho rlty in which tho child lives; £ur hintoi y there was a presentation in story loim of certain facts about the T'nltpd KUtes jfnd other countries; the laiiKunge work wa» mostly oral; «?po- elnl utrc-ftH was laid on physical pxer- CIBP; Kamr>fl that were cducallonul; puzzles, wliich bruuglit faetg together unooiiBoiouBly \jabout the last W£fek of November, XJn- \~TlT\tTia^ Tinier tho' prospect of a great- er shipment of coal into thia city is unlooked for. The last few weeks of warm weather have been a boon to the householder who Jias looked with despair on an empty coal bin. If present good weather continues through the coming month, dealer* feel confident that the coal situation will have cleared up appreciably and that they will be able to meet the demand with 4he coming of colder days. \I Bffiiro that ^ersey-Glty will be able to build about $4,000,000 worth oi houses, and If tho legislation Is fcrorop'tly passed these structures will bo ready early next year,\ said the Commissioner. \Each will accoramo- .dfcte two families. There will bo four square blocks of them, and 400 fami- lies will ocenpy them. They won't #oivo the problem, of course, but they Will help. Will Reinvest Money. \This Is going to be a sort of revolv- ing fund, for, when a house is sold, the money will be reinvested In more buildings, and when those new build- ings are disposed of we will put the money again to worlc. There will be no politics in this building project. Sha contracts will go to the lowest :tUdder, and the houses sold to the Isjghest bidder. Where wo rent, the Apartment will be designated by lot. ifou can't be fairer than that. We are -COlng to take care of Jersey City people first, and after we have taken fire of them nil—If we ever do—New lorkers can have a chance. Tbe rooms will rent for about $6.50 each, so a live-room apartment would bring $32.50 ~«Tnenfli. w An arrangement Is being made with the building,trades whereby tho con- tractor will be guaranteed thnt there trill be no strikes while the buildings »re going up. This Is possible, be- Wiiise tlie city administration and the labor organizations work bond In hand. i Bird Bound In Thread. I Completely entangled in several y«rds of black thread, n small water vfowl, or \sea pigeon,\ as It Is called on the waterfront, was picked out of the water nt Galveston by WIHiam'Case, kn employee of the Foss Launch com- pany. The bird was taken to the Foss jBffice t where It took fully one-hnli liour to remove the thread. All the time the Foss employees were busy on \the thread with their knives*, the bird (Ittenipted to remove it with his bill. 'AM soon ns the thread was oil tbe bird rns placed on the float near the wa- ter. ' It dived and headed toward the 'SBldflle of the bay. How the bird hap- pened to be wound up Is one of the mysteries of-the deep. ' i '. in. Registrar Refuted to Enroll Women. Angrily refusing to enroll women iters for the Eighth election district it Carolina county, ^fr. Clarence registrar, handed in bis was also laid on tlio social side ond the play ship. \Wo had par- ti™, birthday parties, luncheon par- ties overvlimp there was nn oppor- tunity\ one said. \It save a clu-iiU-e for llttlp social usagoa.\ a for planning, and for^ tlie performance of ae Dial household duties. We had a lovely Christmas party making (ho d< tions for the tree. We just had limes,\ Manual training, different kinds of hand work including baskets, cradles, furniture t>y tlio old«r tioys wero infc only done Uy these special classeB, Lut PxhU'lled nnd sold, it was explained. Progress nloiipr thrso lines hits oeen truly icmnrknljte. Quoting from Ooddnrd, the psycho- logist, who nald, \Treat the child ao- cordinc In hla montD-llty, constantly oncournKi. nnd prnlHP. NPVPI- filseour- agp, HPop him happy nnd contented,\ tho talk, which -was very Informal In. ito nature, concluded. The work as tho sp< akor had seen it carried on f'orn year to y^ar shown! th«j groat v-ilup c f Bpoclnl rlnssoB, special o tiip- rncnt, sppclnl trnehlne, each chili Srnlt with un<lprstnndlnj?ly, looking toward happy nnd useful dnys ahead. There wns personal appreciation I'X- trndod Miss Canfield for her enlight- ening talk on this subject of Atypicil AI, , _ »..— -.1 . the AMUSEMENTS work. In tho nl>5onfp of Miss Dugan, stntp Amrri<; nlzutlon worker In th» city, who wns nchoduled to speaii, Superintendent Morrell outlined tV A mf rlrnjnlyf t j.in program as nrhlJXEnl. hv thJ> rjenfvn Americanization Ccum- oll. TIIP proprram lnrludes a course of flftppn lectured for tmoliPrs who .ire training for Arhrrlcanizntlon work. This couruo will be rec»5nlzcd by tlie Blackqtone Pleased Audience As a slight-of-hand artist, Black- stone, hulled by press agents as the world's greatest magican, proved one of tho best ever seen in Geneva at the Smith Opera House last night. Tho audlonce was not large, but Black\ stone's work of mystification with carjio and other objects met with hearty applause. One of the best aets perhaps, al- though apparently the simplest, was the antics of a handkerchief borrowed in the audience. At the will of the' magician, the handkerchief, danced all over the stage, \shimmied\ and jump- ed like a living thing. Tho presentation of a tiny white rabbit to little Harriett Mills of this city, who voluntered tf> come on the stago wh'tle BlackBtone seemingly produced the little bunny out of a newspaper, added Interest to the al- ready clever act. fti* _ Hindu <abtnet mystery, th* trunk mystery and the suspension o£ a girl in mid-air bythe forces of magic, were tho most praiseworthy of the better known mysteries practised by other well known magicians. His Brand finale, entitled a \bachelor's dronm\ was ono of the best illusions in tlie performance. Royal Neighbors of America will hold an old fashioned dance in odd Fellows' Hall Oct. 20th. Dancing from 9 to 1. Admission 60c a couple. 28c a single ticket.—.' •*- 1st division, Order Eastern Star will hold rummage sale Wednesday and Thursday, this weeft 366 Exchange 1'iioBP having donations, call 3691 or 3909.—adv. Klnshphemy was punished death by law of Moses. inrengmers. Ke^t .the spreading further. A* quantity' of qloUMBjj belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Collinsk.and to roomers in the house, was destroyed by the fire. Furniture in the burned rooms was- also- a-loss anpVjmjieJi of the fur- niture in otSei\-WBrts pi ttoe bourse was damaged tty water. \_*'•*. WOMAN'S POLITICAL RALLY THURSDAY « Mrs F. jLouls Sla-de, first vice-chair- man of the New York City\League oj Women .Voters, arid, .a, ntsinhjec of xhe non-partisan senatorial eomnittee, yiU sp.eak at the Woman'«--poUtical rally in Masonic Temple on William street on Thursday. evening^ff^ftS o'clocK. All women .voters lyE^Jjjrjsed to come and learn of the candidates from Mrs. Slaffe,-wTid^s^^i£FKrbe~a'\nioit able and forceful speaker, Mrs. Slade is » prominent -dub woman and has beejj active in rtii- frage, civic and philanthropic work m her city. During the max, Mrs. SlaJo grave untiring services. At Home Since iievott at rr«»ent. I burned, but consistent work by the According, to a report just given out j ffre - gghter^ kejjt .the bl»ze from i by tbe National Coal Assoeiatfon,, the | anj . a <,M nt r fV,rfv.«\ ' bituminous coal production has reach ed 12,00O,00ff ton weekly, the produc tion necessary to prevent a shortagi thte winter,- Totkl production of an. thraeite in not • a» satisfactory, al- \ apparently gaJnlne from- week .i * Kenny-Fanning Canandaigua, Octi»4»?«^«t»et? Mary's church this mornl$jrj(iJJ)i«P'cl oc ' 1 \was solemnized the marriage of Miss Anna Teresa Fanning, •-dattghter of Mr. Frank Fanning of this city, and Ed- ward Daniel Kenny'of Geneva. Rev. Janies T. Dougherty, rector of, the church, performed the ceremony and celebrated mass, during which Mrs. T. C. Bradley sang. Miss Kathryn Farrell rendered tbe wedding music. The bride was gowned in white georgette crepe with which she wore a large white hat, ostrich trijnnied. Her shower bouquet was of bride Miss Jennie Curran of Can- It is almost 26 years since the Geneva ] Times made its first home rim, and it hai been running home ever siiiG%- ; ; First of all and more lasting of all, the Geneva Daily Times is the HOME news- paper for families of-Ontario, Seneca and Northern Yates counties. It gives its read- ers the real news of the happenings of the world as well as the news of the immediate vicinity, while the news is fresh. andaigua, as bridesinalil, wore pink taffeta with a black velvet hat and arried Ophelia roses. Patrick Ken-. ly of Geneva, brother of. the groom,. vas best man. Ushers w&is •William )lvney and Vincent Hogan of Geneva. Following the marriage service, ireakfast was served at the bride's lome, the following friends assisting In serving: Misses Madeline Murphy, Imily VanVooren, Anna Meath, Mary illesniev Mildred &sd l&jsr^irwayiairi Gertrude Linehan. Mr. and Mrs. Kenny left for a short wedding trip after whlffh they, will -aside at 391 Hamilton street, Geneva'. The bride wore a traveling suit of dark blue with a black vehftat hat. The groom is a son oi Mr. and Mrs, Ed- ward Kenny.of Geneva. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Serven and son Earl of William street and Ttfr. and \Mrs. Philip Helmlach of Pine street cere the guests Sunday of relatives in 'almyra. Mrs. Ida Lewis of Syracuse is the uest for a few days of Mrs* James tokoe of 192 North Main street If your neighbors or friends are not taking the Geneva Daily Times won't you pass the good word along to them and suggest thaf^ they, too, become subscribers? \ iThankyou. The GenevaDaily Times Geneva, N.Y. .. The Ergonian Bible class of the First baptist church win hold a. thimble party at the home of~~Mrs. Stout ii with the Fairfax building; tomorrow after,, noon at two o'clock, ' WOMEN GIVEN IMPORTANT ROLES IN ELECTION OF HARDING n DID TUNNY MAN' VISIT HARDING? Believes—Americans Must Be Stupid Not To Understand Harding En route with Governor Cox, Wor- cester, Mass., Oct. 19—\Senator Hard- ing says again this morning that he has been misunderstood,\ said Gover- nor Janies M. Cox here today. \He said he was misunderstood at Des Koines, it ie amazing how stupid the American people are. They just can't understand the Senator. On the great International questions, whom did Senator Harding consult?' •funny man' of Franee.\ This was the Democratic Presiden- tial candidate's only comment in his speech here today on the reply of Senator Harding's to President Wil- son's letter asking for an explanation of the Senator's reported statement that he had been approached by a French representative on the proposed new association of nations. . Governor Cox spoke from the sta- tion platform to a large and enthus- iastic crowd gathered in the streets below. His expression of sympathy for the cause of Ireland, his belief that under Article X, Great Britain may give Ireland voluntary freedoii \The and his pledge to bring the question before the \bar of whole public opinion under Article 11, under the League should it not be settled before March brought prolonged cheering and hand clapping-. ' Saw Conferring of Royal Purple Degree _More than thirty members of the Ontario Encampment No. 84,\*I. O. O, F., of this city, motored to Corning yesterday afternoon to witness the conferring of the Royal Purple degree on a class of candidates. The work was ably exemplified by the Montoar Encampment of &>rnlng. . A very bountiful banquet was served in the early evening and there \were ^ome more \eats\ after the ceremon- ies. The Geneva guests did not arrive in the city iftitll six a. m. today, but voted the Corning' Encampment royal h6sts. PUN RAIL PROJECT LJne to Connect Pacific Ocean With Amazon River. Ecuador\Gr»nt«'conceMlon to Big Syndicate to Develop.Resources of Fertll« Land. Santiago.—Construction of a railway which would connect the Pacific ocean with tbe Amazon river, serving the republics of Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela oji the north, and Peru, Bo- livia, and Brazil on the south, Is In- volved In a concession which has been authorized by (be Ecimdorean govern- ment. Authorlty-for the construction of tlie railway, according to a Chilean weekly, was obtained from the gov- ernment JQUJ J ernment Jgnaclo Leon, JQUo^Jy gaco Leon, former Chilean diplomat, for a syndi- cate capitalized nt $25,000,000. mem- bers of which Include many promi- nent Chileans. The route would start from Port Bolivia on the Pacific and run to Port Borza on the Amazon. The proposed railway. In addition to serving n zone bordering on what Is said to be among the-best petroletim bearing districts In Peru, would afford a means of con- necting the foar large and Isolated provinces of southern Ecuador, with 600,000 Inhabitants, with the rest of the country. An article recounting tbe details of -the project quotes Senor Leon as saying: \Apart from tbe establish- ment of Inter-oceanic communication, of great future importance, the rail- way* penetrating East Ecuador, com- bined witn th ftlh Striking Miner* Sing ^ Revolutionary Song London, * Oct. 19.—Cpat strike dis- orders, during- whieff Welsh, miner* sang the revolutionary song, \Tfhe Re* Flag^\ were reported today fr\\< Van. ~3y, Wlin Thi f b y fr y, This was fhe first out-' break since the strike started day night at midnIghtr\Sy The police attempted to break tin the demonstration of the Welsh strik- ers, but the latter resisted and fight- ing followed. Stones Were thrown andl many windows were broken. Police reinforcements were brought up and the disorderly strikers wart finally dispersed. ^ - -• jftaslgahlfi—xteacways, will enable the exploitation of an enormous extension of extraordinarily fertile virgin territory which will con- stitute the most admirable .sources wealth for Ecuador.\ 800 Inspected the New .Bank Building Eight hundred people registered aa guests last evening at \tHe Qe^eva, Trust Company as they inspected the now hiiiidi d l JChina has almost 5.000,000 persons pnpioyed in the silk industry. Politics is • Mriow occupation and an abno'itm* one for women, aa well as men tm? »t»i rtl , sth women on the KepubUcin Kittonftl Coaunittee are tfcvotiiig their time to rousing the « met vow if (be country. Mrs Harriet Taylor Upton, vice-chairman of the Republican National frX Ipenda all of h«r dm* at CSiteago hwdquartera orRkhuinff the «uu>pn voters It t<> ftppeal to Rtpublican iMemblyman ui Tennessee tbat the Rn tiuan An,en<im.^i'«, Mrs. Henrietta W. Livermore devotes herself to tht oi. .„• u > <?•: I'I.U, *Ute», b«lng director of womex'i activltlta for the eastern iir \• M-M •'I. < ..,n publican senator from niinoli, is at Chicago headquarters doih - >• << i.. ni.rn,. ^E m activities. #!#Ut- ¥*>&*> t- f§*m» i* jjoiat cMlnnan of lite Brpul lican National Speakers' Borcao. now building 1 and t^re TSCeivect bytTW- offlcials. It is pstimated that there RPIV nhout a thousand visitors, am many did not register. All wcrr very prfnerous In (Vinmittc« i to t • • • rerfal r,, n «e<'. .-,., , . B »t«m >. w,i, J t <M Ra* 4\ piatsr for the equipment and arehitec- [reaching effect. Delegates From Many Lands Visit G. I. Company Plant Schefipctady, dot. 19—delegates to the Preliminary International Com- munications Congress, including rep-] resentatives ol the American, British, French, Italian and Japanese govern- ments, are here today inspecting the General Electric Company's plant, particularly the Manufacture of wire- less apparatus. High artny and aavy officials accompany the delegates . The conference is a continuation of conferences Tield by the Allied and associated powers daring' the war. It will take up cfuesjlons- relating 1 -to the broadening of the use of the wlre- .~' ' ess a 1 d woper regulations governing I its use. The outcome of these con- their Lferences are expected to have a far . in • Woman Burned Alive Is Report to Authoritiet New Brunswick, N, j., Oct. 19 Th« Somerset County authorities today •,- began investigating- a\ gruesbme repors that a woman hacl been buried aliv« . by her husband aftier a quarrel at their home near Manvllle. The originator of the report Michael Cucuok, is being detained by the police until the inves- tigation is made, Cucuck told the po* ice that the proprietor Of a boarding house at Manville, where he had been living, quarreled with his Wife and, after beating her severely, trussed her hands and feet and buried her alivi* The authorities, refused to reveal th* name of the bbardiiig house proprietor until they investigatea the atbry. Grand Opera in Auburn. The Creatore Grand Opera Company, with -100 people, are : to oe at the Audi- , torium at Auburn on Friday and Sat- urday of this week with a special matinee. Saturday afternoon. Tn« operas to he* given are, Eriday evening, \Lucia dl \' Strday matinee, ^ \Carmen.\ given are, Eriday Lammermoor;\' Saturday ;Sa.t«r4ay evening, LADIES! DARKEH YOUR GRAY HWR Use Grandma's Sage Tea and Su*t?t»r Recipe and Nobody will Know. The use of ^age and Sulphur *>£•«- stortag faded, gray hair to «a.waW«* color dates back to eranj'M, 0 *^.?' time. She used it to keep het ! f „„ beautifully dark, g-Iossy and aU ™'I tive. Whenever het hair took on *nai When faded dulli faded or stteaked^ppea^ !> this simple mixture w4s v *PpUe d wlt0 d p wonderful effect. ^ B wonderful effect. ^ ' i But brewing at honte is mussy ana out-of-date. Nowadays, by ashing• «• anv drug store fjor a bottle of \Wyetht Sage and Sulpltur Compound, voa will-get this fanioos olft ^preparation, improved by. tlie adattioif Of other in- dlfe h Ste tpntled ip- ped gwsdleafes; on to rest adattioif O caSttvte ttepentled l l d bea Cur.-ii hfHiiJy nf 'tho interior. A hum- 1 IPT of tourists froni Buffalo and Rnch- pstrr worp most enthusiastic and sa.id it was superior (o any banks-'they had s«'pn in cities of this size in tho conn, try. and romparofl very favorably With the big city banks. Tomorrow the delegates will be the',] guests of the army .at West Point, where elaborate arrangements have been made to entertain the disting- uished party. on to restore iiatural color anfl beauty to the hatr. \•'' . , A well-known downtown aruggiat says it <iarke»s the hair m naturally and eyeijly that nofapfly can tell it \^* been applied. You simply da««P en a sponge or soft brusjj with it and \\\'\ this thTrough your hatr,; tatkinst strand at a time. By mornlrigf gray hair disappear*, fciwl after, an- other nppllca-tlon ftr two,,..It l»«come« one the No accompliBhment in lmposstbl» beautifu1iy\aSfk *B* fl v MODU, w wck together, . . * » .^

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