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ws^3^ . :_...:\••••/- .•. ^-i-v^^^aia^ : Eight of thfc Are. Nursing- %^ La wrence Here Saturday Coach ...,—,„. ,.. ......, ...... -«..,.. s , = Football team certaliily :I|f JiJta j J#- lowing MT^^**^ «i**&.«fe luries are jwrted *?r tat tat nis^rtaad Wel^JI*?^tJ*ro t«w backfleld man §yall«fle for practice. d thfi KrittjcgiItlle^iu»rt0frl»aefc Snyder thfi was banged MEET IN CHICAGO GAME Ban Joh Refuie To Attend U ft |ll CldAl M\ nson and Hi. Support* iml Jiuy Invocation Is Completed—Al*o $U. To Get Aft er Ba»eball Pooi,_Minor Leagues A£e ;• -.Chicago, C&t\f9ir!^« 'Xasker plan\ of reorganising professional \ wag being consideredT* by~ owners for him to_. jtar half-back, .... .„. to the team for at least tiro'weeksT)e- :ause of an infection^in his left arm* Brower, ...-...-•-•-•--- x_.^_. gress Hotel last night; The eft* own- ers wet yertJWdayaM after ^jifelim- Jnary weaslon adjourned until « tfcloci? last night. It was expected the ses- oi| would Ia$t_ ijtttmnidnfjfhfc ~ Proposals submitted at Jast nipht's meeting were drawn n» by & Commit- tee appointed earlier In the day and composed of -Alfred IST' • - - • ower, |||% t bad sprained ankle In Saturday's game and he te able to just hobhle iround. Hadson, sntatitiite back-field man, received a torn ligament in Sat- urday's game. Gasper, star full-back, is still nursing Che injury recelTed In t]ie Clarkson- game,- This leaves Coach Welch wltfibut a single man available in t&e bacfefleld for tice. ' • _ ~ . ___ H Efatihtte star center, is Clark, captain ^js ^BsjEoniliTJey bt Chicago* J, C. Jones of St, Louis, Barney Drey- fuss of Plttsburg and Colonel Jacob Ruj^ert f S YTK \' adopted, at in the.;Hne still in bad • shape. Loughry's understudy at raSiJ, ia jfet unable to scrimmage because of in- juries received some fcWo weeks ago. Capt. Lojighry the shining light of the Hobart team was unable to report for practice last nigfct Because\ oTli&Turles received in Saturday's game. Vogt and Morton wb,o received injuries to Saturday's game, Were Just able to hobble around the field last night. With eight men nursing injuries and the hardest game of the season com- ing on next Saturday with St; Law- rence Coach Welch has his \roirk cut out for him in order to build up a de- fen so that will hold the heavy -scor- ing of St. Lawrence team. Only the lightest kind of work will be the pro- gram for this week. ' WANTS TITLE FOR CARPENTIER French Boxing Federation A«kt That He Be Recotjnlxed aa Light Heavyweight Champion.* 1 Paris. Oct. 19.—-The French Boxing Federation, at a meeting Friday night, decided to ask the ~ International Boxing Union to sanction the result of ijie Carpentier-teVinsky fight by granting Carpentier the title of light heavy weight champion of the world. ! The union had heretofore consider- ed this title Tacaifc ' • • - The estimated hemp output of .the Philippines for iJfeO i» \ «0;6Q<M>0O pales, . -,.7.-^. an ns were adopted, at yesterday's meeting. One urge* the enactment in every Btate of a law ifcaWng it a felony to het on a ball game or offer or take a bribe in con- nection with- baseball* tphe ottier pledged the: support 1 ct the magnates •to the grand jury ajid any sub prosecution of baseball«tJr»oks. Jo|j(i»fln..Absent Ban Johnson, president of the Amer- ican League, declined to f>( 1ittenof ihe meeting, He did not faxpj^Oisoujising reorganization while, investigation of ckd bbll! d j^ of Sew YoTK, Two resolutions were ed g crooked baseball! was under way by the^CooJ^Cojittty^gmad- jury* he said. Messrs. Burin QJE Cleveland, IfaJl\of r St iLouiSj Mack of Philadelphia, Navia or Detroit and Griffith of Washington, did not attend: The magnates, managers and club officials who - attended the meeting were; George Washington Grant, Bos- ton Braves; Wiliiam>-Baker, Philadel- phia Phillies; James Comiskey, Louts Comiakey and Harry Grabiner, White. Sox; Barney Dreyfuss,, Pirates; Jacob Rt %H ¥ ; y Ruppert and I Vfflfc ; ¥anK«es; W C pp and %,Hueto»r ¥anK«es; W. I*. Veefflfc and' A; IB. Lasker, Chicago Cubs; Garry H*rrniann\ r aUd Fat'Mo- ran, Reds; Samuel grasdan, Branch Rickey and J. C. Jones, (Cardinals; John J« McQraw and Charles M Stone- YALE GIVES TEAM THOROUGH SHAKING - •- ;.;.• , • JII . New H*ven, Oct. 19^-Tale has a pair of new ends and a complete new back' field.aa a- result of the snake-up or dere'd. yesterday because of SatUrBay'* defeat at the hands of Boston-College, ThlrrjC Murphy replaced Kempton' 1 at quarterback; Kempton goes to left- back, . Howard Campbell succeeded French a t rightback and \Big Ben\ Jordan was/given fullback, replacing Fted Webb, compromising the new backfieia,- ^hlfe\ VWtor Stabeck. was given left eftfl. and Rli Cutler \right end gr-he *hlftsi,wiii-be-tried during the Vigini Std d i tying and strerigthenhjgr the governing agencies of the game. i, \- 'Briefly, the Lasker plan Js this: \' Engage a,chairman of a high tri- bunal at a salary that wau|d attract-a man of najionaJ reputation—rfireBuhV ably 1 a $50,000 'a yeap lawyer. Then, hire two other high-priced' persons ox consultation wheheviMr thelrireTV were required. This tribunal to W*»t Virginia game. Saturday and i * \ifiJtJKorjfe^iBllr fe><& made- permanent. TWfch'thq reBuiars in the other m: \rstiteam worked an horn* in' ation • yesterday The -anly confined to the ace- rgg n ond and third teams. Captain 'qallahan,, French, Quai!« and AldrJch.-who were, injured in Uist SWurday^s-game. jKittC-Boston coiieg<5, * if but d.H not get Qill into the signal drill except <Quaile,,Yho '\\P*roba]bly. 'toe used a* guard;'Satur- Callahan's \arm was in a sling repute who could, he called upon fox- ^sam tt expected that he . „ _ 4>e>-iised until tha Har- . ^—, T _,.,,- vard-a^d =P.rI»qeton games. clothed with power in excess ot *ny Itjs l|kely that Kempton will be ro- fheretofore exercised by. the Rational tainedt at halfbacks as his generalabip Commission, .even/ to the disciplining, °* *** eleven had been - faulty,, wiiilal of the ^e.aKiie...piesidents--an*-forfeit- he-hn4••«cnibltea\\excellent'\'back quail- ing franchises. . ;•-• ties It Is less certain that Murphy will be. retained at quarterback regularly as Minors Interested . . Fifty minor, clubs \have already given tentative- iadsrscSmeninto itlHT'fian, On November ? ; ihe plan as -yrorked out at td' ti il b ? p yesterday's meetingg to h i lb be submitted wi t the minor clubs a^ a meeting in, Kansas City, • While the »ub magnates were work- ing out the plan for clean baseball, plans went fprwa£d.j:ar a continuatloft of the grand jury investigation o? baseball. Nineteen -witnesses wera summoned to appear before the grand jury today. Most of the witnesses were local men said to be familiar with baseball pools. Among witnesses summoned to tes-r tify in regard to the alleged throwing of games were Fred Mitchell, manager of the Chicago Cubs-; John Seyes. sec- retary of th« Cubs; \Tip\ O^Nem, or the White Sox; Ban Johnson; presi- dent, of the; American League; Harry Frazee,. owner of the Boston. Ameri- cans, and-Chartea \EKbets owner ot the Brooklyn Dodgem ne is. subject to injury in a long earn- > Daa JCelly, tf-restonan captain, „..„, given a thorough tryout in scrimmage tlys, aatefinoon arid showed promise. We»t Virgmfa Situation. -MorgantOWn, WT Va., Oct. 1 19—The GENEVA HIGH PREPARES FOR CAME WITH ELMIRA West Virginia University eleven stajd- eq.fln.lhe. ana-Hap of its training pro- sramffir4|the Raftie with yi t ono q Hp f g p sram, 3 ffir4|the .Raftie with y^ie nnxt Safin-da* by holing a long arill yesterday. The work was ono of the best held by the Mountainr-.ora tma season There,was a- scarcity ot rumbles and few mistakes were mflde. The signal drill was featured by the manner in which Carl Beck handled long passes ana the scrapplness of the entire eleyeij which' mS hot lose ny °fitfijei}ftys|asmai the workont. SAVING Team Will Be At Full Strength When They Tackle Elmira Free Academy Eleven at Elmira-Saturday—Beals Re- turned to Team Yesterday On Saturday Geneva High finished the four early_gamea with a dean. slaw,, and now enters upon the more serious part of the schedule. Trus, in the early games came Auburn, but this gam© will probably be played later In the season next year now that Auburn haa been toeaten t On Saturday Geneva gfoes to EJlmira, - will be put-to-the teat by tu Ceani that is being heralded as Elmira'^ greatest, team in the—school history. Every man available will his n by Coach terday at the schol ....... MerreU called a meeting of the whole football squad, and urged them to fulfill all faculty demands, so as to bo eligible to play, be inaugurated A new system is to whereby men are gftrea their verdict of play or not play on Wednesday- of each week, and not. on Friday. This will give three days' warning in •case in the Jtuture any man is declared eligible The slogan for Wednesday's i \H bEl Buckwheat Cakes toak> the butter fly.\' fend TiurUvyhoat cake weather makes *s nil fly for warmer underwear— doe-n't pay to fool with the \flu\--~or court a cold. Perhaps th P widest selection of kinds J>f Fall underwear you -have evferjjeen Horn that wouldn't sell a poor gar- {nont at atiy price—or charge yoii too ~ri» p a price for the protections ... «• (Truly—and when we say truly we sincerely—no better ~i under thla October Suh-rr hnvp scoured the- Hiarl^ets to get \itlnris you like—and hive-, serub- tlio values until Lewis Dillon Suit« $2.00 to »1000 Roxford Shirtt arid Drawer* $1.80 to WOOL '•.!•- Phoenix Caihmerar Hp|S«ry game is mira, and lis^tiy \being lations.\ Beals t h \Help don?t us help ^thenf aait fb fl* gu regu- was but yesterday though he does not 1 return formally to BChool-tlll > and then took part in t practice at the Parish House. fl e signal The big d di pe a s Huse. The bg fellow seemed in pretty rugged Bondi- t'iott-consideVrihj5;«iiis' long lay-off and ought to -be baek-frn-siiape before many days The men who have been nurs- ing injuries are coming along, in .rond shape, and it really looks barring fur- ther accidents as though Geneva High would enter Saturday's game at full 'strength; ^he_.jnosLjlkely -combination -of- bachs would seem to he Frolich, Rog- ers, Kennedy and Beals, with Velt, Eighmey arid Harding as alternatives. Last year Geneva High had an unusu- ally fast line and gained a good reputa- tion for speeding lining up and getting off the plays. -There is some mystery this year. The men individually look faster than Tast year, but the team as a whotc does hot show snap or speed. Frolich, of course, is not yet at hoine with ttfc signals and inconsequence does not keep the men od their toes an<3 calls the signals without much pep and this may, be the root of the trouble.. But Coadh Bray is inclined to believe tfct the itifll hi f Pointine: out the lrnportance of ac- quiring- an individual \Success Fund\ for a nroper start in. life for every -hay and girl attending\school in this State (NSw York), the Honorable Jonn Et. Ptnley, Comisslonof of Educ- ation fpr the State of N6w York in a messapte received by the superinten- dent and principals of the School sys- tem of this city today \ (Monday! Urges the teaching personnel tcf make this record year in saving. Coimriiasioiier Finley emphasizes the fact tli£Ct\fhe ScbobT'Savings Plan em- boj^ylng the \Success Fund\ idea presents an unusual opportunity for the. schools of this StaTe inasmuch as it lias for ita aim the teaehlne- of tlie chiW t& aettaire a personal fund as well as; teaching patriotism, in \that the savings of the children are invest- ed in Gfoyernm nt Savings securities. He DOints ou,t the necessity for the* teachings of thr4#Hnot only.n.^ to sav- ing-money, but as to - the _uj *»entai -tslESr'aW pfiyslcal h Bray is inclined to believe tfcat the ipontinflal changing of men, and An4rt<hl-H« d r» in *-in n r • i t I » -g-_\_ ^rr: — 1't— ^ \ ~ ~ \ » - . ggasrTrttE newTIneups has been responsible. Every effort •will be made this weeic to speed up the men. Considerpblekllijfii frequently tackling' high, and fre- quently allowing men to go through their lingers. an &> Clothe, for Men 16 Seneca St. G«n«v«, DIAL EFFICIENT -\^•T piumntng it a. ,r» Were experts in wr line aeavor and solicit ydUf fail for neyv• a« well a> repair Wei will B iv e pronrtHf Cherry Saturday's Games Upset die Dope The \dope\ was upset all along, the Jine as a result of Saturday's football contest^. The Syracuse-Pittsburgh 1wttl© at -Symeuser - ending-IS-*-^ Wepa-of-fiyracuse. TM Midgets o 7 tie, Was perhaps the biggest game in the \eaBt. Pftt had been picked toy many critics to defeat the Orange and it was only by a bit of wast able, to. tie the score. The Pitts- burfeh team was clearly at a disad- vantage on a rain-soaked nel3, while cuse soroewhat better- Tale Was forced to again taste de» feat at~th**harids bt Boston College, which defeated the Elis 21 to l». Shortly after each team had- Bcored a touchdow,n Captain GaHahan and AldcJch of falewwe taKen\6ut With injuries and:this, seemed to.take.the drive from the plue machine. , A4 PhiiadBlphift, !Penii managed nose out lalayette 7. to 0, When the Beet-footed Strauss encttched jip » Xafay^tte fumble and raced ' »'r * tduchdown just before the close of the third pe^rfM. Harvard had little trouble in dating MTiiliams 88 to » wiiIe'Prh%eBii ***a - wiSflfSiw offeired a surprise by hold ing \tlie Jieavy ©irpwa -Want i^MAib. '•4 victory. {The Maroon ptit up » stiff jfaattlk. bpt Urns of -;thi*f regulars fSailgrTto\ Winfift \1SWK1« $$&•'•' - ^ # . ' Columbia contijhtied Its wlnnins str«ak >y defeating AnjherW walkaway front North Carolina and both thft 'Army and. Navy '•ma, al- though the latter bar«ly .managed W i«se out Buoh»ell Jf U & : .„ '. Yucatan haa to depend almost « Midgets Meet Syracuse Eleven » *- The Midget Atball team will open its home.season at Gulvln Park Sun- day when they tackle the \strong Bam- * m _ _ . A ^ v M^I' . • _ ,.•», ^ - - -\ -^'. L — clare they have one of the fastest 125 pound teams In this vicinity and- look forward to a victory. Sunday. The team will practice tonight and aij members are asked po rejaorLjiramptly at BREAKS WORLD'S RECORD ce.OenVart, French < er« 600 Meter Run 'Favored by Fait' Paris, Oct. 19.—Maurice Ileliyart, tf French athlete, broke ttte world's rec- ord for the 600 meter run Saturday, covering the distance in 1T05 3-5. t St Cl g The- face was run at St. Cloud un der the auspices of the Sporting Fed- erationn off Francee beforee a l eratio o Franc for a lg crowd. Deliyart was favored by bar Ing a fast cinder track for his effort. The former%ecord was 1:07 6-10, and; was held by Rajz of Hiingary. It waSr^^^f\ 1 *^?* «^\V« t fp^j made in 1913. West Point, Oct 19—With the e»* eeptlon Of BreidSter, the Army's WjT. •mmrd who is resting in ft Bbspitai, all the Varsity ineh were -out - yesterday. ¥hVioiSei* m&e^tbngpfttfrBpttXe. ftfiia contest unsoratched. jm^^^^ Saturday «ll be the Amy's pri^Pfl ~«Blly, yo^P P*st« •» toe too objective from, how on» although Tuits ..lymn \M^I • J »_J*X» i B on the aehedule for this Saturday, * X0IU Cells T - - - - energy. In his- message,. Commissioner Pin- ley \ heartily endorses _ the United {States ^Government School Savings program, DecauTse\1t Is thoroughly Practical and .especially easy to oper- ate and' in that it permits \the accum- ula'tron of an individual \Success Fund\ oil the part of each child in the State, which will enable the \citizens of to-nioTro-w\ to pursue advanced courses of business, technical and professional training, thgxebx proving beneficial to themselves as well as the nation, Pommissioner JPiWey's letter reads as follows: \The school savings plan that has been sussested.-.by -the -GoveTBnierrf- Iioan Organization will be appreciated by iHany-Hup<?r«titendents and princi- pals. It seems to present aa unusual -«speeiaily\—for—schools BPjv py •that -h(uve no «a.v4ng, plain, in operation. There.aj?e several exeelleMt features in the plan—one, that it is very sim- ple Iii operation and entails little ex- pense,' a s the forms are furnished without cost fey the Government; also,, that it teaches patriotism in connec- tion WJlth- .thrift from the fact that in- vesments made by the children ari in Government securities. \The teaching of thrift, not only as to savihsr money, but thrift as to the f i l y, as to use of time, mental talent and physical energy-as well, is most im- portant.. Sy?t^n^tlc_jsayinK_lhh out €hG schoo-1 • *years would e ntany children-to. acquire-: what Government iioan\ (Jiiranizatlorj hap- pily calfs a ;\Su6dess Fund.\ The United States Goxernmerit School Savings system seems to be _iborl- ill t pjc and especially easy to operate. I ji^aftily' indorse snch a saving's program, because it will af- ford the onJjdWtfinty to teach econ- \otny. thrift \^attd savings \Theref9ref^.%ojpp that the super- •Infjentfents, <£&frp|Pjil9 and t eaohefs !' cooperate \fltli' each other aal the OpvenSmeflf^Kiai? Organtzitlon the GoverBTfoCfff^ftit Organizaton wnere*er-Jio*siMte f >ta the effort to have the boyy and girls in our schools % •\|iifc%S* Fund/' tiki « Tailor. The memheri of the choir were practicing the aothem \As the Hart Pant* After tbf \Water Brooks.\ p g ilppiMjr not 4ulte to the «tl9- oq_of_the-s-«ntleman who wjcia&d lie considered It* necessary, there* ' r«, to tender •ome adTlce to the norl, and c«a««d great congterntttlon your wrpresolon is,«lm- I »IHHMHHHMr#* ««tJBi * rt«*ryolr» \•* <• 1 ' [Winston-Salem, N. C, Friday p.: up the one swellest day of _ Since early this morning, when I got «tn irmtation to visit R. J. Reynolds Tobacco_O». factories,. I've been in the ~4*^-...^X.*,.IMX-~ Came j cigaretteSt i-^-the happiest idea you or I ever ha<i as t» the size of this Reynolds enter- prise, or the number of Camels manufac- tured- daily, is simply piker-stuff! Wipe oflFtb«sl«ite and start fresh! Why—Pete, it seeraei to me like a couple of those ciga- Tette-malcing^ machines could keep half the ntt;io!a snaoking Camels steadily—BUT— fcoxies* to goodness, there are hundreds of these jm<sJtimes batting out Camels at the «t« oi 27,000 an houv—EA CHI I?«te, you wouldn't havelo'consulta guide -feook^kaiowr you were m the Camel fac- tories I The atmosphere is charged with thai wonderful aroma you get when you open utp a deck of Camels! And, you Arnow, o!i (lephant—-you've had a trunk full! A.s tshe Camels dropped into the contain- ers. I figuxed the delight each one would supfly*! And, how Camels mellow,jcnild - bodj would hit the fight spot and how .CatEttW tesfttrfiing£avor: would-cheer ujr some smoker's jaded appetite! And, each Carnel foe from any unpleasant cigaretty afte-rtaste or unpleasant-cigaretty odorl e-^-m have to lay off and light an- other Cam«l! IVjrife.jrQu_sonie-more soon. Yours joyously DRESDEN Dresden. Oct. IS—Mr, arid Mrs. A.-; . Bajnoa had as their guests Sun- day, Arlington Mapes and sister.JMrs- Ringeir of Hushvllle, Mr, ajid Mra. M. Black, niiidl family of Bcllona and Mr- antfl Mrs. Frank Mahoney and clilldlrctt of Eiarl, Kev- Paul Holtman will Holy Communion at St. John's Chiarcrt next SunSay at 4 o'cloote. - Edgar Albro of Geneva, spent day at the home. of Mr. an-d BIrs— Cfaarles Herr. Eflith Depcw spent th« weckr end at her home in Benton. iMi*. a'n* Mrs. M. C. Bodlne aro ylnr ait automobile trip to ApHromiitctr mennstairis 3Del»s E>avis spent Monday fn ne-ya. Sirs. Clinton Brigffs and son. spent Saturday in Geneva. Sbe was accompanied home by her sister, 1 Margaret Nelson. WHIlim - ilay in Geneva. Miss Bessie .Angus spent the enct ivttli Bier parents, Mr. and Has, C S. Anitas, F\rc(l Boan of Rochester spent Still- day at his home in this place, Mr. aficl Mrs. Seynnour Knapp of Hornell soent over Sunday with feer ^ar^nts. Mr. and Mrs. Delazort Lu<d- low. Mrs, V, I*,' \Van Keoron return«d from >?ew York Monflay where s3io attended tho Eastern Star convention Its a delogato t rom Seneca LnUe yhap-^ tor- 0 B S, ,: Mrs. Alonzo Sumner and qon Stan- ley- Wood of Wayne visited their' ila,«ghter, Mrs. Eollln Warren, Mon-1 icy. I SAt, ana Mrs. Youngs of Florida; lia/vci bpou called hore by. the Illness ant thoiT mother, ' - . ' Tony Schasre wfto conducts a Ford guag& has purchased the property of William Benham now occupied by W. J, Harris and family. ' i \ tflio Wonian's Missionary and La-1 dies' Aid Societies will meet at tho hoxno of Mrs, A. L. Barnos on Thiirs-! ila.y afternoon of this week at 2:30, o'c3ock. . . i Har-vov Norman and Ralph jPnolc^wPrO\ -sliuyaplug In I'l-'uu Van fcinturday. MLisa Xlbbie Marlow of Oeneva spent, over/ Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. \Vm. fior*on. nov-a, -was the over-Sunday guest of hoc- fri«nd, Miss Marlon Bodlne. j fcjrs, Clfarlos Angus and daughter, Jaaet, Mrs- A. H. Weaker, Miss W1-! llan Bunnell, Mrs. Charles Lamb, Mrs. JTottos, Mrs Mary Norman and Ne«r Pre-War Prices. I g Salo of lead, oil and Paint ma- terials. Fairfax Bros. Co. Inc.— .See Mr- ; Grain Crop. Reports Having- extensive leased wire connections throughout the Wistern grain belt, we art tnabltd to give those inter' ested in grain values au- thentic, up-tO'lJte-minute in- formation on conditions. Daily grain letter mailed p i F. W. Wagner & Co. ES7ABLISH&D Mepiberg New York Stock Exchang JV» Yk€itEh Chicago Board of Trade GENEVA BRANJCH 14 Schnircl Building Telephone 2405 EM. CRINNIN, Mg r 1 ) • 1 IPfjo r«d-legffed partridge of and Asia Is ono of the finest Wrds - , BE*..: si bankrupt 20 yeara -.v^vwv^a 1 \^ \* —*'»J»--S _. AMERICAN INDUSTRIES UNDER DEMOCRATIC RULE J mm DEMOCKAtlC• A&imt&tATIOli DURING THE FIRST THIKTY MONTHS. A ;>' v^*. 1 •'*.

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