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-A « I. -GENEVA DAILY Til.;:.' MDAY. SEPTEMBER 10,1920 DAILYJEI& LS Ettatitsiiea May .2?, 1S9&. ^ Published Dally, except Sundays nt 53 .Seneca St., Geneva. N. Y., *by the C>nff»a , iPrintlno Companyi W. A. Graoey. Presi- dent; g. B. Williams. tflce-Piesdentj •is '«. B. Williams Sec'y and Trea». . St ' • - >;'i::: •.'.. \ .',\- .• * „. ••,•.• ,\ / ' \ ': Entered as second-elas« matter Dec. 27, , 1904. at the postofflce Geneva, N. Y., i under Act of Congress March 3, 1879 Subscription Prl:e—3 cents per copy. ISc per weok, delivered In the city. By jnfcll outside city 60c per ntanth, $6.00 per Vear. payable Ira advance. Local.R. F. O. routes *4.M per year in advance, \JO centJ a month. \How Can I Win With This Chained to My Leg?\ .iz'f FRIDAY, -SS^T, 10th, 192a 0 ;;•*••*>••••« *'3> *•••• |r NEED OF RELIGION. • V TUo VI ry lielplessne^lT of the .4\ • world today is in its.'-Jf a, repu- • '\_• clintion of, that self-sufficient •- • ami m If - confident \U-w of life * '• that thu wuflil in KM jiroguwHh 6 • • development linK outgrown the • • tii'irt of nlifjli.n. It Id I'Mlglnn • • winch KHIS tin- world what it* • m\Ht Ufi'il.t. a Ht;in<lai'd\of rlsht • • ihing, :i rauw tu maintain and 4 1 • defend, a li-aiier to follow and a • • law to obry. I'n sident John* =¥^S*hsr -Hihlmn .o£ Pilncetan I'ni- • • vcrslty... * • • * *•••••••*•••• + *•» Jffft 1 - gvL--?.-^!.* • STRONG AMERICANISM. lffp Nathan Miller, Republican iiliite fur govfiniir ul tlie stale of New Vcuk in lna MIIJUSS yeatei'ilirF at thi- Montgomery Cminty fair, set fortli his Ami-riiunlsin in unmistakable lan- guage, denouncing Swvietlsm, IJolBhe- Vlsm and other similar radicalisms and ijttUing TTIH creed of Atniric.anlsin uiid ~gl\ fiiiriT atunJund of''\ Ann erica n tarn, svhii-h he dci-mn suitublc for adoption. America, because <jf the fact that we tire too eternally vigilant and ' too patriotic- to permit smh a dangerous floctrlni' to guln » Tuot hold upon our .'proi>lo and our institutions. Judge \MiMer\*dVl>i'a_t*\!l destruction tit the Hold for sedltloiiH propaganda hy In all practical wu>s I hi\ of Arneriian Institutions and by insisting that those who come to out 1 —hlioii'.s slmll—UnuW—ami—renin'i't, Five Mumte Chat, on Our PrctidenU ( ,r JAMES MORGAW <Copyrl«ht, 1920, J»y J«rae» MoTgitn-) WILSON AND TirlE WAR ^ ,1«17 Feb. 3, P««id«nt Wif«on broke off diplomatic rela- tion* with Germany on her renewal of ruthless sub- marining. • ««, April 2, cead hi« war met- «age to caagitaa; —_ . 1918^-Jan. 18, laid before ttie .' senate his 14 points. Nov. 11, the >rmistice signed with the German, revolutionary government. ^ S he stood- at the clerk's desk to the hall of tlie house of repre- sentatives on the evening of April 2, 1917, President Wilson was fhe central figure in one of the great moments of I world history. Not only his own people | but maukiiid stopped-to-Mstea The president had been re-elected only five months before because \he kept us tort of the_ war.\ Alas, thej war would not keep out of tho United ! The r/.ir took OH faevfnry, with the 1 resumption of ruthless suboxarin , wlilch Germany hud' modifternhe j ' before at our demand. The presld thereupon handed the German-ambas- sa-dor his passports, and next he pro» i I posed that we should .arm our mer- rhnnt shir° - Th\ HHhn'= t \ Have a new* top and ...jsfi&d irons on daors for side curibaftis '•&£ or your old top repaired. JBfe pt# 1M tain-lights^ repainting and repairing of alUdnds. t dQ0i% of CUP. OF -TXGpffi&-,V GENEVA, K, Y. ate falling to Rive him this authority, 1 he proceeded himself to arm th«iu But shipping vanished fnm the nea^with r *O: its hidden tv ror - and at last he called g the newly elected congress in extraor- j Q dinary session to \receive a communi- IO ration—-coijrvnitng* grave matters of j national policy.\ No other president in the whole course of his service has had to make so many momentous decisions as „ \Voodro\r Wilson has had to make in 2 O clothes is said to bo valui'd iit nbmit j flftG( ^ cents The g ameJlt3 uro waa i,- >HII principles . of. Araeric-anlara \\wTTTcTraTF TTHKluiiif nhrUn - ment and growth. tho , \A and Iran language, was hln population which BPoiilta a foritK\ tongue will think In foreign ways and uoordinK tu foreign customs. - ;jiml cu[ oul a 'To think American thoughts to • culthate American customs nnd hablta. Surely here Is a way to bfut thf old \high 'cost ~Trr~TtTTmr If out- dares t» venture out -in «. Kiirnu nt so trenrh- fo understand Apierlcan institutions, it Is nrressary to i™rn the Atiterifiin language-, and I think we are too In- different to tho usa of foreign lun- 'Knagra In tmr fiMsl ky masses of th« population, wlio thus have less oc- c»aiun and Incentive to learn our own language and customs. \Tho boon of American citizenship should bc> conferred only on those who h*vo learned our lunguago and cus- toms sufficiently to love the Ameri- can ling, to know tho blessings of American liberties, tu honor and re- aper! American UiMtlltitions.\ results might In- aomcwh.it ( Say. but it will he easy to patch 'cm. •i 1 tlie proper alzt* 'nnd Mum It un OMT the hole with-tnu-- Hinge. • • - Fundamental Difference Between Two ' By M5§. H. A. L. FISHER, Wife of British Minister of Education A PARK FOR CARSv A IHIW enterprise thut has Just bef>n announced lo r tiits city la an open i o f wiiere automobiles may be itored lor ull day-or all night. Su?h parks are common enough in other places, but us yet Geneva has not had an opon air auto park. Despite the number of garages that do a storage businoss there are more cars that can be conveniently housea j by tho garages and an open air pa.rU- . ing place, tt ia flgtireaV -Kill tak^ core of a portion of the surplus. It is to be hoped that It the enterprise succeeds It -will have the effect, also of elim- liuolng the great number of machines that arc now left standing In the streets. Th«8« cars ore now sufficient In number to cause actual traffic con- gastlon, especially in the downtown section. They also constitute a trow- ing community problem. Manx cities have solved a similar problem by pro- hibiting tho parking of cars on their l>H3sie;>£ streets. This day may not have actually arrived for Geneva, but It, is evident that It Is not far dis- tant. ! The auto park may be the next log- ltal step forward. I And with tho women all runjiiivSf ifter the \otc, pnllUi-.iI I'dlrr lin'l otl^r sttranRi 1 things it may be Just as well fQt'tlii- men that tlu-y i.ui cUrriiiTr own pat< hmUr' Otherwise, perhaps, tt wouldn't K°t done. PERCENTAGE OF FIRES. According to tlie National Hoard of Klro- Underwriters, 'the highest per- ccntaRi' of -the fif'S which occurred | Inst ><-ar. G8 n per ct-nt wns reulMtfrfil liy \sptirks on roofs,\ which is the I natural n-ault of thp jirtnaliriicc of ^oodcn'shinKh' roofs in so many of our cities. \IipfceUvp chimneys and flues\ held second place with a ratio 6G.6 per cent and \ligUtning\ tho vlth 51.2 per j;ent. \Petroleum and Its products\ stooT'fifth, with 42.5 X>PT eont. disclosing tlie great need of education that will cure the housewife of the dangerous practices of acceler- ating sluggish kitchen flies with kreo-. aene and pasoline. cleaning with gaaollnn and using Improperly con- structed and cared for oil lamps. \ope-n feMs\ In dwolltuKa - caused 39.1 per cent of the losses in this col- umn, Under this heading comes fU-ea resulting from unprotected gas flame's, candles, torches, tapers and similar dangerous means of illumination. ' Uncle Sam's sailors have been given a paV increase of 5 per cent. Maybe that will take care of the Increased cost of tobacco. They call these campaign investi- gations Revelations? but to the criti- cal ear they sound more like Num- bers, The Rochester Herald remarks that: \Slowing down to maUc a turn with LIFE INSURANCE PAYMENTS. an automobile may bo too much Ufa Insurance distributions in 1919 trouble for the careless, but 1% is a by organisation* operating In the good plan to stave off that trip to the United States ajid Canada totalled [happy hunting grounds.\ ^ |l,843,6O0,OO», according to figures \ • made ^public by The Insurance Press. | . ..... (H this total, $S75.il8,06«- repre- Kf'nti-d claims awarded by the Bureau 'of 'Waj- Risk Insurance. Other or- ganizations paid out J964,882,00(i, of whinh $072,648,000 were death clalm3, mature d endowments and annuities, and J2Sl,696,0O0 were, payments for pitmluni savings and for lapsed, sur- r«-n* e$p& and purchased polteiea. The largest amount ol tnsuranoe piid on a single 111* last rear was 1400,000 carried by the late Henry C. trlek, of New York and. Pittsburgh. *}h» next largest was $334,000 on the ])f< of John I>«nnox of Hamilton, Can. Couneilor Donald Clark of Toubridge objected to misfid untiling on esthefciogrounds. He did not thinl\ tlint the dawn-Is of Tordjrid^e looked tiiei(**b(?gt in bathing at lire, and he (Vared les-t iho oversensitive youths of the cif.y, beholding Uu maidens datup and disheveled, would, in eoiise- quenc<v*hbjure matrimony. , No doubt there arc mnnv people who only admire the huninn form when it is furthest removed lYum nature. Fr.it, after all, they do not j represent the best or the most prominent view. It is not' really on esthetic ! grounds that opposition to mixed bathing is Ui-ed. This |ilea, it is to \ be feared, is mainly camouflage. The fundamental difference of opinion ; is betweep those who believe, no doubt sirum-h, that the human body is sometjiingtwhieh should be concealed and iii'Mitionrd wit IT adequate re- Bervc, and those who regard it as beautiful anil frlorimis in itself. Closely, inde.-d, iiifepnrablv, allied to the iir>i of these is the view tliat makes sex a shameful thing, to be refetici! io mi!} in wlrspers, to be ' kept from, the knowledge of the \<umg, a secret mil a tindery I'lunpounded of nllurement, danger, anrl scurrility. It i? bcii-he t'rr view yf its modifi- ''• eatmns has so long prevailed that we still have to coiiLciu) with our annual '. 40,000 Illegitimate children, our voting people -wiili lives ruined Uirtmgh Demoqgtration of the famous Richelfeu Goods now going* on I Buy your winter supply of these extr^'fi^cjk foods-while they may be had- \-..-•. Whole Milk Cheese, lb. Pure Compound, lb.... Best Rice, lb tolled OatsTlbT \~. ..... ignorance, our children naaneil before buUi liy the siti^ or fuli'iea of their parents. \\ ..We ivant them to have U-iulifiil ami healiln bodies-\and to take a wholesome pride in their hMrh and beauty To tlmi cud we want a great extension of facilities for |>!i\sjral training, fur »anies. fnlk (lannim. sinking, open-air life, gf*i - ts, anil tt'ftainlv f»t !>wit:ir»ittiS'— \»n »f tin; most health-giving of all e.\eri*isi-s. Tlie old f.^hioned view lingers, but is^passing, and most of us had with jov tin*- m-w em. tr. ivhidt ytntnt; men and\ young \mtwn ,mect m bcalt'iy «nd .I[HMI i-oiii|>»ii.ini^liip, be- lieving that the right nmrriagi's \v:!l In 1 en •nn., yd ri.it l>nn fonnit;it<t>ns laid for f-lie happiness and prosperity of Uu- r,- ' Wilson and His First Grandchild. the solitude of his study at the Whlta House in those noxious days before j the assembling of congress. Tie could ' not divide the burden of such a heavy responsibility; he had to bear it alone and without a precedent to guide him. Should we give a further trial to armed neutrality? Or should we en- ter upon an independent naval war- fare against tBe submarine menace to •our Shipping? Or shoniri wt» The Letters of Tessie and Joe DKAR JOE: 1 had a visit from your mother to- day and I must say I like her better and better as I realize that everybody Is Entitled to their faults so why should I begrudge her hers? We lmrl a long talk about you, Joe. j and ymi would of Ufen - pleased if. around a lot and his hair is getting you'd ben listening at the keyhole, | rca I long. Maybe he'll turn out to ho not that I mean to nccufje you of such nn orchestra leader. most of Ih m are. IUtt of course I- was t}aetful enough not to tell your mother tha'. 1 merely remarked that as the mother of S children she had a perfeet right to nir some nt ?ier \*iews and it wasn't her fault if they were old fashioned. The baby has been waving his arms \V ' J. PAPER CLOTHING. Aanouncpmeot la nnd* thai samples * , laper clothlns mads in Austria ^a^e \arrived In this _cj»untry and ar« toe us exhibiteji. \ftio exhibit la aalA to Include workmen's suits, a table covor, collars and cuffs, a laundry ba( and wall decorations. A. suit of paper FIXES WORKING AGE AT 16 Bureau Urfici Physical Examination for All Chlldrtn Entering Industry. Washington.—Recommentlatlon that a minimum age of stxteeu years be set for the entrance of elilWrea Into Indus- try Is made ih a report by the per- manent committee on standards of physical fitness for children entering employment. The committee conducted an Inves- tigation under the children's burcftn of the deportment of labor, heeded by Dr. George P. Earth of the Milwau- kee city health department. No child, according to the rtcom- QKndationt, afconld be permitted to work until he has been declared phys- ically (It for the particular occupation lie to about to take op. Periodical ex- amlnatlons are cooaldered necc»satj. tactics or nothing., because we both had lots of good things to say about you. Your mother told me yon were the most beautiful baby she had. and: you know your mother had a busy time of it In that respect, and I told her I could readily believe it because beau- tiful babies always grow up to look an If the opposite had really been the case and you are no exception, but beauty Is only sltln deep so I should worry, not that I wouldn't consider a good looking husband more of an aBaet than a liability, but we can't have everything so why cry ovt^f sltiitt milk? And then I tola your mether what ft handy man you'd be around the house If you once got down to It, whloh you never haw so far, and she salfl yes, you were the same as a boy, full of talent but never showing It. Aiitl she said you were generous, too. anfl even as a hid you were alwavs want- ing to glve'away all your UtUe broth- ers nnd slaters things, and I said.yos, there was nothing tight about you now. esneclally concerning things for your- self. She B»ye me * lot' ot fdvleo about the baby but T just let It go In one ear because I g«t all my advice out of that doctor book I bought for that very purpose, and when I pay JS for a book I'm at least going to follow Its Instruction* no matter how Ever tthin«i TESSIE, allies with money and supplies, but leave them to do the fighting? Or should we join forces with them mire* servedly, contrary to. the historic pol- icy of America to go It alone? Those alternatives were in every mind in thai? bewildering period, and the president tina to cBoose between them in framing the policy to be sub- mitted to congress. Tie made tue bolder choice of going into full part- nership with the entente allies* pool- Ing -with them all oflr resources, onr roan power, our money power and our producing power. The broad plan which he unfolded and which congress quickly approved assured in advance the success of the j great, unparalleled undertaking, and hp pushed It through to victory with grim, unrelenting persistence. Ameri- cans generally assumed at tl»e start, and the British gpTernment agreed with them, that we should not h&v» to send a great army^o Europe, If in* deed any at all. But when tt became an imperative necessity tc g9 at double qnlck to the, relief of the if* 1 ken line In Prance, the foundation wt»s Tapioca, lb Lima Beans, lb Crisco, can .,..,,...,. Snow Drift, can ...... Mustard, Ginger, lb.... Scrap Tobacco, 3 pkgs. Mazola Oil, can Peanut Butter, lb...*.. Coffee, Dinner, blend, l\ Kellogg's Flakes, p6g.\. 7 -Post Toasties. pkg- Mother's Oats, lg. pkg. Insf. Postura, large .... Inst. Postum, med...... Sugar, American, lb... Cocoa, bulk, lb Elkhorn Cheese, all kinds, new stock .. ..,•. Best Bread Flour, Old Wheat, 1^8 bbl. sack /.....$!.£& White Rose Pastry Flour > „». ... $1.59 Cocoanut,~wel, can Baking Powder, Davis Van 'Canape Milk, can Karo Syrup* can....... can Salmon, can : ,....'..... 24^ *fl 1 Pickling Onions, lb Good Celery ,. Lemons, California, doz Boraxo\\Batfii Powder., Paro W^Oc, pkg. .-, Red Seal Lye^gfor 25# Gold Um, Ia|ge 7 pkg... 2f^ ''. Snow Bbyl large .. D.T5iftch^Cleanser, 3 for Star Nkptha Ponder.. New Dates, pkg. Sweet- Potatoes,. 3 lbs. Fresh Eggs; doz. Best Potatoes, 15 lb. pk. Nucco Nut Olio, lb..,.. \QiiaW J.W. SILLETT 21 Virginia St. * Waterloo* ft-*. „ FREE DELIVERY iif East Malir Little Doubt That. Reptile Was Jh Su- preme Command, at Least far a Fw Hours. Row a huge pytlion took possosston of the British steamship Eolton Gastlff for a brief period durkif her recent trip from Singapore to Victoria, B. O., was related by officers and .passen- gers ef the ves»t on her arrival at the Canadian pork Three of these monster serpent* were being shipped to the Bronx zoff In New York, and In some unacconnt- nble manner one- of them mananed'to make its escape. ThSwhereaDOUtir6f , the snake was a matter of anxiotw con- jecture onwng the crew for™ « couple of days; until In theeadylioanr of tlie thin], day out the quarternara- was precipitately driven from Bis FUTURE DATES Sept. 10th—Opening of Theatrical Season with Victor Herbert's MusicaM Comedy. \My Golden Girl,\ (foreseen emergency, building up In a ', year and a half cn^ army of 4,000.000 ana ferrying 4M)00Q0Q ( seldiers across the Atlantic, The brains of the country, all thtt Smith . tnlent3 . were mobilized for the war— « j merchants and scientist*, bankers and Agricul <tpera House, S:15 p. m. \ Sept. sth to l'Oth—Vnion Agricul- ! railroad men, labor leaders and cler- tu*al Fair, Naples. | gymen, «ach being charged with the Sept. llth-stoeos vs. Pairport, sto- jtagk for which his tro!ningJtttfi& him . v«ru »,»i „ «, ^ i «. It j s a ^ oe .^^^ ^^ tt $M Sept. i3th to isth -state FaiV, s.vra- ! the w ^ Oemran -drtte sOTprlsea th« is*, r co 3: SO p. m . cuse. Sept. '14th.—General Primary polls open from 7 a. m. to 9 a. m. Sept. 15th—Joint Clambake of Cham- ber or Commeree. Rod and Gun Club and Elks. Onn Club Cottage. 5 p in. Sept. 16th to IRth -Ontario County Fair, Canandaigua. Sept. 21 — Opening of Hobart Registration 9 a. in. Day, Col- gr g . Sept. 2l8t—Concert by Sousa's Band, Smith Opera House, 2:15 p. ni. Sept 22d-Openiajr of William Smith College. Registration 9 a. m. Sept. 21st to 28d- Seneca County fair, Waterloo. Sept. 23d to 25th^-PalmyrW Union Fair, Palmyra, ]entente and Smashed 'through Its front In the spring of 1918. Well, whoever won the war* Htndenburg tost that race. The rest-^-the presldtnt'R Journeys to Europe, the treaty and the battle ofer it, are history still In the mak- ing. Many years roust pass before that extraordinary chapter In the story of the presidency will be flnlnhed and may fee told in ttM Bjltlt of jbiatarteri linpartlnlltx. ' Rtad the Want AAL ThWia» post at the wheel by the appearance ' of the monster In. the pilot house dooit- >m- L The vessel was aHowed T» flrif t a couple of hours, until,, atmeil with every available •weaptw, soto« inem bers of the eie\r undertook ft stealthy £ raid, arriving Jiist fan. .tjime Jto siee tho f snnke leave the pilot honse and into the sea. The creatur* w»i to measure 30 feeiinlenpTu\\ Grain Report* rx&nsw connections ikrvwgfiott M- Waiern grtti* bell, we itrt\ enabled to gtv* jkose inter' *stcd i* JSWW- P«/«\ a»'\ thenm, ufi.io'ih^-minulc i*« formttitmim conditions. Bmt»:-.p!*ip! liter upon request.- ' Marbert York Stack Exckmg £d mmfflnm 14 Schnirel Building - WS^m Australia's Prickly Pear P««t.. Australia Is suffering from a prlcfc- ly near pest, which take* advantage of the rivers'«s a means of spreading. Shoots break . oft from th» parent plant growing along a stream and fhe part Is carried downstream to founrt a new colony. Thougandji of awes are being ruined yearly, oitlng to the ray- ages of this plant and no menris have pirn aiseorereA of stopping its marcii., Rotltng, sftrayiog and poltsns have proved ineffectual, nn<! It fc hoped that eclenc* may (1o4 •om« roisaerclol mn

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