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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1911-1955, August 06, 1920, Image 2

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i|*s PAGETWQ Cornflakes snake a de- licious dish lor any meal, ^illiifc the natural cornflavon Jfiskyowrqrocer <5he JERSEY CEREAL POOD GOL CCKKAL, ra, fJ*M*m field has secured a position. In the Gould shops at Seneca Falls; Mrs. Ruse Kurniss, corner of Wil- liam and (Center streets, is having hrr house painted, which wan rei-omly remodeled. It may be of interest to rauny Idle woolen mills employees tu know that thcj 1-islt Al.uiul'a<'tur(ng Co. ot Canandalgua is seeking help, both 1-Bien and women. '-. Sidney K-ujiuy luis hatched lour to&n- WORKS HARD TO . AVERT FLU EPIDEMIC (Government and City Health! Official* Warn People to Keep Clean. Awiy. feam P*opl« Cougbi and Coldi. Mif you want t<S b influenza,\ says Association for Improving the Conditions of New York, _. . • Keep your hands clean, drink plenty of fresh water; sleep with windows open; eat three uniform meals a day including a good breakfast. People who have catarrh or fre- quent colds invite Influenza, de- clares a prominent Kentucky i WATERLOO GENEVA DAILY .TIMES. FRIDAY, AUGUST 6, 1-320 20 W. Main, Street 0. J. CON NELL Phon» 160- W. Waterloo Brief* Waterloo, AUK. 6— Eugene Camp- , HobBins of Rochester are visiting in Waterloo. Miss Caroline Mongin of \Cleveland. Ohio., is in town visiting her mother on East Main street. iy prcsants from the osgo aim ted hle G h ditil p him by Charles Genting who distriljuu-d a number throughout this HWUUII. They were furnished Mr. Crpnung by the- SljjitP CcniMenatioii Commission sev-- erul weeks agu. Paulino ami Klose Hunnlstoh • are. the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cl. E. Lin- coin In Rochester. Jessie Sills uf Falls la viHlting Margaret Olp north of tho _ - u w p village and Mrs. Jawtoon and two-}(jay sc-ixjol-at 12 children of Rochester are visiting 1 Mrs. Olp. Miss Leora Hutrnings has returned uftf i n Ii vt; w v-i-Ka' v at a- tion at her home in Auburn. Mrs. Llvera Humiston ia the guest of her son, H. A. Humiston in Koeh- esler.' Mrs. Catherine Qitlnn and daugh- ter Mary, are visiting In City. Mr. and Mrs, Sidney North street tir e visiting New Yurie •-Tliu Tr-H In nine (H'IH. will be presented at the Star Theater, Wednesday, August 11, at 7 and 9 p. m.. under the auspices of Kt. Mary's churoh. ^- The MlKSfc^—ftPTtrndo and Adelaide THREE PATHS WHICH LEAD TO --^ - - — -«•• .«••»-. ... *• »_.^. «!._ CV Follow in the Footsteps of Thousands! Four Stores Church , Waterloo, ACig. 6—JMethodisf \Kpls- copaf, Hev. Wnj. H. York pastor.' Bunday, ft;30 a.'\mt*.jWalter H, More-I house will lead tho class meeting, j Preaefttng'at 10:30 a. m., by the i>as^ tor from the topic, \.Mr. Ararat, or Ail the Family Saved.\ At 7:30 p. m., thi -pastor will proach^from the •JBpworth d p topic; TroMeras! i I ' \hhd .PosBibflUies of Recreation in pur Community.\ \\\ I • I'resbylorian, Rev. David L. Rob- j ,«rts, i'aBtor. ^ Se»vices during the , pastor's vacation will be as follows: I Sunday, -Aug. 8th, Hev. S-eth JN. Oe- ' nuns will oe-cupy the pulpit. Service' nt 10:30.' Sunday School at 12' o'clock, Aug. 15th, Ki'v. John H. j KunneJl will prench at 10:30. Sun- nnd 29th there w£ll be no. pre aching service, Tnless otherwise announced Inter there will at wecinesuay evening Sunday school each Sunday o'clock. be prayer meeting at at 12 I I St. Paul's, Rev. Jolin B, Arthur,] Rector. Sunday next, the Tenth aJ?tor I 1 llg?j| Rector. Sudy , Trinity, sft-yicea will be US' 1 fillowg?j| Holy Communion at § a, ^ A* a art Cburcli School 12 m. Church School (Bt, Joijjfa) -8:15 p . m. Ch<trcb aervlep 4 n th e jnorniner will be httld at 9:30\ during; the month of Auguat, • The raotnbrajva ,pf tho throat tod neao is- raw-,-soVe -and tender; and makes a lovely abiding placo for fferaiR.to thrive and mnltiply. • He ndvises an inexpensive home-, wade remedy \EBHt will bring reliftU in less thBwa s day and will stop all discharge and sooth and heal tho inflamed membrane in a few days. Thousands arc making; this be- neficial remedy at home and any- one who has catarrh or a cold can do the same. . _ , Poor three-quarters of an ounce of Mentholizod Arcine into a pint bottle, then fill the Dottle with •water that has been Doilod. Oarglo the throat as directed nnd snnff or spray the liquid into the nostrila twice daily. It's a simple way to get rid of cold and catarrh and keeps tho nasnl pas- sage and throat clean and healthy. Nearly all- druggists dispenso i Menlholized Arcine in vials con; | tata!tt£ (jxautly three-quarters of ftn ounce, which ie all you need to mako a j>int iT o£^thjs. healthful me. dicitie. is the deritrifice that contains the proper- ties recommended as ideal by United States Army dental surgeons !! SENECA FALLS!; e, Clary Blr-k J. D. POLLARD, Agqnt and Correspondent Phone 166-N G IS FOR GROCERY Sardines in Oil, 3 cans\ Ox-Team- Gelatine, box ... r Bird's Eye Matches, pkg Red Cahoe Salmon, can ...- \\Pumpkin, sni, • cans, 3 for\ ........ Campbell's Beans, a cans 2 cans Campbell's Soups, Salada Tea, pkg Tea 1 Sittings, \h. pkg. ; ... •Golden Sun Coffee, 1L. Sunshine Graham, *Crax, lb Ontario Soda Crackefs, lb. .° National Butter Crackers,' lb. White Compound, lb Pure JLard, lb Fancy Print Creamery Butter, lb. VEGETABLES Fancy Hnmo firowyti P^t\ffi plr Learn Saving ike Schumann Way-~ ores at which to Practice Economy, saving time, BIS FOR BAKERY Schumann \Homade\ Goodies, Schumann \Homade* 1 $ and Bat Cakes 25^ to 40* Schumann \Homade\ Big Layers 155 ^ &cJbumant:^HjnaeILJ^ Schumann \Homade\ Health Bread ^ Geneva Purity and Butterfly Bread Ward's Raisin and Vienna Bread Small Purity and Graham Bread ,, Orders received tonight before 9:30, or in the morning before 9:30 may in- clude the following -at Supers-Saving prices quoted. Palm Olive Soap, 3 for 25.0 Carolene Milk, 3. for ,35|>. This milk can be whipped;, but \ can't bejjeat ' , Keflbgg's Corn Flakes, 3 for Rolled Oats, 2 lbs p is. Schumann ^HomadV' ' Home Grown Summer Squash, 3 for ............ Carrots, 3 bunches for • Telephone Peas, young, sweet and tender, 2 lbs. Green Corn, 10 ears , .' wa 'Tomatoes, 4b. .... - Cukes, '5<fr—Cabbage 9<fr—Beans. ^ lbs.. 1 Sugar (whatever you need ) —Brown, Cube, or Granulated. . SCHUMANN G SON PHONE 8 9 ball .•«i.i. v ,..'v«»v... tf v>.*Vi--;»* i j)L5|i Van Camp's Beans,JEtt&ix^size -~.,ji0«4 Van Camp's-Q|tili Con Carne, 2 for 25$ Van Camp's Cfarn -Chowfotk 2 i^.25^ Beechnut Jellied^ Fru^c^.^^.^, Bejechriut Peanu?^utter, sm> jar,, .\I8*h gresh Potato Chjrjs^^kgs. J^.tfy. Blue RibBon Salad Dressing, jiar., Ifj^ L. and S. AppteJBiittei;, qfc: glass jar 4% Burnham's Clam Bouillon, Bottle! r.25$ A wide variety of Scbumanh ''Ho- made\ products, relishes, salads, roasted meats, from -which to plan- a?-ready-to serve lunch. _..-.». ,. . FRUITS '•••'•','. Fine, big eating Applet., lb. lOf?~Ked_As,tra.kans, basT Cooking. Apples for pies, sauce or jelly, pk. .^^.. ^...., Yellow Peaches, qt. J 230 = &wttt Apples for baking, lb Arkauso,\ Cantaloup, large size, orange meat,*each . ,^- Juicy Lemons, dez. 10^ 25#--Big Watermelon 6GfJ Cala. Sweet Oranges, lg. Sfl<(fr — Cala, Farmers—Bring Your Prorincf, Butter anrl Tggg s ..t 0 Please 'phone your order early and help avoid delivery congestion. See center space for incentive. Thanks.. llSflg^p Kash & Knrry Stores, 261 William St., Mill St., Rose St. not carried fegateriy-a^eaf-ReigBbefhoed st ores, o«e«-ed-e» : ri»rt-notke,' savJng yQU a tf , p dol __-- g -. \Seneca \Falls' Briefs.' (i Miss Julia with • Snnocri Knlls, AUK. 1'nllnnl |3 spending u few frirnds In Phelps. MrT~and Mrs. B H. Del..avftn and Ron, William, left Wednesday by autu- incliili- f\r a tjl p t\ Cullforrl anil *\'**• -nil , ijtkn in ihi ' \Jlrcmdackw. X--v.-v.-5f **«•*•(•*»•><•-5'-* $8324; Janitor's wages. 746,07; Sup- plies, 2,244.71; Ronds paJd, 100O.OU; In- terest paid, 204.43; Notes, 165D.00, Ofll-' rots salary, 8S.G0; Refund Tuition C15.00; Balance, 62.74; Total, $14,- •032.55. • -f- Ovid,- Aug. 6.—Mr. an d Mrs. Hoah' er** In Ithaca MtHttltty. ! l-'rank Frantz and Don IJlain «ere Mr. ami Mrs Krtwnrd l\r»ink - and fumilv will spend the wcelvend with rpluil%os In Hume- Mr. HIUI Mrs. Knrl P. (Mark nnd family motnreri to Hochosti'r ti«1a> to' Rprnd tho WPPII end with relative*, t In Wat'klna Wednesday. | Sonrrii KnllH will bo well rcprr-j Mrs. M. .1. Kodlnr 1-s spending the sented a t the Henoca Counts, pienf.* 1o -week in Lndl. • I v at IliRhlnncl Tarlt, 1 M WFight of Trumamburg waa i n KnHs Baw»t)nll team will, 1°\™ Wtnlnpsdny.- Journey to I'ullon tomorrow whero .Tndg-e and\Mrs. Oeorgrft F\. Bodine of \they will piny thp. Sial rights, thn Waterloo, were In town Wednesday, .j ffamo scheduled for laat_ wpok having} Mrs. V. C. Avery. Mrs. bi-pn poslpon.'i o\Uliu U ulin . A ., p Murnhv input Miss PathnTine Poran Ins iitumfd! f n \ M \- k \ Murpny spent from n trip to the Thojis.uU I.suin/ls, I Sn Watuins. Mnnir. , I, :m.l \ ^ ' Mr II ml Mrs. \V. I.. IVnoj am f lir(«~FrT^nrllv T'UiK wpre in Kymouse Tuesday to attend ^J 1 \ 8 rnenaiy V.1UD (hi - ftttK'rttl of d ipli n •, rtpv nn<1 Xli» V\. W. Huff linvo.liocn •>l'.<h»TliiL-\i f»'» .!!••< will fn.'.i.'s In Has Successful Dance I Mi-uraw nnd Kltin i I Willard. An£\G*\ The fllrls Friendly I Mr. iiril Mn Millnn 1M-»II--H nnljoitib of Willard held a duncing partv! .liiMrhtPi-. Jim.- . f N-.w Y.Mli ••r» l n,,d reception at Hadloy JJu.ll Tuesday ! vlsitlnff Mr. nml Mis. .5,-. :• < It \. ir-1 «venh 1B :. TU« hall u4 very prettily, trhnmc-d uiUi green mm yellow, tho Mrs. Wells W. IVtkini I Miss Perkins .ire i n Kmt Wlnfli-hl, \' V . for a gn uml yellow, thot club colors. Tho eleetrio lights nero shaded with the fame folora giving it; IN FULL SWIN€ ;Our August Sale of Plush Coats Arid They Are Going Fast! \ .. Short Plush Coats are going to be real stylish this,year and RIG\HT NOW you can buy a flvgfe. £,£&$ at a price which is right. Come inland pick out the Goaty ou want, niake a payment on it,=and we'll- keep it f&p-. - you until you want it. In the jneantime you may_mak e payinehfeand when the' time S&mes to wear the coat'ti • you*wiJl have it paid for. ' \ ^ \ ' ./»;'• , • , . , . 't*- Plush Coats with Fur Cape Collars $34% to $89.95 PIusI L 484 Exchange St. TIN'S-c — Geneva, N. Y; I vi ry 1 (Tc . t. About 1 clerk in the Pennsylvania railroar' Sure elief 1.000 A*tond Picnic. IPIPHPIII from Out of SVmrn Falls. An« G The pli nlc nf ,\\iis enjoji'd until U uVlock Th e Snlem T.m n CliHpt.r. Sn. 173. H A. M , | Kills „.,. t( ) i,.e cfii B i u tulaU-U on th«-lr ' Miss Anna Oatens ha s returned tf. hc-1,1 »t nvusn. Ukf Pnrk yestenlny. su.vs.sfui enterramment. \The el,,\ : her home In KHnira f rel «rneti t o \v«s «tl,. J1 4,-a by tli* mi-iata « m . l« a l^n iately nrpani^a here an-l'vlslf «»Ti relatives I their fnmlllv, item f.nr.a I-alls nml ' premises to be popular nlth the 1 Miss Mary KuMn spent X^xd^:^u\ z: >'—-<• .___. i nt ,^r. r i T- k 111 T 1 ^ F - , l.llrnn.1 :, l-.sUc. «nnn.r «a « -.ml •„ „..„ . I(,n? C '\ \ XWIII \ B frl \ lUa ^ rm,,n nml a B ,:i.|,. r nt (I r.Vlol: In , \ \ l - iri1 - A»K- 6- Churlcs Propiwi i4 \ r ? iU> - ., „ ! thr nftm n :, - . ri, , ,,r , ,, ,., r, r .. nii w ' s W1 l l\' J \ Kua.Iwn ul tho m.spi- f \' 1Si 'I'a.les Rheoves and^ children, '\I. ••'1 Uni-jjphi'MiiH are spenrlins SOTIC tlmt- ij] uitjj \'Hi rt-i.-ilhi-s here. ! Postmasti-r l'.ilmfi- :<n t 1 wife at tend- iMt 1 i m»iT ciilni pp. HIS . i-M'trd n\ intrr.-st \ linli c-.\i< l'rt«<c n n Knlls nn'1 Wry < - I\n w.n n Ml !•>' W.-itetloo In n snuo nf ^ t \ 1. ten r..i n .-ii.l mi tr . • = P. I 1 .. !»u) t itml Wi n Taylor wiT\ in '''' tJlr I\\ 1 \' nt W:,tltin ? We.ln.-stl i.v. - - I-Hthpr Ii»>nn<-llj of (ana;id-i ' . i < am (..iirs jmj. r..n .-i,.l m . i r ...=.,. :' : ' 1 V'> 1 \\ Tuewlaj. . i-mne r iT.nn.M,j ,,i . ana;ioii B ua rxiinrl ri.l.'s «eif ^rWni.l f ..• 1 )„• \ '' ' l!f * 11 flur n Aiiliurn 1ms- Loon ap- : ^ ' sttrJ rrii-iuls h-ie VeilnosJay. ! c-hUjJrrn v.bu wor e RIVI-I ,i ,ltv . i-ntf lok j \\\ 1 '' 1 ' •\\ t *' n » t Hiu iuJsiut-al, JrilH - ^haikfi I-l.ij.'iiu ;ui l two chi! - ' he reWmhrrerl \ | ill!> » M-nsan-t I,ockn-n Ima returned P \ vlsll( ' 1 1 >elati\f> in Ithaca re-1 \ *• •• (t-u*,! 4wt. ra a t Sr,t.^-a, after a tYw l v \ Uy - ' • i ' Leslor Oallaoher , daj s \i.sit at lu r home tiere. i Ml - s s Ann.i Whitp has returned from viitly. Lcstor Gallagher j daj s\ \i.sit a t lu r home iiere. j Mi - s s Ann.i Whitp ha s returned (mm I Senern Kails. Aim Ti The d.-ath of 1 , M|1 - •\\' Wl: -- A. Autlersou spent 2, fow <In ; •\ R ' K ' :l t 6t 1u ' r hom c n ^'\ lMn..i.i> «ith fi lends in CJi-neva. .: Romulus. 6 BELL-ANS Hot water Sure Relief ANS INDIGESTION 1 I.ffiler ClnllaKhiT .iit<(12J years, i son of Mr anil Mrs. J.inies J\«'-pli enter- ! William White ha«* moved into 'l | \ lls( ' lfi-ertly vnr.ili-cl h y Mrs. Put - c>f I'le.isanl Hticet. St-ne-n Kails, o.-, ta \ lt '' 1 f« \<nda i from lu-lrolt recently. cnrred at his Imme last evenlnc U..-i_. AM - \\ l l Alls Willis aiuwart spent' th '^..V\ il1 \ ,, ,„ , sides hl i pnrems he Is surUv.-d In n \' '\ lf U * lth '\-'\Js in Uencvu. ! VV illmm H ' ; ianl ls I'ullciinB a enn-. • '• .Mr. .m.I Mrs. KanU-U nnd little dau-1 crete Silta «'\ liri<1( \f his house that he recently pmvhi'stMl from Mr. Futey. I ' f.iur Hcrhept, I,PV\1« uf duiedau Mad.-lc-ne of San ^oso. Col., vls- 'mira. KIISBCU of Texas 'iin.l John of.T.\ I'\\!''\'\\ \' Mn * ( Senera Fulls. ll.r.-p -sip'ors, Mrs |\\..,!•','\. \'\,' J\ 1 ' 1 '''\\*' I James Slalt.-ry of TiPneva, M.irimv ar.il n y Karl ]{.iiU->. «ln> had Ins f-liciulder l'j beiiifi thrnuit from'his bi- Th Cntre nf SeiiPfa Falls. Kunernl an- ] I\\ 1 .' 'V \ V '\K HIM.HU iro-rn nis oi - n.iun.-oinent will tie made l.iVr 'Mr ' ^ i, i ™ 1JrKcUt >' nlKlit. lias left the fSnlliiRher wa s a n oxs. i r\ire nian I ,,\7!' I,'I ^'^^ a \ d S \\ 1<? t o to home hnvincr scon service ahrond \fur '\' v ' niontb*). Proposition To Install I Jl r. • I h.iw FAYETTE »f Sr Fayettp, Aug. S— Ll\.vcl Williamson h s returni'd from a visit <f several fdajs with friends n«'ar Int. rlafcn. A£ ^^ Tectliins rash, prickly heat, ctiaf- ttl are skin ills ivhich make haliy fretfuN and keep anxious mothers busy M.slJs'OI. Oi.vniKNT } s the ii i) lliiiig t>iEn'\e.|uir!c relief. Try- it an-1 n< ie liuw st«,n b.xby's fretful -frying slups ns tli.\ Ufntlc. Cooling t-int^icn! ii-'.i :ct 5 tljt; burniiif!. Kmin I c Primary Department Lost, mid. Aup. fi. The annual' K-l'tlllK cSf IH ivt.l and U m \ i Hint; in the iiiii.i. IVTV\: TTrfsTuI vviis chosen fhuirman ten .«li M4H5y Nn. 1, Towns of was heli St'liiml put\. -Mr. and Mrs \Arthur Brooks, neai ; ji a * g i n [ Romulus. ! Lutheran Morm Iiuyd Is \i-siUiif» relatives in Syiar;uii> fur a feu liip liy aiil.ii.iuUil- t-> thu a s - _ in tin- gai\lca at the n \ v ' a hei • vveK's vaciilmn with h»-i J-'hi- will a'so Visit rn'iiti S!u ' nt a William j. 1'ur.ly were Mt'iH.l o f I-Mti and Mrs jCuln. Inez Mr. f the !«\. Wrs. anil 1M1>.V ('lull I. s (.'. lU'Vllo'ei.\ inln'a vacdtion with ar.il «ii<> ii'i tn.' Ii i - I»K> .1 1 Je. i u.^aiiiu in Hit town of Fayette, have tu their llelii of labor at Tny- t'«iitit>. Rev. 3Ir. \vhilt? here that he had been aske.l l.N KeiV-.u luunty PemocratP I'O run :.K a • aiiilit!ate fur the Asseml.iv this fait. Leonard Zu irk ami II. F. Ribitijtnn wore tho first farmoi\>t here tn have Today, Friday, is the last day of our contest—AH. names sent in tonight will be accepted and the name of our store and. the name of the winner will be announced on our Big Opening 1 Day, tomorrow, Saturday, August 7th. The prize—the beautiful satin-lined sewing basket filled with wholesome, delicious choco . lates can-be seen in our window? •. \\*\' SPECIAL FOR TOMORROW—OUR OPENING DAY Molasses Cocoanut Balls, Ib. - - - - 50c Maple and Chocolate Walnut Fudges, lb Full Cream Fruited Caramels, lb*, V * 50c-: ,~.'--Free on Our Opening Day—Molasses Cream Pepperminta 28 Seneca St. . LEO LI VADA B Ing team' strongest in give the gtet of jthe-seago •\3 Kcrr Kpenf V.'r«lnistla,y eU-ning. with, 111!:. Winifred Schaffer. j Mr. anrt 3|Irs. Samuei Knney rallei I € . ion Mr. and »Mrs. Albert V. Gusteffson v. t(i census reports re- Pay-' in .pop- t\ Rev; D. w. Kerr and sister were j ,J X f x \.™ r - V«nh<?e spent several days !v-n(nrf»m(.,l ot .Hr,^— — Tl >„.. t. . I'lIS Week at Ill's farm m>or A.,!,„«.„ <:alicy c.iused liy II). resiKiiaiinn J. 1'citti-r. A luiilKf-t of $li).(iT0 ,V.,.iml Thulrsdiiy in \V,,l,'i.tt. by •y tnnpti'S nas nern n'mmi. Her home ' ->:r. ar n .n.p. I'PnJamin Se'I h^ie with h'-t f'«tf>r, Mrs. Jennie' Kl'zabPth. the two yea - „),]' rlau\hter a s^nilth, is vlsjtlns fii fr* in Komiiln^. ! \f Hev. orrt Mrs. Vanhep, who\wns il:^;- H. Vt-Mohft. *tt-iqult-p Hi on- T-Hendny >••,,.| tl-.i'r d»iit»h- I h i s rTo%eicil. ^ ^ fIir T — from fpflit V.Vrliiffirtey hrrr- as UiC,\r .\e:n<!i t«.illH. ai'f- no^'i •% Itiriiirr ««s served at the Par-iUJustais-an i.n-1 JJH-K*) AlhTt V. Eml -up\ phitOKtaph of !t Ite iij>;-ro|ili.ll'l n I. l.'7fifS. Irfli-Sll rii II 1 •IITI l n l IT: A t •ilrnii.- tiiin'a. 100.00; \''i\ v ••--iiini 1 \ *1 f<\. T-.tt o • ••!• ' ii. w \' : l' ' nil the IU of .r.o u.*. I :,!•! li y „ , . hi'!- .. V Z~ •* •'\ '•a'-- n.,,1,11. . 14*32.56 h.j.» «• :r '' a 1-dsn'n-i ^ i to. ' LK '< • ' i '.-a« £e \f uilit'i <»ii t VV-inip- ih • ,.\..-- i *•• tu > p nip sht>rt - t ir .is. 1 1 • ' . I T :> i , ,^j j Mis. \llll Rl . .'shi.|> lltiainsu|i. at his farm near Auburn\ rhe second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. - Lai-H.ort who has bfen quite ill is Museum of War Invontions. t The Frpnrh*dhvernment hos decided tn pstahiis'i a museum of war inven- tions whlrh were brouRht to the front during t'10 Ertat vrnr an-1 which ftruiifl - T-^^ru^s-rK 1 ^ 6 ***: *i , hI , & Diuolve iMtantly^n tongue- or in hot or cold water, of & i 8 fttt QUICK \• hi 1 , sranil -uiiher, Mrs. I . i.r. .,,1 ut K . ;.o\ *o\, n. .••ltiii • in; .Ti I - Tsko Your Choice uf Poisons. . m;^h:. r| : •\- -- u ''' t: ' ; ' various military and Thirty-two new pfokons•-were • - fr>r.tl.i . \' 1Ki1 ' iiis.iluiiuiis; ' ; t billing \Ml! .>,.-- • • son. he.- The Khirp w.-i eovoroa during tht© gtrdat ^ar in muiii* ti«na ejf]S6rImentS in tWe VMc6, Sffttt. j iiefoie tho J alone. * •• j. . ,i ' the SSo mound •worEIngr' \^B has been, ta Btyle for tih with.. ffattga row Be shot turning Th Th readi' uncl o of the $ the +*••*< t+++H Roche.ster, •where they 1 of Wednesg Hohlltzel'8,1 Collina, locaj bles anci a s ypHterdav'B- { Bhowed tha.t rules of org Arthur Il l wholc^arrxe •-anyone else hits, five of that inning, In doubt, th< Rochester 3, JRoehester \\. Akron Batterles- \l K on nick Syracuse, pitched podi and Heading Borles, 8 to. on tho four ' '\lir'tTfe HttK hajider, putl twice. His w i lh two . c has the-re jtill uncomj Wter going out making ninth. Sine Carlstrom a blow, Scot Heading .., \ Syracuse .. Batteries-* nnd Casey. * Clea, Haltlmpre, behind unx Baltlniore i game,- ,9 to of the serl errors in th Baltimore Jersey Ciljy -BaHeriess son, Gill an ; Leaf Buffalo, Ji Leaftj. Bias burlera for runa in th< here yesten falo also* dJ I put before halt the * wag gone ' put over a three frame !Heitman--t< fourth. O'l % brace of Valk In six Buffal© ,,, Toronto .. ' Batteries- Ryan ana. I Larocr New Ha.\ lAroche of epaoh. of jt '•leven for for college i fluarterbuol .tons. He ahd is a) for i wer V-- 1 \' '

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