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>~, iauji '.rela- Marion, G,, tide X as fc inensw*- tlons gmengf AnSerleji: tor Harding deoja^ed -itt>. froijt porch speech yesterday that.if he had to choose, he \would rather Jiaye indus- trial and social peace\'** home,than! '„ Tjsst jfSdibafl comtt3&&d •' thu 7jifit6rJrt3.ti9naT\ peace ®x ' \\\ ~ — \ taewoiid.\.;.\; •\ ' '..•-• \\'\'.'- \It is folly/' he *a14 \?(?...th. ! alc-of blending week |ind fis^s^rjan; \l^jan and Slovalt, -of/-making a#y px them re- joicingly AniericaiL when tlyft ftqyy ry -maptfttn. sit# in JwagmeRt ^on-ths, ia.«.<j: >~ from which he canijg, \We need to beres«ii£«l- frei ionary and-fruitless jsursriit p^ft through -&Hi>er-TgQYer;8menjt. i do not want Americans of foreign; birth mai- iiig- their party aligjimeiit .on what -we mean to do for some' nation W the old World. ' Our- \Heed is concord, not tie antipathies of lon£ .inheritance.^ : T h di6 apeeeh deli1fe6ea;;to,.a\&e^e- ee 't (Shi h from W^yn county, (Shipi, who. .cheers and •eauently ytipti handclap-* ping as he deiivereft.hts thrusts at the league and pleaded for the preserva- tion of nationality. In conference with another group or callers earlier in the da*% *'— '-•-'• c y j^Qjni declared his steadfast adherence to the frntt porchh campaignn joiicy, JirRll infli- c h fron porc campaig joiicy JirR infli eated that he expected to make nv speeches away, from Marlon until Oo- b H dlidd iiti tober, y decline , an/- .invitation h dd h And W fl, y«pS fcae Bo- *Jk|,toaay».;on thet iWsy trarispojet Sherjrnan tgr j^xitwetp, -\••' < $h gytmv&ta, four of them, are in gp of Boy Moor* *rh» aiso wtu N tesjsoiisttSe stor-.the other athlete*. K«Uy «na qosbello, Philadelphia souti- eA r /will feoresent this epuntry jn -the single sculia. A, four cared crew to beiag sent form the University pi PeansylvanfiLaaataefe are tsiro repre- sentativeg-ot-the Naitional Rowing A*- wxsistioa jf, There fl ^ay*r»4rff in *harg« J./Malpney, Wand StanfOKi. jfifteen regulars and fiW BKies pro the Uegent Miy th g y there tonight, p Regent V • >: la./\ITader Crimson ;§ a. We? drawijig card »* -'-\- evening (and UBdbuht*' * - . L_ . * 1^ ^ - !_ ^ . j i J. _ . - ^ fee i, u attendance it U ^ tec gt, sBWEhi-. as the picture wiU pe repeated again thi^ evening; pa Friday and Sgfliraay flae of the AS* charaelerlkatioiia WiirKogers has ever done, •\S'he Strangle JBoarfter;\ -will o« preseateoLat the Eeisent The story portrays a maa of the open piaias, robbed by bunco men of the city, and then accuses of a «rime he did not commit, ' ' —^- *\ • Tempi* Bessio,. _B.ar3:igcate, th^ lafflant siar f nb t d Sound Amplifier To Be U*ed Saturday in Notifica- tion Ceremonies Bayton, 9W0, ox\ w soun 9, «e, 5,—The vox\ w sound amjfUIier, tjgn. which it.ia. projppsefl tha* Governor.' Oox sMaB M>ea& to Jnpre. than W6.OO0 | :Pprspnn at the iJoaScajJon cefemontesr^ at th© Monteomerycouufy fair grouods j on suturaay,\ ig being tested today, B* 1 means ot this instrument* engineer!, - claim, the^ <3pveraor SBeakltig in aim-? i nai-y tones, vAtt he heacfi jSerfecay by ] -the-thr-oag-witicli ia'cxajgclgaTaraMt'tiibj\ * hd w~va,V& dkk gTaaMtj pa wva,VMy -and overflow! into the paddoc and out 'on., to the! ,«ace track. v -*••'\.. \ | The-test Is awaijid with consider-! le^ anxietyi for although the inskru- ° trT>R>v«if ^aHsfaotory at t the a^fli-! m©ntrT>R>v«if ^aHsfaotory a the a^fli- torinra in SanPranciscp, after t&oii- Sajjda of dollars hd b t i ^ , _.a, t^ ant of a number ot comedy dramas, ap pears at the Temple this evening in \The JfolflrLoua-.MrSi -SauaB^---It is he JflflrLoua.MrSi SauaB^It is a delicate and' subtle satire on pres- ent iiay soelaj ^oavientionalities. Not August 12th and told them he,was well satisfied with the progress of Ills pro- gram of speeches her*. It was said a*- his- feadiiuai'ters TBil _tjve plans under , consideration for speaking trips later in the campaign, and that some definite decision might lie expected.at the conference of Jte- jmblican chiefs to Be held in \New Tors today. Senator Harding will be rep- resented there and \with his views in mind the whole sutrjecf Is t o 'Be' care-j fully canvassed. i *. Besides malting his front porch -ad- dress and receiving the West Virginia delegation. Senator Harding saw man> during -the day. Ainohg 'them were Mrs. Abbey Scott lEaiter, of the National Woman's party, who asked i«r more help to secure ratiflci_ the suffrage amendment, and Wayne li. Wheeler,* general counsel for the came to pay a personal-<Sall. Mrs. isaker said she was well pleased psed wit her talk with the Stominee and had. boen promised definite action towarfi rpeuring a favorahle vote by the Ten- nessee' legislature; i e-specjaf- train inofe r t o Senator Harding's speech, the Wayno T\\''''?\\ ; ' tiunty j, „,._ „ Harding residence in a cheering col- umn while the nominee and his wire reviewed- them from the front steps. They halted at a vacant let a. half Mock afv-ay and serenaded headquar- ters with a. brass -band until the time for their formal: appearance.\ • Those fi^^hfSirge of the Faid it contained about 40© persons, mffhy of them farmers, t A short speech of greeting was made by Jud£S Frank Tag-gart, -tirho' told Rpn^tbr HaTdiMg that employers ari* laborers*, business men nrid farmer* -**.ra uiiited' ia -ffHi m jiouuty iu BET support.. < • . • After his response. Senator presented Senator tVatsfflo, of, nnd Senator Sutb _ sirorf talKs to' the rrowdS3>psaising .theJioininee and pre* dieting Republican Success.: A half. hour of. hanflsiiafcing concluded the program. 57th reunion of the Smith fly, of which the la,tc Pr. A. 13;. Smith,' b fil i _. . - - but the scenes and photography sre-*uim«ua1. , On Friday; Mae Murjy takes leading partJn i\~~ ~ ~ ! np, after t&oii of dollars had been spent in. ^- * teraptsuto improve the acoustics of the. great convention haH, It has aeser Tie- fore b'gen subjected to exactly tht same conditions. as those which \rlU prevail here on Saturday, s Word was received in l?ayton • this morning, that George White, Demo- eratic national -chairman, \is on his '. way here to .confer With Governor Cos\ oa campaign anwagsmeats, immedi-. arrival, it- ill Chairman White will announce personnel «f the Executive con&nittee,' and, will also, make .sbme.deflnite state- ?' menf regarding proposed speaking: tours, , j Governor Oox'4!on f 'f< yy ^ last night - g t Baker, e; ,dential. chairman of the Nationa.! womans'party, on. the woman suffrage thft. situation in Tacesaee. Mrs. Baker ? toJa thegyEffiS\^ht tKfe a f ratificatton uC the 19& amendment by\ „ „ . Avan- , the Tennessee -Legislature wasi prac- ^rni. ••••'• ' ,. - , ^- . . ItlcaJly nil unless some drastic action The.jiew vaudeville program of tw-o'js ^xkeu. The Governor made no an- acts opens tonight. Hunnitprd, -the 1 noUnQemeDt -^ ^ ^ result of the ventriloquist, ana. Mopi'g and Geay ia a comedy act. ; \ Mrs. W, D. Van Horn of Washing- ton, street left esterday for^Hagers- town, Md., to spend a month .with he* Jfd y H d fil son, Jfoward yan Horn and family. Oliffiord Paykin of Washington street is spending; the month of August with StsbDlns «A Red L^rtce. <;<mference, it 'being understood tfiat .ho will await the arrival of Chairmati White before making pjXbllc the. steps lie proposes to take. It was persist- vuuy rumored here today, however* that the Governor has under consider- ation a plan to make a flying trip to Tennessee In behalf of suffrage before the LegislatureL has an opportunity definitely to refuse to ratify. {.gt -Mrs, Clinton- DeWttt and tlsree elfil- dren, wh6 Siav8 been spending sevejral months with Jirs. DeWitffs parents. Sir. and Mis. James Brown of Wash- ington street, have gone to their home Ireon investigating the y^low fever in Detroit, Mich. Jiansel Vstn Horn of Washington street Is the gnest of friends in than two hours before the hour set tort- • Mr3> Robert Engels of Linden street St Hdi' ph th W *\ \\\ **'\\\' ~\ -'-\'\\ ' \ »—'—*— is the jguest of relatives in Rochester. and lira, W. F. KcKane and daugh- ter, Miss- iray iicKanoM of. Washing- ton street were the guests of friends whtt are. campingi at ierch-'ii Point* yesterday. • 3; N. Tliayer ot.Penn Tan has ;«ltb rela- Charles M. Ecdfield *t. • of 98 Aides avenue, who iinderweht an operation last Saturday at the Geneva qity \Hos- pital,, is reported as doing nicely and will retiora home In a^fiort tinia Mr. and Mra. A. Ot, Lewis of thee Adirondackk iribnntainS, he Mtt Ed d St Adirondac ri, . Th Mttses Edna and Stuth Gordon of Hoffinan ^avenue ore the guestji for T4EALY Addr«lMd HORE John Firemen'* .Convention Thi« <f\ty In 1114 V HSsty tas 3D in 3Democratlo tUe lodal YELLOW FEVER Vera Crua* Aiigr, 5—Dr. Kxeyble, TJnited' States • navy doctor, who has outbreak in this clty^ hae made a re- port Jo Washington jsteting that « large, juimber ^f-eases-jexist toerei tt learned today. There are ten mo new- cases ia one .hospital Only case of plague was ret ' TE5~ merit hks appo»ntea a_jneiiicar expert to Investigate t*aa bubonic J - break at Tampiea. . per out- Colored Men .May tipvi Enli.t For the first time to nearly fifteen inoiit«a-eraistmBHt« are now open for coloredimen -. in the United States ariny, according- to Sergeant JRiley bit the local reeriittin*- ttto Th y, ng to Sergeant the local reeriittin*- fitatton. men -who haVe nad previous vi ill be i'f e nad previous ailitary service will b given'preference and. wIU t>e use! to fill u th 24th d will t>e used to fill up the ^4th and 25th- Infantry, now station&L at cam? iajla»tes, tfSWKTexIco. Besides the training there is an opportunity Qne man named Harding mi one named Cox Afe talking t$crowdt and/locks •• - ^ O£tullible#!tt>lt throughout th« tan* . , And trying to shorn them just how grand' c^uldtniy k*ve iheir was, But it dees not matter which you choose You'll have to still teep buying shots. Special Sport Orfords See \niern in Our Windows that's theBope! to 'biqr ioes, ] md why fi M always ia ntit buy them ?*t a iOur Discount Sale Offers an opportunity to do that very thing and the vast number that are tsldB&adsanfc-. age of it is positive proof tiiat fiiere ate many shrewd buyers in this join their ntimber? US Geneaee St Auburn, .. 30 Seneca St Genera- No Charge Sale* at CutTWcl Special $12.00 to $13.50 See Them in Our Windows I ARE SOLDIERING IN LUXURY « . — Company B Men Find Con- ditions at Plattsburg Un» . expectedly Comfortable ~ +++++++•+*+#++++# • Commiision for Mahsrt • • Annorer R. C. Rippey received • .• * card thte morning Item Ser- • geant E. 3, Iltton, from PlatU- • • hur», fltatint that George V. • the • • MaJiert had received Ua • «ion as first Heutenanfc -fa the # • commiaflion -was not received he- # T * ort ^ om lft* t • v ™? * T * ort ^e company left* tot camp • JEhow • Sunday indrnlng there w«n some • \\~~\ • quertlon (Uwut taking Mahert. • hut It was ultimately decided that • he should \accompyth • * u It was • he should +*•*•++•••*+*++•• to' secure an- excellent education and learp, various grades also. •fr • ' M^L—^-'l^-^ Stunt fo TJuriVHScoHflhtT • A Spanish physician claims to have been very successful la curing stub-, born cases ol hiccoughs by thin treat- ment: The patient lies down and draw* up his knees until his thighs are press-1 efi tightly to his abdomen, the -lower i racks -Which were 'erected during ..the niory from. Corporal Nble <3; s, company clerk,-stating that—Company B arrived safely fit Plattsburg a t sun- down on Sunday night. The note also; states that the weather has been cold since the men reached: camp. The m«a a w -wea quartered tn -ffie ISEF- e c P. A ; ith, was a*member, was fielft y<siera«^*ti Watitins Glen. There-: w ere'• 75\yfaPt cnt sorno going by' automobile and : B»nie by train, Mr. and Mr*. IB. W- Reynolds, Mrs. J. 'C. Knapp. BKsfs Alice Knapp, Mrs. Homer Smith, Mr; and: Mrs. Robert Smith of Geneva, and Mat and Mrs. Bird Reynolds—anSU' Mt deliveredd onee off thee principall addressess partt off thee legss Jttingg pressedd against] here in 1S14 a t the jmntial meeting of, the thighs by bending the knees. 3?h« a s. Bird ReynoldsanStamUj • of Syracuse, Rev. Milton H. Reese, the noted evangelist, and Mrs. Reese, were th t Thiite f delivere on o th principa addresse par o th leg Jttin presse against *•* •*? tta officers' training camp. ^._... ,,. M^.^^ _A ^.*.~ -^._-—, —^u-—^ ~M* . .^.. _-_... -. J HIach of th6. buildings is lighted'* by electricity and has a steam heating system. Little Iron beds with -spring maitresseijr~3re supplied and aU the men h*d to do vra* to shake dow --.-,- -•--., •=-••- Senate i n 1813-14 that the law waa pasted grtuiifciflg pensldhs to Volunteer firemen injured in the -performance ^Sh \ .AK ®TOa Interest Is iattkehed to Mr. Healy's designation due to the fact that Robert B.. Patterson, son of & Cl t , Mrs. Reese, were fact that Robert B.. Pateso, so Rmong those present. Thetininiitea of >& DeF. Fatterson, of Colt street was U10 last meeting were read, Mrst Reese pnanager of Mr. Healy'^ senatorial tang and singing bv. thiLjaxtaiimade^p4^^ nMal ihs prograramei-Aft<er-a trip through A.—i— ** =.= =.u—•» k| the en* he glea ainner was the glen. ly^ sat 1?1 '^—Mrr-3Pat=\ organs up against th* dia- phragm and to sustain the pressura until the diaphragm ceases Its spas- modic contraction. . Do You Want an Automobiltf If so, a Times, Want Ad will-get you just the maKo you want a t 'the, \price you ean\\ aJaara to \pay. Anff you'll get -Bio same prbmpir senrteB It ' Giant Etls. . It is said there are «els So .one can . Hand. Some years ago a l terson, who is spending his va«atloa •with_his parentai ia cjoaanientlnff on-' you hsv« fk-car to sell •tho (icslgTttijon s«.id that Mr, Healy's Adr, ieglslatlvip. record )tt the-State Senate • .was actively progressive. Do You Want to Buy a F«rmf If you want to buy-^-or sell a farm *vl our little Want-Ad departnient m England. It measured 8 feet .jjels yfliu iaa can .buy oi 1 jsell incjbes in lengtlir antf-wei^hed I4S size farm for cash or terms throu, .•pounds. Congersi^half that srze have these coltnnnsi—AdV. — Ibpcn known to bite a man's hand in two .''•-•-.-. . .»ic n.i i. . m>ii...i.ii *nd to have driven'their teeth through} \^~^ ' ^~ T \ Ithp blade of .an oar. • - \ I • ' • ~ In 1913 JECakanamsku, the . , Coal in the A vein of 'coal nas-foeen diaco^erod In the Philippines which Is said to b« lip to the quality pt the Chinese fuels. The amount has^lat.*een_ascertainei but it is certain that It will answer thei demands of the Islands fo»many years. Jiv iramer of H«n^lulS L -feas_atJacbe«i by l a Kiant eel which draeged hica under v ftator and held him there, for nearly Jtwo minutes. ( -..- ™. S^e.esca^ea'fit |asr,.jB^E ( Bt tho cost of a Snger\fro&i ha Wght, hand. ' ' * • . * I ]>.l.s-attain an rivers of New Zealljyid and hkve peen* known to attack haitliers. ' Tn facU many cases of ' drowning haxe Deen pr'i\rn to be where eels have dragged Iho bailicrs b s eneath thV suxfkce'oi th* ^ ', A Smoke Pe'it in the CanVeJ Herd.\ , It is paid- 9 thaif the caniel, if given the- Itoot pnoouragement, will- quickly ac* Ouii-P & smoliitig hdbit, and tn£t •the' C..m(-1 iiriver who has n. few W tion » 'MI nf liutts in his clothes %r distribu- MiJ^pesjr*^^ wttB.fftf aniaatfe\ \Sfi'ey 1^ 6^^sa^8a . and adapted^to the c«mel f ji! \'itlj arid an aniiinal \which; is U 'A'I oshausted'isatt h,e; relied njbo^^ t 'p ana frttvcf.ma'ny »allle-afWf.», • tf&e 'trtfefpe I Version~of f i year.JtSi SL jnodcr-n-is: .- old schedule of In- struction. . The. long marching' feature of-the aid training 1 la eliminatoa this yeh.r. Tlie recent •*«£•' taiu«ht the arnty bfflcfics i|hat* ibis inode of travel was thoroughly antiquated, and the .bulk 4fH»ttehHonr-ji^o-6&- : paid to timatlFr vldual. tratiilng' ef the, me»j» .-,. « / :trr —v«•\\«.---- -.•-....r*..v > found pur«ie or watcli, dog o» Cow, let » T 'nes Wntit-A.d teli. themwwisgteiteL •mil f,,i- if. Tie cniajest iffiftf best jv.-'j- tn g c l an ythin|r thai hM twea »'\\ •«r/ivcd or stolen, i» thtwwfh a- •••\\•> Want-Ad.—Advi William in Washington atter War. their blankets, and ail was ready for the night. Latga lavatories :^nA showfer both xooms are at the rear of the barracks and are reached by cov- ered runaways. 'In place of having to took a camp supper, before a camp It Wfa announced soon after the Arrival of tho men that supocr -wot <Ji\drngi room. The «Teal •tew, bl f Bad on a 'six^hattery gas gtove in the company kltchem*. -t-,tMtnttM «Striking indeed \aeu the eontrastto^ thv £j2j^iitiojDs. ,<if~the- Jtumi foixiid ^trasr* tttvcA la jarfna «e und t •at Platttburtr to *«jdfl»pa«s6n with those at other- iastruction campe. They found that Platttburg wag noth- 3nj5^3i^«f-the-bld tamps under cairras. In the red clay at' FSarmim, the sand at ^ine Tlalns, the-ttesfluite tip.it (the ttl i T th d d th _ in Texas, the mud and the shajp 'pine stiiiups in the Carolinas, or sleephig- out in the ditches of ttm. in- fested Plandfccs. Its a \pip\ to \go * ,«6*eWn'\ these days. • • ( ' Obrlllg were suspended on Monday moraing ifi* «iVe the men art oppor- tunlly W%et settled In their barracks, but ©n Monday-the regular camp roti-i tile provides for thV first call «t 5 a. jny aa'd forltaag-a£3tO p. ia. Between these hours lire drills, schools and tlt» lyljKaya velcprue .mess calls, There is a. splendidly.. eauipped rifle Tango at; Hib Platt*l)Urjfl.C5ia3p *nd the instruc- tors are layjjjg\ particular Btrcsft on in iiie* School of TDOusketry this (5ii«d *f Tft*r»k» • ' Mr. and Mrs. Albert Meredith and friends for the kindness shown them. during; thfitotoRreaygtaent, also for the beautiful dfl N i'^TJ^llr^'- #''.'''^ \<<r.\- I* ^ ft BYls- most* afcte Augus In order to immediately reduce our stock of Silk Saturday of this \week— .'osiery we «fiF», on Friday and S(fc Off MI Every Pair Silk Hose m \\ \*'*' 'K ni ..\•TB 3 1 h t;—3 ». h ' We have all siz«s, in color* ef black, white aadt brown.\ Silk Hose are still season- able and these are^^ e^xegularj^ock-- TJi^.prescnt price tickets will not be changed, but we will allow the above reduction in price for Friday and Saturday only. $3,50 Silk Hose—$3.00 $2.$B Silk^Ho«e—$248 $2.50 Silk Hose—$2.00 34 Seneca St, Geneva, N. 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