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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1911-1955, August 05, 1920, Image 5

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. •:•' -•-..>• •••£'•.,:.,•*. •\.•*!-•(».'>!'- '. v .' • • ••'••I. •« •• •• . •-«.•.',*. -<'-•.,- .-<!.j.«,o»v*'•*'••'»'',--'• .' . .-\^V •-«'•\\\\ -fe'r\'.-; y •.•--•«•-'. \ •\ • jp , - • ,.'- • .. - ' *•-• v.' 1 - '• -, . • .-.v-v' : '^' v .-^iw-,ir5-'t;S' ; vC^^^^'^%^\- *\\L *\\ J<! -*.-.->,-ri\ • -,' ;| \'\ r *\-v : ^'.-v••' ''•••**,• ';i•\•«•'*•' .*\.. •'* -•-•*\• w' v*'it'*'•''- \ i5> \\\./ •-:','-'.•'' -.\'• , .•'\'' c ' '• \•\ iflp English Firwgite ^ '. Losses of the European Belliflerents. 1 ^ r t 1 -••'• * .•••\•*\-•• . ?S * : ^.^^J^i^JliiLr feSPsi Only the W«r Bring; Ptmt»}ftl^i^g. to EnBfhlr AuthoSty*--a«rmany rr ' 4 > London.—The \a*ci^aV Sqbslf 'oi • tijf •ar to European belligerents wits ill pcess of ^,000,000,000-(|i(»,0#;* MK>,000 normal value), represented by property destrOjgdj losses jy| jMyesf-l nents abroad, ffeprMJ«ilop^T>rg|e> Ues aud by pensjoj^:|;d£^^.fti~ Bond, ICnglish financier; told -the inkers' Institute at,a recent meeting >ere. • . .. * V . •. * ';.. ...\ He fixed the following at the' real - (owes of the European O43,6uO,0C0,(KI0 norraaj valUe.) f*»nc« fae United Klngdpm ,.....,'. fi '**KQ00,MK> J6,300.000,«00 ^W^w** To only two belligerent counjriw-^ Hie United States and J»pan—did U» An excellent portrait of her royal highness, Prlnc4<>» faiKtoatrtt, wife of H; fc »., the J>rlnce PiiViichatr^ halfbrotheiv to 1fls: roocMtyrth* king of Slam, He Is commmsiorier of railways^ ^_ 1 __\ _ :guUJ have .cpinfort-afdlrpeace, forTjhlf id jr in question'b4 fed^always 'l^jketi a ci?cui»spect *w\ senajble woinan and a beat an<] economical • '•'•\ - : ~ AJJ-ftat, ftlyrn, cared J-*as: *he -wieH-prd,ered~ :. farm that Alvln owned , ._, , tatsjde'-re^onrees. ' >38the end oflJTe first 5'ear she In* trodnced. Into the house her Invalid bfatljflar, Jeffei-son Qleudr^ -' • -^-^ AH Alvln i reo|!y. hnd was the ffirm, id'.'syhett Myra found thl,s .out she insisted on his making It'oser to-herv One \fhirfgphowevWjJilvlh sturdUy 1n- slsted •ftiiqh-^h8 Ji woi!!3 run & In lil^' .own wojfi Hyra grumbled whence declined to stKlc&y account for evibry ^<jfflt ,of tlje -Inconie, b»f be told her flrrnly: , '', \ ' war bring proBperity, Crnmmond said, iut Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Greece and Scandinavia alto - had grown wealthier. He believed the ^liq- il f the; world, t dl BEEF IMPORTS GROW tomed to the:exercise of their.' new. Dewerd,\ would eventually again find Its chief cutlet through' London. America th't^aTn\^' — \The war h^t produjejf\an•') <Hnnry changeli tlons- of the United State's with Eu- rope,\ he Bald. \Whereat In 1814 America oxved Europ«-J?.peip,000;o60 f f.PBMW ' Interfere and I'll let you run the-place yourself, and-I-won't l|ft s finger-itQ-^eJp-you.\ And'tWs Sitajfedl ihei>-for'\-h'e-'(*as* thrifty. Industrious, and.an excellent pinnagei-.ln $ line he tIior<tiighJy understood. -- •'--+ - - SfSfB(jrv\5*-TvTii Dorsey, fiolntf out- early ^begljn_i!l8_dsy's duller ia the field, tea? attracted to the front of 'the farmhouse bji a low, wn 11 ing cry. It was to tirid In a basket set on the i-doorstep-a- little boy j of Animal Industry. Covand. wa« Assuming that the W- per cent of Its pre-war value, Cranf-' mend suid during the lasjL flve_ year* tliere hnd been an_acttial Increase In the national weajth' of the United States of approximately 30 per cent, aud he estimated this wealth now In the neighborhood of £70,000,000.000 to 1 80,000,000.000. .,\'.\.. \'. .' ~ ... The nayonal wealth. of Japan, he estimated, lmd been doubled by the war. ' • s ' Germany .Heavy Loser. On the basis of a post-war mark valued'at 60 per cent.of Its pre-xvur value he estimated Germany lias lost i aprt froni the Indemnity-? ar^pf\• cen^' of her national wealth, the whole of her mercantlfe marine, all iher colonial d pofsosslons, and practically th e whole of her Investments abroad; H_Jhe ferenc*, £6,250,000,000,' were ffied as the German war Indemnity, he de- ~\nrlklng- i\nj \jjj?^^ < fct equivalent\ to about £16,000,600,000, K oye-hnlf her national, \So far as the world as a concerned, the principal loss Is In the tact that Europe Is not yet 'a- going wncera,'\ he conttatie*,^ *Trat 1M UJJ- ierljrlng economic forces which made k*r the great center, oi. ille world!* totmnerclnl activities are'still at work ind will rapidly transform the ec<y lomlc diiuHtlon In Europe.\ He sold the dominant characteristic »f Internntlonnl trade-1hythirirext~ten fwirs will be a- tremendous -world de- Bnnil for capital* - and the 4nt*rnal 1 Inmicial policies Of the. nations should >e framed with due regard' to this ;! > little ^Iflference --M the quantity of fre«h_and refrlcerated 5 naported Into *he t/nlted IBM••*•••-••—'- from the meat ports, bureau of anliBatiinduitryi.JJnl- t«d States departnifnt of agriculture. In 10 months end^d In -April, 1919, 27,473,105 pounds of fresh and refrjge- y ijrfeBBtl ye*tJyC Tliere was no note or lortier clew as to the cause _pf its abaiidou- ineiit, and none' wns ever later dlkcov- eredi- A atray. »-«if on the sen of mi- itfiiqtt^ Its parents had te« It tgjhe penances ^f\ ciycu^tftAcej, :.Alvln loVed \children.- • fl[e aroused n'ij^wlfe,\ esrel> ed nnd pleased ever- this break | In borne monotony.\ ^ % _ . ^he at once ftr. ^Nor slin4t^o«^iflter.railce the 'brat to the poortioiise, where It lie- longs.\ . \ • Alvln; tried persunslon, even bribery, but llyra was imrnovable. His benrt went but to the little abtimloned'refu- gee as lie started upon his enforced mls- f ^ Isybwle\a W time he found wj,y.ln% vefcy few * h8? * lm et»t h h| wedded ftou- d hih rated beef were Imported, In the , n\6iT. A mllV from his «bjectlye des- period ending .^ the onrr<.»pnn.»nft ' - •-• - time In. 1B2O the fluantl^y andI refrigerated be*f\ of'fresh In the a quarter of a mljllon pounds. tlnatlou lie iiiiimd, th\Int fd longingly at\ , gi ongingly at the\Innqicent faced child \and reflected. JfrV nn fprmer was almbsf an invalid. They had lost their child only a year Jjj ^p v pi fpr S But the canned and cured intents Ira- ported: during the same periods; show for the \marked decrease =iir\tiiB^tofal t*^ Imported. ODhe *totni O^ .brought only 60,249,666 pounds. \•--... •v\\'\ \t :---' , •\\•;\•: COTTON CONSUMPTION GROWS FARM UBOR TO jRMY y GLAIM Complaint From-RUeal ISIftrleU CKUM Action By Secretary Baker to ' Halt Heerultlnfl. • gwIng co^plafntt flint recruiting activities of tfi | ariny md navy were tending to still further Iniwnao me existing shortaMof fftrm labor. Bo^emryJBaker anftdutfceH thaV ««ps bud been taken to reduce to,a Wnlmur rorruitingf work In niril coio- • 4»ts win be sought largely In ^ws^ad.ii-bmi districts hereafter, tho secretary » a id. . J Th« u>«tter was brought oScfiliy to Mie att«vton of the.fleitarinieiit **'*?: »<• ShoT, secretary of \-••--*- Ol)lo, »i,o Am*ttnt Used During Jime Increase Over Year Ago Sayi _ Census, Bureau. Washlngton.-HCotton consuined diir- Injf June amounted to 655,021 bales of lint and 33,960 of linters, the census bureau announced. ,' During June a year «gp 474,330 bales\ of lint* and 15,063 of linters were congnmed. . . . - - Cotton on hnnd June 30 In oonsum- Jng_e»tabllslufHenti«!a»J,554^23-bnln8 of lint and 270,171 of lintera, cent? pared wlfh 1,383,049 bales of lint and 263i804-of linters a jrenir. ago, and in public storages and compresses 2,304,- 638 M|e« of Uni and 374,(548. of iTnters combared witn 2,765,771 jot lint and Fresh and refrigerated meats or' previously, and what'with the bereave- other )clnds Jnmped to twice the-fluan-, . n ,^n t and the hard fight to get enough months enatngsAprn, | to eat they hfid little of joy in life. Al- xin njadfe'a, decision and entered: the l$use... •• • ,'•' .- Xtrs._:May greetert him.engerly nnd v , , witn* tears as he told of thtf- nl)hn- remarkable-drop from i26,!»4.;348-ptfoned i child, and asked her to take ~Vi, c«n neJp yon some in the way of occasional, money,\ he told her. but she. paid no attention to this. \ -v, .-' ing the •i- with double ignition and electric lights, 2*toh truck { a 3!-ton truck a 3-ton K=S?I blessing to our.lonely home!\ she cried, and took tofe/little sleeper W hot arms.anU rained welcome kisses upon. Its face. • . . .. After that at least twice a \\cck Alvin visited, tbe M&y eflttegc^aiwav* bringing something from the fnrni to help out the family lnrder. One dny He appeared .with nn old-fnshloncd globe, a circular map set in a stout hol- low stand. . . . \ '•Thought it would please'tlie'little fellow io see It turn around when he gets big enough to. push l.t,\ he chuckled. \I was great oil geography when i was a boy, and I unearthed the thing from the attic and fixed.it up aiid •clfjHeiMt.\ , Then after that We would take the child, whom^they named Alvln* after him, In his armsy wlrfrt the globe, and sing childish nonsense to it. . Then Came dark days. Infeiling a tree the-old man waSvStruflTilewijT fty 'a branch nnd lay In bed /or months. Myra tfred of his care. He seemed pared with 17,2ee, in June, IS19. and j helpless^physioally and njientaUyr She «h«rt« w*»m 24i4!io hirT«. i^Wlni ' *rrangea for Ills rcafe In a sanltnrlum, later sold the farm, ami disappeared. A ? year afterward the -neighbors reamed she had! died.and the worth- ies* Jefferson had a royal time dissi- pating her tfitte -fortuhfe !„ d'wo Ve^ra went by. One day a Mrs. May was in her garden, With little Al- vig following herabont c'hatterlny hap^ of linters a June Imports «fgo. li bales, com- exports werp 24K45O baTes, jfcg80 bales of lmtejrs, cpiiiparea wlfh 080,199 of lint and 3,710 of tlnters In iJ.une fast yenr. Goftoti spindles active- durthg .Tttne nrimbered 34,503,754, eomimred with .83,1)150.358 In June a* .year «jo. $ocw Knew'«» Much a« Lexington, Ky^-A mother, two sous nnd two dgtighteftr lire students at the W 1 ^. \ \\ same sch.bdif/Mrs'. 8*^. ^rfty, wife Of * -Giiatjfondufl en^rlalner, Drought # l Barhoiirvllle to j Immediate ««wt. chmmrt \oaitl of farm otgwftj K1 »ed comptntmjr t^ j attend sffitot!\' Having nothing .else •\\ ' jshe itl^Wed to, take • cpflrs? also stib- Chum Is Now Hkr «n<l May fc ivliio- L,f! rt . ffott *ff ch«m, af^dadftJh^! her. Dr. Oliver izing iTSi Martin's Ferry, q. i Army has Wheu ft b0 * Pf rtt^lih IB n ignited, the flj* <te|iarttneflt snrf a grelttrowd gatli^ The box .wa*:ififw* n 1nt« the d H^l#^W& It surroutjdfd It and started Greensburg, ffld.—While lying on a aavenpbrt at^hef''Jiome Mrsj Sfoei kJ^f M •«>• jwWJto enter \**r aHojii- plly; wheh^a-fateillftg-flgtire cdme into view, bent, decrepit, but recognizable as Alvlrt Dorsey. , % all well. Mrs. Jfay,\ he ^ and this Is littleJilvlnt I've got heMher home nor Mend$ left, but I hungered for a sight of tfie dear tie fellow.\ \tou hate both,\ declared Mrs. May, \as long as we have a roof or a i :r - der v A physldan was ^Flcif arfd It that the ' * M 1 operation > iKStefiL&E Jffiljif.! i£ milt of being shell shocked In, ffle war, Trooper W. Hart tn*- denly recovered his speech ««re In the excitement of a bowling game. He was playing with the Davlstllle Military Hospital leant. . \fi»e old,globe?\ observed Alvln In ld M C hft^a >'^ fh» ay^ HE Into the house, little Alvin hold- hand of the astened, to. prepare T?rea1...jjv1»en she reJMrned to tire stt» ting rooirt tfttre Jay fie globe broken from Its standai$, a«4 the. old mm, with glowing ««*ejri straightening out nknot i l fixed a slot-In the stantfifird the I brought the «tobe here/* ^ l$]ht '*d# t g « e^ Uie 6l$]htts, '*«od^ver# time I , t put a Ifijf fit our ijtreerIfttvthg* i &M £ MnWred njwav* See; Mrs. Maji, oTer all. If yoail agree tdtetnife|{a*i,ironhA the few years left to nle, w 7 V' 'If you hadn't 8 cent, we'd' 6* to do fliat,\ declatea the These mark as npta]ble ail advance as the Worm Gear, introduced by Pierce?Affow in 1910, which has become the dominant truck drive* T^ie JDual Valve.princlple means greatly increased and surprising operating economy* * of the FIRST FIFTY trucks still running «fter 9 years* service Delivers more work in m. given rime. Y and off the Job* Cotta ISM. to operate and -|eM to maintain. Lait* (oncer, depreciate* le«i* command* Jthlghe* Msale price. GREAT EXPANSION of facilities and the efficient organization necessitated by War production developed invaluable experience enabling us to enhance the high quality which always has marked Pierce-Arrow. TtHE PRESENT LINE retains these distinctive Herce- -Arrow-^hat'ai:tei?istics---d[iirability, long life, easy operation. It gains materially in these yitally important attributes: • —equal to any demand \ —more miles per gallon Gasoline quick economical repairs THESE-ARE PRIMARY FACTORS In operation and ttae test of truck economy. v CO, Magee, ^ will hold:•;»*( ice erfeaiw ^i^iito and gloom of three wary j**ri..VU itttpttit. th« '••**%* i^-mm-^a:^m t of Hoebtittr art PalnteV Wltn Milk. Mixture, » *Pirentjri»Ix ^fillons of sweet millr^ mixed with cement, werensed to paint stucco weri.-' -^~'—^ j*nreh at BucyrnS*O;;jNo^ (hey '$&\$»*€\ tBe\\ «bnrdics. ' •; Wmm.Q^$*Q0*,!^ MacDougall, August 25th and 2 6th Watch for '^^mmm^ww^^ W^-i-S**-' Siai.

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