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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1911-1955, August 05, 1920, Image 3

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\ ft i e* i I '»•<«! T\**- Tne Calenmjig^ot Sayre will Qpj»se the bf:^ bttogl J • INTERNATIONA^ LEAGUE. * • « Yetfei-flay',. Re.ulU * • RoeljeBter 8, AJ?ro» 4 (flrat • • game),, micron 9, jRochegter 3, • • Buffalo 8, Toronto i, ~ K • •JRai 'S (first* \ to -fill\ the and Chapln teana of Syracuse, Dam- ville Knights of\ Colupibjjs of the fast Cohooton te.airi; -tqk play here .Sunday but the local B?anage\imenjt 3vus unlbblfe, to book these--teasnsr.^- The ColehfftTns, j team here Ink .trier ,^-j. ..j-™-.- — — season when, the -teStn wafif- C0Hi$p9i of local talent an^'the hipine: outftfe out to rev4S?& .th^d^ft Sunday, On Sunday, < A«?u#/151;to, the local team will meet the ^Mariejiester team. series /or the cit^n^lpjujhiEr' of- the? county! Th^^aiflijfflSe!-8ty#g yivalS- and one of «Ja_bgs|;^bifia;-Of-*he-sea* son should be .ottefe^'toijpeai-jans, , j^ ceries with - Cffl^flyyiM^fufy- 'is ^also \be- ing- ' arranged a^d if pjresegt jlgna jaa- ture the season yill be \brought tn a. ~clog$ fVhen the Sen\ee»j!^lls/ieain. be \met In » Beading; at' Syracuse* Jersey City at Baltimore. • ' Standing of the Clubs They lieM the strong Fairport team to a close score at Fairport recently- and> defeated thgfastHQlley^eam defeated thg.fa&t.. . \B&.iiVj'fia.s' pilt the daniper pa. the Iasr~fwo Saturday gaittes, and with Weath'tr conditions llila k; *>ne of the largest crowds of the • jpittsburgf a^ Bi-oQlslyn. • St. Lbuia aj Bosto hTCT • Chicago; .J...V..B1 lost their thii'ct ' game oif the serlesrtq 1%e- Vfaite Sox I yesterday, and last; night:' lingered' fwlthin one 7point--*ofrthllrd> i place.\ ^TJIB' eoore was- Wjjp .-?.' \Eke Sox -Clouted - three \Yankee pitchers hard ahd Op- portunely. .' >. ' - .. • . ~ \ ; , , A colored band in the right field pa- vilion helped liven up; the early coin> era. ' : :• . i The Yankees need ye&teraay%-ganiie to break evert «n the -&u*-jgaihe—se- ries. Another victory, tdt the Sox will shove down the Itankeea* margin *wi second place to a point,\ • ^-, •• George MoBr|dge tried, to pitcji v the last game for New York and wag o^- posea 'By~W fellow* left-haiider; Dick Kerr, thetJny Chicago pitelier. '• • : Tarzan Ruth\ nee Qeorgej disap- pointed 28,000 offlciailv estimated snec- ^r i -M^mrm-m^ *~— — — ——\\**S ^ ' ' \\SVt^y^ T ^ ' r * - i 1 ^^ , * x > ' * ** * • * M~ > AMERICAN vGAGUE. K \ Vcttordi^ Reautti. • Chicago 10, 3S(ew York, 3. (•Boston 'B f . Detroit .1. ' \ -Philadelphia. ir-BK tioula-i2. .4'SPaahingtoa 11, Cleveland 3. Scheduled for To-tfay NTew York at Detroit, •Philadelphia at Cleveland. \•Boston at Chicago. • Washington \at St. Lpula.\ ' • . Standino of th« Clubi Wo? Lost K .•Cleveland ...;...«JBT. 84 J , \ .. Ywk r..;V.«5 4Q . •-<5nlcago'-i,-.,..,i.63 39 ...'-, tato\rs~by7fl;fllne to register his thirty- ninth iionier in. his. flnai, game of ~fbq -Bft at Comiskey tark, although the White Sox beirt the\ Yankees by auch\ a wide margin tiugit 3ftuth^ was given five chances to knock *the ball iittp the lake,\ Score: New York ..... ZOOOOOOOJrr 3 t 2 Chicago ..... 44Q00 212*-—10 14 1 ^gig, .ColIlnS; *Thpfi mahlen aBdJBn^f4JB!ernd Sehalkj . St. Lpui3 ..,..,. if • Boston .........43 B4>' .4*8* • i>etrolt i .87 61 ,877 • Philadelphia •*.'..; 8t i\ , ,804 *>i • • • • < • * • • • • • • • • • • • *> •;•••** ••••>••'• ••• 1 Siiler ep«nki: Homer. : ' - 1 St. Louis, Aug. BWKayior tfeld Sfe Louis atjbla.nieiroy aJi 6f_tbSsJ?a^yes?. terdaj and the PhUadelphla Americaria won today's \game from the J}rpVn.s t 7. to 2£8Wie*»%8 mM thS «|W £8i* Inning iaved St, t C Wlk M thS .«|W from a'shut h g i , Iis a out C. Walker clolited out a home run. Wellman, i WhbV-Bt*fled for St. Louis, lasted .but six innings. Score:; Philadelphia. ,». Ot0012300-r-7 12 1 st. 3^jd«^.;- J iQo^.fiofo-a^o^ii- 2 Batteries—Naylor u and Jgeilman, J^ynnh «nrt < lneU«hi $Mr*irU«*i. Cleveland, Aujfi , B-^Speakert proud Clovelanders fen* before; the onslaught t Clifefeifflth^td tad lot ... . -homo-rtmar Speaker and Smith did' ^tid^ steady. ' Tiger* Detroit, Aug. LOM Again. 6Th an g angers played l« form yesterday and lost to the Bed Bo* 6 to 1 althogh fheiL jti ' iUM fUMt «HBr Boston ....... Detroit ....,,, iooootfoo—s io 010 00 00 0 0—1 11 and Schang; Wball St chang; Stanaee. ««« Daytonj njj Apgrf=HfirblnK««i-6?g pourtajp In on Governor goo4 C yn ApgrfHfirblnK««i6?goo4 luck «re pourtajp In on Governor Cox Be received two today?-..a featlieri- weight horseBhoii jroSin_by Lou Dillon when «he estabBehiea ihe world's trot- ting record for a ttiile In two minutes flat at Readville, Maii|i on^ugnst £4 »0| «na BBK^JfiS M l old ' ro J n a ; nniR racing memento. ^*^ 1 * efihaJftt woclaOon, sent'the ; Praet!c«l Us. for W.ddina Pr«ient«. AH the money received by Kjueen Kary aaf silver %eddfng jglfto will be flevoted to the building of ^maternity fcospltal which will be named in her \onor. ,-..-.. _-._ STOCOSMEET : STRONG TEAM Geneva fans will fee tifferjd one of the best- games of the year here Sat- liyday afternoon; when,- th^ 'Kellogg •Pump teain, o£ Roohestejrwill bo met si Stpeo; F&rit. '^ . . • The \visiting outfit is one of the strongest; that -the gla^smen have met tftia year as they have lost Suit a, few games during the season. They have defeated some or the strongest teams rtKr^eonBlna to witness tte game:-.\ The Bea,ts at the park have arrived &*d-between 600 ana a thou- snd f b hdl i d &*dbetween 600 ana a tho sand fans <;an be handled with ease, apiyer will prpbably* do the heaving lafiithJC tiB5yn. T «; • Cincinnati .*,...52 + New.. York ,.•>..60 42 ''46 | .526 • plate while the rest \lineup the earoe as I ^ • *• • *••«?;»•• » • • • ••• ,50 W Bl ,626 • B00* • Boston .rrtAO 60 06 H444' #. ; ' .411* •- • • • • * t • • • -* '*' bjeali; eveit with I>lek Hoblitzel's Nu- matjeg, |n yesterday's doubleheader. Sfeey won' the-Jrst-gante'T tt»' 1,. and lost the -second ? to 3, Honest Jftcfc gels eredi^fbr the win, though he only pitched 4 2-3 • Inninps.. He went in great sharie during the time he was en the incund, but Iii3- lame back went awry once more and- after h* had passed\ Shields In the ;jrfth, he Was forced to retire and .Barnes took up the bflrden,- Walsh, the-flfst malfhlJdt teflfst man^lQ-facer-hlmTJaeedetrtrar triple, bringing in. the only run made Jyi4he~Hobbymeni The JSHttaHcs got five Hta\ off Barnes, • but couldn't score, a,, fast-donbfe—play and smart stop, .by Walter Bjurkei the Buffalo Bem-,'-pro,. pulling* Xim out o f a, hole In the sixth, Clifford will be lost to the ^s-4©r-ten4lays-TJ ^p^^ •••*• ************ - : GADS£V ?-r0Pa eyii|r* Jksxg. -J.^Oe<jlL< iaea \the Cubs'dnfy de- feat- lii their series Here yesterday When the Philadelphias sent the; windy junch aieay wlta a 4 to 1 defeat The •Beariets were held down tb-oniy two hits. Causey did not permit a Bafety '-'UntiVtte filiffi, Tn fifth Chloa; gf jeorea ISabs and - when Caua two at taeGubs and on u sacrifice and inMiHeia out The> Phlladelphi48 alscr tamed In that round when J, Miller doubled, was sacrificed to third and came ln_sa_Cy: WUliamB'- hunt,. Th6 sixth on WrlKbtstone'B single and ^errors by fibrstog and Terry* Two more Philadelphia runs came in on not a single hit In the eighth when ffcili;. jrien were -wallted and- anothet was Sit by a pitched call. Score: • Ghlcagfo .... 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 0—1 2 2 *Ha€elp*lft - ftffrtl'l ffS^^fS V Batteries—Hendrlx, Carter, Martin , , jCilliferl Catl|56y and Tragressorr FOUR FOR PIRATES Aug. 6,—Pittsburgh made It four victories out of five games in the series closed yesterday by., defeating Boston, 3 to 0; Cooper held the Brave* ttr five hits and out=pitched FHUnglni, •who also allowed hut five hits, three of these, however^ were bunched In the sixtU by Southworth,- Whltted and Cutsliaw, following two psases, which resulted In three' runs. Score: Boston Batteries—Copper and \Haefnen FJlltaglm, Scott and Qowdyi ^AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Minn'eapolis 2; Indianapolis 1. Ipijisville S; Kansas City X. - Columbus 22; Milwaukee 6. Toledo 8; St. 1 iPaul 4, ._ Rochester, Aug; 6-r*-Throu!gh good pitching by HgneBt -Jack Clifford- and j6fae-<joHa--ii]TOai;ea~To' „ . First Game. Rochester <.... 12000000*—3 Akrbn 000010000—1 Batteries-r-plitt'prd, Barnea and ijTraaherty, CiiJp-and Smith. . -Second Game, ilocljester ^.\ 0 000 02010—S Atepn &.,,.....,.. #i 2 0 0 J13 0 0 2—9 Batteries-f-Barnes, Collins and Ross, Hill and Walker. 8ie 'Eni -BJrtls. Aug. B—Biemlller^Tield In check yesterday Jifter- ndon except In the. ) sixth and eight •When they gathered aH their to win by a-count* of 5 to 2. and Holden's .hitting featured. Score; . '_. Baltimore . ,..\......n- OOffOC* 6i*-^5 Jersey Glty ....-.•,<., 000101000^-2 Batterles^r-Newton and Egan, Ble- miller and Fieitay, Syraquse, Aug. 4— Honors were abr solutely even between Syracuse and Beading in yesterday's double-header, thSBfcyin I*- marking- each : abih teana's win, controversy, watted until tlva< •before scoring.' The winning club, moreover, did its first tally iin the flfth frame and won in the sevenths Brown's fine pitching- and Oberc's timely hit- ting featured the game Reading- won,, while the headliners in the \Syracuse \ ar-ere Donovan, wita hja box [\Benes with Ma touting at the right. time. Scores; •Fir»t- 0 0 0010110r-3 .777.VT 0 6 0 0 0 00 01—1 JBatteries—Brown an± Gbtter, Per- xyraan, Donovan and Casey. Second Game. „ ~~~ Reading ........... OOOOOOOOl—1 Syracuse '.... 04)0 01020^-^-3 Batteries—Barussr and Cotter, Don- ovan ana Nfebergall. Canandaigua. ! dalgua' Aug. ort. andaigua HIKtnt O1M 5 (C Bob Potter of ,Stio.rtaviUe, Who pitched 00000000 0—0 5 0 for Canandaigua against Victor test Sunday, Is to be started by the locals/ -probably land_ja regiilar ' .. - i ii ..-4. 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Under the Michigan- la.w decision bouts are perpiisslble when sanctioned by.the State Boxing ComjniB^lon, and Promoter Floyd Fltzstpimonfl an- nounced yeBterday that he bad re- ceived assurance's from the comtnls- fhnt «• e agnulA be TY COBB TO GO •ntf th« worWi btttGtwiinc Good Lubrication Hauling CrOpa frnm field to ^n other job where good lubrication is needed to keep your tractor going hour after hour* j Socony Tractor Oil meeU every tractor re- quirement. It does not \thin down\ under. HtmJXacjit^Aiig- 5Ki>W plans, materialize, Ty Gobfe* Detrplt'n atar| •outfielder, may forsake the baseball d hll^ nd ke l diamond forr a d the e t e and make a;swlnsr ti f C diamond fo a w^ a ;sr around th country, stumping for Cox and\ Robsevelt. Oxford* Win; last night, at Oulvln Park; the Ox- Is to play_ Fiirpoftthe jwcond of a. tor&e played the Cardinals. The aeons series at Jefferson field hero Sunday, was veiv close until tbe last two Inn- ings -when each side «cored aiverai runs, The final score stood 16-12 la favor of tbo Oxfords, Landoti for the That spoonful . . , - , ..-t, -.-^ Cardinali Btruck out elfevea men, while berth on Canandalgua'B pitching staff. McDonald of the Oxfords fanned but three, Harding caught a good game. for\ the Oxfords, while SMel* received fox; the Cardinals. Score by inning*: Cardinals V..». ..... 010121084—18 Oxfords ...MM.../. 111020212—16 The new schedule Is as follows: Augu 9th—Indians vs. Oxfords, Gul- vi^Park. 11th—Cardinals vB. Glanti, Aug. 12th—'l^oquol«i va> Olfords, YM, Indians, breakfast not worth woman says she uses soup or gravy. Twlrllno-Arm* Dane*. Many new. dances were ehown at the dancing cbngreM In Paris recent rlg^^gf or tiiem, JioweTer, i to lack originality. An exception 'la the 'Tchega,\ which Is daireca to the, Ktralns of Hindoo moslc. 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