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*[V V DAILY TIMES, JULY 34, Iff Rettored To Vigoroni HMIIII By **RUITATtV£S\ -4 •5. Soneea Falls, July 24r~Samuel Park today while the Presbyterian plc- Keamer of LocKport Is making his an- ntc Is being hold at Pastimft Park on tAmlvtmt at~the Rearne» homesteadSeneca 4-#fce. - -. • •' jtn the Black Brook road. , I Mra. A. D. Catlln of Chattanooga, : The Seneca, Falls team defeated the Tenn.. is visiting Mrs. B. S. Htevens in; w fast Sayre nUie in that village yes- JDantels street. ' ' terday afternoon by a score of 4 to 0.\! The Misses Helen and Edna Gale Today, they will croers bats with owg- and Miss Mary Viefe are enjoying an CHAS. F. HARTWELL South Royal toil,\ Yermont, *'About three years ago I began to buffer with Indigestion. Food soured In my stomach, causing ma. to belch; and I had terrible heart bum, 'with „ prtnsTa -jay^ eltest\'ana arms. My heart became affected ; I hod short- ness of breath; tho action of my wirregfuliw, the secretions gQ&nly and scalding. | I was knocked out, anct good for nothing, when I read about 'Fruit- ft-tives'.amlseat for abux# lasmlil Jjgw and thought, 'well, they will'tura , out like nil tho other remedies I (. have tried' but t o my surprise and ••>(fe;,plaunoSS7~ J continued tho nso of 'Fruit-a-tives 1 , (or Fruit Liver Tablets} with tho result that a dozen boxes made mo fed iilte a different persoa 1 ', -CIIAS. F. UAItTWELL. 60o. a bos, 6 for $2.50, trial size 25c. AtdeaTeraoxi'ro^FIlUIT-A-TIVEa SENECAFALl; O.fico, Clary Block J. D. POLLARD, Agent and Correspondent Phpiw 166-N S********^**************^^^ BELLONA .••I Death of Mr*. Nelli» Aldrich.* Gorhanij July &fc~ The death of Mr». Nellie Aldrleh occurred at the Greggr Health Home on Thursday afternoon, after a long illness. Mrs. Aldrich was born in Canahdaigua May 15th, 1838, and married W. B., Aldrich of Peaton,. Mich., in which place ghe resided until tho death of her husband sixteen BRIDGING A .CHASM By STANLEY WARNER (CopyrUht. 1920, Western Newspaper Union.) \Sijtt9 Manton has sent me word that he would like to have, a tnlk with rood lot you have for the last five go in that city. Sunday afternoon, the outlRg at Camp Agate, Fourth lake in fast Moose team of Rochester, great- the Adirondack)}, ly strengthened, will be the attraction '> Mrs. Thomas Patterson of New on the local diamonds. I Brigtiton, h. I,, la the guest of Mrs. C. On Saturday evening of last week, A. W. Becker in Cayuga street. July 17th, at the Congregational par- i Mra. Eleanor F. Hart of Roebester sonage in State street, occurred the\ has been the guest this week of Mrs. marriage of Miss Helen Fullerten, H. A. Jfaeobsen In Cayuga street. ' niece of Mrs. C H. Bowers of Mynderjie Rev. W. Scott Toropkins of the street, \to John H. Christian of Wat- Metltodist Episcopal church will speak arloo, the ceremony being performed at the union service to be held Sua- by Rev\. W. H. Seyfert. The bride wore day evening in tho First Presbyterian ——„ No, 8825, Modern sister, who wore pink. The young 1 Woodmen of America, will hold their people, left today for a wedding trip annual picnic on Thursday of next to Albany, New York and other cop- I week, JuFy 29th, at Burroughs Point, tern points and will be at home fto Field snorts are being arranged, and their-many friends at 21 ('tork street, j the eomofittee in charge is composed an neaton satin and carried a bouquet of roses. She was attended by her church. ^eneca 'Canap, y WalerloQ» after August 15th, hldi t the eomofittee In charge is composed lot Frank VanHouton, O. Parker, Stuart Cl WUli T Jph tangr alerloQ» after August 15th, lot Frank VanHut, The Baptists aro holding their Sun- Clarkj. WUliam Taoraey, Joseph School\ p4eate- «* \*?«y^ga take don and Ar. Northrup. ATEREOCT two sisters, Mm. of Gorhatn, and Mrs.! Thus Alex Brown, local attorney, to fflr&ShSS this afternoon at 3- o'clock, Sev. A. B. Tl f S * bearfl bristling, wrnhy voice this afternoon at 3 oclock, Sev. A. B. S* Temple of Seneca church ofSclateu,' «nd manner was not at all responsive burial at jUttle Church_Cemetery.'- j to tlie sufigestlon. 1 \Does eh?\ he snorted. \Thea ha B either weakening on his grandland spending a week with her sister, Mrs. Marvin Sutherland, fir lias something up his sleeve. In Up. and Mrs. Wjma.ni Foreat enters ''tther ease I won't fan after him. Let •pwSn*!.,* 11 * £ >Uowi ^B friends one day J him come to me If is has any propo- receptiy. Mr. and Mrs. Win. Hen-1 S | rtnn *„ mn » JA » drlcfcs and chlldreni HafceJ and How-!' ard, Mrs. Belle Hllliard of Rochester I \Manfon is quite a* stubborn as d Mr. and .Mrs. George \West of'Chj- yourself,\ explained, i\» K attorney, I''JB«re yon haveUtigated, V er speafe- lDg *° On h t ** m £ ea Is a. delicio\is and n •'' summer Rushvilto Thursday. Mr. and Mrq. WUlla*Q Phillips enter- tained In^bunor -of Mi\. Phillips' moth- er's 80 th bithd Th some. Briston. terestg.\ - pjt .to give iu It's for your own In- \I won't,\ asseverated his client I wouldn't step on bis er- 80th birthday. Ihpse present were: His mother Mis. Abbie fhil- l«ps, her son, Daniel Phillips and Uoya ground for n fortune. He has penned ^ffiPl °? ? a l^ SM' 8 ?. Adella Bley ot me tn so I couldn't get out ihy chop- Vlros spoiled two good sales.\ j Mr. 'and Mrs. Qhas, Zimmerman or Lanandais'ua spent; Thursday in Got- , Mi>riton wuuis 10 tejider ia to adjust matters ' am(c- t :>., j nbJy.\ • • , • Mi-, and Mrs. iaanlel dmitli of' Rush- j 'Then tie enn come and se6 me, 1 VttTJSK® m * *** %Ti!^*f™ The Beauty of The Lily can be yours, tts wonderfully pure, soft, pearly white ap- pearance, free from all to the perfect beauty\of vour skin complexiotilf youwi'hi: of tile , Township To.Be Made Wnt<tloo, July 24- -I'ndor thp. (Hteo- tlon of tlie State Sunday school asso- ciation a religious census, or survey of the township of Waterloo ia lo he taken tin' Ural wti'li in August, fho v-u^U WiH l>« tlom* try wt'Htrrs -from the c liulihos. It isi proposed to visit I I'very homo In the township rcquestine; , anH\vpjs to a few questions. The jn- thus secured will ho turnr-d 1 over to tho'pastor of* which ever ' ••Imrrh it mpv < niii-crn. This work lii'fn dune In Si'nrcaicouiity with I hi' exception cif tin- townships of Sen- Falls nod W.ilnl'M.. The kindly TTrtTi^nf Hit p-sMents\ Is'ro- as th<> itnilt»»r IH one. of im*' Iiurtiincc and tin- infi>iin;iU»n will he liuif \nliio lo nil Interested In work. Tlinsi- who aro to do the ninvnssliigr will nii-et In tho Sun- day HWinnl room of tho \Presbyterian cluiiih, iu Wntrriuii on Monday evo- » AUK. iiivd ut k ' ' \ fewney bavku.iti.jui qaettion Crane Fifmily Reunion, llmi, July'ti-1 on VVcdnisduj iilujiii I 1 ', i.f tlie..I'rani'-family KUtluld r-ui tin umiit' uf C. V. I'l-nno In WnUrtO\ { t o i 11, i.i.,|.- tlnii icunlon. A Iiuuntt- ful !• p.i.m \\Ua Bi'iNed nn their beauti- ful all. Mrr—irrnr \Hssrl Frank MMJor. Jesse James and family of _,. ^ . - — - wee* £rues.ta~bf Mr. and Mrs. Darwin |U»elr cousin, Mrs. John Hoffman. Munson last week. Miss- Mary Day ontertiilnea ttiTJSKta®., * Amy Seeor spent the -^eek with LnWyer ^ Mr. and Mrs. Martan Gillett at UaU. ^ !s mi 8 s! °n bodt-d failure. He (lid not * 1)oi y ll d I5abbitt Spant two weeks at' wish to lose a liberal fee, 'and besides VVatklns with hla grandparents, Mr.jthnt he wlshfd t o *** twn ldH' The Misses Florae and Mar-areJ ^ OnleS ™* ***** Tf* ^ baCfc *° OiMott of HaU awn; ,h\^ZZ°*™ first nrlnolples like rational hmnjjin nipro from Sayre the past week. beings. Again, he liad been approached only the 3\ay previous by the manly, stal- wart son of Hugh Briston, The law- , , o ^^ , ,„„-, inlloi yer had always liked the bright cheery lus-iln occupy the puipit of the Metho-. '\d Sidney, who -had come to early Mr. and Mrs. George Keohier of Ge- i ^nrtf, Th ^mM with thelr broUl -' and B i«t«.r William, and Miss Ella Mr. aurt Mra. J. f. il.irford of Gp-JKoolik-r »[ CJuiham, i neva vvt'ie gu<>Hta of Mr. and Mrs. H.I Kev. H Stuliiig of Potter Center will Ii. Oonley lust wpek. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond LPWIS spent; Sunday in Ithaca. Miss N'eltu Utzentiei-Ker spont Mun- day vTritf Tuesday, in Ithucn. Pip o church to«joriow. Ko services' nmnhood with ererybody Maralmli Howard RochcHliT art* cotlagc m-nr Elm his friend Eunice Manton. '•'s vacation 04! Uie pastor, Rev.\ a K and family or Whyte. . 1 1 in the Ditmarl The missionary aoci-^y o*f the L'apJ \We'll take It for granted that we .;„•\• : h - y;\ • h - , . ., I , ' ch ,\r ch ,., wiu h .? ld its regular meet- like one another, Mr. Brown,\ Sidney Mis. Alieti lliiiigluu and daughters, • u«s with Mrs. Hh«rman Whltnov nr v ^ n . 1.. It-J •, j Poail ami AlfM-rta, calh',1 on l m Bar- ' Hall next Thursday- ' Wnltne y at had Said In his eTftuy opon way,-\and nos In Waterloo last 1-Ylday, I Tin. Ki>wotth league a t tlieMotho,' 5 ' 0 - 55 -™^^ 0 »\' a great favor. I un- \f Mrs. \n'illlani Uyvta Is on the \-sk-k ''list UimiMi' win ] u ,i i a meetiiig tomop- i derstand that there Is some clinnce at \ s ^- „,, , \ f f w fvwnn B at 6:30 for the purpose of : father ,and Mr. Manton getting to- (xractu?<rhaap has K\no to Rochester, le-orgnntzl 11,n. . I wn n, o _ nn \ n,_ o ,,i.t.»t „* ttmii. in™ ... tuke H«-«. rour* In tne Koch- j,, ^- .1,1 I, a ^jM.^o, the Go. ; f^ ™ ^TS t ? H f| r ^ ostor Hu.slncHH UniveiKlty. Russell Ivane (if Wiistunplon, J). C, IH .spending: his vacation with hia par- ontH, Mr. and Mrs. Thud Kane. Mrs. Alton DlininicK and son, I>e- foifat of Ithaux'wure guests of Mr. ana Mrs. Thnd Ijinp. Kuti'lav. I ham I-Yfco- Liibrary » o'clock. This ing. CLIETON SPRINGS Mr. and JNT S Salve full) in litt tre.imcnt of ITCH, ECZEMA. RINGWORM, TETTER or other nching «k(n dictate*. Try B )& ccQt bcx.ftl our rllk. Haviinrvd's Pharmacy, u'n at v,hich Jay Viintmutcn iinrt 1 ami I i. C. A. Boys To Enjoy Lifo at Camp Perriwood in August. Ktsrings, July 24.—The an- . I nunl summer canip for boys under the | creflcn nenveen do, and 1 I a flight flush comins to his cheeks. 1 \You needn't sny anything, Sidney,\ replied Brovyn, \How yon have kept your attentions to pretty-Eunice from the knowledge of her father and own I shall not inquire, but I shall 60 double duty In trying to heal tbo PROOF OF NORMAL . VISION Or proof of any sort of vision is tho result of a thorough ex- fey- aft- Optomotrist. And PROOF its what ovoryone should desire. Opinions, otthfiJ' your own or tho Opiometrists'a, havQ no value whatever'. What tho Optometrist's- instruments sbow is what you should know. Visit us any time, and we will givr< you tho necessary eyo at- tention. Stuart F. Dey Optometrist 31 Seneca St. Geneva. N. Y. the dent. JMIIII Me\ . J llilC'f net jmr \us nt the cnttuKo of M. H. i-t rtHTO oil caynBii I.ak(-, Amiist Glh. Ttn> <mt ttf tmrn .gliists VMIO and His. C. V. I >i \ uf ChliaB> M. II • ; ( ' Trrimuri-r, (' \' I'rane. Th o ileei.liil on t n lirnt their leiinioa f(ltller: \ Wel1 ' 1 lirl1 tlme Mtss IjOlllh A ' r \ I8lronB idVert^\a'ofNhrcTifto 1 n'spriii^r e Y. l wt!l And now, recalling his promise to ^J^uTn^XJZ an iVr?n/?;re^^ the .awycr observed to the I'ifr WUH held an<4 the ollii-prs for pvonliiB, llslitning struck tho laise, >INH- was i-li-c-tfd: Jt'u-sl- p.tip tree in Frank I,UCUR front jardi ih?iT,; Vl ,\ '.\Ttrv''\ 1 ,'- 11 '^ 1 \\,'! \{' !l , n , tr * m ' », ln P'r 1 \\\; , Jtime planned for the camp ia -very Ui. h..n i.-t.taij. (._A. 1 H. ( \ Howard rtonntpd a ton nf coal: H ,, iln w n „..„„ in the month ot At.. \ growled Briston suspiciously. threshold for a for? he hates every stick At ~ \_ held nt Mi P. An.110 .inra.its nomr JSirt-j, s ample s ,,. )( . e fnr athletic \sames*a\n«i I \Oh. wi»ll, I mny b e Mr. Mr won't \What db you mt*an by \half way.* - -- • ; • .- 1 suiuiwo nwausc in m e month of An. ] growled lirlston and Hrnitli nnd Tonley ft load of kind- J gust a majority of boys on farms can' wouldn't cross his lings to the Christian Endoa\or Socl- FPt a«ar-fur-auch-aajMiUrw. Tim «««i ,,,,\ »n,T I\ n sur,t ety- u ,,,-,•• _*. '» an Ideal one^vith tt boaiitiful srovell^ 1 \ 11 II \!Tl e hold nt Mis Ariillo Jncark s homf S;Tt- !.- om ..i^ ,_.. -IV,-.. . \/->»- .—n T 1 J \\\ urdfiv tilirht li-i- cream nm|_ niho vvtre ns l.\ ih>- in.il.- quartette 8|tt r *. tprest. \V.,I. ,!„.,, Ju!i .'I Tin' Mm. Ui.-h- anls lif>iir<|. mi West Main fttifet Is be- InK re^ialieci anil »imn the old \WhltP • luiri'h\ lnilltliiiK piiit'liubrd liy WattT- |i)D Dlstilrt No. 1 will le I'pi'uiiMti ui ted for srliool purpnsi s Walfiloo IH mak- s,| Ing pmerpss nloiij; tin' llms of nc-on- tiuctloii. The UVteiloo WDHII n Mills are •tiiHUl till AntTif '\.Id iMinmtinlon ihtireh ^«'»'i'iy \ rt.s „, servloi' lo3 \ a - m - Wlll«rd%m in Calvary r aunt. Mis. ROMULUS •1 un-FaVpmpTo>c>rs , , m k a ,. p . notln< '''- 'ion ,.f <l,.iM.»a; jare Haitild A Mutton, asm! Zi ypnrs, and 'a tornipr p\pris« mscnl In Waterloo i died nt his home In Tnii Yan, Wed- ! nesdav night. Julv list. I Mr. anil Mis. VV II JuitPs of San- jdiiRk. find .Mr and MrM. Kohrrt I'To- [KHIIH of Arunip aro Riirsta nf County • Trcasui-fCand Mrs. I'UHIT C. ''one on ; Wi^at Main sttiet. , Tho \Vi:»t Main street [ia\l ng I\ The Rnmiiliis Katlnnal l?ank opened j for Uusinpss on Monday morning. F'nviil Htin<lell had the honor of heing the tlr.nt dr-ti'iisUor The nfficere of tho President. William O'Han- llrst xire president, W I) c 1 < I'r.miwr; rnshier, William Pot- ter or 1 hid. * Hi'inuUiH, July 24. - Mra. Adtla IM1- dlne nf ('nlumt>U3. t ihii). Is visiting her brother. John I*. I'pdlke. Mis. Kilivarii S. Fleming spent Sun- ilny aiul Monday with relatives In {irllf\,l. MeOratio is attending m MAKE SENECA POPULAR Svviti at Green's Bath House. Lad cs and gents up-to date suits to r&nt. Clean shallow mater. Sand bottom, water is now 75 degrees. Miss Grey has classes every morning here. Learn to swim. Charles Green - IF YOU WANT A BARGAIN M* a sutt of slightly used clothes, look up SHUtMAN \BHOTHERS 431 Exchange St. Geneva, N. Y. PHELPS Plii'ipo. July 24 I!ov. Harris R. Btenait uf Aulniiii. \%ho li.is - been Btated supply at the i'helps I'rpsby- tenan cluiuli, sin •<• last January, v>llt terminate hla temimiary pastorate to- \JBltJtTOK\. PurinK Aiigusf the church Will tie closed and on the lirst Sunday In Septpiiiher the newly chosen pastor, I wore ••t fcjS< Rev.. C. J. Wood, «ill take up the du-|I.<'ina Ferry. Kmma Kurgess. Tran- ties of tho pastorate. Sunday school , rra Roscrs, Catherine Chrysler. Sara at 12:0i p m. ft. John's KplscopaJ Kerry, l^urothca Ludlow, Jesse Tr.iut- ~J!\UiiMsf 1'i.ijer .-.nil s.imon ly Kev. .man. f'ripster I-apo, Kenneth Frgley, \W. A. .IJn;«n at -!»:3u v'dook. ^t. [John Vernon, Sidney Rogers, Louis : yVancIs1 Catbolic—Maswea and senrflnha 1 Burg< s.s, John Marshall. By Rev. Kilw. U. Slnipson at 8.30 anil S5.&9 o'cloLk Th«io will be no »er- •vicea in tho Baptist church until tho UunclAy in: Augubt nor at tho \erv inpldh tile «tre°t Is' sllltlmPI ' school at (Jeiipsoo Normal. IH-IIIB ti>rn up In, front of the stores' Mlasl Anna Hoarke, who i s em- this murnins. • ! ployed jit V\'lllanl State Hospital, has K. W. Pnwilcn anil slstpr. Mils Susie 'I'f'n m-prnMng several dnys at hor anil Ml Oillotte limp retiirneii fn>m home ).f>re a ttfi-k's auto nut Ing. 1 MIMS Vina Ijiinlis and Mra. Clara The little • ;<i hiillillni;. c>rner ofil'rn«n pi-^ed Tuesday In (Jpnevn. fhiiii-h nnd West Main street, i H l>eln?' Mri. William Steinpl .of Deppw i s a minli I, d into n I'tim.'ul.'W. EUPst nf Mrs. Austin Gruveldlng for a Carpenters nnd plumbers are at few days. itk on the building Hhloh IS t.. t.e MISH M.iry A I,vmnn ia v initing her the IVaturlfio Mi'rtiuiiiil\ hiwpii.il sister. MIM. Kllz.iliRth Trnlnor. T.ast nl.:hl iHm Acnea < I'dintinr. • ilntiKlilrr nf rndersherlff nnd Mi* James O'Connor, Kaxo a party at their hmne In West WiilinmB stroet, to about T.i r i.f her >i>untr friends fioin (.'llfton Spiinyi, Senera Falls and Waterlm'. IViniMiiu «{n f-n.li>>rd, thi> ball loom .'\\jus •lirfrutPd Vtith floEs. bunt.tnK. , Jiipaiit\. 1 lantiinn and rnlored lights. I Oaini-s 11 ml tvfieshmints made tho 'rvtnini; pass off \ erj rnjoy-ably nnd • MiKs\ AEffi's pi\Ved herself to be a • li.-iimiiig little hostess. The costumes t u urn by the utrls were very bpauti-j f>il .ui.l atiilpii an ,iir of i-xqulpitoness t.> tin' li.ippy eoinj>nti> of >ouns people. Mrs Kiln l*nnl> and Mrs. Jessie oiiiii niKi luiM- li.en visiting their roti^m. Mrw Chiult\* lliilhurt oh West Main street, hnvp returned to their Ivime In Tiov .mil the Misses Ethel lttii'ii and Jennlp COell who hSve beea \ iMltlns\; nt Charles Reed's have also ri'tiirneil to Troy. The RcbeUahs arp hnlfilnsr their an- | nual plenlr on Hen Townley's lawn this afternoon It it dors not rftin and if ltl drtes tnin it will he lield In thn spacioua rpsldi'iiro tif Mr. and Mrs. ToWnley. Last Krldav evening fourteen friends of Kenneth I-'PRIPJ pleasantly . sur- prised hln\ nt bis home, 93 Washlng- tf>n Pti-pet In honor of his birthday, Mnnv Bramps were pnjoyod by tho pruests, also danriner. Uountcous rp- froshrnents were served. The RuestS ns follows: Alice Dougherty, MADE FEAST FOR LOBSTERS Crustaceans No Doubt Highly Appre- ciated Mackerel That Seemed to Be Provided for Them. \rimrllp\ Is \vi»n known In bis home towu of Roekland. 4 While cover- •lag hte tt>iit<* *4«»g the sonth oliore. HAYTS CORNERS until Kim- llayta Corners, July 21.—Mr. ' Mrs. Marcus Miller of and •wee* he got a trade on somp ntre lobsters and pur<*hnspd six dnndles. A fat Kiacbofel also oaufjlit his fan«y while sppculatlng In soa fond nnd he Vook along the handsome specimen. Charles put tho mackerel In tvlth his lobsters and, cranking up hla truck, headed for htfme. \I've got something here, all right,\ said Charles to Ills better half as be carried the big bundle Into the house. He dumped a crawling mass of crus- taceans on the table but nowhere could bo find his mackerel. Bade lo the auto ho wept but tlie fish had dis- appeared. \When the lobsters W6» boiled and served it was noticed there was a decided flavor of mackerel to them. The diners* suspicions were aroused and, seeking authority, Charles was told that he had guessed correctly—the Iobslers bad eaten hla mnoVerel. The hungry she-Hflsb, be- ing brought up on salted herring In the traps, wer* not slow to realise that an epicurean dish wai being serv- ed them on the long- ride home, They made the most «f i ^ too,—Brockt<\\ U Brown f eut I stubborn old men of you by to think •you two -inset, without that you U c A^S RV ( K Brown 1,1 - ^ y tOr q f thp First i Japt |; t church of this lo «' pren y°\ r <\Rnlty or given In.\ MHi in h h ld : It t d lj he L the The prespnt outlook Is tKnt a „_. numher of boys will attend this ycatj than formerly. I Clifton Springs, July 24.--The Clif- ti>n Springs Automobile CliJb member- ship contest w ill close July 31. Mem- bers will be received .up to that date tor the balance of the year at JJ. elub noiv which by ot may b o In creased to 150 byy thee timee thee contestt closes. Tho mid-summer meet will be Hld t Hll A has a membership of 13B ' extra effort may b o In '' 150 b th tim th con days lajer when Lawyer Hugh Briston* remarked briskly, \I've set- tled it. 'Manton is agreeable to the half-way proposition.\ \Huh! accommodating ain't he?\ sniffed Briston derisively. \There's the old foot bridge cross- Ing the river that winds In at the mer Held at Hornell, Aujrust 11 Local members will attend. and 12 j FAYETTE; Kayette, July 24.—Ge-irge *M. Lalir of near ttrts place is planning to ex- hibit some of his line stock at the De- Ruyter fair in Madison county whicii opena tho second week In August.,- Mrs. Agnes Kidd spent part of last week with her daughter, Mra X^ura Trautman at Romulus. Mr. and Mrs. William Krank, who spent a two weeks' vacation witn friends hero and at Waterloo ana Lyons have returned to their home in Syracuse. Mr. and Mrs. Dicdrich Acker and daughter, Ruth, of N'ew York city, are visiting Mr. and Mra. Cheste.\ W. Slaughter and fflr. and Mrs. Julius Hoffman. Lloyd Williamson returned home on r_j_—J... - -^ FaUs .... weess fallowing an operation for append!- y s n Wednesday from the Seneca Hl where he spent -Uvo i citis. May and Bert Kuney, who spent days he ith lti h uey, who spent several day here with relatives, hove returned to thelr.hoBifi lu Seaeea VaUst. Morris^Warne Is a patient in tho Seneca Falls hospital, where he under- went an operation nearly two week* ago. Schuyler Torkes of Romulua called or, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Kuney oa Thursday evening. .- • Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nothnaglo are Oh an ailtomobile trip to Torrlngton, Conn, Mrs. Nicholas Bauer has been visit- ing her son Donald and family in Sy- racuse. \* Mrs. William McBrlde of Canoya a Fayette visitor on Thursday. Mrs. Clarence Reader Of Seneca Falls visited her mother, Mrs. Julia Bennlngrhoff, the past week, Mr. and Mra. Roy Knauss, Miss Theo Knauss, and Mr. White tit Rochester, and Ethan D. Ituney of Seneca Fills were recent visltora at tha home of Mrs. Maria Hood. Rev, F. A. Vanhee and son Howard spent part of the past week at their farm near Throop. ' : Mr. and Mrs. Dean 0. Kuney of B»n- eca Falls ware Fayctt© visltora on Wednesday evening. Miss Hattle M. Kreutter vru lifr. vere tufferer the past week from an attack of lumbago, Glenn Brown of Ring's Cornerf to a patlinl In the Geneva Gltjr hospital, «rb*r* h* la •uffMrlay fraa - a tek tair attoMl t W** ' of your respective holdings. Ho'II be there at nine o'clock tomorrow mom- Ing. Now then, be sensible and hu- man. Your principal source of anx- iety Is the wood-lot thoroughfare. His Is the new road. Give In it he does; shake hands, be friends and bury the hatchet.\ ^ - \HeH r njafce-the first ad«mces,' 1 men- aced Briston. \If he don't, you're wasting our tftne.\ , ^ The old bridge spanned a ereex prown Into river volume during recent spring rains, and on account of a new structure nearer the main traversed road and especially since the feud be* tween Manton and Briston, it had fall- en into disuse^ At precisely nine o'clock the next morning Silas Manton advanced'from his own land ffnd care- lessly lounged against the railing at ^ of the^ decayed structure. Brlstonjspproached frpiii ~b4s side. As he\steppe.d\ upon €he~pTan£ln^ Q»e weakened' timbers creaked. Both were heavy men. With a crash the whole rotten structure gave way. Anrtd snapplug timbers the two bnltcy enemies went down Into ia,*d stream. \I can't swim,\ yelled Manton thor- oughly frightened as the eddying cur- rent began to bear him down stream. \No more «an I,\ announced Briston. \I guess we're a-goner. Here, grab the end of the plank fin holding onto. Hi there, oh Sidney I Get us out.\ For Sidney suddenly emerged Into view from a near shore thicket with- out bis father even suspecting that he had purposely stationed himself there to watch tho bridge negotiations. \Ion firsi,\ spoke the politic Sidney, and sprung into the water and towed Manton ashore. \Now then, take it easy,\ he added to his father, per- forming the same operation for him. \Say BHston,\ spluttered Manton, \I reckon we're a pair of fools. Sup- pose we'd drowned 1 That wood tot nuliahce—hare it your way.\ \And about &• read strip.\ said Brtttob. \Hi sign np tor the right-of- way. Hey, Sidney!\ Bat Sidney wa» gene, en wings eC fleetaSM, U Mtk put «oxioa« MM* pefuefnl Bmrice sad revert that Or* ^ wai teitted «t last live r The secret erf livinjaf ^n^bftebly li^ largely in arranging your affairs so that you are free from finandal weary. Avoid such'worry by building jup a bank account * ~~* Interest paid on deposits Company Main and Water Sts. Rochester, N. Y. ATTENTION! nd THRESHER MEN If you are thinking of buying r a Grain Threshed, this season, see our linef-of ne^ and sec- ond-hand machines |irst. We guarantee satisfac- tion—Prices reasonable. McCrane Thresher Works Home Phone 136-X Roiftulus, N. Y. REGENT THEATRT • » Geneva's Pleaiur* Palacff \ 'm^M Matinee 2 P. M. & 4 P. M. Evening, 7tMLi 9 P. M... TODAY The Sjiort of Kings America** Greltest Racing PTcture MONDAY AND TUESBAY lit The Market of Souls TCJDAY DUSTIN FARNUM_in_|'fiUaA^O -Qf THE BAD LANDS\- - Mutt & Jeff fin \Private Deteotive»\ and VoeMl MONDAY Special Feature Picture \MOTHER LOVE AND fHE; LA^MAH Path* News Complete Change SHELDON LEWIS in Dr. Jekyil and Mr. By ROBERT tQUlS 3T£VEN8OK = - I Paths^Rsviow and VodvJf Times Want The Andes eo,ve In the industrial Lt Via Park last eVen; » stiff enough ba t won 6 to 3. The g* best of. the Indust to .flate and had /indes received the i JCoopman for the j jiave been a real Di Sullivan, first naai landed on ihe fl pitched to him for ball sailed throwglf fleld and brought ii the Wagon Works iwat gave the stove lg» ami it. looked 11! Vfhen Heimlich, the inade a-hit. • After the- first t the ball in hand as cept in the last Inrii inythins out of the retting dusft in the gnd the Andes gol determinod to do i case of die althouj \piif arrosB before tli administered. jMaboney had the I In hand and a litt] part of some of thi would have cut off Andes last night p likely looking bunch Bide the leading SI ure * young and \ 'Some\ ' sefiSBnin?r~~1] • though the stovenn good foundation fo icore: STOCQ Clow, ss i Cortner, if ......... Gasper, 3b Fox, \b s IJrcUcii' k, rf ....... Koip.nj.i, p t'.uns.i.i. Zi> Travi:. i Frj<i, 11 \r:n i Su'.ivan. Va Heiml i-li, lb Us r . -I) '.. Ittajn.iiil, <• EsU-j. If Run;; i. i t CuoU. «K • • ... Fo i :. . : : ff if iiy Inning3: iH^n -. . / . n • ^ l.Or: tun, Sulliva Tic .. I'lcd'rlrk tWC >.cr. 1' ow : stolen Or<.pi.-, Ko'x, Fryer^ doutttf j» ay-Estcy .ti out t'v Koopman 15 taso uri balls, off M ises.Stoco 2, Andes Clncitnati, July 24 bested Rube Benton Jresterday afternoon, Bing by the score of 1 The only run of tht In the eighth.en is + e lacrince fly by AJlen, New York had sey lo score, but the n toing. Score:' Now York .... 00 0 Cincinnati 00 0 Batteries—Benton i wer and Allen.

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