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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1911-1955, July 17, 1920, Image 5

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' <^4 - - - «V .*- • A • . W,\ DAILTTIMB^ t A0B Itfj •4 Evening Swrtft ?.«*- -The Jazzophiends Musical £* QUEEN MARY IN ttTMW LOCMMTITCS Pr^ O«har C*wttrt4 P«nMtn«^ 15^ *# «fclt H*r* Cwh, bitt *u«#«fu* ^ \ of Definite Order* Regarding Mobilization at the State Camp at PlatUburg !'.<---- «r*r*>«w..- : . -v, .> .' Definite instructions and orders have pee* received, tor the tottfpf field duty wfcfcl* Company B «f this ejty \will re- ^^*** B ^V *** ltt ° In ttcumahla'i Bohtf» i T«l» Paytmni and ' Special Music Pastime* Park Sunday j«, :», and 8=30 !»• «\>> icing Monday ¥¥« nesday and Friday Evenings V DAVIS ORCHESTRA rt* Resources. display*! «ad B*ed of the »•*>-1 wtrt American, if ufeata there fc> s*l t« aott In foung Republicans iMeet at a'|P6«:fc'«ii«njr of it« people. &V4* \* ¥iM «*« Mid f 9 L^ Juiv 17 — from 14 counties are in tp att'n<i HIP 'to- o£\youna; tailed by foijner Senator PcuBlas SobinsftJ) *at the |ii twangf ('lull here -tWs afternoon,. l.alng ivhat x ttie 3b* mam M(%f«i «rt iKi IQjowa Trow to Cflwluce oth- 'i^ii f\ : h^i Of lt» Durlnj, th» trmJa tad by automobile* *n4 on itota* ik \wttt she KM come to tftow *H ihggs. abo^t her arhftt it' ffi«n!M, K me«n* liag f<«r ««Ucft cesn'ltsi But the ib Irt r*tiUh ((re«t •Is flfte *\ ' ID BUSY No Serknu Dama*e Done by & Five Earthquake Shocks Ycttcrday th%t vibrated, outfit mutt report the reuon «f wuf fcbts from hli command. An ate* tMs <l«ty, it ia pointed Q\t^» &l tily t>y the offtMir t>ho 4 eayi and to this c«(« ft tie the governor. ' .• .A@Kgtinc.tQi' **l# »l»n« ©tttUned t the tWftirmaUQn of company tofftoe Ku*rtlsmen \iriu |>«, »bte5 to find pl«ft lylnir ^ th« #»t d<>. »e poi pf t!» a pngy 1 ampltheater tance *ro.H» the *ty exchange wQl tie yards* Supplies x -i prices reasonable. «ill_J>a_held_ *w jmtto* lei mttUed ?« aonq, hut thm -were mwtly from ae?-i cldenta^fttw t » pt«clplt*t«flt»ht or f«»tt * tdMjrt m» $&& «, jpoat ltht M» ample »ervlc« clu |h Xk C and rary,,l»ee Ji&thin* |h X*ktt C aia, baseball ana a T. M: Cf, i aw.-othVsr 'featto& attractions, Thi cttjr ef Plattabthri: la loditisd 3»*~HOI|t Use a street car camtnjinloationn nd th ii m, .Xb p. rn; and the fifth at «:»• P, nu None r l*nt«r-thatt a few a»conds, tht \stIt; being sudden- HfMe* e«ecio«th*trewfclewwas mo^a-^L»»ttrt»t*j|^t,jbut .iajyw. ia joflloea, and factories fumshinr camtnjinloatio bf t*Mn the camp and tha. municipality, ^^^SjttaBriatfh Wl^t B*d with \eljotelo Ufhtii, iflee&on-cota. Men witt Ah Inflrmarj' -wU h* l&catedjit MpffiatAatflJgp^Hf**neL»pMt ?»j(*t wilt fce winlp •Jl h0/sptt*l cams. A* ample tool man mi ** to lake -,.. *.. ground: ta t^fc**s loeateft t pangiss Is i»quipped vitb. a« tar- tj; to «00 yarte ftia «ft ia j4 targets. trfcininp and aeti»!nlnjr of |aen taKft place within 10Q yards of STREET CARNIVAL x IN UNDEN STREET .. - '.<i>. i Am»jfiean Legion f»«rty t«jteSe Ffrat Ev«nl>«f hi Kind tola Held in •> thi» city It hia l«en 4«antiteiy decided by ^iN£9Hfc^fioi*L m their street carnival on h ejjhidjjh 1 July>-22, in * tn^oe : <a«in Stceot. j not aftfcja.of [iterence planned except that file: -. art-es \\u\ilvl diseuss the coming .onvpniion and • \situations ( -imvention.''— . „.- —-— r *- • 1 -..-up said that,one of the i.r the conference was J;« 1 ate -vt^m-outi opposition^ to' the ty-nier Judge- ot ^}«KUS§, said to be f- ife \liw (Ta!rrd J *~7teadet* • _ j on fSmai\r Robinson and otber tloi for Oi© dusty pjialnsi apd pastier of. p ct«y B repig Tins s&natoc Rohtnao'ji . He <leclareU n« f Mitlpr . amlidacy. ^. » &s no Bp^r conierence hair b*qit call«£ only iftfihi^ \Vt> 0 fcr.\ he said.. ts «rfgina.t cafhtB l.onal 1 c?kUtn* ot this ja >» tt d.. '^Ttie c?kUtn* o n<t a rlcen^ actjaa occnpatloiii\ of picked up Hil ftt tht CKIW »» . —_ tMnMng Uter to to* ftaifttWthen ^»» tnotiier l i ttoitefo Uk— An^H«|n Ofrt;/ Ajiottr Kfa % i r 4f mo*t «dopt»« 1* Him Anu* Sbaw of •---•- hUe Bojusofc lore Outbreak* in Mexico Are th»*te*i^^«*; l>ra Truz. July it-^-Cojltlriued Itionary nuthreafes hTMeXJCOi' hfrontinsr tbe-^^new government fcvlslonal }»resiafeat 4e to pS Ih a sprinus menace, It^as \h dlspatihes 5Kd b Mrxirn nty ftny soldiers are reported to. be de- |ting HIP fedwal army becauss their Is .l ' ' Ctt len en the Levfmthajt N«v* Under* tttnd Hew Their> ©fTietr* DaUet** Them In Smokma [Men \\h< leer on duty there fc« wi»ps of smoke from oae <j{ 'Olfflng fimdlur odor cf tobt<jc*. was 1 and eajch the nrt*. i«t tl» ad- |»a start them on a rottn^ # «sxtra which cured tftem. of oard sliip, w liow the i hold was ^ray * r from the !.„ been aaother wan \t*us of their nocitlnn fo offlt-er had fell*wed tttf»; afltf iHey 't for grantcfi flgt jiere wa s n«r pti-ect the OODlap cttoa the hold .And n o oae etf- . _. ., trip* tc ,N'ew York Etasi^ r<fet.. «rti\ the wsr M igp^ *• * perao* ahe the* I* »gt to f tfctelc ttfcfc Ught tt Wo strWe for i^ > Wtote tb» request tWn the-carnival; of th4 atreeet anS have tjt of uie*«l be ope^ to nedeatrUwis a,i\S every precaution be quickly remdveci i» ckse ot $&• v. - ; . •\-- .•.;•\ . t.U the plan of the' comcaittee tc through the ,-sireeV with- a . ,.._ —^ ,. the street which will he. the bigTBln^ eTBBe car< nival there are to b* variaus b,o<}th1 and BntertstenieTit featurei. \ * \•\ .,; ^Phe tejKlon jg b«ingr offered thm fullest cooperation, >y? fcrorjtura *P- proached in the matter and witaiii the next several days there ik to be a meeting of the BedE Cfcoss workers un- disF^Srs. 'WillarStr Ittc*. ia \ \\\' itiSk Hwaaletof ice cream,' >A» urgent -invitatloi) is . being \ex- tended to the veterans of all ~ ' StSt*4 Wars tQ aitfend; this-i_... none of jrhoin \wifi be askefl\t» _ chttse a carnival tag, but all ef- whom arje> .aspect, to- wear their label button as v identifying Wkrks. • * There J a * booth for obtaining ap pltcattdns for ttembershlp in the to cat tost of the-Ainerican Jjefh -' to effott to tocreaae th^ Post's bershlp will b« made upon the of the' pv^nt. ^~~ ~ >>.-. immiBMs* IRtfltnt thaattr. TJtioao in attendance at the Regent theater last evening are sure to say that they witnessed tSne'.ofc.the * lland rnovie PrpifanSa i m ti S i«St fete >jaer w^w scd ov PrpifanSa sf thfs city in some time. Serjeant & W \o j Ttd\ ^fiUefl with ''pef>^ana provjed to be^har -monists ox the BttperTbr orSer. Bviiry one <tf th* \ja« boya 1 ' actuaJHf Saw serVice abroad In the. great war and each Is master of tyip or niore mtatC Instruments Uud out yUy timiix sorla of musical combinations. Mini Ruth Grossman in her singing-, danc i d h t d W hi gg ing and sstXttPhone act made % We- hit, this Pao* will: Be at the Kegfetit again Whlgfet, together -with the - big comedy picture \The <3roce>-y Clet-k'* whtoli BSefi a riot of l»nghs last evenlngi, She Ceatuta picture for this evenlnjr ig l9ye_ { \v»r, TvliiCb also depicts the iices of the mothers during 1 the war. On Jtfonday theTCatholio: Aft Assd- ciatSoiS ^ylir pr^sjeht \The Victim,\\\*? story tatoem ^rotii actual' life inter- woven With a' heairtiftri rtfmanUc ibeirie of lewe and ««criaee, whtcn; wl& bfr •slM>wn under tfe« auepioea o£ SUff S Sh' saiied on^-the Levlafhan wns ' ni - n with tntemt the Jtrwt th? f arraas»'a f*vor.. ia Mccbaniim U Fbted and the W ders ' jrjnal conditlona. onflned to a son* . and out- not detect Local Harbor More DUtinguUhahle th« • W c aanpfylMraa«tn*r whitelitaT tolfelei- to Ste neaa ot the state canal service put th« meohanism ' --\•' utruotura with M 1 * ijflawT Th« r*d dor \ cumbed r«ad»l tMkl.9t.tlM. hin at the outlet suo- 14lti winter ,t« the at?. formed In, Senec* l*»ve and BO attempt baa tt,\ thawfiif\\™\ •PJWoaoBTw efforts lire not duty la poiatiwg the ohmmel, but, — ,.,- r -, .... ,,-- wholly. successful, (or a tow of three barges, laden with salt from Watttins raa aground there recently, but were able t» get away without much diffl- inSUnce* unta the J rwt, '*m : '' VMffl' through the> w the chance visitors to -,-.. —. side Part? thl« morning wlwn a welt- ' wu local garaga man attempted his den trip in a recently acauiwt __,.r\W*w lh&: te«r|i aTswl^ofct and while tt taay not ba th| wmm of •n •ight-oyllader Coli^or- av«n a mod- ''•tiwpr-vpmmk-V&i ' '\ go with Jtorca,. .1 tot Klye'adylce ahoV applaud ijap^ ceat and after th* craft bad run h«w on into flAoth«r boat mooeed JOijtM harbor, had'n**riy hit a coat house pr twt> b^tw>ma mtttnriaa --ln^i^irt one of the walla ana another am and New Tors coyeredl thett tings a charged eved tpday.thfttt*auntwUl be much higher before the case is eftded. Mrtrrr*\'4t!«teii^*W«g«acttWi>- th» \Lte- Into Water To Try To ; Ra»cue . Young-Man From Drawninff-si .? Baltimore, Md., July 17.—3«iied with cramps while batliine ia the Patapsco River, I^ouis Fried*-21 years old,;p.f 1,018 SimpaOn Btreet,New York **- €tth--w«r drowned, . Charie* izllmnwit- man, a legless man, wu seated on a pier watching the young; New Yorker as he swam about. Seeiiig Fried dis- appear beneath the water and failing to come to the aurfact within a rea- sonable time Zimnierinra-unhesltailns- t be bonds pendlnir further \by* in* automobilesqii \ and- ' \ \• McCall RefuMi To .^ _ :i; Accept Apjwiqtment - Washingiton, Jfuly 17~I?ormer Q ernor Samuel W. McCall of Massach- usetts today called *a^ tlie Whtte Houae and Informed President JWlfg tts^t\ he irf'unabr© to TEcept a rece appointment to membership on the Federal tariff commission. Mr. Mo- f fi Gait riff commission. Mr. o a» his reason for refusing f tht a mem- ber- K»t th*e\ commigsion\ Js\ frotn p^rTtlelpaftinS' -In outside Mfi McCali was recentl#*et«ete4 ttf tae figesaeHt of-aS large 17 Banks Increase ; •Their Capitalization Washington, national- banks comptroller'f &t t , t it— SevenfiBett hav* \ajppllecj tc»-tlie \- currency foif per- .ra&rstoxt to increase- theircapltaU tloin, duitag tbo presentJw* i t was „-,„_., announced today. ThMptai Jocreas*. ^rdiinc woman and asked 1**1^5,000; «e#ej*.charterstoifp *•• - • new national banks wtfe graiited, with a total- capitaliiatiou of 4i55.00». There were WS volunt*^ Itctuiaatt6|n| during the week, both, of small bank* PERSONALS Cli ot - Mts^Rttbert CliJitter ot nsBhecty streil j| tb,e.gue8t..o|. friends in B«l- losa. - ' Miss I«a Appleton of Ijrceu.igt; Mis3 Lillian Anderson, and Miss lidu : ise\Nedtoii^f'Iiewis street wh» hayje been cainpiflc withi, tj-Jeiid^ on • ihe h f S eastern shore of. Senec*, I#ke. for two week8rf«tunieclno9»e last evening f^r ••Qe«^*- ; Qtt A;B Qh slM>wn under tfe« aep cTsde SWos «nd St. Stephen's church- Temp T R. 'O. aigiv vvliieh, mcaii& to \Stdi E tiueater nianajserji \Stunduig Only,\ eotrld have acen •found Ia»t —\-*- it W' ul at tfee Tenipi«, voufd surely been Jiunsr up for the theater *'ft;i tilled to \vltnoss one of the most unique acts of vaudeville seen in this i time* namelyy \Peterr unique acts of vaudeville seen i city income time namel \Pete nU the int<llHscht EKmoor ppwt, Wh& con- la his engiiffewent hew-this .cv«- As on the PreyiOiigntehl'Teter rf«u.n9,e last evening. Soriald Btppey Of C-herry,Btroct with bis ;al«ter^SMmpAJice--llippeyj ot- Syra- cuse, are. the, kuestst pit their\ farojEbet and his wife* 3»r t and Jfe?» James B pey lO^Sdhenectadjft .; Miss Melda: Ott of Erie, »a., is the ^rS*' ! » to and- street.. G e«^* ; Qtt of JUmpm street A;B. Qhapxnan,JSfcrs. GTOVS and •siughter* WiAsonr Spending - Beorge Spt»jrue-OJlMRaton> Hew Mex- ico, who ha# be*n the: Kuest of ftls Mil# Ml of Geneva wh«rt irtth a \boat hyofc, *^gueat of' honor, three: cha^ra given for the plucky marine ....... m t fc^rt {jM ab»R: HEROIC DEED OF CharlesGreen'sBatKHouse With Toboggan SUde % ^....... PRICES WITHIN REACH 0F AIX , - Locker 15c—Locker. Suit and Towel, 30c - Lady in Attendance •iHI wn and doing bM*ln»M d*»i>lt« r*|wHi» to th« contrary 1»V •..tJ^JI 1 , unMruiHil«ua i»arton« f ealllnf tk«m»«lv««*t«ntUm«n. Clean ahaitow wat«r.«Mj iand doit«m. . People Have Always Swam in Seneca Lake and Always Will ^*« ?•«!»! C^feully,*! th. A. R-j^ W«.>1 •rijinfrt^ H*r« li what Cart. 9«uly «| *h» A. JR.JC, aaya, *h« »ri«»nai of, k I hav«: H l hav« U*tt<l *h» yv«Ur m% QrMn's Bathlnd Pavillion anil I think it i« all fight. 8ign«d Charlw 8«I»IIY, Capt, A,' R. 0. Mi«* Evalyn Qr«y will giv# tvvlmmingf IvsMha at Gr««n'a Bath House rn«rntnai at »?W. M»vt your mma at th« fctth-hoMM «fR«e or with Ml«« Gray, and Unm t* twim, •,.\•' ..-..-.:.. CHARLES '~<r*r~ '•.r- MATINEE AND EVENING - • - -* '$** - * ^up rescue. . He located the body bat be- ot his physical handicap J Zin> mefmau \eai unable to bring; It to the tne body was aald to have ggp to gharry Miss. Sarah Sobol, of 416 East 7<th Stre;et ( New ^or^. '<' , JUDGE CARRIED A SMOWER BOUQUET At t.*a»t It Show«rid Al? Lady Judge Dttmaw has a penchant for flowers, it is said. Especially does be love tfi have his Judicial desk centered *ftth *-bouOT*~of tft*\seHIOH* \WB&z eon*. ._ :• ...•*- • -„. . „; _ leaving hiss ummcr cottage »g Point yesterday mornirigr, »5 plucked BOW* ptafe^whtte and red jBefore « Kaahong Point BW* ptatewe k* to bi-lBg iuta the city W Not wishing to carry.a basket, he placed She short' stemmed flowers la the cjpwtt ,oft hig Panama hat. Atf weB* well •with the hat futt of 4ao»« soms reposing- on the Judge's head, tUT&e reached the cHjv « . -.. •>.., htt Jteow.Alft.ear: in ttent of a National Bank he was ' A NINE-ACT DRAMA * ' A Wonderful Motion Picture Classic THE GREATEST AND MOST INTENSELY GRIP- PING PHOTO-PLAY EVER PRODUCED Under the Auspices of . -- •- -_> St. Francis deSales'and * - - * ' \3. \\ ' . St. Stephen's Churches , : /ADMISSION Adults - - 35c Children *'» - Matinees, 2 and 4 P» M. —Evenings, ijpaA 9:15 ^i»httn« Jteow.Alft.ear: in ttent of the Geneva National Bank, he was met by a young- woman acquaintance. BiK he -gallantly raised hia • hat, h i t th and greatly to the surprise of, tha jfoung woman and to bls-oTcn-Jwn- 1 sternatlon, a shower- of blosBoms tumbled axoiind-him. • ,'• < There WHS no bouquet on the judge's UfilfT REACHES US FROM y- - -«- --- Harvard Astronomers Dbsecve •Developments in ConnectSbrt With Celestial Conflagration.. DerelopnieDts in connection with a MtsUil conflajmtion that took place mbre than 200,000 years ago ar* he? tot observed ytltli marked lntereil-by Hurrard astronoraewr Ttee\\contl«<- |fpWoa.<>r \iBarj\.took plate ihc«d- ceitable millions of 'miles from tha light rays are Ju»t rcachlnt- attention of the Harrard jiclefi- street,|!a,s,«jtttrn«d h lAference w^llaiffa omei ^ the son of Mr. ^ -^- cii Heights, %ho' hatfbeel . vacation.-ic turns .to Detroit, Michigan, ageAt for compafliy;- tee the. -Travelers insuranc? tftrtfi was attfaerea firthe. Plttter by 'torjr ot enUfortltt %\m. an- meat o? the diameter of the arc of Nora Aqulla'Imd been notetl.' About two- year* ago \ndva ofnew^'litaT/ appeared in the constellation Aquilt. According to theory this*• nova was caiiied by the collision of a 'feiiialV' 4n. y flfteen minute*, d • , 7 w son, daughter {W«Hk Jfd 4 - - • - Wi,. c. B, Jo«ey» took t en minute*, .^{W«Hk Jfd l^afearfe B. Jo«ey» took sat and wondoted i plifetfe at 4Oijfe.oJcl«ck iMa attftrnoon at h t h th hm 'or th fcld^' at on Mo sa an i be taught to do such, Jc«c M aftr a the fcrld^'s parents o ^ tOPAY George Walsh in \A Manhattan Kni ^ «UTT 7£ JMFF In \NOTHBIO PUT OlRLtf' ;. P«t«r Pan, th« Ei|ucat*d. Trained Piny - Lew R«»lle, Exc«gtien»l, Monologue and Hanrf Bai»nc*r ,..- Monday; BUndie Sweet in The Unpardonable Sin PATHE NEWS MILLIE tAVfVA Dancing and Balaneingf Novelty *' nozrrA * BINGHAM ; Charaet«r Snaing, and Aeeordian, Novahy Tuesday Marguerta Sylva. in \Honey Be in thi» Picturt Kid McCoy puts over on* of the bait fiv* round bouts ever *eert on th» ser«in. PATHE MASY MILES WINTER Jfi a SUNSHINE COMEDY. \MONKEY SALARYARY INCREASESNCRES I BEFORE ALDERMEN AiMwora ftl *» MlEach and <S|1m1,ma Y m y f atar with. a» \daMc Aebula/'* th«! fric- tion causing a freat 'conflacfatlon or fltt\ ' '* '\ trav«t' throu«l» Kpate at tho rate of 180,000 mlle« a ' XoncV- Astronomers were imte how far away; the Mwora RaiM *» MlEach a H*aftltO«icarto<Sat| l Year In ^aadltton to the hearing'.last, *agH wm.-tbh M»0.en street traftlo or- dihance the Coinmoh Councu teok up &a unfinished business the question oJTan increase of aalary tor-the city aaseiwors, who noir\ • tecelve t*»0 an- n«aUy/\4 resolution; *«« introduced by Alderman Marshall of the finance, committee to the eftect tbat the sot- .arx. be, s increa«ed to *50& a year to begin'at the beginning of the tejnn =or-Sffice\of each new asaessor 'and that final actioh on the matter bfe -tSUen on AtigMst lfrith. The,, resolu>- ,tion was paased, Ne«t the question of iaeireaiiea coinpepsation .. IOK the health officer taken up.-* re<»ueftt having been b itedd to »l80tt a chased a Cffaiid piano,* of Mr. Buefc. TH» beautiful instrument waa a Peas* and shipped,by truck yeaterd»y.»Misa Anna Hogers of Waterloo'was » fowii yesterday-a»d'-placed *n<--ord*e .for one of the beat styles Vitanolits. Mr. Buck delivered it; to Waterloo this morning. Joe (ySbea, of Nortt street sauntered into the Store., today abl« to how far away; the i T it totf Wovtslonaf itf I* t'e ft »rae«t a» d to i ; $l»t waV %y rw^rding howT«Dg it took tot UM brifiit spot, to attain- a liven sit*, It t# computed fiiat the iare V\tlItt | hert- B^-TWag. 1 the only attendant, are no tocger MuK* •F It la obrloas tlat the «. tb* n^t 'Mm Vim sraia t0 almons & spa* 1a©d»»t*«nt»ftattled by,a ray of light In? 1% ifiw«tl»», »: approximately 5,781, % iWKWftCflO a»I»i(t>l|»ta nirinWslp, ijatfl^ ^ti W the waa taken up.* re<»ueftt hg jnade that U- be intarease t »l,80tt a yea*, This aeeined *0 ^ake the breath away from one or two of the aldermen, the present salary being <nay; |8M. St&jiaUy, bowevsav Alaer- XDM Fowle move* that th» salwry he iiicsreaned to tig**- per.year, to -take £t January irt, iKt and thl« m^ »e-apprw« of *k t ««»Wf! on din this renol»«oa will al- aj»a atso a- verjp Ml Cabinet Graaa plano.g' Maltey\* track lianded It this ^inoriuTtgi Joe know* a good thing when he* sees it. Ijestw Sherman of Stanley, it. CCeito of Ave. JB both Tiave- new instruments pur- chased of the Buck Music Souse^. fL J. Hanrey of Oak(* Corners has a new Pease player and Mr. Tiffany of CUf- toii Spring* was in the city and PHT- chased a. Vitonola. The JJiiek Muste House not only, has the stock, but makes the price.-r-Advertisement t Parked Auto Near Hydrant. A man riving ine name o* Cynw Johnson and his residence at Benn Tan. was arrested 1 last \night 'tofiiti- latinK the traiftc law when he, patked his car la front of a hydrant on Ex- chaBge atreet, teaviiigr tt there tor sw» eral h«i»rs. He deposited W tor his appearance this »orntng« Wmcn was forfeited when he-foiled to «hcwJO> Motoripl., Watch Your A moat* watch J«|«Ing Wf ftr W M&

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