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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1911-1955, July 06, 1920, Image 5

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-H- 4 - .-«<' •*s^z-\^™*** *** «?#.•«#*•..•\ . 6, 1920, is just tH»t» littl e if \ti v •.\i« ' f~ Photttix Hosiery Likfa Luggage '* . i Fbur Corning People Were injured in Accident NTear Dundee Last Evening As a result of injuries sustained when the automobile in which they were riding, crabtied into- a barn alongside the Fenn Yan*pundee state road at! q^ last night four neraonx are now at the Geneva <Ctty Hospital. The younj people refused to give their names, but as nearly, as caa Be learned they are Joseph DeSelva, Allan Shum- way, Mrs'ShijUey and-Mrs. Evans ol Corning. • Two others a Mr. Crarie and a M4ss Brink, also in the party, were iniured $o slightly, thatlfiey were_take8 to their homes In Corning. One of Ihe women has ti»d lftee*a- tlona of Ihe face but it is believed sho has no internal injuries; the other has a very serio«& tBjsjry. i& the cheat, Neither of the men received serious injuries, it. ia understood. , The automobile is said to have J been t raveTTnF \at • a iSthfte rfitte ot »pe«4 when approaching Ovenshire Comers, fgup miles--{r-ein Dundee* The drives waajjowerless when the 1 turn in ttio road was reached and the ma'cfrfne crashed into the Joseph Porter barn, goiny through the siding and dropping through to the cellar. The car wag wrecked. --— - - \•* • ,- •As news ©f \the accident spread along the. road automobile, parties: flocked to the scene. It was said that tUs ilddt No Goods Charged Canvas Pumps Canva* Oxford* JK^ — ~^^ * —^^ ^ r »• * ^^^J^^J »~y^^^# ^»«**j« ^#**^# t w fc^ ^^a •• stated that a. quantity of liquor wa», found In ^the carr —. _^ • ,t t'f - • r^i the jgarids, a -(»?lboti«<t»'of irraoistiKe j'btt ne*€—in the witve*, a? fla*h 6t livjrng^alourL On6- glance, and—pre*to! you reeffgw^e it-^an _Aon«tta K»lle>matin Bathlfifl Suil. -; ; Patent Pumps Patent Oxford* Brown Oxfords Dull Pumps Dull Oxfords Black Kid Pumps Black Kid Oxfords^ Sport Oxfords On All Phoenix Th« more you bity the more you save The saving is up to y*u^ Yap save a irflar if you spend fivt ykdfu spmi tenr it's two. get busy- and get your share. We are selling all Sum- mer Shoes andHosiery in every department. Men's, Women's and Children's at honest reductions of 20 Per Cent Off. .This is not sale stuff either; but our regular merchan- dise carrying the regular Dusenbury guar- antee of satfsfactionrr Don't J>uy shoes or hosiery without first looking in at our win- dows* .•...\\ \-..-' W. iff. Duscnburt/, Inc. Auburn. o Seneca St Oeneva. Cut Prices Are for Cash Only Cordovan 1 • Oxford* Brown Oxfords Oxford* • Black Kid Oxford* Patent Dancing Pumps Canvas Oxfords . Snort Oxfords 20% Off On AU Working Shoes 1 » Mr. ana Jttes, Sfew*on fialliett and ^OWn Bslltett Of Bomu- Iu», yesterday ' entertained a jarge family gathering at their home to cel- ebrate the Fourth of Jufy.OThe unusual part of the affair was the faot that four, -grooipa—w-ere preient ^-of^-touc- generations. Photographs were takoa f these groups for preservation. Th» -grentleraen entertained • ih*m?e5v6s shooting clay pigeons, Ne'wton Ballict rft is the «ontset,- Tfeoie- present were Peter Balllet, Mr. and Mrs. Newton Balliett, Mr, and Mrs. Ray Balliett, Mr. and. Mr^ Glenn Bal- liett and daughter Ruth of Romulus; Jacob MJenges, Mr. and Mrs. Clymer ilenges of Geneva; Mr. ana Mfs. L. Travis and son Clifford of Florida; Mr. and 4Vlrs» B4chard Dryjet ana son Ralph. of Waterloo; Dr. and Mrs. J. A. SpejiB- ler and daiigKEers HaEIeTanff TftutlT? Mrs. Ellzab&th Spenglef and daugh- ter, Miss Jennie Spenglerof Geneva; Dr, and Mrs. Frank B. Spengler, dau- \ghter Kdlth and .»on Richard, and (ton ; -Mrs. -Gtock ^ HectOEj. Mr.- - f!lpryienann r Three and two on htm and two out -if' How do you knowtf fe go^t; You have seen advertisements on the Re-Carbureter and Primer but hav« uo doub| TOldts -youraetf that therrf are 'so~many'Vuch articles'on^ifio J^ ltt tht doeli of Charle.3 Waldron, Mr. an^_ Mrs. Jesse Kidd, flatighters snared\ and\ Rath and sons Otto.and Ralph with Miss Flor^ enee Post off MacDougall and Jame* Jacquish, of Hector. Dinner and sup- per was served on the spacious porori JtlllT-H, llll>bt delightful Hsu/ *«JI WTUnt: uoeially. PERSONAL r«,,™^- r/ ^oquette _and_ •8Hhpu««e_J_MU8trat«d- —htee—nil Annette K»u«\\J'\\ Bathing AttirVisjjfo- -? tinguisb«d By *n incomparable, daring beauty <sf,-*it •that always f ema«n» refined, Ennohtd by many novel, exclusive features. \it a_gotnt to see the \Two-in-One\— Knitted Suits with -Tight* ««aetad; >J»o Ahn 'fSJipOn'T- r •*/ rrtqd»l«—-worn over tights. Destined to bt \Th» Snrtart- , est T«g» on the Beach.* 1 vises for Ladies, Misses, Junior*-and T6t« of Two—and upward. Over'tjjirty glorious, exotic colours. The famous, Annette Kellor- hfa'rt'H\ > Swtmmmg i Trghtn too. • —^ Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Delaney, Mrs. Helen Smith and Miss France* Smlti* of Brook street, nave gone near JlranchpQrt ^>n xi£.]/& Kcuka tw eatnp for two weeks. \. •* •Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Furber of Cherry street have been called to- Connecticut by the -serious illness of Mr, Furber'a brother. Mr unit Mrs, Arthur Vosburg of Cherry street and Mr. and Mrs. Chester\ Shankwller, Miss Beular Shankwiler and WHllafn Shankwiler of North Main street re- turned home Ia3t evening; from a. two | s las that this is probably In the same class and if it were any good you would have heard more of, i t • • • - ^ ' - When you know that siiefr fipms in New York, aB Macy, Fifth Ave. 1 feus \ Xliie, American Tobacco Co., Sttz, Standard oil Co., and many others ar« testine thota out and when^you can see the originals of the following bona, fide testimonials you must admit It has merit. ..... * Philadelphia, Nov. 25, m». Mr. C. B. Thomas, 1777 Broadway, New York. N. Y. Dear ah-: •\\'• \ We hft.ve refraiirea.ftrom writing yon- regarding your Re.Carburet6i> tmtt^ we had\ equipped BUlEciont cars with them to tell from actual experience —Ju»t-wtoat~hen£flls» If any, werg to be derived frorii it. \ I^e—want to say now that alt tho tils Not every fethmg Suit re att Annette Kollermann. To get the genuine, make \sure that YOUfi Suit bears tho Annette Kellermartn'label. . \ days' motor trip to Buffalo and Niag- ara Fulls, Mrs. C. M. Turnbull and aaugfhter, Miss Helen, of Washington\ street, yesterday entertained Mrs. Holeii Sweezoy, Mr. <tnd Mrs* Ethan Snyder *cf nn i-& en »onn *inen Jill » sweezoy, air. ana ivirs,,fiman snyaer $5.00 t $6.50, $8.00, $10»50 ttl \ m & son perald .of Syracuse, also The J. W. Smith Dry Goods Co. ' Soncca an* \timlcnT uensva, N. Y. -•/ t u ,3, will end for the time beingi\ This indicates that team \wijrK \Sdience Bignate , of West Wfshlng^or call it what you will fliat permeates the members of any successful team Frth f Jl Sai k d ll f itd iit for a win Sirs©! Telephone Your C^O. D. Orders—2 3 3 9 FREE DELIVERY Fresh Peas Peck 49c i Medium New Potatoes Peck 79c Asparagus Pound 10c Dry Beons. ,., 3 lbs. 25c - Lettftce fcarge Heads 5c Can's $1.00 Wax Beans 1b. 15c Clare \Snyaer \of Syracue. j Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Gray and j ghter, ton street, spent the Fourth of 'July Sai hl h eliminates (Auburn wkh-relatives, - —I- Mr. a-nd Mrs, G, V. Sackett of J?id- ifeney street were guests yesterday Of I friends in Seneca -Falls. .._ - I. Dr. and MfS. Frank B. Spengler and | two Children of JJaldwinsville wece Sftueaia on Sunday of Dr. and Mrs. 3. i A, Spenprler of Fair View. Mms fiuby A, Kenfleld of Elmwood •Place und little Miss Carol Gannttt-of c r Avpf.nii, \9erS guests Stttllla.: and Monday of. Mr. ang Mrs. P. R. | V.irk of Syracuse. | Attending Mayor's Conference 1 !>fay.jr Sfuhl>s has gone to James- [town To attend the state eonventlooi ' of Mayors and city officials whicli [opens there this afternoon. It is sadtd is ! llmt the Mayor ts going to try to have ! the convention meet in .Geneva ne^t •\j year. Otlirsrs frnni Geneva to 1 attend tile coiil'erenco are City Attorney A, J. Hammond and Aldermen Eowle and' Considering the team in the field as th© homo team you will note a dotted line drawn from the catcher who is captain to the pitcher, then to short and thence around to those oh the bench and back to the catcher again where tt te Curley Lettuce 2 lot 5c. j _ jFailcy Orapges 4 for 25c Kane. 1 I Auto antf Trolly jCar Collided | Wl'-ito driving Jtfa automobllft • through, the streets of Auburn yester | day, \W.-Bf. Pohl, superintendent of • : the Geneva Baking Company, of 99 •%, Geueseo Street, this city, had art encounter wjfh a street ear near the •j OslMifne House. His atito. a Chevrolet .touring cur, was knocked over and ^ ' ~- * injuries. •=& •epoi reports we haw hml s GblJiavo been algh'iy com- •wSTiave\ ifoT gqulpped your device where lta performance has not been absolutely satisfactory. _ The main advantage, showir by .our experience', tiaa been a (leuldett M i l Egla plimentary a .on© car with er, tia e gasallne effnsumptton-,• avetaglng : *tTlST~iSTr?aUo^\''g^tcir-tHrttBBtf i tho Instrument a wlso invest- ment. Some of our ctipfnmffm have also f udeulded—lui.uroy«im'ula performance, Dlich ag the ability to -come to a lower tnrottte—hr saT,—and _a qulelcpr gpt-awwy. We our«elvc»\VeH?ve of B results hx deufded benefit* battle Creek; Mich, Aug.^th, 1919, Mr. C. B. Thomcis. . ... .... •„. . Qeneva, N. Y. Dear Sir;—-—— T am ifioTo pan pleased with am goro pan pleased with tbo^cet carbureter. I have'usecT It On ihy Chalmers and. it\ giveg\ more • \Pep more power and more speed, The nn- gino does not heat as it di d above all It has curbed It , it did and its appetite nn n Juat a month's driving, without anj Iheu^B^oOtt gfe ^^Ojttytir tig.gaaofea I drive my car seventeen mites yv pX.ilie gravel and sand, aosteepnTBsTfiY In* the re-carbureter the very best o( test. Very truly, HI>. TUTTLE. Sec'y-Treag. The Automoii ^TtST The following is from as well knows tocal auto enthusiast (nanTc^on applt- cation): G. B. Thomas, . 17I1B.177? Broadway N\«w YorK City, Opneyj, Nov. 27tb, 191», Dear Sir:*-;' Regarding the Re-Oarburfttor place*! Ol l I h i on my h p last summer, I wish l h b to practically every branch of motor, operation, arid have given it our heart- iest endor86ment to all Buick owners. We have' written you this letter in a self It ot'. RA* ' .QrOilrA^mji m » M -r^arj ..mmy t —-.-•-;— asked us not to comment on them without glvlnj? them a full trial,, and their performance has been, so satis- factory, that we believe that It Is onTy square that you should know that they have absolutely MAOT5 GOOD, Vrry truly yours, MARKWEIX A WILKH3, . Buiok Bepatr Hhop, 12S1-83 WoCd SU Philadelphia, N. T. Don't be a aoubtLng 5 Tlionia3 fjet one installed on youf'oHr loaiiy\and rf 1 arc dlasatteiled aftej; a thorough trial your dealer ia authorized- to rotur* your money. -\ say that the results have been mow ^ r T ^ ^ ' ^ - . — .. — --— - — , -~ in tho increased power- and speed. It is worth the price atone on account of Its keeping: the engine clean an<l preventing .tlio foriaatiGtt of enrbon. Lastly, the economy, duo to the intro* duction of air to the raanlfol«t abot» the Carbureter, is. very markoil. I can recommend-this devfee rorf Khly to afl cqr owners. Wishing you' the greatest' pucces* Yonrs very truly, 4 ' work and calls for united spirit for a win, _, — „. 4 All dealers have them or can get them from THomas-Armstrong Co., Inc. SchnirerBuilding Automobile Specialties Geneva, New York WILSON SENDS CONGRATOLAT1ONS Washington, July G—Wilson today sent the following telegram ofepn- gmt-ulation to Governor Cox. \Please accept my hearty congratu- lations and cordial best wishes.\. The telegram was written by the President in his own hand at 8:j?0 o'clock. The time at which - her was informed tnat Cox had been nomin- ated,^ llJUSEMENts\ The Regent Theater Is presenting; today Shirley Mason, a Paramount star In a five reel feature \The Rescu- ing Angel,\ together Vth a comedy Pattae^and Gaumoat ster and, Trahan delighted the au- dience with their singing and dancing actv while-Bob and Dolly Chambers presented an excellent exhibition, of xylophone playing, dancing and sing- ing. The feature .picture for tonight at fheTemple is Bessie Barriscale ln»\A Woman Who Understood,\ while Wed- nesdays feature will be William Far- fiuin in \The Orphan,\ a picture of dash and action\ depicting an absorb- ing story of an outlaw who was a vic- tim, of misfortune and circumstance, who is won from the path of lawless- ness by falling ia love with, the sheriff's sister .aid by it was trans- formed. . , /In addition to the above, a comedy and pictures of interesting news events will be shown. - _<— j •» ' •• You '• t in^tock receipt booU w:th noB in both «»?«- 1« duplteat^ur ^l t^ ceeptnnc^ Ug with fltab c«*Uf Uso Stamps Typewriters Adding-Machine* ,..' Loose Leaf Goojjs,. . filing ig'qnip \TIZ\ FOR ACIIIHG SORE, TIRED FEET Tiz\ for tender, puffea-up, calloused feet and corn fd tj People >vho are forced to stancj on Lheir feet all day know,what HOW lender, s\Veaty, burning- x feet mean, They uste \Tlss and \TJz\-cares their i fei-t right up. It Seeps g . FortVeidnesday a Vltagraph marine jproauctlon will be shown entitled \The \Sea KafdeP with Harry Morey star- ring. This is an adventuresome pic- ture of the sea life, in which the hero •who in embittered against all human- ity and, women, in particular 1 because of tie unfaithfulness of his promised I&d ThrilHng scenes follow includ- il uj» of the fid4\ i f focrt condition p p •\Si%\ is the dftly ! remedy in the world that draws out ail the \poisonous 'exudations »«^!^f4S^ffe C ?ri^ni\eveSs^ •Piiw5St ! to«ii T Sto?^thfs£Tog«to'« BeTiews tJf tnterestittg curre,nt «vent»-T court of the County-of Oatarlo. notice ia hereby given to all persona having claims againstag Amyy K Jolmsto.n, late of gjbg j g hride,_vow8 never io set foot again an !d i7\t !adeti vcse7 . .Jack Benijisey is also seen at this ttte ^afi^ ia^- the. -second Jk episode of his serial \Dare-Devil Jack\. By request the management lias, ar- .an »..« Iw .»-x W «, =—wv,.— mttiea to repeat'the first episode at Lfftmtbofeet and cause tender, sp*o,H:$p gnd 6:30 P. Mr, tor the benfeUt of ''Tired iHiing feet, • tt'instantly itofiji; tUpse^ who missea the starting of this ' - < >' *-« -\ '-..-I I.—.*. i,,. njpjjjjrg. b • ' iti'cdtm, callouses! and b»ft;.. it's slmaJy glorious. Ah! how !eo'i«t(?t:aM« your feet feel after uasmg; tou'll never limp or draw tip •f«co v in' pain. Tour s.hpes wont up ana-hurt your a b-is of \Tlz\ now J any . - , Temple #wo veit feliiw? aistit of VaudeTlH* greeted the patrons of the Temple greeted the p Thwttir ye'sterday afternoon and and will- .iemiin through to- ia pif B* Am K J., the City of Geaova, Ontario County, State of New York, deceased, to present the same with the vouphers thereof, to the imderslgned, • executors of the estate of the above named deceased, at the law office of C. W. Rice, 42 Seneca street, Ga- neva. N. Y.,'on or before the third day of January, 1921. MAZ MAZmtTSS HILt, LEE J. J6HNS*ON, -«r Executors. Dated, July, 3, 19gO- . V NOTICE TOlCRfcDITORS. - Pursuant to»an-or4er of-tlie-Surrogate's Court of the County of Ontario, notice Is hereby given to all .persons having claims against Eliza' Stoko«, late of the town of Gorham, Gntario County, State of New York, deceased, to present the same with the Voucnefa tliereof, to the undgrsigmed, .executor of the estate of the above4iMnea deceased at the law, office ,o it Serieca Street, Geneva, deceased at the law, office , it Serieca Street Geneva ' Dated. July t, tfefr '**'\\ ^P»\ ll INSECTO BORDEAUX j MIXTURE ARSENATE of l£A!> PARK GREEN SPRAYi FAIRFAX BROS. CO., 87 Cattle St—4enev>, N. Y K|81B.1$ TIMES WAK1 ve4M C. W. Rice, J,,. on or bffit Einecutor,

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