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fz-.. \ --s^i'--.- _. >•>-•,-.;,- % . > . • mm •iJ558 T^jgj^E., THOY, N. Y/* \I hayo been a great sufferer for years wrfij Kidney Trouble and ConstifljUion.\*!. tried Truit-a-tives' nbout-ar-moatb agevaaiaitk almost immafliate jcesiflftg. The Kidney immafliate jcesiflftg. y Troublei has disappeared and tha ConstipatibiusTaat leSvffil: me\. • «•*-— E^rUY DATEB. ^SPT Tablets, the \iwsdicine made from fruit jniiM •nif valuahlcJeuig, is doing a wondciiuiJBLOrk' in bringing health tosick people. \\\ •• -fiOc. nbo*r$fbr $£m?Xrial gtee-S&c-. At drfRets orfrotariPR WT-A-IIVES Limited OGDEN&BtJRG. M Y. BUNION i ; son 1CORN End The Agbny and Tor tune From Corns, Callouses, and Bunions with COKNTFIX\ the wondoiiul new discovery for cunifCMHUtljuVesfrariif bunions. The , palti Hlt.pa with tlip v.r; i rs drop.' In 10 rrtl frames\* Mi 0\ sieri may be easily removed * Er:jvrt criTrop- oilldCs usi>-tntrBuiw»nfthi)d. Many ef tln»m use Corn \RIX'\, Cuifl \Fl'X\ ermiatim no ethir, rollodlon. ealyelllc ac 'J. or other Harmful Ingredients t>. cat th<> good floHli :uiil niake UIP fuut t<un*. W-o more extended treatments for sev- eral tiiu'3 and nlRhts. no more Boak-i-n-s—©r — \rorrittnE\—tlTP\\TWT' KflTssarj'. In 10 ml nut's the rurn 1B if I e- so la th£ pnln. Oorn^'FIX\ ^m^Mt ts f if)'»U-ii'Ji' 1 -'Vi'|iii|3 \rand«?rnil. and will sifrpiy npip you IT your denier amjBji - g>tgnbj - mn^sprid us 35o I\n stamps' nna^v?^^WTT l '*mail you a tiouUft* >,U(fym a [fanL|jm& laboratory. -Your utoney ,raSflOTrif you urn not Katlsflrd, CWiN TIX CO.. Inc.. Newark. N.J. Penn Yan p osaoi IODOI r PHYSICIANS TO HOLD y .Program To Given at Keuka Parlt~- July 29th and 30th ~* ^J Lake'j Fi?nn Yan, July 6 this year's meeting ~~of\ the Kouktt Medical and Surgical tion, which ombrares Haveral counties throughout 1'ork State and which will H- held 'flt Keuka La.k»-Ke*ka -oil July 2»th a will b« us fallows: r^u 29th, Forenoon i»sion. Methods in the Control of Coramunic- able Ui-jpases,\ Dr. H. 1*. Senft«tr, W 1 w thx« Ptutff—nt'purtmeut of Albpny; \Treatmerir of Vomiting T of] Pregnancy,\ L>r. William T. of BuJTala; 'Hospital.Psychology^Dr, Donald Ciurthrie.wf the Robert Pa^Ce? Hospital at Therapeutic and a Diagnostic Agent,\ Dr. George W. Miteheli, Ct HcrfWelt; - \ - ' \ - - ' • th&j, \The X-Ray and Cardiograph fitri> erf Ohrotrie HEHseases* 1 t)n;- of New York \City;' After- 4mw»n »essio-H—Subjeet—to—bej»an=rrouno- luter, Dr. CU-urge K. Armstrong, ri'rrtfpssor of Wurgrery of McOalls* I'ni- j viTslty, of Montreal. Ca*ada; \Can- (rf the Colon.\ Dr. George,, VIJr-'- -fmtftr fff-CtrvelarHl, Ohio; 'i.' •Geocge-vjiicliards, ,to (Leoa. Comstoek of tfto town of Jerusalem, the ofrictat- ^gyJ -being tha Rev. Imbrle, Dft of tha Penn Yan Presbyterian church. The bridesmaid was Mrs. •William- <P,u)ver, o( Jerusalem, and the \best man \was Lurln Joty, The coiW\ BcXmnr^eina • pink and white, wedding jearty' waa attended by StStST Sti^. ES*\ ££3 couple left for a wedding' trip » and upon their retiirn home they will re- side in Jerusalem. pp» High Penn Yan.^jTuly 6~Apple growers from throughout, this locality will be oftliged t»-^p&¥- * much n,igher price for- apple barrels this fall the present anQ prTcepKTll.35 per barrel and this Jirwr-P rlc e ls expected-tp be somewhat in- Lsr 6 ^^ ^OJS^^L^^fitegS^SS; . jSfy 8 ' Vf^, ^j p M«de*n..£el3_£a«WM80caired at frotn fifty to seventyflve^Sents per J>arrol £el3_£a«M80ar seventy-flve^Sents per J>arrol. Keuka.College T\enn~T?anr^ruly\ 6—Keuka College lucte_wilijt)fi_a girl's institution, will is expeeteA to be opened in the.fall Xtf-1921-'ftndi\U • is expected that thiln- with at\\ieaat'*'i50 ugj dowmfnt-fund of at least $500,OOQ ia already Secured, and the inaking of 4i«$lt bt th ahouu grounds is expected to be .atartoa before long. 33»e—faculty will be announced later on. Gears*. B _JJavia _ Estate -, „ a. Yan, July 6th—Surrogate Gil- |-bert H .Batter-has adnrfttetfTO*-prtJ=\ linit, Ul v.ll J vtriiliui, wmu, I. LriiXir, w.t w .w«nwi *.!•« uu.»4.*i.i-i* *** r*~ Prolapsus.\ Or. (ieorge B. nri>ad,\\TTi| Birro~the wilr of George D, Davis, Syriicuae; \The fheraupeiitic' rao_J|tfiw6SL3aJetl IiObfi-town of Jerugalem, Radium,\ Dr. Robert M. Lewis. <lif | and letters ^testamentary were issued Huwurd A. Kelley Hospital of IiaJllrAoiv. Maryland; • \Local Amae- tlipsla In Rortal Surgery/_'__J-)r. .VV'il- Ilafh- J. Deane, of Rui'heater. \ Meat*, IIJRT of the executive oommittep follow- ing Hie ufternoun session. \\*\ Friday. Tuly 3Qth \CrisUtis ,a's an [n«-ornf>U'lP DlaKn'o.sis,\ I)r, Arthur H. Patno, of Rochester; \Why is 11 0»im- try Dm-lnr.\ nddresa l>y* Dr. Adui.son T. Ilalstcad, of Rushville; Hi-altli Hervlcp, Arriericim S. Rpil Cross.\ Dr. Dauia sists of $2,300 of reality. JJvir.rogateU Quarterly Report who is a director] Penn Yan, July 6th—The quarterly report *0'f Iturrogate Gilbert H. Baker' for tae'<fliarter ending with June 30th iji. as follows:—Robert S. , Herris, Jerusalem, $6,000 reality and $500 of personal property; Blizabe.th J. Black. Milo, $4,000 reality and $3,200 of per- property; Alphongo M. Peck, 5ft0 t sl J ,,r tlio Health S«-rvU-c at Atlantic Dlvi- Milo, «tty. ofcpersonal property; James sl.»n. A .U. (': \Scran Pr..l.l.-ms in th<» M - Whltaker, Torrey. ?20.gO0 of real- J}kiKnQ.sid of. AlflstuldUls,\ Dr. Attsffo -t o OB^^feS^-ot-^wsonal--pi^)eW*'4- 0. Morris, nf Rochester: \Stomach Martin Badser, Milo, $D4 of personal •»«\ r>r flnudo P I ytle of Co- property; JSmes E. Moon, Jerusalem,] \I'hvjilolnirlr n.iMfia In'onrtft- $18.00* <rf-pea4Hy-afl* *S,«06f-of-ptT-1 \ nova, J'l'hijHojQglc Guides In OpePft Ylnn r>f lhi» I'pper AbdomeJl\ tir. W, U.ibriick, of Philadelphia, U.ls fsppptrti that this m('tln^ toRpther ft large numliyr , of throughout the \v waters and cpn:ral portion of N'PW Yorlv StuU-. Comstoek- Richards I»crm--V*«,- Jwly 6—At the brtde's C. Dunn, Mito, teYiltty and $3,000 of persona Julia W. Case. Milo, J300 of \ pciV5i>\nal property; John H. Trlm- itiingtiam: • Jerusalem. $10,000 reality and $7,500 of personal propprty; Stev- nr It. IVaHe. Jersualem, $1,200 real- ity and $-,500 (i WUluun Mart4jw. Waterway Being Reconstructed on Vast hi OPENS WAY FOR OCEAN SHIPS Cost la Estimated at $90,000,000, but May Exceed Thla Figure Btfore Work I* Completed—Will P», Thre« Milet Shorter Than Prtnnt Canal •and HJIVO Minimum Dtpth .ot 25. Feet WWIe the Panama taija! will -al- ways rank as one of the world'o great- est artificial waterways and probably j the greatest engineering feat of all 1imer&nwda' -tinxrmwv ctnai fbat win run It a-close secott*. IB fact, there Is one lock with three lifts \\ the new Welland isinal that la Higher than any In ffiefiFanainu canal. The whole construction 1s massive and. the cost ls to be stupendous—the estimate Is $90,000,000, and the builders figure on the Job lasting four- or flr« years longer; so there la a cnance. for cpsta to pile up In ways not now dreamed of, Lakes 'Erie and- Ontario -for* three- quarters of a century, but CtreTreseirt- project ls virtually a new one, although Jn the greater part .of Its. length It oc- cupies the original' sites. 'Sl th was 8rst opened Jt lacged-ftrom».tiiae_io .time until when •the had a depth .of JA.teefc with 2S locks. eneh capable of handling a vessel 270 [ t e'et-topg.- When-nTrfghed-thls-tlme It will be about three mllea shorter, haro .a. depth of 25 f«et at-the shallowest point, be. 200 feet wide at the. bottom, 'and Instead of 25 locks -will have a total of seven, each large enough to handle vessels £00 feet- long.. Each lock will lift a boat 46^ feet, and ono frith a triple lift, has a combined height of 13916 feet, which ls greater than any Panama lockv ;__,__ _* • Ppene Way for Ocean Shipa, . The j)ortlon of the canal that is en- tirely new begins at Port Dalhouste, the present LaES 'Ontario tormln-us, and strikes the- iM route: about flvo miles Inland. Ij|ro^ii^there on to Lake Brie tTie'work !s reconstruetioh,'''sfflct' ly speaking. The country through the new P ttrt ha S be6n cut liomoln the lown of Milo an Wednes-' <' pr8onal . P™P*rty; James Monroe day »<-rturred the marriage of Miss! ' J .;l r n rua : Jerusalem. $2,000 reality and Janot, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs..!.*- 60 ot Personal property; Sarah • H. y; i wlllpri the new P ttr t ha S be6n cut CO«J -e*l pr4setl~BeBre-o£-eastern 0ntarR?s~beaf .your brain -~^ Works like a -dog with three wattes — need ^ brain 6iust •ha¥8- p&re ilood, not poisoned \with products of iftdigestidn-^-of liver arid kidney laziness.' ET | BETTER DEADt the Is racked witlf, paio. Everything ironies and the vi'tim becomca . ilespondeiit ?nd dov't-'earted. To •b^HC& th* sanislii^e take GOLD MEDAL The niMonal r*»\ifidy of Htol'anJ fcr c, /, •;; <t <« *n nm'nj of n»3 t, »rd •-: j \ gc, UMH fUf If * licAfc GiirJ M«Jf,l os «T«r, 1^ l iii OIIJ Y— tt*:\ t~a a Taoc Jpn't <»-9 p VtH Af-'o ?b^>*^Nc »li.r r-t»o< lurHiM v fj» fit P»*J. ;-,(w. ftturTQrM'il »? AP?AV*'0 !j' V need never lose the original color aid newness of yoitr6hoesifyou iise superior shoe jtolish. a >. Preaerrei tilt 3 Mg points of l«»tber. euperiority- a . airmi n m«» ' Uitlng f his*. Keep* rhoes looking new. fruit farms before 1913. Ocean-going freight ships can como ^Til>;orri S . Starkey. \$6 \reality and • from an J'P ort ln the worid dIrect *« y^llg^.'SlOO of porsonaj property; Oscar Kel-' nu V -greatMakes port when the-canal ^sun, Torrey, t $£o00 mality and $1,000 • IS conipleted, and certain areagltfg op- of-'perMoaal jiroperty; Samuel J. Lar- eratlooa now lit progress In the St. h.iiu, Milo. *Su« ot Pf/f^nw _propeny; Lawrence river are doDe. Lake Erte erty; James Dinehart, Potter, $10,- j 000 reality and Jt.OOff of personal prop. Urty;. Rthpl -Elizalbeth TwiiligeV, Milo, t'$72 personal •property; Hester A. Sny- '[•»Te'r, Milo, $£,500 'reality and $3,600 • personal property; Mary K. Scoflcld, ! Jen'isalpm. $6,000 rpnltty and $500 personal property; Susan Atchley, Potter, $2,500 Of personal property; ' N'elson S. gPulver, Italy, $0,600 reality 'and $4,500 peraonal »ir»>in»rty; .Emily ' Miller, Upnton, $350- peVscnal property, {Kitttan S-. PineTiarl,' rotter, $C,<iO0 . •reality and $2,500 persona! property; »! Edwar,] TlUis, Milo, $1,0000 peraonal fTT^iySSI r^aHnfp erty; Mary h. Steelman. Milo, $2.BO0 ro^lity and $5,000 personat property; .Fredei'k-k Oswald^ VaUi.tr' ^UM4^ and before the first canal was Niagara falls barred direct water traf- fic-between the twff. The canal is wholly In Canada and •uns almost due north\ and 1 south about a dozen miles -west of Niagara river. At present the time of transit required for a boat, which must not he more than 270 feet long- nor of more than 14 feet draft. Is 15 to 18- Sours. In the new canal boats 800 feet long and of 25 feet draft can be transferred from one lake to the other In elgbt hours, it Is' estimated-that A boatcan be run Into a look, the lock filled, the lift completed ln*20 mlhutes. reality and $8,500 personal • roperty; Anna (Savin Hryne, Milti, $-1,000 reality and $'2uO personal property; Mnry K. lilakeajpy. .Tip.rusalom, $3,100 personal property; Xewton Wllmott, Starkly, $1,500 personal property. ^ DRESDEN Sure telief Mrt; p\4n *^ tT * |-M-ii!»«*T WOT,*: *«• •.\»• ats |w-H!»wT won ; it' 1 '.*• »4 i'ltf it*9g tlvrt ; or «**^ • **. « CKMP* i f«f pr««/ bat *i a rtsrac \ . * J •i , 5tn. r. Nrn \I'ori;. Vtta. V-'. Tit:-*'.ej>4, WcW ttrot C>. i II. UL..r.l. Sp're Reliaf LL-ANS f INQIOKSTIOM DroadPn. July 6—MtvaB<l»»Mr3: Tlnrry ''lark aftdjMr. and Mrs. Homer.'\•Hood: of fioolip.stei\ are spfndlns the week with their parents, Mr and Mrs. A. D. Prcdmiir*?. • Mr. anrt Mrs. Ohauncrj- Kimball and •mothtr Mrs. Wlleojc and \Mr. ;inii Mrn. (Joorgi- Hnzelliauer anil daughtei of f'ornhijj wPte weekend uuests at thp home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bunnell. Will I.anipmnn of Rochester Is vis- iting liis umtliPr Mrs AdPl Lampnaan. Mr. and Mrs. JessP Button and ai*K\teJ.' l'boebe and Mr. and Mrs. Icul'l I'iatt of Elmira and 'Cornm? re campinR- on the iaUe at this place. Mr. ;in«I Mrs. tharles Hen- are Pn- | tertnlnln^.Vompany from. Buffato. Mrs. .Kriima Iiuokley »jid Miss Ava :uTiUo>l have beeu •vfsiting' relatives ! In Kc<. hosier. p.» i)o.vls of Roche»t<?r spent over \Stmday ul'h his parents^ Mr. and Mrs. J. I.. !):iVis. Mr. nii(i Mrs .Doll. Qulglpy of Corn- ing i^a.ve l-foo spading a few days In tov.-n Ulrk^lt Ferenbaug'.i of Penn Yan ftr.i Suniiny iu town, tV'lli m-ffHth of Rochester spent tbe fck-fuel with his parents, Mr. and i M:s. E. A. Oiifnth. Mr. nn^i MM. ,1'rank Barbers and caihilj- of lsothrvtcr are enjoying a IVCP!:'P itf-tlrfur fit •htrir cottage here. Mr. rind Mrs. Fraaik Thomas and uiuTi'or Af ilia a:i<1 Mis. Carl Amter- | .\on mi.| daughter Josephine spent ; M on'I e \ fl'tc-i-noon in Pcnn Yan. ' '' iTt I^wis, of -i.'o-rning has boen Jir<g ii fev/ ciays in towa enjoying ) tht» rtr>:.{ rlnMins, Mi». A. J).- I-'rcdmort 1 , daughter, Mrs. Canu> t-'.tiii:.-<l)ough and son Alonzo Hinio v-i (•> Uochnster Saturday M'.:-. r'tarfr? Uonnlston . has gone J to c:ii'i.in Kjvrlngs attrmlttrimh' • for I trnnlinr*tt. MI>J. A. J. Mlttpvcr WQH^shopping I in Ccn> ui i'rtdaj-. * . * rs i>n<S .Mrs. Smith n:ul daug-htor, .«nc.< o- Rochester are visiting*'at , tho !iomb of Air, and Mrs. A, H. Fish. j Mi«. 'Nettle Dunning-, Mr. and Mrs, I A. J. ailftcivcr, Miss Laura Benedict iunrt Ilarn.- Uoiv.'dlct nolntrd to Cny- , nga I.Mfi and Sir.ttrc.x Falls ono any i last wec«. '• Mr. and Mr*. 5'!3--va.:if IJcCrtary nre inttrtaJtiug rjKti-as from Uuffaio. IJrwln and Loland \\>lt>cr were In Poii'i Yan. Monday. Ut« Want Ad*. A Big Fiflure Project. Some idea of the magnitude of the undertaking can be gained froln The .£ullo<5slng' speci&atlons printed in the Toronto Globe: At Torold the' night of three <louble locks and a fourthloot Jnst above them, with a tDtal depth of 186 feet, must be hewn from goliti rock. At Port Weller, one- Of the largest harbors In the world Is being constructed. It' ls artificial In every respect. Two earth'^inbantonefit^jflade from excavations, . extending Jr-mile and a halHnto Lake Ontario, giving a basin with 30 feet of water «£- the lowest stage. The • harbor will 1 re- quire the placing of fr.OOOjOOO. .cnhlc yards of material. At the outer end of the epbankme*nrplers \ftXTfeef long will be fnrttt, laying a 400-foot passage -for. the\ eht'rartce of vessels.' For a' tnlle from the Port Weller entrance the canal will be 800'feet wWe art the? bot- tom, with \a minimum depth ot 2p feet. A pier S.60Q feet long wttl ex- tend to the first ldCU and be used Hot dockage purpose* -•- The entrance plers< are founded on. concrete cribs as big as dwelling houses. Nineteen of these cribs .are already completed and\ In position. At least 30 more, will b&ce- qulred. 1 The present Eak*§ E3Be\(ennInas at Port Colborae wlli*e-\retalaed with a few changes, large^when yjewed alone, bat insignificant wMHi looked at frotn the standpoint -of the undertaking as a whole. i • »*.- ^, - AU locks are. lo be built as twins so as to allow- ships to pas's* .e'aeh otheJr without waste of time, ' • ' Housewives to Cut 'Bread Cost Following the action of the hotise-. Jy leagues oTXNorfolk and feorts-, naojuth, Va., calling for\ the. baking of their own bread before paying niore th^n 10 cents a loaf, the retail gro- cera of the two cities .agreed, not, to handle bread they could not xe.taii .for lb cents a loaf. -'..'.. Spurned His Offsr.to Do Hoinework. His promise to do all of the house- work failed to bring Ills wife back to htm, declared Howard O. Bdwnrds of Pleasttntville, N. J. )3e Is snips for dlrorce, alleging fits wife left bin MOB afUr th»i were married. llH 18 IB •Ifme Perfection' VotWattt. Heater- Imagine Ba \-.\ 5 Cakes that ^re ligbt and flti%^efKpi»own c6ekies=pigr done to an even Drown— dan be bated without standing, pwr a hot stove or stooping down to open an oven door. \ The New Perfection. Oil Cook Stove gives yott aU the cooking comfort and convenieuce of a gaa stove, th- 1 stantaneous heat directly applied against the-cooking utensil by means of a long, blue chimney—heat that. ~ can be controlled {or any kind of cooking by a turn of • • the-haridle. ' „ - „ The ov£n^im_tiuaL-Sto.YeJs_scieatiilically- constructed to - circulate'fresh, hot air over and under the baking, food in the oven. This\ourreut of air assures an intense, : etefi_ baking heat jmd sLfc&ejanae time^drives out the steam aad prcventsaogginess. 3O0O,00O r user* get-4hi«e^%ttar«mea4s^y effort on the New Perfeetioa Oil Cook Stove, Obtain- fr**-'fnnr hiirnpr sStjttn. , - Sold by dmler^everifivherv- OIL CO. OF NEW YORK - \0^3 \•'S'i-1 NEW PERFEC^ Oil COOK STOVE AND WATER JJjEAIEB For best results use Kerosen* SIDELIGHTS ON Letter From Lieut. Chas. R. . Clark Tells of Some of the Vagaries of Bolshevism Dundee, July 6—The following let- ter from Lieutenant Oharles R. Clark written from Riga, Russia, on June 7, gives some interesting sidelights on conditions in that' country: \Deat Dad and Mother:—I'm leav- ing tonigh-t for Windau, a eeast town half way between Riga and -Libau, to pay off the m'en for last month. It Is an all night ride still I have a whole coupe to myself. My tielcet reads \good for eight persons,\ so I'll be able to stretch out a Bit. -Slcepera are a»rare thing m Russia. On the trip to Reval last month,.I had an entire coupe-as far as Walk and- from Walk to Reval I rode in the Colonel's car, a vpry nice little car attached to the back end of the train, having electric lights, wash room, kitchen, etc. I was told the car was formerly used yo [co •toy— the—ata-ff offtvma Ui jj^lug abuuC^^ Russia. Of course, I slept in the General's apartment as I felt like one being in such surroundings. There I sat on a litre soft 5ivan reading by electric light while the rest of the passengers rode on wooden seats most- ly and in the dark. From Reval to Narva; I also rode In a private car. Two of our representative here trav- elled all over ESthonia in this car. It is not so nicely furnished ad 'the Colonel's car but is very convenient having facilities lor cooking and heat- ing. Behind this car- they have a flat car on which they carry their Ford • : caminette. They can stop at a town, take «fl^ the Ford ana run about town and Into the country—a very prac- tical arrangement. At Reval the most interesting ob- jects were the old walls and forts and houses of Norwegian, Swedish and Russian styles of architecture. There were several Americans In Reval try- ing- to get into Russia, a Chicago packing firm representatives,. Plllsbury flour representatives, international Film gervice men, representatives of Jewish societies In the skates and I believe the. Y. M.. C. A. also wish to get into soviet Russia. • I do not be- lieve any of them have succeeded. The latest dope from* interior Ri>wia is that there will be a program against the Jews within a short time which will probably seriously cripple the Bolo reeime as I understand 43 out of 47 Commisaries in Moscow and-Petro- grad are- Jews. The . newest fad Is money good only for one month ,the color changing each month, «o- ydu i must spend all you ma«e during ^th\#| month it Is good and you must buy your supplies, from the government. I This system you see destroys all in- centive t™ make ot save'up for a rainy day. Hence the people will work only part of the, time, loafing tltfs rest or committing some kind of deviltry In their idlesness. The Communism is great stuff for Rus- sians, perhaps.; 3yhat I cannot un- derstand is, %v-hy Americans can for one moment entertain any thought of introducing this radicalism Jo Amer- ica. ' Kmma CJoldmarii Who Was something of a big gu-n in America, is a mere no account in Russia.\ She doesnt' have a bit of authorif;-. I hope we go into Petrograd ourselves someday. They of course Want us to, I believe the peasants ar? deserving of our aid and are not at heart Bolos. They simply choo'e the lesser of two evils. Bolshevism or 'Czarism which would h,ave come if Kolchak, Denikin had won. These generals represented. the aristocrats and czar followers and when they had made gains against the Bolos their rule was much more harsh % than that, of Lenine and' Trot- sky. Hence after they had tried It out, the peasants turned back again to ' thus to no small > mmM Required^or Jiffy-lell Desserts „•„.,, They*come xeady-iwceteued. , They cgnie acidulated vritix purS jfruit acid, ' froffilemoni.or Iron* grapes. . A bottle of liquid fruit flavor comes in epcK package^ We crush the fruit, condense the juicevand.sealltin& •bottle; So Jiffy-Jell is'a real-frutt dainty, rich In frnit. Simply add boiling water as directed oiTpackage, then the fruit essence from the bottle, and let cool - ; If you used fresh fruit plus a lot of sugar, you coold make nothing more delicious. .' J^'ei. S. .- ^r Serves six— at trifling cost On« package of Jiffy-Jell serves six in moldTfornT, or twelve if >u whip the jell. And the, fruit alone which w» use, iai% yrovdd tcoit you more than the whole dessert Real-Fruit Desserts A bottU tike thls+t toch , package lime Cherry lUwpberrjr toganbomT* Stacwbmttr Pineapple •Tpttnw Lemoft. Coffee \ * P«f' lir * t p«ett h! « package from jtotif grocer,i... ,.... .,-..,. * the only deasett with theie liquid fruit flaron in vi»la. ],' v 'S\-:- Copy No. 571 V f . :~AU Iincax2cola r J&4 causing the defea-t of thesfe generals. Somebody must discover a happy medium between Bolshevism and Czartsfli/a itetr '?istti'.' must ha .launch- | ed before Russia wiU comd out of her present chaos. .'- • .» STANLEY 1; •July 6—The Stanley ball team won the- game against tfte. j&eneva Moose\ ball team Saturday- afternoon. '^Mrs... .C. Eackham and family have be&n vliltii«^ her parents at Pultney. Mr. and <Mrs. Ray Furner of- EliritM spent the Fourth qf July with; liifcs-nar- enta'Sti 1 . and Mrsl-^Steipjen. frttt-nef. Kdwajrd, Patrick ^antl Nellie'tJolgcr of Rocheater apsnt the Tourth witu their H*raaO«, Mr. MA Wm. Andrew ^:A,: r70Ve« Thru its uscQrandmothers yauthM •<^pWt Mtnained-undl ycful become but a Th %&f The so%t&iftfopt0tor white app«ir«rice it- renders leave* •fkttj&f k Beauty M GTl ; Orie#fa! Cream tit Hd the ,1

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