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* AMERICAN LEAGUE -| IN VARSITY RACE •it Pefeat the Fay-Bow Spnttnit industrial Nine by * ISty 11 Score majority 1 of the spectators at 1'ark last night for a ball game i- the Andes and Fay 'Bqwert League contenders had a Crimson Administers Crushing Defeat to Elis in Principal i Event of New London Regatta, Yale Crew Finishing in Pitiful State—Yale Wins Preliminary Contests trial Lg time even iMnost-oIthe.players lt' tftt thfil* The their SL$\ wortir nmragTTTfaadfng our D\\ ley \ .!.„ n t.v»ni ana rti* nlavers to p r pltiyexs th\m\tb^T#P^tu«ilyr * o r M^* mptly disregarding all advice •------•»•-» The re- HraoftS thpga^ ^t was thatt IBB AnSsTmeii t toses during*be Iwrf hou circled was tha I sm toses during*be Iwrf hours that remained at the .park, while 11 ami Bowen men followed their ex. dea ael the pace.,- a liking for fours.-They tal- rnbttam«B' New Ixmdon, Conn., June 26—Leading from the initial dip of their oars, Har- vard's varsity crew defeated Yale th a spectacular four-mile race lale yes- terday by nearly-,six lengths,—thus ^completely wiping out the stigma of tRe Soubje victory of their Ety rivals- in the two preliminary races held early in the day< Rowing in magnificent form the start of the long upstream bottle, the oarsmen coached by Bill H'alnea early demonstrated their Superiority, both in blade work §uid-stamina,, ana -swept -across between the finish Hags twenty- three minutes and eleven seconds aftei BIG LEAGUE SCOUTS ARE mi »nd added another four In the sixth. Their other tallies-came la (singles. The F«y and Bowen men tried threes »nd being unable to score beyond -•Hires m anyone inning-they^ ef^emam , finished behind. - As t&e fppntatora .expressed it the Fay and Bowen outfit, was without a J Wtcher and the Andes without -te itcHc*. •*..- -,. - —,,_ T _ - - catcher and this probably accounts the slzs .of the score. Vary e»- to do the hurling for the boat tneu hut he was unable'.to-steer any- thing like a \straight course and 'n Vfie 8e;cOTarBrletfleld-to©H-^«^-wheeL the' old \boat was too far out of its tourse then to'bilug It-batek, AgalA \ 'luotlng tficrBjeectatoifa—\One | ,it all the batters lirMe. We other\ All pat the scores the starting signal, while their anol«ut XilltUdi^blrtyflvflec onds later in a state of physical ex- haustlon which was little; short of pitiful. »\-<< * C. C Peters, of .Seattle., the Tale, stroke and captain, who/It U reported, atUUJB-au«eriBg_fEQm__th« effetta of lowini a recent hiit- the- last- eighth- mile and* thr-k-* dropjeed. Ms oar^ jwhich was caught and restored to him by Coxswain-Car. •on. Bow B. G. Drlscoll, who, was twisting on -his slide as.'early as the two-mile mark, also went down at the \finish white the- .-emalnljr of the eight had tlrffioulty In sittlns .erect. \ Victory for AmeHcnn 8y*t«m The victory of the Harvard eight i of a.suf; fcway and—most oX to see the finish. The Andes . AI Sullivan, 2 b ...6 Heimllch, 1 ,b 4 liiirohard, c it. ......5 Kanf, 2b •* .8 Rogers, ss ...3 4 0 2 12 1 1 Flaherty, c .;^.;....2 -e—O- Estey, >. ft 6 * * Jtfc Jtunga, p .. . Mflhoney, r. »., * 4 0 0 1 4 1 -9- The victory of th cam,e as more or less of a aurpr-ae, ror ^ale was a iaygate.\at-^ddtt jot-iH to 7 in the little betting that was done, This was partly due to the- rep Rochester Moose To Oppose Local Team at Gulvin Park Tomorrow ****** • • • .• • •\• • • *? New York,' June 27—The, Boston Americans defeated New York here yesterday In the. first game of a.four* game series, 6 t o S. Hooper's 'hitting accounted for all three of the Boston wins scored off Qulnn. The three runs scored oft J?e.nnocl(: were dve to home runs, Ruth getting two and Peokln-. paugh one. Butb. now has hit tweiity- tw.o home runs. His drive in the first inning went inlet- the centerfleia TJleach ers, it-being bis longest hit on thgJPo- lo grounds. Score by innings and sura* mary: Boston .,1,010 1000 3—6 6 0 New York 2 OTTO 0 0 0 0 1—3 « 4 Batteries—For Boston, Pennock and .Walters; for New.York* Quinn, Thor- mahlen and -Banna. _^ Rally in Eighth and Win. I DAILY MARKET KsanntsacaaNntKKKstsc^^ ,. * j • '•> l «* *F • M « M \ f PRODUCE, BUTTEH, Wiioltaal*, •'\ Dairy Butter :.... * 0 ®' Creamery ..,,..., ...... 62® 46® 66W Dairy Butter .......... . Creamery Butter, per lb. E8 45 66 42 60 '(0 60 le one of their season ' tomorrow wfaen \Johnnie\ Bogart, former Standard Optical and-^H—^ieneya-pltcher^a* been going good with the Xmdingtdh Central T-ongiift and fol- recent visit of three league scouts to that circuit it became known that they bad, asked j'~<or an option on the local- player. BogaH who Is But .3$ years old is regarded as one of fhti most promising of the twirlera susi they cross bats with the strong- Moose t f Rht t (Slvi pl wcu-olt, 10'to 6 after the visitors had driven \Wetlman from the box—and overcome a six-run lead-Jn that ln- WEQETABt-faS. \ ffeuti. Beets, bunch .'.. • Cauliflower, head Cabbage, jjer lb., new . Carrots, Bunch ...... hCelery, bunch two passes, a \Tiftrijstsmanr—a- S dillee by Auatla team of* Rochester at (Sulvin parlt, This Will be the first trip to this city for the Moeso~thia neasaa-^and ns remembering the games staged itween-^these- -f-w& Bams last'season are looking forward to'a red hot con- test Sunday. Beports coming- fromt ~-.»~—«- ~-r..~--~ • . - . Boehester indicate that the Moose will era and Ainsmtth and» Manlon and ''~v their strongest lineyp. Shelp who P^otoU; for St. Louis, Wellman. uuuui, uj, KTO .. and-a tripl by Auatta scored four runs. Score by innings and ._.. . ...... 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 1 0— 6 13 1 | St. Loujs. ...10131104 •—10 13 1. Batteries—For Detroit,- Enmke, Ay- j y, bupch Cor it, grcwA, vto. Elt~T7 gj., Lettuce, Boston head 3 for iSld 3 for Mm. their strongest lineyp. Shelp who Wooda; f worked for Geneva, in one^game^earlr -Shocker and Severeid. ill it th i f work o , ^gm^ in the season will twi^t them ovei* for ill « ho P fly-p The local team has been going at a clip of late, the infield has given htlfc^fI^te^JtLthe T fast a^frM was the Grand AapTc out the t y -with—but hitting t last few games. Topel on' flr»t \lias\ •been playing the—position without a flaw and his fielding and work around the canvas sack has been one of .the bright spots in the locals play. Duff us is a fast\ and- clever lnfleiaeTr~attd TroTks-weir~ait~sho¥f»\Visner ta'ke¥care of the to<?t ..corner *in fine shape and is team seratehy hltsT-Bogartr, *aa following \here and locals fans are wishing* him the best of success in fast company. MIDGET LEAGUE BEING conslstentf-workera ortfniaryt Chicago Beat* Covelejki Chicago, June* 2$—-Chicago defeated Covelcskle for the first time this sea* son yesterday, winning from Cleveland B~to S. The- loeaM«jBi(«js.entrate4, their attack In two Innings, drivnig~6WTrtx- lllts, three of which were for extra bases. These coupled with a' pair of walks and an error-, netted aUt\ funs. •The visitors played Uphill game, but were' uriabie tbTRIt WmiSms~m tKe pinches. Score, by innings and aum- Carrots, bunch . •.. Onions, pickling, lb. ........ Pepper?, red) aoz ....;... Peppers, Green,!* doz ...... Potatoes sweet,, per lb .. Popcorn, shelled, lb. „..--. Potatoes, per b u .... Squash, per li> , Swiss Chard, ' lb.' Tomatoes .basket, per lb Iceberg Lettuce Turnips, per lb. Spinach, 6 40 9 18 15 20 26 ® 10 @ 10 18 13 40 40 10 16 3*60 04 6 IB 20 04 10 © 10® P © o @ 1-2. ~* ' . ., 4 •>•»; BARLEY—Market very dull. > ..'•\'- Bail shipment was quoted at $1,760.- / \ i 90 and June shipment 11.75® 1.87 o», *• f. Buffalo, . „„ .... ' f RXE—No', \2 quoted^ $2.30, on track, i , hrough billed-. _ .««-«ww«y _ NEW YORK WARIO:^ \ CORN-^Market ruled -me/tott: Nc> % \ --; ellow, $2.05 3-4, 10 days' shipment;; . lo. 3 yellow nominal, iq:'d1i!y1f ship-, 4 ' w» ent - ' „. ^. -«.. «~~-.J t . '_ OATS—Market ruled steady. Fanoy \ ?hite, clipped, |1.38 nominal; ordinary \ \\ vhlte, clipped, f 1.35 nomlnali Kos, X / ,o 4, *1.34@1.3B. • \\ ~ 4 y . RYE—Market ruled; firm. ~ANO. J. - '• .Vestern, Jl32, c. 1. f. export and $2.44, ( o. b. New- Yopte-Ho^flTrtver\\''-''\* BARLEY—Market ruled, stendjv J Malting, Jl»7ff®1.7Tr feedlnST'U Ibs^ • 1.67,, fr o. nu.fflAm. XftrJc -~i-«. . j . BEEF-—Market ruled steady, Fanj« ^ ily,. 20@22c- -' ..-.«—*&- ^___ PORK—Market ruled dull. Mesa^ < man la slated to take care of the middle sack Sun- day. . . . - Ftyer who turned back the Moose th. one some last season will be on the firing line with Koopman to look af- ter tfie'recetvlng eiia; -The gairie will dt and- -ene-of- the larg- tlon u mem—ttttr— *wi jj»*- WM* *«.M* v« . notr made on warns-or—through. ^.. batters, however, for there were numerous wallop?,. Some of the wal- )ops went for nothing because the runners failed to apply the brakes at _|he proper moment ahft In some othfr • piisps they WHI'H Hl.i^tp.hf.fl hBnamm-Bi«J^jjy\y\^*W- : vdfc**\-»\» v,^., v .. o w ^ flelders lost the ball or found it giu^t^^^^r^ngit^tt^W^s^ to thjk grass. All in an, \however was. a ball game arid good enough so-j >.ttmt even the fire alarm failed to take' more than a Before of the large crowd ; «A\t a -meeffagHMf-ffie\ HMgelB held Thursday at the T. M. C. A. excellent tiitjnrlahr made by the and the staunch faith of the Blue con ttngent that Guy Nlckalls, the Eng- lish coach, had developed a cornbina- would sufely win. thfl^ Crimson cohorts are • Plans were laid for the forming ot the\ [league again this neason. Four teams were represented at the meeting and it 1ft the desire of tn\« officials to have two more teams entered in the league Which is open to all teams 15 years' or 4iiider. The, following teams Jiave firi-. their American coachi-the^ Harvard it d tilly crew as a unit an4 - particularl Stroke B. Jenney, \the lightest oars- man* who ever stroked a Harvard crew over the - four-mile, course on . the than 140 .lifting ...... • Jennex-Sfit the lowering the stroke aa the occa- sion demanded and eventually swept the Crimson combination home ^ vic- tor In as perfectly-atrokcd race as this historic rowing course has even I seen. tered the league Giants,\ Cardirialar lndlans_jan-aJ3xforas, • A meeting h|» : been called for next Tuesday evening in the T. M. C. A. atfieiten o'clock an« teams wishing to enter the league are asked to send a representative, jest crowds of the season Is expected to to turn out tn witnfffls tn<? Apples, peck Honey JDaw Melons ....«i MEATS. Live W.lght. Cleveland » „ . 4 | Beefs 0 0 11 1 0 0 0 0—3 8 1 [Fowls # «0#. Chicaeo ... Batterles- Faeth'\and' ONolH; for iams and Schalk. ' -For- Cleveland, Coveleskl, Will- I mTERNATO. LEAGUE f Baltimore, June 26—Manager Dunn's • • •\- - jhamntoHg—tmff , no difficulty in winning the .opening -clash,.of the series yesterday •efteraoon; with the Colts, -tlie- 1 final count belnsi 1 to 2. The Colts started off in pretty' good fashion but the Birds annexed a big- round In'het tfnlrd and after that, th thlnf4it Loots Sixteen Straight WaBbingto^i- June 26—Philadelphia suffered Its sixteenth conseeutlve de- -feat-yesterdayr:—Washington—wlnntng- the opening came of the series, 4 to 2. Shaw was wild, hut. effective In the Ejr IP, ,,..,,,,.,, Hogs, per, lb @ Veals, per lb 13® Droaied Meat*. Beef 25® Veals, per lb 21® Fowls, per lb « © perlb .......i.i^i-.n'* © pinches. 'He-allowed only four hits and-struck. jmt eight of the visitors. Score by innings and Bummary: Philadelphia.. 00100001 0—2 4 S --- Washington 01200100 •—4 9 2 Batteries—Philadelphia, Naylor _ang JSe*Sta»; Washington; SUassr andrGhiir JAPS REDY TO SUPPORT PROFESSIONAL BASfBALL Victoria, B. C, f _fuse 26—Profession- al baseball shortly will be introduced Jack Ogden, who was snared from Rochester during the winter, dupli- cated his performance when Rochester visited,--Balt4moi'ev • earty in the sea- son, and set his team matejj down without a>jy real dilT'Cu?ty. Barnes wajr ^^..111^^ for +-he €efts but was in Japan; according to membera 5 ©*\—.. -- v - ,-, Ideal Coaditiimii ifiT\ Bac. -nntversity of Chicago baseball team.i J^afdly an^enigma Both crews, were at the... Star ting;, .-which arrived from Yokohama. | the; flst-tw©-rounflB* TmVTihaer ^e rajlrtpd-bridge « few; -The ^mversity-of Chicago the Sparrow, 2b\ ....... fitahlnjun, ss ...... Hogan. 1 b \ W. Hrietfield, c. f., p Jjainp, c • Broham, r. f R H S 2 2 '0 0 2 0 r s 3 __ mtnnteB- after 8 \p. m.» and\wer9 j «enw Weather and water conditions *wert ideal for the race. There'was scarcely!^ a ripple on the water at the start and; a bright -sun bathed rivet and shore In a golden glow, while a strong cur* rent upstream aided the eights. Two 2> r 2 2 2 0 2 -TKO oured. JMB«* afaHe\ae unive *— t played 14 games, woii eight .of them, Itfst four and tied two. m ' \ - Manchester Arrow* Win. Manchester, June 25—The Manches- ter, ---.-.- - 1 0 !T. Brietfleid, If., cf., ..6 0 ...I JL_X,..O Carrhll, 3b ...........6 1 V 1 3 0i. , - 1 o 1 0 01 lnE universities. if. 0 1 long observation trains followed the 1 town team here yesterday, 3 to 2. Score 'crews on .the paralleling river banks, ^ y innings: • both filled to capacity with cheering. Arrows ... 00002001 0—3 6 2 color-bearing legions -of. the compete Town QO010O01 0—2, 7 1 Growney and Delbert} Cooley b . Mc- 11 8 2711 S.nrr by innings: Andes 4 4-1 114 0ft Fa> - iWwen .... 3 0 T%-X- 021 Home run. Sparrow; three-b'a.se hlt«, Hanf, peimllcli, Stahlmanf Harvard caught, the water first and*) Manus and Lounsbufy. went into an immediate lead, .stroking. 45 freats to the minute foe -the first few hundred feefc'\Yale rowing one stroke higher, ap.&ea?ed to get less ,riye into. JJts blade work.. Both had i-a.-iteady-r36.ai.the half-*] American Association. • Louisville 2; Toledo 1. Indianapolis 2; CoIutHbus 1 (14 in- rlty. — Yank* Buy Shortstop. Des Molnes, la., June 26—Ray French, shortstop of the DesMolnea Western league club, was Bold, yester-. day tb tbe New York' Americanrs lot; $6,000; It was announced 'Joaay\ MELVIN HILL Mclvln Hill, June 25—Guests at. the CQuotatlona front DavHon'i) Qornmnnl, rtnti Chop feed, per ton 80.00©8B.C 2@ 13 per bu, 1.3 LARiD—Market .ruled easy. City, 20<| nominal. Market easy, middle West, $20.56@20.65; — \ ••.-•'-••- TA^OW—Market ruled easy. City prime) 10 l-4c; special loose, lie. COFFEE—Market easr;' r to 7| points lower. No. 7 Rio on spot, 1* l-2c. RICE—Market weak, duJL Domestic, 9#-i6<r. MOLASSKS—Market' ruled ' dull. Open kettle, $1.02® 1.12; black strap, •30c RAW SUGAR—Market ruled easier. SUGAn—Market ruled \ dull. Fine grranujjited, ,422.OO@24 1 00. BUTTER-^Market. ouleter.. Cream* «= = eiy,\ \extras B8#6l l-2c; flrtts, 63©! 69c; higher, 68 3-4®62 l-2o; state • dairy, tubs, 42@57 l-2c; renovated, Bff®5Ic;- Imitation, firsts,, .c. CHEESE—Market firmer, . State* , — whole milk, specials*, 26 l-2@27c-i-fa»-*~-1 — cy, 26 l-2@26ci > ,Jqw J §r . BEades, 20® , 26c; Wisconsin, whole milk, fancy, Si @31 l-4c; state skims, specials, 181-2 ; - @19 l'2e| cholee, 16@17 1-20; fair to ' good, 12@15 l-2c;' lower grades, 59, FT^HTS fc M?tHr?t I >'t*<?gular7 TTcarrjTi white, fancy 64 @U6cr nxfrnR, 48jn4fef-flrsts. 40 i POTATOES—Market ruled Nearby white,. 410.O0@-lS.50? weak, 1 Bermu- rp Barley, per bu l.E0@ 1.75 Hochester, June 26. FRESH DRESSED POtTl/TRY Chickens, per lb SB® Turkeys* per lb .. ® 40 Ducks, per lb 82® 85 Geese, per lb 20® 22 FRESH DRESSE& POULTRY. Turkeys, per lb 60 @ 65 Chickens, per lb ..'.... 40 & 42 Fowls, per ft? .86 ©, 40 12.00. BEANS- Market iTFE ed firm. Mar- pe°aBi . row, choice, rii.7E8!l2JQIU ^hoie«v-l8.0Cga.26, l ''-\r<?a yidflty. »16.00@ 16.50. DR1ETD FRtBTS—Afarket ruled quiet. Apricots, choice 'fo extra fan- y, 27@37e; apples, evaporated, prim* f 2@ 2 0 t Buck Mrs. last'week were Mr. and|Ge«se, per lb .......... . John Buck of Naples Mrs. I FRESH MEATS and Manning. _.. ff O \ Barnes Leafs Split Even. \\Reading, June 26—Reading split even with Toronto In a double-header here yesterday, the Leafs taking the first, 7 to 5, while the ^iarines grabbed tmrfleebttdr Iff Xo'e 'When Umpire ««HPPed io j^ mile flags > where Har var4 was leading, u , Hanf Heimlich Sta hits Estev Holan- struck-oSt mile flags > where Har var4 was leading, hits, Estey u Hogan. strucK out u , by Kunga, 6; by Brietfleld 6; bases on tails off Rmnga 5 ,oft \^Vary -5; ol? BriPt field 5; left on tjises, Andes 9i Fny-Howen 7; wild pitch. Vary; pass-, «d en halls, Flaherty 2; hit by pitcher, -Sunpa, (Laingi Groham 2) Brtetfleld time, 2 hours; umpire (Flaherty); Harding. * • *.• *L*J- 4• • • 4444* NATIONAL LEAGUE • + + + + *••4 4••••••• most no change In stroke or separating distance until the two-mile pennants were.reached and here Yale oarsmenM made their Bid. for victory. Yale crews scored a double victors; on the Thames river course, this-fore- noon 'in the preliminary races of the fitty-second dual regatta with Har-H vard. The Blue bj^des^jpfthe ^.EijU oarsmen Bwept the ,Yaie shells across] ihef finish line of both fhe^rreshniws] and Junior varsity two-mile Vaces well . - -. -m .!._!_ rt.l^nMw fclt.^.i^ « A** Philadelphia, June wtrc pushed 26---The , ,„ _rnto the .eeHar jrc-strnlay when, the Giants grabbed off the first fray of he local series. 5\h<) massacre was 9 t o I. Eppa Rixey got oft in, the mud and was nicked ror'two tallies In the first. King: s home run added another in the fourth,-and in the seventh came com- plete disaster after the first three^men whn faced Rixey had- connected with fcealthv blngeles. Eppa was chased .oujL ..L the lot andTFoung Betta sat in for him. Score: - J»Sw York .... aOOttJtrttO^-* 14 2 .. OOIOOBOOO—1 6 2 ..faro, .games scheduled ****** t *' * • «.«v.vx» »., -«—. - ••game), Akron, 8, Jersey City. 1 • • (second game, 13 innings!. • Toronto 7, ^ Reading 5 (first • ga/me), Reading 10, Toronto 6 • HOW THEY STAND J INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE. • Yesterday's Results. * Baltimore 7, Boehester 2. /, * Akron 12, Jersey City 1Q (first • g Iff Xo'e. 'When Umpire OPrlep.fir.ed.Mwlott.pat of «ie flrst game in the very first Inning, he paved the way for a Toronto victory. Cook, who was .placed\ on second when Obefc was aent to third, fielded mis- erably. Four of Toronto's runs were due to his M3-work. Scores; First Game. Toronto. 002103100—7 Reading ' ..\.~\0O00 104O0—5 Batteries—sSba* asd Devioe, Baieiss and Shsridan. . .• Second «3ame. Toronto §2002200 0— 6 Reading ',. 3 6 2 11 0 3 0 •—10 Batteries—Bader and Sandborg, Aus- tin and Cptter. • LaureneQ-'Buok and three children of Intcrlakcn, J5r. Agnes Buck of_ Phila- delphia and Miss Carolyn. Syracuse. \Mr. and Mrs. Charles Byoomfield of Shortsvllle wore Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. William O'Shea and Miss Sara O'Shoa. i • • Mr. and Mrs. J. C. .Oughterson and Mr, and Mrs. fi. M. Askih ,pf Geneva were guests of Mr; and Mrs. M.--W. Sweet Sunday. Miss Ethel Sweet spent\ Tuesday night with Mrs. Guy Thompson ax, \ neva. • Mrs. John T)6 Bower and niece <Mlsa Helen Carr spent the week end with Ducks, per lb 42 80 , per cwt. . , 22 ft guessed, per cwt.. IE lb t 25 00- ^ . ... P22 00 Spring Jamb, per;cwt .....35 00® 3» 00 Straight pigs, per cwt. ..16 00® 21 00 SMOKED MBA^S AND LARD Bacon, per lb Ham, per lb California hams; per lb... Dried beef, per lb .• Lard, in tierces @ I 36 37 24 40 VEGETABLES ®24 1-2 .4 4 4 • n J ahead et their Crwtson . Harvard Can't Hold Advantage _-. In both races, the Harvard ' eights Jumped into the lead at the start and fought gamely to maintain--theft? ad vantage until the \ contests had pr<?\ gressed well\ toward ..-the finish flags*; Then the superior power and rowing form of the Tfate^arsmeri began tar count and once, well 'to the fore with* the finish flags in sight .the Eli eights rowed rapidly to .victory. «4' Weather and water conditions were extremely favorable,' both wind an* tide'helping the oarsmen. These con, 4 g/), • (second game). • Bf 2 S Buffalo 2, Sj'racuse I. , Ciames To*d«y R : Rochester at Baltimore. Buffalo at Syracuse (two games) • Toronto at Reading. Akron at Jersey City. Standing of th« Glubs Lost 39 4 Baltimore •T 4 * P. C. * .639 • .635 • .633 • .683 • .600 • • .Bison* Stop Losing. Syrficus'e, June 26-^-Buffalo after relatives at Roehesteiv H. Bush of HorseheadB was th'e losing six games In a row broke its string of -defeats by taking Syracuse into camp, 2 to 1,- in a light hitting contest yesterday.' Bick MeGabe ran hla string of cOJiseciftlve victories up to eleven, though he was out-pitched by Howard McGralner. The Bisons did. all their scoring and made three of their 3ve hits in the Becona frame. Thdco bloTv.s ; togethpr* _ with a., JIH guest of his.daughter, Mrs. C. K How- ell from Saturday untlll Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles *Smtth enter* tained Mig. and Mrs. Lee Leland and son Roderick of Clifton Springs, Sun- day. George Walthart has a new silo. Mr* and Mrs. Fred Smith and son Fairmon of Palmyra and Mr. a.fad Mi's. John Willa of Macedon were cajl- ers at the \Sweet'*ome Sunday; ; o Warren. Newtonrof Flint is spending some time at' Willis Buck's. Mr. \and Mrs. Karl Howell and sons Harry and Cltyton were at Htanley Monday.' Henry Kelly of Youjj^atown who Is spending his vacation \vith his parents at Phelps and Miss Frances Donnahue of Waterloo were guests of Miss Sara Asparagus, small bchs. .. 1 00® 1 15 Asparagus, large bchs....l 50® I 75 Beets, ned, doz, bchs. .., 30® -3£ Beet greens, doz. bchs ,._ E5@ SO Cabbage, Southern, ,jert... 6 00® 7 Q0 Carrots— New, oz. bunches .' 25® Celery, per dozon ,.-.. f .. 1 50® 1 75 do, large b/dles. jSs doz 2 70 (ft) 2 75 2e*j», green,\ &outhornr4<M5. 1 00® 1 50 Corn, „ Cucumbers, hot house»<lt>z. 1- 00® 1 50 do, shipped In COO®. Endive, per dozen ..... •• @ Horseradish, per W). ....... @ Kale, - per bushel 60 ® Lettuce, common ........ 10 ® Bam ries—Douglas^ i and Wheat. • ana Obins Win and Lote. Boston, June 26—Boston and Brook- lyn a4vt4eeM^d©uhle-^ill-y«Bterday,the Buperhas capturing the opener, 6 to 1; fcy. supporting^ Leon .Cadore In fine lashlon and a Ia6 hitting 6pportunly, \ Jhile the second encounter was bagged the BravesTby a rally: In the eighth en produced a 4 t o 2 victory. Scott d i oduced a 4 t o 2 victory. Sc Jwed only five hits in continuing «is i-prnarkable.Ditchlng. Cruise fleld- •d brilliatl d Fd whd auhstl •d brilliantly hited - -- g Ford, whd „,„„„„ the times, Yale winning the freshman contest by- • fiSgffiTnTr'minates, • ** while the Cambridge trailed home in, 10;JO§,. „ In the junior varsity, Yale's margin was close to a length ana'-ft-hftlf •'with the official times announced as Yalg;, 10 minutes, 6 3-6 seconds; Harvard; t^l0«;ond8 throw by BuGkley, gave them the de- cision. McCab.e was practically invin- cible with- men\ on*-baaes, The Stars and Bisons-win play aouble-heaaejpifc\\\* ar«\ai B o t/.^.n.^n *>nA fiim/i-iv Rr-Virn- • . puistrici BTO also tomorrow and Sunday. -Score: Buffalo , -0-2-0-6-00^*0—2, Syracuse 1 num,.,, 0 OOO 0iOJLOl Batteries—McCabe* Nhf Kew York 9, Philadelphia 1. Plttsburg <,_Chicago 5T\*— • game) Brooklyn 5, Bpston f (first game) • 4, Brooklyn 2 (sfecond • |4 New Yoi-k at-Phnarfelphia (fcsvo 4 4 ) ' A eolld, but In fact it Is plostlc and \cfiangeaoTer' wEffi * a\-gneotlS ocSHB above tU and a liquid one .below it. From these three factors all organic life is created, and upon tlieru it'de- •Penda_forJltB T exlatence. Vegetablo Ilfg; 4 i4 games.) 4 Chicago at Plttsburg. Joston 000 OlOOOO—1 \7 1 —\' 10100O21O'-5 6 2 O21O5 KruBger; FiU AKRON WN^tW^ sic|EjE • BrooTByn at Boston. • * St. Louis at Cincinnati. '••* SUnding of the Clubs wv »„_ „ —„ ,„_ .A Won Lost victory by anhe'xiB^both, games of the # Cmclnnati 32 toe-tdouWe-lieader by scores of 12 tec \I* Bro0 klyn • 31 and_3 to 1. The second game wenti # Chicago i« 30 iKfiiteen innlngs^and waj^on^ona # gt hbnis _• ar pass to. Kick HoBltTzSr lp WW«| + Plttsburg ....... 26 two-base hit, an error by. MoOers, per- - t o 24 mittlng Webb to chalkthe final tally.} New Y ) Jereey City \Jane* 26^-Akron inatf* gurated their series against Jersey., CJty yesterday'noon with a two-ply it b anhexing>both games of the P r O\Kljn B e d y Second G«me. 0 13 ^ muiK ? The Skeeters l ^the -flrst l Batteries—Scott and Sowdy; Pfeffer . |nd Mtiler. - • ** - - - -~\—' 1 Max Carey Steals- Home. Pittsbutfe, June ze—The Plttsburg Pirates defeated the CTiicagO» CuBs yesterday, 6 to 3. Hendri* atod Cooper' *ere. bojh hit hard In the early part er the E ame, but Cooper tightened up •fter the third inning and led lii the «Uick on'Hendrix with\ a single, and J triple, scoring two runs. Cary Btole Pome for the rim that put the'Pirates In the leadt- Score: Lf'^eo 12 000 0000-r-^ 8 1 TittBburg 10 3 00 02 0*—? ,9 0 Batteries-Hendrix imd .-O'Farreli; • .,y?oper and Schmidts • ru- \ 'r , •'••^••\ •*,<•\<• \\--•* th« Want Ad«. Thi «r* Int.r- game, but lost through ragged Sgld- lng. Bcoreri: Akron . Jersev City „..... ._0-6 01^2 0^0 0—10\ York * Philadelphia . • * 23 26 28 28 26 -8 34 4 • • • 4 P.C. 4 .680 4 .654 4 .617 4 .525 4 .600 4 M± Battens-Hill and Smith. Bonovan 4 and Hurley - • I :im*l 5 5 2 S S AMERICAN LEAGUE.' Yett«rday% Rift Boston 6, New •— a and Smith. 4 44 44 4 •••,••••«•• 4 H .4 INDUSTRIAL BASEBALL Sdl of T«am« , L Won Lost P.C. 4 • Genco + Ad 2 r<r Andes-Radiator ^.- * • Stoco-Lens A. A.;. \1 • Fay 1 1 \1 2 .«66-4 .500 • f St .448 .414* \ • • _~ • 2. • Gamta Today. Detroit \at St. Louis. Clevel?ina at Chicagoi ,, Boston at New Yffrk.- •^Philadelphia at Wash ngtom f% • SMnclinB of ««• C»ub« -• 1 Won Lost ^ ' K»- j Curley Lettuce do, green, ooz. bchs. . . do, Texas, per crate . da.. Bermuila, bbl .'... Parsley, per doz. bchs... Peos» green bushel ...... Potatoes, per bushel ..,, do, Carolina per BbL,' flo, tJweet/40 lb. crate, Radishes, per doz. bchs, , do, per bskt. 100 b£hs. 6 l 3 21 .2.25 ®2.6 30® S 3 00t@ 3 2 ..3 00-® 3 2 12 50@13 .. 375® , 10® 1 76® 1 C ^SSrrf tea***, kr* K»- j ?.f \^S riet CrlttentTen of Dist. No. 2 will bold |P lna ° n ' P.F e ^ u8 ^ el . V\ a picnic on the lawin at John P^e'e' Tomaties, 12 lb. basket.- . •Friday night. Th« lamilies ct the p, fancy, 12@18 l-2c; OB. 15 l-.2@26 l-2c; 00s, 11 1-*2@16- l-2c; p prunes, 30s to' prunes, SOs-to peachoa, choice p o extra fancy, I8@22c; seeded ralain*. \ holee *o fancy, 22@26t!. DRESSED POULTRY— Market uled dull. Chickens, 36@13c; fowls, 81 1 , turkeys.. 40@56c; ducks, 32@ * 6c; geese, 25@81c. X.1VE POULTRY—Mnrkfit ruled—' Steady. TJhickens, 48@S7c; turkeys, 6c; anck3.-£5CT -fiswls, COTTONSEED OIL—Market steady |tl*67 crude, JM.OO, sales. - PETROLEUM—Market ruled strong Crude Pennsylvania^—$6.10. TURPENTINE—Market weal?, Jl.« 30. * WOOL—Market ruled weak. Domes- lc fleece XX Ohio, 6u\@75c; do, pulled scoured basfs, 60c@fl-.60; do, Texas,- scouced Duaia, 75c@$lv60r -'domestic territory staple sc&urM basis, J1.30® _ «- _ n . *• ft? tf** 1 » r»*« .-*i«/liifB» ,'jpiDES—Market inacUvo. ~ Na.tiv«. steers, 25c; branded steers, 83c. '• , -- HAY-MarK€t hither. No, 1, t2.'6O® I - 2.70; No. 3, $2.J.5<g>2.35,; clover, mixed,' , . HAH&2.1B. STRAW—Market' ruled firm. Ry«, * $1.10®1.20. , HOPS- (1919) —Market ruied quiet { * State,, prime to choice, s.5c@fl.op; Pa- *' cirlo Coast, priine- to choice, 95c®J1.00. I 20® 300® 3 60 BatteriesMcCabe an McGrainer and NiehefgalK and Briiggy, lK Nature's Natural Procewe*. ^ nr« living m> « globe we' Mrs. Charles Smith is entertain- ing- her niece Mias Lucille ilariron of Palmyra. Mrs, Georgia Ingraham an3 grand^ daughter Prances .Sweet were at Clif- ton Springs Thursday. Miss Florence Sweet was the guest of Mrri. E. M. Asfcin 'at-Q«n6va s a few do, Southern, 20 lb. crt. h Vegetable oysters, per doz bunches 40® Watercress, doz. bchs.... 26® COUNTRY FB.ODUCE Butter, dairy, per lb 55® Mrs, DuWayne Stearns of South-Ot- Thd4 *»e&is8Jssia derives its life and body fw>m certain chemical, combinations, induced by the action of the sun's radiations. Ani- mal life depends on vegetable life, and also serves other; anl mala, as food., Airfhese~'ref3rn t setitj tsuRv Thttfsday4e s* time with her sister, Mrs. W.- A. Buck and family, i Mr. and Mrs. George Thayer enter- tained Miss Margaret Howiand t-nd Charles Schroder ot Victor .over the 1 Eggs, per dozen do, poultry farm Fowls, per lb Springers, per lb.. Pueks, per lb ... Geese, per lb 45® !.5@ 35® 40® 60 B0 60 50 60 40 Liv* East Buffalo, June 25—CATTU3— Receipts BOO head. Market* ruled stpady; sales shipping steers at $15.50 @ 17.50, butchers' at $12fO0.@ 15.50, yearlingtf a t $15.00® 17.00, .hejfers at J9.00@14:-50, cows at ?4.OO@11.60. bulls 'at $7.00(5>11.0O and stockers \and feed- ers at $6.00@ 10,00. CALVES— ReceWs\T500 head. Mar- bet va'.ues $1.50 hlgh»r; salea-^t $0.00<9 17,00-. ' -HOGS-s-Receipts U500 hea* Market steady to 25c lower; sales heavy at *16.2S@ 16.50. -'Yorkers at $16.7S@ 17.00, Kght \YorTaTa al~-$*fr,5<Kfrtfr.68r-Ptg8-ftfc~ S1B.25, roughs a t . $13;&0@ 13.25 and staWat $8.00^)10.00. SH-EEP AMDJ.. .000 head. M\arT?et\' ar; sales lambs.^t, $J4«OJi>SlZ.O0,.,xear- rngs at f 8.OO@14.flft. wrthers at $8.50®, 9.00, ewes af $3.\0O®8-.80-tni(J mixed beep at $8.00@8.50. SyTup7~?ie-w:. ween end. 7 SENECA CASTLE OBSERVE CHILDREN'S DAY Sensca Caatle, June 25—Tlie Pres- a special-proerarh, entitled \The Ban one is life of\ another. Wherefore we call waste and destructloa is inly a neces'sdry\ and. unavoidable pK)C««»-*ol»^'!the» living functions of mother earth.—Kxcliange, ner of Truth\ consisting of and music. The pastor wlf address to the children: An offering wili be received for the purpose of or- schools In needy at'\8\ o'clock Rernarkabl* Trahjiforrnatlon. jofifa hiii been with hl» father oil VII the oecaslon-Gf-hl«malden feffort-with\b^caa: a. car. Waltinif tot fFlenas, Ift J \ ' '-- Kanlg Sunday places in our land. On Sunday • evening BUFFALO GRAIN MARKET. Buffalo, June 25. FLOUB—Quiet; unchanged. - . Wholesale \' 1-2 cotton sacks Best patent ..*< .$15 75 Bakers' patent , 16 60 Clear • 1100 Pastry , ....•....,..., 14 60 Graham 13 25 Bye Hour, lighC ,.t.............. 13 50 Bye flour, dark .>..< 13 25 FEEDS^-Llght 'demand for mlll- feeds; other-feeds dull, . •-• , . - - Mixed cars -Spring brarViOO-iK \sadt $60 00 ' •- - 64 00 . .... 87 00 ton T8 00 — 00 TThe Batter fly Twins { lr# fhtii- imr to Cleveland '••• * New \5fork . . • Chicago . ... <f Washington • Boston\\...*. * St. Louis .. T&etroit Philadelphia 39 34 20 29 3?9- 30 25 2« ••%%* 10 ..«6i \•; ,«20 •. !7* •' J618* ,492 • ,339* 2«2* mpfyiSm&; f ^ the side of ,.th« roofl\ had resulted lu bebg nicely iaught In abonit a foot <)t there will be- rendered by the choir And pastor a Story and Swng service^ entitled. ^Skyblrd/ The story Is es- at ftd Standard middlings, do Cornmeal feefl,-p,er ton Hominy fe:6d, per ton T8 OUrneal per ton 70 Hy OUrneal. per ton ATLih W 'and market easy er ton -^—Light offeringa on- tracH r ( Wh«n a man feasts of his past ly tell* part of his pa*L_3 _ h« City~TrlickLine P, O'Malley & Son, Praprf._ \Teams rented by day, week for any kind of ha'viliftg. Special facilities for handl- ing coal, stone, sand, etc;, from cars. Office T^KY.C. Freight Hou$e ( d market easy. rday's prices asked ancUatei- sold 2c *\»¥¥¥ d' \ v ^ any ,„, «. %6 , parents aftd ehtiare» and .the niusic Is,Above the Qranfl* Mtettng.- i •Seneca Castle, June 26-^Castle \ an ' to the fair, had Ma, among say; '\And then they turned alf the ladles into men. .and, they all helped to ju.t pu.h Uii/cr rUht oat ot tt. of»i«i«ttlon. *he fedeifctl gt»t« Grange Exchange with the Farm -Biir^au and' tmiry League organiza. tldto was also ablv aiscusaed ttMw- i d k weia ficrv terday's prices asked »., u .^.- r lower. Closing at 5c under yesterday. I Closing: No. 1 yellow, $1.85; No. 2 yellbw; $1.85; No., 3 yellowy. $1,841, No. ! .4 yellow, $1.79; No. 5-yeWo'w, tCTSfi So. 6 yellow, $i:67(S)L'i2._.o.n. track,; tltrough blHcd. . • Sales: One car No. 1' yellow, totteres* N& 4 1 yell6w, $1.88; two cars dovli.85; two cars No. 2 yellow, $1.88; two cars do, $1.85, on track, through bfflea..\ . 0ATS—There was little demand offerings at 11 l-2c lower than t berries o abl ased, caka weia ficrved. fla^ yesterday. Closing: \No No. Po!Whiie, $L28 1-2, on track, through W * M lrt«;.iw SM*X** white, ujuri GENEV/S^RUSHVILLE BUS via. Flint, -Stanley, Qprh«m 7-30 A. M. 12:^5 P* M i LEAVE GEMEVA Fox 10 **• wSSAt&twSS'^p Leave RuthyilU 7 p. m^.» jr Ltave Geneva 1Os80 p. m.- 5 ^^&Btf!.i8r!gT!? : • s^

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