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W, 4:85, 6;35. 6 85%$? Rochester fdr Gen**. * every hour up to ft* e'pt aasaay. aoanawKXKxjw^, This beautiful f arM UM by the same peo^ rat many years, L H a d orouflh(y tile drain.3 on it. Buildings are i iy i *\?;> excellent story 10 room house, rfiea, main basement Pv ft- toot house, a, »i|o, corn cribs mtm laPfle hay barn tb nambwl roof, Bh are good and are m 310 acres of ths !• drained and till. t-Weods> V«TH FULL LINE D TOOLS IF DE. fT..T H E PARTICU. W FINE PLACE. KX BUILDING Dff The Regular )o It Yourself •edit. Says Menter r $30—Pay $2.00 Down y. , for 148.75—Pay $4.00 Weekly. ight weight Suits la viot&, and Worsteds— in this Sale. re Suits that sold at MO, J46, $50, {55. W. .Take off 25 per cent uction \yourself—Tour Sasipst payments pre- 5c@$1.60; domestic, scoured basis, $1.30 et ruled wealc. Rye, -Market- ruled inae-- > to choice, 95tfz>$i; me to choiee,T)5c0 0 Markets. 15-H3EEDS—Choice it flO.OO® 12.00 an! >35.0O. iS^SESEBS—Choice it 4J5.85@6.10 choice . 00@27.O0 , alfalfa at Isike at ? 24.OO@26.09 Inlnfl Operations. that, the alrplan* Will pfova a great altig-Industry to pr* of gettl\» ftinterJat •OBI location* which ,xlcb with oro and resent tfane-4naee many, audi places' iltosrfeoitof bull* them would be *> .hlbftlve. Attchtlott id ittbject has been by.* report wad* pervlior of the mitt- i TJalted States b* this means' oTfle* i cotild'ba main' H Which ore.not to ordlnby mewio. It tat the tame aieani rtu¥*er«6tttori* , r~ tW^cena- of mlnlbl leh itoctor \Soval* i •tttl^ly wMhoa* *-•• '\ ', _.' iii«a:tMt number* In thi POUCB Hnfl ;i&k^>->V'<- «\t »• gl W.fi.. )U' iy'i / UiQL'I'yaliahaa.as^^ eKIIHii i »mw ••• II iiaiiiaasaaiaaau aasasai n i_pn •*• -•'iliin Mi n H*' n s.i b«i •»» i aaa, a... ,,•!•• j?A<3ENTOS * FOR ^fPRAI^ County <tj»CBI)M(iy4'» Threa ° nt Sl«r^ii^or^ple^^n<»r* Set and D»«rt«»-^&<»*»l»*tW«l' i ; July 1$: •\.-.' An P xam£na,tioa is to, % held at tho £ house to Caimndaigua on- Satur. f WuSl* beginning at t;30, foc^the d ^nose of estaWlsWflSim-elWb.ie; list' jg,S^ea | soldp|;pppa| *.., pntranxi'B lu the-e»M^i . . . .. &a?ad?to.f| »ert.a,f op^ c £e£*pa anjl Otlier< ElemenU of the RepiillIicati^^»^F laJl JSSrges Unjustified and Assert That It Is arCi**e ol Spiifc Grapes\ on the Part of Dr. Butler—Laming G. '• 'im Makes Statement r*..tie before JT-uly TU Any. Soldier,, 2S* ^mrine or W*e: flgMUft H* S World war and who ljajB.ten ; hon- n ™wy aisoharged.' ami .'r^gnlaMr «a. mirted to th-e exam, by .wmpttmft eyl- ®' n \a of their service anflv Jbch«rge, hofnre that date. .. >. • «. Tour hundred and fifty, state scheh rihlos haVe been established *for the Sftt of resident spldiergj aallora,^ iariBW a*>d nurses, Ofr th«*B .'tn-ifee. SSI be apportioned ta Ontario COW- J!\ Candidates wno ehaff be JEtrSt nhosen are those-wko meet.the rjeqttbe- Aents for entrance to college. .:•* : w„,.h scholarship entities its holder io his tuition, not exceeaingf. *l««s in „nv college, normal, technical &r trade iphool of his selection located- vrlthin. fSe sEate. The starts will Ray-In aadi- } on tn this tuition an addltjonal sum of $W0 P e r year for fchte Maintenance „f thp holder of each, scholarship, while in at * idanee upon instructions,. . •' Subjt cts upon which the examina- tions will be based aire English, An- cient or English or American history, Diane ffoometry,- algebra., and any. two of th.- following: Latin, FrewSn, Ger- man Spanish and advanced, mathema'-. :ti CS 'p]iYslcs or chemistry ' may be 'nffen-d. _ _ m ' _ WHEELS AND TIRE% STQLENTODRTAUTOS A car burglary that \Has bothered railroad officials for some time, was _TmrcEer<l , rssfcH&u:.—by.-' Jtejaoes-iD.. : - J Ha»wtKHt;-thne-ctive-for-the \ijehTgn 'Vallov Railroad Gompany.* The 'bur* glaty\ concerned the loss- of $2,000 vorth of automobile tires. ^ During the switchman's strike about l-\> cai»s containing autos were rurt »ntn a siding at Van--Ettea- And remained there for \some time. When the cars reached their destination it was found that all ofthe tires. Were missing ar-d taost of the wheels, •\ Investigation has shown tha.t- these cars were broken into while on the sldirifr. the automobiles jacked up,, while tho wheels and tires were re- * moved. In the creek nearby are the wheels. ; The statement naade % X)r, Nicholas ?*?*;?*L®?!% 'cftft'«lJ*« that \a.mo'u W* ~$fffW<i of financiers \wsere hack oti •the ,<itocUdaey for . Hhe presidentiali nomination* of General TWood and that, be. was defeated to jcevent the nbm- ieatioa,for so high, atf^offlce being sotd ; at auction to the hlg&est hfdd*r, la s around the ire of ail the. ^ood sup- porters here, .In fact it. has teen critic, cized severely by all elements, both th and out of the party* a* ancalled foi; and unjustined. The \\Wood support- ers, who are many here, are partiou-- iarjy Indignant. Principal among these, it may he stated, 4s Attorney b. Ck Hosbins who was'a delegate to the convention from this congressional district, aa wa» Julm a'aberof An. Justified in the stand he took' at the .convention in hia- ioyal aupBort of General Wood, and in his repeat 'to SftPPSEt T>e~ Butler eveij otn a abngl«. ballot. If, thgre' was any doubt ho-- fore as to his course, he says Joday^ Camp f cue Boys burn, Mr. Hosklns\ was opposed to~J3r, Butler's candidacy from the start and refused to vote for hiiri even on the first baltet which be was urged to do merely in a complimentary way. He declined to do this because lie was a supporter of General \Wood and felt that the preponderance of sentiment in the. district which he represented was also for Wood, so' he n«ld <that it would he stultifying himself to vote at all for Dr. Butler, whom lie did not take seriously at any time as a candi- date. He was urged, to recede from hi., position by Dr. Butler hiihSelf and it was during this interview- that Mr. Hoskins made the statement that when he came back home he jatanted to. be able to enter the front door of his home and not have to sneak In the back door. This utterance, which was, said in. private conf ere'nee, was not in-l tended for the publie- but it leaked u OU !„ a,1<a w^„*«.^25ISSaa»i4iuhllshei riir.r£B«;j^os^^s|>atei»s\fnwn-tt«r\'coBr- vention. It brought quite a little no- toriety to Mr. Hoskins, who was com- mended for his firm stand for General Wood and for has original way df ex- pressing himself. Mr. Hoskins stood by Wood throughout the entire bailot- tttg- at the convention and -*yas one of the five who voted for him on the final ballot. • • Mr. Hoskins says tha^ he felt fully STMEYPliLIC CLINIC General \WoocT audi, his backers taqre than justifies his actlonr\ IB~an tatei*. view today Mr. Hoskins saad: - «' ;''As Is weU toowj^NCjr.^alie* and! absolutely and repeatedly rerased? t* give Nicholas Murray Butler a, cbro* Plimeptary^ vote or .any other variety ot a vote, We had hardly arrive* In Chicago before Butler requestea ua to come and\ see Mm, and at ma. inter- view we .told him that personally we yja-e for I^eonard Wood on the first Genevan. Will Attend At> lantic City: Convention j •!• i ijr nefciif i-r City Hospital Superinten- dent Addressed Regulaur Gathering Today *A •&t?~\ ZtoP\. •The Rotary Club today had one at Its usual jollification lnncheona at the thai the ^ttelerfirfeuSeilttacW^ »* which beside* son* ballot, and on all ballots, and ttirtfrer- moi-e, that our district was rar Gen- eral Wood. If we had .ever tiad, tho slightest * doubt that our determina- tton was right,,to support General wood all the time, I can assure you ,- the remarks and the absurd elakfts which Butler made to us at this 1 conference would have dissipated that doubt- The public statement which Butler has issued, and which apjeaai In. yesterday's -papers is a sufficient justification, I 4*mk, for the stand* yWhieh we took in refusing .even- to compliment\ him, auu ft certainly proves the correctness of the general opinion that Butler is not ,wd never J? a u ^ 5i ? an to be President of the United States. aad ie#t, ^spine matters ot more serr Ions' import were considered. Much attention was also paid to notices re- garding the big iaternationftl convene Won ot Rotary which meets next week' at Atlantic City, About twenty TEEQIU Gflfheya expect to attend. Several members had. guests with them who were introduced, one of whom was a former popular Genevan, now, a resi-1 <^» dent «l-#ewar^NT-J^Mai*-^r AtcbFJ;^- ^' Rev. Dr. Hubbs paid a tribute to John G. Parwell, the deceased presi- dent oi the club, and in a speech which extolled, the life and service Of Mr. Parwell. presented to his spn, John B. Farwell, aa engrossed copy of the resolutions adopted by the club on the death of Mr. Tarwell. Miss Cornwall, superintendent of the Geneva City Hospital, was intro- duced by the president. Dr. C. C. Lytle. She gave a talk on the work of the hospital and made a plea es- pecially in regard to the nurses'- train- ing school. She said that the local & The Range of the Times Want-Ad C^iniis Is All Embracing Is it BUSINESS property that is to be KENTED or SOLD? Is it a PLAT or APARTMENT that is wanted or for rent? Is it a case of WANTING a boarder or a boarding place? •> i, 4 r s % & _ fhosnitALiii-conHnoH with all other hos General Wood's anssver to Butler's*P'tals is at present suffering from the ™,. .™~. «.-*K—* .. . _ ^ lack of nurses. The profession is not sour grapes*- outburst, is to the point i and is none too strong. It Is appar- ently the desire of Butler\ to- stir up trouble in the Republican party in -the , Benefit to him. If this is his Purpose * tbat are needed. She urged that en- i •» on Lake KLeuka Ontario County -Youngster* to So- journ at Pultney Landing From July 13 to 27«—Those in Charge Ontario County is to * have a boys* summer camp on Lake Keuka, open from July 13 to 27. This camp which: will be located at Pultney Landing, will be conducted under the auspices of the County T. M. C. A. It is open to any normal boy under 12 years of age. whether a member of the „T. Jf* C. A. or not. The committee in charge is composed.of jatehry Parmele, of Holcnmb, Beon Tan Deusen of Canandaigua and E. G. Phillips of Allen's Hill. Five large army $bnts accommodat quarters, cook, mess aind supply tents make up the. riamp equipment On the grounds are baseball and athletic and basket . ball .volley ball courts and quoit beds. There -will be track meets, aquatic events and games of all sorts in charge of competent instriictnrs. Numerous entertain- ments including a minstrel show, stunt niRht. and the like,will constitute the social activities. Points will be awarded ort the merit system in physical, social,, educational To Be Held Saturday After- noon From Two Until .. Six O'clock i, tt «-•» i - — is !lis Purpose, he will not succeed. The supporters of ^General Wood fought a fair fight and were defeated. They are Republicans. They are enthusiastically *. n( i whole- heartedly for Harding and Coolidge and as the c?ampaign progresses they will be found in the front ranks, flgOht- uig for oge of the \.best tickets the fiarty has e ver named and one whicb is sure to win.**-, SCHOOLGIRLS MAKE DRESSES . • M —— Garments Being Exhibited in Window of the Smith Drygoods Store * Stanley, June 16—There will be a public health cilnlc at the Town Hall, Stanley Saturday afternoon, from two until six o'clock, under the auspices ' of the -Ontario County:- Tuberculosis Committee The Stanley clinic will be the tenth in the series of public henfth clinics being- conducted by the county tuberculosis tommtyee throughout Ontario cbunty ,for the discovery of disease, particularly tuberculosis, in its incipient stage. ''Prefventioh is bet- Sfc 10 bnys and a leader each, head-[tcr than-cttrc^iy the slogan -6T\ffie\\f* public health cilnics. The examining physicians refer all cases examined at the clinic to their private physicians, _„»„_,£-, r—,-A— and merely make the diagnosis and ^L W ^L° W I cb f nd three qparter. give advice. The Interest aid cooper- J 6 ?^ S^.J^LSf. **<»lp ^trbn attracting to it the numbers which are needed. She set forth the advantages to young women of eategjag-thte^prfr ! t T t t I: Is it a TYPEWRITER that is wanted or for sale ? Is it any- thing to PURCHASE or EXCHANGE? Is it a PET DOG or BIRD that is wanted or for sale? Has it to di) with the securing of FEMALE HELP, cham- bermaids, cooks, waitresses, laundress, housekeeper, or any other help? It doesn't MATTER what-the WANT is—the CLASSIFIED columns of THE TIMES are a QUICK means of filling it—ami space there cost/ very little ;._ _— T T ? t that are needed. She urged that en- couragement be-fiven young women to enter the nurses* profession as. a worthy calling and one in which they could render a great service for hu- manity. Dr. John Parmenter followed Mis» Coraw\eH5u-endofsing what she had said and emphasizing the peed of nurses. W. A. Gracey was called upon to give an account Qt the Republican national convention at Chicago last week -which he attended. As many Unitarians from other-clubs' west Of here' expect to go to the At- lantic- =€ity Tsmveation neii week by auto, the Rotary clubs en route are. making it a point to act the host to them as they pass through the several cities that haye Rotary elubs. To enable- Geneva to extend hospitality to any sdeh who may pass through this city, a committee on hospitsBity was appelated- consisting of the fol- lowing members; H. A, Wheat, E. J. Cook, C. C. Davison, l£ L._Henry, Six dresses^ made t« High. Sebool girls are on~~exhiWt in the Linden street window of the J. TV. Smith Dry Goods Company store*. They str 6 «n- tered; in competition for th& Anpba JHO- garth Young- prixn award, Tfe judges and announcement of winners will- be made on Commencement Day. These dresses itre entirely Hie hand- work ofmembers of the girls' sewing -etesss The cosnsf the \dresses which includes only the price of materials used, ranges from J4-H td *155. A navy blue figured voile tastefully ©ofii^ LoiSger —Use a Times Want-Ad f T T t T f T ir -T T T -T f Local Utilities Had * , „r a Clean Record for r —No Accident Week Absolutely no accidents occurred last week, which was known as No- Accldent Week In utility corporation circles, among the employees of the Empire Gas and Electric Company STOCK MARKET New Yofk, Jline 16—There was an improved tone to the dealings-on tho stock market at the oponinr today, initial prices* showing upturns ranging from fractions to over seven points/ Business continued light. Barrott Company was prominent running up quickly T 1-2 points to 143. lC*ucibto Steel rose S 1-4 to 148 1-2 and Perry M. Jacobs. P. C. Staley, F. S. land thevEmplro Coke Company, ao-1 vanadium Steel 2 1-2 \to 84 3-4. Bteel Brownlee, H. E. Hbvey, S. J. Sweeney, •—-«--*- «- -»--- -- ' ^ 't - C. B. Wilson and W, A. Gracey. A large, tanner welcoming Rotarians to the city will he placed on the state road at the head of Hamilton, street ation of all the local physISians is. de- sired and a cordial invitation--Ss ex- tended to them to bo present at the clinic and bring with them If they care to do so, any of theji* patients for con- sultation. .. Miss Anna M. Sutor, county tuber- , cylosis nurse, will be i a charge of the and religious accompliswnentsj A Stanley clinic. Dr. W. A. Bing of Oak high honor emblem will be given the moant Sanatorium and Dfc K C. Cobb boy who receives the endorsement of-Superintendent of Stejiben county best \All 'Round Camper.\ Bates j Sanatorium will be tbie exam- are nominal ana may be had on ap-nning physicians. Dr. John Robson, plication to Secretary C. A. Paille, ot health officer of Seneca-Town, will al- this city. . 1 so be i n attendance. Personnel of the camp staff* is as} *- follows: Camp Director, C A Paillef associate director. George B. Thomas; Boys' Secretary. Ehnira T. M. C. A; phys-cal director, A. A. Gould, physi- cal director Geneva Y. M. C. A»; so- cial director, Harold lk Steer, indus- trial spcretary, Etenira Y. H. C. A.; . educational secretary. W. N . Perkins, principal of Shortsville high school; ,relig'nu.« director, Mr. Pallle, assisted by various pastor of the county. These men will be assisted by other leaders es. ious activities. Empire Company Plans School for Employees Plans for the establishment of an employees' school- to be attended on company time were discussed at a meeting ofthe various plant superin- tendents of the Empire'Gas and JSiec- trlc Company, which was held today ^ a on W ^^/ irdleand «*« r^ Em P pTre BuSg^i^ tucks on the skirt\ °\~ T / \ l sa ° • cim P xr e Jsuuamg. u. is propl)sed„ A* yellow organdie l s dainty with IXuotto? \^^ \\* ^^^ geneml white Organdie pleating around neck lnslxuctlon Business Women Had Enjoyable Picnic CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR SOCIETY MEETING Tii» Christian Bavcas-or Seetety of the North PreSbytoriaii church held its monthly business meeting last evening at 7:45 in the parish fcfouse. It was decided to hold an ice cream social some tiae next week. The fact that there was a county contention • of oeclalLv^auaiiftedT for \var-4Christian Endeavors at Manchester peciauy quaunea rar »«l oh ^ tt[raa:/ was brought to society's attention, and also notice of the State jamsfihtion at Rochester from the 13th Wtmer Roast Followed by V1a»t to. Elm wood Pcierx-r-PJana Announead for Othar Aotivrtiaa. ^ The Busineas Woman's Club report a fine time at the \werner\ roast, near we home of Mrs. Maurice Ham of wnoic Park, last evening. Thirty members were present. <*• more, cottragc-ous ones \hiked\ both ways, and said they had the better time. A. « thf> supper, through' the courteay «t Mr. B«m the patty visited ths Blm- *ood Pri, lr y and -viewed ;<rltB. inteEest Sf Lafayette coach and other *cher- 8 «i relics of the- ^fc>ce. ' ahere was a short business meemm 2 : e 1 r , and rt was learned. tha:i the girls wold avail themselves of the Y. W.h )• A. Camp on Camndaigua lake ior a week or two weeks at.ai'tiima nut j£LT epk - en <i trips „*ere lintfted to \ourth of July andv labor -Day.'. . w B !L cwnoGmeU t wa * *i«» *»*** *f *he lw at lhe tennis conrtrtracfc, of the'. di»l y , oria n ohurcht waa placed, at the «*osal of the Business Woman's to the 17th, t Plans, were made for a picnic to be held at the Howard faxm on Cayuga Cakft on July 7th. Th#re was a good attendance, and considerable interest has; been shawn in tho Sunday night 'meetings soTBatTSe services will conr Bnue through part of July, at least WEDDINGS and short sleeves, -with wide white sash tied in a large fluffy bow- at the waistline. Groups of tiny tucfea re- lieve the otherwise plain —gathered skirt and are also used on the front of the waist. Another organdie dress of light blue was chairmingjy simple with narrow ruffles of the same material abon^ the low neck and elbow-lengtb ulceves, with a perfectly plain gathwrea steirt made attractive with a very Ccep hem. In white, there is a voile with satin girdle and trimmed with rufifles>cf the material draped on the skirt, Aroutnd the heck, the contestant has used sil- ver tinsel* which fe also used tu decor- ate-the ends of the sash. A deep orchid organdie ts aalaty with tiny lace inserting madie into lit- tle loops at thei neck and sleeves through which narrow rhell\ pink picot-edge ribbon is drawn. T\wo strands of this same ribbon are used around the waist, On the skirt sua three deep tucks. ' The sixth dress is o f apricot organdie with inch-wide double ruffling? used effectively on the skirt and around the low neck and short sleeve*- A. wide girdle of the material ties rn a large bow at the back. Club on Tuesday evening* during tho \SFw-i; at the »*»»n\*-r - -thaT:,] ^\eao-aafcwM'nfog of next week to *£?i w \ , i»w ltB &to«m pt*a* boit T\ 2 ^^^ leaving on, the Sip tb« lake - a ^ ii ? ir .**WP*J?\ ovel \ across a h» nQ «. u is 'ttrttser »|a»ned-to,haiTO & ' night at the Regenl.-tshe«ter. u~? y evening _ - feature picture „EdKin Carewr Van Dyne-Hiirciarihott The marriage of Miss Viola Daisy Hindershott Of Canandaigua, , and Adalbert Van Dyne of \Waterloo took place today at Trinity church. They were attended by Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Slattery. The Rev. C, M. Sills per- formed the ceremony. (Canandaigua papers please copy.) CHARGED WITH BURGLARY GMaava Man AJIaaad to Have Stotan Whiatay From AubMrn Rajiaenca&i Two Geneva men, Patrick Lyons of- Patterson Alley and Kd-ward P. Howe ot 15 Exehange street, were arrested in Aubara last- night cm a charge of hottae burglary. It is alleged that ..the-y-atele flve-casesoC whiskey from an Auburn residence. Both men have police records; according to Chief of - The telephone messstge to Geneva, headquarters regardiwg the affair. atates that it is believed three men Sd^ when tSons a«d Howe were PAVING CONTRACTORS REGB^ THEIR WG&L -—•«.... Brayer Brothers, contractors, of An- burni who have the contract for the paving of Pnlteney street; West \North atreetand South Exchange streetv have arrivea in- the city and comnaerfSed work on their contact. WoHk was started yesterday with* a small brgan- iaation on Pulteney street The tirst work underfcnken was the resetting, cf the curb on the east side or PBdteiB&y street between Willfaua. and Hlg* streets. -* i To Be^Ordained x to me Prie«tIiO0d in the production of gas and electricity, transmission of these commodities, salesmanship and ac- counting;. The courses are to be suf- ficiently general\ to apply to ail em- ployees. If employees in any partic- ular department wish ta pursue furth- er the technique^f their own depart- ment this instruction will .be provid- ed in group meetings. * _ PERSONALS Mrs. Ff R.. Denniston, of PlainsHeld, N. J., is the guest of her sister, Mrs. M. H. \Sandfordv of St. Clair street. Russell Howe of 'vVoodmere, L. k, was tbja recent'guest at. the Sigma Cld House jfor the Hobart Commencement Mrs. H. K. Hubbs and son were the recent guests of-her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W\. K. Fay of Hamilton street. fifiss Gene Newton of Balston is the _guest of her sister, Mrs. J. B. Hubbs of S. Main street. Mr. and Mrs. Rogjer A. Goodwin and Mrs. and Mrs. F.O, Spaid of North Main street are spending two weeks on Cayuga Lake. \*• ' • Mr. and Mrs. H, G. McNclla and their daughter, Mrs. T. Saunderson and her little son of DeLaney Drive; were thie guests of Mends^n Hall Sat- urday. -Mra aa A. JSKis of William - -Ttreef and her daughter, Mrs. T. H. Truslow of 606 Main street, returned this morning from West Point, where they attended the commencement exercises of the \United States Military, acade- my. Mrs. Balis' son, Hamilton P. Ellis, graduated from West Point Monday, •Mrs/ C, Hi Lusk of l4i Andes; ave- nue is able to be out again after a five week's'aerious Illness. Mrs. Jettnie Carroll, of Columbus, Ohio, Is visiting her sister, Mrs. James MeAdatn, of E. North street. , Mrs. William McGhan, and two sons, George and James, have returned to their home in Dunkirk atfl(er spending the-past two vreek* \ffith Kr* Me Ghaui's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William \Cong; of Goit street,—, '-' ; Mrs- #. : ft. Joslyn of 5«5 Main atreet. cording t o the reports that have been | received Jay E. R. Dobbin, the safety englneeir of tho companies. There also was jf4 accident at the plant of the Owegd Gas Lfght Company, which al- so comes under tho safety supervision of Mr, tjobbin. owing to the fact that this company is a subsidiary of the Empire Coke Company,. M6RE MONEY FOR SWIMMING BEACH While the money does not exaatly \pour in\ to the Times office for the free swimming beach whrfjlv Itls'il&p'c'a to maintain again this season over near the outlet, there has been a small amount of additional money subscribed since tho last report wats_mnd<\ The warm weather hasalreatiy been\ having Its effect on the water of old Seneca and i t will soon be warm enough to actually go i n bathing attcT accordingly it is desired to have tho tents in place and everything in readi- ness. . . The report up to .date is as follows; Previously acknowledged .-:.... 1112.38 P. O'Malley ,., T&OQ Roenke & Rogers .,»-«-*-»-,.-.t^-.-; 6:00 J.-B. Anderson ..., 5.00 Fred Dox ,v. 1.00 Mrs. Corydpn Wheat 25.00 Total ,$138.38 O'Malley .yan ia going to Syracuse Thursday loaded.' Back empty. Call P. O'Malley & Son. » ' k. Work Continues on City Home Building Plan ,_ \ * '•• — ; This morning a tanvaiss of the cor- porations of the city hi the Interest of the Home Building Corporation-, which is belnjr organized. iinder the aiispicea ofthe Chamber of Commerce, was made by a committee consisting 5f C..I2. Wilson, E. JcL Palmer and H. JU Henry. The merchants are also completing the work oii their part ot the canvass. Results of these\ can- vasses tvttl be.reported, it is expected\ at a meeting of the directors of the Chamber of Commerce; which has been- called for tomorrow evening. OBITUARY i -Charles Albert Roark f son o f MSr. arid ^a ^*^e^~Tr<&hr Buffalo\ meg: tft^ pveningi ^iiiie 25th„ with the- , ?*T.<.r,^ v. K-L X 4,ck driver recently delivered the «:«t?oT^i^-S : ^^^' Apprt.chino *W (, H 9 ' < he ? T rJ h « Positiorf df faanrf at : prpaching ^^S^^StSSS r„. Bwlel >este.r county penitentiary,, afcaEtonaW of Geneva. •&*&'*%?%[. '* S&ailS ° P »««<t^iWr^**««t ul« ; totak«.ptece.|Be^teri«rt ott Mrs. James Roark of 10 Middle street, will be ordained to the priesthood fey Rt Rev. 'Owen B. Corrrgan at iSt, Gregory's church- in Baltimore, Md., on Thursday; June 24th t ,_ _ ~~Hr7TfoSrK\ is a graduate of St IRraat- cis cle Sales sehooi. „f t 6ene ! va HlBb Schoor, and for a number of ieiurs. studied at St Bernard's Seminary in Rochester, before going to,Baltimore. He wilt say his first soilemh High mass at St Francis de Sates church on the Sunday following .his--,ordiniatictHu A reception wilf be hpW~in tlie \aftea> noon at the homp- of his parorxfai. -. .' 'a — \' -,*. Me Did It vVith a Horawihoe C. A. King, Castle street saportsmali; believes that horseshoes; are lUc r '~ things to carry. Yest^rd^ «rttli -* Big hdrseshoe in hbj pocKet, »«£, »&&• Canadiari shore^ wfeerejioe. taa heent IhTlguesriof her daughter Mis*. Adele Joslyn, at Point Afeiho. ., , •\'-. .; ' »: . • ' I I J?«w«^. !a tJte»aBJLfi.rajj[wjiti(W»i ' Dominick E. Detnpsey The funeral of Dominick K. Demp *ey. aged 6» years, of No. It Castle street; who died at the Clifton Springs Sanitarium, on Monday' afternoon, waa^eid from bis lata home this at- ternootr at Jhsro o^cIock, interment was made in Glenwood cemetery, . I... -1. I,-,,,..1. . a^ I...- v.. Capital \Stock Incraaaad - - ; Albany Jane i.t. tSpeeiaL) The Benton 0o~Operattve Company, Inc., of Behtoov Yates county, has filed a certificate with the Secretary of State, »Mr«¥»¥¥»»»»»»»»¥»»¥»¥»»»tt» common at 91 1-2 and Baldwin a 117 Z-i showed fractional improvement Thero was little doing in tho oil, motor or railroad groups. Pan-Amer- ican Petroleum rose 3-4 to 103; Royal Dutch 1-2 to M8 1-4; Studebaker 3-4 to 69 5-8 and Southern Pacific 3-4 to -—•••—— ..(special' ta *«• Time* from HlbbarA Kalbflelach * Palmer, mam bar* ot ttw ••«* York Stock Bxchanira. 109 Powtn fiulldina. Roebwitar Phonta: Hnn*- '» ' Closing prices were: American Tobacco Securities 56 1-4 Atchison ; 79 Am. Beet.Sugar 92 3-4 Am. can. 40 Am, C. & F. 130 3-8 Am. Smelting 60 5-8 Am. Sugar 126 1-2 Am. Tel, & Tel 95 5-8 Anaconda 56 1-4 Am. Locomotive -97 1-2 Bethlehem Steel 913-8 B.& 0 311-8 B„ R. T 12 eal. Pet 28 3T4 Canadian Pacific .....\ 113 Cerro de Pasco Coppef 43 Central Leather 66 1-1 Colorado Fuel St Iron 33 - Crucible 144 1-4 Chicago, Rock Island &Pacl3c 36 Erie 11 7-8 Krle 1st ....\ , 18 1-2 Gen. Electric .',.. 143 Gen. Motors 223-4 Great Northern Ore .,.,....,, 3'6 1-2 Goodrich \64 „ Gt. Northern, Pref. _. 69 HaskcII-Barker 70 1-2 International. Nickel 17.3-8 Industrial Alcohol 88 1-3 Inspiration Copper 53 tiehigh Valley 42 1*J Marine Prfd. ,. «7 3-4 Midvale Steel ................ 42 3-8 Missouri Pacific 21 Mex. Pet _ 177 1-4 -K. Y, Central '. 58 1-2 29 , 4 1-8 70 5-8 3*5-8 84 92 1-4 99 30 5-$ WE HA AN OP FOR A #w • t • « t I • I I . I- of known, integrity and industry ; -1 to represent us in Genava and ', J vicinity. To such -a, man wa. 'can Qifec an ^ exceptional opportunity anelaa p«^ rtn»ntnt connection. M W. W. SEYMOUR & Co. I rtve*tm»nta—Bond*. Onondaga Co. r Bank Building Ground Floor- Sy*ou»e, N. Y. »0*a»»»»»»»»4»4»M»fc»»*»»» Dancing Tonight at Pastime Park This Evening DAVIS ORCHESTRA Boat Leaves at 7:30,8MS and • New Haven Oklahoma Prod. ., Northern Pacific ....... Pennsylvania R. B. \?.. Reading Republic Steal ...... Railway Steel Springs . Sinclair Oil ./\...'..... . Southern Pacific »l 1-8 Southern Railway Studebaker llnMfo ,Pacific .;.... U. 8. Steel Pref ............ V. S. Rubber Utah Copper Yi & C Chero Westfnghouse GRAIN MARKET ' Com JU1J1 *«•*-*'#•>••*«.•«*« **• « • t•« Oat». - jtiiy **»*4«**-*«»*«•»• >—• ****** 22 1-4 \68 1-4.. ..114 .. 92 3-» .,105 1-2 .. 94 3-4 .. *7 1-4 .. 76 1-4 .. 49 1-8 . .170 1-4 ..103 4-8 Peuoior* »l Pirrola, Hiw^ to the eye of a atranger vl»v tttng ArgenUna hi the fi»irot peOdler. often s*«i on the street* of the tbwna, ^nnhciniMbat-the^aTOOunt- .of^lJ^I ^j^ ^rHg, hut ©ifliewsC «(K**- traae in* cages, or^tnethne* percBedl ' GraTSmar sfchool graduating ea»rcl»e*i capital stock has been increased from at St Francis do Sale»* will be held HMvQrto $36,000^.._,_,. ; . , , j, *Fridao^eve»inff|- at the* -school *.ai 8\ ~ \-' ' ' -'•-—•-\\-. • •'•' o'clock. Commencement e*ercts»»'*tor; Strange Draughts Board*. '\' Probably the mosT extTaordln«ry draught board In the world wan cod' , strocted at St LeoDartf, Eogland, in ian. It was made of solid blocka »f concrete, ttoree feet thtcfc, and Its wr* face covered Tin area at 625 ttpwre feet. A draught board, which at one time belonged to Bismarck, Is estimat- ed to have cost more than JOaOOO. The squares uragm&de oi aoild gold •rid silver. This draught board was declared by experts- to be the most - valuable in existence. A let of draughtsmen, 12 of gold and 12 of * all*er, were presented to tbav prince. In the center of each golden draucht wa» a beaatiful rnby, while Inlaid fn tlie ceote'i' oi each silver one wast a ' peerless diamond. A qnalnt old draught board to ««lf to be seen hanging M « sign ootsideMhe Chequers inn, Oa> tnofherley. 'Its Interest lie* in t»*A fact that neither the original painter of the elgn. nor the landlord of th# inn, was a dranghta^^jftlayer. Uw-^ board ha* J» sqtjaree, wbereas a real draught board contains 84. -, * <J the High School; trill be on Sunday evtining at the Smttr* Opera House. At St Stephen's School, the graduating program will taste place at tr,e ehur,ch imnseduttely- foUowtng high mass on SuDday mornings - ^^ni.i, , . w ,—.— jy.«,.-,...,—t There will be a meeting of the Cen- tral Council «ff Home- and School Club* on Friday e-ventog, June 18th r 4at 7:3* o'clock; in\ the? High School Assembly- hall; '-for th* 'purpose - off ceeded in landing two ftne tro*it'JEa«ction of of«c«ta> Ali^nii«mbers af weighing eight pounds eacfa* a>d4utig-*be Home an* School Clobs of the his name to the-long; list < lu^ceitfi ful fishermen vho iply iSeneca*Iiatee, ent city- ate cordply- in«tftd*IS. M _preMr- v v\iTi-3i'. it- - A ort 6h» heM awl shoulder*. Gentva Woman &**#«c?ary. '\ *Ih«t coMtiltrjr, of course, is too far Kamed 'among the beneficiaries in goiith- tohate native parrots, and most the will of ih^ late Morris JMght '««-.*# ^ birds are imported from tlrasllL Syracus* who died.or^MEsty Sttt, is J&tot * A-n«4.m««*« \ntKort \ or \Land Smatl of Geneva, |3,Mft, . The will wa^ ArgenttaiK raeens ^IHery, or Mina admitted to probate yl^erday by Sur*~,o/ Sllwif.\ Ha prlbcinal. rtKfr. sn# rogate jfcn W. Sadler. ««*> of the gteafest to the WorWM* „.' .i?r*\*\\\~*~t; , ealletl the Klwr of Silver, '^•fs.'* FrattrtUy Darnc* CanoaltaA h«in r another, word <or the santes •fcS'lSSSSf SfSS ^^^K^aliWtsl ^»* n*«w thus Wowe* eirfe for Irlday erenlng. ^alf tma cancelled. : pkimjtloni ilk> Rio da la rWIM , vr , —«, ^« rr *-. - - wndk )t ^ im t K «se by- th> aboriginea '?Wp»r. viaijrta «9»n* to ^\\ca^ ***' P****** /*mm*HN«k Ufr Th'ttraOay loaded, Bacfcr emptj*. P. GMaUoy & Son. **.*?' tar.J'aih-elffcta. The Susceptible Cow., ,. Two Chicago children were vtaltlng their grandparents on a farm north- east oif Moncte '» was their first eat* perlence of Hie> fclndr and Q#f «w< interested Ih.eveijrthlng: ther saw^The ratlklnr operaHoa wa* especially sb*-* sorWni, HHherto their only knowt* -edgeef fte orlgto of milk wa« that Jt cssr^te'l^SeBliremi* grocer* , I Dfsciissiffg the mflkfng « Utjie later wjln bte slsfeiw, Arfi»nr, who i« mittn. Concluded: \But I ain't got moch re- n spec*, Helen, for that cow 1 Hint's «• epey flattered as gr«ndp4*s cdwrs a**. Grandpa calls *etn \Boss *aW 0m iln*t boas at ail. and that seems to 'tfelf«\Wsw they gl*e op all lielf •Milt w4»n^K..iN»-*ao%-M* •«•• tbe^d keep It for their own wee/*—I»« l«teiianoM»l»*a, * .\ **.\\' ' ' <1 /

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