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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1911-1955, May 14, 1920, Image 9

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bee « j }1 , * Cau^ndST 1 tor Qtaen'i hour up to «Ii Which o«i, i^Jf like rent tuyi room hew*. flood ntj|h* sidt. Price» A\ haw all fciaaVi Pay*-, .nice eeeiH room hem* | extra )*rgi Look at ihit| littl* Gas, **th»| if «om« b(jy. Mi :mt ^f^v^i^ jfcfi^ r^rt^a.': '>. '.'• * 'fell •£ ^ '';— \•'%' v ' ' «.^.1fc\i ! u »'''''i*' ' . ;> ;fc i ffi^^ j^^r^^^^»- .k:,j^^«A4^i^ people .\(OHM Wrtttply; e*er$ise, m m . e*trfrht gera of contrac,tln»*he?dr*e»s*i. \**- The movlnti I '\\\ \\ '\ ; ^w* 1 . throuBB,; this^y™ Itey-«,i ? *vei ate suBJactejwho wn f»WJct*i|, %nd In atfdltlon on, tb*,«tf sen, tfhf manaiemenf of '*bi theater. i™ .^,-h-j... i^ .spnthuia;...!. tbe pjjsturet 'fm\*«.4 ••yew per ton . Fn Air , son^iheuld 1 . -show la not\ - ., . Inatructlve. T«a men andwfamen are not permuted to' a«en« W,-,i. ;- aether. r--1frerWm vjnothew sfiowld^ak*thisirV . daughters, f,ftd fathers, M SSjjfc ;i;~- ( •>'\ ^ • • > - - W* ahould n*ye no falaft moW& In learn- tng how to take care of ourselves?-eipeclally - -•«•»• when a—- —- —- —----- ^ •-•- .-.r.-«•---'. . mental' . <*.-• Institution It Now Assured of Financial Support Its Program \With Several oil the >ub-conirt^t,ees : yet tmhearxi from. It wall reported, 111 at Hie Cluwnber of Commerce Slipper last evening; that the total number'Of' Jpjem- t$erahips to the: Chamber of Coawnerioe, was 580. A-s^aoh of these «ne»b«fi\ ships repje»«pt a. ten-collar slibicrijpw tifln ana aa' several large sutosgrijptlo*^' .saflrc^.fllftt. i* V«uld.,}ia*e the 7 JiiSnci*il ttykStiffe to carry '^ut its prp&iuta '•&&• ^ rt-i of Shooting Rival in '•Afifections Trial of %(M-eta Tar^itelU, charged ghoottng- of Rocco Diantno on Swtein-' Moaffay. \will jtrea Tarefitelli. W»B proprietor of *J\e STOCK MARKETS i(» •'- ,;, '» '_•;.\;). \'. ,*: - > -^j. «w 'Xort { .,Ma^ r|^|mP«?V*njeiili, sinar^tpto ti4 j®I^.*er^JRo*#I the MOCK market Jg wewrly aU tfto |^C*lv| ; :;Jto«|^' at :«w op«ntii#^ today., 'ig^Silftefti however, continued In amaW St«el common after jrteiathff l'-4 to 93 \1-g rose t*> 9S- 6-S, Baldwin at nfc 8,-8 a,?»d Repabjlp SteelJOJAlSho.w? «d upturjia of onp ifd»r.t-<!raclble Steel was 2 points higher att36 J-1;\Beth- lehem Steel B, however,' waa In siipr ply, dropping 11-4 t o 9<fe , The motors shdwea»a*8ett%l' 'tohe. rAim is'A^'\4sB? total WJOt RIEGfcE Phones 436,437 PURE FOOD STORE\ 9 6Sene»ca„St, Di?trffauto*s of Richelieu Pure Food Products -a-.—ilf--— — such 4 «»;. *(»«>„ meian(r #18? phyaTcVr\ and' . %tr*ftfllh of duii children. Parenta make at»e#loutrinia*a»»7«|^r«!HM(n^th^h^hl|elr^ remain loriorant of tfi* ,j»Aa«eaaonV' taffjit- W l the VctUrfca'o'f ?»SO«JO vvlld^ateA- *\af>ae \i\ proporttpn'o* ou>; phyi|cal ,and, niental ,Hla are' . , •.. .' \ . the i^auM otM* Jn4IWM*|oj»a, andi .dl*ei»e| „ ,..; ,..?', ^gnlnit which the^pIctuR?^«» vividly warti. •»• ^ ., ,. ; -\. •-—.»•- eOtTORlAV MoM^BUFVAyb'TrjJliBftffNBBi 2f\ : *' 7—-C-,. \Some Wlti Oats'^ iamtflV e^«: , \^ ; f,i \' wild screen production. • We-.base oar ;' ' ; x ' ' \ * ..... popc)upioi^w^e^crowd>- oj^roasen—~-=-^ .'^--^.JT.\ who^are vl^iiaiig, the Garden - 'every •.. -.' ** , afternoon to,,s^e§-Ijt.., ,,-,.. ;*^ '/:\ a \j • d r??^',L Every Faiher mi 4ov^^ 4 4iNffilHr 4 «#; lliijtflt^ SHOULD $siHnrii5' : j&& PICTyftE FOR THE WONDERFUL ^Es^o:H^[tfEAaf^is;-.^ .>'.,;,.,••;. ^ KSfei' ' Jafufet* Q, JKettle, general ejiairnnaa of the;' nlembershlp committee, said tliat, hi^ iras Wg*ly^ gratlfleoV'.in, tHg_ asty [irtbat^-tttieriaeiEnfiers of |he.(Committee. kiad^orlcea Jand the cordial jnaniier xn which t&e business men of '-the., cjty. had Teapojid^eg. , . . . -• '.';_•\ =-- Sreaidsijf Sfoliii \B. BJce thanked the committee\ fjor tta, e^oellept 5?eorIfe'-ar*d added tl*a| rae way in WhicK'tho inena- D#rshiitor4v«Hha!d beeij c«rrie4,thf<iflgfB assured \hinf that'hiff ntethod Of a|»'.: poirifiiig cpmanJtfeees Jwas te pripey* one. ^SaTtidnal^ubiseribera'who were re- porifeqt*' yesterday' \and this morning ; .O'Malley Candy Co,, John M, M&- 'eiie, .Fraailt Sdellen, Br. Dunbar, Dr. fe' Smith, jj>r. W.U. A,damy, Dr. JPred <&.,, $r4ithyiNc.,'S'- , Ar. 6r.eene, Dr. fanreS' j i Dennlson. Dr. T. IC. Means, Dr^ Thonias, \Brennan Dr.^ p:.; v..» Boyd,,, Bertrafia Restduraittj M..B; Gmbb. GSneva Auto; Co,, Baker Sros., Keliovf & Bagraleyi Joe MarEon,- ^Waldo WIHlamsi Algo'n=- aula JSotel, B. L.\ Adajnj it with you. '.' ' A. r • W^^^jMeta».-*ttfi«tIiMii.-to 4MB? i«f *0s6 l;ll» to M t-i* arid ^raetIo«* ^W#df%|tn r; Bfm.'' The |hoott|iBIramj 1 M.ta W8 7-8. S-4 rose to ?7 ? : 8. •3SST*5* l '£? B 5 t ^.®Wharif« street'„M^ci'c an Petro'leuia'rose 2 jpoints to etfoleum *to,JH fWSfe^hm-h^jstatobed them, he wast teeinfi.held hy - - •charge .^taiity, ^^ rteltfsr -wifa recovered from both\ali4. ?^^*nfc»-Bijtriiim 4ied**^er < ty-jtdur • Closing pricea'werej w .. BPM8, WMr-MngyHronnded, • J American Tobacco „• -. •'••..- • >820 S 4 -American Tobacco Secttritleg .58 M •t»'«.«: 92^ -.- .--iV PERSONALS Cream for Whipping * Whipping Cream , Our f cream is Grade A. i reah\ evenr morning, and we have an extra supply for you today, tfet. a cream has never been to fine. Mrs. Wheat'has her. «: cows in pasture, which makes Rich, Yellow, Heavy, A Delicious Cream. We deliver free to your ddor. SUGAR—Both White and Brown ~ We will 4f^ I- 'Efdward iJiath^Qfr Perth A^hbdy, J$. W?, Is, ipending a few day? with his famHy on Cherry sfreet. . . i Mrv and \Mrs. C.! O. Btowe of Brooi;- ljr»i< who ha^e,-;bee!^vlatting relatives on Brook' street^ ha\re beewswndlni Atchison Am. Beet Sugar .,..*.'.'.\ feAni' Can- ............. «{f:, i,Am, C. & F. .....,,.,.;, Amehcan Cotton Oil\ *!.'.'! ^Am. Smelting ... Am; Tel. & tel. Anaconda »•! home by Iltaess WOMEN ONLy~2 to 4—7 to 9 MEN; dJ&-4toll Tonight and 1omorrow <HKMi^HHHIHB^Bmi Temple :^wtJ»\''^\'*'ft'\' ! i: * U. Q. %BADV'. WBfV^ TODAY ' '< •> /• MARY MacLAREN-ln ' THE ROAD TO DIVOBCF* 'LOST CITY\ *: *- 3 Spectacular Aots yodiyli, j(, SATURDAY ' *'\'''' WM. RUSSEtXTlT \EASTWARD HO*? MUTT SwJEFF IN DEAD-J. JEFF ^ ; -r Mat. Only—\L'OST CITY\ . MONDAY AND TUESDAY?' '• \CHECKERS\ , i he Greatest Race Track ^Story , EV w J Pr ,? duce d and a jSpeciafTppat in Vodvll. 33P33S5 »W^V- H ^: ^-Th% fttneratTsr^yah#sri«u1pEy,;2861 West JJbrjth streej, wil) take place on S^tUfSay iSpi?hing .at 9 Retook, at bis late rpsldeniioi and l'%t ; 9: k ?()' t 'o'clock*at ,l£ey ^rase^Tftost^uinan, Joljn.JIfllone, Martin Duffy, Park Jiorr tel, \irf J, 'Mereditai/Boylan &. 33«rdUcki Rog&rs.hwntesi! Co., IClrJc-woocl Hotel* <3>ar4 &-©ohs7D.-W. fiorman, Honle & MstTiiBf Seneca Hotel,,Lynn^p l^lch, 'iSmig & BarHii p. W. fcynclt, Frank: Sradley, 3B>. &~ Hardison> ^, St Pink, T, H. Swjeeney <& gon, J. F. Madia, Geneva- preserving Co,.'at. %. I?osan, I>r. T.,D,3ialt>n6y> D*. A> I>. feis(v,X>f» fii- W. - Grove, '• % ; '--'.A. ^tchpole, T/ony iv\* Brennanj O: W< BlcbonwU 2fe EJfoh,- .In connection with the su'Rper the? directors^ \helot their regular Meetinsr ana tranBapte«I considerable Jkuglnsss.;; • A -resolution of Tr6sp1ec|,' re^arciinp'<i!ie death of JColm Gi'*aferwelt''w'«^ adppted Wd .was as follows:. /. x \ '•,'Whereas? ;, we have learned with deepest aortcmt of*the' death', of our egteemed eftfteil, iTohii G, JPanvell; and \i#herea% tlSJ'People,of the city- of Geneva. ha.vo been deprtyed. of a high- minded and Jfjaithfut citUen and we, r his • associates^ a * generbus friend. ,*Ta^80lVfed,!tfcmt>'T*e: express otir deep -sense of ta»o fcoss which ^ie.'&ity has; sustained Hn >iaio''<iei$th %t ; 3,] G, g%r~ !well^uHifc purilie^aervlces \Jwere capai now diagnosed as ptomaine poisoning. - Misat B. Bennett of Pennaylvaflia Is the : fenest' of her niece, Jlirs: W. St. Q^^j^ojer» L _of pe-Iia^cy Place, Mr- » • ••«»*« a at,. .. 39 . .-MI m .... 59 7^8 .*...i-,r.-.i tie 8-4 M,Our S Coffee ^ffif»;Bo«ise w G. Newton of 107,Lew- Ts'steeet is\tSe guest of, her coiisins, S^.-and itfrs. WilliB. Biiick of Slelvin Mrs. Lester Bolander of •Sayre, Pa.* who has been the guest of her parents Rfevjand Mr«r *, Av Sehnir«l of 29tf Wfihln^ton street for the past weei, went to Ro'niulus to' day ,to sta5;.over Sunday with relatives, .„_'.' Misa \Doris BuqhhOlz of North Main street.'|s the week-end guest of Miss Ifcerie'Myers ot -^Watferloov^ ;— \ _3Mrs, Fannie pichhrdson of Roches- ter,. Who \has been the guest of her co^Bin, M*8> Harold I. Higby of 68-- North Mala..^treet, for several weeks, returned Ixoiiie today. 12 1-2 -'J6 5^8, .138 34 B. B^JT. _., Cahajdian pacliie . .•,,*. jy, r*» xt& Cerro de Pasco Copper ......;., « Central T^he,. C. & o. St. Paul Crucible Chicago. Rock Island &\P4alflSj $£i% grie 1st ..>....,....,.. .18 8-4 peon. Motors , 2fi 7 fi Goodrich . v ..'.'..... 1 , '...V..,\** ? Gt, Northern\ Pref '.\.'.V.'/.V.'' Biaskell-Barker - W'SMITH NOTES .tfhe hike taken by. the walhing club y|&t,erclay af|ernoon to Glass Factory Bay,. i*aa' very • pleasant;- The, gin* copked beefsteak, for their, shore sup\- per arid enjoyed .singing around a large ca,tnn.<. i Jttr«r*dK ftr while before jitaijtlng the hike haolc home. jS There was. a n^eetiiig of the aenior: olaas yesterday morning-, at eleven o'clock.' ,\ ,^... -.. v ' •to* energy and force. *pf character won the -admiration and affection of all pyho-werfl prtyHeg^a-to-^gajg^y,- '-- \With tfiier-tSncCeres't sympathy \for -his daughter *nd Mronr-ahd aU thoie n?ar and-aear-to'h'ini; wg-piSfee U r»oh St ^^^m^^^^^l^^^.^^^ triSef tT?S i^ . ; VKI . o'c WftVinteilfeenlS umehrihC^^l • 'X&BS ^unkei'left 1o§ay for her home \Newark ih J.;#here*sho will spend tfi* week-end,^. -...^,,. f -iHHsr^ugan; _ oT r iffiie State .Depart- I merit of adult\ education spoke tp the |: members of .the^nlor and junior claaa ' es on Americanization work yesterday morning^i\ • •tery.' . Jkt 7:J0 o'clock,, .this evening the, members of^he Holy Nami Society «|; StrFiaiicta de ftglea churc]) assembTed at the Church and go Jrom Jftere <6 thg Mjrrphy I|gme. _ • • ; • Special Sale. of. Suiti and Dreaaoa for Saturc^ajr $24.50. A fine assortnienti ment Of Polo Snort Coats ~TsneoiaIh?J 1\ ^ ^\^ - ot f 16 organization ol nricea L sJ&<5!^i^«J!!*$^ direct a,e ^ Regent Theatre Geneva's Pleasure Paracei '- Cotvttttueus Performance- ^ from 2 t o 11 P. M« Saturday. f rflm i t ^ •H^ j„, TODAY Florence Reed in \Her GameC A Mystory • story of LSvig VAalth and Honoi? ~%. ~ Pollard Comedy, \Dinner rtour\ Outing chaoter, . \Getting New Angle'' J . • REGENT NEWS • &ATURDAV WaUace \The Love BurglaP RMB&V4 E--' priced fdr Sa:t-urdayi$19;75:' Tlie/v^ogue,! *4-Seneca StSeeb---Adv; , .-' •Will Hold Rummage Sale. * *he Geneva Chapten /Orcter p^ the Eastern Sfsuy will hplol^a^rUxrjm^e;] SaleT^o^W^-E^cTiSngO and•\SiewJs\' ^street, from May 19tti ip iinji.%pclri- ,elire, the fimdo to be iiSed for charlt-\! abl« purposes, AH mpmfeera interest- ed- ai*o asked* to senjoVtheli' cdhtrlbu!-' ftioas pr to cail Mwj, William Kgjneyu! tmiQrIJ, or Mrs, X St f % G£ove'iv. J35-J.\' i#hersgfer\wfli tesan Wednsaaajr ituaaafe- «S^at ten 'o'clock. ~ f. .©aWfieTd &' Jfcehan Sat Shop, 78' i.Scacca St. Greatly redilced prices on* CaliJ iJA'iag ntOdelsfeAdy. 'Resolved, that a' copy; of. tola reso- lution he »l>»a€t uiwh, oi»r minutes \ana » copy- transradtted. to the fariiily of the 4ecgaafiiL\ - An Americanization Council. Mh^-Maa^y Ipugan, of Canapxhtfgwa, organlter of the Ainericanlwition work, of the State Department of |!dacatt6»,:| appeared befofie the hoard anbt gjjoke rlotis activities, in the interest 5 of flie foreign horn. As to the organizatioa M such a council *h» suggested tBat i\» meniberahljp should represent all of ihe-TBgerioies ,| andprganlzatlons of^i^hO: city siiea «a t»e Chamber of Gptar Snerce, public achooli, the cplWgjes, clvio bodlesi, ihe&otary Club, T*. Jt. C. A„. K, of fe, ixtdustries, and other or- ganization*. .Tiroagh such a COUDBCII the State jprosrani \'••of;' acfivity is «arried> out. 33>e forrnatlpn of piiblio cOassea for* thO-edacation af the Mttlt t LYNOk COS'PORAxiON t -N* REMODELS STORE. -r ^--—*• Ha* 4faarly Cwmylaixl Ohpwgf hi Arranflem«i»t oiF Show Rooms Which Greatly Add. to Attractivaheaa. TheE.yncJi Corporation <sh Exchange *tr^i«?lSai nearlyCompleted sonje'veryj unidue changes In .the rearrangement,! if it» stock, in addition to the formal ppSening of #ie *\^Tew K*eady-*o^/ear Deipartidriehti'f, .,i „.„,„ t nttectlyi back, of.flic. .present main sale&\robm isthe new department; fin- ished entirely'in cream, with glass compartments on each side, and the l^lghTrcomlngWfBm tlarge skylight in • *he~center-of - iheroeillng. At'the very back Is a staircase, •which adds ratfierthan; detraqtt to the geiteral appearance-and jstyle * Of * the arooni,, and l«s.ads to> |v % cIrouiar haicony ^rlttt- tife' office overlooking the < two Internaional Nickel Industrial AloiBhol Inspiration Copper Lehigh Valley .... Miami ,...., (Maxwell .......... Marine Coin , 4 ,.. Marine Rrfd MIdvale Steel .... Missouri Pacific :: Mex Pet .....,.., ST. T. Central .;..! New Haven ....... Oklahoma Procl. Northern Pacific Pepnayivahia -R. R, Reading •,..../.,'..\ Republic'Steel .., §lhc?air Oil ..,.., Saxon Motort ...•. Southern Pacific \ Southern Railway Studebaker .!,... tuTrdon Pacifle .... U; s. steely..... tr;~s: Bicel Pref. tT. S. Knhber .. tJtah Copper .. V. ft C Chem. . Westlnghouso . «..... 60 1-2 78 J-4 ....«... • ^ 68 6-8 ...•».... 18.3-8 '*«*•»** 84.1-4 • •..>.... £J? »\<•*. ,„•. 4U.-1-2 .'. .. r . .-.'» i . i . 21 la g \Ml ««.£^, .\ 21) 84 7-8 ......,»...\. 42 7-8 •..;';..-r.'U.-.r U%-i .............181 68 1-2 ....,.,..,... W)&: «> •. . ..rfl. ,!HlwT-''j4Al?.\f .«.-.-«-r» rrFV-.--85—'11*41. .......v...^ 93 1-4: .<....».-•«... 34. u-4. .M..,.i.v.a ii«i«2 .*...',.•.!.. »4 j:* .*!?.. Vi,:.:'. 70 -S'.a ....vi.,,..-.'.MS ' tin, prepared with potatoes ,.,. .....40c RicfcieB?u ColeeV fjia.,' best, 2lb». .•..-,-.•$140 0 Berrington Hall Cof- g , Coffee ..........45c al s Blend V _• • '„*, * • • »'45c Baking Beans, 5 lbs )s0c .Lima Beans, dry, ttf, 15c. Richelieu, Uncoated, Unpolished Rice, lb. ...,,*........ ,19c Utica Club Ginger, doz._ .^. »^.,,, ^^$1,70 Lux Soap Chips, 2 ror .%...,.,4.,,, ,25c o \ S lb. Tin Prunes »., $1.65 er Cheese, %. .38c Shredded Wheat ...14c j^ng Nut Butter ....35c ' w 9t House Cucum- bers, extra long ..28c || bwtfrs Oleo) ..._.. v 41c . Home ,<H|ih^n- ^»P«»:-,.' agus, fresh .,. ...,24c J^ew Potatoes, Jb^. ^ASk Lettuce, Ig, |>un . 3 for .«K. *.. vi-. J ,25c 'U Lettuce Hearts, Ice- ,. A ^jj berg •;•. ..,...;.*«l$c «\ ,J Fresh Spinach, Green n Peppers, Pie Plant, Green Onions, Radishes, Wax Beans. ,,J^w7::Cab^g;e, Grape Fruit, Florida Or- anges, fyeih Pineapples Strawberries...,..., »-«-... • Apple Sauce, nothing- \ Sun Seal Brown Bread o *i?j Flour, Hbmmy, Pan- D \* cake JJour, r ia]V;e picg. -......,...»,. 15c Heinz Balced^fe *' ^ ar 8 e can ......., 19c, Whitman 3Rea4y Pre* pared' Chocolate^ TO THE PRODUCER—We want Fresh Eggi; Best Dairy Butter, Old Potatoes—Get our prices Before \\ing. 0E301 •Al UdJ ........,...,.\\951-? »«• • »M>^*,»* 'W 7-8 »74 ' 47 1-4 JH.a,y *«-i May GftAIN MARKET- - - » - Corn •zM. Oat, ...wlOB. 7-8 -«- ^w^Io^lHBarTJoipan is workings For J^flbisf ins&Uctloni she paid, people' who Tntnderstanfl the ioqairanents are need. r ed, and for this reason she expzesscd a hojre that Geaevans would cooperate i,..^^-^*,** '*t ~X7«^,J\\A2\A • **»TIJIKUJI ^w4th-lier in the opening of aHe^hfejL-ii'l^fhgginefTO^erTetteBaes, nt:iAhi->ioior«!a mm AMSTivOHEM •'A, Who. reartV- prlda ther9.£v«* on ; /*elriB v tfopdamsa«i-.. - KflM iitShffiSLAIiiun: tha'rvif*- 1 c«n preis their clothe., Bivlno them 'tha natural -hody ihage, Ja>tjnjtt -crease* -and\-*- umifSfm fifflahTTn\ other v/orda High Cla«s Work »ait - Moderate cost. ' * 27 Cattla St Othswa* *li V. relga^wm, js one of the ah|hi for ^ffi..?^|^lJS'' 6r ^' U '\*\' J^^'^ssr. \ ; I i'fl ,-fni a^d A. Mil Sf'fc-Onte •• &- • «3.-m5r of-SHftN /UrtTweOct ftn'sfi '' OJH fioo>4, i olofctrto anB \>£ '.lew :»p»to» \\'\'S. window Vor»J^' Vi \i' 98 ' *«#<»*•• •I 5 H01 I^Mf-t^FIGOllE % , • • i«it fte f _.. ./ ._ _ ... ..lyou.^tM|-'^dmS:'lo hiiiW 1i lieW'' £ *#rt»» W.t x a# r 4xpiftten-eed.an«i , know ^'. ^institute here irt thei Fall President Ricft'appointed a coiiunii* ttoc,icpi^Istbrg;o^BBVer^/Gh«Wj ehatf* .mafti'idBepB.Masdla^A; j. Sierrtli; ftenr.:ap|w*Bl^,spitabJeu r S. \ T » .MOPacldens ahd Miss Alice tilos- spin, to iffiet M3f*lE|ugatt d% j! Ck'ojobk this-afterhoOtt. .in th«> 'jGihamber. of CbinmeVee r^ms; ftiid;go ot^r with her the jjfitailjLgf-her.progianu-^^ ,^^-- .Ch»mbar , «.rto«ma Wad* \AvailabU. —Aj^o^atl^^w^s«dopt6d-4^ki*%-thpe Chamber' of Consinerce ;ro6ms available, for_niect|ji8JS of various organizattons an?i tot gat*erixigs in the ijriteresf.of, Coterripiiity fceneilt. » ( A referenanin frpxn the Ghaia&ei? ©f Cpinrnoree of tbe tTnlted States rela;- tli'c to tho WOposltlon of jcreaBEnB^a' now positiori in tho Pi-esldent's ca.hinett to be known as the Secretary of PtiWlc Wortar; : 7*ar ipefeirea to & bonimlttee! consisting Of H., v l>. ttenry. Dr. Jolua l#am{en|er atria fe'w, \whitwell. andean alteration w>oni on either sjidei The* fibors'are highly*polished. Small rugs'and baskets of flowers are piacied to , the best. advantage, white flowers are ai«o u'sed effectively in the' ar^ skirts, etc., in the enclosed glass cas- es. There |s <an Infant Department with fpr.ages rangingr *ront^8g\ ( months to. six sea*? while laimSi^opiJoslte IsJfine undervfoar j:atndr^psl{ft-;d^partni.enC '*>• '•• .'Wn.e Wsement is.to^ibe! arranged to [^MSfioaihtodft^trade-^nifHlhere^^ house dresses, waisilt|,' _a.«Si ^marK mmof = ^^fixb-iiabW0^: ''lall.' rhoi ern conveniences will Be <arranged i for AMUSEMENTS • • ••'->*-'• ^••••••••••• J - 8mMh Optra House \Some^ Wild Oats*' li showing at the Smith Opela. BTouse^to^igr^ _&r .the first time, tl is a father Behsa- tional picturlzatlon of the social eveii, which tends, however, to educiitOj.^^j Who see it along ^he Hires Vf WpralJ living. The'first appearance In tht afternoon and evening ia fo? women only and the second performance ,in the aftejnooh and evenlh^Ii^fbS niVii only. • I! Regent Theater\ ' \Her Gaaqe\ which is the bill at the4 nt theater tonight, plcttirizes the exciting adventures of a yoiing Sour thgrn^girl In New York City. The- ^Exchan^^-Phone^7 3,a \\* ii'A!) •-» ••/*.:< J l-4, *1 SATtHWiAY SPEIOALS VEAL t_3... ^^^ ^^SMSirloitt Steak. .... £8er32^ lb. C $^ 0 ^%^«Mi* I'ered alio. >e,a r \ : 'Tv\ i,|bo ™W. at a o.-»,. s ••'•-Propsrty*la\ a ' e - 1t0 W*ifert^h;k. : ?l4^|Bir*G wllic tha piumblna hualneae.; t f % * 28 Whirry St Phfene 526-Y | •^%urfi a \.t^ f Suii athiJDr^r ..When tha Hoorinc Coinmittee of the Geneva Chamber\ of Comiiwrte sets golna Which to ail appearance* win he soon, i«cy villi find titet !R -ndfiltion to furnlsh- «a * ar«at\\ iieett .for Geneva thst *licy. Name 0«nitted Through Error. - Jtfiss Garoiliia ileade was' elected to illfc second vice presidency at the] Cortland Street'Hoiae and School^ CluB; on Wedriesaay etfternooh, The aanie was optitted. in the list of ofBcers\ Civon In yesterday's paper. •* 5|>«c/a! Sate •£ Suit* and Dreaaei fd'f SEtt^ny ?24.SJ. A fine assortabiettt* njesnt 'Aj^Polo- Spcit Coata, esjKsclally; pt'i'cod fcr,Sft.turda»y $19 75> The VogueC H Scttpfia Street.?-Adv .•-;.. ?; .': Wjmt«« Inside- wlromen. First class nttpi only. i?age Elect]Ic Co, 100 Senec* -SL— Ml. . . Q-.vxM4 & Kfetlmn itd. shop* 7S «oi»Jca St, Gr«0*)) redtidCd pilces on. Ail «p;*ng tnadols^- itdVv tare eoioifort of t3^trjpna|a.hcityisJtors f * Smailer aracloei,-'»!%, wstists and ( ,. A-.J,. J„„ -a,,*,.-.*.,., ^eesspries, *i« he 4he1|«atuW 0:1 tpe| lB . the . b|U **J?*™£* ^aiir-fioor; ' stjakes in the game are. wealth, love and. honor, and if the young heroine-) wins out it Is only aftet^'.« hatft ttaitft tie and ma;ny perIious v •' experiences. The offering is said to \liave special appeal- to feminine auafenxj^^trffiftT! way liearle, well-known for Bis clever screen support of Mary 3Pickfora, tefo ph«l Barrymore attdjgthee stars, plays! the principal male role in the cast ludeiLJed JErouly* J«afhlla*j Brundage and JPlorenee\\ B'flilnis 1 ! aiponf. ojthers. sr f j»' Wallace lieed in, ''The ix>ve ^urglal' ,,,..... 25c Veal Cutlet, hV. . , ,35c Veal. Breast and Neck, lb 20c | Veal Stew, lb. ;,...,. -. f .., .26c BEEF Porterhouse Steak. .28c-32c Round Steak ....'. .28c-32c Shoulder Steak, lb. . .^-J25c- Plate Beef, lb. pot Roast, ib;;; .... 16c ...:^,v.20c V Temple theats* fr>^*Phe BoaSs pi Divorce,?* with Mary J Mcliaren starring,.is being presented at^lhg 3f«r»ple today, hesUtess ttes*;| go6d acts of vaudeville. , iy ^ Tomorrow tb*e\\T^mp}e pas tor tts] patrons a William 3Fo.r'^3r^jictWftf3 j.gmlnieas in the press M.M ol'fl Hert 'fordshire-^agrfeaSf^'^b'tfse'ls tbhi^ . in The*doknMa*#«io^rh4i. MbUiiW ^ ttirtnti , «r»iii-« n,.*.»it ^hT\^^ PORK sliced lb..^ .32c Loin*, lb. ....... .32c Fresh Ham, chuiik,1b.~ 728c , iSide Pork, tfe..... ,.^ . .156c **S«V 9 Mr ' J«? ^ ..., i&&ti*4- h^re Fresh Meats of all kiMsraf ttie best I Western \Beisf at all tinges, Eree Delivery to any pkrt of Mgte-EHOME 497, • — ~ ' • V' \ OF $400 FOR CHILDREN'S CAMP for opinions asjo \the relative value of a tentcamp J3i copipafed to a> cottage Jcltttr. Ia^one ot m pressiBS tfiere fee. ,f;<am.d a jmnjbe|L=o£^tattexna.-i|ind liaiited hooks, am^og otneim Doctor mw* *mmm* mmm^ opened 1% CMiist, CWfIos%. Oft as jjags Ihf jag Mere TSlpahW^ttf Jjeen hidden to the house during theWisl* of the •43 tfehelUonr PorthwttKvlie had 'the ^doting of a cupboard taken up, and tftere -in a cavity lay **me thousand spade guineas, a quantity j of rar« cbi«a\ s aBd silver, and+niA, editions «f Gongreve, Wycherlej^rpiaa^)d»«fr- taln ot the l«te iai^|il|inj»-|ai ^csr% .fall/ wrapped In sllksa arssJua ot O0fr <«cad«. ^... . . - - i. - 0Og Owners Were Finsd. robust, honest and shW#4,\w«s\tfem\e1te!»-../ .^^IW u,-•, «»^ « . •«; »-., u-' \ As a result- of the tardiness who „goesJto-jSew ^rfe^My^^nd-H^f--UJ®r H ^-*t\- ^^f^^™\*** ^Twhich ,o»saef^ of dogs were comfiof la -i^--*.^ ^ tj - — —• -»-*- • - to renew \their licenses, Cht|sriiaae with Ml teaches the underworld there a few J western'^hodr1?3t deaHnFWitn hut- matt curs.,...The, action of the\ i>i«ty I* intense and; rapid, yet interspersed ,'wlthriiftirgni Tffiuinerahlo. The fliSHts, hdfjii %irf^ijr#;Slst, - tiiat BuTfgeir ™ \ U3P Jagafnat ^j{Jiangstew in <he „ «H<t-6f a,g|%m*k:« thrills worth re jnemberln* i ^/ir.1^4 H^-^ ' -r«l en an* $lttg of the metaVJ * W.}ym w$» i ** «#v^ •^BfiSfiiar-*-'* On* Citizen Xlone Providad. An- - -oth»r S«di\*#an Be .SekaMcJ. Plans for *e chUdresn's.jrttHmmef cain^are beginning to tafce deanite ffirmi-..; J'.\\?^ •• ^'^v •'•• • iss Rachel Palmer, ^ty^nlrse*. this morning tlu&^n^of^Be residents}*** offered io ivdlhe auAi of »4qo provided^ an ^adaitipual 1m can'he raised) miking itJotai of * dt ** \he desired amo«iit * -•> ;•- • ' of cots and frsidittg u^«e iaiso $3' ***»?L^ r * er *. WOm^Ic&IH* to Miss Palmer, «y«& foels, fx)>eh- rl^^F^ 1 * fc ^sJ^^ M ed o*er. J the cr&nmlwRT•' *4ipmi -«^_. _ shown fy^people in the c«y > Hat shO'iat.ow ieefclSag «P ideal location for the* camp. Sb* will J»e Klstd. she atatfs. foi- nnv jumtemmom Aio^ thi* iUw and 4^10, made ah inv«tStig#tton yesterday. Fiv» of the negligent owners wcre i aerested and when arralginod \\'this morning, pleaded guilty and we*e~<«neai 11 eacb _ and orderc.d^^rPjHrchase |he. necoa»- \f ary license^ T^nce.\\' \ ~* **•* : ri'?^mm^~^ — •* rVealdeht .or,©#»i,pathic Association. Dr. F. B. F r ,»fdiso» of Charleston. South Carolftta, •|»|»f!Qraierly of Ge- neva, has\ bewi^cKga president «>C the South C«rou¥^©stcopatKJc Asso- ciation dnfi..g*a retsenJ'ijionveirtton helft •n the'Je'rfeynssctn Hot€l in^ Columbia. W»ele*Enrd' 8iwiaJ». J Trimmed Hats--JM. 5S, $«'. Hai-i-!fl5r ton's. S«Me.ea- St-^Aav. - . y - -.' » . ' .. '

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