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\« t- rflpf, J' U Hj. , V * 1 he Home Daily for Ontario, 2>eneca ana late* counties .1 *• ** ,>.°... . ..v . . . . . '-••'•.- . \ . \\'•\* Weather Forecast * M Tonight—Continued Cool. Tomorrow—-Fair {.*« GENEVA, It, Y*, JRI0AY, MAY Ma !$& Price Three Ceott IfBfOTHIS Drive tarragfa^^ and InflictE$ii^^ ' by Disat|>i>eBm^ LONE BANDIT MAKES GFTAWAY WITfli $80,000 Sensaioi Mail Coach on Limited tier Killed by Po- ;Chicfcgo'Pf$ye» t<S\! be a Postal Clerk £ -\ i _i» '••ii.i.i--. _ • . - ,— - - - •Chicago, \May 11—$he, bandit w$o rbhbedTlhe\ .•'New» efleansfXtiMi^a'' iR 1 *, H^W Wft who, was slam after- ward in a ( spectacular tettje'with the Chicago police'Was idehWffcd as Royal Walton, a- postal •clerk carrying badge Nik 465L He. was. 50 years\ old; ana is believed j t o Jfttv.e.conie here- from, St, Josejm,, Mt>.„pec; ' ( \ '\ '\ \ |1J '\ ' ' \\ -'- j ' \ L - • Preparing To Fly R-38 Across the Atlantic I*P»<r.^» Tl Paso, Tex., ~Ma# 'iW^oJepospi\ President Carranza,- spurning pffiSrs,:,: guaranteeing bis persfajal.'Sitfety if he. will surrender land m. $%}$&• *d !WfiraJ; Cruz Bhould he wisji l*\ , iea*e„Meii*e|j* :& still dossedlziridsiliK3^fi»i^eS \;- fended by a small body^uaraiL ;x(sar' Bineonada, in the foothfyi, of Ojrizaoa, volcano, according to a message from General ObregOH rTeceTEvetFTrjF rebel agfnts here early tpdayj. .'. - •-.- .. ,_,„' Genpril Obregon•\'\sftiiefl••. that Car*, ranza ins been surrounded by jreliel, forces since Sunday.'•- - . Carranzistas Suffer '.-/ Losses of Nearly 3#<Hi Vera rruz, May li-^fievolatjphary troops under General Quadalupe San- chez and General Treviho that 7 are at- tacking the Carranza forces nea£ San' Marcos have -made gains, driving the Carranzistas from ;gheir JpaitlOns: aiut inflicting losses i>t x n %?}3f .8r$W«,-£$->. cording to unconfirmed^rejwifcs from the fleiningr front today*.. '. •' Aa a result ofthe terrln3 attacks the, Carranza trpop^weresaiii}tOh4yebe$n, driven from Ttfifeir j)OMiiontf*aM\d aire; now making -stubborn- resistance St . the Elaciciida^f ^Tainarlz4a4h£- atatja- of Puebla. •£, ~ '*•'• •--'• The revolution^wSSa'y'iA'itteitti)^ ins an tniircling sbovemeni'to sur- round the rarraiiztatas< - ;, B?l3fo riey^lji* tinnari. s miinhet\ Bbdut lS.OOft WMiB Carranza wiis aaid to-have; only abpiit 6 0\o or 6.0110' Eoldiera Gfiiiago; May* lt^-Boardtlng. the jnalj coach, otthe Hlinojs-Centml Bait^ load's- 'stfefr .Orleans Wmited** eirly^ Voda^ ft bawJtt tied pe: hanas of the .five' mail qlierks worltinff inwthe car, 4aaed^he-r'ekiBtereTl\!pBireKi^v>r \^eff \ftna currency estimated at J80.000 Sackea the loot }n a flatchel ana es- caped* ' ,. ' _. \ ir t --n~- Jtrm .P iii« -r-Half an hoar later a maii believedt to rolesoend Note to the Allies ;ftfe the baftait-was stopped by two po- _4diMfiiaaat a street. Corner In the Hyde • Fr«Dlt«?»t&ig f \•' About - the Germans Washington. ^oVBrjimetft la Tfejporteff: to~Sn.ve*\JeW a note t» th*M4Hes. demanftinjriSths Immediate disdrnia^nent jrf the G«r- mahs as tfea r«sult op. clashes betwieeft Poles-and jQennaiis'in trpper Silesia, aocorttlng to e^isnateft recelvecl here today *roBi, 'V^arsiawi The War,sa^? aiepatclf 1 ae,c|f^e? that', yepq^rts . ai)B; ^Urrerii that We <Sennana'are secte't- ly-,tranf porting' trpsps fetfoTTpper St-. lesla. tjphe French'are KU»diajc:4.ke Polish,4on,sulaieafc Qpbl, •'('. \•• ••\; 3.) ; Park residence section of Chicago, an d a revolves battle followed in which he was shot dead and. one of the. police- men, William A. Roberts, 'was woiina- 34r^Ehft- Eolisb4-cd^psbabi^ fatally. _^v !„ 12 A^ssttcnel carried Tiy the slain man MMJOTJeiWfe& Washington, May^i^The ^y, :diip^rlnien^*-p\1lhrt.:tot'» '^f \with <&rV niany, prepared. feefor*- the TJnft^t' States entered' the world conflict, wditl In revolutionises,li *a S 'sa4d ^f^^^^^^ W-^^W that news of the rarrWfleryor.fle:^^^^^^ Carranzistas was expected' hourly. It is Mlpved that safe oOndiicf vH\l hd grantPii to Cananza sot' tnaitiLe can come to this port and embark 'WJpOlji a ship for some foreign pprtt.. _ The revolutionists ar&y so? ^fctaitt. .of fln.Ti \ictorj- that they peimHtcd-Gen- -•'fTfl' Cin'Hdo AgTJllar, son-Jln-fe,W Jpf: •the former first thief, ko^SO-ibxbt F( P p.- .if the San Marcos Jrghiihg and . . KU conf. r with him. Agullar;MajMBfitt. ML ^ a<le P up ««'~ __ command of a detachment of fedjeral troopi that weru flshtlttg the^MVolu.-,: tionarles. i '' Filipe Sanchez CarranJKtj a ^ph«W of Venuetiano Carranza aad^^rae-^O^ •— the be^t aviators in the federal, army, was reported to have committed sui' tide aftpr being captured W~~ 7re¥el troops in the state of tlaxaoalai The airman openrd firo while flying' Hifet rebel positions. When the fire, w&s Re- turned the airpulane v?as lilt art* it feu to the ground, Carranza. was not Injured by the fall, but later ho snot himself though the head \wltfc* M* service pistol. Word was received ' fr6nt.'lgeliCo* City today that the \ rev^luHoiiitrtr eaders have railed a .meeting toKMOifi- •nate a provisional president MoJ to \range for the regular- presidential' The revolution has been giifettan:&- ternatimwi e'tTuent toy the disappear* *nce of John n. Body, the British- con- M in thi S clty Mr% Body left Jiexico, J,' fo r v ''' \• c ruz on the satoft ir»4n : „\* w f h --'^s Carranza.\H« fias', M «vJTS m a h n ,i no wora has ^eeaidJ The Rritish Rear AdjnlraJ J, &'#cKean» Who had been asked tp'furnljih; the plaS'to the- commilt^ wrot«s v yesterday. that sltice the.,Btrateg^ of the plan was almUar t o any other or all Either plans. jc^erbasJh^ Atlantic oceaaf it woald : giy-e a possible futiure en«My of the TMted >StaAe8:^hWthat^ area-^\an 4a»v menso advantage\ If the plah . were was taken to a police station, where it wis found to contain dozens 'of packages* of. bills ot'big aeaomiijail^n. The-bandit lflstHuteia a.new .method in train robbing, instead of' forcing Jbe^englneer to stop; the\ train at the jppont i 0£..a. revolyBjvHn- the time honi ored wild west fashion, he hoarded the train, at43fUman, UWas-a~Pnllman pasr senger. • • , feCe was well dressed, and, to describe h%in the language of i Ghtcago woman iahS herdangbt^r ^orii he enjgaied Jft .conjfersajion ^fdrjia'^w njontehts, \had 'everyappeaftanSe of belW ; k gentleman traveler;\ vNAtl^SlflSyKS!REBH^(y^ i; -^ \^e United \?&-*• ;^ ; ^ g ^^T^^ w r^ J K ^aujk^e,'- 111, he' J.eft hi«. '.aeat and- &*<*<!* «.!»«*««-«. *#»» wen^fo'rwaifdithrpugh the^traih* , ypgwaira.>;jn • •: the -niajl-jo0acJr,hChief <2lerk 5!iib6r r . ^grrls was preparing the inatl pouohes i o ttirii them over to the postofflce anthof itletf on (he anival of tlje.'train at Chicago;- His -f. our assist- ants Were'VeTpttg'himi • suddenly the ctoor of the coach Opened an& tp a?anait -walkedi in^*mii- ing. Alert, the mall clerks arose, from ,-tbeir work; \I'm the\ inspector,\ said the stranger reassurjnglyi and reachedtn his pocket as though to produce credentials. In- stead he whipped out a blue .eteeiefl revolver and^ointeAit at the •Throw up your hands?\ he vom- mandea, 'Til croak jgte first guy that tnakejr^false movel » »i« *«-• • \•• <i f Then-the \gentleman traTeler 1 'fdrc- ISritisn r orces in Ireland led four of the clerks to lie down be- A« T^ r lUdC-**i«**»J-J lneath * \orttag table. ^TheJttth- he Are 4ai>e^aregUaraeajGompeMed. to bind thei* handy behind thefir backs while he nonchalantly London, May l*-M2ohferences; be- tween tiorcl toeich, the lord lieuten- ant of Ireland, and members of the government on ttlsh policy west* re- sumed today. Lord ^irJkeijhead, tho. lord chancel- wtth keys taken from thei clerks, call. lor, gave -iiartSranco that ail of the British forces In Ireland will he «a£e> guarded^ tengtiah recruits are being sent to'Dublln and are being trained at : ^hoenix^arfc.\ •.-.£. ... \o' ripatlctal. aeitlal 1st inade of the *e* Jiptrtfiai ib\ Irish question wilt?.pe submitted to. the people In. a general :#Mction.- Imith Forhicls Night Work by Women Mew™ n. ' ohai \S« d'affaires fit ™ Cit , y h °» aalced ^ene|al,,ObW*; P\\ to make a „ investlgatlOJa and tfie «o so nary cl,lef te Promised tov is£i ^ s \ ,,)rcts fn M ^«»' *l»^e totl a !,rlt,sh warship btt«\erit »W» p 0r ,. , t lB un de rst0 „ a that th* : \Htoh government has craer^ci; 'tritf wat.. Z w Vf>S!iels now in iepniuda* *wfs to P toc«e^ to Vera Gru&ife^»S^fedeclR^e^.^ Albany, May \ H -. RestrtcUone agairistr women being eh^yioyed at intglfHi*. printijfig and pTflBtishing, es- 'rjfabjlshmenta Will rematu, Governor iimlt^'yesterday Vetoed the 'Stcf- ^fgllh MiU, which ibbght to remove tfiee'e. restrictions; - ' - . - 't'f regilra: .this proposed ehactmeht ax & distinctly bacK*ard step for tho slate 6f Uew fork to\ talte at a time wh6n tMere: ft International, recoBnl- tlbn of pwhlbitlont of nlgbi. worftrfor •^dtneft' as a Ihcalth measure\ the ^ S. Cavalry PatrolL. v H wderofLo^Caiif^^ ky C rS CO fk ( ' al - my \i*-^ 1 *«3ie tog h! ? rces lnton ' t to ov*K«a»w-i V to n J° rdfr a,,a « PatrollinWthi om i n , h n J T,e BVOn t a fcattte brealc*; stood by and superintended the job; Then ne served thenftoh elerk In Uke faihipn. 'LeJaureV and with aa milclt ea h aa though it were an every day affair; the bandit opened'the registered pouches Trig especially for the keys to the \fie catur p^ueh.\ fhisl sftifwafd led the police io believe that lie hadjobtained \Insicio ne^s\ as to the amonnr of ttopuey carried gft the traha. ... Dlacaralng: what bi did not want fronTj the paiicheSi the' hahdit selected pao)|ages^ containing^ fo»;tunes In gold ;ajtd our??ir?Ci-, jduniplng these Into\ a grip ownep> bj« oi|o of the jnail clerks. Tjien, tut, the train pulled into the *3rd Street Station at, Viritpagn, hp p n norT- ;^e»«!te^yotirSa^day -\ 'Ml&mWmti fte*ohi^on: ; %«IhiWtSfe4 WT? 1*—The • Kno3t: JjtJeace'-ifeabJttyott will be voted on In: ih^£ha4e*,at4-p^tn.-4gatti*|ayi;-u,naer (an>'ia^#en»e»t • jecached hetiv'ian. tte-.' ^bu%i•'-fttirt lfehioeri*«c leader*. The ^kateli»lerpefet^y;.a&i<(ndcA 'thfe; _m- *iu|i*iio yesterday.% litjlktnif out the ipr^vl*ion\r'fiib#*rtift«r the ^WJrtdent tb ^p«ft..aCbar»te;jiei^tiatlbha~wTgt tlerf } oitit a cheery 'good bight?' -to- the bound and helpless ,cferks t and- leaped from the coach, vanishing into the night. Chief Clerk Harris.- ittanaged to puli the bell cord and stop the tram, hut i t s too lato -fer-flffecttVe pursuit. Thirty minutes later Policeman Rob urtis, while walking his: beatj met Park t\piiceman John Kendricks, and the. two strolled alPSg together, In a few jnoments ithey erieofintered a min carrying a, satchel, and Rpberts de isided to Investigate. They/ noticed .that, the man kept his hand in his right hand coat pocket, where there was a suspicious bulge; \What have you got there? asked -policeman Roberts* Two Spurts, of^flame belched from the bandlt'rpooket. Roberts fell t6 the rgrotind. Tho bandit leaped to an areaway and continued\ t o fire; Drop^ plngvto the ground; Kend*lck» drew\ Wis imolver and flred over bis comrade's body, wounding the robber. Dropping: the grip containing his loot, the nandit fan fljrbnfeh the areaway, leaving a trail-of blood behind him. Wiy detectives were rushed to the ^scener—^he bandit was traced to *=!» apiU'twefit tiiBlst street. \Come cut and' surrender!!'' com- manded ChicT'•«< Petecthres Mbohey\. Battle Qv2.- Led&u2 Help Frame Republican Platform—To ;». --,T* 5«»-^*2*= \^* ^ \-'-- Washington, May 4—Minority re- ports on the Leagua of Nations plank will be submitted to both the Demo- cratic and Republican conventions leaders of the two parties forecast to- day, while aro- ad these reports the Wggest rumpuses in the recent history .of either party were predicted. That Senator William B. Borah of Idaho, \irreconcilable\ opponent of the league, w?ll be on the committee on resolutions, and will help frame the Republican platform at Chicago, is considered a certainty, and hacked by other supporters of Senator Hiram Johnson, ha will fight like a bearcat against any Indorsement _of. the treaty of Versailles as amended by Senator Lodge's op other reservations. The Anrertcan naval men who wilj fly the giant dirigible R-38 across thei Atlantic-are rushing preparations for the flight in- London and ex- pect to start their long flight in early summer. Commander Maxflejd, (left) and Lieutenant -K. G. Pennoyer, TT.-S. N., will be in command of the big airship. . - - -, „ swered. by a huge question mark St -> Democrats concede. Jtepubjfcans declare the middle-of* the-roaders of their par-iy=-tbose ^V^ oring a league with reservations or the Lodge order—will win out at Chi- cago, while Democrats are eonfident the followers of President Wilson will defeat Bryan and ahti-administration members of the platform committee. But members of both sides admit they do not believe either 6orah or Bryan will drop the fight there. Senator Johnson has made the 'no league\ idea the main spring of him campaign and contrary\ to predictions, tho dope gives the Califorriian tieinen- dous power i n the.G. O. P. convention So politicians are asking what will happen if Lodge's reservations aio en^ - -jdpraea-jat, .CJ^sajsLJtiais.^taii^^ehnacm- ; nf* the course. Will he tr\t with the -Senator Borah wuTTnsist pn a \no league\ plank In the G. O. P., platform| team or klck'over the traces? The an Statements by Sims Are Reported in Testimony at Investi- gation—Navy Most Efficient in Face of Innumerable - Obstacles Is Claimed-^-Quicker and Superior to the British v\ • Washlngtpn, Way 14—Pacing \in- states :placea«ah effective army oh the battle^f^Piit In i*ahce in - « shorter time4&Mt'\dId.' the- BrUishi Secretary off he Navy Jbaniels today told the Sen- ite subicomnilttee investigating charges .made by Bear Admiral -3im8. against the conduct oi the war by 4he Jfavy-Department. Quoting a report of Pjeld Marshal Haig of the British forces Daniels de- clared \it Will be observed that the British armies wer^ traabie to inter- vene 'until nearly two yeara had elapsed 'in sufliqient strength . ade- quately tp 'assist- pur aWesj?\ Daniels declared. '\The .war was over ;_^fiot.. two ^jeara—out- 1* month* after the tTnited States en' imitt,\- \No man conld deny that Within 15 mbhths; after our; entry the American army was in sufficient strength 'itde quately to assist the: *AIIles ? ' Yet tho^ American arm;? had t o b* transported and suppUediaCToss SiOOOIniles of ocean In the iace Cf «.'sitj>fei^S' effort of the pSerman submarine and then across the width- of Prance, while Great Britain was within the sound of Ger- man guns*\ Daniels continued. **Adittiral Sims charges that due to the shortcomings of the navy there was an unnecessary loss of 2,333,000 tons of shipping; 600,096 lives and that the wall waS proionged *at least to»Jr moii*hiV ? 'i lianieia declarjed.. \The charge tha* the war was pro- longed and that the loss of life result-. Cd is aeylous, It was made with reck- less disregard of the facts and the reasoning and statistic* adduced in Its support are those which one might expect to find in the. fantastic tales oi a Baron Munchausen or the statis- tics To±'8T-XJn6SeT~°M\ulberry Sellers. Even in making the charge he disre- gards his own facts, ' \He. was free to acclaim the small: part the United States .was taking, la Ws view, when he said but three, four, five or perhaps six per cent of the na- \vaL foiKea -in.JEuropean waters were American, but in charging blame the mistaken of. tbe Jta,vy Department are given as the 100 per cent reason for .the, .prolongation, oi the war,\ Daniels declared. STATEMENTS MAD^ a¥ I»rt^SIB£NjS AUTHORITY. Washington, May ii-^in reply t o re- ports that President Wilspn would re- pudiate Secretary Daniels' statements about his speech at Tcrktown- and his cablegram to Admiral Sims criticising the British Navy,. Secretary Tumulty today formally announced that Presi- dent Wilson gave Secretary Daniels full permission to make the matters public hi his reply to Admiral feim's charges before the Senate Nav'at Afv fairs Committee. \ .. and unless he arid his fellow \bitter- enders\ get what they want, the least that i s expected of them is a spanking minority report which, on the floor of the convention, will be the signal for, a touch-and-go battle between the: Johnsonians andt, the mlcMle-of-the- rpaders the outcome of which. no one here- ia willing to prophesy. . William J. Bryan will be the Borah oaf the San Pranclsep caucus. He, too, la all human, probability, will be on the platform committee of his party audi ta his turn, will head a ferocious charge against the advocates of the Wilsbnian league In ah attempt to se- ctors a \league-on -the-best- terms- possible\ plank in the Democratio platform. Failing in this, his friends declare, Bryan will almost surely dictate a scathing minority report and take the fight to th e S 00 ^ °f the convention. What- will happen theire is best an- record. svvu usually jjiven is: v^ait and ssa-,~ A similar wrangle confronts the Democrats at San Francisco. Failure to pndorse the administration and an unamended League of Nations v,ould, in t^e opinion of many members of the party, doom it to defeat. On tha other hand, W..T.° Bryan will go. to the_ THSnventlon with the avowed intention of bitterly opposing such indorsement while supporting him will be many of \ tho Democratic senators who voted, for ratification of the treaty with th? Lodge reservations. These Democrats Claim the party is doomed if It does ' Ihdorse the league. ' There is little likelihood of. cither platform committee reaching? an agree ment on the treaty, both sides 'agrea So unless a time limit ia^piit on de- bate when the question ;comea before the conventions,' the caucuses promiss to be the longest and rabst spirited on Socialists Turning All Ef- forts Towards Liberate ing their Candidate* New Tork, May 14—With the nom- ination of 'Gene Debs accomplished, trre platform ^onf of the way, and a OnerEntire Family of Five \WipedtJfit in Storm in South Dakota Lincoln, Nebraska, May 14^—At lea«< eight persons lost their Uvea, in a eteudburst, Tuesday, \TSear^Ardmora South Dakota, just across the Ne- start made on the raising of a cam-, braska state line, according to a be- paign fund, the Socialists today were lated dispatch from Alliance received mi^^emwM^'^^''-Wy^ ^-'\\\Vtt\^^ .aurrender alive! ' r thei ^ainirtglieMt,'-. • Wii^-'WaA^AtsSft^te^ with-: ptt -a ditetiti* vet* t*ith e»ly a f*w done at th« SeriatofB, who b«>- amedrjfcfrijj th3| greyieibri\ wa*; fncon*t8te»J ^Wd awi -L T f a \^»» '« requester several -«Wml fw <'« hm-« ... Atnerlqoh \ ' tae \\H number Sttfr said to have - tnfcfiniialfegl^'^^iriile »feace..- : 'ary and custom hOUWej \ ^.^-^.u^.*.. ..--...»- toon. of ttn^'uLw 3 ', he haa * eta W*CT*d! Cssart H*W»- fw - ttspwtm Bmfit* f\' hi, IT . aUack on hIa c»P'tit% Btthttaptffty «&«nt* court tioitse at • te| ll mW^IT a '\ ,n ' to-vlew, il«S^ .'0»aS*I,vU»*J'ff««t:-t« ^Spttnty- •fflMm*. ktesrian^t\\ 0 ^auixeco «« th* Wt #y ;:i -*««*.-'htt*tt«* MW V.mfot'W: heferi*; ^^''yiMi^mmmk \ '«ep'l»'sed 'by »»ttonal' || n « • *f txfoo. 'hetvreen this COOntry bandit /Shouted 'throiigh the door, and sent a hyllet throafh the panels by way .of erapJtaaia. \I've killed t n e epp- per already, and i*» take ©ore &Kb ihe to hell, tonight\ -. ' \Plret\ ccnimanded Chief Mopney, and the reyoivet* oi 60 detectives, who Were placed at atrjiteglft points aur- rbunding hto balidlhg, belched • shower of bullet*\ Into h*e*JW«etirt, Th«m« voliera were continued. *or *tt , dow*'*»;d«6r*«(f^^}* •\ ' . Washington, tt&^'-l* --JRepubllcah and JDeMoCr|.Uc tniinbera pfthe feEouse ways and \means committee who' are opposed to fhe\ proposed soldier aid legislation started tt jnpvemeht yester-. fey to fornltt co'ftlittps'for the purpose . of preventing «ife f committee, from ray porting pht the hill- \\'\ . , / Inquiries among members of l^e fepmmHtefr, howeyer> indicated Ihat hot haore thanf pts^'Mtmi^m. can be* \copiiMJ on ^emiltel^; to;.... tote ^atniiiv^^Ktiito^aplip^ Jfy, lesst\sev^ eni. .and'~wiiibly\;...eight* Democrat^' Votes jare claimed^ ., ; '* • l^iends of, the bonus' legtelatldn were coiindlfat'lnat c#y\ three RepuD^; lican niembe.ts of the comlttitte^ WRl Vote against reporting-iine bill. Thsy asserted Ihat %B Hiari Seven Demo- crats will Jola the 'coaiitloa. There a«^FTnem*ejrs-T5f:-th©~ icTBHE? ratttee, Inclttding ftepresentative Kii- chin at North Carolina, who Is 1H. Wlthail the other members present, 12 votes would be necessary to block a favorahle report, If they^should fail to kill the bill en- tire1# .the opl»ohental on the commit- tee will nmKe a determined effort f<fc~# Municipal Workers in Canada Threaten Strike Vanconver. B. _£L_Mtiy 1 j—A.. gweral strike . throughout Canada Pf muni- cipal employees appointed hndeir civil service examinations Is threatened, an official high in the Postal Service as- serted today. -\ \ A protest has been made; against reclassified salary provisions recently announced by the Civil Service Com- mission. -• . Attempt to Assassinate Grand Vftier London, May 14—An unsucqesful at- tempt was made by a policeman to assassinate Girand VizteV Dafnad ?\er- id Pasha, at his ofHclal resideHce in, Constantint.Jlc, said an Eiciiahge flJelegiaph dispatch from:that City to- day. Ani attendant was wounded, The assassin was arrested, -^— ,,V» r ,.,..,.,., - ,,,,,,,, - ***************** • \ , ' •\•• • THt, WEATHER • • Washington, May 14 — Fbire-• • cast, for Western New York-*--* *>' Partly \ cloudy and cohtihued * !+ L eodl tonight; frost Saturday # • 'mothliig if weather clears, • urday fair. ; • __ Temperature*. 7 a. m, 4».*.*4«...«*..*» concentrating on one thing--how ip get their candidate out of the Atlantic penitentiary where -he is serving a 10-ye.at sentence. •' The national convention will ad- journ here late today, and recon- vene in Washington early tomorrow as a <pnimittee of the whole conven- tion. The; Whit* House will be ap-, pealed to. Attorney Genera! Palmer will be visited and Senators and Rep- resentatives wilt be button-holed to further ^the cause flf Debs? liberaxlort. To the Socialists *Geno Debs is more than a cahdidatfc He 1B, as Ir- yiht St. Joina^gttcker' of Chicago nanied; \BinT.'Th'e\ embodinieht of, Soclallstid prfticlples. EBa name tb 'Socialist\* herp is more niaglc even %ian that of ^rl Harit Uebs' name *a* the only thing which could make the left wife the right wing and the centre forget -their battles and Join hands. British Novelist Makes Attack on Modern Morals this morning. One entire family oJ five were drowned while trying to es- cape from their home to the higher ground. The bodies of Mr. and Mrs. M. Darby were found lodged asrunsl trees 200 feet from their house today The body of a daughter Pranci-* was found two miles awayf the bodies oi two sons have not been: located Three homesteaders are reported missing and their cabins washed awaj by the flood. *• -rr. To Protect Americans in the Near East Washington, May 14--TJiiited States destroyers will remain in the vicinity of Batum on the Black Sea as necess- ary to aid American Interests there. _TM. Slate -DjOgadrtnient.WEmotrnced-tas day that Colonel William HaskolL Al- lied High Commissibner, and his offi- cers Ifft'Tifflis oh May 5th after Amer- | lean women relief workers- had arrived I safely at Tiffils from Armenia Mr. Yerrow, an American missionary and J<3 *.<« v. *i— Ebhdoh. May 14r-rA scathing uttack! a few civil assistants remaiheo at Tif- oh niodem morals is made by Agnes [hie. All other American reitef wnrk- .Edgrertoa CaSOe, famous'British nov-| «»s excepj the -American missionaries elist; in an article in the Daily B:f-| wh P originally .belonged to the relief press. -She Said,' in part: ' | Corves, have arrived from TUtlia it ' - (s t, 6 j Dg \ Uatum. Many other members of tn« pei-sPiinel of the American Relief Com.- mittee are rejported to have- arrived at ConstantinoVie. * * 12 noon 8 p. m Sat- 41 49 54 .• * « * * • J* JAl staftlWg new gospel pre,aohed nowadays, it is a gospel very far from the messages in the Sermflh on the.Jj&iunt. It is'designed t o Qt. In with the frantic^desire forj^ , . c pleasure at any cost. Bverythift.e • * O Appoint aUCCCSSOr that Is ifksoteae or entails self-sacrifice is tp bei least aside, it is Interesting to watch the trend* of the new teach- ing jjft it \appears In modern fiction, journalism and on- the lecture piat- tbrta.! ^The old code, based upon the, Ten/Commandments Is now deridpd j as out Pf date. Morals must: b e 'mod-1 era\ and rte^r - fashrtbned*' ' Ydu oah-t scaecely open a book or- a newspaper | nowVaciays Without seeing something;, that our forefathers would have eon-j Local Conditions There was, «, real .chill tosifur + eUminatV the; cash benus< feature Btif * weather today < which seemed' • in this efforls too, th*y ara doomed to I ^ pinseaspnable when warm iwea- • faUure, according to the bonus adwy-l'aVttieiF, was r d«siM« to start the # oates. ' l^iTOTHnaT •«*»* Tha- temps** demned , as blftsphemous. The suf- I ffragfettes seek to jabolish all restrlv tlops pn.. divorce; They cbntorid them reftrictions aire tnte Cause of unhappy mtrriages. Tou might as well say, as soinf persons ;ido: Make no laws and none will then be broken.*.\ to Walker Li. Hines Washijiaiuti, May 14—Prescient \Vil-- »v>n will toaay appoint a euuue.BSor to Waliser D. Hlmss, di>eetor general of IhC' Railroaus .tilt; White Hvusfc ut>- .luunccd this afternoon. It is under: j,-..-.. it the pr^atuent 1ms icituvred; «%. UIJ to John tsiMvi. t'a.»ne^ 'Secretary, of the interim:, in ....u.i.iun \..«. i.iur duties. The woi'K. remaW- •>&• aiwlwitur Qt \F ii.-g to Uie uithvay Auiirt that of liquidation aim tayne W'IH* .wits* formed} me Railwao*' Aunituisti.. m.Uar with llio work. Shoe C:«Mipany Pays $2,00$ i*ine ror Vmuva^nti^ tectlve ehJefV milium. ., , >. . . t . . |^ «^f).^« f wi i M ^ le A. 1 _«fato„iu.jtL* he UftMtLua att»m»U« * ***$. degreaa and tl»s*S\ t w«s a • iSpa\ and Pari* conferences unless tho Germans Insist that C—«'-fc' , ' l t , «**«k.- »<««.«»**• Pfush'urgh, Biay 14—Judge W. II. 8. r rre^cJh. Iroops fcyacuate^^^^^ in United state.-*• jtiv ~ v ;\ i *\^' \ 'ti-ict court here yesterday, sentenced -London, May l*^The German eo^ (i L e e o0 ks Shoe company, turv -ernm«>nt-i»-aot tp \paTrttsipatc -tir th* S\. «„ 000 ., 'ip th» Main; tme that war* reoftnt- j d Jf:^ Bl „^lf „,J*' ^ and tu ifu> a plea at sutiiy ror th« Hi.rt r.^uabll *T5'''i. *

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