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UlltiHllllil XiiWMlM HPMP f '-:lM . ' rl . * i~ *\*c , »*V>i '% J •-A^.-^^-SCS * •* •» i M^ « lh« Homo Daily for Ontario, Seneca and Yates Counties m. m '.$r * * ? a >.• * wV^it.i.'uui ,.-.-UJ..,.,I sis. ' *$ w> ' - * *• Weather Forecast I * .jg T«riiBW—'Partly Ctaudy, Freezing. % tic TDrrnreraw—-Pair -and MilUec. jjj ^^Kft 1 M #• fel. fm&& u.;,?;. rwv,i ',^CWf- GENEVA, N. Y., TUESD&Y*;APRIL 13,1920 Price Three Cent* ?\M - — •—«l STREET MEETING OF JERSEY R. R> STRIKERS i \^^ggj^M^K M- f-l^f-S^ Administration Decides Not To renins n rila y f lieW sr^ re-. after ;» li pr me ot Com- s \- d «.th« snttf*! sr. •*'* lUAMWMES IN THE WE Per Ge^tidE Largest Mafiufacturing stuffs Double in Price The commuting servlce^-partlcularly! waa hard hi t again. The Jersey Cen- Jersey commuters,, was still more or less tied up'and- running—train? when crews cotjld b e fouijd to man them. Citizens held-mass meetings in many Jersey communities last night an d pledged themselves to Are engines, act as hrakemen or perform other tasks on trains to and from their work. The Staten'Island Rapid Transit a part of the B. and O. system, moved no • trains', i n the early hours, leaving thousands of commuters stranded, • Officiate of the New York Central .^aw\ Improvement in the situation as jt- affjfetedv theti^-road- in reports- that; \strikers at 'several divisional points. woujdr return- to work today. If the -ownHB&r retumv it^was saidrlt-tHregnr that the-' worst-Jiad been passed. ' The Pennsylvania operated on a cur- tailed schedule.' * • On th e Erie RallroaM. only a ftew trains carrying' milk and.. mail....w«r'e operated ^art^today. .»...«.—»• - Thousands of commuters have def- WASHINGTON April 13,—President Wilsoji today: Esch bill'to settle disputes between raiLw^v^mukoislandJj^? aianaoned hope of going to. and • n l nV p*.Q v' ~\~\ \ jr-™nr™- \• J ^7nn=6m*'thelr homes for the duration of The board is composed of nine members; three repre- senting labor'; three representing the railway management, and three the public, as follows: ~ Public: U. W. Hangar, District of Columbia; Henry Hunt, ex-mayor of Cincinnati; E. M. Barton, of Texas. Employes: Alheit Phillips, A. Q. Wharton, J. J. Por- reste_r, , ^ ,-^= : -=—= Management: Horace Baker, J. H. Elliott, and Wil- liam M. Park. * - ' ' Wellington, April 13^—The jgovern- mi-nfs r>roposed action agatinst the rail BinKi flr>i«»rently struck a snagr today. It uiiH announced -at tllfi- White linuff that the administration- has dfie : WO men; Hudson Motor Car Com- pany, 8,500; Cadilac Motor Car Com- pany, 6,009; Studebaker Corooration. 5,600 and T.imkin Axle Company 4,500. .The Feid- PiarrtiEgMrales.:\Jl's-—ewn- uikJ Umt \uBless-^hei>e^re-Taaicai-de=--p-oweFahd can continue to operate an clopmcnts in th e strike s.Et«atloa the tiio i'nsidcnt will leave tlio settle- muii i,f the strike tp the labor hoard. \It ha s ln-en decided to let weil efiougll aioni tor the pY-esent,\ o-no ofictat Btatiii it is understood.tbat the in- fe«»ati«fi ptacedr^iw Ihtt liaaitls, lit *ul.-, minltittation officials indicates tSnt \the strike situation wilr Tvorkr itself »-\ut tpfurr any serious consequences arise; It Wii.-. iiiiide plain at the Wlilte House, howi-M-r, that the gpverniti«n£ is watihing the progress of the 'strike Of wealthy families. Another trafn was fired by Cyrus Courier and- J. Edwin Williams, Manhattan business men. >'- tin i.- »;ii be Intervention. Strike Situation Is Brightening in West al- most exhausted here an d in other . jart& of the state reports indicate the same condition. C'hiL.KU, April 13-r.The swltcaimen'g itnki- Mtuation throughout the west appearM1 today to b 0 brightening pro- portinnatciy as it was reported as srnwinp more serious In the east. In c i. if ago much restlessness w'as reporti,i among the strikers, and It Is bclh M,i t,y tho railroad officials and broth, ,|.„ 0 ri chiefs that if a back to work movement is started it will be foii„ u ,,i by a general rush of the A 'T tnight terailnals here'showed conshiuabio improvement, it .was aii- noui,. ,,| i,y the railroads* aad embar- goes on several Of the road* were I'ftt-ii. The,re was a noticeable change for thi- I.,iter at 'the.stockyatdff, with Mv-fstoc k receipts gradually apptoach- wp nnunal, and activities -were re- sum, d a t all the big packing plaats. 'lorn l-'ort Wayne, **A, Coluanbus, o, ami Akron, O., came reports that \IP Rii:k,. rs had returjied- to iVoik iiiri,. W(re similar rnovemehls afoot n Minneapolis, St. Paul,.Dslutfa arid thre- M , hiffan clt j e3| GraBt3 ftajitiis,; hairihi ltt and Battle Oreek, Ite lioek islan.j . tt i trhmen \were reported^iiave: rctm-n.-.i a t Kansa«-\^tswfl^fcJfe^ \ ier. Tr-„Tn a , Hemphrs Clneinati, .I I'll- LI,. mi n u against effciits go ,. 1( t A hu ro.1,1 • in i'h,, 'f tda\. th Hemphr s and S't.'Joseph,, Mo., the ' • r^po- <3 d as st<inaiiiff isjblidly r inlrjg th e strilce, despljEe the •r agitators to induce: tfient to other week. The food situation Is growing worse hourly not only because of scarcity but_ _ from prCfiteering, Meats and many ' vegetables such a s potatoes and-«jorn;. have been ndvannpff mn pf F ccn t or more In the last 48 hours.* The federal grand jury will convene tomorrow to inve'stlg&re-thts action T>y retailers. A truck transport ser%'ice ha s been or- ganized an d i s operating .to and.from- Grand Rapids and other interior Officials Believe Peak/ * of Strike Has Passed ——« New York, pril IS—Despite the fact that railroad traffic i n and around New York was still utterly demoralized to- day railroad officials professed to see a betterment in the situation. They expressed the belief that the peak of the unauthorized strike fever has been ^ ^f^wf'jrt.e^^\\ 'Sf'-3Sa^y 30.^7 «T«ntee»« _ Tliis photograph was taken in,front of th e Fourth Regiment Armory in Jersey City, where hundreds of the striking raih-oad men an d their s STnpathJaers ha d gathered. Impasslo. ned orators urged the men to hold out until their demands were full y met. As a result of the strike New YorkjOtyJ^afaelnK.aj'ood famine an d BODIES OF U.S. SOLDIERS ARE 273 of Those Buried at Brest Are Now onJSoan for United States Brest, April IS—-All the Amjericaip dead at this former A, E. F. bas* whose- return to the United Stateg- . was sought by relatives have been ex- humed. Atotal \of 476 bodies were disiiiterrod., of.-whitsh-273- ar e no w on, board the United States ship Mercury,, ready to sail\for Amferloa. A group of American officers,- expert embalmers and French civilians were employed in preparing the bodies. Some of th e remadns were fmjnd .Jare . •*• be mere skeletons; others wi-re • pef- tettlypcasfiEaed- Alt were wrapped iTS\ ' bl-nkets and plaeod in hermetically- sealed caskets. Especial pains were taken in the ., Identification. Each body was identi- , fled three J^lmeB in order to nxaltc cer«». the strike an d have crowded all the hotels in Manhattan. One hotol alone Is housing more than 600 officials and employes of banking firms. Automobile -trains\ 'are being util- ized b y persons In outlying suburbs to get to their places of 'business. Adding to the general discomfort to- day was miserable weather. * It rained steadily most of th e night an d Man- hattan was shrouded in a dense fog. Meetings of strikers were in progress In several New Jersey centers today. One wa s addressed by Timothy Shea, vice president of the Brotherhood of i-Railroad Firemen an d Enginemen. Shea and other brotherhood officials were hooted down at meetings last night when they urged the men to re - turn to work. :'—T : h^-I^ng^^rand L 1Raiiro-a^\hTthe*Ft6 one of the least affected b y the strike, was able to maintain irregular service durlng^ihe early hours of the day. WE/CTHY COMMUTERS . TRAIN INTO NEW YORK : -New York, April 13—Residents of Montclair, N. J.„ known as'the \mil- lionaire suburb,\ stoked two commut- ers' trains Into New York today load- ed with business men. The firing wa s ddne by Captain Newell P. Wood, ex- captain of a machine gun company Campaign Managers Deny Report Chicago, April 13—Managers of General Wood's presidential campaign on being shown reports that General Wood has cancelled his speaking en - gagement because of th e seriousness of the railway strike situation, de- clared today that investigation of strike conditions showed them not t o be serious enough to warrant General Wood taking charge of the strike anjd^ reached and passed. „„Xh.GKe„«as~.httt0~n©aeea^ ment in the situation today, however, filling His campaign engagements. TEND 70 GET OUT OF HAND According to Reports Reach? ing American Headquar- ters at Coblenz Coblcnz, April 13—Reports reached the headquarters of the American army of occupation today that the German, fieicbswfilir in some--parts ofthe~RuhT\' district is showing a tendency to get out of h^nd. Leaders of the recalci- trant factions declare that they intend to remain where they are. The population' a t Frankfort is now STOKE J quiet, but continues sullen. The mar- kets at Frankfort have^ been opened and fruit and vegetables ar e now on sale for th e first time in months. (Servians &i'% circulating reports that the French are preparing to advance beyond \Frankfort and cut off south Germany from north Germany. VISCOUJNTps MAIDSTONE'AND CHILDREN ! - 4 +» tssticd today by Uic 1 f& '•\\* said \The-strike sitctatioh '«•> continued to Impeove yes-^ increases were . re£>orte£l in- number of switching-.fereWs aiid in \»' t't.na^e of'stock, ctfal asnd.-iither \mill , ll(1 ,. s moved both in anet. out o f l!u '-Im-ngo district, ^ksa'feflge* fthd 8»itMin.->n train.service caritiiaucs; un- arT.,-i,,i I,J. tiic^rike^^i^^^^j ,i, r '' ^^strikers would obteythe. num..-.,,,, of the xwlfed: gjatcB dts^- trlc-t \retui th,| r tinrney, CharlCsi W 'Clyae, t<* '\ work or let other meii fill •'\\ was notdisclosed ^eMbUfel-y wriy ,.,,,, v .h^hje_alxikejya4«lisV.Ji*t - •«nwi^ iT.p ranJt and fi j e of the gtriker^ toon- w. med - t o fee a -^| spo %i'tioen\*0 1 ii.' Rovernment. *,., , .' \ ,, ,,' The ,., lke leaders inaintitlnia-tiieir font- , „.,, that the strltee: ^ -gjajjr^lft. n s ex.rvwhere, instead of abatl^; Many Industrial Plants^ Closed i» DetiN#^odity De,, Import Mich., April la-Tha full the railway woWefis' Strike troit ,''' mht home to ii^iistulai Be>- l a r \\\v when 50 per-cent-of the cinLT '\ ,nuf acturins planta -wore •i -i- w-n for want-of power, oft mi \ ick\ of fuel. ,r \.i.t Ediscrn Company cut eo.,„. J r,ri S lt y fo r the plants ori ac - *re ,1\\* ,he ''«««* pl*0te.td3e t*>d«l3r LOS ANGELES » s Between 6000 and 7000 Rail- road^ Workers Walked Out Today Los Angeles, California, April 13— Between 6,000 and 7,000 railroad work- ers comprising / engineers, firemen, .SfindjisJorg,,,JiEakfimfin«..switehmei». and yard-men went out o n strike here to- day. The railway terminals here today arc 'dead\. - NSt n. wheel turnedj san?e for passeager traffic, which >the strik- ers sa y will be imniolested, but even passenger schedules \were \uncertain\, it was said. The engineers, firemen, conductors and brakemen walked out when they were fwdea-ed to move freight trains made op by„non>union switchmen an d yardmen^ they \explained today,' - • • • ^~ Palmer Asks for Names of Striking Employes ^'^\j+Z ^-.; : Washington, April- lS-^Attorney Gefteral Palmer today sent the follow- ing telegram to A, H . Smith of the New York Central, .and President Samuel Rea of the Pennsylvania rail- road-: -' .. \ \ T~ \Pleaser senSr ns \HSffieg an d atf- dresses of 'all 'your employees wh o \are en strike .indicating the •; name of any of'them who appear to be direct- ing: the movement* in full or i n part.\ i Neither &fr«JPa3mer no r any o f hi s »ldes .womaVaisduss what Bearing this message may have on their pian of action, <*» * < , ^fc&^h-gFe was uu tmsTglgpT\ JDurlag the -exhumation the officers! found that chemical ga s had destroy- ed the aluminum identification tags and tho Graven registration Commit- tee is recommending to tho War De- partment that a. new kind of ta g bo employed. The exhumed Bodies not taken on board tho Mercury were placed in a*' huge morgue. The officers were plac- ed in rows under a great American flag. New identification crosses have been erected abo\e the bodies' that ar c still interred. GENERAL STRLfcE IN DUBLIN Factories Unable To Resume Operations Today — Gov eminent Departments Are Affected. The \outlaw\ strike of railroad Workers which ha s completely disrupted transportation throughout'the c^unlryjHrapjdJ,;^^ ;lft s^'« a «be*-lhTr-s1srgr-^hTre\cTtira-- TnThTSast and Middle West tire facing food famines and a general shut-dow n 0 f Industries. Many loyal men hive disregarded the call of the strikers an a have remained. on the job. This photograph, taken in a Chicago yard shows some of the loyal men being given-free food In. one of the company'a dining cars. RAILWAY LABOR CONVENTION IN KANSAS (M Leather Substitutes in' Shoes Must Be Tagged Albany, April, 13—Tlie.-^Aflaembly. early this.niornujg after a bitter\ floor figHt passed^ the .Gaulfield bill prohibit- ItiglBe sSlerof jdioes witli leatneu'aub- stltutfis,' .utdeSs >ttie. substitufes,. are made plain' to th e pubjic b y a tag namingthetn to be affixed'to the, shoe, the vote Was $2 to,.35» ..„ *- -*. \* —=—*—*r-n . t . Anatomist BratW to be Analyzed. • jyf'ew Totik, . 'AppH 13—Sci^htiilo analysis of the brain of tbcr>^ji\^br« : ^t>Beph Slmtns, lnternatl(ft»aliy|,B9n.ous T Ahalbmfot, will be made\ at ths|Gfoliejf^ : of 'Ehysiclans an d Surgepaifi*;| Tfii?' brafe and. heart weftHwtii tiflfile^OWP to m/mrnkmn-dir • <*esuf if art . i'freemerit-: jaM^byJjJfi Slii»m#= \-SstforS- '& death. J>r, Simm»'who«a#lPf '%'66.tfr at age, died on Sunday., txlttiii of Btoley,:- j©«|trto^ .-tH»ti-«nd* l#'f: Kansas City, April 13—The out- standing (purposes of the fifth bi- ennal convention of the railway de- partment of tiro American Federation of Labor Jn session here may be ouu lined a s follows— - RegueSts ftsr wage Increases to be submitted to all railroads on April 28th, th e result to\ bo reported back to the general elective officers npt later than May 20th. The demand in- cludes Sunday off witli time an d a half for all over-time including Sun- day. indorsement of the \Plumb\ plan for government ownership and \demo* cratic operation\ of all railroads In thejeountryr --- - -.. -...; .,— ~'^'~~ —' jjSnbarkation of a non-partisan plan to unseat all members of Congress who voted for the Cummins-Esch rail- road bill. Rebuke for all members of tlifi union arid ..brotherhood rii'aking u p the department affilittfei. with it who have participated - in the Chicago strike. > • ; Thirteen Spanish Miners Killed. Iiondon, April 13—Thirteen Spanish miners were killed in a battle with gendarmes during strike disorders at Mteres, said a news agency dispatch from Madrid today. PRESIDENT CALLS MEETING OF HIS CABINET •If 'M -?>ir 1 i •\ - ?*» Dublin, April 13—A general strike wont Into effect here today a s a pro--, teat against the treatment of Irish prisoners In the Mount Joy jail. N'ot a who\l has been turning since *a Washington, April 13- President Wilson today called a meeting of his Cabinet to be -field tomorrow morning. This is the first meeting of tho cabinet that the President has called since his -illness. It is understood that the railroad sit- uation will be taken up at that time. • \ ._• ' ; • —<• ' . Bills Barring Socialist Party Amended Today •—~—* .«==, Albany. April 13—The bills design to bar \the Socialist Party from politics i£.il!S..l!3tJl^^XSLicwIaywaniftnde.d--to- retjui-rO -thafr^bp-. party \must' first be convicted of unlawful acts before it is donfed a place on the election ballot, in original form the- measure provided that acts that \tended\ toward the ffvert-hrow-©f thtr govorament could he constni«d i»$Msh-e c-onrts-ro bar SorTat- ists. - • \_ to legume operations this morning be- cause the workers failed to shew xsp. E\en the- government departments \ were affected as the strike, spread to the clerks. The mails were held up as train service was paralyzed. A number of ships were unable to leave their piers. A feature of the movement wa s a • \strike\ of school students. Soldiers armed with fixed bayonets and supported' with machine gams, were placed on guard around Mount Joy jail. Captain White, son of Field Marshal White, was arrested while at-« templing to address the troops. '•••• i; i§' * -w* •m •,J\ .*•'•:'• I ..-.n 151 Anglo-French- — Incident Closed » . gj...lL..VV.lI But \Foolish To Pretend Causes Are Removed Says \Pertinax w l'axis, April 13— \The -Anglo-Krfl/aai Incident is closed, but i t is foolisll t* pretend that the causes which jjro- dueed It have been removed,\ declared \Pertina-x politlcaj editor of the Echo de Paris in his commentarj7 to- day, • ••••>si : i 8 i 4 ii i , ' • F '':•• ' ****** ********** • * * ->-*> THE WEATHER.- * 4. —_ 4. • freezing temperature \ tonight; * Wednesday, fair, with slowly ris- • ing temperature. * - _^ + + * *; Tetnperflturefc, 7 a,= nJ,v .*..,..,,., 3,-^naon .............. 3 p . ra, .,,.,,..,..« Voters To Decide Bonus Question in New York ^ '»£ Albany, April 13—The voter's this fall are; to bo called upon to deTermiife whether the New York veterans of the world-wax- are to be pajd a bonus. This ... xxr -u! , A ^,,7 in -r-.^ t J. decision %vas reached\ today l>y the ^tTTor Western New York—Partly * • cloudy an d continued cold, with * 20 33 + * * * * * * * * * *' v _ * . e > v Local Oondliiidn*. •; • temperatures\ dropped' to the *• •>>-!geesjteg- •,fi6Mt'-agalftci^s't. ,„\afght -* : Recommend Tax of One Mill To Raise Salaries ,,.. —,... ^ i. . Albany, April- 13—A lively legisla- tive ro w wa s precipitated today over the teachers increase salary proposal, ,whef{' members of the special legisla- tl*#' ; Conl'mitteO considering the 'bill %^e4d>oVe* considerable opposition to recohintend a t,Sts t OBIO ttrffli to- raise 'm*oM,#~ ibv' the stage's share of the mrftat'etl- increase. VaWiSSwn Ha* PapuTailott of 31,263. \ 'Waihingt&n, J^prtt. i.V-Preiintlnary E rfepot#\ on fhe population made *ctfaf JjyNthe c/entius h«ircau includes- ^WSSmSfM,'m x. 'with £ jsifO'jftopn- 0ti0f^^mm^ *|*#*' <#\ «^««'f mxtxMOt 4,m or 1* I^rance anj England have dlff«-en6~ conceptions of the German problem, particularly the application of the peare treaty, and their agents in Ger- many tire working in different direc-_ ttons.\ \ - \-l^re-frrte-P M-rrrcnmti Took excepTIon;iT~ measures for exceptional violations of the peace treaty,\ said the Matin. \Should the same situation ari.se again we would use all efforts to obtain the consent of the Allies to indispe«tl)l(» measures.\ , . _ <] „, • Gen. Wood Gives Ug _ , _ HFf is Leave of Absence —— ^»- --—— lioston, April 13-—Because of the growing seriousness of the •'outlaw\ ,.sirt^.._.Mj!J^-J3!^r^^ today gave u p his two month's leave of absence fifTS his army di'tles can- celling all hl.s eastern sp'-tking tn- gagvments and returned 'to liis ptwt it Chicago a s i ommandi r of. the i-tntral depariment of the t'nited -States pf Amcrha. j, ,,,-, —•*—>—— \' • \ Claim Connection Between , Germany and Sinn Feiaf Irfmdon. April 13 The Morning Post today publishes the al'eged text of two letters which w«-ro said t o hav been *» sent from Publin to Baron von fforst, -a German naval man a t Hamburg who is accused; of sending arms to Ireland. . The letters are th code and art sighed, _ ana according to the Morning EaaJt— \Biey indicate that there is a connec- Hon between Germany and the-Sinflt .Fein, ' ' ' 1$ •mm ••qwi i -i j \ j % vi

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