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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1911-1955, April 10, 1920, Image 5

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mm witl nnessF.saentiak Efficient gpat'M^toipiwk Jevjices -g^sSSPFP Practical time fa| and Supf Professionll^f|#f|^oiSr-' Siges am $$ffi*& .' '\•.' '%r ?-.• GGltffAlri o-Sfe^.toAv- '*»cSw i Will reneMTI»i»i%^S?¥!*\ ; ; STRAW flATt, ;\vv ; Any Coloi^%i&^p HiglinPlife^^ Fairfax Wl 1 !! -• OpprHVOr.. fWnaT222, V • Geneva, fij.?V.- - ^(rVMrtt. . ^re|tle Gorham,,. A)PW +r-nura, - jye$t* tltoungr went.to Canftnrlalgua yester. *jday to spend the rfciiiainder of «tgjg j^ete-wUbrher *rtendt~}ISg, i Porter, '•\' -The following people from out of thwn were her© . yesterday to attend the..funeral of Mrs., I* Al&ent Mrs. Edeanor Fitch at WoJeott, 'Mr. ,and Sirs. i&utg Wringer\'wod daughter,. Frances fit P.enn Van, Sire. Pauline' Smith of Roehesteir,. Mrs. Charlies Clark of Geneva, }lr. atl<3 Mx a. George Wceiure.'of Meeklenfoufgr, Mrs; J,, C*.. Court' of Seneca CJaeue, >irs«- Ida IJodgson of , Pfftftrarjaj, \ Fa,. Mrs. Weeks pf yruroansburg. Mrs. John Rupert accompanied her sister and husb'and to Atlantic city for a i jej3jd^yJ£4!i8lt, I hays moved into their new home on/ Wiii'st^u'--'-' r-.. .'•*\.;y >\ •• MlssI4eo PoiPnida has been spend- ing her Easter vacation at the. home of her. slater, Mrs. jSurane? 3, l?ergu- Max Harmon of Geneva will work for Leigh N 5 . Weyneth this summer. PUlft*!, 33e VQII and Hey, Howard! A. Webst2»\ tit^nded the meeting it the rnter-cfrtirw Movement Jiejd., at 0an- andalgua on* Friday. The Sunday service-at' the Baptist church -will be held hereafter .at ten- o'clock; Instead of one-thirty as It has been during 1 the winter. \* . Mrs, , Edith, Vahnay, of Seneca Cas- tle hao \Been spending.[ this week in f.to'wti;.; ' . --' *•> ' .fcrft%.G«jftfe#AOJ^/S[ofWai :«»a'|| do> *|^Mnd;l|^a|^ n&tfG^m^Sm 4-' - ^JittttMajr' -witi-Miffi; ftridrMfr^^iiiize^ WErC R; Hea{|>n' 6t 0e'nj|ca-?Sai& was r .#' tfte Bpiniet of teiir%ttiEhterj: MM. c. i ft, Sn^de^FWOajf. PAGE nm . Ws, and Mrs. CJaresoe Bush of 5>ot- '• Recto? W y *»••*«;..• *«k Lo?en Pt^vor of Potter were fenterMped dt dinner nt th« «i » a^..^ 'J 1 ;. \^\^ «' •SMWT* ^attHeaV^tr^elie;; ^ Mrs; W, «. ihomi«otf im Mr& A.! MELV?K|ttte Melvin -ifni,- April' 10-Mrs, W«ll» Buck spent Tuesday at Seneca Caatie. Mp. and Mrs. George,Jo»e,s have TOovefl to the Vehement house of.John*tej3 Grough*. • \. \ r . . . ' '• ./'/•• hartuVTrSl 8 \ ? e & MloW ?son\are|j|ke Imm \atljie\Toor of wW«h Sfin'ShoSef! Bystem fr t.*^'-'^^Al«%li.* Kaiold Van pusen W the Misses, Alice yan Dusea and Mollle Graves -of Rochester have been \spending a few days In this vicinity. • ^Mr.and Mrs. e; E. Howell -and sons Harry and Clayton spent Easter with their, parents Mr. and Mrs. John How. ell.atAerehurst. , .. \ Mr,, and; Mrs. B.J&I._ABkin of Qene%-a *ntffT3:iirllT,t>?%rs;-atosher^f^iiv'^^^fK end guest^ofi&r. am^ti™, burn is at thehoto« other sorii CJ:.E., M '- W ^mt>- Mosh^r. 1 \' •\'•-\*. •[ Several from here attended the Hiarfy Morse of Batavlfr ^^pon^~Piut '^5\ e ? \ f ™ H •Pfliteww^w^ii, ri»r,» v <T v.rday kiaa Sunday* at hoiiie 'orReive Di Newton.. [~ . . ^meeting, at -Seneca Fitlls .yMteVdayi _Gorham, Aprt!--l«- 7 Baptls.trii^ <3> ^%80 a... m^Sjibject for^nionn' ing service, ^'Christian Reelpfocity.'V punaay school at 11:30, •' ^ '*»'•;; Monday night, ( \j Mr, and Mrs^ John-Jl^Boover were -•^guests ofralatlves In Rochester Sun- day, , • Little Frances Sweet Is visiting her grandmother Mrs. Georgia. ingrahatrti 'Alfred Askin Is. sp6nding his \Easter Mr/.afid MrsLAlven Eldridge ancf Uttle daugbtferWpeni Easter witBiiaeJi! 1 m. Allen attenS'the' Presbyteriai:» ar K ents ?, Mr - aadMrs.Hoag, near Gates L u t>.. „..«.•:-.'.- — ••• • 'sub-station. • ••-,•,- *^ Benjamin \Jones and* family have] .. ,r.!nioved,frpn) Orleans to WHliara Hall's ,vacatlbn at, the Sweet home. •W, Whyte,., pastor, atoming- worship, ifiBantAous^. „ • - ; •—•- ', The inmht son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph • deTd«5r -is seriously ill. — LH'tJi^^ 0 ^ 111 /-^ a S tf \t : Was.iSTwaw Baker wTJ6\TTas been iP««tor. ^bJ^t^or^tU^SfflS^^^ Pennsylvania has returned at-10i3il 'The I^rgw Meanlog^ot ^ -Eidridge and daughter. Miss' 1,ome - GENEVA-PENN VAN; t.QAN% CtO. AUTO BUS TIME CARD\\ Leave Pem» Van,- —^ --t,-e^xjr'6iinev^ A. M. 9:00 1.1:15 P. M. 2:19. 4:45 Sat. 7;15 A.M. 9:45 P.M. 2:45 7:15 Sunday •Ail-Mr 11S18 sm •J4» est. il':39 4:30 »:30* Running on Old \Titne'' nENEVA-m iWiit'i .\\ «.-..' ••* I'.f'V\. via. Flint, Stanley, Gorhain L EA VE V R oMWliit ?:30 A. M. - %¥.-%, LEAVE, QENE*?A.-,, . 10:45 A. Mv 4{4i':fyW ' '. SPECIAL SAfpftpAteTRlP Leave RusbViNft ,7 *p* in. Leav « Qeqivg^lltB^ft« rlijf,e.\ Sunday £chpo3k at 1lzA&\ -^p^' •worth League at 6:30 p, m. Tppio *'Wha.t.§hmi_we_ap3^Ull.jiur. J .Siva(lay4.| I^eadersi \Alberi 'winagle, „ C. C. .Chep'-J Jiard. Evening'union service at. V.S0, ''Tfrs convenient Reason.\ . ; ] *\ ' Robert Marshall has ncrccpted a po- sition ns mechanic in a. garage • at Canandaigua. Mrs. Maxwell BostwJpk 4 re-turned 'to, •her-hobi^ in CalJdonla after' a visit of a. •week -S'4tb. frleSs-feere. Sh^-wlfrr«^ Automobil^. ;Repajring and Overhauling Satisfactory worfe at reas'on'able . | prices,. Seneoa Alley, -¥tti^ >3aytft9^; -&.• Loan Association ' sume her duties as teacher In the h'Jgji Schooli tTjei's Monday. ( Mr.s. Sarah Fuller Is moving to the Link*, house on Railroad averlue. • Mrs. Chas. Wing has received* a ;.telfegranl from Michigan a!inounfiing , | the death of her only sister -who died on Monday. . ** ORLEANS Orieaiis. April 10-^Jirs. Xeelg-feNV W-eyneth was* the guest oT lier brother] Lynn G. Myers in\ Rochester. fi'Oftt Wednesday until Frldni'. , \ \Miss Marlon H. M'Uent vorjirncil «in Tu.esday to resumi he»Tsj:ti(lle8 st-Mt Holyoke college,. South liadley, Mass. 'Mis? Plioebe J. Blytho was in Ge- neva on Thut ? raday. \Mrs? Annie Pulvw -sp=^t ft eottpiei of days this -week in Koohestef,'. \ • -Sir. and Mrs. Hersehel B, Bagger! y ••\:.T./--. —.'-. ~. ----- i.-- . • • • The auictipn. .of the Van Pusen bousehoid \ftirnlture Tuesday was well attended. Ina, and.' grandson, Ralph Haws ofi .Macedon r ara spending the weejj'witltj -her daugl)tefiT3'rs;\jF*lQyde Walker and JUr/L Stewart Rppinson : '. Mr. and Mrst Bert Hughston and son -Elmer of PhelpS spent Easter at the home of Lewis Rosa . • Mrs. Carrie Hazleton and daughter Inioge'ne spent Easter*wjth Kef parents, ^Ir. .and Mr% Burgess at Gorliani •• * Frank Roome who -has beerLiiying -w^riitr' inotherT _ 5Irsr i 'Ji5iaRoorne, for. the,-past .year has moved back to Stanley ,• - air. Karris has moved his family to- the house vacated by Prank Brown reogMjy ,purciia|ed'by T- Maney. • A. Wr R&OT&Q \came from Endicotfc Saturday and was with his family at the,home of Albert Cook for over Sunday.-' Mrs. ttooine and son Earl re- turned to jSndXebtt with him fhes- day Gladys Rooms will remala with ijr. and, Sirs, Albert.Cook'nntil she is ahle to be moved to Endicott. MK and'Mrs. G. M. Snyder > spent Easter .with th,eir uncle, Myron Sny- der, at Gorhaxn.. Mis? Bessie Potter spent Thursday •with her sister, Mrs. Thomas Jewett, at Stanley. , , \'.-;• jQhn\%ennett Bstej' left last week for Buffalo, where he hma-pnsitibn, - ^verSirirbm here have atter/ded the evangelist meeting at Seneca Castle. Thoi»a3 Cli,r!stens(bn haa returned • Mrs, David Treadwell was removed to the sanitarium alQjjCiBa-^Springs lost Saturdaj* for treathient. She has been In'very poor fhealthslnee having influenza. The-Misses Swifts of South Main street, Geneva were at Melvih Hill Tuesday. The funeral of Johii Goodman was held Tuesday at 8. o'clock from St John's church at PhPlps, = : Miss Carolyn Buck of Syracuse spent Wednesday with her brother Willis Buck and family. - \ mm\ smmm ' QBoeoocpapoc i Wit fa Denlhilin wn in bad \company «ncl.wai nihttmea of it'When h« looked buck upon the time when he v tflfc the trusted employee of' a largo , grain flrio, socially recognized and with apparently promising prospects, ana Mfctrasteft ttaf ^condition witb ttis present he drooped his head tmmlll- arid dKhearteoed., :~ ' PM insire IO Jbecnase the Mttte home 1 asked for jgrneihang to ea|fiSa for lt« tois- trms a refined, white-haired old lady , u Pew of us escape measles—it. 'ts oiie of the corajnonest of child- •jhoocl diseases. Every mother ...,__ ^ .,_.... .. . . 'I^ttQws ttie syraptoois, but the •who «<f«nniea Benr in a ,«hririkln|, fear-1 mistake that most mothers make aome way, tut plain pity came into her f«c» wner eyes rested upon his young* «r companion, and she murmured fomcthliig about \better days.\ Then ilia wUedt .. - \ < \Ikljtsi dear, come here.\ -!Fl«rrti«raI^ ^ pavlag the j«r3h«psr tw«nty, fair of form and fea of nDkemptues* of the young fellow wlioae rags ana unshaven face showed that lie was not In h!» right element, The young lady made no comment but went back into the house and re- appeured witlf some cold meat, bread and butter and a pitcher of injlk, Ben proceeded to dispatch two-thlriia of the lunch and then strolled carelessly abo.nt tie yard. Denham was finish- ing a last crust of bread when the jotting 3ad$- reappeared, a- child of •lioW *«ven, apparently her alster, holding a phite -Containing a piece of pie. Wellle laslsts on your having this,\ ••poke Mvi-a \ffafd geutly, \Oil yos» the poor man looka BO hungry I\ prattled the little one, \Walt*\ added the young lady, set- thiir the plate upon the porch,, and hastened buck Into the house and brought a silver fork. There ^ould be no more \delicate tOTrphiueut or recognition, penham •%«• Thfes is No, 3 of a series of advertisements, prepared by a. com- petent physician, explaining how certain diseases winch attack the air passages-^-^Mich ass Pneumonia, Influenza, Wnooping Cpugli, Measles or even a long continued Gbld-4o(ten leave these organs ia an inflamed^ congested state, thus affording a favoraehle foothold for invading gertfis. And how Vick's Vapo- Rub may be of value tin this condition. fa in failing to realize that the FchSd isnct,Cully- Keovered. after 1 1'fibie'eruplJion and fever disappear 1 . [The air passag.es are still inflamed and if tlus laflasnmatiqn is. not 'cleared up, the air passages may wa\ sr-pneniindnia -msmeas Reproductivity of Pearl*. There Is nothing new under the sun, aud the Idea of placing pearls In a bag with 'a little rice, and finding af- ter many years tlijit their numbers have Increased, a very ancient prac- tice, is claiming attention In the Eng- lish press. .That the rice, has the appearance of being \pecked\ adds a fortlirr touch of the famillarj and ySOr\.* ar.e asking what kind of rice pearls-, like best. In the time of (•Boetlils de Boot, the reproductivity not only Of pearls .hut of -dlnmonds wast\ a common jbellef, The* explana- tion ihat tiiQ .pearis now occupying attention 'are Vegetable pearls from the Malay states would oof have sat- isfied Boe'tius.\ ._-•-» r AIJPINISISmCtlMB MOUNT ASS5MB&INE IN CANADA ^^A3«WXS«B!iS^'oeS5l»(^ Ci^r fne TfilcJ P. O'Mm^^Bm^. Teams reated byday./week g fir any kind of, hatiftngi;. ,. j{ racial facilitief %iFjhlintlk*'- * iro coal, si6tiey$ati$,^£ i ^ 5 •>'rn cars.. \\_.'-.\•'' A - .- „J \•' g \• % 'ce N.Y.& freightffotis^ ,8 tf you are trodhled\Mth painl Of • • *ches; feel tired; hlv^^dadri^ - WiGestion,fes^fhnia^ato'in^p^ _ »ge of urine, you Wn0ti l't«ief isrrV fk* worid'a •Und.rd tatpafteld^lW*; • »*«. bladder and u&icl* trStt»la*ii^' National R« m ,dy;o?JIoiiitadike«;4M<J,i Thu«'six,i, «H.,d«^ai^-^Wl*^»*l»T 1 '«tk« aun . GtMJrfdw. **i iw««M •».to»it»«J»« B*nklha Meuie of ? , »•« Member* **»&&&£ I^PW^, muea. jii»ue-uiofoyu* '•-—• seasCof the Juiigs-. I' Nightly applications of Vick'^ [VapoRub flnll aid nature in relieving this inflammation, Be- cause Vicks acts locally by stim- ulation thru the s!an to dra-w Q«t the iaflarnmation, attract the blood away from the congested spot's^.nct relieve the cough. In addition,\ tfie medicinal ingre* dients of •'Vicks; are vaporized by ,the body Tieat These vapors ' are' brcatfecd in all night long, bringing the medication to bear directly upon the inflamed areas Children's! digestions are deli- cate—easily disturbed by - too- -==- much \dpsmg/* Vicks, there- fore, is particularly recommended since it is externally applied and so can be used often and freely •without, the slightest harmful effects. Vicks should be rubbed m oves the throat and chest until T,hfi ,sl?ifi\%\red^ := tBen spread-orr- thickly\ and covered iwth hot flannel cloths. I-eave the cloth- ing loose around the neck and the bed clothes arranged in the form of a funnel so the v&pors arising may be freely inhaled ~U the cough is annoying ^ swallow amiall bit of Vicks the size of a pea. Samples,to new users will be sent free on request to the Vtck- -* Chemical Company, 233 Broad _ Street, Greensboro, N. C. Your Bodyguard Against Colds r TapoRub More Than 17 Millioii Jars Uaed Yearly f'\ 'Wl Lr' ^t^li^l^chf.iMuH3#»>Cal thefoot •rer 5CW m«mbe« with h4*dqu»rUr« f •J. ^^hm:-«x»-jm.- w^imM it aw net nihi.Ilk* lowered hla eyes, for the. quick tears- caiae. The young lady, a letter In her band, went around to the front of the house as If to place It beside the letter \^oi for the mall carrier to take up, re- turned, and n minute later Ben heck» oned urgently, \We'd better make tracks,\ he said, and Denharn could not understand' his haste, \This Is no'good town If the village constable spies us.\ \I want to reach Southport \before auric,\ Ben apprized him. \We've been living on handouts for a week. I want something better.\ For only a few days Denham had trnhaped It \with Ben. When the Arm be bad worked for so long failed he bad been unable to get on his feet again. Xlien came a spell of sickness,, no work inter and then absolute pov- erty- - - - • Wbeir they r reaehed the city Ben still further surprised Denham by tak- ing a room in a fairly respectable ho- tel. Denhato noticed that' he paid for Oiesame with a fifty-dollar bill. \I liiicl tbat stowed awfcy all the time,\ assorted mendacious and tfleky •Ben. \I w^auted' to surprise you. There's a Ave, Go around and enjoy yourself until I come back,\ and he did not reappear until midnight, al- most, riotous ns he showed an Immense package of bank notes. 'IFIvo hundred!\ he gloated. \My lnck \at jcartls held firm. . Kow then, paitaeiy while Tm In funds I'm going to get' back to friends, I'm no piker, so I'oa going to stake you to ga .where you please, Here, I'll stow two twen- iIeT'Tn\^i^'OT1r'•w-al•^et:-* , ! J ^a^^e•^-fer-not^^-t iDTg- brat a new fancy pticketbbok will do me Jixst now.\ '• Derjlwfcn could scarcely believe his good -fortune ns he started for his homer town the next morning. - , But ft vfart surprise greeted him. An uncle liait died leaving him a small for- tune- and lawyers had been seeking foy Mm everywhere. The transition from poverty to* wealth dazed aha. Tlieu a strange discovery started him oft u-singular .quest. In jthe old wallet - he bad found n letter. It was all crumpled up nnd was directed to \Edwin Wnrd.\ It tpldof a» InHosurc of fifty dollars and It 'Uli^lBrea -*m&K broWr\ hot to lose heart, that, sinuit as was the amount, and spared with difficulty, It must be made to serve Its recipient to—carry out his-f^oiiS; - - -.- -.-• The letter was dated at the town where the yoking lady had glyen Den- ham and JBen\ that free meal. At onc¥ rienham asurnalsed the truth. B'en miist hslvo overheard the girl and her moth- er 'dhpussiflg tjlg contents of Oie let- ter, had wickedly, stolen it front \the letter boa: and had' appropriated the incIoBrare. ' . . he* .hafiJ !ocafed..2BldwIn Wai-d, to find' tiiB: striving io noafce hts.'way In .the literary fteid. Just la ttme^he reached, ihe dfacopwaged ^rie to saveJMm froth\ Ibauaenltig all ,h!s cherligiM a 1t)fe' Hpnii,\ ' So the brother Benham told all,, in- •latlnjt that a* allow him to help hfm with his ample means. .Six months latere the* Invited guest of his new frieft(l. \Denham found himself once ino.r« siit j&tjse cflttagej but ander what itraijijelr- coutraatlng circumstancea I . iljra \«\»rd knew him at a glance. She wa* appjrlasd. of the ^fruth and tlfcite trerJtb, ^this rea| Moiiiol Mm who bad oucu- bMhat fteanllest trAnderet sbofi* forth too cle*rly\ to have her ^r«to from agrjnapathy foir one she had , flt*t hrtt aunlir hilafor'tMce, and hla lort ll&dipt tit* on* panaoct si Iter Uf *, 'm^jTw* BVI II V&IH H Wl JT\^ CAM BE REMOVED Free Proof To You All I w«nt l« vour 'name anil adilrcsn BO I can lend yon aiainple tfi»t treattaeot, IjwiHifc wu Sunt to try thli trcaUneat — that'i all—luat try it. Thnt'« tiiy only aiBiiment I've been is Use lie tall Druj Buiioent for to yean, I am Pretldeot of the Indiana Stat* Board of Pliarumcy-fmcl I'roKidcnt of the Retail Druroiitl' A»«ociation. Nearly everyone In Forf Wayne know* me and iiiowu nbout my mccetsful treatment. Over twahr* thouiami fWa hundrad Men, Womtn autt Ctilldrcn outside of fort Wayne II«TC,! according to their own itate> Bieati h»d their ik in diseiuc henledbv thli treatmeut ilnce I flnt made tlilc offer public. H you have lexeme. Itch, Salt Rhaum, Tatter—never mlnd-fiow bad — my .treatment DM removed the wont dies I over «»w—glva mm a ch»nca to prove mv claim. Send me your name anil nddrcnon the coupon below and pet the (ample treatment lw»nk ta lend you without cost Of any kind, The wonderiaccompltihea in your own cue will be pr««f aiBaaafM«MM»ai»aiimBa»k CUT *NO MAIL TQOAV •••••••••••••••aaaaaaaaaaT t. C. HUTZEUL, DruRitt^ 3*38 WatvtMalh 8t. f FortWayi •Iwte aend wilhoat coat or oollf atlon to ma roar Pre* Proof TrettOKof. fc,i at6BaV fc * Mtmt_ .4i»^ — r ft-Si tan Offlct..__». tfeattaBil K«w -SUU-... •^ i •< * i iOi»i-ii -ij .|> -t> T0II8HT CATAflHrf WITH SIMPLE HOME MADE REMEDY Can Make Pint at Home and Costs Little, Says Leading Druggist of Covington, Ky„ Who Hat Made Special Study of Catarrh. Says: Inflamed l\ostril9 ....«—... Jnvrlte Influenza ~- :.. People who say that catarrh is who don't know about this simple 4 ^ f & disease not to be taken 'Serious- 1 ly are harshly rebuked by a Ken- tucky druggist who has for years beejn lftuoh interested in the growth of this loathsome, yet al- together . too common disease. He claims *liot the sore, tender, tnls and throat >a ^^P^^jh^ve mixed it with enough boiled breeding groBid for germs—not only the .germs oi Innaenza r but many other Tcinds as well. If people \would o-nly st<rp ex- perimenting for two weeks and try a simpls? remedy made- of Meh-fhori^ed Arcrina mixed with enough boiled water to make, a full pint,- half of the catarrh in this coit&try votdd be \aholisirifa; ^ Jrt^jejtHy jr.? • joke for people recipe to be constantly sniffing and snuffling, blowing and hawk- ing, when all these obnoxious symptoms as welt as the foul dis- charge can be made to disappear in a few days. Ask for three-quarters of an ounce of Mentholized Arcine—- X X3 3Ugh water to make a pint, gargle the tffroat twice daily and sauff-ep- spray some up the nostrils, as di- rected. The tender nostrils will soort lose their soreness, heal upland ha clean and healthy. Important Reminder: ' Just as S£>Q!L-a&-anyQne in the family gets - a cold in.the head, check it at once with this~ same, medicine. #- i$ the dentrifice that contains the. properties recommended as ideal by .United States Army Dental Surgeons $ $ & Sp-Wng \BrfSes:\'\fp^e might\\we \suggest that you can see our sjaffrpjes before ordering your'Engraved Invitations, announce- meats, at homo or Church cards. Ertablished 1904 ona 733 S3 tfaax f)0tot&*M%*.;%b^$§4*,,j)ipi' par*)- JL *fk0

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