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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1911-1955, March 30, 1920, Image 7

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iM^MMiiSiM&im-' .,.,,. ''-St-'. 1 - 1 '.- 30'—Grove .• r>ve- . hy young I'hilfp ler -who for nearly, game of hide tait^ ent agents during ~i jund guilty of de-'\' tary court martial , 'e years in prison. • court .ism -J-RlL^ -sentence l>igdflll icharged from |»*. h\ 30—An appro- 0 for the aviation- eoming fiscal yeat r Major Menohcr, service, appWinS ftarjf Affairs cow- that- $23,'W0,«0 is ft&.-afoft operatic* bates' Ready. , the rebate 'chpeki su6s?x»berB com* g at tiie Oettewr Ittoing the a*l ;re delivered. AU , g,600 chocks t>' ! ew ' rtitteft for twejv* RegenOTIil§ Always a* in •THE PRQFITf^f- Christie C?W«tf>;-i. . _ \WILD qi H^&SH*v.i TOP.IPS , . TOWORftoW Ypu Can Read a* ,QW*\ Sou^ ThrcaimrHer eyear-See?-——} coRRkHNE-eaif^KrHjn^ i ••THE TOWER 0)=tjSWEU« \-GAY*ETV coiwecv •A SAPHEAD SAgRIFlCE\ CURRENT EVE-NTS;-' KlNOGR/WA,, * Temple Thiitre L. G. BRADY, Mflt\ TODAY VIOLA DANA 10 •PLEASE GET MARRIED\ PATHE NEWS 2 FIRST CLASS ACTS 2\ WEd^ESDAY TOM MIX 111 Sunshine Comedy - \CHICKEN-A LA CABARET\ MUTT & JEFF in - 2 FIRST CLASS ACTST? ~ Complete Change of Vodvii Thurs- day Coming Monday CECIL B. DeM-ILLE'S wonderful Production Mate-and- Female &&*u&i§S!i!g*BPR' BHf Provide*. $400 Per er> Lockwooo* Bill 50 per (feint of Total Amount oft Salaries, '^ • J3esid*» the differences ' Ss io the ^Srountyof salaries provided for teach- &m», there; i s also' considerable differ- f wtee. b.e£jveen ith.e \p'rovlsidhs of the ^ockwood, -bill and the Hutchinson till »«»'-*0;..tft#*irtount: that the state shall $%y~tewkr4H3)« salaries or local teach- ers.- Both of these bills provide amend- ments to the education law in resgect to teWBeW\aaIaHe»\Sd'¥8To. how the\ money is to 6e provided. , These two -tweayirea have been the subject of considerable discussion i a school cir- cles of the city. In the Hutchinson bill it is provided th^,t the state shall pay an amount .varying .with the class of the city. For third-class cities, of which Geneva is one; the atafelsto pay MOO toward the Salary of each•\ teacher. As Geneva ^employs 72 teachers it would receive a» its teachers;' quota under this bill 128,800. i_On the otheji hand ussier the. JLnck* wood bill the state will pay an amount equal to 50 per cent of the\ salaries paid to teachers:, during the year- prior to the apportionment. As the total amount to be expended, this year for teachers' \salaries will be $72,69S, Ge- neva wo,nM tecpiy.f) .1 quota under this Trial Set of Instruments On Exhibition at Company's Office on Seneca Street The, New Yc* Telephone Compiny -ha*-progressed- sufficiently a-ltr\woi-li of Installing its new automatic tele- phone system in Geneva so that it noiy desires the, general public and Its patrons In particular to acquaint themselves with the details of the op- eration of the new system. In the show window of Us tempor- ary office of Seneca street a trial set ef-insrtrumeirts has been installed with the working mechanism in plain view and the employees of the company for the past day or two have been busy explaining the workings of the sys- tem to curious on« who, have called. In to Inquire 1 about it. . The Company plans to put on an ed- ucational campaign next_ week* and urges everybody who will have occa- sion to make use of the new system to call at the office and learn now to op*. erate it, _A-jclerJt—will be is «>nstaa^ bill oT $36,300 liw round numbers, —-« — '• ' i. OFFICER. m TOWN, attendance and will explain every de tall. There will also be a pamphlet given out that wiH explain every op- AtwoW~orthe ^12Ha f-eration- that-wfll be necessary to go through in using the new automatic phone. JL The officials-of therbmpany predict that the system will work perfectly when it is completed and desire the patrons to acquaint themselves with SECRUlTWm —Captain R. -& Railway Artillery; on his way. from Syracuse to- Albany stopped wer in town yesterday to visit the recruiting 1 party of the S2nd Kegiment which is fiere at present and also the local par- ty. CftEtain Atwood has charge of two different partiea Jrom-the. £2nd r one with headquarters in Albany and the other at Syracuse. .,t.-»...t» l !aq\ otaa i FLil COT f FLOWERS [ Easter lilies, roses, sweet peas, violets, freesias, carnations, daf- fodils, tulips, calendulas, saap- .(IragoMj... hydrangeas: mmbler roses., spiraea, cinerarias, hya- cinthf, prim-roses, ferns. POTTED PUNTS Best Easter Stock In City. Cai'eful attention pven to or- dpig_ghjpppfl nnf. nf m'ty 1 post and express. Flowers~deliy- | ered hy telegraph to any placeTnT * the United States. THERE WILL BE NO AD- VANCE IN PRICE OF FLOW- ERS DURING THE EASJER DEMAND. icaoi Geneva Floral Co. Phone No. 199—Y.M.C.A. Block Geneva, N. Y. t 1 ' i i'! f .ii»l'.\|i)'U.iiili.'i'iilfai' its intricacies, inasmuch -as~lT large portion of the success of the system will depend upon the patrons them- selves. Methodist Ctuiixh.NoUi.. \SeBgca-gastlb March 30-s^rhe a6rv-~ ices this week at the M. E3. church will begin Tuesday with pVayer serv- ice at 10 o'clock a. m. (Standard time). The subject for Tuesday evening will be \The Lost Sheep\ by Mr. Stafford; Wednesday evening, \The Lost Coin,\ by Mr. jGibby; Thursday evening \The Prodigal Son\ by Mr. Stafford, Friday evening. Good Friday service. They are <<miiiii< ^''Kmimimxi-rm**^ Jncrewe P*r|r'' Space at the Lake Front \With the project Qt acquiring the old oanal before the'jttblic enthuslasta of a lake side park at the foot of Seneca lake are dwelling upon their hobbjs just now and the lake front is attract- ing' more attention than usual. One interested citizen comes to the fore with the suggestion- that in the contemplation of the plans for the far distant future the obvious' necessities of the present -should-not be overlooked and calls attention tp the bad state of repair In which the sea wall along-the shore is at present. • The sea wall will need repair, or re- building, in the course of one or two years, this advocate states, and advis- es that, if Geneva has its heart set on acquiring a park along the lake front, steps should be taken^tt^have the- sea Wall moyed a hundred or mdre feet In- to the lake at the time it is rebuilt. The water is very shallow nt this point it-is contended, and any. sea wall con- structed will have to be a wet wall of substantial character. Such \a \wall could be constructed one' hundred feet out in the lake with very little added expense and would.provide a magnifi- cent park levee. The present wall is what is known aa a dry wall and has not been able to stand th« buffeting of IOCXOI IOOO aoi=K the waves at high water. SENECA CASTLE Seneca Castle March 30-^-A surprise was. given- Mrs. llattie Jones -at her home on Saturday-night by her broth- er and sisters and their families t o the number of about 20. Refreshments were served, -..-.- - Miss Celia Warner of Kafiles retura- ed home today after spending about a week at the John Cairns home. Mrs. Court of Rochester was home over Sunday. --•-Miss--W»trrfiT'xi--'t'airrhi i ; his'\-of™Wa3li;-- 30E30C IOE30X Ington, D. CTT came home Sunday for a week's vacation. Mrs. Mary Hughson is .spending a few days with friendB in town. » Presbyterian Church Notes. ' Seneca Castle, March 30—An unus- ually interesting service was hold in the Presbyterian church on Sunday morning when twelve persons united with the church on confession of faith. There was six baptisms. Tha Woman's Home and Foreign ,-\• To appreciate how well we are prepared to provide for your Easter wardrobe it will be necessary for you to view our displays and give them leisure inspection. You can ask for some particular garment, Suit, Coat, Waist, Dress or Skirt in somfe par- ticular style and material,, but that we can presen& you with, at a very attractive price— a price which will be unusually low for a gar- ment of such exceptionally high quality.—GttF- styles are individual and you may be sure of an excellent Easter seiect-ian-Uf--you-^ now. * \ \• ^ J* i ** *J -t i Easter Coats Distinctive individuality! De\ • -veieped- 4n- -4m»—Boltvfa, -Poia tone, Tweeds, Serge and Jersey. Strictly tailored coati, some beautifully lined, in the popular three quarter as well a* fujj length. Prices $17.50 to $55.00 Easter Suits Beayiiful Spr'ng Models^ qjvel- \*^eff Tn\arily\l!Tift''i¥S?iTnfl\\ r i^'\S\' t able fabrios. Strikingly nobby In style. Trimmed in colored em- broiderory, buttons and braid. Prices $19.75 to $87.50 Missionary Society will hold its quar- terly meeting and tea on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock In the church jjarlors. As It Is the first meeting of the church year \it is urged that all the members and women of the con- gregation 'attend. On Thursday afternoon .at three o'clock in the chapel there Tvill be a meeting of the Session, Board of Trus- tees and all who have aided in the financial canvass for current and new •erartnntgBtsr* ; : ' Thursday evening prayer meeting at 7:30 o'clock. The-theme: \The Cruci- fixion.\ Junior Endeavor will meet at close of the public school at the manse. T Plywood In Airplane Construction, \\Plywooa Is wood of any variety ihkT ~ has boon cut by • machine into thin layers and glued together again in •ocb * w«y that ta* grattuoienft layfflt WAR CHEST SUBSCRIBERS WhcrHaw IN FULL it ^ift reeeife i rdfu^-^f^^* To ayoicj the expense and labor of mailing, $u(j>iK^^ to call at the eneva Trust Company ; for their it^ or after Mofiday, March final dividend will be paid runs at an angle to the grain of two adjacent Tayera. 'fhe strength of a plywood panel) in two planet, greatly *xcc»d* that of st«el. With Home wood, by combining cut*, It is even possible to get greater resistance to stross In all tlirae planes than steel afford*, though it Is rarely hecensary to go so far. Ordinary wood used for airplane construction^ la not required to with- Utand .severe stresses in more than two planes. Wha\ plywood means- i» airplane construction is well Illustrat- ed by the De Haylland-4. Before that method of using wood was Inventsd the best airplane wing rib weighed 7.90 ounces, JincTwicr capable ofi«retatntnf a load of only S& pounds. Since then the plywood rib used on the De Havi- [and weighs 5.12 ounces and will carry a load of 2?4 pounds-—Popular Me- chanics Magazine. Luminous Dials Popular. The radium watch industry, which has grown jin a few years to such large proportional began with (he J>ro^ daction of one wotdi in 1©03 by the scientist Dr. George F. Kanz. Dur- ing 190&-10 « few hundred such watches were imported and told tin- der patents-dwned-by * ^a*f» Anaett- con rsdinro company. FrffitalfltO-Birtu- the present time the industry hM grown steadily, tu 1913 about 8,500 radium watches tod clocks were sold In the United »tete«. and bf 1»W there was more than a fife fold in- crease In this number. From these small beginnings i the use of radio- lmofnoos compound has grown into an Industry with an ontptrt w,Mch fri lfill apptorfmated 2,200*00 American *lgb- g*»de «;nd cheap waWhea and' eUxski and upwatd of 860,000; imported time- pieces. SciHs 8parn Sunday Work. lord I-everhnltne has encountered the religious prejaafces of the S\cdts- fiien who live.on fee, extensfve proper- ty he has pnxeJutted In the Otrter Hebrides and has suffered a reboft. He hod planned to make Stornoway, on the island eft-LewIsv' the headauarters at a trage fishing tfeei that wwsjll *weep the seas for 500 mOes.am.nn4 , The project tareirmi Sunday labor, and the lstKn««r«._who adhere t» the strict and Intense fora ef the Presby- terian faith, rejected It ' Commenting da the Incident the Ixmdon -periodical, Common Sense, m&l \Lord Ltvc&ilmsi 1# * mmi <t big Ideal and. new ideas, white the population over wham he has declarel the rights of iafrdsfelp gat fottf *C *II and ltttense icleaa. H«t»ce the taeTit»« «• collision.\ ' .. - /•' -- . .• , 1 z^^^^r^ \^ J i _gg L ^. ^ 1 to aa. 3 e 1_HPuB_F ^ i^^ m ^•1 71 *- ^> jffi W ONTROLLED POWER The power of the Picrce-Arrow Dual Valve Six, mighty as it is, carries no ele* ment of danger. Creating this addled motive force without increasing the size or the number of cylinders is no greater achievement than placing that\powcr under the absolute control of the man behind the wheel. TThe Power available is limitless; the power used is whatever the driver deci_el. To crawl along at three miles an hour, breeze along at thirty, or burn lip the road at severity- five, is optional with ihe operator—the Pierce- Arrow simply complies. GENEVA AUTO CO. 145 Castle St. Geneva, N. Y. t • :i V i- «, t - \*S S a

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