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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1911-1955, March 05, 1920, Image 10

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;,,#«$**'' <z$n mil '• ,i H X A J <5 * 1 \Oeta-It\ Stops Pain Instantly .^nd Cora Soon Lifts Eight Off A few drops of \Gots-Il\ quenoho» orn pains like water quenches Are. #ea$75 institutions of hem- (Ho Hope -g&jMttar Food Sftua- fo' m the fcotmtry Wow §eek Fttntis. WEST SUM IS $25,000,009 Northwestern Wants $10,000,000 for Buildings Alone—Higher Pay for Profeas©r«H s roml»ed- by Att-- Campaign Committee*.' tion Seen by Food Con- troller at Rome. Slia HTINB MUR BREAD •trlkof. and ,Riot» Are Bred by Stead- ' lly Inoreeeing Coat of Everything Wfjiifl -DeepAMXtetyTo; \ -Government. , New York.—Nearly seventy-five col- lege*' throughout chef &u;ntry Are] ,6on- aWcting campaigns for' en.'dowmen'f' £ufndsJ w, increase th9Jpajf e .ojf, t|ief£ |»ru- i fessofs and to nrpVlde hew bafKfings £iirf to^JJllia__Jt-<s-45HiHtftla~tljat4lW- • totajFTsdught Is more than $200,000,000. tffve hi -the largest institutions lu the Country—Harvard, Princeton, Cor- nell, Northwestern flhjd New York unl-. i&tsm— fire engaged In Campaigns, and ine total sought by these five hit- versitleS alone Is $70,700,000. North- The corn begins to lose Ita grip *t -<mee^ In a day or two It Is BO loeso that vou can lift It oft, roots nnd all. 'twtxt thumb and finger. That's tlio last of It, as millions have found out It is the simple, effective and enmbion-sense way to \>e rid of corns \Gots-It.\ the never-falling, guar- anteed, monev-back corn remover, jsta_tM*t-i(r-t-rt*)«~ai any drug ulore, I'd by to La wronoe &Co„ Chicago.. Rome.—Italy's food situation Is lorae now tiran It has been since the irtalstice and almost as bad as ft wag during the dark ^ayg of the war. rhe-fgellDg that all Is not well .has JMJghed--OTro^\fibuselceepil^oTweeI^ when life's prime necessities 'grew rarer and dearer. But now tiie coun- try has Jjeen told the. bitter troth by food Controller Murlaldl In\ a speech Sefore the chamber of deputies, _ This year's harvest of grain has yielded 200,000,000 hundredweight western' seeks $25,000,000. Harvard I !ess tnan las < yea\\; the government already has promise? of $12,000,000,1 mu8 ' '«»l>ort 250.000,000 hundjred^ •T \~~ftH mynrd iief desired fund of $15,2TO,-' ** e »8 bt T° f bread, which Is sold at 20 flpO. Cornell's goafIf? $io,000.(XK)j \ntetora two-pound loaf, and njeans Princeton desires $14,000,000, and New i WOO.OOO.OOO on hard grain alone; on JTork university has set $6,400,000 as [ f°\ «™ lln tn « loss e<juals another her' minimum' In a campaign tS be j MW.OOO.OOO; on olive oil th e state launched late this month. * 1*^21^** Vera ' bundred ™ n \PB doUws.- ^Pp-^rjj^g-^^ggpgg; f -rtffir Is the only allied country Other large soma sought by some of j ™ hose »nnnbltants must still eat war , ra „_,, mH , nnmt ^ rptf M . the smidtev colleges carry the\ total t orea(1 - Jts price, the government says, ^^L^SrSTttT ! above #100.(WO,000 before the first ten;< nust sh ^ be raised 5 or 10 centjL £lTS.7Z%.toJ!£ I campaigns are enumerated. Boston..'\\ • ^o-pound loaf, because the • universuy also wants $10,000,000. The *J$* cannot stand the loss of $800,- .tniv fiM iiy„f PIttal.urjjh Intends to W 00 B '** 0D ««m aloti* -*b»- f S e$.ia(MMtOixfe.^nQSt.|rve , yer l «.. *BWIft.BMt..l»«iE part, of• the-bttrden-r ^berltn College Of Ohio, is to raise I\» «W \read. JB.2W.00a and ten other College^ aro I R J ce K ,s eearce - t0 °-\ this year's bar- campaigning for Individ J funds of! 7«« ^ZV,L^T^ 0 * M'V ^ $S,0(K).oT)0 each. ; ,0n »ttnd«dw.l.ght the ol harvest | is so poor the public has less than Although Columbia university here one-tlilrd the quantity doled out last year. There Is less than helf the quantity of cheese, lard, butter and . SMii lin CEgni'va. IIIIU neumnrmfntfed' Want fDJnig- (DJ. •>». AVEiT FLU EPIDEMIC IfSovornnient and City Health Officials Warn People to Keep Clean. JStoy Away from People Coughs and Cold*. witH milk of last year; there is a serious sugar shortage too. No Prospect of Relief. And the food controller has no if** -if •1«b ^4^ ii\ \Avoid crowds if you want Uf fevoid influenza,\ says Association dfor Improving 1 the nond.tions of Kew York. -Keep—your—hands- riean, drink plenty of fresh water; sleep with %vindows open; eat -three uniform jnenls u day includiiifr a good Tbroakfest. People who havo catarrh or fre- «uent colds invito Influenza, de- clares a prominent Kentucky <8rujr{rist The m.-mbratie of the throat tint! nfi-p i.i rnv., sore and tender, •Old makes a lovely abiding place Jlor {ft-rms to thrive and multiply. He advises fn inexpens've home- fando remedy that will bring relief fn less than a day and will stop all Hischfrprp arrd sooth and heal the Inflamed membrane in a few days. Thousands are makintr this be- heficial remedy at home and any- one who has catarrh or a cold can Ho the same. Pour threo-rruarters of an ounce bf Mentholizrd Arcine into a pint bottle, then fill the bottle with Water-tbat'has been boiled. - Gargle the throat as directed knd snuff or spray the liquid into the nostrils twice daily. It's a kimple way to pet rid Of cold and catarrh and keeps the nasal pas- Wiire and throat clean and healthy. Nparrv all \druggists dispense Mentholr/pd Areine in vials con- tain'ng exactlv three-quarters of lin ounce, which is all you need to ake a pint of this healthful me. cine tm M w \s the dentrifice that contains the proper- ties recommended as Ideal by United States Army dental surgeons f ITS UNWISE to put off to-day's duty until to* morrow. If your stomach is acid-disturbed take KHfQiOS the new aid to digestion comfort tattay. A pleasant relief from the discomfort'of acid-dyspepsia. MADE BY SCOTT & BOWNE MAKERS OF SCOTTS EMULSION 19-<» has announced nd plans for a cam- paign for funds, her president. Dr.. alc\fi<j(as Murray Butler, has Intimated at money nilghx be sought for the completion Of the Institution's building jtf&roms, Xwd of Corun)bln's associ- ated InstJ-tutions, Barnard College nnd remedy t o suggest. The public blames him and his food ministry. H e blames the food ministry too, .say- ing that such chaos reigned when tie took' It over last summer that he has been unable to straighten tilings on* and will resign as soon as possible. He told an astonished chamber that i All of tne large eastern colleges j he fouDd hls mlblstry buying cheese have committees at work In this city, at $> cents a pound, to. resell to ! and Hunter College for Women nnd | wholesale dealers, who Soled It out New York university Intend to push i t0 tne Dubllc nt 5 1 ' 5 0 a Pound. He j their campaign for funds In the guer- | aaded that one Kreat trouble Is the , rllln wnrfare way because most of lack of fooc l experts to advise the their graduates live In tW city. Hun- government In buying ' - - Telephone 833. OUR DELIVERY IS The walking is very bad. Why carry your goods when our Delivery is free, widwe^ _ take care Q^otir sugar wante and your DOLLAR will surely work for you, if you givers yo^f order. \1 \.: \* ' '.\\•\.-I sSR a Hecker's or Pillsbury's Flour, per sabk $150 WhiM Star Pastry Flour, per «*& ^JS' 7 \t Mascot Soap, 23 for Borax Soap Chips, 9 pkgs., ...... Borax in pound packages; 9 for Boraxo, 10 pkgs. for .. .. -.T\.. Teachers' college, are appealing for ftin,ds. Teachers' college seeks $3,000,- OOO, $1,600,000 of whjch Is to' be used for a new library building, and the tilumnnp Committee of Barnard asks $;itl0.O(K) to complete the $1,000,000 en dowijient fund. Pure white Compoundylfa^^,. •.,..„_^_uj_^JS&- J i J Pure Lard. lb. 26c White House Coffee, 3 lbs. $1.48 Our Special Blend Coffee, 3 lbs $1.00 Sunny Monday Soap, 15 for $1.00 ... $L00 ... $1.00 ... $1,00 .. . $1.00 Toilet Paperr26-reasT7T. .T....... $1.00 Mince Meat, 8 pkga. $1.00 Best Head Rice, 6 lbs. . . $1.00 No.TWalnutt,^Tbsr. $1.00 Matches, 12 boxesin pfef;-;:;;.:;;;,; \]~'Vv?lSTir :'r^aufl^Oats;largenze7Tfw^^;:.'.:.... $1.00 Pink Salmon, 7 cans $1.00 Kraut, large cans, 7 cans $1JOO Sardines in Oil, Mustard or Tomato Sauce, 12 cans . - $1.00 Black or Red Raspberries, can . 38c Pifmpkin, large cans, 9 for .$1.00 Gal. Cans Karo Syrup 90c Greening Apples, pk 60c Peaches, large cans .....* 40c .JKingmLtJQfJsjp-fJUb^-5.1. Mother's Oats with Aluminum, 3 for .; $lt00 •,••; $1.00j Evaporated TWilk, large size, 7 for ,., . $lJ|0| Sunbrite Cleanser, 22 cans .... ..... $1.00 Our Regular $1J25 Brooms . . . .... $JL0Q Servus Pancake Flour, large pkg. 10 for:$l, i Pure Bulk Cocoa, 4 lbs. . . :'. . Bulk Macaroni, 1 lc lb., 15 lbs. Mazola Oil, gal. cans^ .....; Not-a-Seed Raisin, 5 pkgs. ., Asparagus Tips,; 5 cans . . Tomatoes, 8 cans . ....... Corn, 8 cans _•.?..„•„.:....!..: 7. $1.S0 . . $1.00 T7^$t.00r $1.00 JtUUuu. Cans ,*. .^ •«• .*..!=*..- Hunt's Sliced Pineapple, large cans 35c Hunt's Grated Pineapple, gal. cans .... 1.25 Campbell's Pork & Beans, 8 cans ..... $1.00 Red Pitted Cherries, can 38c Strawberries, \can 38c Corned Beef, 5 cans % . ...:...-,.,.... $1.00 Gal. cans White Syrup $1.10 12 lbs. Cooking Onions . . $1.00 Best sand grown potatoes, pk. ..... ... . 68c Purity Nut Oleo, 33c lb., 5 lbs. .%^$U60 Choice Dairy Butter and Strictly-Fresh Eggr r -=:—:- ^__ . , _ . Space will not permit us to tell ydu of all our specials. Come in and we will tell you of them. We will hold a demonstration at our store-on Saturday on Purity Nut Oleomargarine. Come in and try it. Special price for this day only. ter college Is seeking 5100,000 for an alumnae hall, and (s running Its cam- pulgn as part of the celebration of the. fiftieth anniversary of f(s foundation, hrgnnlzntlons of graduates of the va- rious colleges have been requested to subscribe certain quotas, and the cam- paign has been curried directly to the purse of each graduate. Varying Amounts Sought. In buying foods, es- pecially perishable kinds. And he MI id he saw no hope for a better food situation In the near future unless people ent less and pull their belts tighter over empty stomachs. The perpetual upward flight of food prices In Itnly causes deep anxiety to those responsible for the country's good order. , ltocent strikes and civil ,.strife were almost wholly due to discontent caused by the still In- specialized institutions range down Rasing OSst of lifes prime neees- from the $8,000,000 sought by the Mas- . s|t ,' PS n \ d mo, ' e ,r 1 0 \- ,,,e s , - vet to c J olne nchusetts Institute of Technology to , - n,ess the n ^ txr<] UOtt « «»-™rbcd. he $10,000,(100 to be raised by Ford- ! ham university of this city for a me- tnorlnl to Its graduates who perished In the\ wltf': Joining, too. In the cam- 6am|..'e Increases. Oottou goods c«<t 800 per cent . , . L . . more than they did In 1910. woolen pahrns are «.me ,.f tjie women s col- Knnds 250 par cent, hats ami shoes leges, Including Mount I!,.|y.,ke. Bryn o 110 OPI)t s!lo , 1() v P , othe8 2 50 per Mawr nnd Smith college. I'hllllps Rx- | c(tJ)U g| „ sg B()0(] s sno ppr ront Homo . etcr umaetax apd Andnvei- academy Rrowo p r0(lllt . e nas m.-reased more the l|st. hNo are oi Three h' planned elaborate campaigns for large I rpnt (lenrer Vhn\n\three\years ago. po- ll ttje MM. i thnn f 0ni f s impnrterl f>om America. >t the ImaitntUuw tpat 4md - Por i nstance , eggs nl . 0 now B5 pel . Endowment fund? received large su,us { tntoes 450 pei . ^ denw# heans i2S tinder the will of Henry l\ Prick. Toj ppr cenU fl . ps h pork 370 pM . cent fTInceton was left sio.oon.ooo. Har-1 IraMfln , flrd 2m per cent . beef m •art received $5,000,000 mid $5,000,000 { per oent) i^ttor 271) per cent, cheese also was bequeathed to the .Massachu- setts inst|futo o.f Technology. Mass); 250 per cent, milk 300 per cent, wine 025 per cent. The food control office .Mrusetts \Tech\' also hns. received In ,. Pl , ort 8 that wine growers made such <*• , .' 1 £ ; f , J ,1,sri jtwmlsos of large sums, bIg prnfit8 tnls , fls t yenl . that tney ffb'ni T. <:o.eman t> nP u n k on condition \^tor the land their wines «rL l M ^^^\i^-^S^Sl ihaLa>£clflc.iidmtloiml^«w^^^ ^ yea 7 8 \ S ^^^™T?T7 '* ^T' ^ toi-ii,..,i t,v ..th.^ro ,h,,.in,r fi,„ ^.,,„„„i„„ . ° it become thick, glossy and lustrous. §crlbid by othfrs during the campaign. By far the largest suni Is sought by Nortliwesteni university (n Chicago. Her goal is $25,000,000, Including $10.- qOO.OOO for hew bulldfngs and nn en- dowment fund for th^lr maintenance. '. ntended' expansion of work js to be.hand, •pvered by h fupd of $H,000,6bd, and : he remaining $4,000,000 Is to be used H fjnrryjng oii the present currlcu- tnins. . According to (nfnrmailoh ftir- \lshed f to' (he Vntjdcrhllt Alumnus he\ Jinlillcnfloii of the graduates of i'linderldll tmfvcrslty, the stale of p/o- ti-s'-Ht^ jin'v' hi Northwestern afso will be Incren^^ed. liuiisness fSick Headache, Sour Stomach, Bloat- ing, Cics, Constipation—all these dis- tres>Mi<i; consequences of indigestion are •viilvH-i! if the bowels are keep open and - - !c » \V- Pm.<t' ^iriARTICTABUEH *Cf j-rusaptly, without pain or nausea. •*Hisy clear the bowels, tweeten ute jKoaiaeh and tone up the liver. «. R. Wliitchumt, R. P. D. 1, Norfork. V*t .•\Rfoliiy Cathartic Toblcw live done me [•pod than itay medicine 1 ever Uicd.\ VvEuD l>RUti ^s. School .of Fish Irt Tender. *\ bssinvatnmie^ i^an.—wntw and fner famines dovelon striihge becurrences jrl jrailron'JinK Knd oecnslpnally l-oqulre htrwit!;>t.t«i f/iclderits to .discover theni, ,^m IS. Mil saying thai*.' olIeMke^,foreman, ht P? ,iiS; discovered S e„i\ in km II ^hnni of SmimiBB8ws tri the tehder it Snelii? N8'.- t28, ile jither day. TJie M m w m, tV shoi} m 'M iB.lhe \m<$$ m leveral .. T - ind that ffiany of theill had b^ deS 'orionie tte v J|B«»J 'tho Want Ad* - |T«f,litia i hoy are in* fronti^ and $« reqltesiied by.Uift......_-.__ _,__,_. j,gHc^tuf«'kB#iafi*of e » by Kern 1 >MiMfelMHoa tfssh Bleat wm Mi%*m m& ttitsian Winter bf alone. The ever-growing cost of living In Italy, once the cheapest country In Europe, the paradise of the poof man, seems fo be i n a vicious eircle. Dear food and discontent go hand-in- breeding strikes, riots, blood- shed. They again react on local 'pro- duction and cause prices to rise higher than before. Then follow fresh strikes nnd disorders; the screw Is turned yet again and the vicious circle must be rounded once more. ARCH FOR 10&YEAR PEACE Memorial Urged for Friendly Rela- tlons Between Canada and \. ti United 8tate». ••-,«. Blaine, Wash.-^Brection of a huge memorial a>rch on the International boundary here to commemorate the century of peace between Canada and the United States Is being urged by good roads men of Washington and British Columbia. Tentative plans call for the erection of. the \arch In a big park to be estab- lished on the Pacific highway on both •Ides of the boundary. Th« city of Blaine In willing to purchase the American share of the garb If the British Colombia parliament will buy the Canadian aide. Samuel Hill of Seattle, president of Un Pacific Highway association, U lttding the movement Premier John Oliver of British Columbia has prom* i«M to trMtd* tbo matter. SAGE TEA KEEPS VOUR HAIR DARK When Mixed With Sulphur It Brings Back Its Beautiful Lustre at once. i~lray hair, however handsome, de- notes advancing age. We - all know the advantages of a youthful appearance. Your hair is your charm. It makes , ur mars the face. When ir fades, turns pray and looks streaked, just a few applications of Sage Tea and Sulphur enhances itr appearance a hundred- fold. Don't stay gray! Look young! Eith- er prepare the recipe at home or get from any drug store • 50-cent bottle of \Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Com- pound,\ which is merely the old-time^ ffcipe improved by the addition of other ingredients.\ Thousands of folks rrcomtaeno this ready to-use prepara- tl'm, because it darkens the hair beau- tifully, besides, .no one can possibly tell, a s it darkens so naturally and evenly. You moisten a sponge or soft • •rush with it, drawing this through the hair, taking one small strand at a time. By morning the jray hair Broderick's Specials For Dollar Day 2 75c Tics $i.oo 4 pr. 35c Hose $1.00, 3 $1.50 Ties $4.00 AM Whiter Caps .. $1.00 * „,. ' * *3-5o Brown Staff 3 $2.00 Ties ........ $5.00 Hats $1.00 5 $1.00 Ties $4.00 Other Odd Hats .... $1.00 Some Bargains in Shirts $1.00 . $1.00 Off on Sweaters - $1.00 Off on Fur Caps $1.00 Off onAutomohUeXhw E.J. BRODERICK 27 Seneca Street Geneva, N. Y. glossy and lustrous, and you appear years vounger. j\»H\l\i' <• •;• •;• •;• •;• •:• ':-Hi«;»>».^^»i^> ^ %•% ^ HEAD STUFFED FROM . CATARRH OR A COLD Says Cream Applied in Nostrils Opens Air Passages Bight Up. Instant relief—no waiting. Tour clogged nostrils open right up; the air passages of your head'clear and you can breathe freely. Ko more hawking, snuffling, blowing, headache dryness. No struggling for breath at night; your cold or catarrh disappears. Get a small bottle of Ely's Cream Bahn from your druggist now. Apply a little of this fragrant, antiseptic, healing cream in your nostrils. It pen- etrates through every air passage of the head, soothes th© inflamed or swol- | len mucous membrane and relief comes instantly. It's just fine. Don't stay stuffed up with a cold or nasty catarrh, You Spend Money To have your clothes cleaned, pressed ana repaired . WHY NOT SPEND IT WITH • US. and let us convince you that our service excels—that it's dif- ferent from the ordinary run of work, SAM HARA MBHBBBM| 27 Castle St Geneva, N. Y. March 8th AUCTION JMarch Having sold our farm we will sell at public auction at the farm on the East Sidle of Senega Lake, 7 miles southeast of Geneva, and 3-4 mile from Yale Station at 10 A. M, On March 8th, the following personal property. .. . ° . 14 HEAD CATTLE 14 HEAD 2 fresh cows, 2 cows due soon, 3 cows freshen in the Spring, 2 steers,-18 months, 3 cows due September, 2 heifers 18 months old. * 7 HEAD HORSES 7 HEAD 2 gray horses n and 12 years old, weight 2800,1 bay mare 11 years old weight 1500, % bay horse 10 years old weight 1350, 1 bay marecolt 3 years old weight 1200, 1 bay liofse colt 2 years old, 1 bay mare 4 years old weight 1200. , -* HAY, GRAIN, SEED \\ . \ . \ ** 175 bu. ear corn, 150 bu. oats, 8 ton hay, 7 1-2 bu. clover seed.. TOOLS ' ...\••• : \ r \ Newjohn Deer Manure spreader, nearly new grain drilL*nearly mw Deeringbinderjjood lumber wagon, jiew iron wheeled low wagon, 2 plows, 4 section spring Jooth \ctrag spike tooth drag, hay rake, land roller, 1 forge, new hay rope and fork, pair bpbsi 3 ^ets*3o°«bIe work harness, disc harrow, 2 horse cultivator, 1 horse cultivator, 3 fra^iffmgs; nt Swing machine, Democrat wagon, Art Andes heater and many other tools. Lunch served at noon. \ You can leave Geneva via Lehigh Valley at 9:40, spend the day at the sale arid get home at 6:30 in the evening- Team will meet the train* at Yale, ' \\,..-' r J':J R S. BROWNLfiE WALTER \jBi^^ \ OWNERS . -• • .,- - arm Times Want Ads Jring Result *m &f *jm iV^.swr-iav'or'.*\ 1 is*-.'*; *-v*.*y W^J^-A .

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