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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1911-1955, March 03, 1920, Image 1

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' * V- ' •'« w jffed&tl '•are* -v.- Jpted to' ate Jiere in e7tw»i)elts; iiloo there' iy. plumette,; all of them I II •**? x^Jcr-- scraeve-are--- ———^.for _ -*-.--JI n -i • •(• [ —~-i-,i A * . - • <•.-.-•• -.-. 1 -'j .\* % ^ - --3 4 ' J 3 d 1 5 1 K: Si • *£JV- r \l|Ii I \SIS * a * *\» *\ * j „*, _ ^.^i_*L •*- M» jr Dolkr Day , # *\„ ^A** ireTw^'V******™^™! v '\V Sclgl)^ Senatej^derp AdmitTh*t tJUe^aMir^ acle Happens the Peace Treaty Will -• Be Defeated Again ^ . ^\rashingtpn March ' 3—The Senate foill tackle today the sixth Lodge res- ervatfpti that* tritliUoldJjig the, assent «f the -timjeff -StSEtar \fo'.-fficrse frdvls? Ions of the peace .treaty Which-turned the ^h ineee'-proVjnce o f Shantung avof to J#>an*;_ This re§evvqt{Qjj» jifeejth© .rest of,the original Lodge program, Js, .scheduled to bet adopted \6y'# .-majority vote\ eorojipsed mo.BUyo£ \Republicans with enough 'penjijfemtle senators, voting cation - !»-sitir!^8nwt»r The lopf tttaputea Lodge restoration to Articj^^testo be taken u p after all of the 13 \oihers haye-'been acted on. Thus far-touthrour have been disposed of. \Xhe„VJ&e£y which the reservation covering the ..\gonrpe Doctrine—5S to jfilttffcaHon • The Hne-up-.-ol'^S*- gdmiiii^atioa senators against-a reservation, .intended to safeguard the- Monroe\* Doctrlne; a reservation the Republicans refi^seia-to modify, was considered a good, illus- tration of how \ritincatioh is to \be :brp.cKed^ -again*,™ Jugoslavia Wanted Plan Similar to One Proposed by President Wilson l^ZTt h T~LZfl P t T t?- & * Washington. Ma'clTs-Thc Stat.. test of the renewecwidnalnistration\ op- ._ _^ , ' . . jHfsitiOn\ to the \reservattonsjflHjtf? to^ ^Eaftment ,h>st night made public, an- other chapter in the Adriatic qorrcs pondence, -which .. shows that Jogo- . SlaWa was eoinpletely opposed to\ the Eiume^setttement Proposed in seorejt by the British .and French Premiers with* out the knowjedge, of President WU- «on.' |*& tteal. sbiiwdoiWjB- «§-7i«Siiic«rtiiSir TpTix~issSi^e^ tixl \oF\' tVct Jdgo- The Hungarian. Monarchists are ,ahoiit to of&>«!4.th*« B|unsarian throne •to the\Count of Flanders^ youngest son •a£^to-^Jnwr*6f\miglum «eeor4Ing agahTW-^-fB^emen^ratrTnaF .patifU ^robahfe. will. o»t_. coniA-JiBtlt. ne*ti«la%le-rephr: ••^•tn*--tnn^iuhrwlHoB'TTa7ia^flft^ dsai-ieh,'is sixteen cation W-atlrt^rBnTOtKr™\\\ Week, but Senataaeader*.«if > hotlv=.nn,j'- jK*»z.Amkm>*h , h*>A f« .+>.*. T>AI*Z<,A*. * n „ •,.-.»<•,', «?*?««?•-• •\'.J' \«.._ - „ Week, but Senateaeadernjof > ^j>otb/•pai , • ties adnilt that unless a, miracle .haji- p«ns the treaty -\will \he^efeatea- a second time in. the Senate and the nufot question of the comntitgenjl jof the American 'j&elSple f6\'lhe ILeague > Nations left tn the- camp«iKni -> Assembly judiciary Commit- tee Will Then Tackle Anti- SaloonLeafue Probe . Alba,ny t t 3«a&h. 3—In<juii% u '.% r ihe State \AS^mDiF'Judiciijvy commtttees into thi^oItti^i[Wtt$iW8 s oI#l'e«na-« Saloon ..Ijeagu'^in'' ilijir state,, on the- t -liaFge»-^lw|'4haa' viojatj^^gglsr lative law* in its IdtiVyTng On, Wef: lative ra«Fits l^fi^dnTW': W?E£^J^&$M^mz M&£tit*§ '>^mn%^&&'tti£*bieAf£fim I \wtehp** ^npn^Jwpiffagifc -ana Red Cross Will - Paris, March Sr-Xh« Ked Cross is preparing to feed* Wtrograd as soon as •direct relations .are opened withjrovlet • ftussia by the Allies, it was learned todays fseyen.Hed Cross offlicers\ left fbrttlgaroTT'iaesaay-' They 7 %iB *e- nrain there \until* the Allies'reach an agreement *wltir the Boyiet ind\ th<>» .will establish a tood.aistrjaution hu- .reau in the former ,Buss'ian~ciipJta', I ; ~ •\--'»• ^\r.-;-; 1 , ' • Sentenced to 52 Years and € Mpnths at Sing Sing w*»-4«spatbhe<i to the Belgrade gov- iy^arS*'oid. ^oTrep'oxt has caused eriiment on'-January 14 wa s released niuch surprise in official and diplomat- for publication by the department. It lc circies,in Jlurom it Is understood shows that Jugoslavia \follows'in'the ^Ih^fter•'w«Tbe refused. In this most Important particulars the Jar'gu-^ connectioff-tt-wlirhh recalled that thft ments and objects of the President :c PHR t ^3lKRde«^.granduncle. King I*eopol|l, ~*#9 offered the Greek thronfi hut fflei3«nl5a- , *It*- i *\'* A Indeed, the reply is itaily a para- phrase of the plan of December 9, in which the United fitates joined and which the Allies rejected and substi- tuted ».plan' of their--own which was more accepjtable to Itajy. Lenine Called Bett Hated and Best Loved Man London, March 3—An interesting de- scriptive picture of - Wlcholai Lenine Bolshevik pi*mle^ b §f Russia, in which the soviet leader Is\ charapteilzed as \the:best hated ana,Jtoe/ best loved man in the world\ b y 'Jhoi-ge Lansbtiry was printed in the .\Pa^*1ie.rald today. Mr-.-LanSbury, whb'^s 1 editor of \ Jh« Daily Herald, ha*s just returned from Mosco^v where he interviewed Lenine. Continuing his 4eseription the writer saidt '\\ I never met any statesman surpassa the state legislatwe \prindira cause- of an alleged obstructionist W: record as legistat*-s; tjie Jn,ve8M|ati^ fended- on, its last lap fod^ay when iJlol^. ,. rfs' illlltiuit Degan: to- sum oip for theff * suspbnded SociaUats,. JfMfs,.. defense pi them is expooltef.to talcs UR most oi the afternoon,. The, stale's cciunsiil wit then be given ©gBeiianlte.iQ marshalU—~ the evidence on Whiqh they, will .-Up- 1 mand that the Assewb^! 4 .Tudiciarj'. committee report. to^\^.j)$axila<[firx .oi the Socialists and Assembly approval. Both sides will be given opportunity for rebuttal and the case then, goes to the Judiciary committee for delibera- tion. ' -<\;-••• It Is expected that -4he- «orrunittee will report either the lattej;; ^pji't^Ot next week or early In the Week follow- ing. Part of this morning's,, session wa s taken up by introduction or further -testimony to complete the evidence on both sides. V b-m&x&i,. Leaves White House forte Fir.t Timein Nearly Six Months - '\• * Washington, March 3—For the first time in \nearlsTsIx months President WilSon left tbe \White House and went for an automobile ride. The President -Wa* accompanied bV Masked Men Seize Mail for A^iceroy w. B: flarte' foi'mw iunfor ttotteSn anfe-in ih.toVnitad ^tMesVNavy/,:\no\w.\an assistant onglnter-ot tbo s^mshlp ltake \fjauthter of the\ Lawreho* Steamship Company, charges that the British discriminated against \the ships of the Lawrenoe linqj flying the Amer- IfiSSr flag. According to Clark, his ship arrived with a cargo at Liverpool and before being permitted to enter the Manchester Canal was' forced to .alW the moists. Entering the canal they were forced to wait two v eefts' af Manchester before they eould unload their cargo, although in that time nu- merous British Bbips arrived, dis- charged .'their cargoes, tools \on anoth- er cargo and cleared. TFenaity-qucure doM^.MiS&t^dtadA^M^x^^^^^^L^j^^J-^ix : iZ,- ,_ •*5Sr.X_ - __^-;t .^; ,_. * *u. ...r.~i _„=, Sf^Jjot *T3(SE*I 5|(«wjnal^5*lel«w-'and- the usual *e- eacK in\ Sing.SiBg. ^i^'Sium^ri'Ornmate^ &t^.i Ro<i' I ffttez ^nd : -£tWra wei« cbnviclted 25?*'' F ? d ^of-stealing^Mf ia Jewelry , and mt.if4U« /.hJfhi*,.'** isA™ v^ir '9? ne y *rom'-a.^.^rod|Hclc wealthy Texas oil man at the Hotel \fCnickef- ixuikeiv The baayflits brutalfy beat ^rodoricki bound and gagged his wife WhehsiheJatto-awoks durlng-^efte rqh- befe*!.; ' \ T - •,.- ,».,\' -,,- .• ,-. ..J' '•- \ \• <•'—-' r-sS. '• . end l* SlhAll5^ donnsluaed, * dptirinan* Martin c!a i-ed Assemitfymaa CuiS^i^fJ^yn York, who jrlr^fiieod-tlie^i^tfirn author- lKing r tlve i'^jufcy s^njiognifed |oday. lhat< he is rehay\'^ ^aiplff^y^fils charae tuVfs whJJjh he' dediared- contrary to the legisfdUve law* ntfffiiot tseen filed 'niih the»sjscrj6|aryo^r?two yearSi it Is TtegarSea 1 «s \probable that the' Juilfclarj»7go3Sj»ltt« !- ^Sft 'd&Sffi&Z? preliminary ims'eS.Ugatlon of. ih$. evi- dence • •avS&h A^sembTsmAn, •*Cw$$et c!aim a Jditeve^iri Irts ,|iosSesBipn.and The cpn^mlttee will tlfen,report tQ th '^^f'TO' i \'' tavelhrn-ja-'iair^herlnVeJ^ tig»3a--s§ou)d^sVj|^p)e, into and Itsfc\ et-s ef tite cqi.'duct^tff't prHb-ff\ Gov. Edward's Name To ^ Be IFiIed infilinots France Opposed to .'; • Strengthening ^ei-aiiaiiy Paris, March 3—\Desjijte France's strong resistance, the supreme coun- •trfl--teb'uncl of premig^s> has appar- ently .decided, to strengthen. Germany 'economfcatiy WHhouf* ebnsidering ilro .„ „„^.« TO „ AW( . C iUW .*,„*«,. . F^ .political: ,'possib^esr-said a fnr an apiiroprif'tfon to defrrty expen-'•' ^^n-' «S«SltJ!«fc^firttnax''.. t« ••»-•••\- --—^jerEvho'^e Pai-ig,. \BeHfnajt\ is the polttjoal -.edi^ 6/ theft £<ftio>.4e Pari* a«d one \for*-the' he'sfi'mgirnicd. writ^rp ttf' IntbrnatlMaf pdlitiesr UKi%ttpe- : Pope To Appoint .Several'. , Bishops '•$$& Week '\^oniff March\ S-^eyeral„• bishops iviil-fe&ppdmted* at the Roirtan-G!ath- oiic Teonsist«iT.»S*<t'Monday/ hilt the creation- of new'.cardihais'i'iil tie de- ferred pgOJ' the fallowing consistoi-y*. it:was : 4earne\3l.*i*lt \tlfte ^VsitteaSi 1 todaif Pope Benedict |iV is rfeotlftdi -tchaye pr*P3ied Ba important allocation o*n the ^oMsfion. of .a-estimtftg diisipmatie relations 'b.etweent •'•iiia Vktrcan i»d Holland Suggests Stricter r \^iino^ for Ex-Kaiser ('liii-ago, March 3—Blinoi's \Wets'* j .prepared\ io file at Springfield, Hl w the presidential candidacy petition ,oi <;o\Dprnor\ Kdward I. Edwards,'ot*few Jorsey. .5Bhe petition bears TZ7()0o^*s!g- liauirp^.-^gtained-sftrc^-SatOT'aay. - :-*. Governor Edwards sent ttie jfolidw- in>r tPiegram to his^aje&ers/here: „• -, First step, forWasd1ior.pei^iJ«a» II- hpHy taken by.the Leglslatute in New,- om_«itiv you to the..end-in ihif Jight f\i- Ntnorlcauisiii.\ «-.-''• .< Paper MairjMta^-^.-*:'; ; ^rceo^T#|feit ,f<^tt : I e,\<.n'j?a)i%, Moi'cfc^-rstftrei'national | '•••H..T jKJHs in FbftJS^sarliiSajith | n; o u t'iilh^and- Pa%i©T-^^r6S i *0lJtl'!f5a <<> sh tit* down unlfssfiie^raihioaa ear shoring,) is ovftrcdlft^-*n*fi|'}l'ftll^'fi) &U !•••• tlihni.'to re$-av;|>u^t#n^'..'s.lffe- plio s of feuIp.fjM}; ft^^t,'-SUppJie* <\•<• tfar eshaiiStaoiiV TW^'IM iSdward hup'-fipjjf <»nibft\rh to last until Sat. murage ftf purpdsS assume th&'w'ays and m^hn'ers'of'oth er rulersn.He lives in the Kremlin Pal- ac«N|tthout sen-ant» aiad dresses like a wgrjclhsman. The outstanding ,fea. ture of Lenine is his iron will and *3fi- terminatlon. He has a profound con- tempt for compromisers.\ The editor decjajfetf \tM» laughably to think Lenlt^lsr a'jlover of bldod- sBed.\ The Daily Herald is\ the organ of the' Labor Party.\ Will Try |<>A*|^,vi Dislnissaf^fTJefendants —i ^... —. * Grand Bapids, Mich., March 3\~-Et~ forta werejnftade at the opening of to= day^s session of the Newberrjj, trial -iv oBtiUn the dismisisal of more 6tth» defendants, following the action— ot the prosecution- to'-hftvhig 33- of- thenr dropped from the case. -.*,• \fhe defense, .was 4 ubi! ant,' regarding the ^action .of. the government Mtfeor- neys *as\ a desperate effort tOt\ keep? their ease from foundering. '\While there was a persistent report that the gdvermnem) would move for dismissal of more defendants,, the defense be- gati maneuvers along this line, and It ^as stated no • surprise ; would he ^caused if the Ust! which.iiow stands at; 100, wouhl h e cut • 50 ^er cent b\y the' close' of the session todny'. —r* r~fe ! • Proposes State Court : of Industrial Relation-. .. ATbaliy, \March 3-^-Creatlon of a state court of industrial relatipns with three commissioners appoints^ by the Goyernoi - \\With \*$road ppweri to pre- vent ••sti-ik.es and 'lockouts and |0 in- sifl\o\ef£ii?feri't'*a*hd continuous*\ Sj^erai tion of all industries of pubjic Intliresi; c»t. S6ifvi[ci,i(?pei-ative3. Grea| secreq'y ' tfkhj.. observed at the White House concerning the trip. Tho two big Wttdte -House cars were \hresj^jt nrtmiid tcr the TBUF -enxraaav and uttohseH'ed. except by a few per- sons; thwPresfdent and Mrs. \WJIson emejrjjed^ana; entired^the first car. Dr. Grayson -also entered this car. Secret serviee B nieft'followed-in the second! caT 4 '^e^^'^^P 4 1 «fe ed a a almpst^nhr- feet .sptinf i^ay fotfe.hja ^rst f Venturo bwond'te^pr^gjN^'-of 'the .C#WM fiouse^{J*^Sn^^4hfning- !Etrl|h|ly, and there wa s little or no brecze.'^t •yrscn a Marsprltig^day. JQegpite, the; WJimth of the, day, the President was heavily bundled in a fur c,oat™awd-plenty*-*rf wKaps. The closed. -•ia^i^fleeliosen was the President** -EaWl'Jt^rid«^ £ *^e^e«afs-sl'ppear truletiy iqu^fj^e^DjillM^sLgate of the-Whtte House grotmds^.and. drove past. th«- PaA'\ATn%rIcjm'*WaIla*ng to the Speedi- ,WftXSa-4«f'«t-.«>.SSS.J v as'set > and few If\ any persons, recognized the Presi- £i\fi^*^fJts4^ibout an hour and twenty minutes. The President re- tumed>»*Of' 5 the\ i W*atte House shortly TArmistice Says Dispatch srasssaccaaa^a*!^ -tf- -Lottdon? *«areh-*-. 3-.-\Despite the 2*£-teif4i&£ffiS» *ne Turfersh Na- tlonallsts co*M3nue enrolling troops, leyyin^! %ar taxes » and flauniing the armistiee,''. said a Beuter dispatch ifrom ddnsWhtWple ^Say. TJ-- ATJ.C.0FL Suggested to New Y<>rk State ^Legislature <$Ma$f Jl * ; [N0~MO¥ErIS^E3OPECTE0 .•\'\ » -.-'-> . Men Close t<§ Him Say Ht Will NoJ Uttempt To - Name a Successor to Himself Washington, March 3— On» year from tomorrow* President \VVoodrow WJIson^witt take leave of the White 'Hhtise, n juia~peh In hand, resume fh# life of a private citizen. iTe will not b« a candidate for a ..third term* thos* ^iMie'mmjas: fga amn|>' wfth'*5ii'»*'d^Tf t JSt the toeamtime t)i»* feetttpctatio-. •W»ty »a^ feM<^ to i&fr®'jm. to SiuC ' fj ,*SCiL dni&. 4ni ; mean- |hat- «i«-patty-S~j 'has- aeetdeff- t*|(3!Ore hfm aa its leades^l-. \hut .tttaCcifiaidates for the presfirentialJ *-\** ,^oi»rnatio». «an.rtii£ De1no<3ttfle> tieket- >**,* -wiir t66s\ tfiefr hats Into the --ring vt s fast and Ireely as they choose, witH the full approvardt flfe'Pi-esiutnt, and - that only a^he iCP»«enMen next- June will his own. choice be made known Men close tp 'the President are con- vinced that b«twa<M4«ow»an* u tliea h» will neither make an ottlciaLiitatement regarding liia own pbtitfeaj bteiiUoas.__ yxtt vam put with anythim? whieljt .might bo_takenasan^^!njjit„tt*,naine a successor to himself. The President)* mm^r^fljfnw pn- fectly open on the subject of eaniU' dates, thoso wlio \reflect bis- opinion Say aiid they cite Incidents ttf \pfSve it, William G. McAdpo, foj-. a long trmCj^^ was spoken \oi US his choice, for th 9 _ s London, March 3—\Eight .masked men held up a mall wagon in Demlni street, Public, at S o'clock this morn- injj and s%ized the letters addressed to the vicdroy of Ireland, said a Central News dispatch <frbfn Dublin. . Predicts Horthy Will ^Jjgbt To Restp-ee Charles m . *. • Loudon, March S—Tfte\ -prediction that Admiral Hoi tii>. who has ju3t been elected regent ,of iftingary, w'ill fight for'the restoration of Charles (former emperior or Aifs.t'rfa and king, - — --- -f-^-^w- -•*• —- of' Hungary.) was made today by Ai- PX^ 11 \-'emedy the .stotfttiomp~He trans- exander Vaids Voevod, premier gt Ru- mM *& Jo u \<\ l-eglslatwia) the report mania . ' °* t'\ e reconstruction coinwission on \All tile ybung jnen 1© Himgari\ be- f0 ° d , fit ^* i ^ n ft «l to WU>\|ttoft.- \> (ween the ages of ISand fl^ave been , B ' 8 'f o^ndat ions, tho governor secretly m•obill i! ed.\ , declare M. Valda f I eci0J *^ *\ , ,\ aU , very Jittfe until Voevod. .\Arms «» oJbtulned f.-om \'?«£- 1 ™'ISrit^ - ^55? 5 S $~ tPiT«rts of the staf are inrosidi'd ovpr by a single head tilth ntiM ftxed.,|e-. BPop.ai61Hty .w'bq wiij*aettveiy -utillKe tbe- «tutufe g io V'nforne tfttf 'Iftiv.ylo. the; limit of his power.\ *• •\•-•• The governor's, nroposed la%ts are aimed at hoarding, at 'gradtngr farm products; and a'-bili \df-sighed to; mini- *^, .... Albany, March 3—'Admlttidig that efforts to rgd'uco tiie high cpst of liv- ing so far haveproVed ti^Vvaillngr? Gov- ernor Smith today.»5igie»Wd to the Legislature bills \vh)61i.jnJb;S8 opinion {Austria,.and the Hungarians ha%c been 'trjjiiig to'«et ammupitfdii'fWhi War- saw; It Ist-cokahi-'thaU Admisgaiaror- Lthy will fight for ,the \l^toratton \of Charles.' At the vigrhtlnbiaeiiff flie Hun- garians will flout tho supreme* council and establish a kingdom, believing DemScratlc rmmlnation, th'ey' iipini out. Then it was Herbert Hoover until'Hop- ver came out strongly inopposltlon lo carrying thtf treaty, or Verssilies intoi ll},e campaign, when^ Ins stock wanedL NOW, according to -gossip, Attp?ne» General A, Slitchell Palmer.' whas*. candidacy hast Jiwt.Jjcett'&tmoutf-'ea-Js the,.fayprtte,. • • , ' -ii-^ iPtmMm.mpmiira ani 'exs^faw- the President |o iriatee- .no stich nWltl- cai move. arf tejrt^i|sjifit*unni \im- port to any candidate prior to the coiv- .ventlc3i\hf 'ffiftrmSmZo. ~^ JW * V iAt the co^ft$.{iiit|l6hi hWvcver, tftej «JC- - peej him ^ScJeWy-to tons, one ;ot his* well-krmwtt. b$%UjzH*$P?Q,m. ->«•* am^smolto clear, aivay. they pi'c^t-tlu new IQenipcratip jipminee witi'hclotutd stnndjng ^ ready »nd wall I ug- mnW tha wrgcljage, .•'-•• thi£.. is thef \interpretation: f»l«c«] Uy many upon recent happenings iiijiilp Jh.o President's party. ^ ( . . Itifr*al^*errtfia£t)ie ei-eSldfltst h.oft*^ r»i6V«: epusidered a third tPriri *\or\hiin-\ •selfr-'-btitftliat he-iwould IHCB to Se^ V\ •'tlilrd term\ ^c's hi s jjudoiplelr. Thl* 4s^,«n^ei-stppft%^^;e|pe* , lR'lI? . t) up *«M since he \liecaniB cdrtvttftod that the—- p\ of.. Versailles; must inevitahh play ft'dpmlnatliig'parfc Inth*- <<ie'ftttons that the Allies, sire: too weary. $ mufte j mi«e\littgaSpn%pnQern+ii5t\dih^ seriorw gpqns^tfon.\: ^-^_.-«•- : . f j-perishahle rood.- ; - This- JeglslaHSir *; s J>«-'&!BiHi^^ n . . i - '*£.*•• i* • \W3t>-\-.--T^ ' '- j^h line with snggpstfons- «mitalffi*d in JSarber SUppUeS-MUSt JSe k } the report-oTTliP\ recPnstntction com- Doctored W^^t|s,StlSr^m«of , mr' r9 ^^ • . 1 • '\The best figures: obtainable -show Wjashlngjqa; MQjccli 'i?^hl£vfs;«otnKi.t'mt there-Jia* agafn been increase in>\ to. be $, ..ter'rjfic blovi? ^^\.{ig—haTber- the cost of living In the past six shop qitaftette. > » • . ... j mdhths,\ tbe Governor tord the legisla- Prohlbition CommissIoH'cY'\ \Kramer l ''' e . \Whatevci may be.tho merit at announced today that vjiay turn' Jaga federal control or food problem\ 7 hold are due for a knockout. An order! that M tt statc Wc nav « \''t *\»»* our was issued that - hereaft® r atr barner-f lluty «» tU %%e exhaust ei-ery means In supplies Of high- alcahpJic- contents-! ° m P°\ er t0 s c T' l \> •\>»« impvavc- foltet Waters, hair \tonics; etc-.,\ must > mrats in m-attets that so vitally alftct be doctored with efiefgT to make r'^'l 1 ' \ VS ?-*f S\:• f ° P , them uuflt for human «on«»nTptlon. VV<J , '|\'»'' 0 «* Hwwtetiou of Vn ad- 9 .^^—. ... vanced type on our statute books but Admiral ffenson-Por^ShliMrti-aoard 1 lt -\ tan,t >'' iS l soffl? rtspet ^ ^ lheso Senate. llllll 111 rl; Report Home Addresses i'«'rlin,- Mnroli-.3-~\fbfi state'attorney * 1 \\ will, corrdvtet the ' pf6a,ecutiof> of \\in- rrljtninals ih t-lje-. -»ew: $%&*£$&, court- ^-feerpzig i(t^r\jssWS^Ml tor all of the offendprs.* lVAnfcd In thjs Atlird list' to rfpbrf tlniir Itfitte dd- di-psspa. re the Leipzig ctJtii* intW,ec!h. «i-nir. •..-? - , .-;-- ? ~:\*$g;&c Says 'fftese^ions #itt.,- '.. KilTTrea^ of^Versrailles ^Lamlart. Maefch 3—Bdlteaff«-wpl_y tof M& :, oJ ptt fij}c ftwties and th,e AllW \SeeonO\ \\Raiser ^ote-*\ 0 - which .was dispatched trom The Hague yes- i eMayW.a®ajn—deeHnes -fa^ '-'surrender tSe former German emperor of to dft-i port hfm, but suggests that-he^ be'kepi; under stricter surveillance by the Dutch government, according; to the Daily Rxpress from' The \Hagtta Wdhy. Attack Made-on the Ex?Pjrejriitej'M Hungary attempt w'a? LPndon, March 3^-'An made to assassinate fofmer:3*r6tnlBr irrledeiicli, of Hungary, at Budapest, said, an Exchange Telegi-aph dispatch ftPm that city -aJaa.y.- - \ -•'\*\• . ,. 1 ^fm-Bremieifc^reid5riflfr--hetd -pffice' ^>rior Io the H'ussear regimeiMt was formed «tt by \Jhe .Aflie\* ,who \-feared he was tporklug for & retum. ,pf the ino't'tjiliy.^-^- JiJie Jttteinp^.faijfi^,,- > -• carriers, is provided in a bill ihtrodUC:, ^d' today, Ja_JiieJegIsla^reJ|y4SeflatorI \.I'oBrr Knlgitt prvyyoming, ehalimii&^f] tliei Senate\-- Labor and mdusja^il iSpinf 1 niittec- ^'>«'-*** *• + * ••*#*•••#: . _.. ,, , », , „ ™. i. . • recommendations foi hghrta'tton which Washington, Von*, ^The^resi-1 ^ will-strengthW the deal today sent the n^ninatimx -^T adn!inlstrali ^ of !he f , )0d -iatv s of tho -Admiral Si Benson, rettred,- to ho a, M . lt( ,» • •• '. . member of the Shipping Board to the j ' '^ ^ fmif l|oinlf , 0 . oul , n ^ { nnftisasr that the i-ocorisTr-uetioh ioin- nifSKiun has favored auUiOriiuit£on by tlie leglslafu:*! to all .nttnirfiiallties of the.srtute to pcimil thorn to-acquire and op&raife liUlk. di^ti-iowting sj-stmns \when cucli «j>pi>i<iiinm«n's would result in gifatei- cronohu in tfi» '-ost \f dlsti-ihution.''. stone- unturned to secuve tht- nnmin»- • tion dC*the ejtridldate whose \lew«t oi Ihissubject coincide most nearly with \ his own i n order to- vindicate his poll Stes and. giw bis principles the \itntil * terntt'' « . ' Until San Ffah*8Tsco, then-rurp, ih* President is confldentiy~«spetted.io n m^inva political sphinx, unless MPIH entirely new deVtfopmpn] SIUMIM im sprung upon him.. - No insignificance is otutohwl lx 11. «me >vay or aapth?r i _to_tlte_aKt.uf At™ torney General Palmer in ^omiiis: out in the open with his candidacy, it \int not the result of a private tip tiottl tho Wlilte House that •Preslrtfnt Wil- son has decided not t o run frgain. it »<t_~- Haid, biit merely that it was tim !>n4r-^- ney g'enernr#\Pelief that nov If .t'j.ooc'' time to launch his boom. THfc\ WEATHER. • -- Washington.\ \March- SM^ud-flP i^amT*fohahly iaSwHaL^i 'npjtth- #, • east portion and^rain ,0* siipW ^l JS?» • the . southwest •pojfijiiiii'ia.te t».\4p| '•\night knd oh* Thursday; warmet % + in east portion, * _•„ ..\Cfenijier^tur**. 7 ja. m. \. .i...*4...»». 12 npon ... V .V....... , 3 p, ni.^i..^..^...,. »«**-.' • ; A^«h«*^P*^*nW^^ Maicn S—•Anareii.'sts^iMl- I-«>mlon, March J*s£?tbe -pasaase •sX4<lft« altadked.4«a-fiai'ti» fe %l* ^serration's by thj| American Jpnfttc t\^' --'•\«•««\\«'••* art '» -' i \\•!to, to all practical\pm-poHs the. <\*•»\• of the treaty at Versailles,\ said ihp Daijy Telegraph todty l-t rom- \\•\fntmg unon the Senate tut* In rp > of t\\(T of the Lougf rcfim i • io \*i r aspin!iton \cii''i''t) •<i * Lohdiin. - - - - - -•-isrjREj. trfeM estaUlishmerit* and v'tftetiv-_ pifrf- rcfaime'l a sdviet accordiwf tp a-Cenr trafc. Now* dispatch ..from ftome today. toter ihcanatrhlsts WJU* driven, out. ^ubfcctn rtlv tltPy rtttacl^d the head- at ii>,i/ s of tim \ nlon ™mUneii, but f v».r rfpulrnl >#: >•'.. -•-\JtPWi •<S#n^''tioh*: , 4 Wfeaiher* rf cp»aM>ns, &M&m*J&&' sTping-i'fte., [am W stodtfy^ Jifflcre -Wasf.^a>-br •'•^wlfjBt'- aunsifipp , which hoAeyv • \#\cdn^Jela^ihe*-Bno# Jc»ankS arid-on* • the^Plty st»eeifff,cbii3*firtea much .# •M-^M^pl^e-JIntd.. -^Meir. W&M '#-ev#-*W6';.*Jtsv. ti«t# '?miffl&m • outside ojt t»4 sunshine for the ^y^; • mejECj*% did i»Pt.:rip£ muph-ahove *^ • the freezing i»int. * Resigns as Vice Governor o'f JFederal Reserve Board Washington. Maivli 3 -Aibort Ktrijusis of New York, Vice Governor of the Federal Reserve ' board h;*5 .tendered his, resign\!tion\ to President WUsen. liia term was to have rehired JSJ Oc- tober; 1928. \\': Criticize Kaiser-f or Not > Dying at Head of Troops- BetiiB, Mareh 2-(DefHjBdJ - Dutiui? ddiate in the Prussian ,V,ssemWv t«->. day oil the final disposition of th< Ji HoliensioUern estates the ex-Kaiser t\a^, il .'\ .sevjscsly orttic^sed,4<M- notdMng.a-'t Hs? —- bead of 1 his t^psiin batflo. Mnjin IrV Socialists choirge*rl#-im With '..•ffH-fiv xi\ * the darkness and leaving lii.^ i» oplts to povertj'.\ The dwlarailon wis\ made that no one'in Germany expn ts » William to return. The comnii'iif mt the former emperor's flight \\pfe midf in the course of attacks aSaiiist tin PJ'oposnl lo rompciisate the . Tluhen/i l- lorn fotnily fur tlidr pstntfs -llrat \v< it iseisted. ' t, MMbMtaMfH f- SAi 10 HAVE URGED ^k * A * *-* * * A-* * * *- ffi-j&aiiffi&m<& ^^i*&i®>r.'~.'\ \' : \f?*^ A*\wirelo.ss: cpntrPlied tdrpedo, tootjig apm*Hisirated t \l#*ifI»'*iH« i rfftrRejji- ^ ment'Arniory7 > i^e^f , 5Totk, byit» Invenlor, ».. \K OalH-Ifi,' aaf ij^'uluttOHlso d -ini\ftl'\wttrlHr# '«l*iirt^l at »'t*bie h* direist***at* : wlt'^^•.jftrT»ttrs%- ------ \ .Lo.t.5Pd, M.lrch 'A '-fVoriiref \N'ltti ot: First- -CWsei* ' rerattpTfif' with \••.\•\fct ^Aif.Ja s:ildHo»h»Vfi ady«ca,t«l .U» tlwrfErjasia-J - .^ ' .\ ' ',. ' • •_ asuau#tt'-4if pi^ii^^-ihig^^iVhisr . •j^r^Ssric^^tSr^iSntte^. assisia-hwt to ' «eiwany*s war-jiiilemnff^iiip T^ncsj Cwmany. 'i#. a r '•**- - slated t'oday. TIIH Timw'. Indi«at«!.l Bntn fti-» atartff«t;lllt)ftMM«.? in the thaf'Tfre ro*>p:•.-e4-»t.titwi1i*\r>t*lW' Jt.ir-rfcwVy ef revisipo-'••o«'.#^«Wjfl»)«|i-w«rt* inn jromlef nvt.v Up-ve a jdn^fin- fit«|r»f 'the treaty.pf; JejiSe^M-^^P,,'***- 6 - itntrdtettf m Kiifn|,ea» rvm«.fii»<- .•n.«-|fof tlwlr; aim tto\i«n'ii|sWg «T?i«s»l*i .t'fkmi iv^tirti'(*-.*> »»»i»ii.-U «.g'|.U>.•i.-rt'uiMi fSorwrn^ttttW' wortt* tflfym ort\« Is proparlng for i-uivii. sti.jk ihw. Tho return of fmnier Sl}»««» 'Jd'hp-council vt proin'«jfw.'in« tak-nfind fr^n }?arls- i^ anxiously _rt*.iitpa attion' «n two I>:K Wstn.n* •.\,l;'ie>s Kra.mv imt fo*r»- %1^'orpiw'X 1 »|i|i0\<* \Proroicr >illiotand. of Franro, was un-fpt»p M<ch action w as^-thfe«oun*# »*<«« s «Vc%I«I>Iv absent: ! >u>uilv c««t«o»lfttes. , .; w . •— i

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