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•55SS5SS immmmmmm „v'«^^-i.4- ;^\??^4^.:^''^*^^^^™H i fW A T E R L'O O ___ ,_ 0. J. CONNELL 20 W, Main Street ' * ' mm t Jury Gives Plaintiff $700 in Assault Case Waterloo, Marrh 2 -A term of Su- preme Court began in Waterloo yesr terday* with Judge Robert F. Thomp- son presiding. The first caae called was No. 2 on the calendar: Waters vs National Protective Legionf-elata for eight weeks illness. Claim had been (lied for only one week. It was non- suited, No. 1, Michael Farrell vs Jud- son Sehrelver, action for assault. Jury's verdict f700 judgment for ptqlntlff. In equity court First N»- ll jriSuM- »par«|*§. ohai * _,. MIBr>iP~ too' ¥ 29 ' surprise at their home on the -atata road north of town oo Friday ©venjnj,. Lunch was served and-the evening was spent with music and games. Those from 'the village were conveyed to the Stahl homo- by Leon J. Reed In his bob sleigh. .r The Misses Edna Peck and Daisy McMillen of Ithaca* have been visiting their uncle and aunt, Mr, and Mrs, Wilson Hflftert of this place. Charles D. Myer who held an auction sale on Friday has sold his farm south of this place to a party from Hayts Corners and will tnove to Seneca Falls, Charles N. Bachman will reach his 88th birthday anniversary next Sun ttonal Bank vs Haslcins, mortgage dav - foreclosure, now being .jtrlfid.—-T*e-— •JMs-repomd that Jacob Kuncy who <* J;jry in supreme till Wednesday. court was excused Pho** 5 Hos^ J Us'l M P* 1 Rote Hill Grange Waterloo, March 2—Three candi- dates received the third and fourth degrees at the regular meeting of Ros illll Grange held. In the Orange Hall at Wuterloo, Saturday evening, Feb. 28, 1820. .Next Saturday the grange wtii bold -& Corn Show t o the hall with dinner at noon. Mrs. B. Fontius Is the chairman of the dinner committee. All members are urged to bring a, ten car sample of corn In order that the show may be as ex- te.nslvo as possible. W.' D. Chase, the County Farm Bureau agent, will be present and give an Interesting talk. .\.axe~ Got? J-* cnt-* 4 COT, *SH WOil i cat*. II ~<*\U' \Kin r It* ft* MAI m'ifi t»ay Real Estate Transfers Wu t erjogt, „Majrejt.. Ji^yjunsIex3--£rom- \TSK Iti'To\ March r, 1020—\Anton and _<.V;jia Kuhnau to•• Flora • •&;\ \Rbbsoh\,' $1.00, Fayette, George A. and Anna F. Scofleld to Harry l). Tartjoll, $1.00, Waterloo; Susan A. Wldener to Clay H and Caroline 3, Maxson, $1.00, Waterloo; Charles L .and Mattle M. (lomlnaon to Charles W .and Florence I.. Townley, tl.00 .Waterloo; William l-;. and Beulah Fisher to Anton and Anna Ruhnau, $1.00, Varlck: Harry b. ind Suslo B. Tarbell to Frank and „'arrio Webber, 11.00, Watorloo: John I*, and Alice I. Skinner to Ora and Kmitm liulsch, $100, Junius; James F. Rowley to tidna M. Kofh, $1.00, Lodi; lumes H. MrKeon to Giovanni and l.ltlzla Cappurci, $1 Oo, Kenera Falls. John and Margaret II, Office to Don- ton Dimiefc, $1.00, Ovid; George T. and Bertha U Hunt to Jennie H, Keooltz, $1.00, Waterloo; Noel W. and Flor- et ta K. Lane to Leon K. Lane, $1 00. Varlck; Mary Ruddy to William C. Ilorrman, $30.00, Seneca Falls; Mar- jorlo W. Morehouse to William H. and Katherlno McQuillan, $1.00, Covert Mary C. Kirk to Jay and Jessie M -fttorrtRon, $1 00. Senera Falls; Mont- gomery Doughty and wf. to Charles • 31' Baldridge, $21,000, Romulus, Frank lW.--,jWnrwlcIi et al by Ref. to Frank if.' ' Warwick. $1.800 00. Waterloo. JfiflicH }|. smith to Harmon A- Bur- fress, $1 00, Seiipia Foils. Jphn B. Rli-e 6l a? by Rcf. to Julia M. Church. '£633(00.- Romulus, (iladv* M. Brand iO Mary K. S, ntt. S1.0O. Kenrra Fall\ Mary F.. Scott to Krnnst L. ami , triad) * M ISruntl. $1.00. Spneca F.ills: Walter V. and Mary Howorth to Cileries C. and Ida M. Garrison. $1.00, Romulus; Florence N. Lewis to Hani- 'in T. Covert. $1.00, Romulus; .Tamos F. and Anne L. Muldoon to Cliarlfx D M.\er. $100. KniPi-a Falls.', Jay and TPRKIP til. MorrUoon to Marv C. K'rk. P M.\er. $100 Seneca 1'HII-I a oft 1 ? :««ne ?s**f- Waterloo Briefs Waterloo, March 2—Mr. and Mrs. Hrber Crandall and son Welden. left Thursday for Blnghamtnn where they 'Bill reside- Miss IaOUlse Kraft of Buffalo vlstted her mother 5frs. Mj.id Kruft oier Futiday. Mr. and AITB. B. f Rhodes of Magee will work the Fend elf farm near Wat • ci loo UUs season. Mr. and Mrs Roln*rl M>>rehnuse of Mnnee will move to u*<» TAvchman rirm south of Waterloo tills spring. The R«?» W. H. York Is In Rochester niiendlnc: a meeting of the Inter- (luircli Worhl movement. Mrs. W. K. Dennlston Is visiting f r :cnds in R«.«lipster for a few days 1.,-fore their departure for Texas. .lumes Ashley of Kast Main street in seriously ill. i;. W. Dosvden lias sold to Frank JX. —nftFWer- <tee . fHHralmti KreutTor liu.it>e on Kast Kltsha street, next enjt of Mrs, Kretrtter's residence. Mr. Fsr- kci nlll take' iioHscs-itor. April 1st TROLLEY COMPANY Waterloo. Mnrch 2 At the Business Men's meeting Inst night the paving of West Main street was discussed ft« w< re other questions to come before the taxpayers at the iomlns village elprtlon. A Vote \)t appreciation yras c\i ended the Geneva-Seneca Falls tr-'lley people for the efficient service they gavp the people during the past winter when all other means of travel were snow bound. \ ' recently moved from near this place to Romulus ts suffering from gang- rene In his remaining foot Less than two years ago he bad firnilar trouble In the other foot an% had it amputated. It If said that the deepest drift the wh(?le length of the^ stafie road Is right here In town between the residences of Albert Kuney anS Mrs. J. R. Kreu- ter.- The cut through It must be abouF ten feet 4s$g< The storm's the past few days drifted It shut and kept Street Commissioner, Cha*,. M. Robinson, busy beepinjK It passable for teams. The towns of Fayette and Varlck furnish 200 of the Farm Bureau mem- bership of 680 l a Seneca county. Mrs. Columbus Lambert has been a sufferer from the grippe the\past week, William BrielcTey celebrated his 85th birthday on Saturday. Washington's birthday exercises were held on Frldgy ..by aw p^felic ^j*K5sr\'\ ...Seymour W-ulf +v4ie-has-beeirtn'SffiPe last Thursday Is al.'le to be bark at work Ij the 6lore. Miss Wilda Werner j*ho had been helping Mrs, f>ren Zellner of near Waterloo with her »'oik for some weeks returned home last week. The Federated Beformed and Lu- theran Ladies' Aid Society will spend Wednesday in an all nay meeting ;,» the home of Mrs. Ellen Sheridan. Mrs. Mary Wertmaa is In reee+pt of nord ftom her nephew, Elzevir Lawrence, Mi i< a student at Hart- n'lclc Spmn.'ii\. that tie has been ill for nearly tw,> week* wtlh influenza. Miss DoivtlM Krel lr,s T-.-oti on the sick Hat for several d.,%!,. being tlire.itPned with apppn'lk ids (HMD —^— Ovid. March 2—Mrs. K llrokaw and Mrs. J. 11. Purcell entert«inpd a num- ber of ladies at whist at tlip home of Mrs. Brokaw Miyidjuy aflernoo,n serv- ing a luncheon at one o'Uuilt. Miss Anna Fra'ffiTin fs In'Cene'i.i Miss KlIzabetl^mnMgElroy who ha-s hern at her home south of the rjllase lias returned to Ceneva Mrs II. 1. M.ixon Wis letuined fu,m n ten daj's visit in Kru, York I-HJ Mr. and Mrs W c. Martin visited i datives In RorhrSter receijtlv. Holiert Il.irmon spent s, \PIMI cl;ivs II. Rorhtstcr lust wcejt. Mr an,] Mrs. William Porter enler- lained snmn f'lnnils \at nids I-Vulay evening Miss lifnp Pottet u,m In Rochester Ailurdar. Miss Klin Mil'mjld \.is :n fth.ica thi' first of the u ( rk. Mrs Rlrh-iu) Ronrke nnd Mis. M Limner nre In Puffalo The Charles T UoJcils Post of this village gave their annual supper to the Sons of Veterans and a few friends at Mrs. Coverts restaurant Wednesday ev<rilng. The monthly meeting of the direc- tors of the rii«t National Bank was held in the otici - of the Bank Satur- day afternoon. Miss Thcrrna KxreJ! and Miss f»or- othy Burroughs entertained the Ideal Whist club Saturday evening,. Feb. 2«th at the home of Miss Excel}. Pnn All<n of Rochester w.is In Ovtd for thp uedi-end- About fifty members of the Shining Light Chapter. O E. S. and Invited friends gave Mrs U. N. Wilson, secre- tary of the organization a surprise par- ty Friday afternoon, Ufa, W««» was presented with a chatr. Delicious re fieshmenis. wer* served. Southern Mothers Have Founi^ a Way to Treat Children s Croup and Colds Without Internal Dosing MAC DOUGALL k jLL motfa^^^^vbere-Jsnow- that cM^ drea*s stomachs ixt delicate and their di- gestkjos ^mMx^i^ted* aod therefore they given as little internal dosing as jpossffcfe Tet croup and colds come often and certainly cannot be neglected. \ A H»i1i> f>aiiiin» fli^fhl *?tlii > IFftrHhf fep T if*I'lifftf• yy')Jwf'ffi. i, Vi • ptwUom hm hem •cfflm&aod flurflKm roaflwiB bmn fapen 0M» «jngCbod of trmixtxg, odtA tjnuhks wUrmrfly. Mr. Hfehftdaon d«covcraS m afyt tbat maM-vapame ljy the MtrJnBt nkc* fflViw! over fhwfffr twiftrtitiB^..—-Tbew jw^ppCTf fflhftM witlt fdb btcath» catr- tied th* fTtffftifinr%w f^fiwitfi fhcjrirjM- sayes to the Jiton \ att HastSBum ttf*>* t]M •fnft WIDT|I tdttx&ctxxuL fjtfi rflnnn to IACJBF* to rdmm Urn faouhfe. Thai pxep*r*< VajKilRab. Viola fflwiUtiw so tmrmftfl drag*, just the oM-foehiorcd, tane-tortad rentcdie*—Bfenthol, Campimr, TOxysadb Ewbalyptm, Turpenfine, etc.—com- bined in a ncw-fiwhioued way_ The Ube «f V5ck» HM St«*dilf % Gtartinc with the coBtnaers of Mr. Rkbordnn'tnteil drug store, the asdeot this extenud Uftuucot has growm, coun- ty by county, ftate by stete, until now Vtcta can be found in almost any drug store in au>eqtiao3 of the United States. Mothera who ooce use Vicfct alwayi loc^ a bottle oil haiwl tiae«fter. It is «o easfly appEed, so quick in its effects, and, best of all, can be used as often and as fredy as desired, without fear of harmful results. ^ w ^j£?i >; B3S Jp ^ ^s *% m W£k sSPaZ M ml DIRECTIONS FOI^IlWE USE V»p«r» Importsnt—For ^e^nfeTei jfe large part of tha v«S«* of YicV* Me* to its vaporWnj- qualltl**.\ 8<>-wh«»V<r Vlcla ie applied oy»jf th« tfemalt and slwtt, care should b# takwO-tO k*M the clothlnf IOOM .around t^e'fi«cje,«n4 th» bed cteti^ arranged JprtlwJifiO* ^HL faanel, so ttattheVapew aaifpi ifafw frtely JahalwJ. Hot Wat Cl«fa-Instm Jf.*?ep.c*ei| cold*,»eyere#ar« thrwt.firfoWrtsat'?**H monla, hofc-wet Uw& ilwMjJd be u«4 oTer th« wont and «he»t to> bp«j tk» pores of tht plk^ brforc j^^i.y*c>fc F«r tU»i C*l4t, Arfhi»», C.tarrfc, H.r ' Fa*«r—Vlckt can be melted In a ,teoot» and the vapors lahalad. o r a MS should be applied up tb« nostrils gndanuifeiu^ \. Now Over 17 Million Jars Are Used Yearly The best evidence of the Value of Vtcks is the increasing number of fami- lies who r each year, are converted to the; use tf this real \Little Body- guard in the Home.\ The number of jars used annually for the last few years is: 1910 34?,74gjars 1911 * 523,152 Jars 1912 1,027,068 Jars 1913 1,357,590 Jars 1914 1,462,330 Jars 1915 2,418,213 Jars 1916 4,302,764 Jars 191Z. „. T , -.-. €y799,5tt Jars 1918 17,377,408 Jars For SMSOWHC Craup, CtoWr»V# CtU*-> Hub Vicks over th* throat aid cfcetflwtU the difficult breathlag; i s relivved,. tbea spreid OB thickly and carsr *wWi,« hot flannel cloth. AaapplU^on «4 badtijisa usually preyents a jujht attack of croup. Vicjcs i s particularly reoasajns»d*d for children's colds «ln<* It Is extsrnally applied, asd can, therefore, be w»ed often and freely without distwblni tb>ryomg< ters' delicate digertloni. For Deep Chert C<4d«, Sort Tk*&, Ton.ilitii, BrenchitM, Coockt—«r «iy affection of the respiratory organs whers there It tightness or apreness, VTcks should be applied over the throat and chest— i£ necessary, first using hot wet••cloths—' and rubbed in well until the sHn is reij then spread on thickly aniteoittredJwSta pneor two thicknesses o f b^ flannel clotlA If the cough i s annoying, a small plec«, the size o f a pea can be swallowed ev#r/ few hours. • - -, Minor AUaamt* In addition t o its ussfarCokiXnxiblei, Vlcksbas been found escsUaot asa salve, liniment or plaster for troubles such at Bit», Burns, Ifcchlngs, Sorensss, Sunburn, FAjrWTE Fayette, March 2—Mrs Oeorjpe I*rn- bort if vislflnf; her son, Plerson taun- bert, at King's Corners. Mrs. Mabel Vanhes went to Roches- ter on Monday for a rlslt wit* rals- tlves. Tha auction eaie of William E. Plsher on Tuesday of last week amounted to . Rftv «ad to* Glut Emens who were XvATfeTw l»WUM*t#pta« on tha Olsn Ems«», farat, at tba lake, Mr, Kinens wiil^tjJttraU Uw t farm and the ass north of •Mad>««ttowa, Rev*. Vamhee aai Kerr left tor Roc. heater on Monday nwrnln* to afieaA fSe lemvHiHon of <*• pastors #f tn« atata la eaaaeefea with the later Churea W«tU Marmaat. 'Dim ymtut maajsls af the r«fctat«d Eefisrasad aad Lttftierui ftunday Heb«ot tave Victor and Clare Sfnht a plesssat Nuhn—Fairchtlds. \ MaclJouffall. Maj-cli £ —Miss Maude I'alrchllds of Valols and llenrv N'ulin nf llils place wei* marrlpd bv the Rev. j Mr. Topping m Geneva on Wednesday i last The young- couple left immedl- j ately afterward for Poughtteepsle. Up- on their return they will reside on the farm of the groom's father Th© W. C. T. U. will hold an all day meeting at ihe home of Mrs. Monroe Post on Saturday. March 6th with pic- nic dinner at coon. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Maim entertained Rev. Mr. Robinson of Shortsvllle on Sunday. At the morning aerrJee at the West Fayette church on March 7th. Ret-, Mr. Headley rroni Ohio will have charge of the ser»i#e* At a went business meetiof of tha Phllathea class of the West Fayette' Sunday school the following: ©ffteers were elected President; Margaret Nuhn, vice president; tjoretwe Post, treasurer: Florence Land!*, secretary. Mr*. Clayton Nuhn. Mr. and Mrs, Beaton H*«erty of Ge- neva spent the da y recently with Mr. and Mr*. Newton ImtJioaUauid. . \The rejEUhir anpunJ; mteUos ot tnc WP>t Fayette cbuireh 1 will be held in the vhUTCb on ITednesday. March lfith, Service* will begin at Ml; SO. A pastor Crom Ofcnanaaiirua i t wfpeetei to have eharea of the serv^eae Mr, and lira. Clsyten tfuhn spent. Sunday wi«t Mr. and Kra. James Oar- lie. Mrs, Harold PoEfenberfar r«eeiv«a new* on Saturday of the death of her father with pneumonia In the- Auburn hospital. Insist on the Genuine At All Druggists 30c—60c—$1.20 * * SENECA FALLS * J. 0 . POLLARD. Office, Clary Block Agent and Correspondent Phone 166-N jL William Thompson Beach. Seneca Falls, March 2—Tlie_death of William Thompson Beach, aged sixty- two years occurred early Monday morning- on the Bridgeport road south «f Senetfa Fiails.'the cause oi death be, tng- heart trouble. Mr. Beach was born here and practically ail his life had been spient here. He was a farmer by occupation and a member of Sen- eca Orange, Ho. ii. P. of H. He was also'a member of ti.e i Inst Pfeshyte- rian church. He is survived by his'to sins and dajw-e «jth more than pasa- wlfe and two sons, William Harrisonhr.g grace and shil) Beach of Geneva and > 'bestir Altxan-' •-\ der Beaoh of tuss village. «bo has been' M % Alice Mors*. ^™*^ * < mm*r*mmr-m*~mmmmmmm Marrh 3. This new offering is based on thr popular cartoons of Pop Mo- mand'.s appearing In the New York Ulobe and a thousand other news- papers throughout the country. It Is a musical comedy.full of novel sur- mises and from all accounts is one of the best contributions of its bind seen hereabouts since the days of \Flora- dora.\ The cast contains thirty peo- ple, sixteen of whom are pretty and stunninsr young uomen who know how 'Spending the winter in Honda. T«e funeral wlUproba blj be L*-id Thursday, deepnding upon ti.e ai-.^si o' Chester Beach from Flo.Mda. Rev. r.noert D. Merrill of tbe Fust t*ipgf<\ terlaa church will officiate with Sum-mem tu Restvale Cemeteiy. \Ksaping Vp With th* Jonasts\ Seneca Tails. Marrh i' f /ne <.f the avost substantial and sensational hits cf the current season ts jb-e new Gus lilll triumpli, \Keeping- Vp With the Joneses\ which is to be the next at- Aitbura. Hairh ; Mrs, Alice Morse, »4. et Ketwa Fslis. was strlrUen with heart trouble while waiting for a train >o the Ne« Vor„ c/entrat station late >fste<-day afternofVfgpand died at her dBUshter-s iiwi*. ^o t3t Van Anden street, where she *as taken la a taxi- cab, before medical attention <rrtdd be obtained. Mrs tforee had t eeo in *ui*«rn lor a few weeks visit I nr her tlsugt''ter and detfded to teaie foi her ffowa Falls home ve»teidav. Al- MioHg-h «he had c»u)pialned of feeling; pocrl* at iartous times during net-stay tiacnon at Ilsher Theatre Wednesday, »ere. she was nppare^*ly In hei usual health when she left for the station. An effoit was made to get a physl- ; rian nt ti.e station but this falling It was derided to take Mrs. Moorse back to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Will- lam t'assidy. Dr, C. F. McCarthy was then summoned but Mrs. Morse was dead.«hen he airiied and Or. Andrew 3. Foreman, coroner, was called w.bo declared death due to natural causes. Mrs. Morse had been a nurse In Rochester and of late years visited her children here and In Seneca Falls, but it was in Seneca Falte that she made her\ home most •'t the time. Seneca Fall* Brief*. Sj.ne.a Fans. Manh 2 -Miss Peggry Langford has fetu%<<l to N«w York city after a \lsit with Mr. and Mrs. Donnid t.ooaris-Trrcsyuea street. Prof. F. J. Medden has returned from Cleveland, where he attend a meeting ot the National iTduc.itors' Associa- tion. At the regular mon;' :>• Ousiaeas,, meeting of• the Ba.ara ;'iass held in l, the First Baptl&t chtmh last eieiitna:. the following officer* nere elected for the ensuing year Pi<t.;dent. C. Fred- erick Marsh; first \ ice president. Hollo f. Haj-nron. second i Ice president, Warren G. Cuthing-; secretary, Ezra Iriand treasurer, Majnard Cory; teacher. Rev. F. W. Huff. «eneca Falls, Motel-. 2 The Business Men defeated the Seneca Fails Mfgr. <\o. five three •stiaiglit games last we-, nlng in the City League on the Kel- logg alie>», thereb> making their po- sition as leaders of the league mora seeura. FISHER THEATER The Senaatiorutl Succes* of the S«a»on WITH THE POP MOMAN0^ ORlGlMiM^i^W 1 THE DeKcioiwMi Millione of-Peo^ff FamoiM The SiggeH of a fhsserved Seat Sals dtm»i^^m^%M>€»^k-^U^^ ^tm$lm : ''*\' I *W^ ^^•\xSv^ '£*• Z^it'£^¥^^i''r^7it-i^&

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