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»AG$$f8H*- 09 A vm% CINE CENT. A WORD 6 Consecutive liiseitions for 15. Cost of 5, Hi A^^fsttfteffc Ta#eg\f«r Jaw* t «^^fl^#9»^* « a AI^ mmt mmwmmm -fn am &* LOST ANI* FOUND sl'l^~ S|.0$T~Pa?kftg:>3 containing pair of ra**\ & stockings between \First National x ^ Bank and 501 So. Main. Finder please }, return, to Times office. 72 ;J|LOST-I. 'ord truck chain between New f\^ York' -Central' station',' poslofBce.' and ^ jp Lehigh J/alley station. Kinder noti- * f fy R. A. Lyon at Postofflec. 65 , 'LOST—Scotch Collie dug, name \TI|J **»- \*i WltJl wJalte rm S around nrck, partly „ jf wbjto right eu - , tip of tall white. Re- | iward. Notify A. i\ Condlt,\ Geneva. _ *,Il. D. 4. Boll phone 25-F-13. 68 5*,— L, *LOST—Will the peruftn who picked up _i_£the purse near Gould Hotel, Seneca T frails, Saturday evening return to ^Z-14^^jEr.-jaarfcEt.JLnd araid-tsaublcv.-S* •j%i— •frife.LP WANtg», FEMALE' ~W TCLIABLE WOMAN wanted for gen-\ •£• ' '•' \—ets-Hfttmseivork. Mrs. W. L. Packard, ,t^ „ 7K.1..B. .Mate St, -Phone- 840^ 68 •»* ASSISTANT HOUSEKEEPER want- ed at Hotel Algonquin. Call at office \between 10-11 a. m 66 RELIABLE GIRL wanted in afternoon to care for child of 6. Mrs. W. L. Packard, 780 S. Main St. Phono 829. 57 FOR SALS !—•\——-• \ * i I ••Mtfwiii •••I., i.- . I'll inn.! itin •«»i.»H«««Uf m GOOD COW ror sale. Inquire of* N. Phillips, Maxwell farm, Pre-omn- tlon Road, N. V. 897 YOUNG COW for sale witli calf four weeks old. S. J. Shires, Stanley or , T -..P, aI ??t 1.8?; P.ulteij!e X .-#fe tfs*«m^# - » ' ' ' •' , i \ .I 'm> JUST ARRIVED with fresh load of Indiana horses, Every horse as guftj;. teed or money refunded. Wen. Bpweli, Reymour jAUey. Phone 118-J,. 68 SPEEDING CUTTER for saleT* In good condition. Will sell cheap, $.. VanRiper, Waterloo, VS. T. 65 UPRIGHT PIANO for sale. Gibbons $ Stone. Dark case. Bargain. J. W. Martin & Bros-. Phone\ \394. ~ 89 TO-iTErDt^CE~rrr^EP^wiirBeii-ftn*+ - registerexLiiolflteln heifBf~«a:lveH;y'>n|^4 registered bull calf and one fiign' grade heifer- caif- ana-two registered Hotstetn cows, due to .freshen ootj.\ t JEL.F. Seeley, Waterle-Trolley-Road--#2-t FIVE 8HOATS for sale, one brood sow , and one Poland China Boar eight | months old. R. F. Seeley, Waterloo Trolley Road. • • • ^ . 13 t * * <&* IYPI8T wnntftd and general office as- sistant. State age, experience and salary expected. Adress P. 0. Box 63, Geneva, ty, Y. \g GOOD KITCHEN WOMAN or man wanted,- -Fmtttire Steward; COxo Hall, Hobart College. 982 U! O WJDDLE AGED WOMAN wanted as mother's helper. Good wagesi JR&* \Terences desired. Mrs. -H. F. Miller, 26 W. Main street, Waterloo, N. Y. Phone Waterloo 296-R. 964 s U WARD MAID WANTED—Geneva City Hospital. 945 GIRLS wanted over 10 years of age. —L-tght wortc and good pay.\ \Apply.Ge- neva Cutlery Co. . , C46 - HELP WANTEJb-^MALE\* MAN wanted at .one^i -young or mid- dle aged with experience in (telling Dry Goods at retail. One having had experience In small cities preferred, -permanent position and good salary to one who can All the position. Ap- ply to The Anderson Store, Canandal- gtia, N. Y. 41 YOUNG MAN wanted. Inquire Oak Hill Farm, Jay St. 42 MAN wanted about 26 or 30 years Of age to drive team In city and make deliveries to retail stores. Onj[ who 1B familiar with horses preferred Steady. Address G-9, Times office. 47 -SrNGLE MAN—Wanted for farm •work. L. A. Cooper, Canandalgua Btato road. 94 % Y^UNG MEN wanted for Railway aail clerks, $110 month. Experience un- necessary. For free particulars ex- v inatlons, write R, Terry (former Government Examine)), 450 Contin- ental Bldg- Washington. 505 20 WESTERN HORSES for, sale weighing from 1100 to 1650. 9 head of acclimated horses,. These h'oracg «tre; of good manners and are extra well harness broken both single and dou- ble. Ages 5 years and over. Prices to fit the horse. Dan Hill.' 25 in for HORSES for sale — Agi putting throughbred percheron. mares work purposes arid am \selling iny entire stock of 80 head of grade horses consisting of yearlings, \2 year olds and work horses, weighing T.400 To 1,600 lbs. One pair Blind\ horses, weighing 3,200, would make good team for road work. Credit of 8 months. Come and look at them. C. H. Van .Wickle, Geneva, N. Y. Phone Waterloo 15-F-23. * 9 RABBIT8 for sale. Flemish Giarits. 11 month oM .» does weighing 14 pounds, 4 month old does weighing 8 pounds. Bucks of equal weight same age. Write for prices if inter- ested. C. H. Chadwlck, Mexico, Os- wego County, N. Y. 979 BARREL AND SACK SALT fn salf. Geneva Mlll«. C, C. Davioon. SIS OIL MEAL for -sale. Low ton pries. Geneva Mills. C. C. Davison. ' i til HORSES for sale—Another lot of horses .for sale after February 16th at my Tillma-n street barn, just off Exchange stret. opposite Lake St Fred D. Hartranft. 889 6 TENANT IV.EN wanted to work on fruit farm. Good wages. Dllmnn Bros. 498 CENSUS .CLERKS, railway mail clerks, mall carriers wanted by Gov- ernment. Thousands men, women needed. 11100 year. Common educa- tion sufficient. Ltst positions free. Urgen' . Write today. Franklin In- •tltute, DepL 291-S. Rochester, N. Y. «0tti SITUATIONS WANTED. YOUNG EX-SERVICE MAN age 24, single, college education, seeks posi- tion in good business opening, office secretary or exoiu*.'\e. Wants posi- tion with promising future with view to permanent connection. Address G-14, Times office. 6S FARMS FOJR SALJL GOOD FARMS—My office has for veors been the recognized hendquar- ters for Seneca County farms of all elzea. E. W. Dow-den, Waterloo,- N. T. 171 »'• • . • > 11 ACRES for sale—5 miles north of Seneca Falls: good eight room house with furnace; all kinds of fruit; ault- *ble .for chicken farm.' Price $3,600. Mrs. S. Beck, Seneca Falls, N. Y. AUTO TIRE CHAINS In stock. Weed cross chains attached without extra charge. New Globe Co'd tires Teg •- lar ovp-size for Fords i t at I< v price Investigate before buying next «ea* sons tires. Geneva Vulcanizing Co.. 829 Main St. ' «43 FORD TOURING CAR—For sale. Lat- est model, self starter and electric lights. Fine \ condition. Used four months. Address P. O. Box 28, Ge- neva. •* • ess FLATS FOP RENT PLEASANT 4 ROOM FLAT for rent, fiewly decorated. All modern. Large pnrch. Central. Elizabeth Malette, 615 Castle St. Phone 94-J. 66 Cold F&cba --»You can earn money by celling\\™\ that ---ttcaeaer, --.bead*-, *i{!«board; stove or any-- .other article .around thVpIase that has -^-outgrown -it«-treefohres»-t«r\yoTi77y* ~~ but as good ai new to .some one site. A littte*want*ad in\ our FbY 8ale Columns, will cell most anything for you quickly and cheaply. Rate One Penny a Word. Miu- Jttium 85o.. Six times for the Price of 8. We take Ads by \phono. Call 15. REAt'ESTATE FOR SALE PLAN A HOME after the war, ISflne room, house on Lenox Park. iTour acres \firad of William Btjpe^t. . One unusual lot on Hamilton street, five hundred feet deep: City water and pavement^ Pharles P i „Beajlj^7_3 JSj n - 'eca'streeX'b'eBeva)'\\-^-*^-\—--** '*-gjj 7 ROOM HOUSE for sale. Goodelle Terace. Inquire 9 31 HOUSE AND M. N. Bla,ck, 17-F-21. LOT for sale at. Flint? Sanley,\ N, X. Phono »75 M THEED f S FEET By LILLIAN CYR. yc), .1820, bj MuOfaro Nowapaper Syndicate.) Feeling buoynnt with all (he confi- dence and assurance due to a young man in his first long trousers, Tlieed Laurence, Jr., stood before a poster calmiy surveying the announcement of the sophomore liljrh school dance. Although he had a perfectly g«'»i- l f NEW UP TO DATE' HOUSE—For sale, 6 rooms and bath, paved street, ... . . i i„,_., „„« G. Clark con- I( '« ki >'R pub' \t feet, and took lew.ons 153 High St. <•\•\'\ ;l \ eMTlU-iit west side. Inquire W. traetoj- and bulkier, Phone 207-Y. muster. Tlii-i'il «as ha the awkward siiuadnheirft came to _ _!U.liuicing-Ui piiMlC. 't «««.vprx iiat- j-8 ROOM HOUSE-Fw fale aT~«;%,.„, n im .fore, that he gjiouhl puffer -Uigh-St.,-neaply-.*ewv -ln<juh-e-99 -ia-|TjriiisWf to lo«e a bit of liis connil-nt fayette Ave. Phono 747-L, \ 711 1 ^ t .„,.„„ „.. - .,„, ,,,,,, »„„„ rrn. AUTOMOBILES .OLD AUTO RADIATORS wanted ot all makes. Will pay more than juni;. We also will fit 'new cores to your oJd radiators\ and make them as good as new for one-third less the price of new. Bring your old \radiator and lot mo give you estimates -oar :il~ _Alaa fender and body dents. We give ser- vice. Wm. Stovonson, 1C0 B. West St. Phone 588. 983 RADIATORS for Fords. Honeycomb . ..atj-lfi,. sHao, MMMaittj-faand ttittl refeullt \HI' sTdck. John A, Pontius. 495 • ••••••+***** + *4> • A keyed\ «dvert'«cmert, that is, • • Onp hywhich the address is given • + In earo of iomt number, Times • + office can only be answered by a # • letter. « • Do not telephone asking for the * 4 name or address of the adver- £ • tis«r, •• ths offica employees are • • not anowsr) to give out this in- * • formation. •\\\\•\' + + + + + ***4 + f + * + Answers Received. The following answers to keyed ad- vertisements are here at the office and will bo destroyed unless called for by Saturday. Feb. 28th. - F—C. 8, 13, 14, 16, 20, 21, 32, 35, 89, 46, 60, 63. WA\\rt£L» FLAT wanted by young couple by March first. Address G-12. Times of- fice. 43 WORK wanted in forenoon by an able bodied man experienced hi store work but will do any kind of work. Ad- dress G-13, Times office. 48 3 OR 4 UNFURNISHED BOOMS wanted by elderly couple. Good lo- cation. Phone 609-J. 20 NOW IS A GOOD TIME to dispose ot your diamonds, old gold and silver because of the high prices. •>• We pay cash.' L. H. Barth, Seneca street. Teneva, N. Y. 12 AUCTIONS AUCTION—Having Bold my farm,\ known ns the William Geldings farm*' one mile east and one mile norjth of Romulus, I will hold a public sale on the same premises on Friday, Feb. 27th, consisting of four horses, six cattle, brood • sow, sixty white leg- horn hens, also flno equipment of farm tools, including Big Bull Trac- Hon. C. D. Myer. 71 AUCTION—Wednesday, Feb. 25th, 1 p. m.\ Having bought a farm, will sell on H. J. Van Vleet farm 1-2 mile west of Sutton School House, 2 miles south of Kenda1a„. 7 horses, 6 cows, hOgS. isoullry, harness, Implements In- cluding grain binder, corn harvester, lumber wagon, walking plow, har- rows, hay riggings, stock rack, etc. H. Lee VanVleet. 970 REAL ESTATE WANTED SMALL MODERN HOUSE wanted to buy. 6 to 8 rooms. Centrally located before April first. Address G-ll, Times office. 44 GOOD.THRIVING BUSINESS wanted to rent or buy in Geneva or near by town. Address F-98, Times office. 990 WHEAT wanttsd Any kind Highest market price. Always buying. Ge- neva Mills. <?. C. Divlson. . SW- LIVE STOCK and poultry wanted at all times. Our trucks are at your eertlcc. Phone Mosher. 17 F-2, fjtan- -ley, before sell lug. 1919 FORD ROADSTER for sale. First class condition. Starter, lights etc. new battery. Address G-10, Times office. 11 1919 FORD ROADSTER for sale. First class condition. Address G-8, Times office. „ 46 MISCELLANEOUS ROOFING—Asbestos Asphalt star* coat and metal ot^Xt RlHda. They protect your home from neighbor^:; fires and teduce Insurance rates. Estimates free.\ Jonn - A. Pouttos, l«l T RAIDS AND FIGHTS IN WAR ON MOONSHINE •Dry Leader in West Virginia Mountain Districts Has ; His Hands Full. ) bt»arm» when he saw Uiat Anita WI1 kins, tho-IU>M sirl iaamui-bad ap_ [jhjgejMiiS-.hiS. proaClieil Mm so quickly that they were grt><> \ig t'ncli oilier <Jire< tly In front of the poit-cr. She stopped aiul looked ut the fute- ful announcement. \Oh! If will be oji Friday evening!\\' she exclaimed. \I'd love to go, but 1 don't \Unow any vf the boys here,\ sho mlded wistfully. Immediately the boy defended the lone girl. \I'll take you,\ he said. .It was now Friday evening, and .Anlla.aiul. J'heed. wfire-iippmadiuiB -tlue. schooj. The grounds mid rooms wore \BWa^M-wrttrilgftt:—^hxWl-wits-friTrrt^ ened and miserable; he had an idea that the evening would be disagree- able. Anita waa_ chatting gaily, all unconscious 6t \his anxiety; but when they had reached the hall and she left him. to take off her wraps, he breathed more freely. The school's military band was play- ing an accompaniment to gay laugh- ter and the rhythm of dapclag feet— the dance was on. Theed groaned inwardly as he thflught of the last time he had come to a school dan?e. By his clumsy dancing he hnd se/»t one couple spin- ning over a settee. He was brought-back from his hor- rible reminiscences by the reappear- ance of Anltn, «ho sweetly said that he could have her first dance. \Miss Willtins,\ he becun, hoarsely, \I really don't—er—er—think—I real- ly don't think I'm feeling well, and if you will please—er—excuse me \ Anita feared he was 111, and offered The manufacture and sale of moon- shine whisky in the mountains of southern West Virginia is claiming the close attantioturf W. & Ualluha».-nro>-i -3, J \rounds hlbition commissioner, who, with » large force of deputies, continues to raid and make arrests almost weekly. There have been times in the last few weeks when the officers have met determined resistance, and already; two men, Preston Mullens, an alleged moonshiner, and John D. Kennedy, a deputy sheriff, have lost their Uyes in the campaign. This fight, the most serious ID recent years, occurrrcd In the Pan 1 her creek section of McDowell county, on the Virginia border. Panther ctvek, the prohibition authorities soy,- is <me of the most active tnoonshlulng districts t Jh'the.stote. There, according to Mr.i ev f r n better - Hallahan, have been gathered some of ' He was Just nhmt t0 flsU and resolute, and that of Anita, who*. was determined to win the white silk hag with the pink piping. They dart- ed nimbly in and out among the throng of dancers. On and on went the dance; on and on whirled the competitors. Almost abruptly the dance came to ! tm end. There was a general turnlng- wf • hemls-towapa-OJS VtM& -plHamwas U10 judges stepped Into the hall to an- nounce their verdict \The prizes^or the best dancjng of the evening-aivawarded to Miss Wil- kins and Master Laurence.\ After receiving the prizes they were I greeted by great applause, and the ' prize winners were made to, perform a dancing skit by the admiring crowd, which was promptly encored and en- cored. They were walking _glpwj£. toward fu>r street. \Yjw-rfaBe© wonderfully^ nhe exclaimed. Theed was watching the stars and /minify p! n - wpnH she? He wondered If she would.' He held up the fraternity pin. mutely seek- ing her eyes as ihey were passing un- der a corner light. \Will .\on wi'U) It for\ me?\ he said hesitatingly. She bowed her bend in silent con- «enf, and suffused vrtrtra sudden \Joyr he pinned it, his hands trembling, on her white dress. He was a trifle dazed ns he left her .at her gate h^ibe^brllHance of his -t\snccess. lie paused for one breathless «muuieaL,-uiideE--«B-.-e4fli-.-t*ee-<ie«vi>-th«- sidewalk; then he took a long breath ami turned, a champion dancer, ex- citingly home. LIGHTS UF IMMENSE POWER Tlihe Tabls larBffect -.Dee. 15. 1111° #r«nv^ LeaveM3« a S**^*\>r\ RocnSfeT •«!35. 7:35. *9fcfc^«a®JR iimTW 12:35. l;35, ?jm. iW,,. £&, •«,». *1$? »:43 p. i-m. • <For Seneca fcastte ohS 9:35, ^urd^nl^W^cinaaa^ _.jlns Leave, Roehest«i' (pr Gentw iHtsfttamg^dtao-iK^mtv^jaoeta*, ii'S 1 &®$&^*^*^ on * *>* •Dally except Sunday., ; , s1 .... - -*yy »»H: • »*«****#**-^^*«*-3f*#**#»5^ to sit out the dance with him, but as he would not hear of It. she reluc- tantly allowed herself to be led away by Fred Marst<m. Theed fled to the cement.walks on ! j^Tand rhat'of'the glass ten'tenT'ln\ Rays From Points on United States Coast.Are Visible Seventy Mil?\ Out at Sea. • The highest beacon light maintained by the United States for warning navigators is at Cape Mendocino, GUT- 422 feet above sea level. It has a range of 23 miles. The brightest light and one of the most brilliant In the world is nt Naveslnk, N. J., on the highlands at the entrance of N*w York bay. It Is 25,000,000 ,. candle power and Ita glare has been seen from 70 miles out In the ocean. * The largest lighthouse \lens\ Is at Muknpuu point, on the island of Oahu ( Hawaiian group). Its .beam at night brings first news to voyagers from the United States that they are near- ing the mid-Pacific archipelago. It Jh called a \hyperradient the Inside diameter of the lens being about nine Why was It that he could dance without a break when he was alone nnd. xef not be able to when he readied a hall? He tried It out on the walk. He danced_ smoothly and easily. He became encouraged. He would try it on the floor with the other dancers that very night. How- ever, on second thought he decided that If he should make a break he would not wnnt to humiliate Anltn. and therefore he asked another girl for the next dance. His trial dance work- ed 1 He could dance In public! And with such a good dancer as Aliita he was sure that his dancing would be TIRES wanted by Lehigh Valley Hail- road. Good prices. Address II. J. McQuade, Purchasing Agent, *143 Lib- ertv St.. New York City. ' 694 8MALL PLACE wanted by married man to work > on thirds or -by the month. Wm.'H. Squires, 233 Jacob St., Penn Yan. 64 FILING GABINE\T\ wanted for letters and legal documents. Answer P. O. Box 160, Geneva. N. Y. 70 941 terestlng. Read iho Want Ads. They cr« in- FOR EXCHANGE The Man of fcaw—But, my dear htadam, there is no insurance mon--y fur you to dhrajv- Your late hu.band never insured his life; he only had a policy against fire. The Wonderful Widow—Precisely. That Is $he very reason I had him cremated.—London Passing Show. the most famous manufacturers of moonshine from Buchanan county, .Virginia.. They .know all that Is to toe- known about the Industry, and some of them are famed for the qualities of their \corn liquor.\ Usually their stills 4re extremely difficult to locate, but>grndually the prohibition officers are hunting tliena out nnd Uestroylng them. There Is anotheY kind of moonshiner In that section who Is giving the oiH- cers -much\ mratrte. II.- nii.Ues his moonshine as quickly as [Mis«i|,ir. mar- kets it with the least dil.^ nnd then uloves his still to some other place. The country is mountainous and r6ugh, with many fertile vuileys. These valleys, the conuii,i-«..oni'r has discovered', were tills year n-ed to a large extent for the growing ,,f sugnr cane, the high price of SIUMT having driven some of the oldihn* moonshin- ers to producing what they in edvd for JomestTc and moonshine DUi-poses. Anltn for the next dance when someone on the platform announced that two prizes would be awarded to the best dancing couple of the next dance number.\The prize for the joung lady «.*is a white silk ling with pink piping, nnd a mom bershlp card to the schools exclusive Bllliken club. The prize for the >oung gentleman was a membership card to the Bllliken fraternity and a frater- nity pin. Theed hadn't counted on •his. and he was nsnin about to flee when he-saw Ahifa iootdns longingly nt the lovely, pink-trimmed favor. He now noticed that th-> pink just match- ed the ribbon on her dress. She turn ed and looked at him In the sump wM ful way as on the day he. had asked her to the dance. His Phhiug enurag* remounted, nnd he crov-d o\ep to her. \You'll hn\e jour pretty bnc,\ he said, with smiling rs^inince. He would show people that lip eonld dance. The flash ntid pep of the mili- tary band suited his mood, obstinate The Ions of the Naveslnk light in- closes a ' powerful electric arc. But, generally speaking, kerosene Is the preferred Illuminact for many light- houses. A lens frequently is built up of glass prisms arranged in panels, Xhe object being to concentrate the light Into a beam of maximum brilliancy and range. Some lighthouse lenses are so arranged as to revolve, a con- trivance of the sort, weighing perhaps 0,000 pounds, being floated upon mer- cury and thereby .turned so easily that a small bit of clockwork actuated by a 100-pound weight will opernte IL 1 f. 1 i- iii: in your home can p>rform mir- \ [r aolesTn \ebmforp\ \* jgT Don't wait untll^ the p ? pes burst or things go moving. m Let us advise yowC '\ jj^; ~ E Jiti »#4HC-«4MHH(4H»4H!!%^#^«''3H('««4HHij^; New Home* i | at Old Prices 8-ROOM HOMfr-ef^^AVTlfl ETTE AVE, ;|C| Just put on the njarkstj «ttraa>J|S tive place. All modern convert- IJ ionces. Price $€,000. '\'-.—. i \\ '-' -Tm 6 R60M BUNGALOW Large lot 50x1C0 ft, on R. & Car line. All modern convtn- jt • ionces. Hen House. Price $3200, i - •\ .- \. . ' I % 7 ROOM HOUSE JUST OFF' • WASHINGTON' STREET _;• | All modern. Small barn. All irr* I; good condition. Price $3,000, ^„( *t 8 ROOM HOME ON JEFFER-. *? SON AVE. « I «.:i AH conveniences. Prices $3500, F. S. BROWNLES m Peace Hath Its Sorrows. A woman's society, whose principal ittMty during the war was providing rntertalumcht for the soldiers, was about to give a .dance. One of the women who had acted as chaperon meeting a demure miss who had ear- nestly and strenuously thrown htrseM Into the party and dance game, asked; \Coming to the donee, Lttellar \I think not,\ asweredLuella, with a sigh. \Why. what's the reason ?\ asked the surprised\ chaperon. \I would have no one to dance with,\ said Luella. \All our boys are back,\ replied the chaperon, \There are as many men as ever.\ \Well said Luella, \we could al- ways depend on the soldiers, hut who's going to rrakethooe other men attend?\ 'CI&AHS CIGA^tmS MAGAZINES! BAILYNtWi STATIONERY M1T4UW4 ;,I C. A.KING CASTLE STREET-OPPOSITE «ITV HALM TELtPHONE 470 ' -S\ GENEVArNEVv-YDRk. Desirable Farms and Citj M^f for sale an4«xchange •*» \ : !''', '•' \ '.. . Lolita R. Sackett Linden Bldfl* - Geneva, N* Y. *% Moose Temple Wed.Eve 0 Fel>.-2$, '20 Jazzy .'MSiS^Hice . Music: by Band ;4 9 - Coral'* Vstrj-lng' Colfirs. Genuine coral \fmaj r fce retf, \r^T^H ptn^'i wlilte, blue, j'?«0\v,'-«re*n or bi«k».-. the last being JbLJl^^L-l?*^^, hlgltly prized-.. #Se neit yahfab*•« ,;, the red corol, wnfeh is f asceptlhl^ W-;^ a high polish and 1» mOlt-ln:»w,m.^ jewelry-f being ^f coral o|cdi»n>ej*^ j Corals are tmiktylfr c1a|»efl nn ? er Sl Read*, the litfrh#,*6mis ^d.the |W»^ or stone cxskW- %t>ie-|oritter|i«| ? t& red and MSQK^thfc m, * c S ? ••to the tyteti. 'Wffi<mt l *- **ffi\ cdral* fouhd:on, m^^iMSti^ Florida are the. •tfa*^;«*rf*«w* wtilfh are l He ra?fe'fMaai»t f<\ Mfc •si

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