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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1911-1955, February 23, 1920, Image 10

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SAGE TEN UUWWBUP, FEBRUARY 23, llfeu. Oi -•»J FREMGH BLAMt rAMKS BECAUSE PRICES LEAf friendly American Invasion Sett New Standard aN Mattes Tfdtiftfe, * <.« '* ••( \CCBt fie guerr*,\ w»a favorite »n- •wer to air eoitalpl&lnts'In Trance dur- ing and for'some time after tli« war. It a tire on your taxi blew out, If the •seat was poor, if the baby cried at 2 A in., it fo\i bad to pay double price for an article,.,It. sas .toteiMM flft .ttW> ^ !Ttoe Frenchman simply shrugged hla •boulders and said : \O'est le guerre.\ But now the expression haa given way to a new doe: \Cest le American.\ ! J^Jverything lr blamed on- the Ameri- cans now. Jrranee has not recovered from the recent friendly American Invasion. The free-spending American was re- garded as o particularly bright mark to elioot at even before the war. And then when the. American sol- dier, the best paid on earth, came along nnd virtually rhrew his money away, the' wily French shopkeeper, restaiirant jrcjirJeju^galfe ownerlanjl cabby reached out his hand and gath- ered It in. After n while three grades of prices mere established—the lowest for tho French soldier, the- ne»t 1 0* the French Civilian, ond~-nb, the next—for the American soldier and the American jclvlHau. With the war a thing of the past—• 4>rices have gone up to the American 'standard, and some Frenchmen, jthe speaker of the evening and will Seneejt. Fall* Brief** Seneca, Fails* Feb. 23—The Parent, Teacher's Association has been for- tunate in securing: Dr. Murray O. Bartlett, president of Hobart College, to give an address on \Three ' Great Things\ at their next meeting*, which; will bo held Tuesday evening at Myn- dersc Academy, A community sing will also be a feature of <he program, in eonsfdera>» t Jen • of • thftrbotng • the • National- Week* of Song. All Interested are urged to attend this meeting, A false a}arm called the Are' depart?, ment to State street and Boston ave- nue yesterday afternoon about three o'clock. ^ f . . • •> Miss Emma JTaler Was home froin Albany.for the week-end. ' * , Miss Anna Crowell of Syracuse was. the wepk.-end guest of frjtendB here. R. W. George W. Salisbury, District Deputy Grand Master of the 31st Ma- sonic District, will visit Poeahonta> Lodge, \No. 211, F. £ A, M., Tuesday; eyenirrg of this wee>, at Which time the Master Mason degree will be con- ferred on a class of candidate^. A buf- fet luncheon and smoker will follow\ tM iSfi«Mflfc_: ~-._ r -,'JU±- The firemen were called to the home of J.,eo Hamill In Bridge street about nine o'clock this morning, where hie garage and automobile were almost . completely destroyed by fire, causins I a loss of several hundred dollars,- The cause of the fire is unkonwn. The Citizens' Club will, hold a Wash- ington's Birthday dinner this evening in the Gould Hotel, covers being lai$ for 120. ITon. W. $. MacDonald' will be m amm \.*•£ HtitWgU -«sfiK-latto& with' AuieiWcaos, hayjcJteaj^g&Xo. dlSBOHCof their money with aiTtUter abandon whit* was not even dreamed of during the war. B: vlnvaslon.has-done tp;Fra»rqe, and that •frwirytthe *bopkeeper, HMr«orknr, *h» clerk and his sweetheart shrug their * shoulders when things go wrong .finan- cially and sax: ( \Ctst to .American.\ AFFLUENT CHINESE I IN THEIR TAXiCAB takV for\ his\ \^Y^jert'-^PtSStj Spirit?''| held with tho views of the members present on \What Seneca Falls 2-Jeeds.\. XbKt4« What tlie friendly Antei'Ieim T?very member will be asked to speak very briefly ancLH is hoped iri this way to clodded upon a definite pro- gram for town betterment under the •auspices of the Citizens' Club. The public schools arcs closed toda? In celebration of Washington's birth- day. — • \ . • Mrs. K. M. Graham is in New Torlc this week on business. The Royal Welsh Quartette will bs , the attraction this' evening at the i Methodist Episcopal church parlors. ' The members of Sa-go-yc-wat-ha Chapter, Daughters of the American ' Revolution will meet with Mns. Gfltli- i uiine Ti.iutnuin in <\lintuti stieet,.this i • vetting A iMti intic pi ogram will be i given. •\\\ ~ r <~' ' Mrs. Frances McGrain. Senei-j Kails, Feb. 23 -Mrs. Frances MctSrniii. nged seventy-three years, died Friday at her home in llawloy ( Mint. Mi\ iliiii.un was will known licit; «licio m.uiiN jgura of bcr lite had (• been spent. She lg survhod by one daughter. Mrs. <'. .1. Hlshop of this vll- l..«e. nnd M\ MniiH. John. Joseph Thorn - -w*, J^HH+^H Attdrow nnd George Mr- Gmiii. nil of tins village. The fuilcinl «IIH In 1.1 timn hr r late home ;it 8:30 Monday nnd from St. I'utrleU's rhun-li at 9 o'elock, Rev M V. Dwyer ofrleiat- ias. vltli bui-lal in St. Columnitlfl reineferv. : mhough the snow-is still on.the ground aMthe tpuch.of j^^«g^ ps, ^havejust opened extensive new lines of Spring merchandise *nd*p||^ ; at^ijtiDatathenew styles. . . '• L.. s %£&M^^-- •-''W--.t:;-*- ''.--. '..'•»> •\•-.' . •k-,CS#pn^':, Clmrrrttrig Spring: a Rgfat dtrt of Fashion's style dictionary step th^fcSp£i»g:mi*fe^ ^ |;:::..cha.tming beauty and elegant simplicity—plus the assurance of perfee^jm ip, : -• ' Special Values at $22.50, $27.50,13P0 •v~ Sparing Dress Goods In alt the latest dfiagnsim\:. spring. ' Ein^ ^Scotch Giag«. hamSj Printed and Plain Voiles in a large variety of designs and pretty shades. - New . Foulard Silks and SporV Silks—Exclusive pat- terns. Spring Blouses .„... Oi.JndiYMual.£harm. and : .ingJtoriolis. colorings. We - ai'e showing advance new models in Waists featuring Georgettes in colors, beauti- fully trimmed. New Georgette Waists $8.00 to $15,00 New Hand-mad^. Ph§|^M»# Smart separate newBMffes. Plaids, checks £nd ^tripes and in plain colora, , Prices;-$I0 to $22,50 ' 3£&$»$fii*-*- -£ 10 si W(!-#!«p »»»«trt»<jmttOiin«tt languidly *o haiU»*J*?iteiJl-»o4*Wd.-..the driver take us tpjfe tfgsttamgff wotitda't find t>tver^%TWThe average Chlnca^doiai^te^fl^mWttg, The ph-- tnre gbjjiqi ^ i;bJn^se ta*i, operated by' manpower, taking some affluent passengers downtown on • shopping •our. • -v fZl <»'*lllt Tt~~— fM&OOJJFPQLONY Trapp»r Who Made Diicovery Saya •Rhey Arc pf a New Variety. Thu^,,o ng,w ^peei*»„ of worf Inrt ken discovered is the statement brought In to Miles City, Mout., i)j J Farber Irion,, who has heen trapping In \the OntennlnJ. va|).ey of Madison connty for several weeks ami who has returned to the city for a visit, the deep snows in the mountains iTi the western part of the state having made .trapping a hard prat-Ike. Farber Irion, whose home Is on a Tuirdi iriuntary. to MXttsCU^desfrinea the^aolf as possesslnlr a long, slender hand similar to that of a coyote, hut •with a larger body and of a fiercer dis- position. It has .nil the running and nenke of huraatj jirejenoe attributed to the' wolf family and Is a hard animal to catch. Contrary *Q tho general belief, says Mr. frlon. there are wolves In the west- jern_pnrt of the state which will give baffle to a man. Me lias made a £pp- -rtfatfy. hmvovrr, lie says, of the «mntier \fur bearing animals, but is not a\erse to cradling into p co.ioic's den n-lth a 4«an(|lo aiitt ntiflck the ntiiinaU with hatchets and clubs. . First Use of Handkerchief. The jiocket handkerchief -was flr-rt known as kerchief-eouvre-rlicf-a t covering for the head: then it became handkerchief a covering for the head carried in the hand, and at last pocket handkerchief - a covering for the head held In the hand and kept In I lie pocket. m • India Names to Change. In India names are likely to change as a result of conversion to nhrlnllan- ity Kor instance, Mr. Noseprickod, becomes Mr. Rer\ant of Jesus;- JVli. Beggar. Mr. fhrtft of the Church, nn'd Mrs. She Devil, Mrs. Happiness. .—« . To Erect Hotel. An American lmtel man, with New York and Paris capita!, is planning to build one of the largest hotejs in 1'Yancp to accommodate visitors to Choiiteaii-Thierix. Democratic Caucus To Be Held Wednesday, Feb. 25 Waterloo. Feb. 23—The Democratic village caucus will be held Wednesday^ Feb. 26th, at 7:30 p. m., as follows: FiMtt Ward* at No. 4 hose house, 2nd, ward,, at village trustees rooms, 3rd ward at No, 3 hose house to nominate candidate for village trustees, and at 8 o'clock the general village caucus will \bo held at the village \trustees rooms to nominate a candidate for vVilllage president, assessor and collec- tor. Delegates Named to Democratic Convention - —-.»- - - • > Waterloo, Feb. 25—Saturday nlglit t£e Seneca County Democratic com- mittee met at the Stanton House, Sen- eca Falls, and named \William Hufley, &>eter De-y and George Franklin as delegates to the unofficial convention tn be held at the Ten Eyck hotel in 'Albany, Thursday, March 26th. A Swiss has 1 invented a remarkable sickroom clock. When a button is pressed an electric lamp behind -tha-t-fewm dial throws the shadow of the hours and hands magnified upon the ceiling so that invalids o.-in see it from bed without putting themselves to any in- convenience. R CIPE TO ClEtR L PIMPLY SKIN Pimples are lmpunti.es Seeking an Outlet Through Skin Pore*. Waterloo, Feb. 23—F. well who was on the FIRST HUSBAND MUST PAY nfiourt Rule* Two Cannot Be Retponsl- bie for Debtt of One Wife. Two husbands cannot he held re- < topomsible 'for \XW \ae%ts of one wife, ^ecl'ired\ Strperiw. JndgP'Hunt of San Stirrnclscii when he reversed a decision _ tyf the justice's court giving Canllner •-• —>* Gold8nlffh*a 'judgment' Against llsa , 3B Stringer nntbiier'iraabn-nd, Samuel , *W K. Stringer, for ?Mi. —j—* The jnrfgiiifnt was for hats which, ! ieconffng\' fW\ w Mr6\ T 't/eWrf]hn.v, Mrs. Stringer purchased «n. a'-charge ne- V'vimitnf while she .was the wife of John \\\^Wemple. Immediately after receiving ~*Jwv Anal decree . of divorce from ^elnple- she became : the wife of Piniplis. pores and boils usually re- sult from toxins, poisons and impuri- tKs wlili-h aie generated in the bowels iiml then almurhed into the blood through Hie voiy duets which should sibsorb onlj nourishroent to sust^ta tile body. It is tlie function of tlie kidneys to filtri impiiiities from the blood and cast tltcni out in the form of urine, Imt, in many instances the bowels create inure toxins and impurities thnn the kldne'ys can eliminiite. then the blood uses the skin IK.I-CS as tlie next best nteaiis of Retting Hd of these Impurl-, ties which .often break out all over, the skin in the form, of pimples. m The surest way to clear the sklu of these eni[iti(ins. says u noted authorlh'. is to set from any pharmacy nbont E. (Mggs- stone house northeast -trf -the vlttager left today for (Canton, Pa., n*ere he. will open up a restaurant. Harry Bertram of Virginia street who has been at work at the Gould shops the past year, resigned his posi- tion with that .' company about two weeks ago, a,nd this morning began ^ork for tlie,'J5yaterloo Body Corpora-, tion. Tonight .is^Stie Sfen's Meeting at the yresbyterfa^^'Teharch at 7:80-- frpfr JF. S. ttahfjje^tsfelder^ of Hohart Col- Itege wiTI glA^gnn^areis. MA'GEE mi •\(Stringer ajid sujt wns b,iotjght ttgalust iter and lur hviliaiut. Judge rhmt rtrled th«t Wimple was the resiVinslbJft husband. Judgment, fcowpver was against Mrs. Stringer Hoi the K I linger for the cosU. \ •i.L'*t.<. i 'J /rz The civilian population, ot France has S|ecrca«ed 760,000 in four years four ounces of Jad .^alts and take a tablespnonfu] in a Klass of hot Water each moj'ning tiefore breakfast, for .oile week. This wilt prevent the formation of toxins in the bowels. It also stimu- lates the kidneys to normal activity, thus coasinpf thern to filter the blood of impurities and draiiog the skin of piinples. I Jad Salts is inrxpc irahe. harmless .vs. •••!>•'• '»~ -i V * \ » land is made from the acid of grapes trW cosb and In favor of ! and )<>mo n juice eomWnrt . with mhia . Mere yoit have a.pleasant, effervescent drink «hlcli usually riakes pimple* disappear; cleanes the blood an* excellent m a* i*m*m •» v«n. Magee. Feb. 23—Mrs. Foster White is ill at Iter liorne. Dr. Russell is at- tending h^r*. >\ - Seymour Bowen and fanaily who have been ilf*«rHh the Influenza, are recovering?- ; •\•\<\ 4 Magee Gfc£§ffe took in .over $21 from ^Uieir rday^^iaiS5t,e5Ej!Rh)K k _, ..... ;' Mrs. Ho^pdSstrort'g.ia ill with the <grippe. iM^rVi'.'- • ,-, - Miss i^ylCi^ rCerlett is .seriously ill .with pneuMpilMfc. A tt&lned nurse' nt baring totffa&gfalifc. Rtts'sell has ehferge »f the ea^; * \v :'- '_'' .- • Mrs. Fr^^falstey is «>nlined to'lier\' jhome witWyBle grippe. k v ;• •-. * -\f ; Mr. and §lrs. Arcjite J^a^irt* of Jjun*- tus are spading \a - t$W^4$tify!&ipx. .|Wrs. Laurie^ pareit^,. Mr, .-iq^l^a^; \Bump at Md'gee. \'\' *,- ,';*|. Mrs. Franlc Mpshier is recovering: from an abscess of the throat. Mrs. Robert Morehouse and daugh- ter, Welthia, recently visited Miss Ma» Stevenson in Waterloo. Miss Georgia,\ Joseph Is again eon- fln'ed to her home In Waterloo witbv the grippe. The JBlrdsey pistrlct sachool is elose'd a^ain>,'heca.y«e.of iiness of the 1st teacher aria most of the scholars. ' 'X» \j. Strong toaW been ill at his horn* ATTENTION, PLEASE! Have you tried shopping for your grocery or bakery needs at our neighborhood stores? They are placed there for your convenience, and for you to use. They will save you time andjmoney: the same prices prevail as down-town. However, their object is not simply to sup- - ply the few little things such as soap, milk or bread, which you've forgotten, or for which you've suddenly a need. You may find at them your EVERYDAY re- quirements; fresh fruit and vegetables in season, delica- cies in canned goods, and all regular, staple groceries. Also, we will fill special orders from our downtown store, on short notice; anything you need, fresh baked goods daily, and to order. Just give us a trial; a chance to prove how conven- iently and economically yo i may trade in vour own sec- tion of the city. •. tpere's a Schumann K ash and Karry Store in your neighborhood.\ No. 1, 261 William St. (just above West St.) No. 2, 84 Mill St., (head of West Ave.) No. 3, 42 Rose St., (jus t off John St.) Or, if it's handier, 'phone or call in person and have your order sent direct from the tru * V *?>«ii' m -&*&*. Artificial Feet and Lefts. , A Danish ph>si. i.wi. who formerly manufactured aihnVial t Pg - a „ut of papier-mache, now .makes artificial feet out of paper pulp. •JWW.- ana -(VS. HtyO&X^JJv ,'- 3S- . * V • J -i-'«;^...c v ,^ a -^ 1 ^,^^ v ^ i „._

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