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V . \ FAITtPOnT, y . Y ~ THURSDAY. SEPTEM B UII 4~~rp a ~ \v< THE OLD SCHOOL HOUSE tbe \ Tho little soliooft are going frfcm .. ' roadsides of the laud; They’re potting up now buildings, and ----- - they’re ibaklug them so grand I . ' A high sohool at. the cross jroads where one-_room shook once stood, ^ • And maybe TJE is progress and the Fairport’s Public School System and Buildings First Public School Was Established in FairportJ^inety-eigKt Years Ago—Three Buildings Necessary to ’— Accommodate-the-P-upils-of-Today—Schobls to Open NexrMonday—The New Building \ change may work for good— But I know I ’ll miss the magio of the old school honse where ' Tira~tiBBKH\wuTuTow and~urupked—bu t * a \ y o u 'somehow didn’t oarel .•They’re going to have three teachers .vl- where they used to get along . With old Miss Martha Miller—ancl I dream ot her in songl * 1 TF o Fb Ke\WMirr*y e r y~ p ro 11 y~a n ct “ 1 1 e r manners were so bruff * Bnfc sh i wore so white a collar, and that white flare of her ouflfl And she need to tell of .flowers, both V - , the tame od'cb and the wild— It wbb botany, to others, but ’twas ro­ mance tb a child 1 They’ve got appropriation r>. meut that will be As ooippleto as any college. w^mvite_uBvpU'to see. ; _________ __ But I know hpw-Fll be feeling when I -V\ -walk aloug-somo-day for equip- They’ll And dream abont the echoolhonse that they’ve junked and hauled away— The little oue-room sohoolhouse, it is ' going—and it’s wise But I see it still in memory, and there’s mist boiore my eyes! '—Author Unknown. MONROE COUNTY GRANGE , TO MEET IN FAIRPORT Past Master of the National Grange to —Attend^-Session—to-Open—Tuesday? Sept. 13, at 10 O' c I ock in the Forenoon “’ .(.'•foil ------------- ----- 7\— ------- ——W SCHOOLS TO OPEN\ MONDAY « _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ■ ->'•’/ S I Interior Work is Not Yet Completed , • in New Building But the Schools Will Open as Announced s-.»1 m rm MOT Fairport’B Bohools, as announced laBt week, will begin the new school year next Monday morning, September 8. At a special meeting of the Board of Education last Tuesday eveuiug, at lie request of Fred Gleason, oarpen- er ooutractor, it was decided unwise to take possession of fche uew building' ac present. As more time will bo re- - ' i n ­ quired to puLon-the finishing touches .and install equipment, as iwell as -A •Wa£ grade the grounds abont fche building, it w b b thooght best to defer entering the new building until at lesB two weekB. Acoordiug to Mr. Qleason, it will be possible fcQ complete fche building and have It ready for uso by Monday, Soptember 22. In the mean? time, the High school and the Inter­ mediate^ DeparWent- (8tii~A and B,r 7tli A and B, Gth A and B grades), will alternate in the use of the con­ crete and portable buildings in the rear of the old High Rchool building. LS - m •.V C i / .A? I Fairport High School Building on West Avenue—ErectecTm-1924“and which- tsnJU5rBelTTg-CompleTed-am-Cost'orS340;000 r Sherman J. Lowell, Past Master of the New York State Grunge und al 60 Past Master of the National Grange is scheduled to be preBeufc at Monroe Oonnty Pomona Grauge when it meets here Sept. 13. 'Mr. Lowell is a \dirt farmer” who has made a place for himself by his good judgment, com­ mon sense and determination to stick to his conviotioue. He 8polisored tire ‘’Massaolnreetts Revolving Scholarship Fond” at fche State Grange last winter. It was largely because of his efforts tliat this plan was adopted. This is a plan .whereby boys'and girls wishing to.go and pay ifc back after they are out of sohool. In Massachusetts, where this plan has been going for softie time and scores of boys have borrowed money, up to last February only one boy had not paid up as he promised. /The authorities feel that by giving this a litTfetle longer,onger.'time time one boy a lit l he' will also^make good. No doubt Mr. Lowell will explain this plan hi fnll as.it was brought up- at the last Pomona meet- ing and aftjpr some difiou bbi on ,was 1 aid / ou the table until this meeting. The hour of meeting is set for 10 o’olook. The* morning Besaion will be given over to fche basineBS meeting and initiation of candidates,' While in fche afternoon there will be a literary program in oharge of Fairport Grange. Dinner will be eerved afc noon at 50o per plate. Every member should take advan­ tage of this opportunity fco hear Mr. Lowell. The officers will appreciate it if those who wish to join Pomona will come a few minutes before 10 Cost of $6,550—To be Used for ihe Grades The people of Fairport have always taken commendable pride iu schools- and-—have‘—supported Tins year there will be a total of 42 tbier. teachers, six more tliBn last year, two them—of-w hicb-are’for Hie\ueWfoiFparfciiieri'tsr o'olook bo their applications may be taken care of. - The local oommlfctoes who will Bee • that everything goes off smoothly are: Reception committee— Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hu 11. and Mr*_and_Mrfl.-J.-_H- Warner; dinner committee—Mrs. Carl Morlotfc, Mrs. L. B. Knapp, Mrs. Will Henry, Mrs. J. D. Ellsworth, Mrs. Will King nnd Mra. Lowis - Jordan. More helpors may be called on theso committees. liberally. The three fine, commodious buildings which they have provided, furnishes ample proof of the above statement, &S well as the excellent in­ structors thai have always beeu en­ gaged. During the past year n long step has been takon in an effort to improve the school facilities, by the oreotion of one of tlie finest High sohool builidugs to be found in any town in the state. An illustration of it isBhoyto on this page, together with tiie other two buildings. • Some Interesting Facts When possession is taken of the building, Fairport will have all its sohool children attending foil timo for the first time in several years. Last year thero wore in all about S00 chil- dreinjompMte 11“to attend on ITnlf time She Might Have Bpen Wrong Among tho jurors summoned was a ’woman who wished to be exoused. # \Woll madam, why doft’fc you want to stfrvo oo this jury?*1 asked tho Judge. “ I'm opposed to capital pnnfsh- ‘ment.” : i . ; \But this ifl merely a case ln whioh a \vifo I b suing hoi husband for au ac- bonnting. It. seems sho gave him a thousand dollars to pay down on a handsome fur coat and he ia alleged to have lost the money playinglpofeor.\ .l ' The woman juror spoke up promptly, •'I'll eorVo. * Maybe'I'm wrong .nbont capital punlflhment.*' _______________ i n trod need 1 n IdTTiTs Sal loo oream was • oonntry by, a'Philadelphia caterer nnniod Boiio In 1800, but it did not • bocotno popular until Mra. Dolly • Madison. as. mistress of the Whilo V’Honeo, had it sirvod afc stato' dinners /over whioh flho presided In 1817. . . .timoo t/>at time: consumption of this ’ \delioa6y. has risen until now on aver- 'ago‘of2iCC gallons of foo oroain aro Amado annually for eaoh inhabitant of tho country../- commercial and home making. The other four are grade teaohers em­ ployed to fcbke oare of tbe four gronpB of children, ou half time last year. the High school convening dnring the forenoon and the grades affected dar­ ing the afternoon. Miss Minerva DeLand, prinoipai of- the High sohcnl, will make her head­ quarters in the eaBt room of the con­ crete building, generally known as the South Side Anuex, do van stairs, and all High Buhool students will re- .port there Monday morning to register- aud receive further instructions as fco the program of classes, etc. Registra­ tion will begin at eight o’olook. The Intermediate Department, with Mi6s Emma Gardner in*charge, will hold regifltratiou Monday afternoon beginning at ouo o’olook. Miss Gard­ ner’s headquarters will be In the west room of the conorete building, down sroirs. All pnpii3 of the Intermediate Department will report to Miss Gard­ ner for instruction, except pupilB Irom the North Side,\ (UlfB, who will report to the old High gchool building at uiue o'clock Monday morning, with Miss Dow as teacher. II pnpilB iu the South Sido,. first ive grades, and pupils from the North Side, 6th .B. will go iuto fche oid High KChool building which is ready for nse. All pupils in the North Side, first five grades, will go to the North Side school. /: M •‘* 1 1 V >31 - V : -m l ■:.<F a [ >-V> I .rii m \ I w •;.d :5l -V,v« mi t S i ■\ I •'■•I - r'-rSl - ft I ti : *iiil L •471 \ • MATTERS OF HISTORY. • Cl ml k A I-' •sW North Side School Building—Rebuilt in 1920 at a Cost of $65,000 Items Taken from the Mail One Year ^ Ago Today. '-Vi --^1 The teachers’ list is as follows: H. Olaua&HH^rdy, sopeA-intepdent lohedules. The sohool Gystom has practically doubled in size in the past ten years, tho regifltrAfcion In 1914-15 being slightly moro thou 500 and this year there will bo more than 1,000 enrolled. In 1920, i t ' w ill, bo jnst 100 years sinoo tlie first school was established in this villago and just fifty.years since tlio first person graadated from Fairport High sohool. The old High ecliool building was erected in 1872. With the North Side school'prac­ tically now, tho old High ebhool building remodeled and improved, and thia splendid new High school, Fair­ port oan boa8t of one of * the best* equipped school systema of its kind nnd eizo in tho state, Tho entiro pro­ gram has been carried ont in accord- auoo with suggestions and ndvico from tho 8tot6 HcpflTtment of Education. Dne credit and prafao should bo given to tho looal Board of Eduoatibu, which ing..program,—tho members working “High School -:::'cMTTrefva DeLand, principal and teacher of Latin; Ger- trnde O. Ryon. mathematics: C. Esther Hepinstall. English; Eunice Salisbury, Frencli; Clara Bowen, Lalin; Mary Boms, science; Agnes O. Graves, history and civics; Vel- nette Sickles, English; Ernest Brad­ ley, mathematics, physics nud director of• boys’ athletics; Goldie McNeely, commercial; Dorothy Marks, home making; Nollio Foster, supervisor of physical traiuing; Ljllian A. Bojd, flupervisor of drawing. in g instructor; furnace room contain log two, hatfceriea—ftf—1 uroaces.of>i:x each au^j, two eleotria fans for heatiDg and ve n t i l a t i n g ; storage bins for cou^ wood uud ashes; oiflce and shop for janitor. Fairport schools open with a total registration of 950 pupils. “MF&. Mfffy I •oc I JT’ Fellows, home of her son On the second floor may be found H.* Claude Hardy, B. A., M. A., Superlnlencient of Schools harmoniously and unanimously. The total appropriation of $3^5,00 covers, in addition to the now. bniid- ir?gr,ti»o remodeling of* tho old High school building and the grading of.tho grounds.” The actual cost 0 ! tho now building, oxolusivo.of equipment and arohlteot’B loo, Is Jess than- 8300,000 and was built at a poroubio fofttooatof 29 oents,*. approximately, whioh ls mnoh; less thfen any other similar bolldlng now under construction. H. Olonde Hardy,'B. A., M. A., superintendent, prepared for collet 0 at Wyoming Semiunry, Kingston, Pa., graduating witli honors in* 1907. Ho received hisB. A. degree In Jnne 1911 from Wesleyan University, Middle- town/Oonn., and his M. A. degree from' the University of Rochester Jnne, 1921, and from Syracnso Univer Bity Jono 1023. * Did advanced .-study and research In the field of education nt both institutions, and was n student nt tlio University of Grenoble, France, in ftho anmmer of 1914. Mr.* Hardy ifl a member of the honor floeio ty-oHPh H£^pp&—Phtr\bFrtig\TmT flret of tiireoout of Cwonty-sevon can didates to be chosen as not more than oue-eightb of any groop may bo so lionored. - Election is biUed on scholar- ah Ip, character, nnd aohiovement. He is also seoretary of tho Associated Acadomio Principals, whioh Is a stAte o#i^anization mado up of principals and euperiutendents,. having held tlie oflloo for tlio past fivo years, and haB been president of the Monroo Ooonty TeaoherB1 Association dnring tho past The Grades New High School building-Emma J.Gardner, 8thA ; Mabel Gazley, 811II 1 ahd A; Martha A. Brown, &Ui B; Hazel J. Mayer, 7th A; Lutie Wil- Ji a m 8,-741-B-a 1 n d-A-r-D © M b-I—H o 1 1 n e s.— 7th B; Leila Faucett, Cth A; Hilda Mack, Cth B aud A. West Ohurch street School — Anue Gummmge, principal and 4th A; Gladys Dow, Ofcli B; Esther Onil, 5th As Elizabeth Vincent, 5th B; Mary Oalor, 4th B; Ethol Frowley, 3il A; Marian Ward, 3d B; Mao Ohesbro, 2d A; Margaret Hodgson, 2d B; Alice Galkins, 1st A; Esther Westfall, 1st B. 1 North Side School—Pearl * Barrett, prinoipai and fitli A; Marcia Jeffer­ son,-5th H ; Gladys Carr, 4th A nnd B; Esthor Oakleaf, 3d A and B; Edna Wilooxeu, 2(1 A; Ruth Harding, 2d B; Mndoliuo Sheldon 1st A ; Pauline Law­ son, 1st B. .'Helen DeLand, 6chool lihrorlnn.\ Janitors— Sobtli Sido, Johb Brown nnd Roy Simpson; North Side, James Johnson, tli© offices for tlie Superintendent and Principal; eight rooms for grade purposes; Board of Education room locker room for teachers; separate toilets for hoys and girls; library and rending room for pnpils: auditorium for sohool assemblies aud community gatheriugB, with balcony, furui&het witli opera chairs from the Haywood- Wakefieid (JO., supplied through the Snow-Viliere Company of Fairport, seating 725 people; stago aud speaking platform 32 by 20 feet iu size. The second floor will be nse'd ex- ciusivelv hv the Higii_EClmol_schol r rs It lias two stndy rooms nnd ten recita* at ion roomB; separate toilets tor boys and girls; climo room ; moving picture booth made fireproof; two snpply rooms and oue dark room. The entiro bnllidng whioli hns been made fireproof, except tho roof is of tlie gothio style of architecture, faced with tapestry brick; tile and gypsum partitions, all floors being of rein­ forced concrete. TI 10 first and second floors aro oovered with dear maple flooring, except the corridors which are of terrnzza. Death ~or aged 83 yearp, at the on Filkins street. Fairport baseball team wins five oufc of tlie InsJ six games played. Fairport schools make their first ex-- bibit at fche Rochester Exposition and are awarded first prize. m Mentioned Twenty Years Ago. Lightning strikes a born on the John Adamson farm on Jefferson road and tiie boiriing is burned, together with entire contents including or horse. Edgar Brown, aged 10, dies after long illness. Marriage of Miss Helen Patterson of Fairport and Louis E. Brei of ^ifctH- ford. Mrs. W. H. Wheeler dies at her -home northwest-oL-Kairport-foliowing- shorfe illness. Marriage 01 Miss Jessie Belie Harfc -l; -foi .A q •• Concerning Tlio now iojnrmr the New Building High sohool ANTil High School bnilding is • It lias Oil “ Wmt a venue, frontagojjf ICC feet, with a depth comprised 11 of of two year. -; v- 136 foot, and is stories, with baeomont. Tho basoment contains six rooms to bo usod for cqmmercial instrnction, ilrawmp, biology, homo-making, and »'>« gymnaalnm, which I b tuaplo. and Fred D-. Whitmeyer, both of Fftir- port. Edward Louoks is struck by a freight train at tho/Main street cross­ ing and dies from his injuries within a fow hours. ' -ir. - x: ••V Interior Finish and Equipment The inside finish and equipment is % ns follows: Oak woodwork with golden brown trim; eirio wb U b decor­ ated in light tan, with oeillngs of cream color to matoh. Tho pupils’ desks aro of brown tiuisht and were famished by tlio American Beating Company; science equipment furnish­ ed by the Solontiflo Eqolpmont Oom pony-of-Ncw—York-nity;—six—Inb lory tables for lD9trnotlon I d physics., HiTeelaborotory tabloB for instruotlon In ohomistry and six tables for in- stniollon in biology. All basement floors aro of oonoreto except-that-of On Sopteruber 17, 1923, a crippled Gorman immigrant, liis wile and two children landed 1u New York where they wore immediately sent to Gouby,* Minnesota, to relatives. On Jnly 21, 1924, tliis immigrant funner, out of his wages hs a farm hand, had paid tho $50 borrowed from hia brother for paisngo expenses. He owns four hun­ dred dollars’ worth or livestock and hns $100 in cash. Ho has rented a quarter section of land in Fortier Township aud will start farming for himself Maroh ), 1925.. • >- ■tf • V y* - preflsed air from tho janitor’s offico'. 1 14-4)1 aob4>OMrdft-4ft-4he-vaHoD9-room8- aro eqnipped wi fei l a bnllotin board. a\\ vl'I {fe lunoh room, if dosired; gymnasinm with . bkBbotbftll court, 40 foot by 70 foet, and. soating spaoo for speotators/ accommodating abont 600 people, with dressing rooms, showers, locbor and toilet ropms adjoining for both girls and boys; also office for physical train- A standard . time-beeping system, will bo used whioli will bo oporatcd from.a master olook in the main offloo and will control all secondary ©looks In tho various rooms and., bolls for signal purposes. Tbo ventilation will I (Seo pago 4 for plans of floors in tho Tho Board of Education Tbo mombors of tho Board of Edu­ cation oro: Yalo Parce, Mrs. G. 8. Price, Will O. Greene, Geo. E. Eddyi- R. L. Dudloy, D. O. Barnhart a n d . Jns. H. Oottor. The offlcoia aro: Yalo *. Parco, proaldent; Wayne Baumer, clork; 0. 8. Greono/ troasnror A, Follows, collector; Dr. Q. S. Prlco, school physioian. '* ;*/ d i m be oontrollod automatically .by corn- new bnilding) JV - v- ’/ .\.--.j* . . • . • •• . ... . ‘ s' A . . . . c s S 5 . /••...-7 ' 7 . -• • ■ •• fovj • • V- - -vr :'V /I. *•/ vtV *'-• ;v v\;\ \A I n ­ s ' ■. ■

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