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PERSONAL SQGI-E-T-Y- VLGINITY COMMENT ~ Charles Hull is agaiu eugaged A. D. Taylor's barber shop. In •Will O. Greeue.aud wife spent Sun- day with friends at DeRuyter. •t>r»t>cMu > f>«>«>t>t !$££ = ^_' _ SSfSSHi Mathew Elliott of Rochester, visited Mrs. > George G. Bown and family,' Sunday.. Miss Lena Sohutt is Bpeding a few ^ays-in-Roohester, on~aceount of the illneE8 of her sister. Now that the8trike c isK'eettled_\ coal has dropped 40 cents per ton/, v : •:>; •./.' c The weather this.week lias,been.too George waruer is quite .suriuuuly Now ill. —~A let ter addresMd^o^GsOTgezBoplTi; unclaimed at the Fairport postoffice. It is said new time tables will go -ipto-effeofc-ou-the—raifwaya uest-Snjjb. day. \ Isaac Peters is building an addition and making general repairs to his house. - Some one sends the Mail some fine views of Los Angelas, Oal., with the notation \no earthquake here.\ F. M. Kurtz, James Root, Samuel Hart, Robert Ewiug aud Mrs. Albert Pike are putting down cemeut walks. Rochester Theological Seminary graduates a class of thirty-eight, this year. The> exercises are being held this week. ~ Miss Helen Detiand 1 ^ Stmday-sehool class held a pleasant gathering, Tues- day evening, at the home of one of the -members—Mrs^Doll-WJjtthing^ —_\V— Martin Jones, a well -known, at- torney of Rochester, died Thursday; aged sixty-five years. Mr. Joues was one of the city's oldest lawyers. The village board is superintending some improvements at the west end of West avenue and on Nelson street, placing the walks and roadway on the proper-grade:' T • ^ - ^^-^^— Mrs. J. E. Moore aud family of '\Jamin-Wiloox-has-returued from-AL bauy aud will live in Fairport. Eam-Talnmu entflrtainaoLJir^Millex. -ing \67 Utica.fdr a few days~last week.\ Little Myrua Gibson is taking treat- ment of Dr. Doaue of Rochester, for throat trouble. Anthony H. Ferbeck, a postal clerk, is making an extended trip through California and Washington. It is said that Rochester is soon to have a new daily Democratic \paper published in. the interests of William R: - Hearst. --— --=r — that the street sprinkler is an established fact, we wonder how we ever got along without it. ~\Miis^s~AlIc'e~Or¥fraW : Anna W.Ice^ broke of Rochester, have been spend- a faw^day^-imth^isjaXepjajB^b^fc^ Deputy R. W. Pickett, is now plan- ning to organize an order of the Na- tional Protective Legion at Penfleld, cold to suit the early gardenerJ7 -G—L.-S.-O. meet^Mohday-next-witk Mrs. Richardson. Roll call, current events. -\•\. /J' >'. . ••' •].'•.=. : '\ V. — -V-V •ooooeoooo«eo«*«««oo«eeoooeo9«oooo0e0e^eoe«o««ooe«eoo • •.;;,V,:.-^;.:V--,'-'-:--:-F\ -;. :: r r;; •-•- •.•• VJ-^-v .-/ •>.;..••* -\^ •s-:- s ^^^v:ycyy;i [ z)\J^y^ : ;^:yr- ••• ,... T >v>/•• •>' ••>:•:: : ,yx,ySl * ^sdJ^ayejtoL Lieave Fairport to'find a Better or Cheaper Line of \ Mrs. 0. R. Cramer has gone to Olit- ton Springs, and will spend a few AveeksTat^Fe^lSitarinln^^^ 1 ^' ~ r The. entertairihient ; course at tlio ^Iethodistm^nroh f -r«Rt,Awinter,- netted: in the near future. Some Church street improvements are a new porch on A. L. Taylor's house and a cement- walk in front of W. J. Mason's. Dr. Algernon S. Orapsey, an Episco-j pal clergyman of Rochester, WBB yes- 1 terday convicted of heresy by an ec- clesiastical court, which has recently been in session at Batavia. Mi6s Mable Howe has resigned ber •position -as-teacher iu.thejthird grade and MiBS Cutter of East Groton, has the Ep worth. LeagueT$2257 \ The .soeie- ty is afranging for another course next season. \ I • For Ladies, - Gentlemen or Children than,we can show you. ; \ _-..: — Word jeaches the Mail from George Everelirthat he is having good success in the Cobalt, Out., mining district. Niagara Falls, will return to Fairpor£ to live if a house cau be secured, as the oldest son, LeRoy, has a position in the piano works at Despatch. * Secretary Wilson of the agricultural department at Washington, predicts the largest and finest orops-for-UKM- that the country has had for years. Everywhere, lie says, the outlook is most encouragiug. Mrs. Amauda Tripp of Walworth, a sister of R. T. Ellison of this village, died recently aud the funeral was held from her late home, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ellison and Mr. and Mrs. K M. Sherburne attended. The old roller skating craze is resus- citated occasionally, but does not seem to take very strong hold on the public fancy. Colonial hall in Rochester has —been-opened-as a-riuk-and-the-promot Some very valuable developed there. Mr. Everell will be remembered \as a former resident of Despatch; — Monroe - Ferfee, wlKTbas beenvisit- ing at the home of Mrs. Augusta Whitmer, has gone on a busiuess trip to Newark, N. J., and will be follow- ed later-by E. T. Whitmer, who ex- pects to visit New York, Brooklyn, Coney Island and other points of in- terest. —' ~ — i=!= !Siral3gements^ for Memorial Day. The Womau's Re- lief Corps will--have-a-p&rt-m-*he-pr-o~ gram in honor of the unkown dead. The vocal music will be in charge of Miss Searles. The pupils of the pub- lic schools will also take part in the exercises. been secured to fill the position at the beginning of the fall term. .,.:.-• John W. Pickett, who went to LOB Angeles, last October, is in the employ of the Southern Pacific . R. R. Co. The slight quakes in that city do not F^eeiir-txr^rigl^ten-4rim^a8Uv^rd^et.^ I. B. Eldridge of this village, is one of three commissioners appointed by Pittsford'8 village trusteed have con-- traoted with the Rochester & Lake Ontario Water Company for - 8,000,00Q gallons of water per year for five years. The price is 10 cents per thou- sand gallons. school ball team Falls, Saturday, to A Full line of Oxfords in all LeSthers FROM $1.00 TO $3.00 Fairport High drove to Honeoye play the High school team of that place. The game resulted in defeat for Fairport. Score 14 to 10. The Fairport boys were nicely entertained aud speak highly of Honeoye Falls. ; r \The Reoitalists\ of Roohester, will give an entertainment in the M. E. church, Tuesday evening, May 22nd. . * •: Struck Bottom. The price on Wall Paper .« and we-still have a good assortment. \ , Good Groceries at low prices. Some excep- tional bargains in SiinimRr.nrBss\ Bnnils, WhitR Waisls^Muslin Uuiimweak o A. E. STILWELL Judge~BFntoi v—on t-a-ne w—road %; >.*-, Stf! >W '•;.<'• ers-tmrtryiiig—hard hto^make-the-place- popular. The town board of Periutou goes to Despatch, Saturday, to meet the town board of. Pittsford and representatives of the Vauderbilt Improvement Com- pany, at a conference in regard to the streets of Despatch. It is said the Im- provement Company is willing to deed the streets aud sewers to the towns of Periuton and Pittsford. Mr. and Mrs. James Sykes Oarmer of Fairport, spent Sunday.jn this vil- lage with Mr. CareBe^parcnts^-Dx-- and Mrs. M. E. Carmer. The honey- moon being finished, Mr. and Mrs. Carmer have returned to Fairport, where they will occupy the handsome home Mr. Carmer had prepared for his bride.—Wayne Couuty Review. A large bed of hyacinths aud tulips on George W. Cobb's place ou Church street, has been the pride not only of the owner, but of other residents of the street aud was greatly admired by all who saw it. Tuesday \night the bed was destroyed by spme miscreant, who stamped over the bed with liis feet aud then tore up many of the plants and scattered them in the road. Milton W. Wilbur of Rochester, an old Fairport boy, has to come down to the village, occasionally to look after his interests here^ He has a warm place in his heart for the old home town, although he thinks Rochester is a prottv decent city to live in. Ho dropped ih at the Mail office, Tuesday, and insisted on seeing the boas and we found out later that he had ,a good story he wanted to tell the oditor. Denf People Wanted. All'deaf people to call at Room 32, E. S. S. Bank Bldg., Rochester, aud try Acousticou and Massacou. lwp „. Fairport Grange ..will meet Saturday evening, at 8 o'clock. G. W. Esten will open a general discussion about spraying apples and vegetables. An- other topic will be \The Vegetable aud Flower Gardens. '| Some of the gentlemen will give their experiences during housecleaning. The town board and highway com- missioner, in company with County Engineer McClintock, visited the southern part of the town, Saturday, and inspected the roads and bridges. Two or three new bridges are needed in that section and it is probable that -iron '\^nmWceX^ilV~Fe\p71aTift~\tih\Fi old inthe town of Pittsford r through lands owned by Messrs. Cole and YanVoor- his. Mrs. Effie Lawrence' died at her home in the southern part of the .town, Friday evening, after a long illness, aged sixty-eight years. One brother, H6n'ry'BrownrsuTTiyes;—The-funeral- ^el^oes'ivereheld^Siiriaayr -^—-i^y=* A membership contest is now being planned among theThembers of the NT p. L. and a request is extended to all members to be present at the meeting, Friday evening. Every resident mem- ber is to be one of the helpers. All uninitiated members are requested to be present Friday evening if P 088 * 0 * 6 at 8:30 p. m. At the meeting of the village board, Monday evening, several special mat- ters came up for consideration. A pe- tition by the property owners on Fil- kins street, was presented asking that the street be widened two feet on the east side. The Sanitary Can Company asked permission to use Ontario water in their factory, and George Harris and John Chase petitioned for an ex- tension of North Main street sewer from East avenue to Mr. Harris' prop- erty. They are Margaret Hughes Wilson, soprano; Nina Clara Hooker, contral- to; Florence Newell Barbour, pianist aud accompauieat. The repertory-of; Eins^concefrtrlrj~iErvery _ extenBive;and their work is artistic. It is hoped the people of Fairport, will avail them- selves of the privilege of hearing these artists. ; . \._'._. The school meeting to vote on an ap- propriation for $17,500 for an addition to.jthe.SAuth Side school building and • Chcwe -ff-ice—&-bu e et -an d-Jxiiey~ — StrcLb^berrte^s and[ PtneappJe^ Our Berries are now of fine flavor and excellent quality. Pineapples are also\ortfie be^t. A;comptet6-iine of The improvements Will be held in the South Side school building, Saturday aTternoon, • at 2 :30 o'ciookT All our citizens who are interested in the well- fare of the schools should attend this meeting promptly at the time called. Many near-by villages are improving their facilities and Fairport should not now saorifice the reputation it has for excellent schools. Avon ~has~~yusT voted unanimously for a new $40,000 building. Albion is •expending $75,000 for a similar purpose and Canandaigua has voted a like amount. J) FRUITS, VEGETABLES, GROCERIES AND MEATS. & BOOT Both Phones Main Street COAfc 7\ND wooden~ones. .I—I jjaptist-theologia Five boys in Brighton, have been arrested and fined $5 each for shooting birds. The authorities say that this small fine was imposed simply as a warning aud that future offenders will be more severely dealt with. We hope Fairport has no boys who would shoot song birds, but if there are auy such they are liable to severe punishment. %. Prof. Thomas C. Wilbur, a former principal of Fairport Union school, who has been at Dolgeville, since leav- iug here, has accepted a 'similar posU tion at Ticouderaga. at a salary of $1,500. This school has twenty-two teachers and 800pupils. Anew school building costing §50,000 is being built this summer. Mr. Wilbur is an excel- lent instructor aud the people of Ti- couderaga have made no mistake in securing his services. The Lockport aud Niagara Falls Power Compauy is now building its line through this towu and will be en- gaged here for several weeks. The line passes through the southern part of the town, probably just outside of the corporation. The line is nearly all built from Niagara Falls to Syra- cuse, the work hero practically com- pleting the line. The power is con- veyed over three large aluminum ca- bles, supported on double poles. J. H. BOBBINS, MANUFACTUR- ER AND DEALER IN FINE CON- FECTIONERY. SOUTH MAIN ST. D^BllTJg: plans for the consolidation of CofgaH Theological Seminary, which is lo-, cated in Hamilton, with the Roohester Theological Seminary and it js expect- ed that at the annual meeting of the New York Baptist Union for Ministe- rial Education, which will be held in the Second Baptist church of Roches- ter, today, some- action will be taken | in'regard to mergingfthe two institu- tions under one head in the city. Harry L. Brenner, a Christianized Hebrew, is to lecture in the Method- ist church,, thhreveuiug, on \My Corr^ version.\ \Wherever he has spoken, the lecture has been received with the highest praise. The Wilkes-Barre Rec- ord says: \Harry L. Breuuer, who is a converted Jew, delivered the story of His life last evening, prefacing this part of his address with an explana- tion of the Hebrew costume which he wore aud the customs of the Hebrews of old and of today. His story was a most interesting one aud for au hour aud a half he held spell-bound au au- dience which packed to suffocation the St. Andrew's M. E. church:\ Items from Baptist.Home. The residents of the Baptist Home are rejoicing at the appearance of spring after the shut in of a long win- ter. ^ The grounds look lovely in their new dress of green, and v the many friends of the Home are adding to its beauty—by-_their_freqnenk_conir.ib_u- tiona,—among., which—werq thlrly^BlX CEMENT .BLOCKS FOR BUILDING Portland Cement, Cement Hog Troughs, Brick, Elastic Wall Plaster, Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile, Baled Shavings, Worcester Salt, \Blacksmith Coal, Bowker's Fertilizers. K. 7VY. LOOMIS Both 'Phones rose bushes by MrT . ButldV nursery- man of Penfield, also thirty choice plum and cherry trees by Eugene Covey. The-young laflles.of theJLake avenue Dorcas Society presented an elegant hall rack which filled a much needed want. The new care taker, Patriok Welch, is very busy putting in flower and garden seeds, mowiug the lawns, etc. Mr. aud Mrs. Merriet are visiting friends in Rochester. fjipg visiter! HIP. Hnmfl oeooeoeeeQeeeeeeeeeoeooopeooeeeoeeeooeQoeooeoeeooeeeo- s # ; # 5 % 0 0 0 during the W. C.T. U. institute aud expressed their appreciation of the generous gifts of the Monroe Associa- tion in providing so beautiful and .comfortable a home for the aged. The board of lady managers have, planned for a pound social and recep- tion at the Home, June 1st, to which every one is invited. 0 0 O O 0 O O 0 0 0 0 Dining ^Qf^ Our Offering in Dining Room Furniture includes examples in every desirable finish and design. Side Boards. Buffets, Extension Cramer is agent for the sale of the Parker Lucky Curve fountain pen. It's warranted in every way. It's oen of the best fountain pens made. Prices, $1.00 to $5.00. Cramer's Drug Store. For Snlo. One Magee kitchener, improved three burner- blue flame oil stove, both in good condition. Inquire at this office. Card o f Thanks. E. A. Slocum Post, 211, G^ArR., desire to express their heartfelt\ thanks to all who in any way so kindly con- tributed to the success of the twenty- fifth anniversary of the formation of the Post. Per Order of E. A. Slocum Post. § : Tables, Dining Chairs, China Closets. Our Prices Run from the Very Lowest Point. Dining Chairs from $1.00 to $3.50 Now is your time to buy. J0gp-Special attention given to Furniture Re- pairing and Upholstering. 0 i 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 •0 0 0 0 0 0 Brace up your system for the spring's work with a bottle or two of Beef, Iron aud Wine, 35o pint bottle, <55o quart bottle at Cramer's. For Snle Cheap, Handmade man's wheel in first-class order. C. W. Willis. W lp Boll phone 3144. rrlvato Sal©. Boing about to break up housekeep- ing, I will sell at privato sale at my residence on Woat avonuo, couoh, ohairB, rooking chairs, book caso, niarblo top ataud, dresser, mirror, rugs, lawn mower and many othor ar- ticles. They must be disposed'of stsvithinJen.day8..~~ jOharloa Efnor. Cattle Tor Sale. Eight head of choice young cattle for sale. Wyat Smith, Fairport. Both phones. N 17w3p Call at F. F; Sohummera' and get price on having your house wired com- plete ready to tntn'on a switch. Hammocks at $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50 and $3.00 at Cramer's. Opticlnri - and a full lino of optical goods in stook. Wo fit glasses, roplaco broken lona, gold solder broken frames very reasonably at Hardiok'a.' For Sale. Honso and lot, nicely located, at a bargain. Inquire of Ohaa. W. Butler. tf ' Johnson's Red Cross Cramer's. Plasters 25c at Wanted, a Girl. For general housework. Washing and .ironing eent out. Apply to Mrs. Georgo W. Cobb. wlp Shelf and Crepe Paper for shelves and ohina closets, 5 and 10 cents bunch 10 yds. Old nowspapers 5o pkg. of 25 at Hardick'a. gyrri^fyyr^ Zonas Corn Loaves 10c at Cramer's. . cure the corn. $1.50 Watch for $1.00. Stem wind and set—100 watches $1.00 eaoh at Hardiok's. \Ttooirfinnjfs to IJoT- Dopoud largely on.tho quality of the baking powdor used. Try. Goldon* Shioldnoxt time. . 6 Bluo Vitriol, Copper Snlphato, Paris Green, Corrosive Bublimato', Hollo- b6ro, Sulphur, Fornialino and Arsenic at Cramer's^ ; 'V- ; • For Sale. • Canopy top surroy, now, for sale cheap. . Also ono«horso lnriibor wagon. Call up F. F\. HchummGfa ffuil-toll him you, want figures on wiring your honso. A. E. Clark will givo yon a figure on a comploto job that will sur- prise yon. You do not havo to pay for wiring, thon go to Roohester and pay another prico.for fixtures, as wCLcarrv a good assbrtniont of supplies of all kinds. \ ' ; >\--'\ F. F. Schnmmers has a nice stock of oloctrio light fixtures. Agent Wanted nt Fairport. . Can make pleasant, independent and vory profitable business handling our goods, a largo lino of highest grado, soil on thoir. 'merits; for particulars address, Pnro Extract Co., 442 Maiu St. East, Roohester, N. Y. 15w4p Notice to Patrons. Owing to the numerous mistakes which arise, the employees of the light and water departments are instructed to refuse to receive money for light or water bills outside of the office, where they can be properly booked. No de- viations from this rore will be allowed except at the time meter is read when the party reading the same will be provided with ohange and a book of- blank receipts with stubs attabhed to. insure proper booking. A. M. Loomis, Gardner W. Bown, • W. A. Beoton, ^1 Munioipal Oomimssjon. • '••-.'Notice of Special School Meeting; Notice is hereby givou that aspeoial meeting of tho legally qualified voters of Bohool district No. 9 of the town of Perinton. county of Monroo, and state of New York, will bo held on the 12th day of May, 1006, at 2:80 o'clook in the afternoon, in tho assombly room of the South Sido school building in tho village of Fairport, N. Y., for the pnrposo of voting on tho following propositions-to-ho_Bnbmittod at that time, to tax said diatriot No. 9 the sum of $10,000.00, or so muqh thoreof as ruav bo necessary, for tho purpose of building an annex to tho South Sido Bohool builcfTHgT^and-tho sum . of $7,600.00, or so muoh thorodf as may bQ.ncAessj^J^)0_pjr^o^laoinR I L. M. SHERBURNE 5 0 • FURNITURE AND UNDERTAKING • S • O00000O«OO00OOO00000000OOdO00000000««0OO««««**«««»»O0 \ Washington ^ Red Cedar Shingles. . • < - — —. , * * * • —^-When selecting your Shingles, don't overlook, the quality of the wood andthe way the shingles are dried/ - ~~~ Wo sell the famous .-VBuck-Brand\ Red Cedar Shingles. They are made out of live timber, carefully selected and air dried— thus giving them far greater valno and endurance than kiln dried shingles, which are often ruined in the kilns. Pleased to take your order, . •'.*•* THE FAIBtORT LUMBER & COAL YARD. Fino solcoted material throughout. $3.00,; $4.00 to $7.00, at Hard'ick's.\ ' * '•\\«• \ — ' - - ' •''.' . For 8nlc. H. A. Moyor bannor spring top car- riago in good condition. Also now parlor lamp. Frank A. Parker, North Main street. wlp iontrrHSidiiPiBOhoO^-linilding^nd aunox and olbsots in said -South Sido sohool building or annox,'payablo in installments of $1,250.00 oaoh .on tho first day of December in oaoh year, with interest on all doforrod paymonts payablo semi-annually. . . * y - O. G. DeWitt, Olerk. Dated April 10, 1906. - : . 14w6 Palace I don't try to make first-class bake goods from poor materials. Oh no. I use tho best of everything money can ^^eT5H^^Mtrirg^»nd^'oni^atin^gdLE jrnj^_^i-«< inolafiaeat tho-heflt grades oOTeird cako flours, high grado and strictly pure spices and flavoring extracts. . .\' \ .• If at *ny Mmb tho baka gooda arft not FRESH bring them back and you .will get your money as cheerfully as we take it. , . A . . > LVTHEK P.'B'KOWJH Vkk- 'n •iiiiiiiiiiiiriiiiiiiiniiHiinflriiiii L^iiiiiiiiiii^uiwwiiiiitiiiiii^riwuwgw -; - <i tMmHtommiuim JUltfcuilii m>AlT,. THUBJSDJY- MAY- ,10,' 190B. v ', \^ ; ; ' •'\ ••' '.Mr'.. ' gw-v^rj ^To everyone contemplating^ the pur- chasing of Oarpetings, Rugs, Linoleums, jetting,'. Lace Ourtains,- Draperies, Window Shades, Furniture, Upholstery, etc., etc, we cordially oxtond an-invita- tion to yiBit our Btore and make inspec- —tiqh^of—a^B^rtmentSf^^-^urTH^tensiye 8t6qks of J\ the different lines are incom- -parable in varieties, completeness and excluBivene88 in styles and colorings. x 'OuFfepufation for carrying goods of 1\ F-i; m i i i superior; qualities has been established for many years.- Never in all our busi- ness experience of \half a century has discrimination in selecting goods been -Konecessary-as-at-^presentrbnt^e-shall • continue to selL the' best and reliable makes only, and at prices no higher than other houses ask for inferior qualities; Our patrons are assured of full satisfac- tion. HOWE & ROGERS CO. ^P J .82^W^JatJL J Sl»^._RQCHEST£R,^I-Y;. YOV MAKE ; NO MISTAKE IF YOV BVY TORIC LENSES | ! They possess wonderful I ^| advantages over the old style. U -to ~We can exptanT'flTe'benefit - |S| Y to be derived from their use $ ^ if you will calj at our store, g I | E. Er Bausch & Son, 6 Main St. East, ROCHESTER. N. Y . Optometrists r Opticians Has a Trained Gander. '\\\• A. S\vigert, of Ransomville^Ni- ^Raril^.cQnnty^ijas^a—trained—gander that fqllowB him around town Hike a poodle dog and attracts more atteuton j.^ than any other pet, bird or~ animal ever seen in that village. The big goose performs the part of protector 1+ f • O • » •'• • MIH V • • t •'• • VM-Of • •• < • • •'• f t f f » t f rr<i • 11 f f £ J. : WHY jJQT ENJOY A . for its master and hisses and flaps its wiugsat whoever~Btops - him~on'the street. If the goose happens to stray a short distance away from Swigert a _wordot^sligljt-whiBtle-will-oau6e-it-to immediately-run- or—fly—t-D—himi- It likes to be petted, but will permit no other person to lay hands upon it.— Medina Tribune. . ^gO^OS^O^g- *:&JgG%B&&&Q3ifcO Stomach No appetite, loss of strength, nervous^ ness, headache, constipation, bad breath, ^Eensr.al„debnUy 1 _sour risings, and catarrh of the stomach are all ~clue to Indigestion. Kodol cures indigestion. This new discov- ery represents the natural Juices of diges- tion as they exist in a healthy stomach, combined with the greatest known tonic and reconstructive properties. Kodol Dys- pepsia Cure does not only cure indigestion and dyspepsia, but this famous remedy cures all stomach troubles by cleansing, purifying, sweeteninga»nd strengthening the mucous membraneTJHning the stomach. Mr. S. S. Ball, of Ravf^-wood. W. Va.. says:— \ I was troubled with sour i -' mach for twenty years, Kodol cured me and wo ggj now using it in milk for baby.\ Kodol Digests What You Eat. Bottles onlyr-ShOQ Slzeiholdlng 1% times the trial size, which sells for 50 cents. Prepared by E. O. DeWITT &0O., OHIOAQO. IRA M. GAST. Professor I. M. Gast, A. M., princi- pal— of—the—Onondaga —Valley—High-f-Syracuse University iu physics, ohem- sohdol, will become the head of the Fairport schools, at tlie beginning of .tiier.schooL.year_j.u_tne tail, succeeding- Professor Arthur C. Nute, whose res- ignation has been accepted. Professor Gast is a native of Dun- kirk, a classical graduate of Potsdam Normal sciiool aud a graduate of In- diana University, class of 1901, where he received the degree of Ph. B. In 1904 he received the degree of A. M. He has taken post graduate work .in RAILROAD NOTICES. Detroit and All Michigan reached by through trains via the New York Central lines. Consult neareBt tioket agent for in- formation. :j)r. .addtess JJarrjL.Parry, Keueral agent, Buffalo, N. Y. 16w4 All Points In New England Are easily and quicklv reached by the New York Central lines, either via A1 bauy or New York. Ticket agents will tell you about the rates aud train service. M5\v4 A Certain Cure for Aching Feet. Snake into your shoes Allen's Foot- \Kase a powder. It cures tired, ach- iug, callous, sweating, swollen feet. At all druggists aud shoe stores, 25o. Sample free. Address, Allen S. Olm- stcd—LeRoy, N. Y: TTwr New York Central Lines. Best route to Chicago, St. Louis, Ciuciuuati, Pittsburgh, and the West. Apply to local agent for rates, tick- ets, etc., or address Harry Parry^ gen- eral agent, Buffalo, N. Y. 16w4 istr3' and advanced mathematicsr\-He has taught eight years as principal in high schools at Middleville r Red Creek and Onondaga Valley. Mr. Gast~is twenty-uiue years of age, has a wife and two childern. There were many applications for the position here, but the board of education decided ou Mr. Gast, as he has exceileut recommendatious and seems to be a young man ability. ABOUT OUR CHURCHES. Votes and Announcements of Things Transpiring in the. Different Relig- ious Societies of Fairport. •zrzSSitSi-^t-. Cnt. CRAMER, Fairport. MILLARD E. CASE^ Despatch. Handsome Turkish-American Rugs made from worn carpets Beautifully designed. Wr|.te for catalogue. Empire Rug- & Carpet Co. 438 E..Alain Street, ROCHESTER, N. Y. \America's Greatest rfailroad.\ (ENTRAL ^—' & HUDSON RIVER R. Bo THE SIX-TRACK TRUNK LINE. VIA NIAGARA FAUJS. In effect Nov. 6,1905. TRAINS GOING EAST. 7:04 A.M.—Day Express, arrives Syracuse, -9:15 a. to., New York, 7:00 p. m. •10:52 A.M.—Accommodation, arrives Syra- cuse, 1:10 p. m., New York, 8:00 p. m. 2:54 P.M.—Accommodation, arrives Syra- cuse, 5:15 p m. •5:39 P.M.—Accommodation, arrives Syra- cuse, 8:00 p. m.- •8:27 P.M.—Accommodation, arrives Syra- cuse, 10:35 p. m., New York, 7:00 a. m. TRAINS GOING WEST. 12:30 A.M.—Sunday mornings only, arrives Rochester, 1:00 a. m. 7:40 A.M.—Accommodation, arrives Roches- ter, 8:10 a.m., Niagara Falls, 11:00. a. m. •8:59 A.M.—Accommodation, arrives Roches- ter, 9:25 a. m., Buffalo,.ll:45 p. m., Ni- agara Falls, 1:03 p. m. •18:31 P.M.—Accommodation arrives Roches- ter, 12:55 p. m.; daily except Sunday, Buffalo. 8:20 p. m., Niagara Falls, 4:13 p. m. •4:38 P.M.—Accommodation, arrives Roches- ter, 5:02 p. m., Buffalo, 7:10 p. m., Niag- ara Falls, 8:15 p.m. . •8:84 P.M.—Accommodation, arrives Roches- ter, 8:55 p. m.. Buffalo, 10:66 p. m'., Ni- agara Falls, 11:48 p. m. • Trains marked,with an *run daily. Other trains dally except Sunday. - Agents of Wescott -Express company are on \\\ through trains to check-baggage and engage cab or carriage, etc. For additional information, time tables, etc., apply\lb station agent, or to H. PABBT, General Agent, Buffalo, N. Y. J 1 F. FAinDAMD, General Passenger Agent, N, ow York. ... WESTSHORP R.R. ^ ' In effect Nov. 5. 1905 TRAINS GOING EA8T. •12:09 A. M.—Local to Lyons. •8:18 A. M.—Local Express. • •0:35 p. u.—Newark Local • V TRAINS .GOING WEST. •0:47 A. M.—BufTalo Local, . •0:52 A. M.—Express. Trains marked with an • run daily. -• . Agents'.of Wescott express company aro on »U through trains to engagO cabs, carriages, etc II. PABHT. General Agent. Buffalo, N. Y - .CVE. LAMBERT, General Passenger Agent Now York i . • * . JJIIOIAIIiS, :*roTRS=Wl =4;fi0*nd-7iSkpi-jn^ 5585^8rl0p»7it •GOING EAST, CLOSE.—«:S5 and 10:30, a. m.\ 2:30, 4:60 and 7:30 p.m. ~- '•-,.- ARBrvK TROM THE WEST.—6:60 and 10:52, a. tn.; 2:54ahd6:24p.m. •,.-,• ABBIVE i-BOM ma EAST.—6:03 and 8:59 a. m.x 2:16 and 6:07 p. m. ' Sunday mail Closes 4:45 p. m., west, and 6;00 • p. m.', cast. r. y- .-'-....'.. Sunday mails arrive 6:03 a. m. and 6:24 p. m. Offlco opens at 6:30 a. m.; closes at 8:00 p. m. - Offlco open Sunday.from 12:00 to 1:80 p.m. and 5:80, to 6:80 p. m. • ^ METHODIST EPISCOPAL. Sabbath services are as follows: Preaching 10:30 a. in. and 7 :30 j». m. Sunday school at noon. Junior League at 3:30 superintended\ by M. G. Buck. Ep\Vorth League, 6:30; subject, \In- -y.eHting_Onr Tiives;'\ leader, Everett atSrTetl: Next Sabbath is the fiftieth anniver- sary of bur missionin India. Be sure aucU .remember Thursday eveuing, \The Conversion of a Jew\ by H. L. Brenner. CONGREGATIONAL. Morning worship 10:30, preaching by the pastor. Subject, *'An Historic Haystack.\ Sunday school, 12 m. Junior C. E.3:30. Senior O. E., 6:45. Evening service, 7 :30. Subject of the sermon, \Character a Chief Asset in a Young Man's Life. \ This will be the first in a series of \Plain Talks to Plain Young People.\ FIRST BAPTIST. Our Sunday services will be as fol- lows : 10:30 a. m., morning worship with sermon by the pastor ou \Loving Our Brother.\ This is the third in the series ou \Love.\ 12 m., Sunday school. 6:30 p. m.. young people's meeting led by George Redmond; topic, \Christ's Life: Lessons from His Miracles of Healing.\ 7:30, evening worship, with preaching by the pastor on \God's Greatest Blessing in Christ, Redemption.\ The } evening services hereafter will consist of a song service and short pointed sermons. We trust a larger number of our members will come and worship with us. The mnsic committee has engaged the services of Mrs. W. H. Boylaud as ohoir leader, who will take charge next Sunday. We can by this time ap- preciate having a loader. Let us all co-operate now and make the singing a part of our worship. The Junior meetings were discon- tinued for tho season, last Sunday. Tho sooioty has had a profitable win- ter, notwithstanding so many inter- ruptions. Postmaster Robbed. G.\ W. J Fotite, postmaster at River- ton, la., nearly lost his life aud was robbed of all comfort, according to his letter, which saya: \For twenty years'I had chronio livor complaint, which led to such a severe caso of janndico that ovon my finger nails turned yellow \ when my doctor pre- sorted Elcotrio Bitters; which cured me and havo kopt mo woll for olevon years.\ Sure onro ,for biliousness, neuralgia, .weakness. arid .all stomach, liver,' kidnoy and bladder derange- ments. A wonderful tonic. At Cramer's drug store, 60 conts. may Seo that your druggist gives yon no imitation whon yon ask for KonnedyJ^t ^arSliftrf)r3glnnE laxfttivo-coriglti^ywjp^-liJl^OrBmerr Fairport; Willard R. Case, Despatch. •v— •-.<•• • . _ may- , Dr> O. H. Ellsworth, dentist, is.in his office again, after eovoral weeks of illness. Thoso whoso . appointments havo been postponed and othor patrons will now bo promptly served. 15w4 \\ 19 Clinton street south, Rochester. Mnrks of a Keal Home. A lady gavo the following answer to the question why she allowed her chil- x dreu aud husband to litter up every room iu the house, and the sentiment will find lodgment in the heart, of every home-loving person in the land. \The mark of the little muddy feet upon the floor cau be easier removed than the stain when those little feet go down into the highways of evil. The prints of the little fingers on the Huy Mileujje Books, New York Central mileage booka_ar_e good until used, aud for any number of people. They are sold by every liekei agent, at §iu tor 500 miles, aud 120 tor 1,000 miles. - - -- Save money aud the trouble of buy- ing a ticket each time you travel. 16w4 Decoration Day Kx«:ursioi» to Syracuse. Via West Shore Railroad, Wednes- day, May 30th. Only $1.45 for the round trip. Tickets good going in at, -unusual |..tnun£_leav-iug _Ji!airpor t at-8:13a. - m, ;- good returning in trains leaving Syra- cuse at 2:10 aud 6:05 p. m. No bag- gape checked ou these tickets. Grand opening of the White City on Onondaga Lake will take place ou Decoration Day. Dedication of the site of the Soldiers' aud Sailors' mon- ument will take place at Clinton Square; G. A. R. parade; matinees at the theatres, etc. Call on West Shore ticket agents for tickets and all information. I9w3 i-.w-.H-.-- I *Peteir Schuyler* — or cvfi Arnemola Cigar .|» WHITMER'S - '-\-He-still- sells theyrmrmrPrincepe cigaT. ~\ •\— ••••••• t •• •• ••»« •! jjTTtmn \f o • • •\• • Yt • 'c*^7*Tfrr*V'f~{~*. t • I ; #$k ; /.N Another.car of the different brands of FERTILIZER just in. If I am not around see Charles Hart or- any- of-his-help- for-Fertilieer-.- •;--. ~ - THOSE MARKERS ARE ALL RIGHT * . A supply of Harrows, Potato Covefers,. Cultivators, Shovel Plows, Etc. See the Eureka Potato Planter, one man drive* 1 , and the machine does the rest. ooooooeeooooooooevoooofr+aeeeeeeeooooaooooeoeooooeoooo ^__ __™ # - e e SEEDS SEEDS SEEDS D. M. Ferry & Co. Seed in Bulk, by the Pound or Package . . e o o e -©- o o New Maple Sugar and Syrup, Beechnut Peanut Butter, Beechnut Grape • Jam,^Beechnut Orange Marmalade, Beechnut Dried Beef, Alpha Salad 5— Cream, Canned Asparagus Tips, Canned Spinaph,_Washington Wheats • \FlaKe*Ta sugar spoon with'each packageTTHofei\\Astor \Coffee—IHe^lop- \ •\ notch of perfection. 0 Highest Market Price Paid for Butter and Eggs at * o e H. J. ORAH'S Both Whones. o o o ooooooeooooeoeoooeooooeoeoooooeooooooeoooooeooooooeoo -w-mdow-paue-eanuot shut oat-U^e-ena- Spring Aivivouivcemeivt 1906 Remember the Summer Tide is not far distant and we have a splendid line of the newest, choicest Hats on the markets. Every number fresh and new, and we can save you from iwenty- iive to fifty cents on every dollar that you spend for flowers, feathers and millinery. We have no rent to pay. We have the cash to buy. and pay spot cash for our Koods, why could we not sell below other price*. Give us your order for a hat today and we will prove to you that our excellent reputation is well merited MRS. A. PHILLIPS shinehalf-so:mnclras the~shadow that darkens the mother's heart Qver the one who is but a name througli the coming years. And if my John finds his home a refuge from care and trouble, aud his greatest- happiness within its four walls, he can put his boots in the rocking chair, and his co.at upon the floor every day in the week. And if I cau stand it and lie enjoys it, I cannot see that it is any- body's else business.\ Knights o f Columbus Xationnl Council. At New Haveu, Conn. Special rates via New York Central. One first-class tare, plus $1.00, for the rouud trip. Tickets\good' golTJg~Jnu6~15rdTo\ Rfh hiBMasixeLgood.returning-^n-oi^-bol'oTe- r Juue.9th, and on payment of fee of $1.00 at time of validation, tickets may be extended to June 30th. Call on New York Ceutral ticket agents for tickets and further informa- tion. 18w4 IgJ&m&gU^MiMgMMBJMSIM^^ TJeutll or XJioihpsou li. Jones. Thompson G. Jones died at his home about four miles north of Eairport, Friday, aged sixty-eight years. A few years ago Mr. Jones suffered a paralytic shock, from which he par- tially recovered so that he was able to be about most of the time and came to the village occasionally. Early last week he suffered another shock from which lie never rallied. Mr. Jones served this town as super- visor for two terms, and acted as town j assessor for several years. He was a !any member ot Fairport F. & A. M., the lodge having charge of the funeral, which was held Monday, from his lato home. Interment in Greenvale ceme- I tery. Two children survive, a daugh- ter, Mrs. Thompsou Furmau, aud a I son, Charlie Jones. Carl Hngenbeuk Greater Shows. Cheap round trip excursion rates have been made to Rochester, on May 17th, when the Carl Hageubeck Great- er Shows exhibit for one day only in that city, giviug afternoon aud night performances. Heretofore the name'of Carl Hagenbeck lias been synonymous with all that was most wonderful jn Stopping tho Cigarette Evil. Efforts are being made everywhere to combat the cigarette ovil, but legis- lation cannot stop it, homo influence cannot stop it; nor can all three work- ing together. The solution ol the problem lies, moro than anywhere else, with tho young women of our country. If they submit^lo bo \courted \oscu- lated\ and married by mou with breaths which smell worse than a tan- nery, tho cigarette habit is likely to bo fostorod, bnt if they respect fully and positively refusd, there will bo a mighty sudden \deolino in tho \coffin nail\ business.— Brockport Republic. If tho hotisewives who rely upon the lemon essonco of commerce will take the trouble to pare tho yellow rind of tho fruit very thin aud put it into glass • jara, covering with alcohol or rectified spirits they will secure a su- perior quality at the cost of the spir- its; about one-third that of the com- mercial oxtraot. ffowwch-Tronwlflg ^^(nif^Sno^iartirjfTiiiFold-nnd-lHgh respected residont of Faisonia, Miss., waft sick wi^h stomach -tronblo for moro than six months. Chamborlain's Stomach and Livor Tabids cured her. She saya: \I can now eat anything I want and am. tho proudest woman in tho world to find such a good medi- cine.\ For ealo by O. R. Cramor, druggist . Saniplca free. • may the performances of trained wild beasts. He had coufined himself ex- clusively to the animal field. Hence- forth, judging from information at hand, the Carl Hageubeck Greater Shows must be the standard of extent and excellence by which all other amusement enterprises-must-bo meas- ured. It is said that when these shows are seen the foundation for this assertion of superiority and magnitude will be apparent. The Carl Hagen- beck shows have grown with the year, enlarging from a trained animal show to a tremendous triple-featured enter- prise that is more comprehensive than other tented amnsemeut institu- tion. In its greatly augmented torm it now embraces a complete three-ring circuB, an East Iudian Perahera or Hindoo festival aud Hagenbeck's orig- inal trained ' wild beast exhibition, with added features. The services of one thousand people and four hundred horses are required. The tents are said to be the biggest ever constructed and the paraphernalia is all new. Threo hundred interna- tional arenic champions participate in the oircus programs. The majority of the performers are from foreign conn- tries and very few of them have ever appeared in America. Three rings, two elevated stages, an aerial enclave and hippodrome ollipso are necessary for the exploitation of thoir various feats. | Tho most comploto collection of rare animals forms tho biggest portable zoo in tho world. Tho parade is opulent and brilliant and sensationally \at tract- ive with its many open dons of ani- mals. Surely hero is.enough to make for a glorious and gladsome- holiday. Two performances will bo given daily at 2 and 8 p. m., the doors opening ono hour earlier for study of tho me- nagerie and Hindoo colon}'. Thoroughbred I!or*«. James McOrea~jof Ontario Center, some yearB ago connected with the Hill stook farm, is at Melvin Gard- ner's ovory Monday, with a fino Perch- oron horse. A good complexion is impossible with tho stomach out of border. If pasty sallow people would pay more attention to thoir stomachs and less to g^Ml^^^lIli^^^^llig^Kmid^ \or xoinpleslons,— dyspopaia will digest what yon eat and p.utyour stomach back.in right shape to do its own work.- Kodol relieves palpitation \of tho heart, flatulence, sonr stomach, heart 'bum, oto. Sold by O. R. Cramer, Fairport; Willard R. Case, Despatch. , may- of cal)- lt lias many In every piano sold by ns you are assured of Musical quality. In even the lowest priced piano our aim is to gTv e s oTiTe H i i 'rig o f musical value rath- er than to offer a mere piece inet work, taken us years to meet best the demands of the piano buying 1 pub- lic; but we have learned and a visit of inspection is all that is necessary to prove to any one that a piano from the store of E. J. CHAPMAN is quite different in many vital respects than a piano from any other source. The HARDMAN. CHAPMAN, BAUS, BEHN1NG. KROEGER, POOLE And other makes sold by us represent the best that is to be liad in piano construction, tone, durability and artistic ap- pearance. You make no mistake when you deal with us. AVe have good serviceable pianos as low as .$175. You are cordially invited Piano. 'You will be repaid. to call and hear the Chapman TERMS: As low as f 1.25 per week until paid. E/ J. CHAPMAN, 21 Clinton Ave. South, ROCHESTER, N. Y. Jh^I^ftt^RlftC^to-Duy^orgRent^ftrElano TimTHrW Mail and Democrat. $1.60 per year. ••THE BEST QUALITY OF WORK, AT THE LOWEST PRICES\ IS THE MOTTO. flAIL OFFICE, *,.. H v ;UJ>? m^m^- M .MMlMMMllUi MHMMM '•?••'£>-.•• m$ MMMMMMMH ,'t V'. •MM HiMf HMHMMMNM V^^;;^^.s;.c: v ^^^v^ s »'ii&|s

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