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:»<,'-.—.~ r V: 1 1° •''*\ i : •' ', ' ' •:•..':'- -,\.-. ••'•:..\'•'•.••\ :\ '•- . i •; •:• '•\•\.• '>tv^.*-\>•'.: ••'.- : '—' .'?>\'#;;<;'•• •v,V-?S:;v'.'C''*^^'V-'' ••;.\': i -^^:^'^\| - ; • -•••••. - ; ••• •' v..\'. . \ ,-•'•.; •••:•;.••• .•'..'••.••' ' - •>^:';: : '.•'::'*/•.• Civ •----.•-v. ->.,_•:: ;,Z:l^^kei VOT. YYVT NO IR ^AHtPOKT, IN. V., THURSDAY, MAY 3, 1906. $1.00 per year. In Advance. AT WrcriVlcOonneHTo.i YOU WILL FIND Summer SMrts£_ Sjmmer Ickweaf Summer Collars Summer Underwear Summer Hall Hose FULL LINE OP MEN'S AND YOUNG HEN'S FURNISHING GOODS Lightbody of Chicago Wins at Athens Stadium. AMERICA\ .HOW. SURE OF. TROPHY. Terrific.\ StrngrKle'TFor - First Place In Longr Distance Event—McGougb, Engrllith Athlete, Second, and Barker Third. ATHENS, May 1.—By their splendid victory itt_tfaa-&vo-gmrt-iHHiB r -4he-4Qfr meter, which went to Pilgrim, and the 1,500 meter, won by Lightbody, the American team is now a certain win- ner of the classic Olympic trophy in A R REST^fcEABERB? -FntlsJ^fith^rT^ \With Stern Repression. PARIS, May L-The Paris police ar- rested M. Grjffuelhes, secretary of the General Confederation of Labor; M. Bi- bert, a newspaper man, and Major Feuillant, a Bouapartist, formerlyof. the Imperial guards. In addition Count Durand de Beauregard was, taken into, custody\ at Nice. Arrests were also made at otlier places, and warrants were issued for the arrest of M. Levy* secretary of the Confederation of Labor, and M. Froinentln, a wealthy anarch- ist, both of whom were found to have heel from this city. w. c. MCDONNELL CO. Furnishers and Shirt Makers, .48-50-JVlain St. BastrROCHESTER, NrY; FOB S4.LE. Desirable Homes, Vacant Lots and Farms at prices to suit all. JOHN DIXON, Oen. Insurance and Real Estate, 22 West Church St. Fairport, N. Jj E. ROWELL, rCoirtr\flCtor ana isunuer. ^or-NBtional^ABphalt^Gravel- •Roofing. Ilonie 'Phone. FAIRPORT, JT. All the prisoners are charged with complicity in organ- izing a rebellion and with intriguing with anarchists. The charges jwere based on papers seized during the re- -t^^^^xenrpinice searches. ~~ Judge Andre summoned the police commissaries of the central districts of Paris and directed _eiieh_of— them—to- of police Striking Miners In Fight With Constabulary. TWENTY HURT;-THREE MAY DIE. Mount Cnrmel Mob Started Battle With Volleys of Stones, to Which Officers Replied With Bal- lets Aimed Low. MOUNT CARMEL, Pa., May 1.—The -fest-TtHHrieHft-collisioh in the anthracite games. The conquering run of James D. Lightbody of Chicago in the longer race added-thejieededpoint&rto-Ainer- ica's score. The race was watched with coal regions since mining was suspend- ed on April 1 has occurred here be- tween a mob of Idle workers and a platoon of the new state constabulary -force flhd resulted In the injuring of probably twenty men, and three of them will likely die. THIS IS THE TIME To have -your horses teeth examined and put in shape so they can masticate their food properly, for in doing so, you prevent a waste of feed, colic, Indigestion, and many other troubles caused by improper masticatioh. I have the instruments' to do the work right and satisfactorily. Call at Dr. Payne's Veterinary Hospital, _____.__W_estAvenue._Falrport, N—Y.- proceed with a squad of police and make the arrests in various sections of the city. At the same time telegraphic _>Illexs_vcexe-sont-to-proeeed with—ar- JJ^ M. BROWN, Funeral Director and Iiicensed Em- baliner. Lady assistant when requested. Thone 33-11. FAIRPORT, N. Y. Mounted Story Pictures for the Oliildren. Send ten cents for one of our \Story Pic- tures,\ printed on heavy coated paper and hand Bomely mounted on dark mats for little fingers to handle. Each one Is a complete story by It- self, bu t-with no reading matter.- - The little ones -will spend happy houra; Wjia__Joj_J_&ejr__aa3J_au^ ~\TSHcies into stories about the pictures: For fifty cents we will send five cuts, not one of them to ' be out of place in a child's hands. ADDRESS JUDGE COMPANY 225 FOURTH AVENUE. NEW YORK. TEETH JAMES D. LIGHTBODY. intense interest, and the great con- course cheered lustily for these strange, lithe men from over the sea, whom nei- ther storm, illness nor injuries could daunt. The great crowd understood that ft victory for an American in this race would mean that the fourth Olympic trophy would follow its predecessors across the ocean to the home of the starry flag that was waved so often by the soldier at the hea_d_.ot.the .Stadium. —As the bugle ea-Hed-the—men—to-thc rests at Nice, Brest and other points, _The^men^at -the— labor-headquarter* here were stunned' by the arrests. The government officials declare that the arrests will break the backbone of the violent element. The many arrests have served their main purpose In disorganizing and dls- ^eouraghig the \ ipteTirnglgnTelT TlnrtJnrtie or .Manila bay had just been fought, and the country warmly ap- plauded the resolutions then passed, irbauce was_caused hv^zU^lX^«mn__l_lo_amiy_ and.ua vy aTu^TonT^etail of the state police?!? 68 ' the ,ast resolution of this char by several hundred foreigners, who be- came incensed at the presence of the ..constables. They threw-stones at the policemen and otherwise endangered thenMixe3jLQ_j£iieU._aiL-ejr^^ finds-itselfTJraCtIcaliy~witBout leaders for the monster demonstration planned for today. Nevertheless the Confeder- ation of Laborjieadquartecs gave-oiifeal s°J^ tea are accoiLnted, £or.^ _T^e three were forced to tire on the crowd, which had swelled into thousands. The riot caused the greatest excitement in the many mining,vjilages \f the-smithm-i.- eoal fields when it became known that mine workers had been shot down, but quiet While it is believed that a score of persons were injured during the day, declaration that the demonstration will proceed, each trade pursuing Its own course. The police, supported by the troops, occupied all the principal strategic points of the city at daylight today. This uneaslness_was accentuated by _i r( the e^plb^ToiTj5f\ir bomb Friday night under the railway bridge at Argenteuil, in the suburbs of Paris, which links the capital with Havre, and by an at- tempt later of a band of a hundred striking jewelers to penetrate the pop- ulous center of the Place de POpera for the purpose of making a demonstration before the great jewelry establish- ments in the Rue de la Paix. \HOCH DER KISSER.' —ARTIFICIAL TBBTrT\ When you order a set of teeth, or any other dental work of me, I offer a guarantee of satisfaction. I cannot afford to let my patients go away dissatisfied. Poorly fit- ting artificial teeth, badly con- structed crowns or bridgework or imperfect fillings would mean the sacrifice of a reputation which I have been a long time establishing. My reputation is dearer to me than mere gain of dollars. I guarantee all work done in this office. I keep a careful record of every operation performed for future reference, and any work not proving satisfactory will be made right without any argument or unwillingness on my part or of. those associated with me. CONSULTATION You are invited to come in, have your teeth examined and get an estimate of the cost of any dental work which you may need. In- vestigate my methods, compare my prices with those of others who do first-class work, examine my equipment', and then decide whether you are willing to make me your dentist. My booklet,'\Dentistry by Special- ists,\ giving prices, etc.,- will bo sent to any address on request. A start1ng~puliTriirthe long nice a silence fell on the benches and the fleet Light- body, the hope of the Yankees, was ea- gerly—pointed—to—as—he -walked-to-the mark. Near him was the dreaded Mc- Gough of England, Nigel Barker of Australia and many another athlete whose name in his native land is a syn- onym for speed and endurance. The men crouched to their marks, then—bang! The line heaved forward, and, sprinting like a frightened deer, an athlete with a red, white and blue sash leaped out in front. \Lightbody Lightbody!\ yelled the Americans. \An American, an American!\ was the answering roar in a dozen different tongues. But the wing footed Englishman and his Australian cousin shot out after him, and the others followed hard. For 200 yards the terrific sprinting tasted, and then McGough and the other quiet- ly dropped back to await the weaken- ing that must overtake the flying Yan- kee. It was not in bone and muscle to keep up that pace very long. They turned the last turn and away down the smooth straightaway for home. Now the early sprinting would tell on the Yankee. Now was the time for McGough to make him move. The English colors (lashed out-and the run- ner set sail for the flying figure ahead. Slowly he gained. The semidelirious crowd leaned over the benches -and urged the tiring man to one more effort. With victory less than thirty yards away down the black path Lightbody put his remaining strength into one final mighty sprint and staggered across the lino a good wide two yards In front. Then—pandemonium! England won the triple jump. Thom- as E. Croan of the American team took third place. In the 110 meters hurdle race the three preliminary heats were all won by American \contestants. The 1,500 meters walking match was won by George N. Bonhng, Irish-Amer- ican Athletic club. Time, 7 minutes 12 3-5 seconds. Linden, Ganadlan, and Spetzlotls, Greek,. wore second and third respectively. The events won by Americans so far ate: One thousand five hundred meters run, first; -100 meters run, first; discus throw, first; standing broad Jump, first, second and third; putting the shot, first; 100 yard dash, first and second; pole vault, third; putting the stone, second; 100 meters swim; first; run- ning broad Jump; first and third; triple Jump, third; walking match, first. Topeka Report Says Governor Con- fesaed He Conld Not Help It. TOPEKA, Kan., May 1.—Should a married man - who tried to'klsS^TTother. -woman-than-his-wiie-berrrenomlimTgg: for governor or should he not? Opin- ion Is divided over the probable polit- ical effect of Governor Hoch's eonfes-* sion that he could not help trying to kiss former Governor Stanley's wife when she, one of the board of control of the state institutions, went to his office strictly on state business. More than 200 of the 1,000 delegates to the Republican state convention, which meets here tomorrow, are in the city. The truly good delegates say Governor Hoch must not be renominat- ed. The unregenerate, like the hyenas of which Governor Hoch speaks, laugh and prophecy that the publication of 4ho-scnnchU-^wilLadd-5,000 votes-to-the- who it is thought will\ die are: Louis Wilson, shot through the body. R. Miserevicb, shot in the stomach. and Stanislaus Watakoski, shot in the groin. Wilson was shot while standing in of hI^_h^mMB i _a_hlQck_froni -Uie conflict. R. H. Gibson, Congrreas Thanks Ex - Ambassador For Paul Jones' Body. WASHINGTON, May 1. — General Horace Porter, late ambassador to France and who directed the move- ment for the recovery of the body of John Paul Jones, has received a tribute in the house of representatives, both in words and in the unanimous adoption of a resolution, extending him the thanks of congress and of the people of the country for the recovery of the body of the century dead ad- miral. The thanks of.congress are reserved to be extended only on very rare oc- casions and consequently at long In- tervals. The last time such action was taken Admiral Dewey was honored. rDWSED DiSPAliUibS: acter was passed during the civil war, when Commodore Yanderbilt was thanked for presenting a ship to the nation. Henry M. Stanley also receiv- ed the honor as a reward for bis scieui title explorations In Africa. The thanks of congress carry the privilege of the floor of both senate and house for all time to the recipient— Representative Olmsted (Pa.), in whose district General Porter makes Notable Events of the Week, Briefly; Chronicled. Father Thomas Sherman, son of Gen-. eral William T. Sherman, started from Chattanooga, accompanied by a detail of the Twelfth cavalfy;T6\gb over the route of his father's famous march to the sea. George O. Starr of New York is now the chairman and managing director of the Barnum & Bailey circus, and Charles R. Hutchinson has been ap- pointed a director to fill the vacancy caused by the death of James A. Bai- ler- ~\ iUonday, April 30. The women of All Souls' Unitarian church, Washington, have been raising money—for—the—benefit uf Sau Francis- co's earthquake and fire sufferers by shining men's shoes. President Roosevelt will not retire^ from public life wlfeE'hfs administra- tion ends. He intends to keep on bat- tling for the rest of his life for Uie eco- nomic reforms on which his heart Is set. The Chicago police say that Erich -Muenter,—the -instructor—at—Harvard - university, who is wanted \ou the charge of murderuig his wife, has left that city and that there Is no trace o_f_ mnx— ~~~~~ m m The estimated falling off In the num- ber of saloon licenses in Chicago. L14U1L g^-jhe-ftgeeted-tei'i-Uwy Is now ^tapTnT^^m^nmatetl-the-t^mintiuu and { at 500 when . the first-period-under the iS-tively quiet r —- ^— ^ obtained unanimous consent for its . uew ?1(000 a fee , aw ns on scene of the trooper,'was struck on the head with a rock and.seriously hurt. The affray was the result of an at- tack upon nonunion men made at vari- ous twines last week. The attacks be- came so numerous that Sheriff Sharp- less of Northumberland county appeal- ed to the state constabulary for help. In accordance with orders from Cap- tain John C. Groome, the superintend- ent of the state police, Troop C, which was marching from Reading to Hazel- ton, was divided, and half of the men under Lieutenant Smith was sent to Mount Carmel. consideration. Representative William Alden Smith (Mich.) had introduced a similar resolution, and~ Itepresentative Ralney. \the diuy- uentbcFatlc\ member J In the house from Illinois, stated that , he also had prepared a resolution hon- oring General Porter. j As an added compliment, General ! Porter was asked in an amendment I Jto the resolutioni_to furnisli. for_publK. [cation in the Congressional Record a • copy of his speech at the recent exer- cises at Annapolis. General Porter's services involved a personal outlay of not less than $35,- 000, for which he has declined to be re- imbursed. The house committee has made a favorable report on a senate bill ap- propriating $50,000 for a pedestal to a monument to John Paul Jones, to -he erected in the grounds of the Congres- sional library, adjacent to the capitol. opens May 1. There are many complaints from saloon keepers-about the excess- ive charges. -~ . •\ ••_l_- __ _, \ Sntnrdny, April 28. A man to whom he gave a portion of his food during the Spanish-American war has willed to Charles Mathues, clerk in the prothonotary office at Me- dia, Pa., $5,000. . zDOVVJEzAfErHOM Er Elijah MITCHELL INDIGNANT. PreHltlentof Mine Worker,, in v — —r. lmr-~Mnntf,- ght. \Governor Higgins declined to receive a Plearst delegation of nearly 500 men appointed at a meeting held in New York to protest to him against the kill- ing of the Murphy recount bill. The delegation was headed by Clarence J. Shearn. The chief of police at Odessa, who played a prominent part in the October massacres, and a policeman were as- sassinated by revolutionists. A girl named Jerebtzova threw a bomb at Assistant Chief Poltavtchenko. but her aim was poor. The girl was seriously wounded by Poltavtchenko's orderly. The' British steamer Haversham -Grangerhavlng'on~lToirnrT^JX30~Rnssia\n' Enters . Zlon City Snylnjr, \Pence He With Thee.\ CHICAGO, May l.^'I am glad to be home again.\ With these words John Alexander Dowie, the deposed leader of the Christian Catholic church in America, stepped within the portals of ! the operators by WILKESRARRE, Pa., May 1.—Pres- ident Mitchell of the United .Mine Workers has given out the following- statement: \I have just received, read and form- ally acknowledged President Baer's an- swer to the last demands made upon the miners. It ap- Shlloh House, thus completing his much heralded entry into Zion City after an absence of several months, during which time he had been desert- ed by a large part of his followers and pears perfectly evident that the oper- ators have not changed their attitude in any particular during the past six years and that the strikes of l'.MXJ and 1002 were no lesson to them. There is had been stripped of all- ecclesiastical > no instance on record during the quar- authority. Mrs. Dowie, the wife of the ter of a century which the railroads \first apostle,\ met him at the door of have dominated the anthracite indus- Shiloh House and gave him a heartv try that an advance in wages has been . JTP'U\*;- -hnrmrV- frnm :.V I a d IV08 tok—f 6r— Odessa, arrived at Singapore and re- ported having been in collision in the straits of Malacca with the Chinese steamer Bentong. The latter sank, and HO of the 101 Chinamen on board the vessel were drowned. Friday. April 27. M. Migliardi. exploring at Vesuvius, was lowered into the interior of the crater by a rope, but he had to be drawn out very quickly on account of. the sulphurous gases, which nearly as- phyxiated him. The senate committee on privileges and elections by unanimous vote au- thorized Senator Foraker to report fa- vorably the Tillman bill to prohibit in- governor's majority. \Only the grasshoppers lament over a little thing like that,\ say these wicked delegates. Then they yell joyously, \Hoch der kisser!\ \This question is serious,\ gravely remarked W. II. Mackey, United States marshal for Kansas. \While I am not mixing in politics. I know enough of the game, after hav- ing practiced it for years, to be sure it would be a bad piece of business to nominate a candidate against whom such a story' is afloat,\ he said. \I think it would be a mistake.\ D. W. Mulrane said: \We would be the laughing stock of the nation If we did such a silly thing as to refuse to renominate-Governor Hoch. It would go out that because It was reported to us four days before the convention that the governor had kissed a woman we refused to nomi- nate him. This In the face of the fact that 75 of the 105 counties In the state have Instructed their delegates for him.\ Neither Mrs. Stanley nor her hus- band, the former governor, will com- ment on the Incident. welcome\ Dowie's return to Zion City was void of all pomp and ceremony. Only a handful of people were at the station to greet him, and the majority of these were women. He was accompanied by several of his personal attendants. As Dowie alighted from the train he was greeted by shouts of \Pence to thee.\ He responded with the custom- ary \PeftCo to thee multiplied.\ \I have done nothing since I saw your faces,\ he said, \of which to be ashamed. Not one of the accusations made against me is true—not on\. God iJess yon! Peace to thee!\ Later, standing unsteadily and with, irrent effort before an audience of :_\500 persons in Zion tabernacle. Dowie • harged his traducers, if any were present, to make their accusations be- fore the whole congregation. granted their employees. Every con- cession has been wrung from them by strikes and the pressure of public sen- timent. \The railroad-coal combination not only fixes arbitrarily the price at which coal is sold to consumers, but seeks to fix arbitrarily the price at which labor shall be bought. It seems that every conciliatory overture we have made for a peaceful settlement has been in- terpreted by the operators as signs of weakness and our conservatism an evi- dence of cowardice. \The question is asked by the oper- ators. Where is the advance to come from if it is not charged up to the con- sumer of domestic coal?' It occurs to me that the small advance proposed by the miners might have been taken off the exorbitant freight rates charged by them. What the outcome will be can- Mrs,, Dowie, who has severed her al- ! not be predicted until the convention is legiance with Voliva, sat in a wicker held. from iMmoADia^ 127 MAIN STREET BAST. ROCHESTER. Hcclft In Ernptlon. y LEITH, SCOTLAND, May 1. -* A f^pmer whloh_nrjtmd-herfl,rronWee«: nifti Mount.itcciaiiaa-been. in eruption, ashes being scattered over TT-wide area: The -disturbance, how- ever, WAS not serious. Mount Hecla rises to nn Altitude of AboutG.OOO feet and has three craters. In .historic times Eighteen eruptions were record- ed, the last of which took place in 1875. Tnrs Tried to I.orrer Spanish FlnR. HAVANA, May 1.-Louls'Schmldt, a sailor from Newark, N. J., was serious- ly wounded by a pistol shot In the right breast, and another sailor was slightly wounded at Guantanamo in a row between sailors from American warships and Cuban police. Thirty sailors who were ashore enjoying a lark attempted-to lower-the flag over the Spanish club, when the police in- terfered, and citizens Joined In the disturbance. Several ( shots were fired from guns or revolvers. Stnlen Island Sound Aflame. ELIZABETH, N. J., May 1. — The Bay Way Refining company's plant at Elizabethport WQB destroyed with A loss of $100,000. Six of the company's .-hair among Dowie's followers in the congregation. The followers of Voliva. the new ; lender of Zion City's affa'irs. however, ! were at that moment attending a rival, meeting, set for the same hour, at the Zion college building. , Wilbur Glenn Voliva and his follow- ers held a meeting in the tabernacle. i the auditorium being about two-thirds ; full. Iii an address Voliva not only de- • nouueed Dowie, but Mrs. Dowie as I well: He an id: \I do not propose to i permit any sinner In, this movement to j escnpe. Do not think that Dowie Is the only.one to bo called to account. The next one will be Mrs. Jane Dowlo. In some respects she is as great, a sinner as Dowie. She is on his side today and always has been. The lust in her heart for power Is as great as In his. I say the whole Dowie family must be swept off the earth.\ Tills statement WAS roundly applaud- ed. fl6Wcii-into-^tfttcn-3lBlnnd--BoiTTid7TrniI for\ A time endangered shipping. Server Pipe Plant Destroyed. HAMILTON, Ont, May l.-Thc fAC- tqry of the Hamilton and Toronto Sower Pipe compAny was totally de- stroyed by fire; loss, $50,000] • Vote on Hate Dill Friday. WASHINGTON, Mny l.-The senate will begin voting on the amendments QjyajJa-fflw^jlM^ ^EflJgagenSn^JSanrth^il 4^-Arr-ngremnunt tu anrrngffgcT^y»Ts\ reachedrbut~it^roTiitr\fnTpiisHir)le to so extend tli&understandlng as to have It Jnclude the.fixing of-a'date for tAklng a final vote on the bill -as A whole. Mr. Tillman first, proposed A final vote oh May 0, and Mr. Morgan was the only senator to make objection. - \Personally I am much disappointed, and I am sure all mine employees ex- pected more consideration than they have received.\ Great Interest centers in the conven- tion of miners which is to be held In Scran ton on Thursday. President Mitchell, having received the reply ^ the operators denying his last request for an increase in wages, will call a meeting of the subscale committee, who, It is expected, will In turn report to the convention. The question of a strike will then be decided. W. J. Ilryan nl Jernsnlem. JERUSALEM. May 1.—William J. Bryan, who Is visiting Jerusalem In the course of his tour of the world, on Saturday addressed a special meeting held In the tabernacle by the Chris- tian Missionary alliance. He spoke with eloqtionce on the life of Christ and his teachings and expressed aston- ishment at the small proportion of Christians in America and Europe vis- iting Blbleland. sura nee and other corporations contributing to campaign funds* Miss Terry's jubilee was the'most notable of the year's theatrical events in Loudon. King Edward, who is in Naples with Queen Alexandra, was not present, but the royal box was tilled with members of the king's household, and London society was out in force. The civil marriage of Spencer Eddy, secretary of the American embassy at St. Petersburg, and LuiTme Spreckels, daughter oT C. A. Spreckels of Sau . Francisco, who lost .<7.<x«_U.HX> in the disaster there, occurred at the town hall of Passy. Prance, in the presence of a number of relatives and friends. Thursday. April 20. After much hesitation Emperor Nich- olas has finally decided to go to St. Petersburg, greet the representatives of the people and personally open the first Russian parliament May 10. Governor Higgins sent to the senate his appointment of Otto A. Rosalsky of New York city to be a judge of the court of general sessions. New Y'ork j city, in place of the late Judge Martin j T. McMahon. American athletes have made good : at Athens. Martin ShorldarTof (lie Irish i American Athletieclub. New York, threw j the discus farther than any man over ! threw it before, and C. M. Daniels, j New York Athletic club, won the final heat-in the 100 meter swimming race with ease. . . — The Japanese government having of- fered to send a hospital ship at top speed to San Francisco to ntd in the relief, work there, the state department replied that owingto the rapidity with which the country had come to the re- lief of the distressed city it might safe- ly be estimated that there would exist no need for the ship. GUEUNSElvx^himneriBiuTTasT^iaT p=Tlrc—pasaengef Bteamer ' courier^ with a crew of nine men and carrying about twenty excursionists, foundored off Shrk soon after, leaving that island And SAnk immediately. Three members of the crew and one passenger were, drowned, all the others being rescued. Killed by Utthtnlna Ilolt. ERIE, Pa., April 30.—John Petors, a 'student at the Edinboro State Normal school, while walking through the fields near Edinboro lake'with his sister was ^^iPJi^^KbJslni^md^sttnti^in .ed.UX'hc.hnlr_or.hJa.heAd-wAs-entirely- -burned-ofVbuMile-hody-bore-no-maTksr Secretary Bonnpnrt«,IU. BALTIMORE, May l.-rSocretary of the. Navy Bonaparte is confined t<J his home here by a slight Indisposition. Rumor* from Washington to the effect that he is seriously ill are denied. I •>.«,••,.,»>

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