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Monroe County mail. (Fairport, N.Y.) 1880-1925, April 16, 1903, Image 6

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mB^G->>c~zt*^*j*r>*>*>+>'* PERSONAL SOCIETY yilClNITY COMMENT 9€>*>c>*L>r*>*&*>&?^i EasfeTBundav; at~the home of~hiB*pav rents On West street/ \ ;Cr.-' ^iV^vS;- •i^^r>*>c>c>c>«>c>*>< ^rirrHtstoricai^rab^t^ts-ttjdayrwitli- —^Waylair MiBs Helen DeLand. i w^:- V^Mrs! Lucy Foskett spout Sunday with relatives in Macedoht • • \W. G. Eldridge of Batavia, visited at :I. BY Eldridge's, recently. —•_ \'Miss Minnie McGreal of Rochester, visited Fairport friends,'Sunday; • ^George~'E. Davison is in New York, for a few days, on a business trip. , MissMina and Frank McGuire were the guests of their mother Sunday. quite,ill of sugar.diabetes. .; < '•'••••\ • ' . •- ; : — -r-r. —• '* .'• Frank Hazen of Syracuse, spent Sun- day^at A. ErHazen's. ; T \ ~ ---—..--.;- r Miss Inez Jennings of Buffalo! is vis iting friends in town for a few days. : The Newark Gazette_jrep\rodnced the 1-MAIL'S article'on-Rev^M._VL_WjllsQn__ Frank Jordan and son of Auburn, were the guests of .his .parents, Sunday, Harry Rightmire and Irving Warner, of Yale, came home for the Easter vaca- tion. r- - • ' » Miss> Justine Winslow of Marion, spent a few days at Burton Howe's, last week. ,JL WillO tending the Republican Editorial associ atibriT Mrs A. G. Hardick replaced her old safe, last week, with a much larger and better one. , Jahies Hooker and Miss Emma Hook- ; er spent Monday and Tuesday in Lyons. Miss Bertha Graham of Rochester, XQ- jjentiy. spent a few dayS;With Mfs. Hen- ry Relyea. Fred Warner of Cornell,, has been speeding the Easter vacation at his home here. . \. .' /. •> •'' l' f: • f H^^peLah^yentito Sarana^^ker Saturday, to spend^ Suhdaytv^itlxJhiB sonf Harlan, and wife. : '.' d}'-}' : 0£^0 Uhe 0. Ir R fi- will % mpet MontiayV .- 1 J3-* 4th-Mrs Ti. M., Shawl ••My Remqdy. for a Cold.\ The well 'known P. Cox Slide icdrji- pany of Rochester, has gone into ybltop- iary dissolution. Charles P,vObx^s named as temporary receiver. ; v ^ :-^0*W^ Dandelion greens make very g^ooolfbdv dor for sbaio-foiks,-and thug early in-tho m iSchool •}' W> ' > vflli presentn' Driiijm, ^bmbrSfi'Jvi ': Tomorxow.eyening^ the senior clajsof Ih'e Hfg)^ sbhpOl^will give aii .mtex^tiiig ^ntertam^ md-Box-ii Street Superintendent Gunsaul has given the streets their annual cleaning, this week. Mr. and Mrs. E. Defense of Batavia, i : New-YofKT-at-^isit^d-her-parentSrMr^and-Mrsr-Thom- as Brothers, Sunday. - Mrs. John E. Howard, whose illness was mentioned last week, is in a very \critical condition. Miss Mae Flannigau of Rochester, visited her cousin? Miss Alice Finnegan, a few days last week. After a shut-down \of two weeks, the Forster Pulley Works resumed opera- \ti^nTagaln yesterday. . rietta, spent Sunday with Mr. Adams' people on Pleasant street.\ 4 Easter was a delightfully pleasant day and~large audiances attended-the services at the various churches. season lovers of \this variety of 7f eed^are bragging over their favorite dish.^^^ The^ Buffalo, Rochester & Syracuse Transportatioh company .will not deliver' ifctieir^freight.-this^s]^ shipped by their line will hereafter be delivered at the'warhouse on the dbcki: The men of the First Baptist ohurch are to give a dinner, in the ohurcji'par- lors, next Thursday evening^from Q'to 8 o'clock. The money^.taW^i^f^o^iie' used to pay the deficiency debt.- Evory- body is invited to come and enjoy a good dinner and social time. •;/••\ '--'M^ v : «?\ The following are the'abtorsi-^^'^ r^V= Box -™^;^.;.J..Ui..^.vQarnetl^Be^li Ck>x.-. . .\•?»-t'^iV-i;•.-:'•:•••'••• 'i-.E^gar 6. Jones, Mrs. Bouncer/.. •r'.v/.MIss^ran^s Hutcbj^sod After\'. thiB/farce; avcpmedy^ntitled \The'Rivals he ^ given :^ih;Cthe followihg 7 ^^^ !'• : ^-{K\:^^t^^^~^ Slr-Aothnny AhsniutR^,• S t ';.Jt. W.WUQ B^Uglgr • •_••;} VJrtM.; J\ A '••••/• : ----- ucbhvh Captain - Absolut*—^ ^: Faukland. VJ :'.\i\rf' i':•.\.;.' W,e\3leyi\V.^!§rrW I Ra'ymond;Ty. Dudley Acres.. ^.^•j^^f^i^^ri^lli^i^B^onit Sir Lucius 6'Triggor..;..\..-)•^arn^l '&l B.edell David 1 u'^.\ ; :.vi.iV l .^.V v .*/iE^ Fag ... ....V- •«•*•• ••• f '•'•• •«Dann'pjiurohiil\ .Thomas ^vv/ti •. ,• • • iL.^^^^ ••'. »•.rQa^?V_ J ^l§gdQH Mrs. Malaprop;'V.'C: ; #','..'.\.. •'\. vAEdltbf S; Ranney Lydia Languish....\. j. .^., JG. Francena'Palmer Julia .....J...... '.. i: : :...;' . MarKaret •,H..DobDln Lucy... '.......<..>.: -V...y/.!?Xnha M.FlMns • llnrn 'Burned. Last week the trial of Lelarid Dorr DrTTFTG, Mason and farniiy-of^aer^, Ken<^the^oun & ^uffalc^^e J dic^tu. Mrs. Addie Wallenbeck of Batavia, has recently been visiting her.daughter, Mrs. Will Buss of Parce avenue. Dr. Samuel Holmah of Hilton, spent several days last week,- \yitiv his son, George S. Holnian of High street: — The uneven condition of the planking -on-the-Main street bridge; givea a cor- 'duroy effect which is decidedly unpleas- ant to ride over. Mrs. A. B. Potter and children,/Miss Bertha and Fred, returned this week from a three months'absence, spent on the Pacific coast. Loraine Bills, whoTs teaching at West Walworth, spent'Sundjay.with liisftioth- er, Mrs. Aimie Bills of High street. Letters addressed to Charles E, Elf ers, T. Walton, and Mrs. W. W. Wheaton, are uncalled for at the Fairport post of- fice. Beryicq..... Judge Sutherland therefore The DeLand Hose company and the Protectives will have new uniforms before the firemen's convention in De- spatch, next August. The canal will open for the season, about May 1st. Superintendent Goss has been making some.repairs on this section during the,past week. Of the large number of people who ' liuv e \changed—residenoes-4a—Eaicport r ^rs^prtngr^^bl^ly^6W<>4lrEFd' The eclipse of the moon, Saturday night, was somewhat obscured by clouds, but was visible a part of the time. - ' Mrs. Frederick Keeney of Belvidere, is spending a -couple of weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.\ John Gunsaul on Cole street. . dent, for manslaughter,. for a^sistirigin the suicide of Miss Ethel Blanche'Din- gle, at the Whitc6mb house at Roches- ter, last fall, began, in Rochester. J The trial~had progressed satMaoterilyfoTa week, when it was suddenly'discontin- ued'Monday.' One Of the juryj David OonkUng of Hamlin, was said to have discussed -the merite of the case with several people and to have expressed his opinion as to tlie^ guilt of the Defend- ant, which disqualified him for further Tuesdays afternoon^ the v barn oh ^. place owned;'by^MUtenWrWilbur, on Summif.^^ Btreet.^a^^tot^^^des^byed by fire. c^fe^J^.;::^^'.^^^ The new fire alarni. >Btarj;ied'-Lth'd':.<&re> ; ' ;^A^ weftbink^w^can^ (V considere^—^Ti^ V seU^'•.; We:wouldbe'pieasedtosh^wittoyou. ^ i v ; v\S^ ';. •^', Planlng:M»lrand Yards,-^ Tilhla and Parker Streets, Fairport, N. Y.^ -VT.^ J ^^ >'•> ~s± BXult: to Order. Gfinranteed- to give Gobct ^Service. men about 4o'olobkj 'andr the condition of the streets made ; a'; hard ruh.fqr the. Several teains-wej (,:• ? dismissea r \the jury and the [trial^of J5Ee\ case-will^begirii over again^iaeit Monday morning. A new panel of 250 jurors TiiRn5EetrdTirVTi7^^ the - jury. The list contains the follow- ing from this\ town: T. B. Wygant,. Harry W. Beaumont, W. L. Wilkinson, A. W. Palmer. W. H. Jerrells. : ^l^ boys. service and\ prilled;the; apparatus up the^ steep Summit .street? bilL : - The ^ fire had gained such\ headway when; the; fixem^n_Arjriyed that there\ was practi- cally nothing left of the building. How^ ever, a line of hose was -laid and a stream turued on toihe fiercely burning embers The property, had/ . recently. *been occupied by.; Charles Williams, %yho moved~bufcifabout-ia iyyee^ij ^igp,$,BiiioB, wluch'liiue^the t ; placefihtrs^bi and-the^originrof-^th The barn wastabputli and the 1 loss.probablyis in.the neighbor- hood of $100; -i^*^.,^ . Iy you warit'a better wheel, at' a-lit tie higher price, we build 'em.-,,/ Get your&jwefe-injEdr//^ Vl^opfcbegih^tp crowd. \ ;'vr ^^:'i;' r - Our readers should bear in mind the fact that if they hive recently moved, they should at once have the jtransf er -mude^>n^ieir-^Sre4n8uranGe=polieies^_ believe they have bettered themselves. Misses Helen and CordeliaJLo^kj^QM; ~Mrr and Mrsv-John -VanNorman,=- Jr. —Mrr-and^Mrar—Albert- ~Wlll~EockWOoii and WifB7~were~dowrr -Of^WBt Spinks of Henrietta, spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John. Van- The alumni of the High school, has arranged to hold an Old Maids' conven- tion, in Shaw's hall, ou the evening of May 8th Full particulars will be given in due time. A little son of Charles Stubbings had a leg broken, Saturday. The Child was playing about the old Filkins evapo- rator, wlien some lumber fell on him, - causing the fracture. Thomas A. DeWitt celebrated his eighty-third birthday, Tuesday, by planting a peach tree on the premises of his nephew, Clarence DeWitt, and tak- ing dinner with th'e family. At a special meeting of. the village board, held Monday evening, the resig- nation of N. A. Rightmire, as assessor, -was received and accepted, and John Dixon was appointed to fill the vacancy. of Rochester, spent Easter Sunday with MrsrMary-Lockwood.—-Their-parents, Monday. One of the residents of Woodland av- ehue who was up bright and early \this\ morning, reported a peach tree in full bloom: Another indication that spring is coming. .5 The coming season promises a large sale of bicycles. The - wheel is not the fad that it^was in years gone by, but its adaptability to the requirements of bus- iness has kept up its sales. A dear old soul in Pitfsford, when told- that the young man next door had .** pa- jamas,\ said - \she always expected he would get something of the kind if h e did not stop drinking - .\ - . '••'• Miss Inez Lock wood attended the mar- riage of her cousin, Miss Harriett O. Ohappel, to Herbert J. Menzie, at the home of the bride in Rochester, Tues- day. Mr. Menzie is a lawyer and was a classmate of Prof. E. G. Frail, a former principal here. \:»*. As a Paris-made-gloyo-fits-the-hand—so-doc i^ueen^painpStiur\ -FITTHB ^OOTr THEY^;$^-,;;;;;'^;.:-> : '^^V^HE^FASHION ••:.-'. ''••.• \ • ,' • •-' -• •'-• :*'/••.-.; •.--:•: ••••::•' : . .- . \ - No heed,to .argue this point, it is universally admitted. \. /Although Queen Quality..styles are mvariabiyr'copied, there-is stiil a tone^a character—^a' something that individualizes them—stamps ; them as exclusive, and appeals to the refined and discriminating taste of '\•Women.\. .:•. ->/.- :-v.'v. ; ^. .^ .*/\. f iWe liave tlie exclusive sale of theni in Fairport. ^ ^ Is.: B. STILWELL; \BELLTrEt^^Prqr^E\!^ V***-- - **^. * *•\. I* ri/.* PROFESSOR ARTHUR C. NUTE. 0'! mm mm mm TLsst.week one~oi\ow = r?ai efs went to Rochester, expecting to buy a buggy. He had seen the catchy ad- -verHsement of how cheap they were selling them, but after looking them over and gettiug prices, he came to the conclusion he could do better here. He came home and bought one at Bown's. Mrs. Sarah Jones and daughter, Grace, of this place, and Frank Jones of Roch- ester, attended the wedding of Harry Jones to Miss Christine Dfussel ofHon- ebyo Falls, Wednesday, at the homo of the.brido.; The bridal couple, after a short wedding. trip to Buffalo v , ^vilLrer side^in Batavia. A' party from out of town was in Fairport, Tuesday, with a view of pur- ' chasing the Dobbin & Moore lumber business and the coal business^ of A. VanNorman \ It - seems - to us that . thero ought to bo somo one in Fairport, .wh6 would bo glad to* purchase theso old established business enterpridfes, now that they are for ; sale. Tlioy certeinly : are both good Investments., . ':;-;vThd closing entertainment of the His- .torical club courser was given by. the ' Littlp Pickaninnies and Concert: com- ( f panyj in Shaw's hall, Saturday ovening. • Ajafgo audionco enjdyod the excellent' v prbgram given. ^ Tho violinist and^ flut- .. 1st \vycre especially good- and tho three 3 colored ;boys were'.vory * eutertainiug. t ; The cpurso throughput Juia. been .of a 5 high order ahd was mhch appreciated by •,': : -\r--v;: ; -;\; New Rifnplo 8ug^ir - ; \ , ;J;^~ arid syrup from Cortland cotihty*;. v „':.'. ;-;K.;CWU';ri^('^/^v:H0WK-6>';K^ 5Pl^mie^ill^1S^iv'e^^y^l^^im^ teur Dramatic club-of-Henrietta,\ at Shaws's hall, this evening. ,' Music will be furnished by a trio. This play has proved a Juost enjoyable attraction and met with success both at Henrietta and Honepye. They come hero by request* - 'We have sqme'qfthe most artistio designs to be found* in Fairport— •t —•; ~[ - a ll-tii8^e^r'sT)atte.rn8-^.elegant^^ borders to mateh-^-prices allow as rr- ^^h\e;16~wTes6. Yqu^vfill'rnate\*a- mistake if ypu'faUtbinspebt our- fine;assortment of \Wall Paper—whether you intend to paper one. ;;robm, or the-en tire house..-. . , : •••''•\•\'•.':.\'' •• % .,-' [. toipflew^irtgi^ The Despatch firemen have fixed the date for the \annual convention of the Northern-Central New York Volunteer Firemen's association for Thursday and Friday, August 18th and 14th. The .fire- men cleared over $600 at their recent fair, and will have ample funds to e'n- tertain tho visiting firemen-in fine shape. •Last season the Buffalo,' Roohester & Syracuse Transportation company found it difficult to turn their boat, the Brown, around in the.canal here, and a s this boat is^to be tisdd for the local business, this -season, the: .canal.authorities conV sehted to \widen 8ufilciont ; 8paco,\east of the. village, for this and other large boats';'\-•'.•.• •'.' \v> : •,'•*•*•'•'•::• :;'..:' -' J. m ROBBINS, MANUFAOTXJR ER jfrJND DEALER IN - FINE CON- FECTIONERY, AT H. H. BRYDGES' HARDWARE STORE. ', ; •.->. \-'.-• '•'- _- : - : -V'-I- c.-.'•; . - . • • For Kent. ' \ '; : *VvV* - Robert Wignall's placoon John street. $2.00 a week.' Inquire of Mrs. Seymour Lash;/ ,,, /...;;. ^i^r;. !>!W4 •'*• 16tf ^ v ,• • .-...\• .-. v • i,.--, : —-^urriv: -. --..'. •.- .. JJ • • Dactylic, Colgate's latest odor, 406 oz atCJramer's. ^ r ^ \.^ ^; j ; v Buy'home-madebug^iesat Bdwri's. V Thoy put 6n rubber tires 1 at Bown's. Dp thoy where you bought yours? >: J}ay:bnggie8.whero they makfrthenh- Bay home^ihado btiggioi* at Bow*pT^ 4J.;iv%;--_£; : f '••.. 'For-g^liT.Cheftp;: '. ., ,\M-V : ?.?-:£ v. Ton buggy anFlight road wagon. ,i ' 16w2 p • : -- ^j<^'Rv$pNANT./; ; : TKo MAIL and Weekly Democrat And Tlie^New Principal. .: L^onday T lthe^bpar^Qf^ducatiQa^et^ tied on: Prof. Arthur O. Note of Cairo,. 111., as successor to Prof, T'. O; Wiibuf, as principal of. the Fairport High school. Prof. Nute was a. graduate from the Rochester university in, 1893, and for six years waB principal of the school at Jordan, this state. He is a thorough- ly competent, all-around educator with an enviable reputation. He has taken quite an extensive European trip, where- he perfected his knowledge of foreiga languages. He was at the head of a military; sohool in niinbis; \for a year, 'and is at presdnt teaching at Cairo. Ho will comeVtb Fairpor^^^^immediately af the close of the school year in June. - The wisdom of hiB selection is unquesr tipned and Fuirpprbi8 indeed fortnnato in souring 86 : able a man to stend at the head of bur village school system. — « WI : , ' A Pretty Wedding /; .^ . |n_the .presejnce_of •^h^r^la^yesj_and_ ds atnd vrdtF^ A complete Hrie of the Latest Patterns\--aH colors. e- -'• - -?f - -— Eggs for Hatching.~ •' -'—~ ' Pure blood Barred Rocks. 14w4 V •*-' r • ;' ^ °« y*' MOBRIDE. a^; large-ga^ wisheri.'ocourred, Tuesday, the mar- riage of Miss # Etta Leydon, to Philip J. Hartley, two of Fairport's most popuiar. ybhhg pebple, in the Church bf the ^As- sumption- of the B. VvM. V The brfdes- rnaid was / Miss Margarej; Hartley, and the best man, Wilham: Hartley,,': sister ahd \>rotri6r'Of the bridegr'obin..'' Rey^ James - J.' .Hartley of - Rochester^ arid Rev. James E. Hartly of • Painry^i, jalsp at^nded/the nuptial ceretmony. ..The bridei_was gowned^^in ; ;a trayeiingsuitof dove broadcloth. > Mr .arid Mrs. Hartley left on the jBve^hihg'trahi for • a \VTestenl tripVa^ter which they;' ; will make*their hbme oh Summit streor;,',this^viUage, : . L i~* ' '• ^ 'C*\.- '.' .: ''. .. ' ' \• : ,.'•'. L ... ,. ,;•'•\. \ '/-- -•'. \» V . - - \.T\-'.' • .** ••••',\ .. *;-_-:• -- . \ . •\ :_r V ;-. t ' ' ' s\. •.'-\• •' *T* -\ £-#>;. $1 iJ-, ; V MonpYutp Xonjii' \ f^'> jv:•' y-,^; V The Fairport Pernianeht'Loan- associ- ation has money to loanon r real estate/ Apply to Wmi Beetoni president, orl>E. p. Show, Beorotary.:^;os^li^: 16w4 '::± ;.A.J..# H. J. PHONE 47-1. •ooo0eeoooo9ooo»o«o«oo«9oeooo«eoooo9oo»o«ooeooooeooo» • •>•••••»4 • • • • •• • • fn:fi'^fif»MM f • »• • • • • f •»• i • • H • •! ») \Tho men who whlapera down a well . v * About tho goods ho has to sell, ' v> - v Wont reap so many golden dollars . > -As ho who «llmbs. a tree and hollers.\ :: .* .^Vokpow wo'vogot a good thing:in our White^Pino and-Tar Cough Syrup and: we are . going; to keep hollering abbut it* - It oures or your money back. 26<J a.bottle.-V-H^ > 0; R. ORAMKn.lK /. Buy home-roadb buggies. at-Bown's. Kelly SrJringfield tire put on at Bown's. J t;' • Buy homo-made buggies at Bown^s^ T 50 buggies to select frbni at.Bown's. A Buy homo-made buggies atBowh's.-;% »; .'.,.;-. : -•..-•,-. • »• - .. . . -i •••• - •.-••-••-- v_i-'' !• V\ jap. Napkins -16p .a hundred at, Ora- •JSqr gnlo. At a bafgam.vhvy houso on Nolsbii street;' .'••;?-\ tf : •:*'-;?,'*-; A. R. CON*ANT, *, \ [• : ; \-;•> i-.\^Vi*.'f«r -* —.'•••*.»•;-;•.'•* J,-.:' ' i'K--';f '>'*'&*••(•$ norib^fprSale.,.. ,- \%--^\i.-;-V ^ Oho slat ybar old flnoReiding«for salo. -Uw2p^^^ij--Wv.SlTZRR,-Wayneport^ For, Salo.-! j> ••••'•Light psissehger bipi/nearljr now.; *In- duirQ of.W. J^lMasdnr^ ,\*T?; '-;-,-:V•;- -J?A¥\I h^ve alTiiow iihe ;6f * goods each week, containing ikb latest importations in rich, arid fashibhablp millinery, will bopleased to have you call and inspect before Vpprchasihg^ - A Mra.;- ; Q/,' f Otis,; 81 South Main sfcreet,^ r : ^44'fVfy»V4i • v» • v v» • !»•••'• • i» H ^V»4 •yvo • • • »,• •:•••»• •» - :t;yr>^ •:•••'.•• \ ..-;•-.-' •:•••>••-'• - ^.••.•y\ -••^ ; :. .-•;• >v «'• ; ^^* .£,•.* » ? ?*5\? Ti S! *^t J i-' r *3 T* Rubber Stnmpj. ,. ? . ; v^•;>,- • Ordors Ltakehfpr all kinds \of rupber jStamps. At'Oyarnof's.• • I >.-1;.',-.^;, : -.>; r , i£;if{ H v Three^new^rniloh cows. Liquire of 6, B. WelsUe^'PjSgfleiarNi\Y^; -.\\\Btf?? P A'canopy top domobraiC in\ g^ood coh- ditlpriy X nMiaif^jO^ Marlott, ^ ^5\y3|> - • AV'Ono haUs cost prices^ ,to bibsb'. but 1>alancb of my: bioyole'supplies. ^ V.«£•£ \i . ••:-'»* \>. ,U' ./::'^ ..v.:^GrR^ORAMBRr^f •*': ( -•, Vnireot frora^ilTto cbhiumerthrougli the medium o :-.f; ; 'jH'stbre means to the consumer 20 por cent, jobber's profit;* -New styles. ' - r-^H; soon as placed on the market. ^6[yi^^.^^.l^^^y^x^v^^ m : t \V:'^ : ;'v 'opes and envelopes hmtched\t(J'^aper. \r Fine find.fromTwhich to so-{ /^ .' : lect, brigiiial packages guaranteea fresh stock;/ B^ghTahdlinon (cloth v\ > • • finish) light or heavy weights. VAUsizes, six shades, very 'attractive ': • i : . ; r: in tho how. cuts. Hemstltoh'od border^likowiso narrow stitehingcal.'; .v led^'Mb4r^eV^i8 ^ i ^' -^Highland linen iai popular! : >Wobdland series, 5 stylos, hand-painted: -Ks • t. white Vollnm boxes, very dainty and^artistio ,gif ts. > Hurlburt's box v * : < •• 4* iuz papers 20o f to 7oo^Huribm^fU!Ohiplcie~iino^£tflno -~^/and business tablets, f6b to 26o/, onyelopea^^ jto-matehi j afo !esb^erallyj:i^-^ '^rvV^th^oflMii&lid^tt^ iriasir^hchas the Uno on ft whole iai pricey *l6k; <v {< per cent to 2d p^r cent chtop^r\; than Rochester a ^ of other manrifactorb^AU'arb.cbrdia^^^ new^ v \^'^effeote for sprihg^nd summe^

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