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Lrsj:.-^ 1 .^- -ammmmmsm:^ m Is jrCpmmbrrSprlng^ In vitality^ jii8t as pimples and' other eruptions are signs that the blood' 4B impure, Cv A: : yr< ? ;• ; It's a. warning, too, which only the OOB falTW : Heed7~^'~\~~ '~~: ;— Hpod^sScLrsaparilla —Remove-itj^ive^ age, stxengch dhd ahitnation. . % They cleanse the blood and clear the complexion. . . .-.'-••-:- Accept no substitute. , \ ; M I>felt tired all the time and could/noi;: _^eep^ r Alter-taking Hood's-Safsaparllla • ; ia while I could sleep well and : the: tired feeling had gone. ThiB great medicine.Ms also cored, me of scrofula.\ Mm CM: Boor, Gllead, Conn.- ; ?;\. Hood's Sarsaparllla promises to cure and keeps the promise, y v \ HISTORY :^V L.bcal Events Mentioned in The jM^jJpne^Year,Ago •._••'- Electric railway' matters occupying IhlTattention of the village fathers. E. L. Hodskin receives Ms commission as postmaster. . :: '-• •:• '• <•• *\ Village board votes not to assess a poll tax. \ - y, -Vy-'• '• . -•;'''\: /. Congregational society decides to change its~nhan^iai^laYfrfffi^h^^*eek- ly envelope system, to renting the pews. ; .. Death of .Miss Harriet Conant, aged seven ty.sevon .years.. W. A. Beeton elected president of the Fairport lipan association. A. R. Shilling leases the store in the Henry block. ••_ ''\.:•v./ Eight Tears. Rev. Geprge'F. Waters of the Con- gregational church, sued by Richard Miles, for defamation of character, plac- ing damages at $1,000. -Hi D/ Sanders, clerk of the village of Palmyra, short in his account to the amount of $300. , .; E^ G.'FiOulkes'resigned his position 'of ticket-agent at the Central station. Frank W. Peck appointed^in his places Prof. Wilbur Resigns. ; It;will be a surprise to most of our - -people-toHearn-that Prof. Thomas Or Wilbur has resigned his position as prin- cipal of the ^Fairport High school, to take effect at the close of the present school year in June. Oopy- -~THir-F^rA-jr-\vtm:D7 How-would-it-effeot-youif-hearcHn-the neigh- mi irom the question or the Bafetyof selftaridfam^ arifl fam^ horhood of your hoi -ily-would^t-have-any-signitl ihrrniTafiiitfiiirii ~Tn r ; \<m\ i-ninrfTi p, or bUBiness'place? Aside in-shorrr :^ AipTOU INSURED? Don't you think it's about time you took ^pol- icy? The companies we represent are solvent, reliable and pay olaims promptly, The rates for fire insurance are not high, but it Is cheap at any price. * R. L. E^TES^ Hown Block,' / Fairport. Rooms over Post Office. The Palace Bakery Pies! Pies!! Pies!!! Custard Pies, Cocoanut Custard Pies, Mince pies, — —. Apple Pies, _ — '-- ••'.;'.— Fresh from the oven every day, all for XOc. Eacli. Change of ad. each ifeek. LUTHER C. BROWN, >\'_•'-.-:' FAIRPORT, 'N.*Y. -Office of F. H. Richardson, located in; L. M. Sherburne's Furniture Store, Old Bown Block, Fairport, N. Y. We are dealers in all kinds of Foreign and American Granite and \Marble. All • work finished and lettered at quarries and\ shipped direct to destination. No rehandling, no extra freight, no middle- man's profits. We buy under a strict . guarantee of perfection. We s respect-, .fully solicit the patronage of those wish- ing flrst-clftss work; V. •Jji A. R ; THAYER/Manager. iri the shares of the Thunder Moun- tain Consolidated Gold Mining and Milling Co. will give yon an interest in one of the greatest free-milling gold properties in thoNev^ Thunder Mountain District. No present op- portunity for Vnvesting moderate, sums in Thunder Mountain; or else- where compare with' this. Write for price of shares and full Infprmn- ttontottie - '•\ : ' ;y ;\ : .\* V^- f THUNDER FOUNTAIN jrCONSOLlDATiED GOLD ; MINING &MILUNa CO. ; New York Life Bundifl«, NewJorkCfty. °OOD Agents Wanted, who are capable of writing business for prominent Life Insurance O0mpa W' » 8 aulng attractive form of policy with new original features. Good terms to energetic fj*™ 9 ' Address, fRehowals,\ Post Offlco Box 15, Now York City. I < . ' y. .\ ' W^'PARKER'S, i*HAIR BALSAM UltZDta • AM be*tttine« tlit hilfc Fj&tftotei * >lawuUut ttoirth. r- Neror TAUS to Bctt&ro Gray Jtatrto lt« Ydfcthhir OoYorT Core* K*!p AiHtttM A htlr fidifoa. g^modfl-OOfct PnirgbU- P^BOUtOUlT^HURCHES/ •-> i. Note* and ___Tran»plrlng in Announcements ?'of. \Thing* the 7 i>lfferent BeUg--^7 taus Societies of Fairport. ?:\ : ~';\^-t : FIRgr^BAETISt.- Kev. E.'B. Knapp/s subjeote next Sun- day, will be in ,the morning, \Light from the TombAand-in—the—eyening^ ^foiohard—in-the-chair. ri^&entrTrnB^- - \Messages from Easter Morning.\ There will Jbe special Easter mnsio ^at both services and the = evening\ service will be followed by baptism. '\•-.. .> CONGREGATIONAL. - --U--;-.-, The Congregational society is holding Speciai-Easter^ervices\tln^'*^weekT- u In- addition to Beyeral cottage prayer meet- ings, there will be a preparatory service, in the chapel, tomorrow evening, fol- lowed by communion, Sunday mornihgV An Easter service will be held in the evening, at wluoh special Easter vpausic will be given by the ohpir. \ ' At the annual society meeting, Thurs- day,. J. H. Snow and Dr. O: E. White were elected trustees, and George E. Davison, clerk. \\• • ^ EPISCOFAT:. •- : — Services will be held in .St. Luke's Episcopal church, tomorrow, Good Fri^ day, evening, at 6:45, and on Sunday at -6:45. — -— \ '•• : \;.- METHODIST EPISCOPAL. man, Patrick A. Welch. John S. Gun- saul, and Hugh D. Mellen were present- Followingis the musical progrjam-tOLJ^Uftnd-nr^firf.dpla«Ad-nn fllo Filkins: That Frank' E. Burnhambo granted permission to cross the village property on West Ohurch street, by the use of a single roadway. Beeton: TbaTTwe^proceed to a formal ballot for member of municipal board. Ballot was cast and Gardner W. Bpwn receiving all of the six votes cast, was declared elected. '-.... Oram: That we proceed to ballot for member of the board of health. Whole number uf^TOtesxasfcrfl~uf-^vtoerr\War^ ren\ ClarlPfeceived 6. Mr. Olark was declared elected. — . r ^. be given at the Sunday morning service: Organ Voluntary.~\Kyri8 from Xllth Mass.' ;. -.Mozart. Anthem.—\Yes He was Dead.\ Response •.-. ' - Anthem^— l5 There is a Green - Hill. Gloria Patri Soprano Solo.—\He Died for Me.' Mrs. Clark. Ladies'• Quartet.—Easter Hymn, \Magda- lene.\ .; *....Warren. Mxs^Sherburne, Mrs. Coons, Mrs. EIIB- worth, Mrs. Gillette. '- Postlude.—\Marche.\ .Gounod. .: QabHel. ..xLorenz. -.WTTGiWi. ..Gabriel. PROF. T. C. WTLBDR. The board of education offered Prof. Wilbur the position for another year, at the same salary as last year, but he % de- clined to accept. Prof. Wilbur has been principal flf the school for the pasff two years, and has ie^ood-iivork.--Speciftl-attentiea-4ia9- '—^^ been-given-td-tbe-worl rery-satisfactory results, and Prof. Wilr bur had the work' of the grades'fully in hand. It is therefore specially to be re- gretted thathe- f eels^nable~to^emaur longer. Letter to John Chase. Dear Sir: Here's what \fewer gal- lons\ means: Mr. N. Avery of Delhi, N. T., owns two houses exactly alike. He painted one with a mixed paint—took twelve gallons. Painted the other with De- voe—bought twelve gallons and had six gallons left. Same painter—George Gil- bert. —The'-secret^-is: Devoe-Lead and Zinc is one hundred per cent, paint; the mix- ed'paint was about fifty per cent, paint and fifty per. cent, adulteration. Here is an analysis of a mixed paint sold in your neighborhood: Lead, zinc and color 41 per cent. Lime and Qhina clay 59 per cent. . You see 59 per oent.is adulteration. What is it for? - To fill the can; to take unfair advant- age of your yery-juatural ^ind -right-de- sire forhake youFnouie-pamrihg cost as little as possible. The cheap paint is\ Devoe Lead and Zinc, because it is all paint—no ex- pense for anything else—and it does not waste your, money.• . (11) Yours truly, . •\ > F. W r DEVOE & Co., . . - New York. P. S.—J. G. Dunbar sells our paint. It may be easier to coax a woman than it is to drive her, ;but it's more ex? pensive. . .;; .-;''.•..•.'.•:;.•-:.,•. •-'.\ :-, 8EVERE ATTACK OF GRIP Cured by\ 'One Bnttlo of Chntnbcrlnin'fl Cough Remedy; .-'•'•' \When I had an attack of the grip last winter (the second oho) I- actually cured myself with oho bottle of Oham-- berlain's Cough Remedy,\ says Frank W; Perry, editor of the Enterprisb of Shoftsvillo, N. Y. ««This is the honest truth, rl at times kept from coughing myself to. pieces by taking a teaspoohfnl of this remedy,' and when the coughing spell would come on'at night I would tako^a dose and it seemed that in the briefest interval the cough would pass off and I would §o to sleep perfectly free from cough and its accompanying pains. To say- flio rehiedy act<5d as a most agreeable surprise is putting it very mildly. I had no idea tnat it would or could knock opt the grip, simply becauso I had hover tried It for such a purpose, but it did/and it ieemed with the sco- ond attack*: of coughing Vtho remedy caused it not only to be oTlcss duration, but thepain8wero far less sovero.-and I had not used tho contents of one bottle boforo Mr, Grip had bid nt6 adieh.\ For sale by A; M. Jessoror and O. Rv Ora- B?^:^ \Si ,J*- ;-l J'- ''^''••'• '• ^~- : \; '•-• '' yh.y-'apt' - Are YoiiUfllng Allen's Foot-Ehse? Shake into your shoes Allen*sFoptr Ease, a powder. -It cures Oorns, * Bun- ions, Painful, Smarting, Hot, Swollen feet. At all druggists'and Shoe Stores, . Hughs. .Lorenz. -!_The-evenirig service will be-given-by- the Sunday sCjioql.jas follows: rganJS^oluntaryT^='iPrlnce of Peace^VAah/drji^ Hymn.Tr--'lHB^Dte9 n . vthB«,Prlpnd..ot,Sinners Anthem.—\Jesus Lives.\ - Prayer... Response :: Recitation.—\Easter.\ . Florence Clark. Duet.—\LovedOnes »re Sleeping.\. . Miss Briggs, Dr. Brlggs. SoDg.—\LittleFeet Be Careful.\ .' Primary Class. Anthem.—\The Birds in Chorus Singing.\ ....; '.Lorenz. Recitation.—\Eastertide.\. Cora Moirell. Easter Song.—\The Angel Message.\-..... Primary Class. Recitation.—\Eric's Christmaid.\. ....... Bass Solo.—\God'B Acre. \...„. ' „ Mr. Sherburne. Recitation.—\Resurrection.'! . ... ......... George Alcorn. ; Anthem.—\The Winter is Past.\ .. Readlfig.—\When ^hurehl\..•:..•. .. Lorenz. the Deacon Talked- liP:T 'Edith Briggs.- ring for Missions by Classes\\. Chorus.T—'-'Coronation.-\-^.. — rBattxtv: PoBttude.—Hymn of Praise.\ rrr The young people of the Ep worth League-have-prepared-a-raro-treat in securing WiUiam O. Montignani, secre- tary Street Railway Y. M. C. A. in Rochester, soloist and reader, who will entertain their friends, on the evening of Thursday; April 16th, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Warren F. Clark. Mr. Montignani is most enthusiastically re- ceived wherever he goes, delighting be- yond measure the most critical audience. All pronounce him a genius. The pro- gram will begin promptly at 8:15 o'clock. Refreshments will be served. A charge will be made according to the height of the person, two cents a foot, and one cent for each additional inch. HALF PRICE CHANCE. C. R. Cramer Selling 50c. Size Dr. How- ard's Dyspepsia Specific for 25c. Don't let this chance pass. Today is worth two tomorrows. When this notice was sent to the Mail, jO..R.__,Oramer,_the* leading\ druggist of Fairport,'nlfd~juBtT^^ of Dr. ~Howard'B~¥p~ediflc~ fdr'the\cure of constipation and dyspepsia; the' Yegular 60c. size of 60 doses, which to get new users for the remedy, was to be sold at half price. This stock will not last long and you should not delay taking advant- age of.this offer. Nearly nine-tenths of our people suf- fer with indigestion, constipation, head- aches or liver troubles, diseases that Dr. Howard's speciflo^never fails to radical- ly cure. . . . . Dr. Howard's speciflo for the cure of constipation and dyspepsia is not a \cure all.\ -it is simply a specific for the cure of indigestion, headaches, con- stipation, and liver troubles. It conies in the fofin of tiny granules, 60 in a vial, is pleasant and easy to take, and it is sold by Mr. Cramer with the under- .standing that if it does not give perfect satisfaction it will cost you absolutely nothing. . • \ . A Good Thing. ^German Syrup is tho special prescrip- tion of Dr. A. Boschee,\ a celebrated Ger- man physician, and is acknowledged to be one of the most fortunate discoveries in medicine. It quickly cures coughs, colds and all lung troubles of the severest nature, removing, as it does, tho cause of 'the affection and leaving the parts in a strong, and healthy condition. -It is not an experimental';medicine,, but has stood tests of years, giving satisfaction in ovcry case, which its rapidly'increas- ing sale every season confirms. Two VILEAGEiBdARD. Official Report of the rroceedlngg of the Vlllngo Fqfhora nt thelrJLast Meeting.. i'.' • A .regular meeting \of the~viDage board of the village of Fairport, held at their_rooniB,_ApriL_fi^l903. President tees Cobb, Beeton, Oram, Jordan, Ad- %E S . a^Filkius^MinutesjjfJast meek iug, March 23,.were read and approved. Adams: That we draw orders on the treasurer, when funds are applicable, to pay the following bills, and charge to Hie_appropriatejfnndH. '.'.Oarrried^.—i fairport Municipal Com., light fund ! 3 40 Charles I. Hart, contingent fund 1 60 A. VanNorman, Are fund 34 95 R-L. Williams, contingent fund 75 A. G, Hardick, contingent fund...... I 70 John S. Gunsaul, sCreet fund 1 76 M. S. Warner, police fund 10 00 WATER AND LIGHT FUND. F. E. Pritchard. K. J. Fisher, water fund Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co., light. Diamond Meter Co., light fund Sawyer-Mann Electrio Co., light fund.. 1330 87 800 53 25 10 01 42 50 Rochester & Pittsburgh). &.I J3o.-water.-H6 && Beeton: That the bonds of G. L. G.\ Seely, John S. Gunsaul and P. A. Welch be accepted and placed on file. Carried. The oaths of office of Arthur B. New- Filkins: That the matter of a new extension ladder for the Hook and Lad- der company be left with the fire com- mittee with power to act. Carried. On motion meeting adjourned. ARTHUR B. NEWMAN, Village Clerk. MARKET REPORT. Wholesale Prices Paid for Form Other Produce hy Fairport Dealers. and Fairport Market. Flour, per bbl Corn Meal, per owt Wheat, per bu Rye, per bu.. : Corn, per bu , Oats, per bu '. Hay, per ton T Baled Hay, per ton S irawroatrper-ton -- '...-. TT- Baled Straw, per ton '... ^ggg, Pet Q6Z •••:-. ; V T ..\..... IVIT.^ utterrtlalryper-lbrrrrr; Beef, Bide^per-owt Veal, per cwt. fl 50 1 20 70 @ 72 52 (gi. 55 65 38® 40 10 00 @ 12 00 12 00 ® 14 00 - •- 10 00- io oo <a 12 oo Ma pnucs ior Wofnen. •mm ?'-'vtfy,»*;'- Mm \iKtAUkAsr » mm IB the great health shoe. Sohd rubber heels and cork inersole. Another style is . built' just, for comfort. Flexible turned soles. It is said: \You for- get you have feet in a pair of Minor's Easy Shoes.\ Price f2.60. MINOR'S EASY SHOE MINOR'S MONOGRAM SHOE is the newest. Correct jjhape,.duiable leather, moderate price. Fit and style comparable with the five dollar kind. v Ask to se^itr-^PTic^oj^iyJ3:00.~Sold _ oniyby— : '~- '\\'—\ HOWE & KEVAOCiG. s ;..«$ •-•••tcr~!-ir&: eeooo<-»oooe^»oooo^»oooo>r»9o«'rpeoo6>r»oeoo^r>oeoo<->ooo«a : 5 For the Latest Designs and Most Complete Stock of c i <? (? Go to the Reliable Furniture House of L. M. SHERBURNE UNDERTAKING A SPECIALTY. -Sprrngljamrrpcr-lb^-t SheePrpep-fe.ni n r.-i. ••• Pork, per cwt. Pork, salt mess, per fl>... Lard, per lb jPallowr rough,- per-8> —.—. Chickens, live per lb Fowls, live, per tb Potatoes, per bu. — 20 <gr22 )-(&-^-50- 9 00 - j 2 -8 8 50 11 @ 14 13 10 ^ 12 9 45 Cloainer Stock Quotations. Money on call steady at 6@7 per oent Prime mercantile paper, 5V4@6 per cent. Sterling exchange steady, with actual business in bankers' bills at $ 4.86875@4.87 for demand and at $4.8375 for 60 day bills. Posted rates, J4.84V4 and J4.88. Commercial bills, $4.83@4.83 l ,4. Bar silver, 49%c. Mexi- can dollars, 38^c. Government bonds Mrm. Railroad, bonds irregular. Closing- prices: Atchiaon 81& Pacific Mall .... 34% Ghes. & Ohio.... 45% People's^as ...101 Del. & Hudson. 166% Reading ......... 58% Erie 34% Gan. Electric... 187% Lackawanna.... 251 Louis. & Nash.. 117% Manhattan Con 138^ Missouri Pac 107^ N. Y, Central... 131% Ontario & West. 30 Rock Island .... 44% St. Paul 162% Sugar Reflnery..l20 Texas Pacific Union Pacific Wabash pref. West. Union . 35% 91% 47% 86 ' New York Market*. FLOUR—Quiet and a shade easier; Min- nesota patents, J3.85@4.20 ; winter straights, | 3.50@3.60 : winter extras, *2-. 80@3.10 ; winter patents, 13.7024, WHEAT—Turned very weak under bear» iah foreign stati»tlosrJ[avorable crop,newB.- eiVy'cAblea^'n^lIorukTallori*; May,\77 7-16® 77Jlriec: .July,.75275%c ,... : RYE—Dull; state. 56©60c., c. i. I., New -Yorkj..No,2-western,-60c., I. o< b., afloat. - CORN—Opened steady, but at once sold off -with-wheat; May, 50 ll-16vg51%c.; July, 49%c. • OATS—Dull state, 39@46c. 4«c. •. i PORK—EaBy; mesa, $18.25^18.75; family, $19.60. LARD—Quiet: prima weatern steam, lOiSOc. . BUTTER—Firm; state dairy, 17027c; •xtra creamery, 29c. .CHEESE—Firm and weaker; track, white, track, white, weatern, 39® fancy,, . small, . new, state, full cream, >y small, colored, fall made, 15c; small, white, fall mado. 14%c; large, col- ored, fall made, 14%®14%c; large, white, fall made, 14%@14%c. EGGS—Firm; state and Pennsylvania, 15 @16%c;- western, storage packed 15%c. SUGAR—Raw quiet; fair refining, 3%o.; oentrlfugal, 96 teat, 3 17-32ci refined dfull; orushed, 5.30c: powdered, 4.S0C. TURPENTINE-Nomlnal. MOLASSES-Steady; New Orleans, 310 .40c. \- RICE—Dull; domestic, 4%©7c; Japan, nominal. • TALLOW—Eaay; city, 6%c; country, 5% ©6c HAY—Quiet; shipping, 55^70c; good t« Oholce, 9Oc.0$l.O6, . * \.\\•\~~' \\\LITO Sfbclc Market. \ CATTLE—Market lower; choice, $5,303 5.40; prime. $5.1685-25; food, $4.903«.10; veal calves, $7&7.50.\ .* HOGS—Mark«t active: prim* heavies, ? .70j97.75; mediums. $7.66^7.70; heavy criers, t7.S>S7.65; ilfht Yorkers. $7.30® babt .wsthew, $fi.«036.7l; culls__gnd, coa*. Gorman Syrup was, introdnccd in. tho United* States iri 1668, arid Is now sold in ovory town and village in tho civiliz- cTi wond.: ;-Throo dosca Will foliovo any ordinary cptigh. Prico 25 and 76 ots. 2 \TJho MAIL and Weekly 5 IJomocrat and Ohroniolej both oho year, fotf$1.60. / '•'::• •.'/>••; • - Robbed Tho Grave. , •' - Afitortling incident - fs narrnted by' John Oliver of Philadelphia, as follows: M I;wa8 in an awful condition. My skin was almost yellow, eyes snijken, toiiguo coated, pain continnally in back and sides, no appetite, growing weaker day by day. Three physicans liad given me nTm^bottlessol¥anuuauy^Bokh^^^ Bitters; to my great joy, thonrsl bottle mado a: deciaedimprovcmcnt.-I contin- ued their UBO for three weeks, and .am now a;well man. I know thoy. robbed the grave of another victim.\ - No ono should fail to try them. Only 50 cents, guaranteed,, at 0. i R. Cramer's drug store.~;\'.\>• ^^••-\••\ .•'.- -'.-V' ... 'apr*:, : FAIRPORT, ^t^^^c^«A^Jia•J^av^^>^^^^^c^«»^^oc^^o ^^^^ ^ ^^^^fc ^ ^^^^<; ^ ^^^ g m h t *i if • '• • • • • - • • • i N. Y. • • 4f •' i r :~m • \•; v-.'\i : '--0SI -\•i ; ^j •\•;C5f - iei :^xm> . '.-'•\S3 < -\•-'.; I:v-.t ••• \'.Q • -'i^'-iV>% :''-f \+ •7:'$? 22 QQLDEN _SH1ELD_ MEANS A SHIELD AOAINST ia^ ADULTERATION AND HIGH PRICES. Taking into consideration both QUALITY and PRICE, there is nothing to equal GOLDEN SHIELD BAKING POWDER, GOLDEN SHIELD SODA AND SALERATUS, GOLDEN SHIELD CORN STARCH. , Try them To-day! They are Superior Goods! MANUFACTURED BY *fi£ :tl m •}M m •\Pa: :i!l3 •F^L.neFOK'H?;- i^r. •••••••••• •;. ••••••o«««oe«ooo9«o*oooooooo«oeeo9«o«oo«o» SALT IT DOWN And it will keep nice and sweet. e That's what we did with somo of that nice fresh pork we had, and we can now furnish you with tho Choicest Salt Pork to be found in town. . . HOME TRIED LARD • V > Wo didn't salt all the pork down/but mado some of it into SNOW WHITE LARD. Wo will be pleased to let you have- some of the. lard along with the salt pork, if you want it. Phon e 3S , HOLLANDER MOOT Jetrells' Block,. West Avenue. / ' _-..,.. : ^; •-V-: •m m m , :1 ooo««««««*«*o««o««o««««9««««0«o«a«tt««««»oeoo*«at«*««» r NOW ON EXHIBITION. New Easter and £ - . - • : *, * i - -\ * . \ * - , .*••\. . ^ • Spring Millinery, YRSS ; •:•<$ ; .1: .t*>W •~»V5/.^. South Main Street, k First Door from Bridge. MISS 4, D; spgftULr»il=4 ^ t-.VKtHL m i 1 •'r% r ^: : i'.-^V m mdMM&M iS^fl •m£m~ m •i'i) xmm^u 3tfS l^^S^Mi5S^Mt^?IM^^.

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