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*ire*>u£pigeir4-ihein tfr^ A;; W. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills do a world of good acting directly on these organs and'the bowels.; ; v?- ? rV^-'Mr. I* H.'JIans, lSOil Columbus Avenue, Bay \tUty. Mich., by overwork and too assiduous atten- tion to hj-v business, ^.brought onan attack of ktdney trouble, •which\made It necessary. : for him ,t<3> leave off working at times. He states i\ * ,1 V':\On th'STVecommehdatlon; of Mr.' Geo. Leyer, . jjUygglst, of this'place, I purchased.a box of Dr. r a^ W.'Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills for my kidney • trouble. They acted so well in relieving my pain ; : end backache that I persisted In the use of them . dntfl perfectly cured \of my trouble. I am a well man how, Jhahksto tho usoof-DrrArWr-j DETROIfT • t- .Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.; ArWrCHASE^S ;• Mr. Levi Elsey/SCtt McDougal Avenue, botrplt^ lived for years expecting death from heart tail- ure and Bright'a disease,' but was cured' by a few boxes of Dr. A. ^Chase's Kldney-IJver Pills. He writes: • & Fpr years I lived in constant fear thatl should meet death through kidney trouble. I was troubled terribly ^by pains In my back and about the hearth My troubles are now over, for Dr. A. W. Chase's 'Kidney-Liver Pills have made me well again. I will gladly answer any letters about this wonderful medicine.\ 25 eta, a box. AlLdealerg.- or. Dr. A. W. Chase Medlcius Co., Buffalo, N. Y; ' . ' M< • Where to Look ^ '-Next to the .Pah-American, the most interesting, exhibit hereabout Is the dls- playof CarpetsiDraperles aridUpholstefy <3o6ds-at;^ Ho4yjB^^Rogera.Co4&^tore r -80^ -«5>: ftnH -fid' St.lltp' Strnok -Rnoliaotii.' ^ATV •82 and 84'State Street, ^Rochester; Nl 3 •.:'••' fit Yi>Fpr nearly flity years this company 'has supplied and satisfied the -people of Western New York with these necessary ; adjuncts to household comfort, and •happiness, and its name Is a household ; ;wprd._._,',.';-. '- -^..- -~7 '- -• -;: '•;•-;.\. r'K-.'-r-/.;.'* -V . The enviable reputation of this house tor unfalteringipersuit;of the highest ^exemplars of; art; and quality, and iin- wavering attention to every detail so necessary to a perfect : sequence of artistic conception, Is well known and attested by the superior qualities of the largest stock and'\greatest' variety of fabrics and styles supplemented .by un- excelled workmanship.* , v Send for test for astigmatism. Special care taken iaiitting the eyes. We> value our reputa- tion. .. We guarantee satisfaction. Our spec- tacles and eye glasses set.with the very best lenses (glasses) in existence. JE/'E. BAUSCH & SON, OPTICIANS, No. 0 East Main Street. Rochester, N. Y. T HE PEOPLE OP THE STATE OF NEW YORK: By the Grace of God free and inde- pendent. To Truman Rundel, Bay City, Idichi- fan: Betsey A. Austin, Pairport, New York, Celen Creber, St. Charles; Illinois'. George Mul- liner, Pairport, New York, Lena-McMaster, Rochester, New York, George K. Higbie, Roch- esterfNew. York. Frank P. Higbie, Chili, New York, Carrie C. Parce, Fairport, New York, Edith Mason. Fairport, .New York. Florence Higbie, Penfleld, New York, and to Eugene Crippeni if Uving, and if dead, to his personal representatives, heirs at-law and next of kin, whose names and places' of residence are un- known, heirs at law and next of kin of Mary L. M. 5 Higbie send greeting: .-.-\.'. Whereas, Clarence G. Do Witt, the executor Pq^pd^^-^^t^P-^^^'J^^^y^^fltlPgi-bear- Ing date January 19,1600. purporting to:be the last will flnd-testamentof-MaTyL. M. HigbleT late of ihe village of Fairport, In said county of Monroe and state of New York, deceased, and relating to both real and. personal..estate, has lately made applicatlan to the surrogate's court of the county of Monroe,;to have said in- strument proved and recorded as a will of per- sonal and real estate; you and each of you are cited and required to appear before the surro- gate of the county of Monroe, at his office in the city of Rochester, in said county of Monroe, New York, on-the 16th day of August, 1801, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, then and there to attend the probate of said last will and testament. And if any of the aforsaid persons are under the age of twenty-one years, they will please take notice that they are required to appear by their general guardian, if they have one, and if they have none, that they ap- pear and apply for the appointment of a special -uardian, or in the event of their neglect or ap- ailure to do so, a special guardian will be Uie surrogate to represent i the proceedings~for^th'e~ probale'of ^pepaHmenfjp^eciaUyyor the Tottth of\Web^fetj : r Frarjk Knowles has \moved his family to Rochester. ; *.4^i James Mandeville 1$ home from Bos- ton for a week. ~ r r Mrs. Frank Smith Is entertaining her sistejr and niece. 1 ^ - 1^ i^ G. A. Wiser has returned from a busl- ness-trip^nrMlchigan. \ . ; • Dr. Frank-Leadly of Rochester, spent Sunday with friends in town. \j Miss Genevieve Henner Is visiting friends In Rochester for a few days>^[: Asa Jennings is supplying the of an M. E. church In Otsego county^ •-.•\\,.''• ' : '— ;— •.'.: ••-;' \/-t: Captain ^-\D.Hames; of-Buffalo, ylsit- ed at Abram Schermerhorn's, last week. on of \ForestljaWni vis- town the first of the In •'\Miss .Hum Ited friends week. \-; Mrs. J. R..;HawIey* and baby have been spending the week with friends in JoTdSnT S.G. Harris and wife of Tarry town, have been spending a few days here with friends. ', '••'.\ ''•/ -for-them said will. ^j^esttoony=whereo alCofVthej £?thEEBfiE56lh^^ura)gatels^C6urt^Oi ^the CbUnty of Monroe, to be hereto af- fixed. '• Witness. Hon. Geo. A. Benton, Surro- . gate of said County, at the City of ' .Rochester, this 2nd day of July, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and one GEORGE A. BENTON, Surrogate. J. FISK. Attorney for Petitioner, . \_• ' 28w7 * Fairport, N. Y. • PARKER'S m HAIR BALSAM Oletiucf and beanUflu the hate. Promote! a luxuriant growth. Never Fails to Beatore Gray Sair to lta Youthful Color; Core* icalp diitawi * hair falling. C0c,andfl.00at Jlrugglrtj. Wk^^VbWflWMAW^rWWrWW/WM^^^VWUW '/ TI» Largest furniture House In Western New York. KypwS r>r^e> jB. E. Z. Cook and wife, with a party of friends,'are spending the week carhpj- ing at the lake- •-. '\ J>\ William Merz has b^een home for a few days, but left again Sunday evening for another business trip. ; : v^, \|v Mrs. Phoebe Collinsi Who had a stroke of paralysis about three weeks ago, Is reported to be improving slightly. ^ Several of the ladies of the M,' E. Henry Heckle of Buffalo, visited hh father over Sunday. \.•'. = . / , • The Hondee famiiy Haven, Wednesday.. plcnlced .-at Glen Will Hendee and family of New York, are guests of friends In town, - - E. Stuber and wife spent a few days. last week at the Pan-American. Miss Cornelia Debrine of Sodu3, called on Mrs. E.,J_. Wbittleton, Sunday. ^Henry Hecker, sr., h^s purchased a fine upright piano for bis daughters. Miss Bertha Grabb of Rochester, was the guest of friends In town, last week. George T. Harris fllfc gone to' Mis- souri, wheie he will be engaged In -dry- ing apples. * '\'•.... Mr. and Mrs. Alexander have moyed from the Corning house tq the dottage on North avenue. - ^^IrsrSr™JrJohns^n'aTd\cTiIldreh\hlkv¥ ^eeQ-fipendlng^theTweek^wfth friends In Fairport and Victor. \ Minnie Yearsley of Buffalo, Is spend- InK the school vacation with- her aunt, Mrs. Abram Howells. : - ~ -XSi in honor of her Wednesday, 95th birthdayv'; . , -; :i /Rev. Mr. Williams and wife of Nundai 5 have been visiting their 'cousins,: Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Z. Cook. Mr. Williams occupied the pulpit of the M. E. churcbi Sunday. • '\\\ : --] Misses Florence and Lulu Dean of Rochester, have been visiting friends in town for a few days. Florence will teach in the Holt district, the coming year. ; ' • .'-• '': •:-\' : k We are glad to correct an error we made last week, in announcing that the M. E» church would the month of August. hekUthere-as usualr^ be closed during Services will be \\MrsT'Abram Howells has received the sad news of the death of her father, J^mes FewtrelLoLShropshlrer^EnglandT Deceased was 88_ years \of. age.. * _._\ «TS» please all tastes In,parlor furniture Is no easy task, bat *mr lm- mense showing of this lln%*leaves nothing to be 'deshrsd'.by- the most oUt- \ il cuBtom«r. Utility and beauty were never more effeoilgely-.oon>bto»d*- 4a^(ttr HUBplax-tnlsseasnnT^II^elytfilnff-marked In plain flsuros. & FISHER, II6-II8 ^«TE ST. TWO STORES. 441*43 CUNTON AVL WHTl^ I r ;;.i:;S ~s\~ • \ ll *f V '-' .\. \1 \ ••••:;.' \ '\\•'. ••• ' '•=••. ' '••\;\;\'i • •V ~ • '1 *''.''. *] •i*A,i .-.*\*\•_»•.-.] \ .•*'\ **\\• \• 1 .-^•\••' : \.' ) 1 i •• Yz.-y,' ••'.,-. ii.'.-. f. '- •.''•••\ MJSVJL _Pi2Qlwit-0^ano^MlssJ.Zenette; Clarke of Wellsboro, Pa., and Miss Liz- zie Parson of Rochester, were guests at JRex.Q.-S.Chamberlayne's, Wednesday and Thursday'of,last week, Mrs. Mary VanDeCar, who has spent the past two years in New York with her daughter, Mrs. G. A. Tisdaie, has returned to this place and will remain for a time with her daughter, Mrs. H. C._Ho.w8^-_^-_^™ _^__1__ — Mr^ and Mrs. Clarence Spear of Oak- fleld, Miss Jessle ; StratitonjQL-Brockport r Mrs. Plerpont, Ambrose Stratton and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Bowles of Roch- ester, were guests In the home of Rev. George Stratton and family, last week. Smith Atwood • and Wife'of Marion, Mrs. Henry Bowers of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Crocker and daughter, Jesslej and ; Miss Longiey of Fairport^ have been vis- iting at S. L. Atwood's. Mr. and Mrs. Atwood accompanied their guests to Fairport, Tuesday, 1 where they spent the'day with other friends.. Monday, August g6th, the members of Holy.Trinity church will open \a fair in the new church, which will be enclosed by that time: The fair 'will /continue through the week and will be very much like the church fairs which are held in -Rochester? A - \large number of the young iadies of the church are soliciting for.the fair and those who raise the larg- est amounts will be awarded prizes. Thursday afternoon last, while Mrs. Philip Larker.left' her house to go to the field, Where her husband was at -work, and her daughter went to pall on a neighbor, some one entered the house, by way of a back door,by tearing.a hole in the screon large enough to put In a hand and unhook' the screen door. When Mrs. Larker returned and found -the screen had been tampered with, she called her daughter. ; They entered the house together and foupd. the bods tum- bled, the dresser draws and tho doors to the china closet open. They also dis- covered that about $30 (n cash, two gold rings and a gold watch and chain were missing* Mrs. Larker'8 gold watch and chain were on the dresser, but were overlooked, and tho \sitvcrwarQ was \un- molested. Mrs. Larker was not away from the house more than 30 or 40 min- utes..';:; /{' :*':<- ••}\.:': •*;•• .\ '\• ; ••' ; '•'' •• A. Howells has repainted his house on Dunning avenue, which adds much to the looks of the place. Arthur Leaty,. who \has a position as motorman on -:the Rochester street railway, visited his parents last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Bergh have been entertaining a brother and wife from GJo^BrsjEilLe*^ Messrs. Shoots and Beach ot Roches- ter, visited at C. H. and E. C.Smith's, Sunday and Monday* Prof. Clinton Powell, whose illness we announced several weeks, ago, is very much Improved. '_.• , Mr. and Mrs. Adam Mohr entertained Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Mohr and son of Wolcott, a few days last-week. Bertie Howellsireturned home Monday p. m.,'after spending the week with his two sisters and a brother.who are living: in Rochester. •''\.. \Rev. tW. Raymond being 7ll/ Sun- day; jrj\Ke)Jey,_by^specIal4nvitat!dn^ preached the morning* sermon at the Free Baptist church. Rev.:M. S. Leete occupied the Methodist pulpit. Verna'Borden, aged 11 years, daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. Levi Bor,den of FJ1- klns street, died Saturday, after a short illness. The funeral was held Monday morning and the remains were taken to Wayne county for Interment.' H. M. Brown and wife, Oliver Brown of Greene, and Mrs. Mattle. Tefft and daughter. Vera, of Brookfleld; who have been visiting at Mr. Brown's, started Monday, .for'a two weeks'' outing In Canada and at the Thousand Islands-. ^Peaches and pears give satisfactory promise of amounting to something like a good crop, especially whore the trees are* vigorous. Plums promised well, but were stung by the curculiopahd those that did not drop off have rotted on the trees. So the crop will be a light one. ••'' - A burglar oV tramp attempted' to entor-the--Waterstraw^-bouiEr'Off^Rair- j^ad-avonueT-Saturday-nlghfcT—fioaring- a, noise at the pantry window, Mr. Waterstraw arose and saw a man who had already removed the screen, trying to get Into the house. But when the robber heard someone coming^ he drop- ped back and escaped. Rochester now has a special .Pan- American train, which leaves the city at 7:25 a., m., making only one stop to Buffalo'and running direct to the ex- position grounds, which are reached at 9:25., Returning the train Jeaves the grounds at 9:30, reaching Rochester at 11:30. This will be a conven ^or^i^irpprteTg^S The.special school meeting that was held Wednesday at Macedon academy, for the purpose of forming a Union Free school district of Ave,of the common school .districts, was adjourned without date. \The people who oppose the for- mation of the. district claim a victory, having kept the question from coming to a vote.—Macedon News Gatherer. lead pQl8oning.V( Mr^ lnJ&wItzerland r 63iyear87agQ^ to this country wheuil^years -bid. ^4He- had lived In this town-ever since,^52l: years, except the four years f ^whlch'he:' served In the Civil war. ; He built; the\- secohd house which was put up on i Woodland avenue, before that street was accepted by the yiUagei/vMr^;Sta|^; ler was a member of the First-Baptist; church, a.nd a man thorougnly>espected I] In the community in which he had Hved^ He was a man .w\hq was; very in. all' dealings and .the; his death.; daughters,' ..V'. 5 ;#M --=''\#^| : so long, conscientious community generally mourn deceased Is survived by two Mrs. James • Wignall of Bridgeport, Conn., and Mrs. F. L. Pierson c/f Perry, One brother, Daniel Statler of Roches- ter, also survlyes. The funeral services will be held from the house, Saturday afternoon, at 3o'clock, and will be' con- ducted by his pastor, Rev. D. Thomas Ma cCI y m o n t7 '^'^ T T; --~ -^---\rr^ r ^ . # . Worthlngr-^odd. ^ I ; ;y ; A pretty mid-summer wedding took: place on Wednesday, August 7th, atS'5 o'jclock,,when-Mi88^Anna-Eivira^WdrtIr«^- irig Was united In marriage to Arthur^ i 51 Todd, at the' home of Mr. and Mrs. / Jerome Worthing of Penfleld. Rev.- Bond performed the ceremony in Vthet presence 6f a large number of invited guests. The bride was attendedrbyher; sister, Miss Mabel Worthing, as brides- maid, and Howard Todd, brother of the groom, acted as best man. The parlors were tastefully decorated with flowers and greens. The bride was attired In a' dainty gown of white organdy, trimmed with-white satin ribbon. Miss Worth- ing wore blue dimity. Lohengrin's Wedding March- was rendered very mm ma s'S'l ^^f^t^^'M'-'-l^Ji^i^ 1 ^^ Firemen all. over the country are looking forward to firemen's week, be- ginning-August 19th, at the Pan-Ameri- can exposition, with the brightest an- ticipation of a right good time: There \Wlirbe\ more > firemen assembled at the^ exposition during that week than ever AV.ere gaih^reoLlr^nne^spoUbefore^n^the dequoit^Mrs-Belle Blythe,^MIss\LIlzie^ \ Miss'Gene^Hassell of Rochester, visit- ed friends in Penfleld Centerv last week and la now spending a few days' with Mr'sv^Florence\No?thru pT\ \ 7 ^~ - Mrs. Hammond and two daughters who haye been visiting at Robert Carey,s for several weeks, returned to their, home In Illinois, Tuesday. *~ The marriage of Miss Ella G. Swales of Sodusrto WmrSrVosberg of Newark, took place St the M. E. parsonage,.Aug- ust 7th. Rev. ,0. S. Chamberlayne offl^. elating. An Ice cream social was held Tuesday evening, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. Hallauer, under the auspices of the young people's' society of the G. E. church. Prof.jCharles Harris of Rochester, was in town a few days last week, and In. company with Hon. M. E. Lewis of Rochester, spent a few days at Sodus Point. en- Peter Wright of West Walworth tertained a company of relatives SJ^ day, In honor of Henry Kobler of-Min- neapolis, Minn. Mr. and^Mrs. Charles fit; Wright of this place were among the y • • [guests.; . The Grange picnic .wiilckjrvjas-held-at Nine Mile Point last Saturday, was a very enjoyable occasion. Although the sky looked threatening and the air was cool,'one could not say : tho*day was al- together unpleasant. It Is estimated that between seven and eight hundred people/were on the grounds. . • history of this country. In the great throng-will be exemptsr-volunteers~and paid firemen from all parts of Canada and the United States, and the Fairport Hook and Ladder running-team is going to give a practical exhibition of winning a S150 cash prize. . Thomas C. Wilbur and family left on Monday morning for their new home at Fajrport, Monroe county, N. Y. Prof. Wilbur has been principal of the Water- loo High-school for the pastio yearsand during that time has provedTiimseJf a mo3t_able Instructor and- has been a. great favorite both with his scholars and associate teachers, many of whom regret his departure. He Is to become princi- pal of the Fairport High school and we congratulate the scholar3_ol_J.hat^plac& upon their good fortune In obtaining a skilled Instructor .and the village upon obtaining a\ worthy citizen. — Waterloo Observer. •• iiiEbountlfurxollatibtf^aT'serve^iviafter- which the bridal couple, amid a shower of rice, departed In a carriage adorned with white streamers,. .. The bride's traveling suit was a castor brown broad- cloth, wfth a hat to match. ' The bride and groom were the recipients of many useful and beautiful gifts. The out of town guests were Mrs. Hammond, Misses Lena and Wlnfred Hammond, Bement, 111.; Mrs.. L. A; Mallory, Hillsdale, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. DeWolf, Mr. and Mrs. Howell, Hastings Smith, Misses Cassle and Eva Smith, Miss Edith Hou$e r Marlon, .N. Y.;. Miss Anna Hammond, Misses Grace, Mae mi .-M.*- K&/4 and Lllla Newman, Mortimer DeNlse, Fairport; Mr. and Mrs. Metcalf, Iron- Belle Martin, Geneseo.\ Notice to Contractors. ' Notice is hereby given that I, Tnos. Sloeum, as Gommissioner of Highways of the town of Perinton, Monroe Coun- ty, N.Y.^ am ready to let the contract for the construction of a Concrete &rch Bridge over the IrOndequoit creek,, about one mile west of theVil-^ lage of Fairport on the Fairport- Rochester road.__.Plah8 and-speoifica— tions may be seen at my reaidenceOiT East Church street in Fairport, or at \the office of the Town' Clerk, also in the village of Fairport, N.Y.* Sealed proposals will be received by me till Thursday, August\ 22nd, 1901, at 8:30 p.m., at the Town Cleric's office in the ^•\ •\vv-.*-. ;;> -Ataxy pay. Tuesday,; August 27th', Is Army Day at thojPan-Americari \exposition. On this date the troops that participated In the Porto Rican expedition will hold their re-union at the cxpoaltlOnT'This will bo a general gathering of soldiers and Bailors.*' It is expected that Admiral d&toye^GSifoBM^ ^K^,lGefieral^Halh¥,-Cap^^ 4)eor^nd^^ otherpromlnBHroofficers wlirbo\ present; If you wish to sqo^a.truly military gathering, go to Buffalo on' the abovd! date. ,8ee*New ; York Contj-al agents\tor all information^ ; >' ; • .\ f 'V.-:, •.Firemen's Week. Volunteers, paid firemen and exempts, from ail parts of Canada and the United States, will be In Buffalo on August t 19- 24.;; August 22nd and 23d occurs the great tournament, in the stupendous Stadium, which seats 12,000 people. -On Friday,. August 23fd, tho great parade will take place. Companies from all.points in Canada and the United States will participate. '\The. parade will be miles in length.. The German Hose company of Oneida, known all oyer the country as one of the best drilled companies In tho. Empire State, will be prcsontvdurlng this week, accom- panied by the : Oneida Military band, and wljl ohter the prize drill contest. A dozen crack companies from Now ^Eng- land will also be present. Call on Now York Central ticket agents for tickets and all information. ' 33w2 - It was too hot In July for tho growing oats, which require cool' weather while the heads are forming, and the result Is the crop will be light and the grain somewhat Inferior. In the central and northern part of this town and In Pen- field.the oat crop.Is large—the grain es- pecially plump and the heads\ of good size. About the only drawback was, that after tho oats were cut the fre- village of Fairport. The right is re- served by me to reject any or all bids,. THOMAS SLOCUM, / Commissioner of Highways, 8w2 . Town of Perintoni Dated Fairport, N.Y.. Aug. 11, 1901. '. Now York Central lfulletln. • Thoweok beginning August 26fh will bobne.of the best at the Pan-Amerlcari oxbbsitlon. \ August ?Gth, Municipal day. August 27th, Porto Rlcan Army day, with General Miles and tho army officers present.• August 31st,^Mystic 8hjrtnn4ay*^hoji*andsj.$l^obloi^wjn panielpdto^In^n^bxerclacgrahdf-pica.s^ ufesorthe^dayr\Thereivlll bo^gtabil T?ataao*vuv tho court of\ ihe - cxposRion and the Midway which will bd worth coming miles to so'e...Call on New York Central Hckot agents for all information. quent'showers kept ihe grain damp and it required the turning of the sheaves to dry. This rendered the shucks brlt- tie. and occasioned considerable waste of grain In handling. The grain harvest Is now vory nearly completed. Dr. W. E. French, brother of Mrs. Parmele, arrived from Daytona, Florida, on Friday. Ho is here on a visit to his mother and sister and Is golqg to tako In the Pan-American before returning. Dr. French has been investigating dis- eases of cattle,\ for; tho state of Florida during a greater part of_ this year, es- pecially the trouble known as \sal£ sick- ness,\ a form of mat-nutrition, resulting from a deficiency of Iron and lime in the soil of the sand hill section of the state. He also Is Interested'- In tho State Agri- cultural college at Lake City, where ho gave a short course of lectures on tho veterinary science. .';„ Mrs. Benjamin Winnie of Webster, came ovot yesterday to visit her cousin, Mrs,. E. A. Leo, who lives on 'Main stfrset. At noon Mrs. Winnie took the bridal off the horse, to feed it somo oats out of a pan and was holding tho animal by a rope halter. A passing coal wagon frightened the animal and it ran, drag- ging Mrs. Winniq.somo distance into the vacant lot Just north of Mrs. IvesV Tho lady^was^takeh 1 into,^^the^h^'ae^^j^dra! A^to^^scronToTieff^psOno^ bl^al gash on^her;head. / Tho^hjiftar^FUifi wagon were broken^ but \the horse was nnlnjuired; f Mrs. >\Vlnnlo was able to return hbmo| last Evening.; r ; \\\ Assessor's Notice! The assessors of the town of Perinton having completed the assessment roll of said town for the year 1901t notice is hereby given, that a copy thereof is left at the residence of David Daylspn,^; Joh nstreet, Fair port,' N. ; Y., where the ' same may be seen and examined by any person interested until Tuesday, August ^0-1901r— — . - ' '--f Notice Is also given, that we, the undersigned, assessors of. the town of V Perinton, will meet at the town clerk's office, Fairport, N. Y.,- on Tuesday, • August 20tb, 1901, for the purpose of're- viewing said assessment roll, and hear- ing and examining ail complaints: in re- lation to such assessment that may brought before us. - • T. J. BRIDGES, M. H. O'BRIKXi . - DAVJD DAVISOH, ' -Town Assessors. Dated, August 1, 1.901. , ' 3lw2 I be Ontario lieach Excursions. - Ontario Beach Is becoming more pop* ular every year. .This season thousands of people visit this beautiful resort each week, and find it a most pleasant placp to spend tho day. ' . - ; - f . Th'jro are several outside attractions, besides Short's famous band; well'shaded picnic • grounds for those who bring lunch, fend a .first-class hotel for others who prefer a well served meal on a broad veranda overlooking the. blue waters-of Ontario. - , • ;^ There is no place In Western Kew : York whore there are so many attracv tlons and so many side trips as Ontario Beach offers. See New York Central ticket agents for tickets and all Informa- tion. : '.. •••.,'], .... ,.;.•';•• '.\ :/;-^;iV,^rJ:\v;A ^1 M m il 1 :-v\n.' I ml • • \^'* I KM Go to Unflnto on Satnrday. .* s,-;.. General Miles, tho West Point cadets^ regular army, National: Guard of Bufr falo, and several other military organi- zations will be.In Buffalo'to take part In the coremonles at the. Pah-Americab exposlilon^ott^atnrdayfirATl^ particulars 'as • : : - i «* : /.:'l\.;*'•:' lloxsio's Croup Onre ; only' infallible cure H6TJ Cfpupi'- ? quicklyi cures £ coughs, icHocka, Druggists.rV\<: '-^••u-:^-^-y^;'-'''';'^ Actf coldsi 'n2a>n&& l&hfZ . >' :;:XKZ ;Kife^;?-r^^#i«4J^&a aswwr*?^ s-tsnt.^-fft ; 7?r^r'C^^r*s*?f#3Sp m& m • M -'.:^j*.:i.-:'. &* Aii-site- ;:^v\; v m*m '$&&5ti£&$&£JL^ ffiKtefe&iM^ 'i^M^M J \'. - v '-~ f-'••&*}•••: lj*&

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