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Monroe County mail. (Fairport, N.Y.) 1880-1925, November 26, 1896, Image 5

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';--.~.r,-,-r- ir-jf • < - V\ » > \ - ^PiSa^^ti^x^p -,(:;:,r-.j- J ,j^ ? =- s j= K -J* 2^ VVflA'\.!'! -ri?' :.^-ioire4t-< ~rX-,- •'•-!r\ JU- c.. ••. '••i-V r 4-—• '.•.;.T- ; J ,-,.•\>''- •-<- »*tv- •A,/*-. .J. 'A'.. ' •- -r=^vrrrr'. i •Qadftess r ith a better- understanding of the : transient-nature of the many phys- ical ills, which\ vahislL befdre-propei'.ef-: ^Jfurt^^geuLIeeu'urUr-pleastintolfoTts— -/rightly.directed. There js'comfort in JLIIthe.knbwledger that so many forms, of .-•; ^sickness are not due to^any actual dis- v/pase, but \simply to a constipated cohcli- . - ; tion of the system, which the pleasant • \.family laxative,- Syrup of Figs, prompt- ly.reinoveS; That is whyjt is the only _iIxemeu^^vatlijnillionsofJamilies r aiHlis everywhere esteemed so highly^by all .who value ^gopd^health. Its'_; beneficial effects are \due to the fact; that* it is the one remedy \which ^xPBlptes.internal '-cleanliness -without debilitating-the • or^n_s_bji--which_it acts/- It is therefore Inft'fp^lTa^tyiiForcler to-get-its-faene-- ficial effects,- to note when you pur- chase, that you have the genuine arti- •^fcr^vhicirigniiuiufaettned-ba'-tht . fornia Pig S^'rup Co/only and sold by- all reputable druggists^ :• - ; . If in the enjoyment of good healths , and the system is regular,;laxatives 01* other remedies'.are then hot needed. If \afflicted with any actual disease, one \\•\\\ —• may be commended to.the most skilltul physicians.,-but i f in need of a laxativje, —. c_ e should have the best,.and witlrtlie *\ 21-informed everywhere, Syi'hp-of Pigs stands highest and is most largely • used ahd'giyes most general satisfaction. t PAIRPORT, NEW YORK. The Largest.Circulation of any pa- per in Monroe County, outside ' the City ot Rochester. 1 ' ' - — - •'• \' • - • ' - - - --- •—^^^^^^^^^ ^ .. . : _ _ - • . . . - ,. . SXJPERVISORS; A/SENSIBtg: \STRESK^OF T r EC6NOM^ WORTH.-S3.000/ •ati After.Lengthy D1§CUSB1OUB the Supervisors \ Decide Xot to Order\the OAlciiil Proceed. lugs Printed In Any Xewspnper, Thereby -.Siiyluff the Taxpayers About. 83,000. .. ~_ . Last week Wednesday the subject of selecting papers to. publish-the official proceed Incs—caino-before- the- board- of &UBeryisorjjl : QU^ cu>t mi to prltil- thcr _'eii11r y \prpeecdinKS ihtwo of the city papnrs'and a synopsis llf^bVeral 6lh<il's, the eXPenso being in the neighborhood of S3,0Q0. . This yjaar it^seemed unusually dlflicnit to decide ^^^h^p>H)e^ ; ST^ho^dd^^eeiH^-ei^4ie^p^ u taj: as nearly all the city papers had staunch supporters on the board.. Supervisor Wright o f Webster,: inad«r an address in which he said the city papers-were bound to publish the gist of the business transacted by the board as news; that it would be too expensive to print, the details in all -the papers arid it would not be ^vise to discriminate, therefore h^raov^d/that :tllo~T)ro^eediirgs:should not be ordered printed in a'ny_paper^ TheTnotton-^vasrcarrled. The annual report o f C. A 7 \//.Lodge; tHrty-superinfoiidentrof—the uuui, vyas° presented. The department expenses are summarized as follows: Paidforsiip- port of amlshpuse, 827,591.59; out door J^efJn_JRg^hester J _S4 1 20l, 23 :;_out„door. .rclief i n towns, §3,748/^—lUGdieaUser- ^Tliwtpr,- vices, 51,420.85; transportation, /S58G.58; Children's Aid society,rS19S;55;/miscel- laneous, S163.99; total, S3S,077_.nl.. The receipts-amounted to§38rl7i. 15, of- which §37,913.52 were drafts On the county treasurer.. The balance in the superintendents hands October 1st was S93.64. •'.:..*'\ ^Ems^EatemeS^Sg^eT^oT^^otm^ ^^ih&m^ to be assessed upon the city and towns for -the support .of their poor i n the Kvcnta Mentioned m tutr \Man\ -Uim lour Ajjo.Today. I .__- MarTJage nj_Johh^^lCoiae4^ndriyiiss Gertie Bingham. Captain Hulburt's team accidentally backed into the canal and one_horse. . drowned. •,....- : An epidemic of- hog cholera raging at Pittsford. / Union Thanksgiving services .held in the Methodist church. /.Sermon by.Rey. u. rj. Keeves- . -Klglit Vears Ago. A. J. Hulburt^has an arm broken in a railroad, accident at Brighton. Arthur C.Sidman, as \Uncle Rube,\ three nights' entertainmentMiT^haw's hajl.'for the benefit of the Hook and Ladder company and Protectives. Eddie Fellows suffers a broken arm while.attempting: to shift a belt in the pape\r box factory. . >; ^Y;-M.^CV- A. NOTES. Dates hud Doings of the Falrport Assocla- - ' ; tlbn. The Thanksgiving service, held i n the Y, Mi C. A/ rooms/ was led by C. C- Moore, and others/thirty-f0ur men• being present. Many of the men expressed a deeper.interest to help and-stand by.the association. \• -'-Wili-O. Greene will lead the men's -mooting); pex-t--SuRdfty;—. The Ladies 1 Harrhohia'Quartet will sing. All men iriyited. •» -....'• ^JTh^oy^sJBib^leclass will be held-Salur- day morning, at 9:15 o'clock. The sub- ject will be, ^A Fighting Boy.\ All -boys-invited^, — —• • -. ——,.•.-..:•- • Sunday afternoon at . 3 o'clock, the boys' meeting will be held in the rooms. _A„goad^talk_and_music._^_Coma_and. bring another fellow/ . ~ s A rrlnclpal Engaged.. Saturday-the : board of education se- •cured the seryices of Arthur C Sim- mons'to fill the vacancy, caused by the resignation o f Prof/ Elmer G, Frail/as principal o f the Falrport Union school. Mr. iSimmoris'is a graduato of the.Brock- port Normal school,. and'& member'of the graduating clflss o f the University of •'Rochester/'-. He has had six years' ex- perience as an instructor, t\vo at Yates academy, and four in the Union school at Middfopbrt, and ho ciimes to Fairport 'With tho Highest recommondatioris/; In addition to his' educational ability, he i s a musician of high order, being\the lead- er o f the University, of Rochester Glee and^^Mandplln d ho will come to Fairport next week. There werp over twenty-fivcf applica- talned. ^ ^^^^^^I^P\ysisi OS• tho Sk>n- • '••''•-.-'-' An Important.DlfTercnco.^ - • \<. whll^ifnifIfrcmserVi^inpflmT' tne^^f? ^^LiakonJLodd'srSar.Vftfia'rlilirto^jinflj^ljy' klP^rJIE^C^^Wcct•• t6~eriip.tFons pn r lpy skin, but after taking two.-or threo bottles of Hood's Sarsaparilla tho ernp- tioris all dlsappearedj and I highly recom- mend, this medicine ! to others.~R. :If. Mcnindoyvin West C4th street. ^Iforj^^PifiS^Bro'ejisy to lake;' Ca3y 16 operate, v\ / i yrt;*.*-,'*,. 1 -*V^\V -*\ , *T, *, 1 *-'*{iiA.**-ai.»wt-'JK.'»««»iJ^?*-J 3*s: r^fA j5id pKplBTs;m-1^6RalcTonweTily-^ y LAt fivo^contapoE^ackdge; twenty cents ^ -per hundred; at the MAIL oflko ; ; tf ; almshouse during the year ending- Sep- tember 30th last: Brighton, $151.22; S175.3G; - Greece,-S32i.4(5r- Henrietta rGr^tr;—iTmrdeTprott;\SISTS4; \Mendoli' tield/S92.89; Peri'nton, S202.97; Pittsford, $94.17: Riga,S98.20; Rtish,g<38.02: Sweden, S37377G~ Webster, \SS5.94;\ Wlieatlarid, $121.24; Rochester^$20,55fl.G9; total,623,- 004.10. '~Tlie year opened with 30 1 inmates. There \vere admitted-dUring-the- year 823 new inmates of whom G22 were ihales. The total number of inmates in the house October 1st were 302 of whom 23 3 were malcsr There vveie- SS dealhs during- the year.'n inmates were sent'to therRochester State hospital, 5 to the Craig colony, 5 to the Rbm9 State Cus- todial asylum and 725 were discharged. . Of the 1,190 inmates in the.almshouse UUrltitf tll6 Vear ola warn nntivoq nt t.ho. ;LADIESL HISTORICAL CLUB. AVrMer-'^l^ngriYu^ulny;^ ;^/ \this Popular Society. * -.\.-»•>;'• 'Tho;'Ladies' 'Historical club,.'one of. Fair port's best: known ladies' yociefies,- is taking up a systematic course of study this winter, as it has for several seasons past, and the fdllowijig program i* being can led out: -—:•-- ~--ff~-—-~- . ^—\ \\\.''.':• October 15. ,'* '- -'•;-'- The_Angl6-Saxpus H.eolwulf,.'_'*.- - .._' Miss Kate Turner \ - -- Miss Kogers BesstrCaiflkir?s7*ClraTlqtr6^Ia^^ liuht, *Gra.cb \ Jones',. *EJsi/ Mauror,. ^MeriljeMcllen^Lilia^ Simmon's, *Esteila : Tayior,••EtucJ'HY.lfey? Fourth' grade—*Theodora Burlin- gauie, *Frances; Uonni?, *llnella Jacobs, fArnold 'Lamb, Smith Morey, ->Sa'rah 7ieiyoaT\*Eari Root, ^Warren Snow, Royal Stobbins, *Duane Taylor,\ *iiessio T/ufuiVorids, *Nellio; U>ddeU._ '\ ; Caetlinoh, King AlfretU Miss Gibbons .Mrs. Duhand i. Mrs l»m>»r^ The Saxon Chronielexs, - \ Miss Zoilbeer :^i:X:^- -i-/: v:Octob>r : 2$r~r, ^'r^z'\::-:--:^ Wycliffe, ;\.. - c . \ v --, \ Mrs. Austin The Norinan Conquest, .- - • - MissOoborne The Development of the English Language. ? Chaueer. -~ v TlnTCanterbury.TaleT, . ' T~October The Crusades,': :._ ..\-•'• From Chaucer to Spenser, Spenser, . - The Faery Queen, _ -..•'.-.'-• Misrtjrtitwcr ^orfhlHg? Third grade—*Willard HTooks, George ^GJa4H5^sra?rTef^itttt^^ on d« rrr-it obertr^ItachtrVi'Ti 1 B7~By roif \SelpT uian.tCecil Scott, *EmilyA ndrows, ?Etli- el Krboks. *Bessio 'Dennis, *Mildred Fisk,- *L1llio Grawbarger, *Mildred Hunt, Ida Parker, Lois. Pattorsou*, *Ada - : Miss Gibljons \\*-7-'-'- : MissDeWitt ».'.:';'':- - : .?:;- -. -.-' \ Miss Steele Miss Edith Turner Miss.Costich - ' -. Mrs.-Newman The Kiso or the Drama, Novembers. Milton, ;, 7 \ - Samson Agonistes, . .-. - - LtAllegro, •-.-• *-•-; - -- . -. 11 Pehseroso, - ''. Mrs. Lockwood Miss Howard Mrs: Cobb Mrs. Palmer \. Miss Slocum Bunyan,, Taylor, \\^Mrs-Dudley - MissHigbie Mrs. Peters . ._- : r, ' -November 12. Jlise of the Universities,; .. ;' \English Satirists, \ • - Goldsmith, ., - . r Vicar of Wakefield,\ ; - The Deserted-Village,—— 1 - 1 — . • MtssWtdd ~ Miss Steele Miss Briggs Mrs. Sanfdrd -M^isstockwood mar> ^{edeli7^*D>Tnr;\Clrur^iili Wlllib y : Second grade—*Harry Cook; Raymond Hall, Lorain Johnso.n,_Frc.d._Meyers, Irving Thompson, •Prank Brown, Stacy Thayer, Timothy Cliiford, •Teneta Ben- edict, Mary Boggis, *Mable Brooks, Jes- sie-Bryant, tEthul^ Caulkiui,, \Susie-Lin^ scott, *Blanche Povoy, *Xettle Upthe- gro've/ ~ . -*- / * v - \- : ' 1 First gradei-Clark:BurHhgiime, Willie, BryantrWillio 7l)enuis,rR\ayln6hd\L6ck hardr-Ear4^Iorre)jgRoyJ!?v.ewmaTr.^Iyaa ; rr Simmons, George RObiso.n, Lillian Ells- wortii, Ilelen Lockwood,- Jennie Upthe- IN FINENESS MONROE CO. CJ-iEM. CO. IN UNIFORMITY FA I RPO'RT; '7 N.':\i\- *~tf\i nv^s- m And now' let's Settle down to Business. T.ay in^a ^tnr^^j -\_'--•;..._.-.;..'\..,\ - Provisions for a. hard Winter; - ^i^rz^X^\7':-.~~^. BUTTER, FLOUR,: EORK^^ARD, TEA, COFFEE, i • in) ....AND SUGAR;... a*i RocR \\ ~ November. ll». Johnson and Boswell, - Mrs. Peters .TJiackeray's Characterization of Steelei .--;:.. ... Mrs. J. H. Snow The Spectator,_jjj;.. , _._ ,^_r - Miss Costieh Sir RoRer.de Coverley Papers, Miss-Wedd December3. ':'... Rise ot Modern School of Scientific Thought, . .• Mrs; Lockwood Gibbon, - - Miss Kate Turner DecemberJO. Edmund Burke, - Adam^Smith,— ^-— ^'-.-. -•;,--— • The Wesleys and Whitefleld,, • \ •-\ •' December 17. TTtonln. - . . _. Miss Higbie -Mii-i-Glbljonii- TnTTve/t.'.\ ,i -.*?^r.-. ,.-:-.-: /.-- .-.. r -.-.......-:.r- .---- -.——.-- : i.- --•-':- -^oimi SIDE. : > : .--'.-- Sixth . grade-r-^Maud. Brown, Walter Eldiedge, Wesley FerrIn, *John Ilines, -Fiorence'ISIcAnaneyrPranconal'almorr ../•Filth.grade—nieorge Alcorn, *James Biracree, *5Iay Day, *Clara Kennedy; Daisy Luitwejler, *AIabel.Terperining. Fourth fgrado--*Alex.' Burns, Daniel DeLand, fRoy Hagreen, John Welch, *.Neliie Biracree, ^Frances Buss, *Ade- laide Lopmis~rdan\Iannv *Kiit1o _ Slaloy, Bessie Westfall. ' TJoyte, *Francis Groat^-FIorence Bines, Carrie yeisz, ^KittieO'LNtel\. _ '. .. \ • - ^—Soeond Miss Slocum Mrs. J. H, Snow LjtoJdng^Backjrard^^ News from yd where/ .Mrs. Demand A Traveler from Altruria, Jfiss Howard fit: Opdnn, ?? 01: Parma.,-SU6; -P^n-'-Modorn-KffortB-to-Reoiiao L-topittT-aiit-hWwiH January 7 Scott, : ivenll\yortn, -v Mrs. Sanford ----Mrs:: -Prjitt Day, Leslie De- Fl.aniiagaii, Anna Lioney, Floyd Pettet, Willie Robinson, 'Arthur -Rflbinson^— --~- ———; '. —— January-14. • The Poetry of Scott, •\-' .; Miss Osborne Robert Burns. - . Miss K;tte Turner Janu'ary 21\. Lord Lytton-Harold, --.-'•» Miss Edith Turner Owen Meredith-Lucile, • - Miss Rogers January 38. DeQuincey, - —.-• Mrs. Lockwood Lamb, -'.'•'-. Mrs/Austin Februarj' 4 '. • The Lake School of Poets, Miss Edith Turner February 11. Byron. Keats, Cowper, Mrs. A. H. Briggs Mrs. Palmer \Mrs. Dudley United States,. 296 of Ireland, 179 of Germany, 77 of England, 53 o f Canada, 11 of Scotland, 9 of Italy, 20 of Switzer- land and the others scattering. The amount recommended by the su- perintendent^ as the appropriation fo r the relief -of- the poor for the coming year' is4?la,000V ^',\ rr /\\- r : : \ Thursday Supervisor Raym9nd sub- mitted the report of the bonded indebt- edness of the.town of JPenfield, showing the same to be §1,500. Supervisor Hodskin presented the annual report of County TreasurerHamilton, and i t was refer- red to the committee on county treasurer's accounts. It showed that the receipts of the oilice for the year ending September an.^'l.S'flfi; -were ..8308,332,33. . Caah -on- hand in the office is S'i03.01; on deposit in the Central Bank, §67,963.30; Union Bank, §70,SU.1>2.^———_— -^- — Coroner. Kleihdisnst's annual report, showed that he has investigated 176 cases-and-held i»2-inquests.--— -— ----- — Monday the bond of Gharles A Webster, superintendent of the ppnifentiary, was fixed at §15,000. County Clerk Shedd's annual repor* showed receipts as follows: Recording deeds, §3,660.60; recording niortgagek, §4,589.68: recording other papers, §5,335.64; certificates, §6S9.33; docketing judgments, §2,05338; searches, §6,391.90; filing papers, §431,18; all other services, §3,335.07: total, §27,094.53. The total disbursements for salaries were §26,3li.42 leaving a profit for the year of §783.11. .v - . - ; ; '. '.•'• ./' Dwelling HouflO Destroyed. About half past one o'clock, Sunday night/tlio fire alarm Informed' the citi- zens; that there was a firo in the Fourth district. It proved to boin an unoccupied dwelling house owned by'T. Koneally, north-east o f the railroad station, and was well under way before the alarm was given. Tho nrc^departmeTrfc-started out/'pr6mpt|yv*\buci soon foturhed'totho- roomsras it was. soon i t could bo of no use.. Tho building, which was a small foTioY^at^hirf^^iro^ tramp. \tWhprisdd^ffiirgi^nrtiliacdrstirtloffftfy prrnfcd?>\'7Lro\you: .-plcascdlvItKlt? if not, come In and sob what wo can dofor you. MAIL STEAM PRIXTINO HOUSE. V , ^H\—«. .- Thackeray, Vanity Fair, Carlyle, Matheyr Arnold, Ruskin, February 25. March 4. Mry. K. C. Snow Miss Zeilbeer Miss Steele •••' Miss Costieh. - . Mrs. Pratt March. 11 ~ Gharles Kingsley, Hypatia, Tennyson, Dickens, David Copperfield, March 18. March *25. • - •---.- April 1/ Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, \April .8. Adam Bede, ' . - Silas.Manici', .\~ ~~ - Mrs. Austin Miss Howard Mrs. Newman Miss Lockwood Mrs. Peters Mrs. Cobb Mrs. J. H, Snow Miss Briggs men i n our community, which should not be lost. Dr. Greene, Of -35 West 14th St., New York City, whorhas tlie largest, practice in the world, and who is without doubt the most successfiilspftc- -ialist in-curing this .class, of diseases, offers to give free cousultation-by mail to al! weakened, vigor less and iieFye-ex hausted men. You have the privilege of consulting Dr. Greene by letter, describ- ing your complaint,- and \ he will, aCter carefully considering your condition, send you si letter fully explaining ail your syinptoms~Telling you everything about your complaint SQ plainly that you will understand exactly what alls you. He will also give you his advice, Miss Kate Turner. OUR UNION SCHOOL. DdnTfjs orScholars aiuTTeachers of Interest ': to all our Reader^. The following have-^een neither .abji seht nor tardy for tho five weeks ending November 13th. The starred names have been present since tho...begihning of-theterm: ~*-rr- —— : — : — —r-. — SOUTH SIDE. High'.--school—John\ Ayrault, Frank Baker,, Stephen Biracree,; *George Bridges, *IIenry Burdhatskle, *George Clapp, *Lewis Clapp, James Dennis, *Northrop Fuller, Milton Kohler, Clyde. Mason; *\VaIlace Pannell, •Harry Right- mire, *William Rundel, Henry Sopor; •Walter Scott,.Lewis Sumeriskl, *Irving Warner, Ethel Buinpus, Myra Bumpus, *Lucy CJaflin, *Mabel DeLand, *OneIta DoDand, *Myrta DoNiso\ Bessie Dobbin, *Kato boyloV *Agn03 Falls,\*May Fur- man t *Anna Hawkins,\*Maybe|loHowe; *Jcssio Hunter, Daisy Kohler, *Eva Lake, *Hattlo Llppincott, *Lovina Lock- hard, •.•Helen Mellon, Emcgono Nivison, •Grace Peacock, Hati'e Phillips, .^Cora Qnakenbush, . Julia Schlegel, *Nblllo Schhodbdrgor,\\\Helen ~ ThaybK\ AHco NVostorrrian, «Lou : \Vhlte , *AlIco toll- man, *E^lon ^oilman; # : * : . ; \V phlnd 'Jennings'. Seventh grade—Mosaic Brooks,. Paul Case, Clarence Cobb, ^Ocorgo Goodrich, ^y^l^t^ig^^^esJ^r^Snmjgrjj^^^ Edgar Stutlcgr^Anna^DoyTerTiWrB rforall1ieterI^jt|rTOyWaf^^^^^ the system simply hoods cleansing, is to bring comfort honYp to tholr hearts, m a costive condition fa easily cured by using Syirtip f of\ Figs, ^hihu/actured by tho California Fig Syrup Company only,'and •s^ldihy^UPdrugglsts^ bol Howell,, Alicia Moroy, »Mad New- man, Myrto Smith, Oraco Thrasher, Edith Ferrln. V \ - ^; : \ : Sixth' gradft—Garnet BodclI ( Albert IJWWh,'\Roy FUrrnah,.-, «Emma IWookf •Kttlo6ck^de^;>L6ttte Gr^bbrllcllo . Fifth grade—^Wilbur Bancroft, *Nor- grade ^MfvrgitTet ^Aleortrr fErma Burns, *HaroId Cooper, Clinton 'DtrWitt, ^Frdncis Flannagan; 'Florence .Groat, \t»eorge Kennedy,- Agnes Loney, Y^aie-Parce.\- •'•-~^ r; \' -~~ Zbr^ -^-- -• First grade—Bessie Will,\ .Slid Here IsGoodXews for.MenSuU'erlnt; from : Nervous Debility, Weakened Powers \ r_ \\\Ifnxr^J^TTaTiisTeTF^ngor; ~-\~ ri ..Weak men suffering from nervous de- bility, weakened powers and exhausted vfeor, can now take how hope. Here is i i r \ '•'•'• something which will powerfully inter- esfe-thenh It- i s a • fact thal.iiutil now sufferers have.cbeen debarred from seek- ing a cure by the gr,eatspecialist.in these complaints, owing to the cost of travef t^o- the \large city and the high fees charged by these eminent physicians. . i,e, tin;rt;lore. IS,IL. cnance-lQ^vi&ai bused upon.bis.vast experience and won- derful success in treating and' curing such cases, as to. just, what to do to get curedrrpVIIlhis~wjTI cost you nothing,\ and you can thus have consultation with the best-known physician and acknowl- \edged most successful .specialist in the world, without leaving home, and at no expense whatever. The doctor i s tho discoverer of that greatest.of mcjicines, Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, and he has discovered many other most valuable remedies.. Write to him now,, for this is the chance .of a life- time to get cured which you may never have again, Fell in the Canal; The steamer Wheeler, while. i; unloading good3, hart the mlsfor- • tunc to drop a large box^cohtain- Ing tablets and blank books b? ..longing to us in the canal. 'v£*\i •;V These goods nro more or less •damaged hy- water. \Some are .nearly a s goodns ne\v. Will close jsiocij* o\»tafelnuchiesa:thaB-oo.'»tx , :5 S-.-V'-Horo are some of the pricc3,at ^ffliiCfl^^»^uWlhcm^g^ \' 366'largeVnk tablets, le\ 2e and 3ocach. . ••:...;.- .;' ]\':'. 100 hard 'pap^f comiwsltion 4 -bookfl, 2o a/ld 3c each. • , .books cost fromi 25c tof f 1.00 caclt. ^yui^Mik^t^yotti^oj*nii)rlc^s^ Come and sci: them in our-south ^window. ' — • %\ V.Scb our holiday hovclties In.. north window,. .. ..\ ; *• j& n. CTIAMER; , ;^j\. -s^f &>rner Drugglst^r-v- Boots and Shoes; YoiCall know tiieiii to bo IxbodL. mm r&.\ irsi UnderwearrGloves and Mittens at Low Prices. Rubbers, Rubber'Boots;. Felts and Overs; •-m T?jass OUR COAT STOCK AT THE m & • o • • :.-t? FROM $1,75 TO $8.00. OUR'SPECIAL—Sizes 4 to 16, \Jane Hopin's\''Brand All Wool Plaids, ^4.00. \. ;•.'*••• m ADLER; BRO:'S & CO., of, Rochester. ^^Hb€H^-B^erG, uf ritiladelpliia. ' . Ti-\ Below Rochester 1 Prices -v DEPARTMENT STORE. Our Thanksgiving Layout Next Week will —. .. — _, be-Strictly in It. The Foribwing Goods we Have Just Received from New York. They arc All of the New Crop and Cut Quite a Figure in a Thanksgiving Dinner, . . Fancy Jamaica Oranges. '• ;;..• Fancy park Cape Cod Cranberries. • - Figs, Date's;; . \ ' : '•'-'• v 4 Crown Loose and Fancy Clusters California Raisins. 4 Crown. Fancy Imported Sultana Raisins. ; .* / Imported Grenoble Walnuts. : • _:. ^^i : ' Mixed Nuts, Etc., Etc. ; : '. .-.''..:\\ fShWheii ready for these kind of goods] cation us \•.\••--\..- and we an siire to jrfcase.yoii. •'/'' ' : [ ^ ; : ' ; ; &H0WARD, m WHAT fiRINGS RELEASE . t^O^DIRT^IJr^^ ' %R^A3E^r^WT^i5'0\N r T W^ -rr^SS m^mrn ^o. ,fcJ^M --1 t>ct hite gold direct to tha . consumer for S3 y«»r«, »l *, J»holcMle hrlc*«,«aTlnK them the dealer*'pro- 1 . fits. Ship anywhere^ -for e i»m!n»(ion IMS- • for» »J>1«V— KT>TT- thinn w»rr*nted. ^••ft-*Ji:**?J,-\ 1*» sirleii of c»r- i^iVtes^HylpfioflUr.: . ne*«,.\l.Mylea.Kldlng Siddios.r-Trtn Rnjmlp»«g ! IO-Y HK *SS. Ph««>totii »«low ^la^VA^^tmt n»r*f... Wl f f |U V>. ej*M aprlnp W»(ton« «31 to N«. T«-Prif«. »ltM»»M, Mft ,kM.. iirif Xir»Uv.«\'T«rA.. v *V.,S^nMforUr(i«0»t»loKuo. »D4 tnAat,tea.w. AttoMu m% fcrMS ' ELKHART CARRIAGE A KARNE88.MFO, GO.i W. BFP/a«;6eo f SjKCjJHApTlmD«r\ mm HJBBSHHHafiii^S fitisftiBtatiffiattttaBBHi •m M£ Km ap L.HM*,| ) I.|'U<II *i n \

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