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,. \ , ,-.'•>. - - - <.. • -1. PEICES. ,fMC\l!^ | \JWW} -Eor.Lajiies,: Misses and Children. TENTHS pest Prices It is not as •may be iiite track rill be 4 feet 1 inches. fcely be- inches *s may bla.e back At the price oar Black Bongola Shoes for Ladies,; Are a great bargain. Harding & Todi's Fine Shoes! An invoice of Latest Styles just received. ik of the Larger As- T .<ya. will find •* . Furnishing liFurnaee and RiYO. Moore uentol feLrabep] psts, Pickets, Etc.,. Etc. rsof SASH! Is, i 9 Etc. la \Vara Its. OE Canal Trust. lass in every respect, lone of the oldest. It equipped cordage KJnited States, the I Go. of Boston. It is represented, and Ide\ brands. Ider in the world and Itest improvements— Tes perfect work. Iraft. fastest bandied, and most durable Itfce best Twine and [ market.all warranted •• represented, buy of •Agent, kLKlER, •AIRPORT, N. Y. %Az&0 •LIPS, isfortheEye lists lens for all of the Eye. I stigmometer in rating the axis ie amount of is my own in- jjte only one that sight. A good Style Men's Fine Shoes only $1.50. A better Shoe;for $2.00' The best Calf jShoe we. have, ever seen at. the pricej. !$2*.50. A new line Kaiigaroo Goodyear Welt Shoes, just, right for summer wear. HOWE & K0ELOCML Celebrate the 4th of Jitly In one of those nobby Siiit's only ^6:50. New Styles, see Wincjptv. : A new lot of Light Weight In Lrignt'.'Colors. Fine Trousers. Seethe^ We Sell for $2:00, Boy's .\-sh'oxt Pants andWaists 75cent suits, SMom,&;'\'\ : fAlRBOKT, K^WEiQEK: The Largest Circulation 0l^i»y.;pai- - per in Monroe Gourity, outside • iit&iiipf of, Rophester. fmm BRIEF.ITEMS Of ilNTJEBEST TO \•• •'• FAI#0BT REV03EBSV; :'•'• OUR Bits of Stews- -svliiclt lias Transpired in Fair J jport and A'.icinlty anj-ing:' the Past ^Week-r- Spciety and other Matters Briefly- Men- tioned.. - \Water works. 3Tarmers are at Work, in. the Kay fields;.: Charles Clark, traveling forDemp'sey & Place, GloyersyiiUejis liqme. Miss Gertrude Slopum is home from, the Brockpbrt• Jjiiormal:. school lor- the summer vacation, :;...-_ .\.- .:. Mrs. Chas, A. Seeley and daughter,- Mabel, of Mount^Vernoh, iSf, Y-, are Vis- iting at G-. \D-. G.-Seeley's^ An .unusual pecitfrrenee is noted in the fact, that.it did no* rain; the Fourth, but did the day-before and-after.' : ; Mr; and -Mrs; C;- G. Eposer, and four children, of Buffalo;; ar.e.sipemiing'afew weeks, at the home of i . SVHobbie;. :.; Slimmer <3o6ct& Challies, Outings, Parasols, Pans, SumfiW Undeiwear, White Goods, Prints and Ginghams* Canned fleats, Pish, Lobsters, Pickles and Sardines, Etc. ELBtl^EV. -^-v^ are sbrhetiraes figuratively spoken of as riot above settings tilings onfire just for. the. fun. of Seeirigf |liem BUFII Close competitidh breeds im^tuosity,. and in our earnest, pushing for jraHe it.dfieri happens ...'.• that we mark:goods away down just for the fun. of Seeing ttiem Sell Somebody has exclaimed: \Oh th# impetuosity:'of the idiocy of the. tumultuous idiot!\ .Thisremajk : will never apply to you if inyour rush for bargains you get into the right store, whieh of coursse is^ouris.; Our line of General Hardware, Stoves and. Ranges is as complete as that of any firm in town, and while we do not' claim.-.tp\'\fcie, \selling goods at cost to reduce stock.\ iPe are prepared to naffle prices that our competitors dare not go below. We rn;ean ; business. You sdect your goods, and you will get them at the right price. '.- •' ' ~: ^ ' '.'\.-\.'',' V: '.' '\ *'\'.'•\.'''>' The Planet Junior Cultivator is justtfas^article \the farrrier ahdl gardener needs at this season of the year.' ''\.\** The Ladies' Delight Oil Stove is a great seller, .and gives entire; •satisfaction. - \' .,_.. ~ '.,- _ . \\•;'\ In first quality binding twine we can give genuine bargains. It Saves Lying! To buy goods at a. reliable \storey where every thing is just as rep- * resented. To no class of goods does this apply, more forcibly than to Paints, Oils and.\Varnishes.. We do not have to:bbls;ter our business up by placing a good? (Quality Laiiseed Oil in oue bottle and informing our customers that ' ( $iis is^th&kind of plli we sell,\ and fuling another- bottle ^i1^^i5ffw:g.ra<ife'-.-.4^& oil,\ and point out the fact that \that is: the kind of stuAtliat-otherfellow is selling.\ But we do say that We will sell you a quality of goods that will stand the closest test, at pnees that:.will make, that \other fellow\ smiie-^a sickly smiles Come and look at our samples of Paints, Oils and Varnishes. In regard to the kind of Furnace you are going to put in thigfali. There is nothing better than thV Celebrated Howard Furnace. Inquire of your neighbors as. to how they like the Howard. There are a large number of themin use in this village;. Wewill furnish ybu the names of parties who are; using these furnaces if, you will call at the store, We are willing to-abide by^the dev cisions of those who are using them as to the merits or demerits of the Howard Furnace. ' Roofing and Repairing is a branch of the work to which we give our personal attention, and will guarantee to give satisfaction. North Main Street—.Opposite Jhe ^Ilerald^ Building. Ladies' and Gentlemen's S^BSElSStM PAELOH. Hot and; Cold Baths, 25 Cents. m<m ^0Ut» HAW STREET. done in First- •Cutting, Cnrling 4 ^ampooii Class SMe. igirttehesJIftde^BepaJredand m kinds ol Hair Worlcattended to. N O50BE IO OKJ^I3»ES,^PuraiiMi^ to an order of Hon. J. A. Adiington, Surrogate of the County of Monroei noace3s-liereBy.^i¥en according to lj^to all persons having'claims or demands a^lim Amos H. Cobb, late o£the town of ?ednto% Coiihljc of Mdnroe r IStateMMw York,4ecieaseil, to-)i»re»?nt ; the asnie;ijitttflie vouchers thereof, to the undersigned, Angeline M. CObbj Bx«Sutnx. of tfie\ estate oTjScmoSH. Cobb, at her place tor the transactloD of trasiness as sum ex^cutfixj afe3 alia^Bo^Blocs^jFair* totl;,,]«oniro6«onnty;.lf. ¥.,*no?^beforeitM-iBtb aajr.ofOietober T l$93i \\•- •\•'•.'.' Cated March 23,1893. Executrix. FBKDXEICK D. H. COBB, Attorney-tor exeea- trJ3£ i fal»p0rt,N. 1 E i \ . Dr.. aa4 Mrs. .Cramer left Mpnday ior a.mgntli'^. yisit at the-.W^rld's-fair,,aiia other-pblttts of interes.tin-tEe'West,..; -.' •IJ. J. DeLand, A. C'.- Hoolc'ef, and sev^- exal 'others pf, pur. patriotic Citizens,, lia^ fine.priyate displays of 'fire wbrjts;.T'ties-v day evening:. •. ' •: •'-;\\ • ••:\'.-•. - Mrs. Emma'..Strickland;of \Wetster City, Iowa, is visiting '. at; the; home.of Mr/'and.M^Sv fe.'S:^torthing, and wifli other relatives in town. ' Ch;as. Lee's Xjondon showgaye a very.' rcredit'ahie entertainment Saturday,-.'and: :was well patronized, the tent iaeing com- pletely filled ih the-evening. '',..•-..' George Scott', and ..Mrs.'.Elizabeth J : . Walker, both of Macedon Center, were married at-<the. M. E. • parsonage, by .Key... F. G. Thompson,- Monday eyeningJ Mrs. B. F. Anstin, Miss Battle Gay arid Miss Anna Krahm of Co6perstoy?h, who have been yisi'ting at Mr. and Mrs. Martin \Austin's returned^o their home Saturday.. -• . • At the. game of. ball ,-ori the athletic grounds, Saturday, between, the>Pitts- fbrd nine arid.a..Eairport..y. M. C. A. nine, the score stood 13 to 33, in favor of the Fairpprifc bays. . ';' The street.sprinkler commenced run^ ning last -vveekV- '. JBetter late •than' : never-^-but it Would. haye. been a little more business, like).\if; it had'conSmenced operations\ two months- ago. Mrs. W. SI Dewey, a.nd.daughter.Ada,. of Rochester,, are visiting at the home\ of. -Mr. and Mrs, G.. :lL WUsoii, 'Mr.:'i)ewey, who is adjustor for. the Hartford. Insur- ance company, 'stopping here .occasion- ally. . ; ' '^ .,.\ .-• The .many friends of Mr. and' Mrs.; Frederick Ke.eney;of Geneseo,rarersend- ing congratulations.\over the birth.of; a daughter, last. Saturday. Mrs. John Gutisaul,. Mrs.. Keeney'g:'mother, is how. visiting her- . •-'•'' ; > • Theboard .of education has.engaged Elmer 0> Frail^ as: principal of the Union school. Mr. EraM was. \a class-mate, of Rev. H. H..Hu.nt,..at r :the: Rochester.TJni-:. yersityj.and.his lately been;at..the head: of the Mariph Cofegiate -Institute. -', ' : Postmaster/Wilbur's : salary has been raised from. tl,^00t6jlv800j pwmgto the increase, of.\the'business done ih. the. office.. If : anypne-'imagines 'that.. Eair-i; pbrt is making a...retrograde movement they are laboring under a delusion.: .Mr. and Mrs; G.T. Hurlburt Jeft Erp; day for Chicago, .where they will visit the. World's, fair; : ahd then iwill; go-.to GdlOj--| rado : :.l0r;.a shortviime, &&A from, there.to California,' .where they^*exgect •to,loeatei< permanently, if they find the. country, to. their liking.,;; '•'\ v -;\. ••'•. \We trust.pur correspondents will be as.regular y?ith their letters :,a.s..possible. Although.we. have been obliged, to con- : : dense\ theni spm.ewhat' lately, we shall h^ye plehty of reoin ..hereafter, biiiLthe letters should reach us no later than Tuesday; to insure 'insertion. ;'Eev.- and- Mrs. Sunt expect to start 1 n&xt;week-for.the.West--. They.will at-- ;ten<J:the;boiiyeiiti«)n. of .Young Pepple'sr societielj-at ;Ihdianappiis v .and -tien go- toChicago.•'-. Mi. Hunt, ynli be absent, about, three; weeks, and lys wife who-will also visit relatiyes, probably about ^eyen\ weeks,, It ls ; expected that services will be\-held •to.-'the-.^ttsjfcv'Biiptlsl;; churchy each Sunday^duTingthe pastpr's absences : W. S, JDpbbin^ who has'been looking forward to the iame r wheh\ -he, coTildrtake 1 his entire family to visit the World's; fair, started,, with 'his fainuy fbr^Chieagp/ Mpriday, where they•.expect--to remain; for aboutteu days. The family'consists b£ Mr. and: Mrs. Bppbihr fo^r daughters, rand son Clansnce; They are alsoacebrhT; panied by J, P. I)ean, of Crown Point,' who has.heeh visiting the family here for several days. . President Cle^eland.has issued/a'form-^ al callfor congress fc. ineetih extra ses-- sioh, AugusT7thj to take action onthe : silver \qnesliipn^. whieh.^ is:. : ^gitatihg;1ihe:- public niind to such an; extent. It is t o he hoped tWtC^ftngress-.wiir be able tb ; ;adbpt such: Measures as will -restore- the: cbnSdehcfe of the people^ as there •J^ninir ntueh^^ uncertainty#hd dlseonteht hi the iSiiaacial Wpria, amdlcapitalistsjare with- holding and witha^awlhg - their tnoney frbmihiisiiiess veintnres uhtii\they\asc'er* tain, Wba* fe t o be the puicome oi I*xesi- deht Cietelaid'S joljcy. ' ' ,- Cardtotliel'uT.nc. • ~* ; I wish to inform the pntjiiethat I am; in the oil business t o stay, notwithstand- ing reports circulated by.pther parties to the contrary, andl shall «>ntihne tade^ liver to my Ciistbiners' extra watei- white kerosene oil, 1^0 testi bri |£ohdats r Wed- nesdaysj aha ^rfday's,: or at 'any other time. When desrred,\as herefofbrer ;26wlp C, E. EjssEy. IfTouWant W/all paper cheap,* 1 call on Dudley, two: Jan^onrerhalf c^njs per roll for-goodgili FairporMsto haVe ^ater:wnrkS. ::. ' , : -;&L, ;whistte-.:.ias\;been •jpai- tip, bn-fthk iThbinas. cahning .-factory 'ahd-is Blown at'thb usnat hoursi :.-.-••. .Neither. •^eW%6rid'3'-\ia3S'Aqri tlje.de- pressed niBhey marlcet seem t o .have' .af-? fected:business-In Eairpbr%this summer.: -. : ijiss.; Lottie. Soward; is'attending the: national'convention M.% P^ $. CicE.-.at Montreali as 'delegate frbin .tbe'iSbeie'^ h.ere. ,'-,-- : •'. .•••.-.'-..\'. -.' p . : ;'•.',:•-''•-':.;.•-.. • MeV. v^Earnest .'Scott,:' T^hb.'-^s'Vp^efr' :•1aa^e^inif-'^br.--•*he' , S. 9. ;Waxher:V ^bm:-' 1 pany of Rochester,' returned, home last WeeTi.-\ V '•'•\-.•'•'•...'/ . \•' •'.- \. ' ''''•'•' . George .'Guhsajulr.has\ closed another successful season in the west, selling Enameline,. and is home for. a couple 'of •weeks*-\. ..'-•.' '- • '.' Rbs?: Defendorf of Yale;';is home for the summer vaeatiprtv lie is accompa- nied b y a schopj friend, Harry Dunning of Boston. ':.'• ' ; ' \•' paper. 35w2 -'•\ ;BT*jc»8€|iie!-.:OU» BesJLwa^rwhite:»iii6;cent^per^gaHon Don't he B^i8le4 1! .Wt,;carIy• ail yoirr oil cans to Dudley^. S5w3 ; ' \John Sobler, -Rciwe and Miss Gertie ; Binghaini and ]&iss'Carrife.Patterson bf : Gamillus r took' a trip!to Niagara Ealls, theEpurth.: The Eourtb was ushered in at mid- night by the ringing of the church bejlls, blowihg b'f'the . chemical works whistle ind firing of canons. . ,-;'-' - ;;We. have preached water \yvbrks'. for- four years and.now'we have the'pleasure of announcing that. Eairpbrt will-now haye a, cpmplete; system; . . A ;.bass, .weighing; fpur'-ppunds. -and' threepiinces was -.teaughtvih.^ne-Oxbow Saturday. But you' needn't think you can gbrap and-catch one the same size;, , . Miss;Bertha; ZOllman v has.-gone;.to Lewis, and Oneida counti'el tp.sp>nd'the schboi, ya'cation-y/ith,relatiyesA Misses .A-ilceahd'Elleh. .are at^ Charlbtte visiting relatives;-•; .' ; '; , ', \ '\••'.'•\.'. Letters, addressed.to the fbliowing'per- spns rem&in.nncalled.fbr at the pestpffice: Mrs. Celia Beardsley; iOlara Sxirhs,\jphn Frank,- -E,- M. Ereem'an,-. C; Memiiag, William.Kohles. .-.\ : . ..' . •< . Npw that the water wprka^questiph is. settled, the workvpf Vpnttihg. the system^ in eperation Will be- crowded forward, as; fast as is cbhsistent with,-reliable work, .and' it is hoped to have the sy'stein in -op- eration by. the,ehd. Of the year:: > . .Mis.S'iieb.ra::Stuti&r of this plaiee', and' Erederick Piersoh . of : Webster, were married by..Eev:.Dr. Strong, athis home; in Rochester;'-.Sunday.. Mr. -Pierson is: .ebnducting : a store at Webster and' the couple are boarding; a t that place.: . There will be a quarterly meeting service, held at - the, : Er6e. ; Metbodist:' .church Saturday and:Sunday next. • The chairman,. W.-\BE; Clark, : is expected to be- present... -Services at.. %'.%p. and.7:30* p. m.; Saturday; • preaching a,t .10:3Q,;a.-' ; mi : ,-Sunday; io've feast';, a't.2 and preach- ing at-3 and 7:30,: pVm. ; .. .:.,.., ' Miss Av D; •.H-.;Keisey',- M. D.j arrived' in ]?airp6rt,,M:bndat-. • I^iss-BielseSr was inj ured in a' street car • accident hi Cin- .cinnati, last December;, and has been in a hospital • in that -city since.* \One: side is still'pafalizedv and'she is confined to. the bed. : She received.- $5,400 damages Iroin the stoeet car company. T?he two Japanesegirls-are with her,: .••'• .•'.,- v If Rochester, has got a ball, team that really can play;bail,-is : it. not abput time, she trotted; them but this .way? JTairV port, amateurs* .have• tirfed cfpssing bats with, ^cbumps*' who think they. e'an':play;.. >Vefily,. ..Rochester, you-'.miike usr-weary'.. tfpu score up in'siich a.wonder fuily-be- .wildering; -minority that .you-';eXcite pur, commiseration for ypur..pitable condition as. would b^'professipnalsj '•\'.'•• : / r ' : '^ EridayTC).. S.-Wordeh took .a Penfield party: to Lyons oh his boat, ;the Wander- ers; ,Mis's ; .Erank Chesley of this'jila.Ce. accpmpan.ied -the .party, which., took, dinner at'theiWayne county pbor'-Hbiise. gronnds, and; returning; stopped atitew- ark. : and.witnessed the' gyninasium-'drill entertainment given hy;-the .'children;.at the;Newark .'custodial •asyluhii:. whtich thej- give'' fevery i Ejiday afternoon air, i; o'clock..: . . ,:-•' : -.- ^ •...'•, •'.\ .MrSi'H^M^ JSas belSh ih towtt-fbr ; 'the pia^i.;.^W. dayS; •visiti^ : re;i^iy^fe:<^- ^j- 3 '.:-^? W\-.'';*i'S'. :: f : MW.; MC ^ahnrag.^f?/ D: kt Wifig:'^afto'f sEs/-:- : : : -' '-- . .-V 'J/^f':'-^ ; Dri\Clai»p attd.^fejwetfttptfe fair Mpnda#,;.whei^hey;^ill-^ ;jbw'b orthfeie.'w^'ek-sv/;'\ .-'\'•'.-•..• - -.; lffi§s v M^ry':^ltsie;^n$;tq : t^e;A^n^nr J dScs ,• \Thhrsdayji ^ll-^eiiiiiii: duf|ng^th.6^in^eri' c sv\;::> /•' I: '•-:/:£:;••_ /• '•' '£,/^.-'6v[Mic%';^^;'iibied' te|nt?6Saic^': •lectii'rerf \died at : Alfred' Gentrej Monday: :eyehini'r,'alW '.The : : farmer&' wBl r sopn:be engaged in their wheat haryesti.and i t promi$es to. beohepi the largest: th;ey• haye had in? :years,, .,•/•- - \-'.' > .:,';.•'•:•(•'•'\• '•': \Eqnan H.Shahbaz^a.native of Persia;: who is • sttidying:.'in; this dburitrys • will- speak in theSirst 'Bantistj.c&urchj :Suh\r ;-day: evening, oii /3bfre' eustbjoi'sj Qostiumes ^ahdmissiohary'lnte^li-iiivPe'rsiav : o - '\ .It, is-stated^^ thatythe\;office gaihe; constab)^,. ^y.as.'. labbiished • : by- \the ,'game; law .of £1892.' Jand' ihat^ganie:' Icbhstablfes'; .elected last spr^ngjhave ha aiuthority- to: ' acti The only authprlty^' tb' elect -gaine;: •'constables .yiras -under ^chapter 692,; l&ws 61.181^ and'this.'.entire: chapter, was re-, :pealedlia'St.ye.^ri ,':!\d'.'-.'-.'\*. • '••'\'.- -• — THE EDITORS' OUTINC. »;• A HALF MILE OF FIRST CLASS SHOWS :-!tlbns:'6tt.ilte;:\!BiM^'a^ : .Ei&\i^n^ -iS&i&i ; ;'• --iafc-.^^iBiti:-EyeH;if It, \PAes-Gpst|Eaj}R&i>\-'':': : -'.'' :The -field d^y sports on the assbciation groundsy Tuesday., were' Well- attended,- consideribg the outside attractib'ng, and; were well centestbd. Fairport bbys carried- the honors of-the day Very easily^- in the differieht contests. Interest. een- tered'in the --ball game with the Elour City team, \but the ; Epehester boys were not -iff •it-%hd canle near hot getting ; a score. . The g&mf. closed with a score' of 6tp4, infaypr'of Eatrporti -'•'• \. • - • \A.party of-E'airpqrt-young peapie, ac- companied by Mrs. Oil 1 . Waters,, as chaperon^,, haye rented a ' cpttage ,at: SadnSj for t&h days,.and,are;fllii:ng;.e\fejy: minute with enjoyment,. The following cPinprise.-tbeparty;, 'Masses Shlia Sctib- 1 ner, Helen; and Bertha Water.Si. Ijays-Snd. Gertie Delenderf, Minerva DeLand,.. Alice .Eepper ; ; Wales ; Dixon, Addisbn Pratt,.'Will . SaTehPjVirVihg Wiliiams,..' Epss Defendprf, and^ friend, fiarry Dnn- iiing^ bf ;'Bps.tpnj\ afid : Wallace Epberts, Will join the party'Saturday., • The-Hopk:and gadder' company and' :;bah:d went, to E'aiiniy-ra Tue'sday/ and y^ere royally' entertained' by theIfife-i men of- that pretty village; There were a. number of compsanies: present* frpni- other tbw'ns, and. two. bands,\ \Fjardipg's: frbrhl'liavana, \*and the jfewark .bandy all took part'in thestrpet parade. Atits conclusion Vfche companies marched to the fair hbusewere an, elaborate dinner; rflfas' seryed by tbe: ladies;; -;Supper waa; served;in a siiniiar Jfeanheri and? thfe \E^myra /bpys cah.,<*ngraWiate:? 1 themT ; ; aelyes oh the;succes^.oi|rieir c6lebratioii>': FOE Sale—HpraeiBnggj-andB'ameBS;. Hpyse iO; years old, iSibdj good' rpad- 8teri*efgb.tj iyiOO pounds. Accustom^ ed to :farm work., . - *. - - Ip ; * '!&-C,rT^o^soiri\M ? ;'li', Tarspnage. - .Gr^at.Brealt. . in\kerosene oil. Best water white, 6, cts. •pe^gaiipn, or & gallons for 2!S cents. IP. % SCflTOMMEBS. 25w2 8, lo^-lS, West Avenue; * •- '.-CloSe(t. : - .•-•'. ; Clench's Phbtpgraph;-Gallery will be closed during; Jxdy a^A^g^rf' 26V3: Gil by tne bbt, 5c, perl^allon at % it. Budle'rs: ' ' . : - -;- ; ;,; ';.\ 2SwZ T&a fine Bprkshjtee jigsj, fiyp weeks old, Ksan be purchased;, at *E, \L. Jtjnii)init§: , f arm, at res.sojnapie'priees'i ...'•' \'••:- .- •.\ -• •\.' T»ki)$[(>jSxiei , - - ' - ^^ken irfim ifcn#:^W0biarpiacPbh.$p.utJfe Main street,^ne side hill jplpwaiui one steel aerapei*. *rtte party Is knowns. 3EE retarned: Immediately; itwillsayfi tro^ible , and expense, H, P. WECBCB. DeligMful Trfpj tq•- the (i Adirondack flfouii-' '-'••\'-..': -'-•'-. •'-'..-::' -'.•t^fiofei'. W^V-\-\/;-'-\:/^/-\,. •:.Themem^er:s'pf\JheV !^bw^brfePres's:; asspciatipn held'tbeiranhu^ at the Hotel Ampersahd.-at.Saranaclake, last weekv and : -it .proved; a:n;*un*ui\uaily: ihteresting. gathering,' iwoodi jwater-an<|: inpphtain, each,addlhg~:to the.charjubi::' the--.occasion. - ; : ..\jhe.'. party mhinbered 4bbnt 260, .iincluding the- editors.: and. members -of their faniili'es, .\At .^erkii,: mer .a special.'\traih- Was taien:pn;the:: Adirondack and...St. Lawrbnce.rpady and the firststpp :was at Trehtpn, Eall^, where-, dinner, was;, furnished .^he: J^rty by thb; New Tfbrk pentral-railtoad. v .^aranac:' was. reached in. the -\: evening ahdv the;: %ariy was •.transterred::''tp' thejhotels lh.; f Ourrhorse taily^hb .\coaChes : , a noyeiex^ perience f oThp/ny;. -- '-• ,. .\• The sessions- of the epri-yentipii were.: held iii the. spacious parlor of' theJHotel' Ampersahd, and were interspersed with; ireftuent-sallies pj .huinprj vreeitatiphs: and music. Papers -of\; practical import to the-members^ere-read,?of..which we have hot space; to spea;k.at length; .'Ehe memorials o'n.:Wm; T^.Tin'siey'xJ.f Lyons;: Beman; Brpckway' Of 'Wat'ertown,. ,and :: -Eliiott'- K-Shepar* of'- \JTew> York^ were; feeling expressions pfithe'.regardwi'tlr\. :'which-these men were ; held>by~thelr brother;editorsV ;'•'.\•.••'••• ;''•'• ''•;'';• --V ''••' ,The .cp.mmittee. of a;waid .annpiihced thatip Elias Vair-pf the WaterlbpJfe^s,; was'giVeri the honor oE. hayin'f -wph-.ihp; r $50 offered'by Exri?residenVDiitl^ best written.accbunti.pf^ : I.ast' year's meet-:, •iiig... Pre'siderit \Eessihger fpiibwed suit by bfierihg $50' for' the best.-feitten.ac^ cbunt.of'tJiisyearVcbhyehtiphy\ ';\ ;• •' E: PJ Hall of the. Jamestown; Jewrnaf, was elected: president for.'. the' : -corrilng.; year, and .A^:'.Q;..:B'ut'AeliL.'.of-'';4he'Da'*ii's---' : : - Viile Aci/veetiser, ' whp:hag'acted 'as^e.erev tary.-fbr.more : .thaii, a.,- Quarter $£• ;a;cen-; turyy .wais TOaanimously ;el§cted to •thai; \position feifiife, ;/r\.-...'•-.-''• : • • .;•';.;' •;• -• •;-,.; • 0ne pf; the pleasa^ntesji points in the' .cpnyentipn-,; was-: the \\presehtatipn •• to; .Hbrii. Charles-R.. : Skiiiner bf-.thfecommitr; tee on legislation,;bt;..a^^handsoinp ; gold. :w'atch;.'. -;.-'• ;••'.' '.\•• •'•''•' •• ; • v.-. i /Friday:'\the ;members- enjoyed an;..ex- :eurslon'. to ;• Montreal;' -hy> way- pf ; :;the 'Adirondack; 'ranrpad : ;and. the iapidsvbf the,- St.'; Lawrence;. Saturday; mprning- 'the party left fprhbtoPi-stp^ way- at'-liehasane,-the' beautiful-lodge, bwhedh^ .Dr.'iwpbb.'; : At irlerk^imeri|heiy werp tendered ;an ; . elabbrate ':dinh'er;-by the' bjjysihess mph pf; that .enterp^isih'g;, vil.iage^; Here_ thp- members '-separated with \'-it-^e)a&isVA^&i r i^a£'yt^iiy^i- been ohe of the most 'enjoyable meetings -ever.held.-.-'': -\- : ';•;'-'.;,-.•> ';--'V':.-'-';' ; ; :•\• HUSTLING AND. HOSPITABLE. FOR WATER WORKS. .^'iu.^tfr^J^^.^tt^^'^i^ff^Cdiir npbn.the.^nestipnjot'^tefr^ were. $piyp^is-, 'cajs'^ipi ,; f&rj ;6i:agajnstf ;mgking:a tttstjorit^•'-p|'-W%-jEi^#'6jf-'0^.' ! iraproveinpnt. '• Therg-wrerV a hundred:;; tax-payers ,whp? were eniatlba tp>ypte; npp^h this pinestloii,^ 4ifferent as tp-.theresntt^ir-jeisethe^; ;Vere'^ph-Hfcte- fenee^'; a>_ the : jp6;ll1is|; shplsf^^bpiit 300 VO|BES wl» ^iWhld nave expressed, a-hr b|ahion. -ahe.way^ pif the pthpfc' J^^M$4,i^eM^^iii^i; 'peoplei;'^1JJ :&<& expiteM*-a%; ppffibn;bn :$flQh ^impp ihbweyer' 4!0ftincp gives: confiiinfc -\• ;93ie •SpwApj^^nmissiDne^^wiiit Jabw crow*-4 thewioMc aiph^- -as^ast >s> ©Dssible^'aTid- Eatrjgprl W; sfdpitJte ismoiiMiM^x^<M^n'^i ibenefite pjfSK^;cottpTeta%¥tepaysl^mi:*:s yachnni ^il cbnrpany r 3:t^t white OH\ 6e. per gallon. Mi&wliwtigibtilSc^M Daaiey'si '.- -;; : -.:':: ..>2*iiw^.; ., - iC^CA^v^ly^rr-^pr '-av'^ ;spent.^^ : :pr3breejda^at^e^att^ee* -ing^be'^pndprfu|\e^ibit&. i%:th%dffl&rT ; en|inihiing^e;;i}|eiias% ^hijif'imusfngi;, '^Eh(in; isrwhe^Vie'visitsi th#,- Midway. .Piaisancei 5he, : .name jg; :tak'eh froni-ihe •'^e^ ^•grpn-nd\ Midwa'yV;is; rightly; Jnatned,' for one; pa/nnbt : : help: [ : : bpihg: famuse'd pv6ry;intouie-pf .th-eirrstayythetie;.- .li.pinfe; ehtiars:\frbm tottagp;.Srbye.;•:ays'-: ntie ;j|he:fiT^3hin'g.'te : '%e'JeftUs/febe big; balppn Tgrounds, wheip- 'yJou; pan s^o-, jupi -two h'hndredrattd fif ty: f e,et in th'e\ate.|ii nd; ^a^piunebv fffifecb^s^f^gentSjbuMS; wejl;wprth .the^pne^^^^ ;is.;spfyed'^;nd*-.yb.Ti can;get;a''fjnecy.igw-bf: the'grPftnds;r'- : \'•]': '.. ;'v : .. ..'- .'\'•.'' ;/'• .'-'-•;}''':•'•• ^•',-^h;e^-'n-e^t'-,^tfiaiGtiion is, the;'Be^siah- fdancing- gi;rls;:..This 'also- /costs: twenty;-. five--dents .^nd.• cphsists* of' a .'dbzen^r/ niore;. native;-dancing• .firls;.dressed in ,f anta.st'ieypgtnmes :ahd dancing a..gu6pr' kind $£ idariceEtoJ the- tune;pf -the-oddest: •pi viniisi'c. uPlaSed.\Vby ; tawny - ;Bei?siah|;i Onpbf; the Oddest ,:ahd»mp§t~iarbjB'i3pu# dances. w.as. : :giypn^ .These .are th«:sa\qie pepple r thatStanley;; fpundvin the wilds:pf'^ric'a..---:v - ,. -.-.; -, Jnahpther: tent we^-foiind-arj, Algierjani jjiggler :i^rfOr.nn^g^'n : is;htairyilri&sjpi; sorcery.' This- ! is : Well '-worth /the^teS; ;,cehts.;. 'adhilssipny fpr -never oefPre: haye iWp' witnessed s^h'-truiy •• wonderf:ui feaii3: ^pf:magic.;- v ..;-v'. ; -.'•-.\; • ;•'-.'-'; :''-.'• : •..TheStreetsbf-Cairo, are erpwdfed\. all; ;the tiihe.'; .It;^'.'ia'?d\.-!to-..-teii',ali-^iiat: is in Gairb: street.-,. =_ Theatres-ahd^dining, halls, atpr rhumerpus; -.-w-hile bpoth. alter ::bbQth..-is-. filied;wlth the wares.;fpr;saife that .come, from ^Gairp. ..There: is, ,one thing;-, i'ii .Gairb...that peopip npypr get tired of,..'.'an_4'-vtbaT-i^'.,a.-. : -m»yd.;-Teaderi; 'Thi's'.ge.ntle'mali will ;inst;aritiy;-;tell.. you' jdst : ...^h^t,';;y6n;:ai'r;^\-. thinking ,o;f/ . ;Np- matter.what you: .tl^hfc'y/oUv'TMsWhini'tor dp he will look at: ypii^f or . a. second and; •then: with a; \smile walk oyer- to the -blijectj-if it be oneand while-' .repeating; your thoughts'word, for word will dp j.ust ;wnat. ;ypu:..asked,• 'Thonsands: yisit him, \every :day' and watch his. marvelous per- formances.' •.; •--: '••--.. •••'•' ' ••,.:;'.. '.. ..Prbbably- the hipst: instructive:, exhibit' in; the Plaisiinee is ;• Carl Hagehbach's' tr.aine.d -animais. 'Nowherein jAmerica; Jis'there-g-iich. another show/bf. trained- 'animals as hp has, - \ -Libns,' tigers, bear's^ •.hyehasj :.panthers and dogs'/aii..perfbfih; in' the sa^.e. ringi andlafter the perforS' mahcejis : oyer-they :a|l gambol and ro.Bip tpgeth'Pr.like little : kittens,; -rhbiisaiids; visittliis-show--daily.- • ; --\ .-\•'•' ~..:l'~~ !Jhe-Jayahfese' village, is; now, open id the;;'pubiic;. ;.0y;er ..SjOOO.people; visited; i>he.:yillage during' -the '-.afternooii ,pf \its; ppening : day>\ The. fame pf-the -Jaya coffee \and- cpcoa .brought- 1 the crowds/to; the. restauxafits. ..The peoplecouidinp't: :be served .fast .Briough. . Extra gaiters wefeeaiied: in,. : --Nearly three, thousand; people \were. fed. : \The.: theatres.-were ; ;crpwdPd tp;, pverfloyt'ihgi ;•' They;; ; g«e' three^erfbfmanees d'aily.in.'theirpic'tiir- bsghe little theatre; The:Ja;y^h\ese heen- a- : long,time- in opening;but they haye cah^tit:- : tfie • populiar.- fancy;, 'and; they .deserve. It, for. a .mpra^peaeef-ai set- of.peppie cpuid-.npt -be^;fb^nd/anf-wherel A'good many of;.the.inhabitants ih'Ml^ ^ay\q;uarrei~'amppjg; them ;sp;;with the : Jiavanese. : 3Dheif '•}. ehildren aye- -pltiite-- as/, mannerly ;ras jojir;'; Pwin* iGentle^ords and soft.^mlannerS are;gnite? :m- : ke'eplng with^heirpretty little yillagei:. -,::ThelEerri's-wn.bei.is^plhg : ;big business hp^f.,.:At,,first, people were; a little^ M% timid^n yettturinghp sb high in the air,-: rbu;t:, some few .'braye phes-. started - the;: ;fMhipja%Sd;\npw thetbirty-gixvearriages: ari filled i ^ost / : e-y6ry_.''t'npir'/|^ipr^,-.Cja-n;' 5be;nb' da'hger;a's the-ppxes' Sri; ^-strpngr; jljC wired x . and thp;- :^^e:t;rev^iyes^so; •slpwiy 'thatvjriou: fbrget'^lipw 'Mghvypiu,; ;reajy;#e,:: : 'Tton: ; ^e;-nut^flcpnt ;5S^| i wIiph;yo'uye^eh';'fch^%pp;. i|pSfs/ ^btt \foif -W^stesn-feepp-* 'H a v^-^'Stirptt|'^-^ '.-'';.•''.--.-'. '....teristtcs'.';•-'•.-'.-•-;;.:', \' 4<^ye neglected'^.hientip^ in-our last Issue the. .presence^ Mrs. Willf. 0. Crre'enp of Ea'rport, N: '%: Mrs; Q-reehe isai hiece of Mrs.' JUlia'Ai SmitJi.and thpy tobk' advantage ,pf a^ tfipt •to the World's; .fair, to come furtlier. welt and visit their ^tged reiatiye' 'and 'lifer family. Mr.' Greenp' iscpditbr>a|id^ jbup;-' Usher pf the Mpj^pE^prFifTy M^ and iseyjdent!^^ hbme isVin'the ''effeteleast,\ ; *h'erp'su\ch; a product '% gbipulariy'%uppospo;tb y bei'\a: rarity. ~ While ihvTama he: Ibbked'pVer bhr;'- manuf acturihg; :ji:i\a;hfe -the 5 , .city water works. and other institutions' \of 1 iipcarimportahelS and^;sp;bn^i^6d l at.th:ie; ;cph,clu^.ipn : tha^ ^am.Ss;^'tur;e will- be ai prbsperpuB '6j^[;J'W^^qyp^s^eF^l IsTiortTfisifewith^^-hM^ery-iMch ahdiif he pver ^ets as;..fai;:^<^;;ag^ find as cprdfar. si #elcpme* afe^e Seraid- bffiCe as-$t'-thpjhpto^s'pj Thwm(iow~a)MfrWi^lif~^r :l V '\- -\ ' Many thankSi/Broth'er.i'Wpnser,' 'JPr your \genetbhs' and .'cptaral; ^ypipp|ae r^- ;tended:.;tQ:.4s> ; ^|!^^ wiiling to ackhowJedg^j f t§bj that '-the; western people , are': : a > bdstiin^-: lihsy-;Idfessed jpepplb, bnt ; a^ : ab.p^t:|bet s ?ejffbtereas\^ tWke\a;|fipput : hb¥.py ; wp|^ll r b^^ ;return ybttj; \Mnd ;co^ifesiesj* and 'will; show you sbme\toahs;t\4g^na\ihsti''ntiOnB: which dp •abt.saypr 'elitfrely''M^arrens Siess.i ; .,..-\; .-.-V :r , : : ;-••\;; *-.- -.,.- ; ---' :\\./•,; .d^cending; ••••• •.-,. 'c:./.-\-:: ; /;;'; : ;;; 'I'liP ; ; phce ; a day there is; \a\ \fine** paradS: fh^uigh'tbePlaisance.: Alln^t4bns'ta\kej par.t, with, guper Jopkiiig costumes -.arid- faincy headdrpsses they ipaarCh Slpwly ;db^n ; the ;brbad street \to.th.e m.an*fEinds^ of .,instrnm.en.ts>..'- This,is ; ,dbnetp Attract, :i;he crbwd^-. .'Kbsterd'a.y Buffalo Biil with ^js;^Wlld.We.st*':^ ; ^he _ f J i^ilcl. ^psVv -sn/jy?; 4s. ;not jn t>hP. fPlaisah/ce ibli.t.-'\p^plo>^-?i'qi^'& s'o'if£&-.. : ^pjs^pined'In:fe^pJb' 5 ^J° n y^l^H^y toshbw the.\oHgmai^e;dma\h of Aiherica : ampngr-ihe';p:thpr5;fe cbhhtries.' ^he:Expo'sitiona|^ery prbiid. \of 'the ''WSd'-- 1 West\?* :v iSi^'-''ni^#\ ! ---»'H' yisitbrSftb-Seegthe?'-''^ ;Ea)i|bi%^^t;«;-;ic|)H|r ;^s= ft %a%v : nipjfe ^nprs^p^idlrfmtja^ \c£n.spput thaji; pver;liyed. C,ol: Cpdyj never; '•m l ^^'l^tL' y ^^t^1^'^^S^if, &is>speeial:'jffprin^^^ is-shobttog .g^iasSibail^ Jback. : . . Single .'gallons best Water-\ white pil 6.C.: '•gallon at D'idipj''s. _\••''_ -,;.;' '._\\:'-'fM^i'\/) *'v '- ;-•-.- .•';'..*•,':.;-vjfenJiJfeai,\;.'..-.*/•\*-; ; ; :.J ;:|i'idtes:.tb\d6:wrltih^t:bto . W^ffl pay; sji'ljiJO So ^S^Op/per-vKeek. ..Sfendseff \ad- ; stamped;; Bnypjopb; for; reply,•: A4drp$Si '.:; 5 -• ••; '•'._$$&<W$IGB.% ; : •' )'.': *.. ; ,.'.. • : \26w2p ..:.::'; .-•;.;;-;\:; : ^'sJb&aka,lrid;'' .- S : \^?.'•;-'-:-''•:•.' 0|il ; ;0ffi: iSifi'^ '•-''-'^.,;- : . ;-;' Six cents pe^ gallon ^atrliiidiej'si,:-.EiyP : gallonlolteifp^i'J5c i \:- ' ; . \-'-'' \ : '\i>v 25w2; .;-; •'.-'• -\•>-'--. ••-.fiii(P#ft^.^^<3aHo,p..--'-•-..-\ .--jV t'B;e.rpsenesp:iX atp;;;ll,;-0cht'm0pr%r^ ^lpnl/fM^2a'CJBWsi';:\;'-^ ~f/-?% ^W2tv \; $iib ;^ajp^gibp;a -;qpte|ii^ ^p:di|tyi^ iwpand bhe^halic^nts^^q®.\. ; ?? ^<i -.-\2§Wg;.- •// ^yrffr/^^^^^tiih^ifr^ \•-.... ''\:r':'y'~p'oji^^^^^^ii^' r ; % ;:'.-.;r-; •>.,;: •^sp^e^l^ljryl^'y^:^ their 8G5 top buggies, both in end and ^de'ispi^g-sv'^tlfciea'*^^ •A©V M$ ^$3S;;fead-^^ ^idftjS^ #mpcr^t.: - iliip: ,t^p^spat§d; sjirreys in: . ; ^'e1e^^e'aBerttliah;\;\^ei?^eS6^ wprltis ail^^firsfe-ciass^r %h*;hpripshbbmgl 4M ^$epjM|ig: is^pgjilliScl, m thiamin* ity, Sotii ihanaii^ and; wpikmanship^ ^exfebr^ii/Cott^pMbiibfe'-; \V*-! : ->i ^V-!'..«*- ~*\v \;:\\• •.... .' Ddwi^#:&ateEiaB'j-;'••'•';/ ;•' pstf : - .• ';** -;--•'.-;.-;\.' ; Eaitpbrt,;Ni W . \Gpld borders at iS&jpir Saro^|dMSt6ii : alL;papers.L ' '^'. ;2§^^-. ;^^rBSlBH&.;,/ . D^n't nse,,any,.\mbre-piaW IAStiypaf^ ;-pajiei? bPnght of -agehfe^ irom .saiiail^ nooMj^hen^Pjicah gp:i»,BndipyXan^: : ge¥hew goods at ifcw&ahtt one^half cents; *per*olh3,'-' .\\• 'v-;/;;-;;:;-;,-,:- . \ - <$&i&l : :P !\'• '-. -^ii^^!*^;- .' -^. •'--5-\-\' ; ? [ Sf ; , Kiffce hS M: aic ''; Si^innV street\?; ^Bqas i;M^t 0i^$K^S^'B«ak bpfldCngj with a. r'T\|-.:*0Kra-c^!^'3B4i^arfr>:a'6' ; ^erfisii.-'- \D^apifc .'•••••\ : V-\' ?' r-:M^^^f^'i0pP''''-' -'\.:>'•:.C\:f:' : .lOjuiteTa little^; interest was manifested; |by?phr ;^ti'f^i\'o^]!nt^^ : ^prr:Xt. was>.re-; jpprted;that/' |hp\^ fiiirpngli ;#^^pr;t-:t]|at ^terhpphj';:an4 & i'nuhibfer of pefppip ke^tiwatphing/eag^iy ;for • t|ie;iittig;c;r,aft- all • thp ;ajt § rnprai' aii'd: ^pyeninJ^-Vaftip/ ^$. f&^0\ W0P .\dbwn Jtp; ;^,apedQft;ifivth&De£-Ad.:^ ;3Bu1j^&\^^r^did 'jiiof' put In/'aji^ea*- ;ai-;^\*' ; hi^;.;abba^ : ^;n ;, cR)'^; : 'wile^^ ^]iiied;hp-Sp;: .the dock^..ppppsite.Vthe.'ylae \Nbrmafl- ; e'bi.i yard,;whe't'eJt' lay\fbi ftalf ^h/JtoBrWihiiethe^iig^ jpl/cb JtlV/ JChfe >bridgf^ |&d;:hknM piXthe; ;c|tnai wprp.^^ erPWdb'd*#lt\H \gebplei ieyen at: -that : ^at^ jhputjTtb '-gpti %.'glimpse pf • the iiotept; sbipjK\aithpugn it'.was ;'so dark, that; thptp.^a§'-i|p-t-'li'ttte:\'s'afi:sfactipn.- '$£\uch iplphusiasm- has been shown-..all along tteirptftb;;'\from; Aibanytb Butfailpy and :TpCeptibns • giy.en -at. %ll'-'-•'bhe'';-.p^f^n.i3ifal• l-citil'Si -and;'' ^rrfl's^'fij^ji'npjl&'.'i^ng and •whistips. blown\- aft ^p§t;.-9^.'fhe'.-'3airgP. foSras> ' '•'•--:' ;..'•.-;;''-'- \•;.';'> ''?•:'.*\'.• •; ;Oh Dpard: ^he' Yikih'g ;Ship are twenty- isix perspnSj/including^ th,e,crew o£ ..twelve:^prsemeH -arid, the cpilpge .'••sMd\e^ts;V'.w&^'.;J61n^$\ / %hem ,g,t Nevs\ .J'brfe .and\ will'^pi: thrpju'g-h; to 'ChiCa- ;gbv.wit'h--theini:.--v.^he. : at: 'Chicago/!^ will he ;wPicpmed- Ip/'grilnd;'; styfei • '^The yikin^i wilivhet; gp .[^^f.'^'Movm^f^lii^t will ; \prpbabiy : .,'be *Bres\e\3ted; : ttp; the>city '\.of ;0hicagb.;v M fe an-iOdd-ibokfegiraft-ahd? is a^lxact: r'.e6rpdxi;ctipri:-p|;.-i^ old ship: fohnd^tn ;,the ; iftoand;' : at: Siudii;,jord; Tit 1880-a;ndris-suppos : ed-to;.be-:a ;pf;'thfe ; praft-. in . which-; LTeiE Ericsson; ;mad©Sris;;%ip;i\b A^erica^shbi^sihlppii.; jbpts' ^.haVp, Meh:'.tis'.eid-A'iiflvVpti.ly r ^he:;'t6i»i ;side. of , the:. plahk-s •;areV ia'stehed -.- =vvith' nailsr' $he,ipaf..% pa& _ The-seamS;are .c>lkpa.with;o\%um^ madebf : ebw!s hair;/;TheypTa^^ IS op She; average' .about aii; inch-thipky.. There-a.rpisjxtpeh hbles:,fpfvoars.:\pn each; side,,;... Thpre. isnp' deck, .bht ippse/bpards' i'restib.g.-.bh shoulders are .provided for the- ;shejter::-bf.;,the/^rp.^ionS fandrcrew,^. Ih> fa;et,;abbnt;the only, he^ things; on board: aire ^ye-smal}guns, -Mtli-''-wMcfe'*p.-salnte, : .But the most.notleeabie; thing; abpiitthe ;Cra|t js #e sferfbg-. ip^p^^us^whieil is simply:a.iong.biade.pf. wppd ipcaied in therear.of'tbp-yess\ei:on • The :'craft\is-75 feet. Jong, andis'K feet-Wi'de.j It;\ draws three and. bjie-haif f feet.' of. ;%aier, .•A'dragphris.at theVbpwyas- pic- ^uies/sho.w thfe'old. 'V>iklng .ships* ahd : ;there ii3 : one ;mas.t;51 feet \tally .carrying a sail:;32;fpet wide .at the top and.37K ie.et wide at-the-bbttpm and\made of red and: ;#hite--' striped. ' canvas.' ' The '•- ¥iklhg; :b;anher of red felt shows a black raven. The^ship;: is; what.' -sailors- - call ••''cllpkbr jbiiilt?^ th;6 ; .lower, -edge pi each plank pvbrlaps;'.^h©,.;pne ; :next before it, like &ingies:;bt:sTatepn:a;rb ;.\ . y'^he; Gplumbia^ ibii the^ppt where -the. old- ship . was dis- cbyered.\; She ..was launched on Eebru- ary'4th in 'thelpresehce of 10,006. persons, ihcluding;the' Admiral and several offi- cers of,; the-Norwegian Navy and many, pthfer^.distinguished:•;men,., The place where the old-ship\was fbund was : about. ^'mnp%pm-%\he':s\e^ iippisessibn - pf; the University of Ubr-' way--. -. It:ha;d' evidently been nsed'at last as-Ta. 'foioib,-'as.*:h10hain.'..-\t(anes : 'and -the, ^keletbhs of. isa'crineial; animals . 'were; 36und-there.: All the relics were .'excel-; 3entTy;.;Well'.preserved,-but to mak^rpbm for'the •BtSp'ttlt'ftr^; JtiBi. seatig-ii'a.d- b;e,en re-^ \mpvedy although, the; twenty 'foot ears.- :-rPmained'. ; When -Captain Anderson\ idfecided. to* bring'the ^lan'gj^hipV to'the' ;Wprid*s' .fair several hnnidred-'' /sailors; ;prpniptly;ypihnteered? their spryices for; tihe iirip, although ^Veii : in' ^brw;ay.-th.ei ,peQpTp expressed Jthe. ; epinlon .;that';.the; prazy-littif : craii wbnid;^ tripsin; Safetyvf Sht'-C'^Mn; '.Ahaers;bn thpughi?;differentlyahds^did'the^a'ilorsV : 3Et- took the ship iprty-f our days jfo cross. ;the-<sea ;;and ;a%i^g':.the-lalf ;few dajs: Jbeipre she wa^ sighted,: fears were en- ^tertaihe;d;.that.slie\ '•had^he-^'tniafebfc--: tbnti'.;'' -\'.••';..'''*\,- j':-\'--^ ; i'\ •'' \•••. ' '>• JMdfeet JMteps. Po^Mlia^i* fou a .:?v+ a ..^^paip64 05 #lfe. J *tii0/ilSiattii^Ws; •&- JMitiiro-p Yest * Jfocfeet. Seri-js iSt^it# Mid Temiio&e^,^si%^:^Tnifii^ |jai.:<jitiies.- CqTiii\|-ies: ; i\a : ^;c$o)$. §3aeJ -Btate Ma*ps ^yey^..(jStips r W<y$. Bfi'- and^Tilages j -all. iB^SMo^tsy Ii$kesf. Jiivers^ Mpiirila|ii% etc.; '•^feB^&0 popTilation. of $Ye^jCMg 3 ^ :lo^a 'SEtjid--tillage.; ' :fficC l!):ct&; ,'t- M Po^t'^^^K Pm^^'1!^^^: Wt^ltried ;^I^f^^-.^s#ii : •\•'-'.•'.' • : '\. •-. •, '• '- . ;-. _.-':'- '\: • ' • ' ' • \ ; ; M IS. .. Minnesota Spring Wiieat ? stnd ' : is;;tfi^; BEST.. Flpur ibf BRi^AIJ putpe^es. foiindf •--•'• ;.\\3S = ; ^; •Hi ' •• -W /TGLB^ WklND ONLY - : - : v^ : :^AT : irH.E : ' , ..\'_ QfiE MOHJSE GROCERY. • Ji< ^HOOHfiSiTORDONEO* : TKe-:\K'.'.<>i; : 'wa^' Sentenced ...,Jan| ; eff:^ .ihe.,Ga.rm)Snt Gutters \Bnipn of America, :^nd'wib-was amember of Bbchest'er K...' of.D.,who., ^as: cpnyicted:. nf \• extpfelTpn, has.been pardpned-hy^jpyernpr-^.Elowe.r, 4 aiwUeft the. Mbhrp'e County penitentiary ;y:e!teida^ •ser ? yed. .|iy.e-. months. pl^.Jiis. one year ^\bnteiicC ...- ; J':\\'-\'\••.•'T- : •:•.:.'' \'..''.' ' yiiitysii: was that '.of ;extprtipnj*'the com- ;|^aJhahtsi ;ltei§^:^hej/elbib4ng / ' firpi of ^djteijfirpfg: '^©^;5ffiigiips ^ejiresented-; to tje fifth that fpr'|1^05o:.he. could prp- \chrp*the;'-raisin'g/lp^^'p/ boycbtt whichj Elaibpr ,pfcgahiWatap^s^lik#pla^eja ilpon the* ::gp.pp^^pf,the^jaOT;; ; be.caus Of trouble 4 wh|ph 2the^''nm 'jhad ,had\\ wtth its ^\mplpye^.fi'OTie.\^]^/^ Thphey/ andlaterlwpntibeibre'the .grand\ Ju^:and.gaVe spcii esidienee as resulted' in-indipiinent's fpr p\fertidh= beingviei j^n'ad'a.gainst ginghesy his friend:. fipfiS ^cij|iieitt..,:bi^^|'^^ ;5u|]b;es\'**yp%he):P^ ; his::cppiyictibn the-jndictinents against; 'the bthprs 1 were' : ; qu^shed^'z-; ' • -.* -.: .-'•:.*/..-,\-- : ' r ''^-/3^N4R'-&t*tte?'Ganaj. t :?;-,;'.';\.\. : - : ^;sprlbus-^rp^-\|ii$t^ ;era^d.on;^e^w;\pafh:^;j*us| the. 'Brfghteji;4peks •^ps^j^^-:^'^0^^aa-'. ;\fiy:^Jtpr*ap;pJBi ; ^^lp^i'jg;;Mp':wajl^:;puV.of: ;t^bi|^ten|i|i|fc&ffiee^^ ^^^piht^^^ril; ;^^.^^ak^eeur#ed; ;.t|iiiS.'is'-;fefcnl^e^te\3^i^^ 5c|tS^iS;'.| : -S^l:. ^ftlSrt4T^#r'fetehfe'4;/«J ;|fche} '\'\'\'\ *~\ *'\\ ; ' /% ^l^m^ii0;^j^0: ^pon^^dP''£i£|SS^* ; jd^^^ io^ : ^%^4^i^eil' 'b|;-Bipr^\£i:^eJ f&w jaathy i^vihg/^'^^'&p.iTi'l'; iapM fi^tees: ifept- dp1e^'^^|fc^^'^p-iw^r^ ^i£%|wieyei jpd ^#^iJ(B/pea^ eom r ^Ie^elsc ;snb^ 'f^#Wa'te;w5fa|\iTi : ^$$&:4a:m&6rtij^ie&& ^prpn^y M : ^h^^m JSajifaajp£' t&s *^a^e ? /^p| -SISQ Anspn l^eits^ji^a^p'f^ ;&t^e ^js^os^jvf^rej soon at the scene, and work commenced. ;<$rlifex^'erc\fe^^ |ptjnW4\h Tviie,Pioneers in Pppulsir Prices for the; F^pjpjJS, ; ^ CiavaQr M Rich, Proprietors, lcnbwii as 'fTheC'. .^r^lcss^Tigers of the priftCITtade in Faft|iort/- v ^ej;:<?ai^;tlie laLrgest stpet. \....\•-'\\.'•.\•'-.. \\' 'V y-irr-''•\- ''' : |%<3 ; .^esl;''agB5)J;i-^/ii'^ .;';.-\ : i.;*/'; ; . \:--\-;\ - n 5Cke& \graces a,\se Bed Roek. \•;':•-> •.''•'.-•.-'''[,.<• • ';.:.'; --•'.:'•:'. : ; '•''•• Store is Open, at 6 o'eteelc,_ A. My,.5.nd.;^.oses at 10 b'eloelt, 3?, |^4 •M'Qt^; > eig^t liottrs for fleepj reereatioii, answermg*n3glit.e'il%rand' : ^t'teH^^^ social.gatherings} weddings,, fuiierals, ball garaes, §xe ^^ alairpi% l^elii'iig, •'-. feees, iVliite Cap raids,: and flnrnerpiis ^tiief diTergioM \mcioleStal \to a ' ; iigli civilization. . Ypti \will always find Qnr lateli stjri-Qg,Qtitside, \and; ;, lieartj Welcome Msjde> with. Peacli Pulip &B ^ •$W&$J ^reapj f» dii^acfi.\ .your \fctost akd^iiogep, if fouMswe tohe.Qrj.eof;*M,it|0ber. ' \;\;-' ; Paris G^eeafpr \Tatpr\-' Bugs, Naphii^ene-.fpr C^jpet Bugs, Magic_.Flujdfpr,'Bea' y .•'-'• •BugSi-andJig;^ - *'. -..-. ; -, ---'• . ,.-.:\* ....' Slhk Shakej Crystal. Rock, Root Begr, and Spda \Vyater serypd.tp. the,*'Gjoeen' r s. . Tgste\ $q 3Sy:^^^odyi •• '/ . : '[ : ' . .'•)'.'.••[•: ;•\ '.'\. -•.;•' '. : ;..-,.'\ .- : .v;.'. , \''LpV^o^'aChPcplate Crear)^ ' \ ;.:/ Mb ink oat ao ^afent ?J -®d\tti4 aii3 Jiaire ^ Whisk We felail at ^®,ft\ -ge-t* \Baffiel^: l?6i sate a* Mp^andali ^jmci^i^^- ^cer|es:Si towti. ,^ ? • ||i|ii§|pl?';ter; : \\ : tag f(ie|e*^^^as6ri* toshit&eip^chase^ Jliiioir* at ^.:itoaeTps \wife «>-:-'SAirf*. 'ai^3vv.',&-«««™<«;-iD«*.'b- , JinfiflJiirf.\ \«riis*w;» aWi* \iafej(-A«;-r*tws;iiir*„ a *,i*4S*u; selfDlndeR 36W? tiJcegto snit#©j Wmmm

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