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Oftloo lohnstoW1l, N. y, VOLmlE XLV. PHILADElPHIA IS WAY ·ouT FOOD PRODUCTS SCARCE IN ClTY OF BROTHERLY LOVE. RAILWAY TRAffiC STILl UNCERlAIN _, . • .... \\\'('1~· .. ·, I j ··. . ' ro, / ' - • ..... ~ ' . ' • . ' • ., ;,.. -.1' ., ... ~........ ' : • ;:1\' ' ..... ' .. - ' B R 0 AD ALB J N, F U L T 0 N COUNTY, NEw·/ 1YOR K, ·THURSDAY, D~C·~·MBiifR .. sy. 1909. ' . CHILI>REN IN FLATS CASE COl\-lES TO END. Chica,go, Dee. 28.-The famous \children in fiats\ ~s~ came to an end yesterday in Chicago with the main point in the final decision un- disposed of. WOULD SAVE -THE~· GAME OF fOOTBALL ATHLETIO INTERESTS CONFER AS ro THE RJJJJrQR.\\IS. BERN4RD H. BAIL SUDDENLY J,.OSEs REASON; ESTRA-DA -WtLL :NOJ ACCEPT PEAtE: :lHDRlZ'S S'IJRANGE TER.'IS ~ SATISFAOTORY. NOT 'CtJNIYfB:' TO 'HtJSPtlAl FORMER CALLS OPPON~NJ USURPER ANGLO·JAP FAIWIS AL~IOST READY TO OPEN. ... - .. ~. -TO- /OUfBREit . ' ·oNE · CHINAMAN KlttEO; Of![ -- Many Railroad Tl'ains Still ~lTiviug Late in the QUllk('!t• City-Blo~:k• ade is Being Slowly Raised, :Qut the Most Serious Pt•oblen1 Present· ed is ·the Mattel' of ·Food. Robert E. Schenck, agent of a flat, was charged wlth having refused to renew the release of Rolla E. Long- necker, an attorney, because of chil- dren in his family, was discharged by Municipal Judge Himes on the ground that there Wal! no evidence to show that Mr. Longnecker ever made application tor a ljenewal of his Seventy-Seven Colleges and Un.lversi- Second Vice ~~d~~t ~d General ties Reyt·esent.ed ~t Confe 1 -ence iii , l<'reigh~ Tt•afilc '){allager of the Declares That He Sees in Madriz One WllO Wnul41 Like' ·to .'\brogate the Rights . of the Nicaraguan People -Wants Transa£tions to Conform With His Dignity. a.nd ;n:onor. T<,>kio, Saturday, Dec. 4.-The work of preparation for the -Anglo- Japanese exposition ·is now approach; ing the-nttal point and Mr. Beppu, the chief commissioner, left for Lon- don a few days ago to complete ar- r_angements there. The list of ex- hibits from this country' is very large indeed ~nd in every department it is now fully understood thu,t the expo- sition will be the best ever sent out from J'apan to. any eountr1; in. fact the exp<:~sition will be representati-ve of Japan_ in every respect and of al- most everf .phase of life in this <;_oun- try, The ·a.ctual transportation of the exhibits will commence on .De- cember 8; private exhibitors number Second Oi'iental :ls Mortally W•)jQ~ ..::..Police Oaptain States •'l;nm( ;! lease. . . I Xew York o:t Intercollegiate Ath•. Philadelphia & Rel>df~ s~ggles letic Association of United States- With Poli~~rwork '.fhought General JMscussion of Revision. to be Cause of Breakdown. .. The suit was the :first result from 1,180 and their exhibits ' New Assassbts Known to 1 the · as the Gun Men Wer.e Sf'~f' tii:·•i MetropOlis fl'om Bosto.JJ.s -:~~--­ New York, Dec. 28.~ree the law making it a misdemeanor for landlords to refuse to rent quarters Philadelphia, Dec. 28.-~ith food to famiUes with children under four products becoming scarcer and their years of age. New York, Dec. 28.-Seventy- J'!lrHadelphia, Dec. 28-Bernard H. seven college's and universities were :Sail, second vioe presid•ent an~ ge-n- represented heer today at a gath- era! freight traffic mailager of the ering of athletic interests bent on PhilaJdeJ.p·hia & Reading Railway Wa~Shingtiln, Dec. Z8.--General Estr<ada, .the r•evoJ.utionary leader in 1\:iearagua, ~11 not a.ooept the ex- traorrdiruary terms proposed ··bY the about 18,000 all told. teetiV'lls a,n-d uniformed were sent into Chin'll.ltio>W·n tod1111Y '- price consequentiy higller, with street TO fA( OF Cl· check, if passlrble, tihe railway traffic uncertain and slow and with many railroad trains arriv- I tng late, Philadelphia is still b1lSY I raising the blockade caused J,y tbe : great Christmas snowsto1-m. 'With : the opening of all transportation lines ' business is rapidly reviving but the saVing American Co.Uege football by Company, became violently insane new preSiident, .Madriz, as a bali;is for the Tong Wlll4' ~n w-hich one Cl1ldrnli! S AND ECONOMISTS MEET thmough reforms. taday in his office in the Reading ter- peace. \ . It was the fourth annual conven- minal, the company's. big office build- tion of the Intercollegiate Athletic ing, and after a struggle was re-mov- .Association <t>f the United States. ed to a hospi.tal fm' the insane. ·Po· A telegram from Bluefi~·ds last OF NEW YORK has been ki-lled within a few' and ~mother IIliOrtally wounded. • Police Ca![lrtain Galvin states· the new asll!IIS!!Ul kno>Wn in the night states thlat on the 22d ins1fant, Madriz had proposed, in a telegram This organization now· includes 15 of I !icemen hastily summoned found Mr. >to Estrada, a suspension of hostili- the 24 largest institutions of learn- , Bail on jJle floor o-f his' office, hand- ties, pending tQle mrrivaJ of a oom- ing in the country and is so repre- \ cuffed and held down by priv·ate po- mit•tee which he was sendJng to Es· sentative of the trend of modern !icemen arud ra!l.road officials. , He trai'la, to disewss aJi amicab-le and collegiate athletic ideas that its ac·( was -taken from thee · buildin·g strug- equitaible settlement of the present tion is considered certain \O shape 1 gling and fi~hting to·· release himself strife. Madriz begged the revol:u- decisively the football rules com- • from those w'ho held hun and· was tionary leauer not w obstruct his ef- mittee's action in revision of the' conveyed se~retly to the liosi>ital. forts for peace. GeneraJ Estrada in ' ' .as \gmn men,, -were sent her:~e~'. t::~~\~~; Boston foHowiing the recent '\ most serious problem to be met is F()R THE FISCAL YEAR 1907 IT WAS LARGER THAN THAT OF ~ qTHER OITY IN THE UNIT- ED S;J'ATES. e<.m!tion them Of five Hip Sing 'ftli!l.iit••= membe1rs who were oonvi.cted of the food supply. NO LESS THA..'\' NINE :FUNCTIONS . \ mg seveml On Leong Tong men Only 2.5 per cent of the dally milk o Tt;ESDAY OCCUPIED ATTEN· supply reached t~e city yest:rday ! TIQN OF THE DELEGATES AS· and wholesale_ milk dealers esumat-1 SEi\IDLED AT NEW YORK. tb£tt their ·mission Wll.l! revgo;ge. ; :1\ew York, Dec. 28.-No less than rules of play. No infOTmation hasbeen \\'ven out nine functions ·demanded the atten- .,., his reply expressed his ·willingness to products are scarce and prices have West Point has taken tJle lead in at the Rea-ding offices, and the facts gone up all around. It is expected. . . _prop<:~sing a number of reforms in the case were learned flom the ed that today's supply will be 25 per 1 . cent below normal. , Eggs, vegetables and other food meet the Madriz commissioners, but said that the rev£~1 utio.nary Pll!rty would not recognize the a<Jtion of the legislative assem·!Yly in placin-g pow- ei' in the h>ands of Madriz. He de- tion today of the various groups of however, that today will see the economlsts and historlallS assembled which have found support among , :POlice. I:t is be:Ueved that ove!\Work snow blockade sufficiently raised to II ~:re fr~m allf o~er ;he ~ountry for many of the college representatives. i was the cause O>f Mr. Bail's break- enable farm products to be more eas- . el sAessw~st? t teh mAer1ean Histor- These were submitted to the con- ! <:own. _ 1ca ssoma wn e merican Eco- . . ·1 llY transported. . A . t.'. d k' d vention today. They mcluded the Mr. Bail was recently appointed nied m<Jst emnhaticailly the assem- . nom1e ssoc1a wn an m red or- . . . ' . \ Passenger tra1ns are still running a . t' H 11 d . 1 ehmmatwn of the neutral zone, mod-j recond vice pTesMent. He •was con- bly's ri·ght to deal with the election of p•resi-dent, and stated that he sa_w in Madlriz the usw;per of the! rightts of the Nicat•agttan ,People. g mza 1ons. a s an c assrooml!! . a little late. On the New York divi· f C 1 b' U . . lficatwn of the forward pass, limiting l sidered one of the groo.test experts on . o o um m mvers1ty were throng- 1 • • sion of the Pennsylvania Railroad d 11 d b tb 1 d' A . . the number of men m the 1nterfer- frerght trra.ffic in the coumtry: He has trains were ten to thirty minutes be- ue _a 'ta·y Y d ef ea mgh 1 mencan i ence and other changes designed t~·! been with the ~ad1ng Qompany a mversi 1es an rom a a f dozen 1 I hind the schedule early in the day. E . t't ti , 1 . I make the game sater. 1 long time and rose from the ranks. uropean ms 1 u ons of earmng The terms upon which Madriz is The suburban traffic is also greatly 0 . th t! f h ' A general discussion oJV football, \1 pemng e mee ng o t e Amer- willing tn make pewee, it is !Wlieved, improved over that of yesterday, al- I at sessions open to the public was 1 :;::·:,:~ ·~ '\\ \' • ··m·w·., \'·- ~o::.:.:·::::. :~=~=:· o,'\\:; ! :;:.:' .~!~~\'\\·· .,.,.,,. ,;. ·~ ·t 1 ZELAYA.~J NO ~PARlY' ;;e :::::a!: :i::r b~h~~~ ~u::o~: Massachusett!il Instttute of Te~hnol- I A .l.-'J t •~ '· 'ib ·, ' d't'essed to a friend. In it he expTese- . . . . · coo1-u ng o a eanvae& ~en ' y , , . Back to No-·-•. ogy. president pf the associatiOn, m II the exooutive comnnittee 0 ., th\ Inte-r-! ON' WAY TU' :•MfXJCO ed_ his desier for pea;ce without ·fur- . • . ....,.. a thoughtful a<Mreas, em ha\'!'zed •he . . 'L \' j. . .. '' :.·.i · • · t\e bl-\\' h\\d n .... -~.,,t .... :tb t W'\at P1ttsb~:~· Dec. 2 S.-Transl)o~ta- 1 necessity of acbur:te ob~a'r;!ltion t as ; collegia'te ~Clatio~, the in~titu- 1 , :~e: ~~~ -~a:~\\:~. U>:l'~ \ - .lio-n ra.c11lties are slowly resummg •. . .. ' . 1 · ti,{lll$ ,ta,voo~g. ~IOn-of the ruJl:es' . \ . . 1 d\ . A 1 . ht. 1 a bas1s for accuracy m present day f th A . -~ .·•' 'th 1 h1s d1gn'ttY. and witk\'th~·t>'ll~ltc inter- no! ma con 1t10ns. 1g sn·o~ eon- J'ti i .d · 1 8 I o e m<encan game, w1 · su:ch h . 11 . H I po 1 co-econom c eve opment. tu-~ . . . ! . • • oots e was 'W'I mg to accEqJt. e tinues to fall to-day but within 24 . . cba.nges as would €1lmmat'e mass or Santa Lucr~u. M'e-XHlO, Dec. 28.-~ · · . ·- : .. . . . dents today do not receive sufficient . . sa.ys further .that tlhe fflVOlUitil'>mlits hours It IS expected the present m- 1 t . i - . th t f b t' , other pJa.ys of unusual danger' to life 'Illie prtva'tt!! car on wh1ch former · · ' , · · · ,_;_ conveniences due to the Christmas I ~·al»::g tl~ e ~~ 0 ht serva ton, or limb inGlude Gooeva College, Ho- President Zelaya is .pro.ceeding to I should recognize his g.o:~rnmen:t a.ud storm w:ill have disappeared. rAesl en t ewlely t' ougf f. t h bart Oollege, New Y·ork .Un-iverstiy,! Mexico City passed through here to-~'·tlhai t ll!llhterldSIU?,~ rdl~~gmt:~ bl•oth ar· · ccura e co ec 1on o ac s e con- . . , . m es s ou \\' I..,uanl'!\'-' a~ arms 'd d th t t' 1 • t I Syracuse Umvers1ty, Union CoUege,: day. 'Zelaya IS accompanied by. a • ~ 1 ~~e de ~rea e~senf 1 ~h 1 tnh he ' New York Union Universitv and the i nrumber oif 'his political -associates, in- hand ammunition be'lng 'tuTned over to •' Washington, Dec. 28.-NeiW York City's total net indebtedn~ess· for the f!\Scal year of 19\17 was IIWre than seven tames that of any other ci!ty In the United Sta~ and mo['e than half of the tota-l of t·he t~·ty..geven largest cities as figured out by the census bure8!u. (J}t the totaft net i.n- debtedness .of the't·158 cities of o¥er 30,000 poi>unation, New Yor·k City is erectited with 39.2 ~er cenJt, t!he pe1• cwpcita lbeln.g $142.52. Thie. other cit- ies over .$100 :per capita.. were; Oin- cin!llati. $123.85;. Boston, $120.37; Ga.lveston, $115,78; Pueblo, $108.23, and Newton, 'Mass., $105.83. 0!' the dt1e1•o 1:1ver aoo,ooo, San F!'laiLeisco had b-y far the smaUest riet debt, and Detroit with $;,Z_3. 75 per ea41ta., Jrext to thlSI~JaUe~r.' Of Cities ha;Jing from ·ioo,ooo. to --3j)O,ooo ·. rpeo•p·le'; th10se with the smiallest pe.r cit.pilta. net debt ·were:' Sk J~pb,, MQ.,, $16.46,. and -lndil&llapoUs, $17.91. ··of cttieiiitav- ing from 30,000 to 100,00~, ETie, Pa., had the smallest with\ $i0.13; then came Wheeling with $10.41; .Jop-lln with $10.71 a.nd J•ohnst-own, Pa., $11.19. \uRr erd eve opmfl~nt. 0 e eory. ~ Uni-versity or vermont, w'h•ile among~ c.Juding his former secretary of war. im. He SJta_tes that he ·wou~d reeog- ecor .are con 1c mg as to what ' . , · nize the ·deb'ts and CIOntracts of the 11 h d . th i f ! those who beheve that the game, The members o·f the party show rea y appene m e pan e o : · . · . rev.Qilutionist.\i tmd•tha.t with·ln six 1 907 ;· said Professor Dewey. \It is: should be su-perseded by -the English. eons1d.e•l'able nervousness, Which was . . . f •. 1 h , _ The inerease in the net deibt for f n to . : game, Rug.by, or ll!SS'Ol'i-ation, are Mid-, pa•rtlcularly noticc:a1>le while passing l ~onths he_ t~i-d lo(}k Gf tlb.e Gld the fiscal year of 1907 wi:IJS $120,- . \ u 1 e t~:t~~pt r~form 1 .:: he cur- ; dlebury College and Ott·a·wa Univers-ll thropglh the streets of Salina Cruz ID.g of an eJ.,..,tton, he guamnteeing 93(),631, more than three--fourths O'f TRAFFIC TIE-UP KEPT THE LITIGANTS FROM HOME ::-i\e-w York, Dec. 28.~A. panty of: rency un 1 ere 15 gr~a r agree- ! itv before the departure last ni\'ht They free v:oting.' \'f;le a'il-ds t.haJt 'he w-ouid which was cre•dited to the d!imerent • . . 1 · meut as to what are the actual con- ' · ·. · \' · t h h h d i J.tlgants--one of the p<rm<:~r>a.ls and . . . . . · Called to Order llrad many un-compHmentarv remarks urn over sue plOWer as- e Ill: m- largest cities. the oat'fnrnecv-s in t:he Braka;w·sepa.ra- ! dltwns, tll~ r~petltwn of which we 1 i The convention wa.s cailed to· or- i to ma.ke a<oout ihe Ameri;an consul pa,rtia!ly to the. person elected presi- t . ·t , ~ . b . 1 seek to avOid.' . 1 dent and thatihe wo-u-ld. aocep;t any 1on sul.~e.ened Y um:,ertaJn tra~- ( __ ; der by Captain Palmer E. Pierce, u. 1 and vice consul a:t .Managua. Just fie conditions from returning to the<1r i . 1 s. A., president of the association, I before tal\ing the train the ·party re- other proper condi·tions. homes, st.:y~d at one of tfte hotels in j S£V£N CHILOR£N OURNBJ TO OEAJH who, in his opening address,· declar·\ quested an imrodue'tion to the Amer- da~; i:n:~~ d:~~:!e!:r:i~~llitp~::::: NEW·. YORK'S SHIRTWAIST MAKERS PLAN BIG. LABOR ~~rden ?t:~, __ L. I., l'!l!St night anu 1 . i ed that the sport of baseball in i lean c<;!llS'lll at Salina Cr·uz, C. Ludlow tins mm mug Its members t-<>ok tllelr , American ',colleges was in g· deplor- ! Litingeton. The political situation him from _accepting terms of· peace, way hetim.es to the near'by _comrt 1 Dubois, Pa., Dec. 28.-Seven 1 able state and that it demanded' was not discussed, M>·. Livings-ton not ·J)redkate-d up•on th·e ·p-rior su,rrender • 'house in Mineola, where tria1 of the children, ranging in age from two to : more l!erious att~ntion ·than the I having received any instructions by him of h:is army, arms and alhmu- New York, Dec. - 28 ·-Prepata~ sui' \\\a e~um d t 1 b d nition to his enemy. Theref•ore it is tions were in progr~s today for a • s r - e . we ve years were urned to eath . football question. He said that pro- from W!LShington. The party is due W Gould Brol'~·-' d c d t · d th h f tall · I · - not believ-ed thart the conference Wiil mass meeting in Madison Square · . · ~'\\, eLen an 1n an ree persons per aps a y m- , fessionalism had entered into the at 11lexi~o City tomorrow morning. the action, who had spent a rather jured late last night when fire, fol-l' game ana that professional players, resu-lt in any j)a;·ticular change in the Garden where 14,000 union shirt- f I • t t t waist :mak.!rs plan to hold one ,ef unc~m ortable d-ay in ,the witness, lowed by an explosion of powder, who had enga~d in the game for Statement Denied. presen s ·a us. chair al2d then had to continue un<l~r i destroyed the home of Stephen Bro- 'pay during the summer season, re· Managua. Nicaragua, Dec. 28.-1 A telegra.._m from :Managua to the the greatest labor demonstrations the pro-dding during a.n evening ses- t;osky, a miner, at SykesviJJe, Pa., :turned to the colleges, concealed the The 2i:1tement by f·ormer Pres)tlent! ~:~!e d.epa~ment _says tha;t th~ Mad- in New York's history. The. pro- eion, appeared in none too go-od spir-' I near here. All the victims are for·\ fact and entered the amateur games.· Zelaya at Salina cruz, :.1-Iexico, yes-\uz pm ty lS makmg prepantwns to posed meeting is a part -of the· fight its as he entered the courtvoom to>- eigners. I Captain Pierce . recommended a terdar that he had been offered asy-1 sene~ tr~ops to the eastward to meet which the strilfing ·young women in daY '=. -• qu ..... >rlng hy \\\· l S« of tbe ch<ld'\' w\' ~mhe,. \ th<oo ,.,;, rn<• In in,.;<OoUoglate fum on '\ B\ti•h ~ala& Sho~- \'''\\\ • =- tho IDd~t>'Y = makln,< to obtain Brokaw s attcr~ey. The defendant' of the Bronosky family and the sev- 1 athletics, barring freshmen from the water by the British minister is de-,. Other .'telegrams_ confirm the puib- recognition for their union. Fol- was noti:ooa.bly worried by tJhe pro-! enth belonged to a boarder. Mr. j varsity teams and also limiting the nied here today. . lishe:d repro:t that Mooriz had order- lowing their rejebtion of a. proposi- duction of tolo~ahio m-. ~and Mn. Bronoaky and tho '\\'\ 1 O'oohmen wama Tha t~•• ~·• thoo\' ze<a;·• wh= ed tho afloot or \\\'· the M~l~ ~ w)<lcl> wonid ha~ on.,d the whi·ch he was obHge<l to acknowledge jumPed from an upstairs window, I . 11 ,. •wished to leave the country beg- 'Jaw Qf the ·fDI'IIWr ·pres-ident, on the strike, the strikers today despite re- showed that he _had permitted' his l sustaining serious injuries. BULLE1.'1NS i\IAY SOON BE ged of the British consul in this city g;roun:d t~at he had 'SIWin.dledb the gov- ports that the women's trade union re-t. to'\\' \\- Brokaw und~ I The fire ata<tod r<om = oY.,hMt- PRI>'I'ED Il< ESPEIU.N1'0\. that ho ho •\on \\\\\\\\ to om.- or=ont oot o1 money. of would wit!idnw ita onpport, d<dlac- esp!Onage. He exp-lains these, hD'w- : ed coal stove. It SIJread rapidly and l bark upon the Shearwater which was Pa.sos had so far srulli'Ceeded in eva:d- ed their . intllontio~ of contilllJ.ing eveT, by dec-laring that b.is e~tlre pril-1 communicated with a keg of' mine Washin:gton, Dec. 28.-· -It may not then in· the h·all'bor· of Oorinto. T-he ing .arrest.. Th~ minister- o!f -Jinance, their fight, oodure in this -particulal· was inspired l powder. The subsequent explosion 1 be many years before 'bull€/tins of the 1 consul referred the matter to the SomJtos, had been , . put . .in prison, It is eoneeded that the ·whole by h1s solicitude for his wife's cut off. all chance of saving the chi!- de.poal!'tment of. agricu:ltu·re are ·s~nt British foreign omee. Two days la- charged w~th sending·· tlnaut,llorized ·question: ij!: now one_ of:_ recog~;tition 'th ·• ... ....,.,... it\ are willi;ng to meet the- strikers oth· L'ow .Tung, the 75 yea,r olid o&!~ tiaJ w11ose withe-re·d bo!W ·was · died with •ooHets late aast n·!Jgb.;t, the treas1n'Ell· {)If <the Four So:C:iety, a west~ tong whieh taken a part in the 'Wall', m8JJrtu;g·. three sided. The Four :&-othm '-ad sup!poood to have brought ~ ' sum of money to this city f-or pu!'1IJOOe of employin-g \g!Un men\· kin enemies. Low Jrung was the mlii!~ . tod.ian and reputed dil>peru!etr <It full'd and for that -reason had been es1}ecially lll&l'ked fo-r slaughter. Lu Yo Fong, the; you~ger Chin-ase,. who was shot throo times, was Jung's assistla.nt and companiu,n. _ said that foor :m.en s®demy broke· the room and commenwi'l ftri.ng. · The. poliFce found !..ow Juug's tron money s~e ~nd remoVIeld it tQ a. police ·sta.. Fea:ring tllmt the new assassinatiOn . . w'flil looJd to open hostilities a,ll Chi- name~ are 'being llcari()hed for weap~, ons. :a.nu every strange cele;s.tial is-~ .. . -}\ ing closely watched.· . PlflSBURG CASE STILL Pittsburg, Dee. 28 . ..::...Al•thcoogh: a~rities have labored aJS 'never, f2WO> l'Jln ~JmVn the k.uroerer Ames D. Freil, t.he 14 :year· olld 'l>t.Yo'-\ who wa;s malltreated e.nd . 'b· <r'ql~~ly­ killed, his OOdY 1 hav,Jng lbeeD. . :roruihl in an al.Jand•onad hOU!Se .sunday., -fih,O..r.':': have been uns!IDe~U<l up to time In solTing the owtrag;eJ. erous perso·ns have boon .qu·e;tlliiQ~d-·' W•ithout IlR'Lteriail resU<lts. Uon am!d hO.rTor inlffi'lellliSe' · - ·- throughout the city ami r.n~~'\n have been spwNed to grealt 11Altf.tli:ty in ;tJhe sea-reb for the ll!id 's a!i!Staihla~t!:i'\ The inquisition coruducted lby tbe th-Orities amo-n·g the persons.· :.whli-'.1' kno<W the boy eOlll!llnues aba-te-ment toddY and }ropes t~;re en'teli:.'.c•c2 tained ·that something ~le·:·:~tJiJ(fi: be farthooming shO'rtly, HER CARGit·GOMMANUfO I Washington, Dee. steamer Phyllis recently the Panama canal zonec her (ll!.lrg{lt[J~I\·; said t-? have l'eceived e:V:e!J:,.,>I no:~~: spectful atte'!1tion than ~\t; steamer that .shl)rtlY bf!~ore,:arJI'jy~ in Colon loaded to the , --rail Ameri!an congressmen. T.he Pl1:vllii d -- --~--- ~ had aboard 1,032,000 po~tJdJl, of h 'th d · • ~ t 1 d oth · · t__, · of the union. The manufacturefl! ea•1 · ren. broadcast over the World-•pririted in ter the Britis!b,;. government replied e egrams alli · ' ei!)VI~ · ln ·..,~.~~;pg esperanto.\ ·In the· gr.eat· ·. ·marble in effec;t as follows'.' WI go~ernD;~en ..... ·. ....,,.,,.,e>r!'!· :': W' ... • \' · ~ · h' h h 'h ·-' e\'- er demands b.ut the young women-in- FIRE - IN HOLD Of THE CELTIC building whi<ih iS- beiii:g· ei'>lliiltl'll!.cte(l \If Zelay•a_rf,lllched the side of the w ~~ ~. ~...._no ~one ~-..,:.\' ·''- .. , - , sist - tli9..t without. support .of i¥ rec• to •house the department of agncu1- ·shear.water in. his 'OWn B\kiff- asking - ' .-- :· any victory they namit~;- .' ~ o A portion of the placed on a lighter, · . \ ture a_ll t'he elevators· ~eaio' 'P'lwCa.rds refuge he wou'hl. ·be-.a.Uowed to gq on. OARNEGIE SUFFERS -1\~ ognized unicn · ' \ might win would be fruitless .in the Bridgeport, 0., De<:. 28.-Sixty Liverpool. De·c. JS.-Fire was dis- giving notice of elasses t-}l:at meet• 'boatld~ First, however, he m•ust: a;gr;ee }>JUN FRQM FALL ON ICE. SPENT NIGHT Of TERROR passengers, thirty-five of tl:t3m worn· covered in •the hold of the 'White Star ~- twice a. week for lnstr~J¢t!~Hl iri eS· rorm'al'ly never to retu-rn to Nica.r-a.- ~ ' end. en, spent a night of terror aboard liner Ce-ltic last Wednesday when the peranto. Among many of tbe i'lepa;rt- gua. New Yol'k, Dec. -z§:~Whtfe suffer· . ' the ferryboat Charon, from Bellaire. vesse-l was four dtay:s ·out from New! ment employes thel•e\is a. f~ling that \Zelaya balked at thil! CQD.-i'lttio:p. ing consi:derabl~ padn from his furl! vo' UlH. HOLDS .POSSE AT. BlY 0., to Benwood, W. Va., which was York. The liner arrived here safely ja. Imowledge of the un1vemal lati-' whereupoti permission for hls pres- on rthe ice, Andrejv' .C~rn~glel s~-~ed -1 caught in an ice gorge in' the Ollio yesterday. The fire W<liS still burn-! gwage some ,day may l)e a necessary enee upon the Sheal'W~~er WaJS with- much improvement t~day a.nd''e:l!;DeC~! I River early last night and floundered ing, oo:t its .presence was knQiwn to I aooomplishment. N:Oibilces ()f the meet·. d.raw\n. SU:b~uently the fieemg eX- to be oUxt a.gain ilf a fC'W days. around until this ~ornling, when all l none of the 400 passen·gers. 1 ing of these classes printed in es- president agr-eed to the.same .terms .iron mailter was taking his ·~~stit~­ were safely landed. Feat· that the Immediately upon arrival the i perall;rtO rea.d a2 fQ}~()(M!: when, imposed ·by the government Olf tion~·\ in Ce~traJ 'f.lllrk. Y~t-ei-n;fy fer~yboat would sink caus'ed panic· worll of d1SJCharging Vte cargo in an 1 \I .a lt;-grikU!lture eX'!)Bl'ac~~>to klu·bo ~iexico.\ . _ when be l'!li-PP!J'd on a; piece . of lee, iltncken women to o:rrer up prayers • effm't to reruch promptly the m-ig'in ' kunvenoo ce 4: 3 0 p. m. el:wn ven- General Irias ann1ounood tOdltY his severely injuring his )eft k'~ee. and the cries of l!mall children made of the Maze Wla:S begun. The woi·k! dredon (Fri~ay) en,(llh!am'bro No. ~23 i intention to tr.a;v~l albroo.d. ·He ·is OaTne@e was rem-Oved to hls-' h~me .. the night extremely uncomfortable wa,s continued today. The fire -eta.rt- i oiOO!.dentaqpa.rto del :agril;:ult-nifa kon- ! leaving Nica•nugua, ·he sa.ys, to free in a eaJb. ·; ,. and exciting. eu amid the 'bales of cotton tn hold l strua}~_ ciu inte·re·:;Jta :tJerll'OnCI- ei'Jtas Pl.'esideiiH M~acWiz of -th!l su:spicion Xo. 6. :lnvitata.': - • that the latter means to continue the SAYS HE DIJ)~''I' CAUL · l\ICRPHY ID}ETs·.GRIFFITR. \ Zelayan regime. GOVE:R:N'on:.FllEAJi '\LIAR.\ Rl.'MOR IS llENIED ,, HOTEL AND STO:ftES.lJllil· ' · - ·- ··: ' ' 1 \' -,:, Cincinna:fi, Dt•c. 28.-Frcsident Bostcm. Dec. 28.-A rep~rt that BlJB-~\ED -~N FR)l)E_P~T, ME. GIVEN UP .• >\S LOST. San Francis~lf.>\. De.c. :2s.J.;..:.Jo'!lah Murphy of the Chicago Xat~?fals,! the ,American Sugar·Reflrring·CpiJ:~pa-! Freeport, Me.. Dec.\ 2S.-Ol~rk's .H!tlill'bu-rg, Dec.,::2S.-;'I'he Gell'ttl.ll:~- Kuhio Kalanianiole~·.de~ate:-'to-eon· . MemphiS, ·::t:enn., Dec. 28.~En­ tr~n~hM at- ,(the home of a frielld, de;merate in- th~ belief that he had ,klile(t his mothet-; James F. ROOoh, . ' ' scarnely more <than a youth, held sm.ruH posse a:t il'ay on the outskirts o•f ,:\len1p.his for some h\ou:£- e&-l\ly to- day. . · . . At .daylight Roa~cn s>Vtll hel-d /far~ in t.'be ~ittle dwelling, hiluse, wen-arm- ed, it is 'OOiiG!Vea:f.anit ,a , sher.v.e;, :wi:th. a u:um:ber guard. a wa;t;;ing l(he ·ar-rl1i'aii '~f·~·t·eill• forcenwnt~. · Be~i-d~.s ' eta'ted, an. el-£1etly. Belio. Tl;le loaded on a train of se)re~tt-e.E!}i to be taken to variuus po·i~tls{~• the line. · \ \' \' RECOGNJZES PEARY AS . DJ:SOOVERER tJfl THE_ Chicago, Dee. 2 8.-'·-'.rhe Ge,og1ij ie Society of Chicago· Lieutenant Commander Pear}' as the discoverer of . Pole. . A committee b.as decided ·· to Culver Gould me'dal, ,r.'lii'clli}1\!#i!'l;i1 voted to the ex]~lo:ret rif hist services' as a scie~lti'tt& as follows; \ ·'_'Awarded .J\anua:ry 26. Lieu\enant Cori1mander lto•tle'rl:-1 spent ~e,·eral_ h.ours hm·e Y('S~I?rday 1 ny has purchased property In thE( , Hotel, formerly, tl\e •liarraseeket frelgltt steoamer C111pu.a. wtih her ~:w. gress froJ.>;!;·.'tlxe· .fla.w~ilaa _ · eonf~rrm'3 with ~anager Griffith re· I Philip-;>!ilse was ' denied today by ,I House, the Fr-eepor~ -brB.b~l:V of' tho I !!f- 23 hM been givoo U\l for lost; Tlie' nied last night' thl\t lie gardu'§ proEpectJY<:> deals. I President washington B. Thomas, in -L~w.istoJJ!.S&:fe.~epollt._a'!J:Il·'.'rr~.t Co.,· -ve.ssel bolonge<q tQ ·:the Sloman ,I~ne; Governor Frear \]lar\ o~~a:n;r;;,re'IJi(\1' ilat1gl1tte' are i.n~thoe ~r!:r.t:1 deelai\'-':l als~ ulgh~ that 2-ll 1\ a statemPnt Issued from the compa-_ and severa1'.stores Jlll<t!l.~;ltlQqk on th-e,l·.and •l!,aa,led fro•m thiS pQTt for ~oa··~lthet neo'hl!).t!c>::s with Chlllagtt we1•e off ny\ll office;;; here. The company bas nor~beaat~rly sidl;!· e1f ·1\JBl1.J;_JII;ree.{ ll~i!• ·on 'December 1: S!llW was last $ligli.t•· ·territorial ·isllftl'llds.';ji@<~l$ti{j!~~H~d·'l :Pea.~;y,. U. S. N., for services in' exploration . ,. ,,.,,.... __ · · acbievetnelit ·of t~. NOrth . M.ti>l<s.-i ·6,.....1908.'\ r.::1d that tl>ere would be posHiv~ly 1w 1 . no il'.Ve[ltments ia the phmpplnes •. he tweef?-· 'BOw and -~~e}\a~e ·, -~~e}s. t•ecL two days later. 'Tbe Ctr.pi.ta-.,_wlp.l>'\iliat rumot!J 'o( t:ading of ctn(·lnnatl und Chiec.go. r,aitl, and has no irtentton or mnklng j were b.nrned eal:~ 1$!!l~Y: The ,foss bu,iit .a;t GIQ~ow 1U.< I8i<9 a~d .r%·ls-:_,'jl~cili party ·.t1ti?--J~i~~~:SI ;>W}eT~. ' . ,.· . ·any. .. .wa,sesthlla1fd&t_f~~.,09'0. '·':~',, tered._l.~82t!Jns,~t·,_.· _\·_-c_ .. ·'s~tut~ly .~, . ' . ' c • The medal will be presented w·~r·ob•· ·; naval ~fll.cer at the sm::ietr·s , - . ~-quet }anuary 26. · : . . . ~ ,.

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