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The Broadalbin herald. (Broadalbin, N.Y.) 1880-19??, October 03, 1907, Image 7

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• • ~- !:=;.ttf··t~~v:=~ ·a-::~tt~:ffn~ ' ' \·j~~f~ · ·· '' genera.~. •tone which markeod 't'he spectors 'l)eing pl'\)perly artned with . Epb.ratik Lodge, No .. 'i95, K. o. T. ~e;;p~~led!fn!:s · of ·ih~ Iri;depen'lll:>nce qedtftcates, j:he ge~uine 'q,u~llities 9f }M:,. ·-~il)' h~1d •.. grand ~i,;::tt ,Apollo pe:rs at Cometi:t'i' lh'Bll <Satii:rdialv whlcli are;E!asily as~ertainapre; If thete. j:ti~~.;Q,J.l:fil:.~rs~y .e~e~&\:·oct; ~rfe'Ctly ·consl.stenJt, '8Jld netll'ing is .the slightest r~ for doubt or 1,1n-· '1007. Bill $:!,.60, Good music ;'~~~· be lllQ>e .~ropri'alte an:l'd.' in certainty concerning them. ~ ibe in attendance for atr who wish to Yd>irti>- 'W!a!Y fitting than tha.'t WtlU'Mn ··trip the 11gnt ·fantastic. . All are cor- ~1~~~~t~ Shauld tue the le,aid in de- A F.RAJ.L. HOPE~ . , . . dlli!ly · hivi~ · to attend, ·.· ·· ;~ t'he hig:hest courts in the -- ' · · ··MelVin ~~Ita,Ughlin of LOng·Island, \I -talked with Mr. Bryan 11&te1y ·is the~esf.o.£..$ts father, Wallace ~lc; of denouncing, ·Mr. a:nd it is by no means eel'ta.J.n >liD:~ he -Laughlin, {or a short time. RumOJr ~!f{:~.~~ h<a.e~ a pedectly ·leigi·tim•ate wil-l •be a can.dld!ate.\ The words ~·n saught tlia·f he brought a bride home [~~}.tll8,tjn, to superiority. He 'h\l!s tt doJWn qu{)-ta.tions are -accredited to J·rumes 'Yltli birp.. .) t~8!~;;:~:!;lro00rdit;~g to the degree of K. Jones, fo'l:lmer sen.altor. f-rom Ar- Charles Wood has been having his S' and real dignity 't!he s.ulb- kans:as, and 111tltY be P'fefarred by the m·flr\t'et tre$d with a tine coat of' \'il:lets ot JJ.ts w·ra.th a.re enti'tl>ed to, i\rudi'Vlidnal tastes. For our 'lm\!l part, paint. ' ;t~~;~~ be guwged roe venom that 1s ln· it is imposstble to relinquis<h .blw idea · :· :1\f:l\tl •. Gedrge Bftrdeh is 'the guest of his Ja.ttaeks. In O>ther lthrat it al1l depends on Wlhether the 1\er' daughtel·, Mrs. Lesley Riekard of. meh wh.o are capa•ble of convention is in a generous mood, Trl·bes HI.U. iif,:,,~=~='; t'b~ true inW'llli'dw.€ss of or not. Mr. Bryan W1ill ta:ke n'othtng Mrs. l~r!Ulklln T . .Becker and daugh- 0 fuUy comprehend that the in the WtaY of poHtiiJia,l honors ~that ter retui·ned to theh· homes at Sche•e- mu'!l the yello.w journaJ.is.t 'he cannot get, but itespite · the tedy on Thursday last ~fj(;lr !!pending ,';tllliriliW.S Upon the men ;an'(! t'heinstitu- den.ces of differentia,\ Vie<WS in the several days in town as th\8 ·guests of .t\(!U·with wilicll 'he ie out of sym'P·a.· Democraitic camp, J;l.O one as yet 'hrus Mrs. James 'G. Jukes . • t!lii~01ws..UJPOn the men and t'he insti.ti- revea:led a tithe of the prestige th:a.t On Thursday' morning of' last week 18ire worthy the res'J:)eCt -ami con- the Nebraska man has tli.n~ iia.r die· we had quite ·a heavy l'J,\Qst in our sec- ~em::e of Mlb~ minded citizens. played to his credi·t. There must 'be tion. ' ... M·r. -Hearst, through his newspa1)er m()re evidence before the rank and Thomas 'Rossiter of Rockwood, was cQm.bine, h:as .perhaps done more to- ftle of the pat'ty w-i'JJ consen-t to re- appointed _afl W.ltrd offic~r ·by ,the town W'&Td the promotion of' class :,bwtted linquish this ()llle despairing hope. board on Wed!)'llsday last in place of : apd- toward b~·eeding ·discontent wtt:h --- .. --- Will Brown, who refused to serve as , the legitimliite controlling influences QUEER CHOICE. such. · · · · · ' Of .the Ila!nd t:tuw any other living f \-- --~ .Saltsman and Gray returned home ~ and he ·l!Jas done ~t. not fO<r the 1 The Ut.i,c;a. Pr~-ss, recogn:iZ'ing the· recently bringing as a trpphy of their ~aou'lia:ble purpose of creatillg 'better 1 c>aim ot Reuben R. Lyun oi. hunt a tine. deer. -tihinlgs, but 'With the perfootly t-rans- Tndependenee Leagne candida!te for Arthur Able, George Green ·and J.e- ~;mt view of !I!Chieving a ch63'P spe- judge of the court of appeals, <to pli!Jr-. · andet· Getman left for the • North cle·of popu1art~y which might be used ticuTar intere&t 1n: the l\1oih•ruwk V>rui- woods on Saturday for a deer hunting ta £&rv~ hi-s personal 'J:)O'liUcal mmbil, Iey, pays :him ·thl~ ra'tlher dou.btfu1' excursion. ti.oDB. T:Ms ·has 'b-een so dearly evi· compliment: \T-hose who knew him At the home of Ml's. Ida Soules at ··dent th'!llt it were folly to ·dispulte ii, a;; among the last to follow the ielad· high noon last W.ednesday took place · lillltd ~t needed not ·tlhe. noisy cheers ership of Mr. Hearst, bu:t there is no the marrtage O'f ·her daughter, Ophelia .. 'Wl'Jiich sent'iment, \Our next pres!- accomlting for tastes, -as the oM l-ad~. Sou~es and Anson Suits of Ephratah. ci-en,t!\ dlreW from his slllteldites 'lllt s.a1d when she kissed: her cow. His They were attended by Lester Handy tb.at Calrnegie hall meeting, to prove friends and -c~a!ssmrutes here ·~·n Uti,Cia and her sister, Bertha Soules. The tne inspi:raJtion of his I:Diterest in the take off their hats to him run·d wilbb: ceremony was performed by Rev, c. new political movement. one accord they wish him well, and Brown pastor of the 1\Iethodist ohurch. · Tlle courts of the l<a.n:d are too sa- •t.heir only regret it thrut of oouree he The 'bride was prettily gowned In ered to be used <as a foOitJba:ll, even ~ does not have a ghoSit of a cblalllce of white mull and carried fiow~:rs. After the ramkest of jealous and dls:con- ·being elected.\ the ceremony refreshments were S()rV· tented citizenshi,p, and it ils pretty ed. The presents were beautiful. There sate to say tJba.t no' man who encour- E.4.RL'S BOOM. were about seventy guests, amo;ug ag9ji~ disrespect for them Will ever aJt- them Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lawson of 'iJadn 'the diirgui.ty of presoi·denrt: of t!he _ The Earl boom l!rua.gurrated in Uti'c.a; Ne-w. York City, Mr. an(! lrying Pol- Tinited Staltes. The s'tur<dy cit'ize:n- Is meeting 'Witt:h encouragement ·in mateer ot. Johnstown, Mrs. M·ary t'i· ~1i!Jp of the empire St!Vte.. ha:s •a.lrready othEll' parts of the StaJte lea.gue cir~ Law:s_on of New York City, Mr. and JZeeol'!ded its estimate of W-iu;,am R. cuit, ·and some nice things 'aJre ·being Mrs. A•b1•aham Youngs of Glove,rsville, H~. and if ,the fooLish test is ever said wbout the popular 'basebal.J gen- Mr. and Mrs. yv: H. Neal of Gloveis- ~d:e on 'a. Da~tionaJ scale, a. similar era'!. Newspa~r compliments, ot vii~, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Suits of Johns- ~e, and one never more pro .course, w-11l not ·alone 'PUt him there;o town, Mr. and Mrs. James Young of nounced a'D!d emph·ati:c, may lbe ~e· lit ta.kes votes to do thaJt, and her-e's Gloversville, :Mr. and Mrs. Lewis V.an iY an'Qcipated. hopin-g he gets them. Avery, William Cosgrove of New SPliENDID TRIDUTE. · .. In 'hds splendid tri.bute to President McK'lmley, President RooseV'ellt ~raid: '']!; •Wias his poouliar· glory that in ll.C· tum pratetiice' his }}rood and deep 8'J\'Il• . pa.thi-es mrede him feel a 1 genuine ., k 1 Yor .. City, llirs. Edna Lawson of New 'MILKS COWS WITH fUCTRIC CURRfNl New Wanders Shown in the Show. at Madison Square Garden ,_ rrhis York City, Mr. and Mrs. L.\ Cl'ause of St. Ji'lhnsville, Mr. and Mrs. ·E. B. siee .. ' of Newark, N. J., Mr. and Mrs. Giles Polmateer and daughter of Johnstown. 'l'he 'bridal 'couple We):lt on a tour to New York and New Jersey. At th.eir t·eturn they wiil reside at Ep'hratah. ~.. ~·· ••• ··- -.s..,.J .............. ~ ;;;. ~~rp;o..,_ , .. STONE ARABlA./ ·: . Beaten B&lllDf!'J'I$'tWc~Plily of ville, visited tli~kntflef, Mrs. Olii'\rel: Young, Sunday. ~ -· · ·'.lildw:ard- Smith '1ftd~ebildre~ were re-_ . . celit gueat'lf-of '-Ills' ~ther-in-Iaw, Ge<i. :M-osher. ' · 'Mr. -and Mrs: James Austin of Doltge- vllle, were ~eeeltt''· gl{e'Sts ·of mother, Mrs. Jutm:<··A.u~n. · •· Irvin Shulenburg o,f D()Jgevtlle .spent Saturday and Sunday wil:h .his brothel' George. ·: ' · -- · · : · Mrs. Mltinle ;A:\:ust.in , ·~pent one da;y- last week with Mrs. Carl'it'l Service. Loyd Lamphere and Dew!iht Nick- lel!s of . Manhem were guests of Earf Service, Sundar . _,__..__.....:,__ UELD UP B~. FOOTPADS IN sl::RAousE STE>EE~rs I' UTICA, Oct. : 1.-Paul com be, secretary .. for General ger C. Loomis i{fleit of the Syracuse Rapid' Transit' Rah~ay,'·was held · in Syi'acuse ·by ·foottilids shortly· after: 1 o'clock Sundai'~ing. Mr. Ret- com be was·· walll'irig·· on. \Vest On on-\ daga street whert the ·two footpads' met him. One of the men asked him tor a match, while· anotll:er asked the time. As Mr.' Hol<ioniibe ·was reach.-: ing in his pocket .for\a match and B.n: other pocket for· his watch one of the hold-up men drew a revolver and lev- eled· it at the hi tended ·victim's head. \Hold up your hands or you are a dead man,\ wa:s the command of the man with the revolver. ·Mr. Hol- combe knocked~. aside the Tevolver· and called for help. When he show· ed fight on~;> of \the· robbers struclf him on the left side of th& head with a billy. Mr. Holcombe was knocked down, but his can for ·help ·had been ne;al'<l r· and a man came running him. The footpaus fled without tak- ing time to rob :Mr. Holcombe of his valuables. It was :later foun.d that Mr. Holcombe's skull had been frac- tured l!Y the blow. dHA:Nf~FJS FOR CENTRAL RtULllOtiD OFFIOIA.LS. SYRACUSE, Oct.· 1.-General Sup· erin_tendent J. H. 'Hustis o! -tbe west· ern diSttrict of the N'ew York Central, with headquarters in .syracuse, has been arppointed assistant general m'lin• ager of Boston & Albany railroad, with headquarters In Boston. I At the same time Vice President and General Mamiget'A. It. Smith of the New York Centrar -railroad adds to his duties the general ·managership of the BoSit:on & Albany. . ... .. ' ' .. \ . ·' ~< ~ -- ... ' . \' .' ~I .,.,. .. -~Women's Underwear in_,great- variety. . style is ready. for you inthe well known .· ' . ., ., Merode Uliderwear-· - ' . ·s4ttable for Autumn and Winter. ~- . ' Merode Garments SOc to $2.60 Eaeb Luzerne Garments $t.o~:a_U:d: ll~-s·s . , . . ... Every , Other Makes =sc and ~soc '> Merode Combination Suiis $t~oo·to $2.50 -Children's CoHon Underwear..2S~,\:S$c &Oe . ~ . . -- . . Children's Woolen Underwear· iOe;to $1.00 I ' ~Infants' Vests 23e-to $1.2G •• Cadet. Hosiery Men's, Boys' and Girls' Sizes 25c· per pair The best wearing stockings we knoW: -~f. /' , : &enll'& of oneness <WJi,tl;l, a.'!il ibis felloW .$;meriJeans, ·Whlatever their station or :W'otk in life, so tha,t 'to his soul they were all joined with 'him 'in 1a1 great brotherly democra,cy of <the spiri:t. '' Noillili:~rg more a;ppropr'iat-e and faT i'Efl!iehing-in Hs significance cou1d h1ave ~ spoken, nor is it possible to ex- Press tbe sentiment more b~a;utifully. -Ptesli'dent :McKinley was dn every sense of the word a. grand m1am. an:d r.o-his staltesmansbi.p the country was d®ebted for some af its most whiO&e so'ttte and helpful measures; he. met Week. NEW YORK, Oct. 1.-The Ele!l- trica':i Show opened last night in Madiso~ Square Garden and a. big .crowd was on hand to help out the band with Ohs and Ahs of wonder at what they can do nowadays. Why, in fifteen years you'll see, etc. Myron Shouevman and Romaine Smith spent Saturday in Fort PJ•ain. Mrs. Clara Hinkle spent Thursday with fl'iends of Johnstown. L. U. Van Alien, division superln-. tendent for tlie Central at Buffalo, comes to S;vracuse 'to take the position of general superintendent of the' west- ern division. ·1: :(fiiiaaa;!ld, '-a~tstant genera'! manager' lei transferred' from New York tu ~uff.alo. S. w. Payne is transfer-rll'd ·'from rtoche&t~r to Buffa!() as division superintendimt. · T. w. I<Jvans of the Pennsylvania division is slated for the position of division sup- erintendent at Rochester ·to succeed Mr. Pa;v-ne. £AUfiHJ TRYiNG TO // de<:eased, and c,ita.tione is-sued retua'n• liible O~tober 14. . \ Letlters of adminiBtratJion upon t!he goods,' chattels •and medits of M.a.ry ~elen H&W'ltt, l-ate of .this city, de· ceased, 'Were issued to 'her eon, F\red .A. Hewitt, CYf this city. SS NOTICES Frank Wintsman spent Friday with Dermis Hassett. W1lliam. Weber. has improved hiE! dwelling with a new piazza. . A.bram LaGraii:ge and wife of Johns· town, spent Sunday afternoon with ST9UTNER wASN'T SHOT~ BUNCO RAILROAD 'Thrifty Young Peovle From Phila· delphia Get Bight Into Trouble in New York Olty. Kate M. Irel!I!D..d, .aldministra.trlx of the goods, chattew and credits of John S. I•reland, Jrute of ltMs ei ty, de- ' . \ ' great emergencies bravely •and rolvea The crowd was pretty impartial and took in everything. Bud judg- ing from a person's inabifity to get near enough to see, the attractions of the evenin-g were the model dairy, where. real cows were milked by elec- tricity, the l:nodel home, where. the Edison Electrical Illuminating Com· pany .of Brooklyn showed that if one used electricity enough life could. be made pleasant even in .Brooklyn, and the Westinghouse exhibit. where pretty girls puffed out their cheeks and blew electric bulbs. Some of the men folks are waiting until tomor- row, .when it is announced that 300 gallons of beer will be puuwed every minute by a Brooks Centrifugal Mrs. Clara Hinkle. A rumor which persisted in coming NEW YORK, Oct. 1.,A man andl ·a Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bellinger of tO ,the surface in the face of most con- :woman who it is' charged haft fi~ed St. Johnsville, were tbe recelllt guests elusive announcements to the 00~· fake clll!ims aggregating $388.75 of Mr. and Mrs. John ·Getman. trary, gained considerable crec'tenee against the Pennsyll'llinia ·Railroad for William Weber Jr., spen~ Friday Sat\U'day and yesterday that n Glov- the n;tal\.e 'believe Joss of two suit cases ceased, rendered the fina1I aoco:luntiD!g of herr proceedings as suc'h 'aidlmillltS- tratrix, a:nrl thereu·pon •decree w-a.S is- sued setting t:b.e a.ocounts as filed ·an'Ci dlisch•a:rging the Ad!nbrlstl'lllJtrtx from heor saM office. MessTS. ·Du.dley & Dennison, attorneys ·for the admin.is· great pr~blelll$ successfully, Wi:lnning .the 'ltdmii'Jllf.ion of the world; but the ·wbUme tr-a:its of C'ha:r~cter revea:led In hds es:timate of a.II lh:ls fellow conn- ;trymen, his at.titude toW'aDd t~, lW1hioh; mfter all, won for him tlrat stran·g a:nd abiding love of w-hiC:h 'ft mve Ellldh albundanlt evdden-oo. I>t w-as evening with his parents, Mr. and ersviJ!e hunter had ·been shot and pr®- 'and thei~· contents were arrested ;v'es- Mrs. Willia>pl Weber, Sr. ably fatally woonded by a companion 'terday afternoon :by Detective Ser- Jacob Saltsman has completed his in the woods. north .of Bleecker. Tele· geants Prescott' ·and Hansen in llhe cor &table ·pn.-the Fraley !·arm. phonic communie~'tion with those ·company's offices in .Ter,sey city. They tratrlx. • Klwte M. Ireland, gener-al gullli-'llia.n of the estates of NeNie, Lizzie, John a~d Katherine Irel.and, respecJtively, tiled the aoooun.ts of il>er proceedl!ngs , •P·re:!lident Roosevelt's fortune to ten- . , 'de:r;Iy ~elve tlhe reins of government · froon the ·hands of hJis dying :pre·deces- sor., and no Dllan could have heen more fittingly c:hosen to pronounce the eulogy to McKiniey ·at his grave -~n the one who, ha'V'ing solemnlY. ·Mr. and Mrs. Reed Spraker of parts S-aturday afternoon proved that deSCr·i!bed themselves ·at Police Bead· Cherry Valley, was the recent guest of nothing of the ·so:et had occurred. quarters· ·as Oscar AI·bert Brown, 21 her parents, Mr. aqd Mrs • .Tames Smith Late Saturday 'Dight, a party of ·years old,'' a waiter, and julia Lesch, Elmer Jewell of Coopers Hill, spent I ft~iex1ds of Elmer ·Stotttner, of Berk- 2l years old, and were locki!d up on. as SIUeh gua!rd·ian ·a;nd th=a.upon de- 'l'hursday with his parents, Mr. and sh-ire, whom ·the rumor stated was the chargej! or perjury preferred 'by Capt. er~e was· mlade settling th;e a.ooounts Mrs. G001'ge JeweH. .injured man, left , .for Bleecker aiili George Spencer of the railroad's police as filed and d·ischlarging the gUaJrd· Mrs. ,Abrll!II) Sitterley has moved to relieved upon arri':,ing there to department. ian froin her said office. · M~rs. •Pleti'ged 'himself to Oatl\l'y on the work p·ilmp. The Brooklyn model home is the most pretentious, of the exhibits . They cook and freeze and wash and iron and do the dishes and play the piano and light the house and heat it and everything, all by pressing a cr.najoharie. find that Stoutner was suffering fr-om 'Th d ~9 i . Dudtey & Dennison, attorneY'S for the . e woman ma e a co\~'-ess on 10- I . , Jacob Saltsman of Fort Plain, called a · severe attack of rheumatlsm and volviJlg her companion, although he _guaro:wm. on friends·of tjlis place Saturday.' nothing more serious. Re .was attempted to shield her by declaring -----~- B Y . ' bro.ught to his home in order to be · ~- .. · · Socialist Meeting .. 9 lllJlKlnley wouJ.d 'have done, so · · ·fa;tthfuHy a;cqudtted himsel'f af the · tl'!u'st,. a'rld so nobly iiiL])lanted him· ·Qlt in the hearts of the na.tdon. . . • • :v.ron omlg ·has moved into the .that she w·as his wife. She :admitted To those interested iil Socialism house owne(l by James Snell, under tbe care of a ppysleian. that she ha~ been living with hit14 but a. treat is in store; for those who at- ., I I(- '~ ~ few buttons. There is going to be a dirigible airship · at the show when LASS, ELLS VILLE.- ON THE LAKE~ things get to going a little more. · Commercial movements on the (i}reat W.estley Fox· of St. Johnsville, visit- . People in the trade . will be inter- :;:0:/'';liiiiikElS during August, i907, as meas- ested in the conventions of the e(l relatives in this vicinity the pas{ :\.!}U1'4!<1--tl•y.the volume of shipments from Street Railway Association of the week. · . · 12,587,866 net ·tons-the largest State of New York -and of -the em- . Mrs. C. Sheffield '!las gone to Dolge- ~l'li!ily ·to•l;al recorded by the bureau ployees ·.of, the Sta~. Ga~· and Elec- ville for a .few days • stlit1;is:t;ieJs, department of con'Imerce tric Msociatio'li, ·which ~nt' 'b(;' held ·}Irs. fl. t. N'ichols and Mrs. D. C. f(}r any sumruet• month. in the ~oncert hall in. the cour~~ of a Leek n~~ed the Sunday ·s~liool con- t):}!i:jltil!!.ts .. fur the past month . nre week. Qn Octol;ler 1 th~f~; win ·be vention· at.JcObnstoW11 Thursday last. .10 -per• cent larger In volume· il.ddtes$:!$ by Ron. ·Fral\k~~-. :stevens, · ·Tlte -m,l!WI:Jrth League 1!\l~fety will ;fie shipments for July of this. Henry F. Pierce, President ~Humph- fWld t~elr. ]:ln$lness meeting'. at tbe over lfi per cent larger than the ries of the Stevens Institute of TeCh· .::hurch .ll'r.i,dfQ: evening • lllveryboUy figures fot• 1006', and nology, aitd>Everett H; Burdett.. ·ill 1m•! ted: .{-o attend. _ per cent in exl'e~s of the 1005 Rev .. ·~; Brown of Ephra-tah ex· .while figures for the eight NORTHVILLE. cbang~ nlaees with Rev. Nichols Sun- ~f tile year, 00,441,G-iT net da;y, al},:l ,p}-eac~ed a very Interesting S>.·-'1itte about 14 per cent and 24 ~er 1 Dr. and Mrs. c. T. Lan&iug have.;e. · sermond;n.e·the forenoon a.nd ·e'l'euing. laTgeu than the· £_orrespondmg tur;ned from a week's Vilcatioil which ~y,s.:.]i!i~tfe Prake and ·Miss I..us_le 1005 shipments. Tlte large was 13 pent ill reviewing familiar scenes An!.!ll.V~ot.,ipnlteville IU'e guests of Mrs. , of. il'on ore and. coal nioved in' New York, A valua-ble. saddle horse \Helel!:~.P~·ble IJ!.Onth is responsible for was purchased on the· trip, .and an . M;l!~·g:U:~~Y.· 7.t Watson_. N. 'f,, :IH (W,j;gr•:JW:tll Jn the total shipments re- eshibition of :fine hot·semanshlp ma:v·!'BPendlilg n feW iiaYS in this t>lace. ~~d .tor . the month as comPt~red be. looked for from the doclof. l'Ir, ~1!.(\lige-L.a~cell of Sout!l Dako1;a, IA\tlgtll$t, 3006. ~ reunilln of the Simpson faJrifly is .-t~e -sy~t of his sister, M:rs. Alvin FA'KFl CO~flWSSIONS. ~~~cel.·~~mlssion:s, -it is·said, areal- ~~~~ett:ln~ busy, attempting to pry llWII'rltl• .of corpoo:ations, whicll. supervision of the pub- It is to ~be as· :b(i:We:Vell', tbs.t man~ement ot '~•·9f!cl!l'~'~'e& .is l!hrewd enough to 'l!leru:- ot traps of that nature. not in the habit' of giving up I')Qattoq.. too easily even whet·c the ,,,.,~.~ 411. a compulsory force, and pretty apt to tlemanrl creden· 641- nouable order. And · done, it Is a pretty· Jate was held Saturday at the ·home of Mr: Smltb::~ , · · ' . and Mt•s. Leander Simpson iri Edln~ · )!r~),9-ttWt M~ad or Herkimer, visit· burg. ed -h~r ;iti9.ther recently. George Mltler of GloversvlUe,' pusect Mrs. · Jlljnma Munk ·bas retarned through town Monday en route to1: ~;,m ~t .. ~<!ll~Jitvme. Batchellerville, where he haS\. a· wruih• . T)la;··~qll,®tor fj)r the Johnstown Re• board facto 1 -y. ... J)1Jb~!M 1 !J:i :-nt several .days :in tbis · .miner J. Slmps1,1n or Akin, w~t,lf. a P.ht~ .~t> v,a\f -week. calle1' at the home af Mr. and :Mho. Clarence Corey of. First'· stra~t~ f!rst weel;, I ' · .. ' Mr&. 9iU'fi~. Ru~s~IJ P.~t!'sl?.n, WaJ~, of .T ohnstown, were. Gklversville v1slt9J'sr·l0:ondaY.;;, . ['~t:~~~~::: Jttlla\ Anstr'ne•s. Mrs. Apes Weaver . Berry -llmH Chauncey Failing daughter have returni!ll from n t~sit I'Tl!Uli:'ffl the latter's parenta, ;!f.,. ~e }or~~l,. ,I!J~~~.o..te.~~ ;:at '.a; • .t:·M'~*\ lle1lvtn. Brewnells; SUit. denied that she bad any right to the tend the meeting which will be held LlTTI•E FALLS :oQES'E MARKET title of :l){rs~ Brown. . . . . at the Court ho,use Tuesday even- A<l<!or&ng ·to the woman's story she ing, Oct. 1~t, at 8 p. m. The ~sp~ak- . er of the evening will l)e John M. LIT'rLE · F.ALihl,\ Oc;t. 1.-This 'came' fr~m Philadelphia with Brown work, a-member of, the National ma.rket show~ a;nothel' oad'vlan.::e ·pvm• the Pennsylvania Railroad on Committee and also one oll the Nat- amounting to 3-4· c. · Th!e ipT'ices padd ill\; having checked two suit . ional Organ~ers for the Socialist at Nor:t:her~~c New.·. York···mllbrk:Eits . their wearing apparel Party. Don t fail to hear 111m. _..._ ...... d . . ' 30t2 \ w.,.,k, our buyers. cO'Il\'< er beyond· to 128 East Sbteeneh street, . ~~!!!!!!!!!!=~=~~~~===~ reason, and refused' to meet l'ork city. When they alighted· - • !\\\' AU sales 11,•re reported a.'t He, 'but the trp.fn in the big' Jerser City ••• f ~· mors of. hl:Sfuer rates being PIJ!ld w,e ~he1f l3rown, she lja·id, walked current. S'a,lestil~n lllt'e •genel\aHy 'down· th'e -p1at1'm;m to a 'truck loaded letting t:b.eir usul\11 ~amounts -go ' · with !J~~ge and took :po)liu;!Sslon of ward, ·bltf; some imll not sell a.t pre- ~!'lllt })~~~.. saying as !le removed serut figures. · F.bUOIWlng are ftnd de'iitio~~ the 'tags; . \Rere's Small colored ;·.· •.. 21 1,4'78 smin white .• ;1, .·.20 1,3'\0 Twin.'S· eolOTed •• ; .12._ 1,1'71> Twins wllite ...... 17 · 870 - 'J;'atals. • ...... ~ ._'14 4,863 FOND;\. P.OLITICS. J fool the Pennsylva~ia Rail- . i l~( ... . ·' CAPiTit. ~UBPLUS --·· A large assortment of Copyright BoQks, just in. V'{e wlll let 'them sli4e at 50 ~ents each. (100 kinds.. Hustle) New :timner Cards. - ~ •~ ·. . N.ew Bi?l!lge Whist Cards. . . N~w Br~e Whist Score Tablets., - . ' ' E. · ·(,. N E W·T 0 N 9 w. M$1 Street Johnstown, N. Y. . / ' Jl't18Ntt'UBE DEALERS ~. 'm.tillcer a SoD. ' FURNITURE A,ND UNDERTAKING Otftce alid 1,rarerooms, S9 anil st West M·a1D.· St., OJohnst01V~. N. Y. · . ' . \\ II: STOLLEB'S LIVERY-- ' . . I - . Fil'ilt ·\OJus ana Up•to-Date. Carriages ad J;[arnesses, For ~e. ••.• ,•I \ . • s .. ~t Street. ;Jo~ ABRJVAII :ANJ) DEPABTUBE ~ . . ()]jl MAILS AT JOHNSTOW!t . '.·· ..

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