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The Broadalbin herald. (Broadalbin, N.Y.) 1880-19??, October 03, 1907, Image 3

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,' \':¥..'\ , ;JURORS· ·MAlt A.IPORT Mrs .. ~ry J. Sha~land, ag~d 7;6, widow of the late Deacon William Shlank>l•ahd, died -a.t 9:20 Fri. ,$~.n­ ing a..t .. he_r home, No. 19 wast'P{#,~ stri}Elt. Gloversville. after a ling81'- ing iilness. She had been in i1l health for_ the past two years ajt.d during that time had been c~~ :fined to her ll.ome. Her suffering had been borne with patience, and her beiutiful Christian charact~ en- Charles SWeet '0! Little Falls speiJ:t ·,saturday aud Sutidq ·with relatives ,in this vlllage. · ,;, . ,.,_, · Mt'S. Harold ·l!l.~ Wflltard of Ool:uiDl~\l bus is a guest itt th\1' -home of hl!r' uncle, A. H. Millflt· '\' '· c ):~ ' ' , 0 \ ,!, .1 1 ':, , UTIOA; •l:l_e:pt, .t;&-.-Y~~rilt\'1. ;a.f· teronilon ·81t: ~ :~O:.&()cl(;. while ~n~tiged - ftpng,.~ iytrEils for .··th~ i 'I'el,~'[llLO'IILe oompoany ta.t :f!he. eorne!l' -of '· INDIC'J'MENTS YJiJSTERDAY AT . ' RETURN- FONDA.- ••• r THE: f1JLTON . COUNTY SU;NDAY . S~OOL WORKERS RASS BES- ' Miss Mable l{J'ile 'of St. Job~ille is the new sell~- teacher· of\ tile Switzer hill sehool: ·M-r. and Mrs., ,Ellw!\'rd J, TenEyck spent Sunday witli Mr. and Mrs. Mar- tin Higby of Albany. A.GE»-·wo.Mi:N AND mm .. sa:N 'FOt'ND .:LtviNG Awn MilD · ·CO'Nlll'l'IO;NS TOO SHOCKING TO DESOBIBE. B:r.oail an-d John streets, R.udo!Joh PaJ;m\$en · rete-ived ~ shock - 'W'.b:i;Cb: ,threw him to the ground •an·d caused him suffitlenlt injul'tes to r.eqwire th:e need -of; mediea-1 \lllSSistaniee: · Peitet~J· :f'~j')IOME \\\EDDI·NG -~-- · • • I ~ ~ •. MIS~ -~m BEIJLE 1\1~ l ~;;;>' .. Am..Ol!ARENCE J.. .BOG~S ··ARE.~~D. , ·'~Jit()BS ADOPT A RESOLUTION i-;)~;;'; \:~QB MO:tm PAY Montgomery county grand after inspecting ~e county h:.)m:ded !lP i!tS .report Tib'ILrSdJay L:5-i)~~11el'lrtOII>n. The body wa:o compliment- . , ... ,., ...... ; fol' its work by Justice Spenc~t.r, !;<;.cc11;.tld .i;he' panel was then discharged. indictments returned were: . George Abbott. burglary ln the f:blrd, degree and grand larceny, sec- •11 degree. Pleaded not guilty. C. J. Heffernan assigned as counseL · James Hart, who is accused of breaking open the Atlas Knitting cQmpany's safe in the cQmpany's of- ftce on September 6th, and taking '}IBY envelopes containing $67.42, ,waa fudlcted for grand larceny in the 8econ!l degree. Attorn& R. J, Sanson was assigned to defend him, and entered a plea of not guilty. - Salvatode Nastasio and Antonio Vigara •. Ital!an youth!> of .Amsterdam were held on three separate indict- ments, each charging robbery in the ·:first degree, committed upon l:Jomlnlck Rotano on .August 1Oth. Nasta:sio was also indicted separate- ly fer robbery in the second degree, Both entered pleas of not guilty. Cilharles R. Tobin, \()f Fonda, was assigned to defend the prisoners. .. deared her to all acquaintanCes, by whom she waS held in high esteem. For over :fifty years she had been a member of the First Baptist church and also a member of the Karen Missionary society of the church.' She is survived by one son and .one daughter, Miss Lizzie Shanll:- land and Mark Shankland, both of that city; two grandchildren, GC}d- frey Shankland and Marl~ ShaJlk-' land, Jr., also of that city, and one brother, John E. Harris, of North- ville. T.he funet•a:I was he-1 d: ·a.t Jtlhe house, at 2 o'clock Monday after- noon. Rev. Chester F. Ralston of- fi'Ckuted. BttriaJ was ma'tle in Pros- pe!Ct Hill cemetery. IMMIGRANTS MAY Gff ffiUNTRY WORK Bureau Established for 1\-lntual Bene- fit <•f Farmers and Foreigners, is Successful. OliUTIONS EXPRESSING AP• PRECIATIQN OF <JOlJBTESJES, Tlle thiTt:v-second annual .conven- tion of thee Fulton \County sunday school assocfation, -which was held in the· Methodist· church in this l}ity ''11h·ursdiaY was a com'P~ete symposi- um, whicli~·covered every detail of sunday school work. 'There .was a much Iar'ger attendance in the even- 'ing, the- auditorium being .well :filled. The deleg~tes' s:rleak in . the highest praise o! the' hospita~ity qf the Johnst&Wn members of ~h~. associa- t~on dur~ng tlte conven~ion and a resoJuti.;~)l was adopteQ. by the con-· vention as follows: \The uiirty-eeeond ann'U-al Sunday School association of li'11lton county, •in COI~-V~Jl'tion assembl~~. · Aesir~ to express their . hearty a}lPreciation of the corilial welcome of the Sun- day schools o! Johnstown. For t}Je use Of the Methodist and Baptist churcheS·. To the committee who so tasteful\y decorated the church. To the Rev.· Grant Colfax Tuller, 'for his emclent leadership of the music. To the faithful labors of the officers during the year, and to all who in any way cqn.trlbuted to the success of the convention.'' Outside of the business of the a.f- t,ernoon aession repor·ted 'in TibJurs- day's Republican, t!t following of~ ~cera were elected: President, A. H. Rogers, 'Glovers- ville. First vice president, L. E. Loucks, J.ohnstown. Secon.d vice president, S. H. Clute, Gloversvllle. Mrs. G. L. Sliivler' of Tl•oy .was a recent guest Of her uncle; the Rev. Washington Fro~hingham. ' · Mr. and Mrs-. Stetson Leach of Pittsburg, Pa., were' guestst of Mr. ' J.lt 1s almost beyond •bet~et' says th-e M'Orning Sellittnoel. but on informa- tion or ~u:titority .Uhlatt cannot he quel!ltioned, · Mo11tgomery ooounty hlw a C'a.lle of simi!ar nature to 1ilrat re- 1and Mt-s. A: H. Mill~ Suti'tiay . J'ohn Bearcro-ft of East Main street cent!}y exposed in .the C01bleskiH In- whO has been quite ·ill, is now ·Jlfueh dex. improved 1n heaU:Ii. . · · \Our ·informant teHs us,'' says the Mrs . .Alex. Dethnai'k was ca.lled to Sentinel, ''tha:t livin~ upon Wtha.t is Rockwood Tuesdd'y 'by the illness of known '!'l ~ Alex. Robib fa.r.I!l in. the her mother, 1.\<Irs. E!ii!iabeth SnelL souotihea$tel'lh·J,l.\art o.f the town of Henry Buser refurned Tuesday from Floridla ~\!! oap. ,a~ed WO'm'an 'aJ;J.\l .tier a visit to Niagara !!'ails, Canada, Buf· fl()ll. ~,soa,·i,s EJMv!aTd T~ Eyek, falo, Rochester n.ti.d' syracuse.- a. man l!Jb'?~~ fi\f,ty .years of :a.g~, llL'?d Mrs. John F;iy'~ild: her two children hiS •JU'Oitb~ ,is said to be ·wbml.t. seven- having spent s&nie :~eeks with -rela- fy yeats 1 .Q1£ The WQm;.n is not tives here-feturnefi 'to New York last 'W'hol'ly hflt~, bu;t she .'li~ea, what week, , . housework ~ done. This is ~id to Mrs. Edward Cme.'·and Mrs. Elrank consist merely qf -cooking t;he meagre Kiugsl:mry were the' guests of relatives repastJS of whicli ·they partake to keep and friends in .A:I·bany and Troy last body arud spJ¥1 together. Tlie house week. Harvey Hall of New Ibe~ia, La., is visiting fr1ends fn this vl~iuity. 1\fr. Hall is a son 'of formal' County Clerk .Aloul!lO Hnll. / FULTONVII,LE NOTES ia' said to b.!j t~o fil<thy for swine to live in, and. yet two hum~n beings ca.ll it home, The a.ttenti~n of Vhe . overseer of the ,poor of the town of Florid'll. was ea:lled to 'IJhe cond·itions elcistlng t~herf) and efforts were m~,J..de to f!Jave the -aged womoan retm<Oved bo the county almshouse, but nothing I ' · came ot tt at that ti·me. The neigh· Rev. J. Ill. Russum was a Johnstown · bors h. ave ag!aln 'asked the a.utlhorities visitor '.ruesday;. .. to step ln aud do som€1lfu'ing, and u-n- Mr. and i\Ir·s. Philip Able were re, cent yisitors at ':vnna yille less •a{)tion 1 is taken soon compl'aint will be moade to a hifrher piolwer. Jl,fiss Florence Brookman has join- ed the ranks of ~ateur photograph~ \The farm i'lfllaid to 'be a. :ta:irly good ou~ and is owned by Alex. ers. Roib'b, a. ~~ee>ta.dy me>rcnantt. 'J:'IeTh nr. and Mrs.. Se.dgwicl• Clark re- · -~ . ~ sen hall climb~d th(l teleJ;ihone ])Ole to , a h-etkblt of eil!i'ht feet l!llnll then g!\a;blb~d hold of lbhe guy 'Wire w.hicli. <; ~, ,_ ~ '·A pre~'M)ne (weddi~ took p,l~e .evwttftg wt the r$Si1i~e ot-~1'. and .Mrs •. Tunis B. Cole on dad;v slr~'t, had come in C!)ntliiClt with ·a Uve one. He re:ceived a flllock of 28\0-Q' voats aiid fell ba.ckward. • His shoe cruuog,b:t in one 1 of_the steps ton ttihe pole and w.as torn from Ji!ls foot. The man· fell . ' on 'the :Pavement below •and it '\Va.'S seen 't'hwt he was q u~te ti!Udl'Y •hurt. A crub was called and Petersen Wlas tak~ en to, the office of Dr. R: L. ,Bak~r: on Hopper stre~t:j It wa.s fotlnd th·at ,n;;.; a,nkie\na.'d''imen brud<ly 'spr:iiltned: IMFd' 1igam~s 0(, the right 'leg w~re Slbt·af,rtM ifrofn· 'the ·an'kle-td t'he knee. The shock uid not burn :h!im any. After lia;V'irig ' his wounds' ·dressed' Petel'!!efi· was -seD.t to ·h'is'·rrome. f MANY GUfSTS fROM THf TWO COUNTifS )Irs. ~'rank Burton vf Gloversville, Entertains· Ladies From This and / Other Cities. The pieasaut home of Mr. and Mrs. Fr<tuk Burton, No. 230 West Jl'ulton street, Gloversville, wa~ the scene of an- enjoyta.ble gath~ring Thursda.y af- ternoon, the occasion 'being a rec:Pp- tion given by :\Irs. BurtQn to about 225 guests from .Johnstown, l<'nltonville, Amsterdam · and Gloversville.\ The • house presented a fascinating appear- < ·w)len their q~n.ighter, Miss Jessie Belle'· l'Im'en')!s · an!l,- O!arence J. Bogatus W~l'e maNjed, The ceremony iWAS ~­ forme<l .by 'liev,'R. Foste1• Stone in the p~esence ,of a number 1)f rei a tives and ~m~edml:e- ~y,ie¥ds· . The happy ev.ent w:as an autuUln wedding, the de<l{}ra- '· t1ons of the 'qome being of many po.t;- fed plants· .and ~all· foliage. T.be J:!.UP·· tial ;J>.uot 'was tied umler . an atlbor ot • I ~. aut~mn leaves- in {he p;tt;IQr. ., . M;iss Hazel MOJ'enus ofl:iciated at the P!ano a.p.d..at ~ :-o'ciook the cbridal party descendeti th~ stairs from the hall a•bove and took- their station beneath the arbor of ~utiimniii tinted f<>liage\ wher~ tq!) ceremony was solemnized. Miss Florence Dillenbeck w~s the bridesUlaM a:b.d Harry Lippert the best .man •. 'l'he' 1 bride's dress was of blue silk .voile aft~ the bridesmaid's of the same material. The.ceremony over: t~e newly married CO\l'Ple.were the re· cipients vf the heartiest congratula- tions 'and best wishes of their friends, after which a sumptuous wedding sup- per was served. This morning M;r. and Mrs. Bogatus left for a w.edding tour of the· western part of the state whi'ch will include a visit <With reia- tives .at Syracuse. Upon their return they will reside at NQ. 211 Prospect street. , Jphn Bohan and W1Wam Graham, ef Amsterdam, were indicted for burglary in the third degree and gr.and larceny in the second degree. :Both pl-eaded not guiltY· Attorney G.eorge C. Butler, of St. Johnsville, was named to appear for Bohan and Farmers and market gardners who still have fruit and vegetables Tequir- ing gathering or who have fruit or· chards this fall and are in lleed of help might dQ well to appiy to the state commissioner of agriculture. for he has written Senator W. W. Armstrong, saying that since he understands the a·pple crop in Monroe county is good tiiis fall he would like w get work there for many applicants who are ap- plying to him. R'Elcording secr-etary, H. B. Ten Eyck, Johnstown. turned to their, b.QJPes in New Y<l'rk E;~clt i'l;l ,wpr!ing t:Jh:e platoo on shJares, . do1ng a.H , th.e work without a;ssi.stt- SundayJ!J , • · ance with its decOI·ations aJ'l'anged by Florist Loeben of Gloversville. Au- tumn flowers and foliage were CO'nsplc- uous. · The bride receiv~d many handsome as well as useful presents consisting of silverwar-e. cut glass and money all of }Vhich bore evidence of the y:Ung people's popularity among their friends. Both the bride and groom are well known in Johnstown and they will hay.e the tbest wishes of their friends fo_r their future happiness. . auee. , vnarles R. Tobin, of Fonda, to rep- . resent Grah-am. Corresponding secretary; E. D. Gordon, Johnstown. ~ • Fran Blow qf Johnstown called on · ---- relatives and :l'riends in town Sunday. • ~ '· George Surnear, wl;l.0 ' has made himself conspicuous through his con- duct around his home at Sprakers, where he has been accused of arson, Treasurer, S. W. Fear, Glovers~ Richard. Kilhnartin ~as purchased ' FULTON COUNTY MFN the Edward Gilbert property on Cen-· ·A'P.I'ENDED CONVENTION. vme. ' With a view .to finding work in the state for desirable i=igrants coming from Europe. Charles E. Wieting, the commis!Aoner of agriculture, starte(l. a special bureau in his depa1·tment for communicating with. consuls and steamship agents abroad, his object being to influence the destinations of promising rural immigrants leaving for ;this country. He started the bureau in September, 1900; the report he sUb- mitted tB.e legislature at the beginning of thi-s year was so promising that it was particudarly commended, and an extra appropriation of $7,500 passed for the mainte!'mnce of its particular branch of work. /Coun.ty Supt., . Albert Walters, Johnstown. ter sn·eet. ., :tpatdmonial infelicity and burglary, , was indicted for burglary in the S.ecretary home dept., T. C. Cal- derwood, Johnstown. 1 Secretary primary work, Mrs. w. Darius Marlette, Miss Laura Yates and L A. Yates. .attended •the OQ\bles: kill fair Wednestlay. .. \hifd degree, for breaking into Camp Blummey, near the county house, tn Palatine. Surnear is likewise ac- ~Jlsed of petit larceny for the re- lpoyal from the camp of articles 'lfalued at $2. Through his attorney, ~enry M. Eldredge, of Fort Plain, he.. entered a. plea of not guilty. Colgrove, Johnstown. SecretarY normal work, Rev. J. Dyke, Mayfield. Ml'. and Mrs. Giles Yates have <re- turned from a week's visit a·mong rei-' atiYes at New Yo:r~. Secretary organized Bible class work, Mrs. Arch L. Stoller, Johns- town. Mr. and Mrs\ ·.J. D. Singer and son Arthur spent Sunllay with ::\il'. SingPr's parents at Jlion.. '· Miss Dora Bonde has returned from a several weeks' :visit among friends in ,~Joseph Marquette, Paolo Aristo, :Asheso Markmans and Mark Marco Secrtary cradle roll, Mrs. Fred Miller, Johnstown, No town superintendents were pl~ed in numinatio~,. -as it ·being understood that the several. pJ:esi~ dents of town organizations should act as superintendtlllts. Syracuse 1 :.. , ·Mr. JWd Ml!s. &,zra. Nar-e .of .johns: town ,passed Sun~ at tl).e,hQ!l,l(! ·-?f ' ' - 8ll. Italians. were jointly indicted tor assault in the :first degree, com- mitted in the town of Root on June ~6th. the victim being Oscar Ole- ~n. They pleaded not guilty. The· particular communication ad- dressed to the senator by George L. Flanders, assistant commissioner of agricultute reads: Hou. Robert We1nn.le. (' ·Olin L. Rljssum)(!ft Wednesday for •Executive - committee-H. _ Van Dellburgh, Bleecker, chairman; Ralpli Chant and Lucien B. Young, Johnstown; John Smith of the Luth· eran church and W. A. Dockstader, Gloversville; Rev. W. J. C. Wilson, Broadalbin; Rev. G. K. Fraser, Northville. ~ J ,>! New<OUnQ.l~nd where ·li~· .will engage 1n the lumfifl- 'nnmiless. . St~phen Dzekowicj, an Amsterdam Polish youth, who was accused of tb.ro.wing .a. stone through the win~ ' -q.ow of; a ·New York Central pa.ssen- ~er train at Cranesville, on August :)6th, was not indicted.. The lad dis- qlaimed any -intention of wrong-do- ip:g, saying that he was simply ~ fJlrQwing stones promiscuously, like . sev.eral other boys, for the sport of it. , Joseph A. Jacll:son, who conducts a hotel at Vaiiey Brook, just out- side the village of Fort Plain in the town of Minden, was indicted on two counts for violating the· liquor ~ax law. Jackson was brought into 'lOurt- and entered a plea of not guilty through his attorney. His l)aSe, like all the others, was sent over to the county court to convene Octo~er 6th, for trlal. Want Mo•·e Pay \We were ihformed J.ast year that owing to the scareity of la-bor in your vidnity a laTge quantity of fruit was left upon the trees. We understand .that tht> apple crop is good in your county this fall, and as we are havi~g applications from a large number vf men (or work during the fall ·would 11ke to know if we ~n be of any ser- vice to your people in furnishing them su~h help.\ CORN ROAST AT THf BRIGGS fARM Misses }<'ranee and Briggs entertained Club Members in Deli~htful 1\fan• ner ttt Latter's Home. Th& grand jury adopted the fol- ·. +.l'0'111ine: resolutions: ·.rhe meiiJlbers of tire Stnden•ts club Re_so~ved, That the board of sup- were the gu;{sts of Miss lVJArY France be requested and urged to ,mnd Miss Saibr'a Briggs .at the home o-f suitable accommodations in ~Iiss Briggs, west o1' the city Thurs. old court house for females who everuing. 'Dhere were il·bout twenty ,.be V(itnesses in attendance be- members of the .)!tttr an·d ·a. few in- the. grand 5ury. vited friends prese-nt and '<t ·most en- other resoldions and recom- joya.ble time was partlci[Jated in. 'fhe ~elida~io'n~ adopted were as follows: guests werf! treated to a.n old :flash\ . Resolved, That the board of super- ioned corn roast. A large fire' was of I11or.tgomery county be re- :il.1'ail.e in the yro-d, around which ali ~.t'.~~mesl:ed to fiX the compensation of g~a~thered '!l;He ,f)le cor-n WlBS roast- ~);'\[t.tC:!il:!.td. jurors o! this county at the ing and tlle ··ro-,n~; ~od ·'ttihiiS tha.t i ;~!~~~~~o!~fre~$~3~~:ai:d~ay, in accordanee were served. 'were ·Ming prepared. provisions ci an act passed The everit wa.S. ern-e of it serieS of S!oci- at its last session, al everits'f!lhe members· of ~ club Trustees for three years-0. L. Evrest, George E. llunter, and W. E. Werner, Gloversville. Trustee for two years in place ot H. B. Ten Eyck, resigned, W. H. Colgrove, Johnstown. The program in the eveDJi.nog Wl!l8 ea.dled out as announrced exce!Jent • • ~d·dresses being deliv~ed )b.y J. w. Rayhlll of Utica., and' R.ev. Grant Colfax Tuller of New York. ' MJS~ING YOUNG WOMAN ,IS FOUND IN BOARDING HOUSE. M1ss Mattle Fowler of No. 24 Ohr'i•stie stree:t, Glavet'SVIille, '\V1ho <b!ad ' been missdng from Jler ho,me si~ ~!\Sot 'fuesdlhY, was looa.ted Tlhursda;y in a. boo.rdl.ng house eonducted by Mrs. M. S. Tooker an South Mam street. ·Miss FOIWler ·h136 been •a.n in- ' . maol:e of the Utic'& state 'hosnitJrul . \ ' ha;ving ~n l'f!!leased from. •thaJt in!Stti- Bon. Romeyn Staley and. wife of Mtnaville ~\f•ent Sunday with. Mr. and Mrs. Briggs Bradshaw. Mr. and Mrs. GOOrge Friers of .Al- bany were visitonr at the home of Mr. and M-rs. Jack Fl'lers Sunday. ·compensation to include the ,.,,,,\o · .... ' · · · '· planned ·for this sooson in honor ';Si:Jmtn.e a:nd petit jtu•m·s or this term C'lf •the'Jentn. a.nnivCTlla.I,\Y ~.·:the-or- .,_ ... _, .. .,,., the supreme court. tution last Ju1y, Sinoo whlen · tlime she has been Hving- wlth ·her sd&ter, Mrs. Wi!Uam ll'. Bl'andlow in t:OO.t city. It is beUeved thalt she iS suffer- ing frll':m some form of tnelianehioly, ib:rougM on bY work or•<W'Ol'l'Y,. ru3 last Tuesda-y me ~e'llt ,jJqme going later to-- t!ie boaritillg \b.O]lae where she retused to give her 'iiJa.\ine or a,ny :inrorm~ion oon:cernilfg bers~lf, f·ur- t,her thtm. tlu\t 'She Wii!i 'l'GSpecita!ble and cottld pay .her ~ay. '·, · ~J:~:o;:~;;~; That the thanks of the f1 jurors ~ tenaered the district 'jj;j£ornoey, Hon. John S. Maxwell, his Fox Sponable; also the Emory Elwood, and the ·~a,r'ry Luther. ......- ~;b.i~t':l:Bflr' 'We have inspected the jail and found everythilfg in anti healthful condition, i'e!C)re be it That we commend the ·p,nd his assistants for faith- l:heir duties as to tiilirc·.oi· the property and prismt- !~0.~~;:j;p. eharge, as well- as in all Other ,committee on resolwtion .:; was ~pl-pros~!d .of Harvey Wick, of Min- H. Clay Seeber, of Canajoharie, Jonati;U:I.I~ Vedder, of St. Johns- ' -----~ • ~·,BOTSFORD BALL ganization. ':J,IT'.l'LE FALLS 'SUED. ., --- Mrs. \'Sylvia E. Wetherbee, nge(l '75 LITTLE FALLS, Sept. 27.-Mrs. years, wlqow Qf the late Joslwh Wetb- Nalley Getmnn,~widoV.-. of Thi:nldeus eri.Jeu, died at ·her home, No. 10 ·Cedq:i- Getruan,.JlllS filed !!:. claim against' the street GloversvlllP- Fri. eve~ng. T·!ie efty 10 1l;!f5,000' damages on ·account of surviving relatives are one daughter. her hu!iban,d fn!Ullg dawn one of the :llrs. Ella Dodge, o~'l.e granddaughter, sti!p~ of \Skiddoo Kasle,\ one of, the !>rrs. George 'Griffis, and one gre,!lt- wt~nctj!'ns. oJ the street fair, causing granddaug;bter, Edith ~fae Grilfis1 11 tso injuries. His death, it is elatnyl(l, was one b~otb~I'. EdwJn StQddard of · Hll!i r~sult.o! ~te iltjuries. Sh~ alleges field,· and two sisters, Mrs. Ervin tlJ.<!!; city ·is dlable because it gave derson, of {}loversville, and Mrs.-AI\'ICE~·l the m~a~rs of the etre~t :tal-r permis· Cole of Wisconsin. slon tq. J!!!e the streetS. Attorney A. The funer11.l service W'aS illeld aJt H. Bell~ng_er: is Mrs, Getman's counsel, the house, :So .. 10 Ce~r :street, Glov• el's\•ille. at three o'clock Saturday afi teL'llOOn. Rev. Chester F. Ralstmi offi· elating. The ill'ter'ment wa;s .m.lde Pro~peilt Hill ceru~ery. <- ' / ~ ' ' ' I ,...,...· Harriett Botsfortl Ball, aged 55 I <¥J:•~--. d'1~ Frid•a.Y morning 'at 3:30 VISIT lN ALllANY 'BUSH at 'her home in Gloversvlll<'. d~eased ~ is survived by one IIOIIiJter; Mrw. Howard Goodfellow of 'fhe hostess and her aunt. Mrs. Wil- liam L. Johnson of' JQhnstown. re· ceived the guests with the assistance of Mrs. Godfrey F.lillabranllt of John- town, Mt:s. George C. Burr Mrs. L. A. Tate, Mrs. Charles W. Judson, Mrs. John C. Hut-chinson and Mrs. Cath- erine l\<I. Johnson and :\fiss Burton all of Gloversville; •Ml'S. Heward Place, Mr~. H. J, D!llon, Mrs. Cla:t;- ence P. Williard, Mrs. Abram Lehr, Miss Etra Spencer, Miss .Aseneth Deming, loliss Jessie Tate, Miss Mabel Gell an, Miss Lqura Heacock and ' . Miss Mable Todd presided at the luncheon. Kilmer's orchestra was prese:il:t:and rendi:\recr dellghtfnl musie. 'fitose present from Johnstown were: Mrs. Godfrey F.lillabrandt, Mrs. James Mc)Iartin, Mrs. Charles Miller, Miss . ' Kathrine Campbell, Miss Belle Stew- art, Miss Margaret Burdick, Mrs. Mc- Intyre Fraser, Sr., :M:rs .. Mcl'lltyre Fra- ser, Jr., Mrs. J. P . .ATgersinger, Mrs. W . .h. Wooster, Mrs. William Wood, Mrs. J oJm Hays, Mrs. William Briggs, '!.~iss Rachael Briggs, Miss - Kate Streeter, Mrs. W. C. F.lackney, Mrs, A, J. Nellis, 'Mrs. J. F. Murray, Sr., Mrs . P. P . .A,rgersinget', Mrs. W. H. Alexan- der, Mrs. Burton Wells, Mrs. E. Fonda, alld Mrs. B. Jllvans. RAINED MILK AND OREAM ON CANAJOHARIE DEPOT ACTIONS TO RECOVER IN . ' MONTGOMERY CO. COURT FONDA; Sept. 26. - Case N.o. 8, Irving Moyer vs; the village of Nel- liston, an action in which tb,e plain- tur, a Fort Plain attorney, -sought to recover for legal services, and ' whtcli was set down pending a set- tlement, has been discontinued. The village has comJ1romised with Mr, Moyer, w.ho takes judgment against the ·corporation for $-655 and. cost's: ,In No. 29, Oscar Neff vs. Howard J. Rogers and another, an action .to . \ recover on a check, judgment was taken. Of the se-veral jlases on the calen• dar marked for trial the :llrst to be taken UP' was No. 2, that of Milo Kretser, :vs. the Royal Gem Mills · company. of St. Johnsville, to recover for negligence. Kretser, who is 17 years old, has a~ different times for the past· three or four years been employed i}l one of the Royal Gem Knitting mills, but on Aplil 14 of last year took charge of a knitting frame for another employe, who de- sired a \day off.' While operating ~ the machine it became clogged and in attemvting to disloqge the cloth, havin~ his arm inserted in ,;!,-\ ma- chine, it ·S~arted to revolve after hav- ing stopped automatically, The youth's left arm was broken and tb.e .nerves and ,tendons werelacer- ated .so. t~at it is claimed he ·is no longer abi!'' to perform manual labor with th;tt. hand. George C. Butler of St. Johnsville is the plailltiff's at- torney and Andrew J. Nellis of AI-' ),)any as QQunsel. Kernan & Nellis of Utica n>present t-he defendant company, with Judge Borse of Alll- st!lrdam a.s counsel. .. 'FlPWORTIJ LEA-GUERS ' MEETING IN COHOES.· . . ' . \

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