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I. '' '\= - c,, .. ,~, _,. -.;. ,,.., :J;'.-,;\'' :> .,.., '1 ~ \'~\'\ .. -\\''\\.-, -~>-;r \\,_,, .... • ~ l ' ., .~ • ' ' ' < ' ,~ . ' '\ 'TIICMDA-r, AUGUST 29, 190~. :_'f. T. :U. MtflS R.-\ILRQAD MEN INJURED-_. :, 'tBl'INW IN ANI> AROUND ALBAN¥·-~tvu .• ;. 1 · -(LeRK er certificate, and tl'l-i bfficer .!)ro'v1qin:~ Ji· the official ball-ot must then prov.Me of- ' ticilll adhesive pastel's bearing the I ----- -IN NORTHVILLf IS INfORMfD * ' •' na.me of the new nominee. Tbe past· ers are a-tfixM to the ballots by the ballot -clerks ·before delivery to the electors. John Bailey, aged about 22, of Rensselaer, eoployed on the B. & A. road as a brakeman, was run over by a freight train at Van !'foes- ens Thursday evening. His left foot was crtisned and \t'he· right leg !Jnl.ken in two places above ,the knee. - ·He was plaeed aboard train No. 17',.-;md taken t~ Albany, to the Homeopath- ic hospital, where it was found. nec- essary to amputate the left leg be- low the knee. ·\ ·-- -- ~ - ---- - -~-· ---~ -- ' !FttliTON A~\D H.\:\IIJJTON OOUNT¥ . DEATH REC.<\LLS MUR.DER SECRETA~ .OF STAT:i'S- WHi\J.EN., • · \rf · · S ~ ,.. :;. I DEJ,EGATE.\l HOLD OONVEN· SENDS cW, T OFFI(JfAL WORM~~.. MYS'l'~, NEVER OL\V$D. - . TioN il..VD ELE(Yr OFFICERS ATION ~\'RELATivE: TO THE &.muel 'Lansing, colored,--know:~ rut · ,,.J<'OR THE ENSUING YEAR. HOLDING OF ELECTIONS times l>Y the name of Jraickson, who .r.,_,_~ * * * * * * * * * * * * * $ * * Olficers elected at the an- * convention of the Fulton * Hamiliton counties W. C. * convention at Northville * Dennis Hickey of Rensselaer, em- ployed by the New York Central railroad in the West Albany boiler shop, was carrying a heavy piece of iron with a hook about 4:30 o'clock r-:.; .• yestE~rday, were as follows: : Thursday afternoon, when the hook *_~:-. President, Mrs. Adaline Wil- * slipped the iron falling Upon Hick· *'\ Mayfield. * ey's right leg, fracturing it below \' ~ Vice president, Mrs. Gertrude * the k:t1ee. * L. Hubbs, Johnstown. * 1 b t 28 *\-· Corresponding secretary, Mrs. \ Salve Antone! o, aged a ou , * H. Gertrude Burr, Gloversville. * who claims Chicago has his homA, *,;;.':· Recording secretary, Mrs. N. * was run down by the cars while ~.-.c. Turney, Johnstown. * I walking on the D. & H. tracks at '!' ,. Treasurer, Mrs. Frances * * Whitaker, Mayfield. * Delanson yesterday afternoon. His \' County Organizer, Mrs. A. * right leg was badly crushe-d. '!':te * Wilkins, Mayfield. * was taken to the Homeopathic hos- • Loyal Temperance Legion * pital at Albany. At the hospital it 1 secretary and musical director, * was found necessary to amputate ~t Mrs. L. M. Crouse, Johnstown. : the injured le~ below the' knee. An-- .'! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ~ tonello has no friends in this section The annual convention of {WQlD.en's Christian Temperance the on the country. Un- ion of Fulton and Hamilton coun- ;tiies took place aJt Northvi-l<le on Fri- da~. The sessions were_ held in the Methodist church of that place and . ~e delegates and visitors were fine- ly entertained by the members of the union in that village. A pleas- ing feature of the gathering was ihe presence of Mrs. Frances Gra- l!.am, state president, who delivered an interesting address at the even- fug session. ------- CANAL BRfAKS THf WORST IN HISTORY Repair Work at Syracuse is Slow Because of Fresh Difficulties Encountered Constantly It will be some weeks yet before navigation Cfl.n be resumed on the Erie canal, through to Buffalo, ac- cording to the present outlook. County Clerk Hea;gie 'has ·reeeived from the Sec.reatry of St'a.te W'halen in·forma1J!on which -he tras compHed reg~rding election, a:s folJows: EleCLion da.Y, Tnesdlt,y, November 5. Polls •open 6 a. m., pol1s clohe 5 p. m. Annual Pl\imary day, seventh Tues- d<ay before the day of generail alec· t!on-Seyp-tember 1 7, except m the city of New Y~rk, where the sixth Tuesday before tJhe day of gell.era.l · eleC!tiop sball be known as B.!IllniU!lll primary d!aly, Sep>temlber 24. In tJhe county having within its ldmf.ts a city of the firs-t class there is 'iloil a;d- ditJion•al p.r:imary day on the fifth Tuesday before t'he genena.l roeciion day-October 1. In suC!h city the :fi:rst primary election , wiH not lbe held in case a State or jud~cal convention is not called for the nomination of a State oftLcer or judge of the S\lpreme Court. RegLstrwt'ion d!ays in lll!ll cit1es, ex- Cellt New York, •and in vi-Uages of 5,000 or more inhabitants, as fo'l- laws: First da.y, }'rid!Ly, Octo'ber 11, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.; second da.y, Satur- day, Octoiier 12, 8 a. m. to 9 p. m.; third d:ay, Friday, October 18, 8 a. m. to 9 p. m.; fou.rth -d-ay, SwtuTd'ay, October 19, 8 a. m. -to 9 •P. m. In the city of BuffaJo the hours of reg- istm'tlon are from 7 •a. m. -to 10 p.m. &gistration bays- Registration days in New Y'<>rk city as J'o111ows; First d:ay, Mond~a.y, OCitober 7, 7 a. m. to 1 0 p. m.; se- cond ·d.aY, ',Cnesd-ay, October 8, 7 a: m. to 10 p. m.; third d-ay, Sa;turday, October 12 7 oa. m. to 10 p, m.; fourth day, Mond•ay, October 14, 7 a. m. to 10 p.m. -RegiS'tmt'i-on in ele>Cition districts other than 'in cities or V'lllllllges of 5,000 inh•a'bi'bants or over are: First The morning session was called at 10:45. Mrs., N. C. T1,1rney of Johnstown, the vice president, pre- i'itded until the arrival of Mrs. Ada- line Wilkins, the president. . The de- votional service was led by Mrs. Ani- bal of Johnstown after which the report Of the secretaries were pre· ~ented and accepted. This was fol- Jwoed by remarks by Rev. Charles IF). Miller pastor of the church. The :qoon-tide prayer meeting was con- dJiced by Mrs. Bennett of Glovers- ville. \New . difficulties met in the Erie canal repair let to a consultation between those in charge of the job and representatives of the engineer'!!c office,\ said the Syracuse Herald re- cently. \No sure way of settling the problems was developed. As a result, final efforts will be made to get a new creek arch up and if they succeed, th~J . canal can be re- opened about September 1. If they do not, the officials are unable to make any predictions as to the out- d:a.y, Saturday, October 12 · from 9 a. come. In any event, it will be neces- m. to 9 'P· m.; second d\a,y, Sa.'burd'ay, sary to take the whole work down Octaber 19, from 9 a.. m. to 9 'P- m. after the close of navigation, and Designation of polUng p~ces ex·. build a new arch, probably from ce-pt In •the city of Bu:tr-aao, Tuesd'ay, end to end. That will more than Sepltember 3; in the city of Buff·a.lo, double the cost of the work. It August s. l)evotioDal Se:rrices.- ·At the afternoon session the de- votional services were in charge of Mrs. James of Mayfield and prayer Wall' offered by Rev. Mr. Barker of Northville. Mrs. Alice Gulick, pre!ilident of the Northville union, , delivered an address of welcome to Which Mrs. Kate Dobinson of Glov- ersville made the response. Memor- ial services were conducted by Mrs. Cora E. Gardner of Johnstown in 1J.c:,nor of departed members. has been absolutely impossible to List of candid•wtes of ele.otion offi- get a solid foundation for th~ cers in cit;ies to be filed not ·Ia~er tha-n broken· arch. The soil beneath the~ Ju-ly' 1. Appoln>tmeonot of elootion officers in cities on or before Sep-tember 1. canal at that point is marshy. When the arch went out the inrushing wa- ter played havoc with the under ground. All sorts of obstructions Pu•blicat.lion of polllllng p~aces ··and e'le'Mion distrilct ooundaries in ci:t'ies, have been found in driving for a except New York, Ociolber 10, 11, 12, foundation. 17, 18 19, November 4 e.nd 5. In New figured in a sensaltional mnrdet tri!ll1 and was a;cqu-ttted dn S<fuenectJP,dy poun.ty 17 years ago :i'S dead a;t 'the age of 44 yetatrs. He qived nerur South Schenectady. Lansing W'as working for Philip Dutcher, 'l:lhe moulding sa;nd dea·ler, at -the time he Wlas charg- ed with muTder and continued 'to work for Mm \Ul-t\11 his death. It w·as charged thM Lansing: who •wt tiljles clranik, entered t-he house ofJollmHh.r- die,' a b'a.l'lber on the &dga of -cotton factory Hololow, Scheneetady, and her 'h-uSband was a.way from •home, murdered Mrs. Hardiie, hor.ribly mu· t'11aJting her body. A oonviciion for the -crime has never been In!'.de. Lan15ing w•as in!ii.cted for murder a.nd a sensa-tional tri•a.l ensued, bu.t uhe case ·against J.SJt>kson -w1rus wealt anod he WlaS discharged. MINOR PARTifS MUST HOLD ~NROLLMfNTS Attorney General Jackson Decides Official Registration by Partie~ is Necessary. A.LBANY Aug. 22.-.Mthough tJhe primary e'laCJtion law 'W'as ·amended by the legis[·ature •a!t its session -this year to compea potitical parties, entitled to a place on lihe offi>Otrul 'ballot to hold official pr'l!mar.ies for p.arty nom- inations, A-ttorney Gener<al Ja.cks'On, in an ·opdnion made pu'bldc 'hQlds th•at ·v)1e Inde'Pendence Le1ague, the Soci.a1ist, and Prohibition prur<ties, may nom!na.te for offices. to be voted for at the comdng elec!Jion throu·g'l} unoffi.ciaJ pr&m'81'1efl ·as provided by the existing s>l!a.tutes regulating un- official primaries.' The •a:tlto:rmey gen- eral holds th!at the Independence Leag-ue, the Soc'iaUst, and PrOihiibi- tion parties, if tlhey are to ·come un· der ijjhe pri'm'!llry system mus-t prepare this year by proper enrollmen-t for the ·holding af ofliciaJ. pr'ima.ries next year. He con-tends that t'he-se par.t.ies en,rollment thi.s year. \An officia.l primary cannot be held,\ says the attorney genel'lal, \in the absence of an enroUment \previ- ously made.\ As to the •prepar.atJimi 'Of ad-ditionaJ oooks the a.ttOI'Illey generaJ. sass he has been adv-i1iled by the secretary of state th·at tJbe order of the Clc.lumns should be: ' H~~AN VAN .-A~,1WE~P ' FROM BICYCLE ON NORTH ---PERRY STREET AND NARROW• LY ESC;:\,PED DEA.TH tiarJan Van Antwerp, aged about ten years, a ~;~on of Nathan Van Antwerp, met with a serious ' acci- dent Thu·rsday, ~h-ich came MaT being the cause of ending the boy's l-ife. Young Van' Antwerp was rid- Ing a bicycle north on North Perry street and when nearly opposite the scl\Qol building on that street, at- tempted t& cross the car tracks in front of a 'team drawing l·umber. One of the wheels of the bicycle s.werved when it came in contact with tbe rails and young Van Ant- werp was thrown to the pavement and rolled under the horses in such a manner that two of the wheels passed over · his leg and arm. The boy's. screams attracted the attention of ·person nearby and he was taken t~ the home of his aunt, Mrs, George A. Eckler, where Doctors Beebe and Hogan were summoned and later he was moved to the home of his parents on Burton street, where it was found that the bone of the left leg had been fractUI;ed near the> thigh and the unfortunate boy had been considerably bruiJ;ed. Young Van Antwerp's escape from more serious injury is con- sidered very fortunate. The rig was in charge of John McVean. • FIVE YE.-lR ~ A LOCKJAW VICTIM. Ralph LesHe, aged fiye yeaTs, the son of -a farmer residing near the Fish h-ouse, was taken,~to the Littauer bos· 'PH·al Wednesd<ay la!fternoon, <a suffer· er from !o-c,k.i.a w. About one week ago the boy sev- e~ed the little -finger of his right hand in a milley, which is. used tC) operftte a large hayfOrk of -the -horse power va- riety. The injury was dressed at the time and the wound was apparently healing a11 well as coul-d be expected, until last Tqesday _11ighf. The boy. was then a-ttending a pic- I\ic at Saeandaga park an-d during the evening was seized with convulsions. He wns immediately taken to North- ville and placed under the care of a pV,ysic~n. . . , , , . , \ , , Upon ex:amination it was determin- ed that the youngster was suffering from lockjaw. FULTO:N'VILLE. Charles Sc:hanker and family have . But three deaths were reported '. dunng the year passed, namely: \The break has turned out to York ctty, Ocoto-ber 6, 7, 8 11, 12, 13, 14; November 4 .and 6. First, Rep®li'can; second, De·mo- moved ·to Valatie. Mrs. Eudocia Nichols, Mrs. Laura · Beebe and Mrs. Agnes Lundgren. Miss Jennie Wilkins sang \The Sil- ~r. Cord,\ and at the close -of the service, Mrs. Hubbs and Mrs. Crouse Q.f. Johnstown sang an appropriate .fu~. A song by tive little boys of be the worst one ever encountered along the Erie canal. It appears now that the soil several feet be- low the creek bed consists of a bed of gravel, underneath which is a vast quantity of muck. When the water ushed in at the time the arch broke it washed out quantities of this gravel, got into the muck Northville, entitled · \The ance Tug of War,\ was a Temper- beneath the debris from the boats, feature the immense stones from the broken the afternoon exercises. treasurer, Mrs. Whitaker of M:iiY.:!ie:ld, rendered her report, show- a balance in her hands at the of the year of $102.97. :fitl' ·lSllx Delegates.- credential epmmittee report- the whole number of delegates fjtet~Emt as thirty-six. They were among the cities and towns county as follows: Johnstown Gloversville, 14; Northville, 5; 9; Broadalbin, 3. superintendents of the vari- departments were announced were as recently published in :).»Jo!UJ;!· paper. arch and the remnants of the heavy wooden grillage up~n which the old arch stood, fell into the hole, only to be covered up by the further rush of mud and debris. Nominations and Declinations- Certificates of nominatl.on to •be filed wJth secretary of state: Party certifi- cates, SeptE'IDber 26 to October 6. Independent certifica-tes, Sep:temlier 26 to Odober 11. To be filed with councy or city clerk, boord of elections of New York dty and commissioner of elections of Erie county: Party certifi· cates, October 1 to October 11. Inde- pendent certlti<::rutes, ~tober 1 to Octo· ber 1.6. Wnere town meetings are held on cratic: t!hill'd, Independenoo- Lealgue; ~It'S. Wilson Fox and Mrs, William fourth, Socialist; flft!h, Prohib'lltton- Vnn Wie with theiT guests, ~Ir. and ist. Mrs. Waldron and Miss Grace Wal- MISS HELEN YOUNGS. M-rs. llelen Youngs died at 7 o'doek Monday night of heart disease at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Josepli' :mdi~k, a few miles north of Stratford. Mrs. Youngs was 60 years of age. S'he was •born in Canada and had lived in the United Sta:tes for about 35 years. She -had lived near ·Stratford for the past ten years. •Mr. Youngs died abvut ten years ago. , The gurviving relatives are three daughters, )irs. Edward Greene of this village, Ml'S. Joseph· Edick of Stratford and Mrs. W. F. Johnson of Lo-well, ,l\[ass., and two sons, George'· and Raymond, the latter being of Dolgeville. The funeral was held a1: 2 p. m., Thursday a-t the Baptist chureh in Stratford and inter. ment was ma-de in ~ratford. J;tev. ~Ir. Salisbury of ·SaUEYbury Center of- ficiated. dron, have left for Sacandaga park Miss Dora .Stoecker spent Satura-ay with Mr.s. Geo:rge. :Miller. William Yan Alstine left Sa.htrday on his $cation. 1\fr. and :Mrs. W. Tolley, of Cox- sackie, are visiting their daughter, J\.f1·s. FTank Veeder. , Miss Rose ~ewman and Miss Mabel Cal\'Jenter. of iohnstown, sp~nt Sat- urday with Mis!'l Nellie Billington, Miss Laura Yate~ is visiting Miss Marcia· Ea•cker in Boston. The employefl of the ·silk mill are enjoying a vacation of •two weeks. Mrs. R. Moyer, her daughter :.VIrs. Bertha Van Evet;!l, an-d son, are spend- ing a few days ·at Sacandaga park. Harry P. Voorhees, Mrs. H. Hilla- ·brant and Mrs. Carpent«!i· spent Sun- day with Mrs. Philip Conklin of Al- bany. ,. · Giles Mount has returned after his vis1t in Bulfalo. . ~-~- . ... - - ' That Lackint C:o.,-,lt «tiltmi:tet , l;lecause your s1.-tJbi· it exlt•usted ~ )'out·)Jowers of reiiltance weakened. lake Seiitt':J D!ttat.sicn. It buildsl.p-and· ~t(ena$e4Jyour entir&i~tem. ·, It coJd8ibs COd Liver oil aria Hypophosp}liteaso --prepared that it-a easy ·to ~and euy .~digest. ALL DR.UCCiiSTs: IIOc, VAN HORNE- fAMILY HOlDS A ·RfUNION DesMiu:lants of Famou&' Dutch . Sett- lt'r «lathered at Old Homesread to Renew l\:lemqries. . The Van Ho.rne fa-milly picnic and reunion was ·held at the ilO'Jllestead, now OC<!Upjed by C. F. Van Horne on the Sclw.haTie creek near Mill Polnt, RfMINISCfNCfS Of A ELIZABETH CADY STANTON A·:· ' . SOME OF HER TRAITS ' '' Details and Instances or the Fam~:. Woman's Early Life interesui}_g~' ' Iy Written by Attorney Dorut'i(i 1 McMartin \ Wednesdlay. Many of the descendents Few there are . who remem~~ o1' Cornelius c., and Hannah van old Black Peter and his wife, Cann. Peter Teabout his name was, ~d Horne. now deceased, -who owned and c d ' he was a 11ervant of Judge a x: occupied the a•bove farm for many He survived the judge by some years '\'\'ere present. years and was living within tlJe- Thei·e are three surviving children, lifetime of the writer, on West Clja:. • •. 1 ·z·. Ab f = nd S h 1 ton street, ;where also lived old • • ::-am, o ~,:o a; c uy er, ' Blaclt Dick and his consort Mag;_ who resides on iJhe farm; and Rev. These . two families and the \VU--' J)ayid Yan Horne, D. D., LL. D., of , Tiffin, Ohio. 'l\here a'l·e al1:1o •thil,teeu grandchildren ·and twenty-three great· lards were among the old fa.milie!!> of Johnstown, -whom Mrs. Stanlpn, often referred to in our after-hour ' meetings in the Cady residence. Old grandchildren, and six great great Tom Willard had been a 'slave cofi grandchildren making a grand total one of the Yosts when slavery e:x'-'1 of forty-five living descendents of the isted in New Yor'k. I thin-k the. original pair. There haYe been three others mentioned had also been, slaves .at an early day, though by, d'eaths in the fa-mmy circle s.in-ce t?e whom ~owned 1 do not know. Black, last picni-c of nine years ago. The Peter a-kd the Rev. Simon Hoosac~ New England people 'have just fini&h- were two o,f Mrs. Stanton's stau•ch, ed the cele'bration of what they call friends in her childhood and young_ \Old Home WeekY The descf'lldPnts gi~lhQod; ; days. Peter was th~· . . . judge's OOaf)hman and general man;;. of the P?ntans and Pll~nms came ager of ti),e house and garden an.d. from their dis_tant homes m the west. quasi-guarljian of his young da.uih~ They clim~ed a the old a~ple_ tree I ters, three in number; whom ~e~ hunted ·bens e.,!'.'s .. had :a ~wmg 1n ~h~ condu~ted about c 11 e village and to. old bam, went down to the old sw1m- church. · Iti) was a communicant of ruing hoqe; and had a good time genet'- st. John's .. church the only colored' . . ' ~ .... any;. It seems fitbng that m parts of I person who was. He sat in tli.:~· our great' eountry there ~hould be negro pevj' pf that church and aftet:. these pleasant home gathermgs. Rud- the whit.~ <lommunicants were thrw· yard Kipling says: \Lest we forget.\ he walked alone down the aisle an'd~ A pleasing program was successfully partook of' the Lord's Supper. Qne carried out, after a bountiful repast Sunday the ushers tried to placE? had been serYed and \Long Greens\ the ·three little girls in the \judge's disposed of, Dr. Van Horne acting as pew\ to ·the exclusion of their· chairman. Addreflses were ma-de by j black guar~lian, and they rebellled.~ rtev. _.R. A. ,Pearse of t.dle R~gtm¢ . and )V~~t .with Peter' to the negro.: church of. 1\IinaYille, Abram Van I pew where they thereafter sat w}!~ Horne of Fonda, -and singing by a 1 at church. Peter was tall ~ quartette, wi~ yio)in accompaniment.] dressed in blue clothes and brlij!Jill, _ The hour of departure took pi-ace ,at 5 buttons; though when I knew h~~;:, o'clock, all voting Mr. and ~I\·s. C. S. I he was old and bent, a verltable' Van Horne royal entertainers. j \Old ~lack Joe\ and now . he 4~ Th<Jse pre~ent were: David van J gone where. t~e ':ood darktes g,O; : Horne, D, D., I..L. D., wife and daugh- where a~l ,d1stmct10n of color has, # ter;; :msses Jennie and Gmce, of Tif· I b:\en. re~JJ,oved. It was , ti?-ls and, fin 'o.oio· Abram V:an Horne of Fon-1 other similar circumstances impres_~: ' ' ' sionable upon her childish min'd da; Mrs. Eveline Van Horne, Florid<~; that · made Mrs. Stanton thEir Abram Van Horne,. son of the late ·' Major Giles H. F. Van Horne, of Fon· champion for the negro and ,h'el\\ da; Mr. an..t Mrs. Schuyler Van Horne, of ~Iill Point; 1\irs. Jobn S. Van Horne o1' ~ew ~ork; Mrs. Myron Van Hoi'Ue and son, Dudley, of Van Hornesville; :\Irs. Anna Cady of Amsterdam; Ur. and :\Irs. C. 1!'. Van Horne, Locust Hill, l\1Nl Point: Rev. and ~Irs. R. A. Pearse. liinaville; Mrs. James A. Hanson, Johnstown; llr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Van Horne, Flo!'ida; .\IT. and 1-irs. Cornelius F. Van Horne, Glen; 1-Ir. and Mrs. John R. licUium- :...Ja, Scholillrie Falls; l1r. and :\Irs. c.has. B. DeGraff, Minaville: .\Ir .. and Mrs. Jonas Frederica: Am&terdam; ~Ir. and .\Irs. Abram Van Horne, ~illl Point; Mr. and\ Mre. Eugene Shelp, \'ull Point; .\liss Hannah Van Horne, I<'ond·a: Miss Ellen Mickel, Mill Point; 1\lrs. Jacob Quackenbush. ::\11-s. John V. Putman, Mr. and ¥rs. A_ Y. Putinan, Auriesville: Mrs. Wm.H. Voorhees;Mill own sex. About thia; period of _h.qr' life she beca:me acquainted with t]le' . ··r families of the · sheriff and the ho- tel keeper which ad~itted her to_ the jail, and the hotel dining rm~m, • duri'ng court week. And in those days court week was of more mom· ent tha.Jl it is today, both as' ~<i the amount of business done ll.J1d the celebrated lawyers who at} tended from away. And both jua&'~S, and' lawyers were enter.talned during' their stay by the leading citizenS ' who gave dinner parties and i;rr{ ·; ,. ,. 'In the evening, Rev. Charles E. conducted the devotional c:·.s\er.1rice and the female quartette ren- a selection after which an address by Mrs. Frances Gra- \Every effort has been made to drive long wooden piles into this mess. Some of them have gone in and others have been blocked. Some of them that went in have not reached solid bottom yet. Late yes- terday afternoon the wooden gril· !age was encountered. The men in charge then sent for steel 'I' beams. Some of these were sharpened and driven down to cut off the wooden grillage so as to admit the piles. More of them will be driven. \At po:i:nts toward the southern end of the work, where a foundation is believed to have been reached, the working of laying concrete will begin tonight. But the examination has shown that the remaining por- tions of the big arch, under the north and the south banks are un- dermined. That means that they will have to be rebuilt.\ •meral election day, ocertificates of nom-ination for \town offices sh:all be filed with the town and county clerks, wit•hin the time required for the filing of cerbificates o:l' nominations with the county oclerk: except th:at in tlle county o1' JJ.\J.•ie suC'h certificates shall be file.l with the commisSioner of elections and the to-wn clerks not less tillln twenty n-or more tlmn thirty da·ys before the day of_ election. Certificates of nomi· nation •by secretary of state, October 22. Publication of nominations in newspapers not later than October so. Lists of candlid:ates to be posted by town clerks or aldermen on or before November 2. HARRIS-MORGAN. . Mrs. Frank Galbt\lllth and Mr. aud Point: Mrs. Frank · Ed:wat·ds, Glen; ilt·s. Harvey Donaldson have left fol' E'chuyler Van Horn~.>, Florida; CQrnel· dulged in litera:h talks and gat~ ings before gloves became the staple of conversation as well as articles of extensive manufacture \'in Johns- town. During these day!! she would voluntaril;v- assist the daughters.. of: the hotel keeper in waiting on the table where she could see. and ho::'ar thE! lawyers talk and occasionallY' ~ntElr . into _a dispute with one ' o,f, them, who would not know that, . ~ ~Jj:~1Ilr, state president, was delivered, the words of the distinguished were listened to with the interest. Rev. George K. pastor of the Northville church also spoke at NEW FREIG]'fr HOUSE. stated thnt the plans which the ap:tra.l Rail'l'oad company ·have adopt- the new freight house and yard in Little Falls wlll make one of the model freight depots oountry. The new freight is. to ·be located on West Main ,between the sout!h eide of that M;pugJM'~tre'«lltd the north side of the of the Central. The structur~ about, 100 feet long by :about 50 LOST FINE COLT. Edward Geary, a well known horseman of Fultonville has just lost the most promising suckling colt he ever owned. Her name was Pearl Regent sired by Prince Regent Jr., dam Lucy Eyelight, 3-year-old trial mile 2:17 by Eyelight 2: 14. This young stepper was ·running in pasture with her dalll on the fair ground and was found dead Wed- nesday morning. The cause of her death is a mystery Mr. Geary had recently been offered $200 for the youngster. • Declination ~f pal'i:y nomination to be filed with secretary of state not later tlian Odober 11; of independent nomination not later ·than October 16. Declination of party nomination to be filed with cou-n:ty or city clerl;:, board 'of elections of. the eity of New York, or commdssioner' o1' elections of t ... e county of Erie, not later than Oc- tober 16, of, illldependent nomination not later than October 18. Except that a decl!nrution of nomi- n·ation to a town otfiee in towns wl1ere town meetings are he1d at the time of ' general electiops must be tiled in the o:lfice of tJ:te county derk, :and if in the county of Erie in i!he office of the 'comm•i~siollf!l' 'of elections, within the Winfield s. Morgan and Mrs. Carrie Haii'ris was marl\ied Friday niglht •rut 8 o'clock at the home of the bride's daughter, Mrs. Louis Cunning, No. 73 l!'remont street, Gloversville. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. B. Ho1·tou in the presence of a few im- mediate friends and relatives. They were accompanied by Mr. and :.\Irs. George Robinson of Johnstown. A wedding supper was served, after whi-ch lir. and Mrs. Morgan left for a wedding trip to include Saratoga, l•'ort Edward and o-ther points. Upon their return they will reside at No. 73 Fremont str~t, Gloversville. • OPPENHEBI. time required by this section ifor filing Mrs. Char>les Gibson is entert:a.bn-Jng the declina!tlon of nomination to a friends from Jobnstown. county ~m~: . Mrs. Jegse Leavitt -and son from Vaeancies in- Nominations-.- ;Hdsori are visiting, frlends !here. Objectb;l;~ to nomination- cet•t!fieate t M-f. a.nd Mrs. H!J,rwood Dudley ~J,re J• ~ I • must be r111ide in wrttlng within three -the guests of Mr.· and Mrs. J. P. Sac-u.nd-ttga •PaTk. l!'red HoU'bertz hoas 1·eturned from Sidney, where he hat~ •boon visiting fl'.ien<ls. Tbs death of :Miss Alice Boy-d, of Gl~>ns Falls, is learned here with re· gret. Miss Boy<,l. was a former resi- den-t of this village an(! had a great ma11y friends here. ' '• ¥iss Anna Foody and ¥J,ss Ev!ll Weep~r have left .for a few days' out· ing at Sacandaga, park. 'l'lle Baptist bhut-.ch in this village held its annual picnic at Randall w:ove. l\Irs. Philip Conklin of Albany, is visiting her ·mother, Mrs, H&rl'Y Hllla- brant. · -Mrs. Bllli~()ll has returned name fiom ·S:b:aron,' 'libere she has been li!Peniling a few days with friends. The Meth'Oilist church of this village in union with the Metn1wn~t <.'hurch of . , I' Fol}tl>t~ll~.J!'()~j:;?nnte'J',, he~d their an- llUif~ ~nlc ~~candaga pll.rk. ¥rs,_~Slm a· ~e;:two·f}aughters, ot ius T. E. Van Horne, Mill Point; Clarence Van Horne, Glen; ·Schuyl~· Voorhees, Newton Voorhees, liiss Maria Voorhees, M. -G. Herbert V<an Horne, Miss Hann&h Van Horne, :ann Point; Miss Mabel Y•an HQ-1'ne, Miss AntOinette Van' Horne, Florida; M·isses Edith and Dorothy Van Horne, Glen; Clarence and F'lorence Shelp, Mill Point;. Masters Edwin, F•red, Kenneth and Robert Frederica, of Amsterdam; Thoma!'! and Gil•bert McClumpha, o:l' Schoharie Falls; Clarence and Wilbur Plant21, -Locust Hill, Mm P{)int; J'illm Har<~ld Van Horne, Miss ·Do1•Qitby Ellis Van Horne, New York; Victor aoupt, Miss Mwble Houpt, Gloversvllle; llow- ard Shelp, Fultonville. There wet-e 66 in -attendance. At the reunion ~eld· nine years aio, 30 participated. It was voted to ilereafter hold tlle gatheri~~ annually:- he W4!-S talkin~ to the judge's da.~\. ter, while he was giving his order. for dinner, Her acquainta~ce with' ' the sheriff's family gave her entry- to the jail with its he11V'Y doc,, m¥.~ sive key, shackles and the prisoners. in whose- fate she tQok an active:..iti.; terest. She loved to liJ\ten. to '~@; Peter teli ~bout the various offend.:\ ers ,as· they sat by the fireside _on' ) :' colli 'wi11ter evenings. She mi:ea' old Peter because he was kine and' good. There wa!> one personage> however, she did oot like. The'.-... thought of him filled her with llior·· tat ·terror.' It was his Sant&nic majesty, the old DevU himself. IDs' bodily presence was literally taughil'' , her bY all except old Peter. .hnif She: saW llim cri)UChitlg •. in evecy~ corner. This also had an ~trect <on 'l her after Uf& which· alle finally .~ overc~e: -The ~vil's ~r~on :\'aD:-4c' tail '!tas supposed t?: 'JJ'e-· of a !re~:t:' ~-~: .. tpj:ever aftijr '. . }· - . ~~~~~~!~fo :rn!~::~ ~~-~cl?~ 't•a~:1that;'llofl)r· tn her taD,- · ,-,: ·z ,b \ S'ome bt tlil, · ; ·~ \ if the .dimensions of tl1e lot will It. ·Js e$11mated that the liinprovement will co;;.t dn (!:•]A,eiglhb•Jrbood of $200,000, and will t~m:aw~m!!ed as soon as the question eros,.ings in the city have settled. Ol'ERATJON SHO\Vlm THAT. d:ays, a~er.ij\e filing f!le~f. · ... ., !S•'I'{.art'l!-out. _ , ' · ; .:, - :an_~, New t;i.t'4:,, a~~ 'fiSitlng Mr. G. Wich· ' .... : .... 1i :, ~ • % 1 ,'l,liJ~di~lt$•d, '\' I~ • ' ,~.1-.~lli_' \\'l•' ~~: • ' ' \'\ -f.! SHE HAD NO CANCER. Vli!Cni\Cl~i!'d:u nominations caused •by Mr. an'd MnC/J. R:· Cline d,eclfn~~ctiO!ll ~r d'l~~Qnallftcation must be Sunday wi:l:h friends in St. Mrs. William v. Beresford, who has filled by filing ~l ee11tlficate with secre- viHe. s~nt Jo~ns- 1 :.,~ 1 ~~·.i ( ...... ,. ... .. , Wellington Cross Jlas left: for Sac· anqaga park: fall of 18'84.- . D0NALD OPEN SEPT. 9. !JOOn confined for several weeks to til~ tary of state, ~ounty clerk, city -clerk, Mr: DwlgM. p11ng of Sblaron Albany hosp-Ital, py serrous illness, ·board M.eJectio,~s ,fit the city of New, ~tns:!' spentSI,lp.d~y a.t;,T.;B;. G}l~~- -:::::2-:t=~~~:~J~t~~~~~;~i\{ was operated upon Wednesday'. bon- York, or ;co):li'i:\li$1oner ·of ~leetlons ot ·The, SUnday scneo! plcn~c 'Wloll, · b'e . d$ trary to the ex 1 ~ectation of the p-hysi- the oounty ot Erie on or before Octo· W'a.rllelds grove. A eordt.aa dnv¢if;.a.- i~~i~~~~~ .. ~~~~~:,j;~~~~~~l.~~~~i~S~ ~ant_~-· briq the city sclmols open k indet•garteo will be ~rontgomery street chms and surgeons, no symptoms ot ber 21, tion is• extended to >all. ' -~; , ulil that'& eaucer were found . ._IJ~e Is_ ~esijng _When~ ~~dlj.t~.~~ B:fi:er_~he.om: 1 __ R~m~ber. ·t.h? 911-thollc, dp,O(I,,{ · .· -.;,' . · comfortahly _a.ull ber:w.ndttlon. ~-- ~~~till.'nli~;~~~\~rJD~~ t!ie v!;' ·.~uj. ,n. ·a't_ -t1a~~~-.l}~·ll;,:..'A.~1 ~~~:~~~=:~:1 r.I:'I\J~tf.·>~tt.~.~:~·J~ ..... , very favorable. eat~el' ·m&J\iA'~ b7 ftUng the Pl\OI!· mvited. ~;, , . · · ~- ,;'1'&~-·,·· · '· _,: _\<: ,;}:~ \; ·, ' · \ 1 ' • ... ' . ... ~ . '

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