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The Broadalbin herald. (Broadalbin, N.Y.) 1880-19??, May 09, 1907, Image 1

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Office Johnstown, N. l'• VOLUME XLill. ' ' \ \ -- ' ' ' ' ' •• :. ~ 5 t l'ij; ' - ' , .. ~ - ·- -- v: • --. - - -- ' - ,/' . t\·Olt K, 'l' HUBS D A Y 1 B R 0 .-\. D A ll B I ·N, FU-L T'O·N OOUNTY, • 0----------------~---- \ way House. T~leplhone com)llumoa- BURRI1ID TO HOSPJr.l'AL IN SWIFT TUG, TO SAVE MFE NEW YORK, May 7. - Badly s·ca1ded bY the exploofon of·a &telllm pipe on a ~aunch of the swoolsna<p St. _Mary's, which is a.nehored at men C'ove, L. I., p-repal'laJtory to st~r:t- ~IIf~UP I \ ' OWING-TO i-ng •On a SUmmer CTUi'SEl,, .Jp<hn D~'Al',,·l and Leroy Block were · bti:fugl;lt to NEARLY EVER~ TRANS·ATIJA.N· this city on ~ fast tug· !torday, and TIO LINE- ~D BY THE taken to Bellevue hospital for trea.t- ' LABOR siTti-Am-rn-..t AT NEW ment. Both are caJdets, , _and> lta.ve · ... .._ 1 I YORK home in Brooklyn. Dye!!' \was en- gineer of •the-·1-aun-ch -a.ntt'~lock was ' j DEAN JIUFIFO't\''''S FU~ ' . ___ ____.· • • • l :: ,1 ~ ~ .'t ~ ' ... ' Hughes and O?:rp:en . ·~ fesst?rs Attend_ '!'~~ at </ Binghlllliton BINGHAMTON, Mat~7.-;- The fu- neral of\ Dean Ernest.-Wjlson lJ:ul'fcut, who killed ;hhnsel.if .~_illhe ,stelamer d .. w. Morse· sn!tqttd'ay,_.IW!IS ~~d y_eSiter- oay aiftern<io:il'in a: dfizz~ng ~rn -''!lt'1 o'cl'OCk :from t1ie ·home ·<6f illi:s ~·arents, Mr. ·and ·Mr~. Allllbrose S. Ruffctlt, ·9 ..._ I ~ .: f \.i, ., ~ ~ •-.. ' Arthttr srtrert· I '· :. The funeral. serV'iees w~r.e a.~Jtended ' ' by Governor, ;H).l-ghes, 'l;lis miUtai:y sec- : ' < ':l\ -. . ' ( MOST OF HER~:t\IONEY l TO; AID: BARNARD OOLLEGE - . . NEWPORT, R.·I., ~fay 7.- '1'hrfe· quar:ters of •an estate, estimated to be IWOl'th -mor.e than $1,000-;000, is left I to' B·arnard . .College, N(W York, u:rmer ~he­ will of Mi~ Emijy ~·\Gibbs, the w~al­ lt!hy recluse ~ died 'lll1; iller lhQome ~e­ eently. The remii.ining •qttart€'1' of the eSita.te :lis· deft to •}!iss' Edwma P<}st, dlaughoter oQif ·Miss Gib'bs' sister, Mrs . Edwi-n A. Post of New Y'tl>l'k.- Be;t'ore :her dea<!fb. Mdss Gibbs, 'Wlho waiS -considered eccentric, ''locked iher- . . . ENGINEER KILLED ' WAYMAN' IN BO:liD OF NORTHERN PAJ~~~~~~ ORA.GK' EXPRESS 'r.R~!i·<· ' t .. ANNA :\lAY RUSSELL, STABBED tion with a man by that n•ame there showed be did • not know any Anna Russell. It is said that Slhe -had' Ifved in Gloversville. It \'as thought s'he one of the crew. Wh:ll$· ;operatin'g the launch at ~en· Oove; one of the ·stea.m pipes burst, throwi~g ~ jet of steam into Dyer's face. B!Qiek rush- ed to Dyer's •a<ssiSitance, and was him- self •badly scalded •about the th'ighs'. Th~ little boat was so filled wit'h steam that the two ·cadets, fearing· further injury,· jumped avbrboar<'t The accioont was wi1tnessed by ofll· cers of the schoolsbip, who pronwt- j retary, Col. '::Treadwell, ·and a Uurge delegation from· Cornell uni-v~sirt:Y. which 1ndJrided President J. G. _Se!J)ur- man Tl•ea:surer Emmons L. WIDwiJ,ms, ISelf in her-llome in the cotta-ge col\i)ny lllnd steadfastly refused to ea!t. Wlhen an entrance to lthe lhouS'e was effected ISM was foond exfttausted. She ·4ied Fourth Time in - Tln-ee TO pEATH IN WATERJLOO. IS SAID TO HAVE FORMERLY I was •a mulattG. She aJoway.s IJ'l'Ofessed ' ' . JX\\ED L~ NEARBY OITY to be of French-Italian ex:trachlon. Ten Thousand Men , Said to. ·Have ~t Alonglt~ Wate1• Front. - Little Oha11ge:·jn the Situ~tioJt. To· _ d~.; Th~gh New ~len a'l.'e Sa!id t~ be ~porting fur Work at Oerta~n Hon. Andre<w- D. W:Mte, Judge Foottk 1 ' • ' Letter Addressed to Syracuse. - Ervine, Ptrof. C. H. Hpll. E. H. Wood- tRIMf COMMlTifD District Attorney Geot'ge Bodin; and Under ~heriff :llills'. took char/e of the woman's personal ef(ects, am· ong whic'h was found a letter address- · DockS. •- Many Piers Said to be. Practically DeseJ:ted. but 'Agents are Looking Up Men ruff, F. D. Coleson, A. W. Wilson, Lu- cerne Coville a~d Supreme pour.t Jus- -tice c. W. Poond of ;Locl;:po;rt. Hora:ce Da:wson, '07,' adended iilie WIIH POCKH KNiff ed to Miss >Jle.rion :\forgan, ~o. ~13 Oswego· street, Syracuse, ,N. Y., and signed \Ed. and Lena )forgan.\ The Jy rescued the bo 1 ys. ~ /' 1 serviees ·as the? rept~en<11!ttiv~ of the Theta ~elta chi ·fraternity, of 1'\t/!hiclh Dean Huffcult was a former president of the grand lodge. 'l'be w.N bearers were P-rofs. Emm·ollS L.- Williams, lettE>r started ''Dear sis<ter,\ and clos- ~d, \Your loving brother p.nd sister.\ ~ was dated Blodgett )!ills. Clark is the only son of Mr. and .:Mm. LE>onard Clark of Eas-t' Main street, Waterloo, where he 'has· lived in all 'his Mfe. He has three sisters. foung -Woman had no Warning and Was Slain Without Resistance. - Murderer Afterward Hotel Where He willS \Vent to a Found Bed by the ·Police. - Asked\ for Something to Eat and Stab'bed his l Victim \Vhlle Another \Voman Young Ol•ark ·has al•~w1ys borne an excellent reputation, h.is conduc<t here- ltofore •b~ving been exemplary. He J:m<:. l·a tE>ly >beeen l!mployed as a paint- ..,. \\\' er in the W-aterloo \Vag>on works amd \Vas Pre!lilring to Serve Him. - Occupants of the House Slow to is an 'honoraibly discharged soldier; of t:he United States !'egular army, hav- /ing served three years as a trooper in oj the Second ·cava·lry. He enlisted Feb- ruary 14th, 1900. OoroprE>hend the Seriousness th.,; Orime and Made No Effort to Detain the Stabber Anna May Russell, the young wo· m;m who was reported in press dis· pa tc'he~ yesterday to, have been sta_b- •bed to de<Jth at \Vaterloo; Sunday, is believed to J:ta ve been fro~ Glo-\-el!s- yille. The murderer, Dan~el Ohase, 30 years old, a 'J}llinter, killed 'his vic- tim with e. :Pocket knife, tihe influence of liquor. was 24 years old. while under T'he woman Without warning, Clark entered the ihouse, known as ·the \~_mmany lo- cated oat the foot of' Water street and · tw'hicil is kept by :\It•s. Hattie Lewis, and plunged the knife into the wo- man's brE'ast while five persons look- ed on ·helplessly. PRfPARIN6 · fOR ' STRIKf TROUBif UNITElD RAJLIW~S OF SAN FRA.NCISOO READY TO STAJtT CARS FR0:\-1 THE)JARNS, WITH 8'l'RIKE·BRt1AKERS SAN FRANCISCO,.Cal., M•ay 7.- The United R~ilroads Of this city are pr.eparing to Slt!j-rt cars out of the barns in c;harge of •the -strike-break- ers, a large numbet: of whom are al- ready' here. A supply car w•as xun over the lines todaY, which fin-ally There ·was' no indication of Clark's reaJChed its de'stina.Uon af•ter it had . presence in the ~ouse until be reach- been derailed. While it is ho-ped ed:· the dining room in whi.ch were ~eated thE' proprietress, the Russell woman. two otJJer women inmates . and a young man. all eating dinner. :Xo sooner had Cl•ark arrived at the door than he asked the Lewis Wl@man· for something to eat . S1he arose from the table to get him some coffee, when CI;n•k walked up to -the Russell WQ· man and with a wild exclamation of \There!\' plunged the .knife bl•ajle up to its hilt irrto the woman's breast. ' Walks Calmly Out of House. - They will r-ecover. NE WYORK, ·May 7. - A serious KILUD SUC{fSSfUL ' tie-np of trans-Atlantic slrlpping ap- pears imminent as, a result if the strike of Iongsfh?remen at this port. RIVAL, IN .lUS HOMf Italian Who Lost in Snit for Girl's Hand !\lakes l\luch 'l~uble After the Wooding . ' ' . ~EW YORK, May '7. -; Barbaro Pritzo, an Italian, has bel'n killed dn the hallway of the .tenement house in which be lived. 1'he poilce ,a,'l'e searc,h- ing for Rocd :\Hchaeli, another Ita!-. ian, accus-ed of the kil.\-ing. According to tbe police Pritzo and -:l\Ii('lhaeli were intim{!fe J!rlends until Pritzo a few weeks .a-go married a young ·woman witfu. whom Michaeli ' was also·in love. A1 fter the marriage, it is soa,id, Michaeli rontJinued _'his at- tentions to the .young wife, which caused· many bitter quarrels between the two young men. As >the story goes Pritzo's mother Wlho lives with rum- and 'his. wife went out .to purchnse supplies. When -she •returned •to t)le door of tJ.be, fiat .s.he found l\Iichaeli, who lived in <the same buil!'ling. She says he used in· suiting langulage to her and pushed her out of •his way. Prit7.o, who was in, the fil'l\t· :heard the noise and went to his moothE>r's assistance. The t'wo men grappled and for sev· era! minutes struggled in the ·hallway in ·the presence of &cores of others- who live in the Sll'IDe tenement.· l<'in· ally, the w-ttnes~s say, .:.\liehaelilpush- ed Pdtzo ·over the bannister, dfew a r~volver and forcing ·it, into Pfitzo'~ month, fired. · , · He then ran up on tJ:te roof, jumped to the 17ext roof and escaped. ~ri-tzo was, de~d when the police arrived. Commissioner Resigns < • LITTLE FALLS, May 7.- l;oomis Burrell, who for a num)Jer of years has been a member of th~ police and iire commission of Little Flails has fil- ed h1s resignation witih pity Clerk Ha:;o;lett. 'l'he resign'ation came as ~ • Practically every bne of the compan- i~ 'W'hich opel'la te. big passenger 13.lld mail steamers between New York >anjL European por~s are •affected. 'l'bese include ,tJhe ' North German Lloyd, Ha'in.burg-Ame:rican, Seandin:avian- 1 • American; Cun-ard, White Star, A\mer- ioan, Red · · Star, French, A1J~n.tic Tran.sport, Holland-American, a\d fhe P.h<JC'llix lines. In addition -to these· many southern imd.,coaSJ~ise steam· ship lines and ~ Ia;-ge numbl!r of the docks used j:Jy tramp steamers are ser- • . iously incpnvenieliced. : These conditions a·re· particl,l!arly ' annoying to the eoon);J-anies operating big passenger ~Steamers just at this trme, as the sp1'ing travel to Eu-· rope is just getti.Jlg under full :headwaY! 1'he Kaiser Wil,helm Der Grosse; which w,as due t<l sail a't .10 o'clock! this morni~og, ':J:?-ad a full list of Jia,iser- Wilhelm. d.id -nm ~H a·t \\\'· the U:Sual sailing ~.hcrur, lb.nt a repre- .sentivti ve\ o1' the company, deda.r.1ld. that sh~ would be delayed unlJ: oa few hom·s. 'l'he other bfg steamers due to Sla:il today are tbe Hamburg ?~ the Hamburg-American line, .and t.fi'e Oa· ronia, O>f the CullJard line. Acc&rding to the ~ike leader:>, 1{),- 000 m~n have quit work. '!'here was little change in the con· ditions on thei'V'arious do-cks tod;;~y. At the Hamburg-Amm·ican and North German Lloyd p-iers tn Hobok.,n, a1- ·m'Ost 400 men in all reported for work. It .was said, t)lat about T5 per cent of }hose who reported to ·~e Ham- burg-Am·erican are ,new men, but that all the workers who went to the North German Lloyd piers are .old hands, who have deserted. the strikers. On t'he ::-;rew oYrk side, the Cunard line Jlad 150 regular men, and a few recruits at work. The other piers, howe\'et', were practically deserted as were t:he docks ln South Bl'OOklyn, where it was asse_J;J;ed by· the corriJPan- i~s tha.t at 'least one thousand !ne-w men -would be on duty during ·the. day. . ' . Oharles Hull, George 'f.,. B~U-ra, Justiee Pound and Judge lrV'ine. · The servJces were conductro joint- ly by Rev. Dr. A. w. Hayes, formerly o•f Binghla;nt<Jn, but no-w of Westfield, N.J., and Rev. Dr .. J;;inooln A. Ferris, present pastor of the Taberna-cle M. E. church. 'l'he regular· MethodJist ~plscopal ri.tooi was u~, there being no '_sermon. The , florp.l pieces were profuse and >beautiiful, especially &e wrea·tp ft,om Go,·eruor Hltghes. The, bod~ was f!aced in ~he receiving V'ault in 1!'1\>ral Park cemetery, Gov· ~rn~r Hugh!O's rerruained until lbhe body had been tl'>aced in t!he hearse and then left ~ith Sena.tor H. D.' HiJl:lllan on the 2;15 o'clock· tr~in for Albany. President i:G. Sclwrman paid a glo-w- ing' tribute to .the w!}rtJi of Dean Huff· cut. · -81-lt IN) • NEW MEASURE 'TO GIVE THE 'EMERALD ISLE PARTIAL HO~IE I:J.,~LE H<\S MANY GOOD FEATUR~ ·I LONDON, May 7.- The Irisn Tb!m he calmly walked· out of tbe house. 1ihe occupants of the bouse were slow to recoguize the seriousness of the Rus!'ell WO'Illan's injury. Clark had gained the ft'ont porch before the e~act state· <Yf. affairs W'as realized.· 'The Russ!'ll woman rose from her chair and tottering toward tile proprJ:> E'h·ess. wbo was ~eMed at the head of •. the table, fell prostrate on the floor, muttering-, ··1ry God! I've been ~tab­ bed, •1Iiss Hattie.\ that peaceful conditi?Ds will prevail, the ,a-uthorities are p.repa.ring for troU'ble. The mayor and Ghief of police have announced- t'ha.t the pol-· ice will rot be permitted to •ridt> U·P- OU the ca.rs for t'he purpose of p-ro- tection, their duties being confined to the preservation nf peace in the strests. The governor, hrul, it is cl•aimed, a sufficient force of militia to fall back on if necessary, and fail- ing in that, .General FU:nS'ton, in c?mmallJd of the Department of the Pacific, •is now here ready for any emergency. The civic league continues its ef- forts td promot,e a peaceful settle- ment oli the· differences of the c~­ pany, allld its m~n, •but \it •wa's admit- ted that none of them was attended i>Y very ·sigi;!al success. - The !.farstrike by its more intimaJte conJlection with th~ P)lblic has for t'he tim~ completely eclipsed the oth- er labor difficulties which are now ha!Jlperfng the bll.siness interests of the city. The str~kes o>f the four m·a.fts now affected, the ·iron wqrk- ers,- cat men, laundry worker,s, .amd telephone ·operators, deprive 13-,050 wage €-arne~ of ·work, and fully as many mor; V,;ho are illid·~rectly. af- fected. ScrJile hope is exicted by the call fo-r a meeting tonig:ht of rthe 1;,- bor councii exe~utive boli,rd, when representatives of 105 unibus wm be present. Their 'purpose is ·to see .if some way CllfUUOt be found to settle the present ~trikes. 6nrprise to the citizens. llfr. Bunell's resjgnation will -be regretted, as !b~ was very acbiYe lin tbe afi\airs of t1.J.e c'ommission, · largely giving rus. atten- cqon to its finandal man~genient. His resign~.tion gives· a•s h'is reason the in· creased demands upon his time in con- nection wdth the manu1l~tcturing bus- iness of D. H. Burrell & Co., with which ht: is connected. The common council '~1 . hold •a r~lar meetllfg this eYening illlCl the resignation Will be acted upon at .that time., \ Among the s•trikers of ·the- Red· Star Line was John Ennis, who, under the oompany's rules, would be- efrtitled to a iumsi'On 'Wlithin a few· months. Had •he rema•ined out with th~ sh'ikers his right to a pension would h'llve· ooen, forfetted. When thej men learne4 of this they voted to grant :th~ old man permission to continue at work . The Lewis woman then rushe_d put of doors and overtook Cla'rk pt the end of the boat•d walk leading from the front '\·eranda' to the ~oad. S1i.e, qUestion~ hi:tO regarding his llasJi. aet, to \\-bich be _is claimed to~itave repli·, eel: \Yes I did it, but I'jb not going to run away; I'm ~o coward.\ ' . . Woman's Screams. - · 'The wom;m's attention was divert- ed from the assailllnt by fue woman's screams in the house. She rusbed in and found. the two inmates and the youp.g m!ln leaning over ,the prpsl:l\a<te form of the dying woman. The I.ew- is woman pi·cked her nTJ, p)<Uced· ~er on •a c_ouch and summoned Dr. Chillrles Clark, coronet• of Watet'loo. The WO• man died befor~ medical aid rould ar- rive. Clark wa•s jlrrested later at \a hotel. Little, if anything definite, is !mown of t'be Russell woman in W~JVterloo. S'lle came ro the vill,tg<> last January from SY!'acuse and {>ntered tbe ''Tau- I¢ry,\ oll4 times dolng -the wol'k ?f a housekeeper. Sih<\ woUld tell little a.bout •h(>t•self. daiming tha-t !l'lle was Anna !lay Russell, but would give uo JMnt of ·her family connections; ueitb· er would ~be tell any one where hex h-ome wa~. lt i• said that, before living in Syra-, cUH', she had Jiv.ed in Deertield, nett' DUcat a.t o ploc<> );\own \\' -tJ)g B~QCk· J Both Parties Confident BALTIMORE,·Md.., May 7. - An eJection for mayor' and other city of- fices is in progress 'here toda.y. There are. no sharply defined issues pre- sented. Both pa:rties express c-onfi- dence, but the Democrats point to a united p-a.rty IllS a sure i-ndica-tion of success. The mayoraLty ca~.nd,ialtes are E. Claoy Timanus, Repulb'Iican, 1Jhe present inculJlbent, and 1. ·:s111rry 1\'la- h-oo\, Democl-at, ,president ,of the First Brallll'h City Councl;l_,_ Money tor Jamaica,· 1 ,\'\ LONDO:>!,. May 7. - It, ia· stated tha;t the Brltlllll governmeii~ ··has. de- cided to ma~e 1} gr.ant ·of -$760,000 ' _grad&• ·to Jam.ajoca., and to gu-arantee the island a; loaiJl of $6,0~0,000 to a.l'!l&lst In 1 til reha;bili tattou. The ·town board 'of tlie ·town of Lit- tle Falls has- appointe(!. \\iat;hiF Lot· ridge a justice O'f the peace 'to fill the ,,acancy caused by the' recent death of James H1 ,Sharp. , \'\'\·: . ):[iss Aan l•'dtzgerald .!!iU:t!l 1 Ed:wax_g. Fitzgerald} ~UQ.ren of; Mr:.,!l;rtd Mrs. James Intzgerald of ~I:V!us ._ street, left at 6 o'clock last evening on- <bhe Boston and Chicago Special, w1:iiclh stopped for them, for a ·three months' sojourn to the Pacific coast. Lepen VICT·OJUA, B.. C., ~ntlre lep~i\ colony .oliL.Ilil•'~tm ·tsilftilld, consi~tlng of eig'ht ooen sq,.ipved 'aboar'c_i at.it!~~'tnE>I'' eonveyed to oa.nton; sult of Chineae i' HAD ,'l.N ACCOMPLICE Police Convinced that ROgers t I not Mm•der Alone . ' . . ~fiDDLETOWN, ':N,.. Y., May 'l;'l1e 3:U1:horiUes are now more Did 7. ~ sure shortly afterward. . .- , YOUNG 1'-IAN OF R~SPEOTA!f-LE FAMILY IN P.:EiJLADillLPffiA WHEN TOLD TO -~FT FOR , ~IS~LF, ~NS~~SFU'LLY TRIES IDGHWAY ROBBERY \ ~ I PHILAEDLPHIA Pa'., May 7. - Floiled in his attempt to holdup '1\i·t-h the aid of a companion, 'two trolley conductors in West Phila.del- p•hia. •today, and feari!;lg th·at 'he had kiJ.led a po1icema.n in his effort to es- cape, Harold S. Jones, -ag-ed 16 years, shot and killed himself on t-he street, as he was about to .be captured by a.n·ot:her policeman. His companion, G. H. Geddis, aged 18 yea.rs, was a.l'· rested ·at his home. < ,Ti)nes oolonged to a go-od family in i:!he nor-bhwestern pal'lt of the city, h~s father being ·a poroserp-.us busi· ness W/3-U. The boy 'had some dif- , - ... '\ ~ .. 'l .:::4. • ~~~ll~ .~i~Afi~'~~.J~ther yesterday, and \;he w~'tO.ra.\'·w '·\sh'i'ft\ fQr !him- self. As •the bOY wa.s· leav.ing' the hou§~. his' weeping mother asked him what •he was goi-ng to do, and he repJi€,(1: \I don't know and I 't care.'' Jones sought out Geddds a.nd lthey were not heard of again until t'hey turned up in West P'hiladelp!hia., and trled to h-old up two ronduoetors who were on -their way home from their nigM's work. Jo-nes drew •a revol· -ver and· qrdered the co•nduotors -to hol-d up their hands, but instead of complying, they show-ed figlht and Jones arud his ~ompanion fled. Pol- icemen saw the occurrence ani(). gave ch·!IJSe. After running a block, Jones turn- ed -and tshot at one of the pursuing poli<tlemen. The buHet went wide, but the polii-ceman, in -order to deceive the fiemng youth, drop,ped to the sidewalk. a.s if he had been shot. Jones saw •him fa11 and stopped. He did not ·approach the policeman, but backed up against the side of a house and sent a bulle!)in;to his ()IWn b.eart. SHOT HIMSELF SUNDAY; BODY I<'OuND MONDAY This Train Has been HeJd Rob~oo. - Latest \0111~t\l~ll':: Place in Wild Ru~gg~_;Si;i~i~~:: Montana, near the Sce .. <e- other Bold-up, Two Vi~m~ - BloodhoundS Oalled Armed Posse ill .:Pursuit. BUTTE, Mont., May. 7 - The 1\i<O:rl~ Ooast Limited, the crR:ck -trllin,:O'n ~~~ . ' N ol\thern Pacific railroad, . . been held up at Welch'·S Spur, 'lt'b<orit fifteen miles east ·of h~e, ' - {, -l~ g.ineer killed. The sh~ilt'.S ·~:' just been notified of_ the 't'~·J)fl~ih~~ ofHeers ,a,re now preparing ~-·!~lil~;·~\: for the scene. ~he object of t.he !robbery, it<~:~~f~,j,J~ sumed, was -to secure the .roq.t~mtj , the through .sa.fe carrying ments of currency, from Se,atiiif~(; land, l!l.lld Spokane, to eastern; The bi>Oodhounds of te!h p· eni~ will be 'W'ired for. This is the i'oll'l.lth time •the _Coast eas>tbound has ·been ~eld ~~ :three ;ve-ars. 'Tille · other 1Jiiree tl]tn~/$ this tr<ain was robbed n•ear _Bil3J'W~~~~~ albou<t 80 Willes west of here. • I • I morning's iliold-np is near .iilie,.~!!'li,•t>. j:lif· t!he robbery of ,tJhe' Burlki~h two yeR:is ago,. :in 18. 'roil~~-~ m:o-u:DltliiQ· ous ~Section;- - · '\ : ~- 1 \' ST. PAUL, Minn., Ma;y 7,. :-\-·Gen~t~. al Manag-er Bnrn, of :tlh-e cific r.a.ilroad; ga:V:~ qut ~e i'o.lll.o-M!i statement,wboo.t the <a~P.t -to-- the Nor:th Coast Limited ~-:B.\~ll~i; Mont., todoay: 1.,_ \N<O. 22, ea~tbound, . N-orti!:. - Oq~iljl~£; Limited, Engineer Frank\ 01qW-. ·,..,.,..c .. Oondudor Culver, was iheld up· on east side of Butte Moun®lin _a~~t\~® miles east )of Butte, M'Olloi.<a¥, or more men, who .Shot m14· ldlll(i<l-' englill.eer, -and slrot the through the arm. '.Dhey did more shooting, but evidently •bei~ alarmed and Jeft. \Sheriff Webb of Billings tlbe trai!l and started on ·the ··ttrii1ii f~f the iholdup men. Bloodlhounds -tr~~:.~:,:~ .fhe Deer Lodge been put on tJheir trail 1\l'l~;«-,·'IIQ expect to get the men. \Engilneer Clow had . that train for eight y.ea:rs. ,bers did not get -any ll1•1?ne;v;. <this road has had several that vicinity in the :past ·ten ··y, e~1~;; 'biavtf-captm:oo the robbers in ;e'li~Y'J~ st'ance, ·and they •are all uvJmg tlhe poo:Uentiar'Y and in all t~irf:~l our ·mo-ney loss· ·has not been it()r1~;_~~ $3,000.\ avid -v-' - • OONDITIONS L'\f:PBOVING- · ~ t ~ ON BINGHOMTON :;(IARi tf:~S::

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