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The Broadalbin herald. (Broadalbin, N.Y.) 1880-19??, May 02, 1907, Image 7

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I l • ' \ ' ' ' ' THUtu~iY:AT.\ ~A-f'Jt, '190'1. ' -\\~-\ ., · ..... ' ~ I ...... ' .. . . THE ·RECORD. Dion .to OJrcr Ma!!J 'PP!r;, ..... at Annual St/ j,··QliiY·tiSfD '·' ' ... .' ' ' \. '•.j .. ~ ... . ' . . : :tth,QN, Aptil 27. _ spor.ts com· I ....,...... __ ,_.. ...... ,- •• -E. A. Ely is in New York. inittee <n tile tti-couhf;y convention ha.s anM~ced- - the'7 ·following easih priZes ·tot the event& to take plaeEt at J\lbe cou,ventioll of the Tri-O>unt asso· clati(!n in this vlliage. Tljose pJ.:izes ate >tbe Jarg<eSJt eYer <lffered f<~r ·simi· TEN TROUSAiND · JX,):UJ;ARS • IN PURSES, PR.WES A\$D SPEOI.!\L PASTOR PUTS CASE SQ'UARE- I.Y BEF!ORE THE OONGJ:Ul:GA• -}filler Cross is home from Ha-mU- ron college. ~ -Jobn Hillock has a !brand n~w au· tomobile. -'Elmer Little has purc!lftsed a new • ~ge horse. -Roger Bennett of Scl:leneetady spent Sunday here. -Garry Span! is removing from Mc- Martin street .to Mayfield. - · -MisS' Harriet O'Neil is 'the guest o.f friends at BaliSitoii spa. -Walter Antis expects to mm·e hi§! family to Argn~>ille on )I<mday. · • -:!.Irs. W. lL G~a:rut is eJ~ter-taining her sismr, Y·rs. Charles Gray of Utica. -}irs. Miebael Canfield ot Herki- mer is the g\lellt of relati>es in town. -Miss Lillian Aldl'i<!h has ~turn­ ed home after a visit in St. Johnsville. . . -1\-lrs. James Bump of Sammons' ville is the guest of friends in this - ! ,-, adds to bread, c~ke ~d aJl fOods ~ with it~ a peculiar· wbo~esom.t' quality. Oevelandts Baking Powder · eausei. the food tO tetain its freslm¢5S and flavot. . . . f\. l~le of., CleVeland' s~~g P~\!1·\. ~; d~ in pie ·~;will often redeem it ~of!i. failure. · · - · CLEVELAND BAlUNG l'OWDEB CO., New York,, .. ~.,. ' .. '' < ~ l ' '. ~ \ l!S:r JMCC)S ·and dl:iue in thi~ connty. Hose Race·_,. Nine 'nundred f~t, ~k and mak~, for •teams. represe-nt· illg ftre companies in. ;Fu.lton, Herki- mer and Mo:p!tgomery Mun:ties. First prize, $75; second, $00; third, $2?· . Open Hose Il!a~e - First priie, $100; second~ $50. Competition l)till - Open to· all reg- nllrrlY OfganiZOO fire companies, mili- tal'Y and civic organizations; First prize, $75; seconlf prize, $00.' Co~­ panies not :to drill less than 20 m\'n and allow' 15 min~tes t& drill. If Iess . . . than th1·ee companies •t:ompet 'but on than tllree companies <»mpete bnt one prize 1'1' lU •lre given. t N.e;~r York rules to govern competition . drill and hose . . ;.: . · A'J!TBA(J'J'lONS TBl$, YEAR AT FULTON COUNTY.~.J.m ·:::« ' .. ~ - Special Feature this ~ason will be Baby Contest in · Wbicb Every Baby Will get a P;ri:t;e 'lilld S~me ' ' . Will Win Valuable Premituns. - Full Directions · dtivei-ning Oondi· tions of Entrance Announced in Catalogue of the Ajp'icultui'al So- ciet;t: '' 'l'he prem·~U!Il1 , list .a.I\d re~u1'3Jt'ions f(li]\ the 701!h -~nu!lll f.air of vhe FUl· ton Oouil'tY Agricultural society is fur dlill'·brl·bution. The book a.p- this yea.r in - a:ttmetiva tol\lll raee. . 100 Y:ard Scratelt tR~ce - F.lirst, Wlilth till neill<t ~d appropra<a.t~ eov~r del11ign. I<t, is printed by the Daily Race - First Repu·b'liea.n po;ess ·on •h\ea;vy Whi-te • pa.<per and of itself coitsl:&tutes a Vl811· • 'I • • • ; ~ ~ .. TION, WITH TB]jl RESUI1r THAT MONEY IS GIVEN AT ONOE (From :Mondiay's Jt~publican.) . ' 'J.'Ihe ~ongrega,tion of St. Paul'S\ LUitheram chure•h h•ave a right to 00\Il.:_ grwtulrute themselveS up-Gn lftle Jillll'len- d·id financial &h·owing malde y~ter­ day. For seveial yelall'$ •t'he clhurcl;l bas been citrryi'ng ·a floating debt of $1,275 ·and some •tli.me:rugo it W!aiS an- nounced th,a.t an effor.t was to be ma11i'e to wipe ou.t the obJ.i'g•alti;on. The pla!s•to'I' •a:nd -church offioiats ~;!lteillWl'lY canv.assed .t~e fllittwaltion a.nd •as a. re- sult of th-ed r eff o~os th~ gra,!tdfyln•g a..n· nouncement is ma-de iiJh!at :bhe money h<a:s been ra;Ised. and the place of worship will in ~b:e . futwe b,e freed fwm this incwm:ber>an:ce, . S~Woy them it i,s :lui.Cei'\'Blltt,'tb'~.rd\rt tlle rpoison on t-1\e undet~e:. foliage. T!ll& parent be•etlE•I!I quite so pa.:rtle~).t.·~ and thorough spraydng 'Wi't!l a; idilrtfu; -Dti~f;c:·~]~{ erably arseru~te :bf lead ·'IU~~.:ji,i~~0t~-e.~\;ii!; r:rte of 'fol~r pourtdl!l to fitty !B.:\J~i!M1 water,• ill most eff~-rei \l'lhe essenitittl in 1ilr-hilil'!1t)th-il!l'\~;;: sect is t(! sPr&Y ;the ·tr®J {10 tiiJat Vecy' !!iltJ& i)ljUQ\:\\\\'M'G tlicted bl'\ either beetlM O~'> ·~b fore .they a.re. d~()y~' '1'1hi!J mea!UI, rwh!Jrft .:eb•~.e city. -Mrs. James Sutliff is l'l'1tertalning her sister Miss Della Reid of New York. -Mrs. Rudolf Y.au H:ouglrton ·has returned to :Sew York after a visit in this eity. $10; second, $5.00. 200 , Y-ard Scratch p:ri:re, $10 ;second, . $5. fOUND SI\H:fON·. GLOVfRSVIlU 1S .. n;.:!;?:~I.n:: Of A MtJRI){ft{R , SLOWlO ftfdl} .:\: ..... ~onnt ..... wnl ulllb<le and dura.ble sonvenilr of the £air. 'I'M date of <llhe :C»r is ~pt. 2, 3, 4 and $. . The list of omeen,' Qir>Mtors and m~mbers ot the a.u&t!n!: oom~ wud su·perinten-dents of -depa'l'ltmlents wppear on the openin.g· ~. follow- ed PJ llb:e mem!beril of liM \town f!id- Vl.sory ooard.' and · -regwl!alti•ons for Rev. MT. Lietzel~ owtlined ifJhe stt,., Ulllftion at tJhe sel'Wce yeiSitel'ld!~ m(lll'll- ing and tht: r.eexronse w•a.s s'Ull'pris- ing. Two membel:s e8JCb gll!Ve one hun-.lred dollars and others 8lmOUiiLts ra.ngdng f·ri[>m dlh...t ito twenlty-ilve ce;nts, tboe latter aaaoun.ts !being from two Childr~n <8lnd wu tendered WU.th the same splTit tilra.t prom~ed -~ bigger offe-rlngs. '1\he 1Jot~U su~ tions were $1,'1M. nUtnlber Of~trees ·to\ be-tt@~te eratione should )Jegln v .. --.-·, soon ~s :tihe IH.ves «\'P1)l!l~ 'llnlitl~ tinned ® long as. ei<ther · bl!~~: gmbs ~re feeding. As· a. only pra~tieal to give and the ·m'llximum· benre.!~'Wllll rived, if ~ can be so M'1rll111~;Ji -:Mr. and lit'S. )Iartin Wood of · Akin visited J9hnstown friends Sat- urday. -Jnss Etool Jacoby has returned to Wal!erford after a short visit in OOGS A;I'TP.ACTED A'lvfENTION TO TRAVELER'S THE PLACE, this city. -:Mr. and }irs. Bernard Plantz of l:l<il'l!iwk were Johnstown visitors on ' Satmday. -)Irs. D. Hewi!It of North Perry street lef.t today to visit her sister in Salisbury Center. -}[r. a'!ld Mrs. Dani~ )i<;Glynn of Pea-bodY,. 11-~ss., are the gueSits of rel- atives ilil this ct-ty. -Philip Dolan, Hotel StJ~art·s popular chemist, has :retm:ne& irom a nsit in Philadelphia. WHERE munvso~IE RI<iC ALL ED ALllOST TEN TR.-\.GEilY AT LAKE REJJICS FORGOT· SARANAC ~ORTHVILLE, April 27. - Albert T. Story, who arri>ed from the Schroon Lal;;e coun·try yesterday, tells of a gruesome find made by Thomas L. Haffell of Xewman, that r\calls the sensational killing of George a. Ber- keley, a number of years ago. ' ·· POlJICE ~E ~ OHEOK SWINDLER WITH AUTO OITY ENGINEER SAYS UNLESS . OTIIEBS BEGIN WO:mt 800~, OITY A'l\J.'6RNEY MAODON.U.:O \ . \\\'ILL BE UNABLEt TO S:EoulJ.E ' A FURTHER E:J,'l'ENSION OF TIME IN '1'HE IN.JUNd'I'ION IN (From Saturday's RepubUoan.) 004ges and c~l·Oil'S.'. Tlhe{~ of mem- James Wtlaon of Glloversvme, who bers •bhl~ yea,r f.il-ls fOUl' pages. Three pii.BSe'd a bogue clleek aJt vhe grooery pages Qf py-\l'a.ws tonow; then the of M'C.Conne-1~'·& Cmmer. Ama:terdlam, rules and regul•a•Uons governJing <the was 1a1rrested •la.'lt ni&ih't ab01i1t 7 o'w oompetiltion fl)r prizi!!S. The pram- clock by OtDeers Hll!l'itigqn a.nd P.acli:- iu,m list for 1907 fills 72 p;!!ges. wOOd of Amsterdam. He W'as appre· PuTses aggreg~ate $4,000! premiums hen<led n~ t,bl!l corner of M!ll.rket $5,000, and there will be $1,000 in and, East Mron streets, .1\Jmsterda.m, s·p;e~ia.l attra.cUons. . , ., (JI'rom Saturday's Repuulioan..) - and a~~a·Nld to ha.ve been d~l·nldng A special fea.ture 'Of the failr l(Jhis The Daniel Hays Company is the hea~ly. \ year wUI be the baby sh'O•W un<d.er SE\\?llt OASES only leather dressing concern in Glov- Wf,lsbn entered t~ &tore of Mcp-on th•e man·a.ge'lllent of H . .t\:., M•arceHus, ers~ille that is insalling the settling nell & Cramer on Thursday alter- the photlograJ1her. No en.tl'la'Dce fee tanks required to connect with t:h; noon and· p-urchased a doU•ar's w6.r:t·h i<s required, and a number off :-arizes trunk sewer. of groceries, tendering in payment are offered. Ci·ty Engineer Vrooman of Glovers- a eh•eck for $8, wi:th tbe na.me of Th·ree gran& 1wizes for the h-a.nd- ville states th'llt the agreement at tlle John H. GMgen atDxed. Tlhe •c-heck somest ba.biP.s, as follows: Of this sum ~e (]qea.ners had ' . radsed $500 bY · distr.bu<tm•g smlll!ll 11,mounts to each mem'ber of tJbe eon- g<rega,tion, w•h•o -h:ald .Increased it :wi!bh- out going ou.tlllide -tbe ehuroh. The B8iraoa cl<a.Ss gave $12 5, tbie !Jlllddes SeW!lng society $50, the Golden JAnke $25 oan<d Miss Boohner's Sunda-Y eohool el1!1.$S $1 0, ·aJ.l of whiicll has alrellldy boon raised ~d is in the treas1.\ries of 1lhe different orgJaniza- tions. It was aJUnouneed a.t the ev~ning service 11bat a new he!a•ber w-hi'(':h is very mu<ch needed and whieh will cost abou 1 t $1315, ·had been doona•ted b¥ one Jllember -of the congre,ation a.nd tne contract for 'it a;lrea.dy let. ,. :make tbe application -f¢t the time when thll.iellVes tiM-tuB~~· pended, throw!~ ilfbe ~o~ U'llder surface of <tb.e fol~e. will destroy both. adults and. .. 1·i ~~~;'! • Of the second . g<roo,t peet, soclt moth, Prof. :f'elt -~mys: \'l~e other destructive pest of oUl' • ' :>( shttde tl'lees is tlia' rw:!H;te marlted\~• sock moth, a'll inllecl:, Wilic1i '~ia~t& ~- -\- in tlle cons-picuous snowy ·wh~ masses so familiar. to ~oan;r, of citizens. These it may be il'ettit¢;tti1l;~. ed, are attaehe<l to \(limy ei)ernjJifi ;therefore ea;;ily removed bY and snou:ld ·'be (lestro--y:oo by in a stove or wittl a littl~ :ait.· <tlW-l'~~;·~, to the iiad tba.t 1Jhe female ean ·~~'lt1t..f.:': it is comparatively ~sy to :flree . of ·th,; pest by clea:rfug it of egg nmss- es, sinee the insect can l!IPreitd -)Iiss Sus.ie Younglo~e expects to lea~e :llouday for a visit to Bowling • Green, Ky. -lfrs. Duane Champlain and chil- dren of DeJ•by, Conn., a.re .the guests of relatiYes in town. time the injunction in the sewer eases was cras.he'd, but l<a.ter was fou.nd to One prize for the \ hallidl!Om~Sit were extended by Judg;· Kellogg was be spurious. The pohi•ce were no.U- babY one year and under-n ele-- GDVtRNOR THROWS his hounds to a sprin·g to the left of fi t \ t 1 t 't --\' •·b \· b to the effect that if rh~ se.ttling ap· ed and 'Chief Bartlebt and Detective gan w a, er co or por l'la:I· \\- \ e . .,.aJ y ()\,., the road and following t'he dogs he paratus was installed· by June .1\ in Bergen wen.t out .on the oose. pr.ize wl!nner, ~ize 16:xZO; fmmed in -.;--. . came upon the· skeleton of a man. h d d f ~ '· · . the ~arious mills he could then see fit The oflil:lers pre.ssed an a.utomooiJe a an puma got rlaJme. Value $12. OUT S'PICIAL l w Ag\'Mt ' t<O• \\by \\' ' coo;ty to =nt ' turtb•c ext•<\ioo of tlmo ioOO -•IM •nd <Ot t<O<k & \'\\ One p<i\ fon .... - hond'\\'ool l' Haffen, bound for Keene V-alley points, was atJtracted by the sce'llil: of •bY 1Jhe oater-piUats erawling or- ibeitl!;:'c oarried from tree to tree. The eggs.,•· of the tus~k moth ::h~t~· ~e m·tlt,$>.· part oti:M'ay and there 're~ ,utr. f!iej~­ al w~ks during which' thiS' -m~t., , .. ,..,. ... ,.; ~:~Ir. and l\Irs. Peter Vos.burgh and daughter of Perth, spent Saturday with friends here. nrto, ond \\ttored oboat wm\ num· 'un tl<u tojnuuUuu.. . ' =• m \'' ~\ ond of tho otty. It . b•bY uno YffiU old .nd \\\' t~ i - A ber of po<'kE't artides. upon two of d • d .h t I t · J :Mr. Yrooman says that· unless some was un ers . .:OO' ~·e was walktng ea.~t- yea.rs- .oa wa er co or -por l\a!>t of the rwhich .the initials ··c. w. B.\ were 1 move is made by the O<ther 111 ms fo- ward •along the Centra.J-Hudson baby, fl'amed in an aJtt'ractive ~fd be done. Should this no.t !be-pc>si;I!Jil! fQr one reason or anQtJher, it· ls.;~j;{~ wble to spray at least all :]:iad'Qo; iJ'tl!d!: ed trees early in May, ~ ord<'llt .• ...,., ......, stroy the oa·terpiUars before tbey -C. G. Quackenbush and family of :'\o£th Perry stree1t are removing to Gloversville this week. -A rural f1·ee deliYer system has been established out of Northville to Commence on June 17. wai•d the insta!lntio!! fJf, these t.~nj<s tracks. The au•tomobile, oo.rried the frame. six 16x2Q. V•all,ue $12. SAYS ANY 11\IPROVEl\IENT IN all the article&. were co_ vered wi.th soon there is no pos•sibility of their two offi-cers east df the city so t!ha;t One prize for the handsomest baby _ '-'· \\\· • • , • • 1 PUBLIC LAND STATUTill W1LL ~OJ«Y I'll'<, 0X\vt -u poc«>-.tmfo boing hi 'pitt\ in thO \qniu>d tllliO. the m~ m«hi be hooded o<. Tho cWU >\'\ U<d ODd nndec tju<\ yoo~ , ln4i .. awn-bie Mnn.\ n·b'-h wpu in • Ugh! ·ftUing <'~ of Tbiu \\\id \\\ tbu \\ a ln p~n<· lati•• ~OO.nlly ••imollod a mou~.\ ·-~'\ ouluc of l>ub> to a \\'\ Floc· ' BE WELCOME. BUT SP1ilOIAL It wnuld bo wet! fuu Jolm&«IWlli: me-tal. On the case was stamped the i iar situa.tlon. as no argument con!& for when the o:!f.cers gdt near to gold fra,me, size 1Cx20. V.al-l LEGISI.;ATION SHOULD CEASE one letter ''S.'' I be made ·by City Attbrney )IacDonald their man, and his' companion. the 11e $12. ( • . 1 26 G t'heir trees, if :they ha~ :o,(lllic~.,li!i -Miss Florence :'\ orthOYl'l' of Al- bany sp-ent Sunday with he1· parents, Mr.· and )Irs. W. J. :'\orthoYer. 'fl I tl ll d l -·' I. 0 . f . t'\ \' d t i ALBANY, .... pn . - overnor lll~ll~• \ g '\ > \ \ w~• \\'~~ b> to .Tndgo Ko!logg f\ ,,· &t.,~nn of two •wnng ,.,&d thn w~t\boond n• pn\ no n•\\\ \\\\ pa' oh nd . d..,. .,: A,.,, - Hoff.u to bu tbooe of Ch~l\ \nit& 1 time nn tbe injnnullm\· t f~lght trufn. ' of twlno. two \'\ of-,., Ou und•• Hn, \ 1 >Y ~nt to ,., '\'\\' '\ bo tuo loto to hood otl\\ -~~ Bro\Y1l. who shot and l>:ill<'d BPrkeley l The tanks are huge affairs an(! re- vllhen placed in the locJ;;:u.p Wllson --an Indi·a ink p'ortraat pf\ t'he~- ::~::at~ni!~ i:u~~:ctfo~ ~; :ve;!:~ ·hosts. The matter may -w~~if'\liilli:\~!<f} \ '\''\\'' L•ko In •tho '\'\\'\' of qnOU nonold~obln tlmo ond 1 , 0 ,.: to bM toft thirlv·fi,o non!>. oolv~- Fino wMk, -mbtlng n Mn\\\ M .n citioon.;.-wlh(:!~~~-i~· -:\!iss Ethl'l .Taeoby. a teaehe-r in the Water:for·d schools i.s the guest of :lliss Clara Carruth for a few days. -:\Ir. and :lrlrs. D. ,Y. Chamberlain left thi,; afternoon for a few days stay at pleasant Brook, Otsego county. --:Hiss Edith F. )ferrill crf South 188 - 1 tl l o d\ d · t the r.-teel e111travine: 1'n effe•~. F~··'\\ed ln sage returning, without• approval, 11he they -~ \·hAde t'·ees, · I' 'n w l JSappeare II1' 0 lie put in position. Their plit1)0Se is \ - ~ ~ vC ·~·u VH~ ~ a ' woo\ '\'\\ ln be \'''' f<om ogoln. \ '\\''\' tbo • .,,. 1 ~ ,;,H!i, ;nnb _, \\\\\ of ,.,., \'~ Anon ti>\fY gll<t nc ~k f,.,;. \\\ 16rl0. bitt of S.n>tou Horte, whlnb '\'nld nhlof\t gtod\ of Jo~lttii~?i,l~.~ii ··~b•'f 'I 'h l h f th · ,, . \alue .~ 12 ,~ , haYe released to C-ora Fehling the tf- , ·• e murt er was per aps qne o e le-athN' s<'raps. paper ·and other for-. (From 1 Saturday;s Rep~·blican.) ' \ summer foliage. most ~en~ational in the histoQ· of the ,;~·~,..,rl ruat~·t\al. from ent~'\'tl~r tba tr·u~k • TWO S'J)ec•lal iz!\S: . l tie to certain Iandi! in Queens CQUnty, ----~----\\ ' ~· . \ c\ ~ , ~ 'fhe Springfi<'hl. )!ass .. L'nion of yes- which passed to the tate th Atliron(l.wks. BHkel\'r was we.llthr, 1 ', sewer. ThE>se tanks are r\ntJ'\\' r'n For ·the large.s Qaby Jln<der 18 s upon e ) l d _ t , 1 H ..,,, '\'\\\ terday has the following r•egarding .,.,.,~ntlhs, one d:ozen , !\•tylA Imperr·-< dewth of Ma~'l:in X. Connolly. P 0 l 11 nr. an a prom. men ·' ason. e 1 all mills which now us~:> th~ Caya< · th f 1 f th 1 t R C E uN - o '\-' d t d th I d h t I t S \' e unera o e >11 e eY. . . ov<all carbonette. .;,alue $o~.oo. \Tbe- public lands law· provides a con uc \ c- ea mg 0 e a :tra- dutta or its tritmtarie~>; to carry off Yau .Allen: v n>le- Lak<'. ancl \'llS known far and 'WllRte material or wllt\cll a· r·e to use , For the ·smallest baiby of a.ny age, method,\ says Governot• Hughes, in .,, . 1 th h t h ' Three of ·the leading Baptist clergy- one dozen new s•,·I'e· Im~. erial \'\'nel nis message, \by which ·petition maY ILION, April 2.9. - A.t 6:u0 Wiiliam st~eet. is ~{X'p.ding a few ch1~·s with her sister·. )Iiss Alice. of Albany. -~fr. and :\Irs. Albert, Rosenthal are occupying thei~: recently purchas· ed residence on East )!omgomery street. w«' · ,.,., ou ' ' ,.g;u,. \u<onu ·<'• tnuu' ~\\· men ,n thlu cttr nftldutod ot tbe fnn· ~ •• - ,....,..., mu<ntl'l!. <;t .,.. ·~i'>ttl~K~ 01,'31 of HeY. C. E. Tan Allen in the !·\..: ffi f th 1 f 1 d Benedict, avenue, occurr-ed .'t.Q;e .. ,!:l-1 h~ gn\\ .. the time or the ubool· -· . ooroonetloo. Valuo $5.0d. be -·e to the uummtMiOU\' of th• A prize 1'0J' every bl~lbY: \-'-\-' o ce or · e re ease o an s First Ba1iltist chuw-h yesterday after- · 1 h 'h h t of Mrs. Louisa. S., wjfe \of Jl'Jib.n'::t As an inducem<>nt to mot•hers to wu c ·a·w~ esc e:a ed · to the, state. ler, .aged 6\' \'\\\d \. ~d, 1. ntotJ~I!lil~~ -:.\lr. and :11rs. J. S. ·Dunbar of t\ti- ea are spending sevet•a! da~-s In thiR city and are ~topping at the Hot<'l Tourain~>. ing was Uo<bett J,ouis Stewnson, tile gt.·~:.lt novelist. Brown aU(1 Berkeley were gaod 1il'iends. and. it is ,;aid, ne,~r h>ltl a i·ord until tktt 1ateful clay in 1887. noon •at 2:30 oiclock. Rev. W. W, tt h 1 babi . th' t M The commission:ers al'e authorized to \ u JC<\\ \\' The following est.a<t~ h·ave been Weeks. aC'tlng-pasta:r of the church, en e.r t! e r e,~ ln _·.: ~ cOon eS\t, r. , . . I ceased had been i)).' faning·,,h•ea>1.llt Marcellus wiil l:;ive ~- 1 babY en•ter- exeeut~ a com eyance to the petition· · , :i before Judge Keel;: in su:rrogate's h:ad charge of the s<>r~kes. He ·was , h t · · · the p-ast ·two vears, :md d)r ed a sitting m his stu!'l!i·o an-d .present er upon sue erms and eond1tions as • · 'll''~i;:; court ~uT'in~ the v•ast few days: • as!'lis.ted 'by Rth·. Dr. :s. D. IJithn of th •two w~el;:s. she hlid <been vm-y ,, oa.cll 'OUe with a car\Qonette nictuie, e commissioners m_ay ,deem jus-t. If In the matt.:.r of .ilh~ prolnte of the State Street Baptist church and - .. l: t h nervous Pl'ostratlon, leaving ~- t!!4)-;~)ni'~ switable fOr framili.g. Regul!M nrice, , any m-provemen , m if' e statutory the goods, clrattel,s. and credits of Rev. George .c.- Baldwin. formerlY , \' \' · very weeke condition, and ' $1.25. I !!{!,.erne can , be ,suggested, auitable . . . James J•oyce, J·a:te of Johnstonvn, de<- pastor of the First Baptist c'hureh. a·mendmeJJt may· he m-ade~ ' ·her i:Ondlti~m wa:s sueh thai!'. 'SURHOGA'l'E'S COURT· -)fr. and :\Irs. Henry HoJ.rlen of New York are the .gue~hl· (If )Ir. and · Mrs. David Briggs of East 'll<~ntgom: ery street · -:.\Irs. Boardman. who has been vis- iting .her mot!let; :Um. ·E'sther ):'ounft of South PE>nT sotreet, h-a'S iel'nrned to Pittsfield. lla~s. ceased, were issued to Helena Joyce, Pa1·t of tbe ·~hurc'h ·was :reserved for 1 \ \But the methOd pr~vided by the· was deSP,aired ot. peq.1lh 'W'Il!l'·-¢~~~ Appealing from the ju.dgment of the of >n•icl cit-Y. his widow. . the derg;rroeJ.l of this dty nnd dele· Wfll KNOWN UTICA MAN I general Inw should be resorted to, and by as~hyxintioo:. due to ll;B \'\\''\ ro the P\\'\~ ho \\\'·• I tn che ma<teu nf .tlh• ffiate .r .,.,,;, fi= >Iotyok<-. Oh~np~ ~· .. ,,.... 1 log!etatlon In ,.. \\\'\\' « She 11ad oonao«tntn go, .. _'·\''.-. ... ed ll ttle satis£ac-tio~ aml was ad Yised \'eweomb :a. CaM,• la:te <Yf, Glove1~- ·westfield. The ilorttl offerings 1Vere JS DfA' D JU {fti(A60 particullllr claimants sbauld be {ijs- Ill her nome, tmd: 111 ¢l.'Y,lU;S' . . P\ 1 \\'¥:M J<\ ·~·~'\ ,au.:Jm'!'' ,mo. _,.tition \\.til\\ bY Wtl\' E. --•· tnuln- ~\'\' otoboHte ,;et 11 R ~n.....,• \'' \' in_. D< Bro\Yll, who was a popular guide. had bN'll drinking hea-Yil~~ and )'-hen !Jc applied for more liquor a1 tJw bar of J?erkeley hou~e he -was refused. umtttlr,kft the hotel, lJUf wtth threats Case to show ca:use why- the etecu· pieces. \- . j . -~- one t<:>r· iUumi'l).!l, t_tlng ~ri1Ji'll~l'i> ao-nin:;;t the landlord. t h' ld \ _.. A\' b- +n• \'!!~lfdt>il~l '\ ors s mt n:ot reJl<..,er '\n a;ccount ._Dr. Weel•s op'ened tae·senices with Dr. HeJtl'Y J, Wflod, Une of the BURGl1AR TOOK $1.600 \urn..u.on a· ~~ ···'\ He went to his holll(', half a mile od' their proceedings as SU'C!h execu- 11ti1Yl1l' aJld l'ead from tbe Scril)tures. Wealth:i.est M~n !'11 ~~nt·UP City, • 1 l''RO?ol tTN...,,,,.-o .......,..,. PITT ri.m ta~bed .. a rubber 'iiu~ if~ ~o.\im! away. seoured his rifle m1d returne(l t;ors and pay the lnpo~e -line ·him, ;u:; :u_rs. v. :u. JO,hnl!<m sa!'lg a salo ·and. a VJctim ~:f..\Heart DiSe!141e. 'While r-. t\ ........ ..._...,.~ .uuu-•• w1tb a g.a11 be<at!W. to the Yillage. :~.s he wen·t down the pJ·ov\dOO In :s.aidj. wifi. Ci·mti.Ons Dr. RnhU. 11 rononnced tb~ eulogy. The 'J;rlwcJiu:: ·\ N\\\'vORK- Apr 1 . 1 29 _ _ • \\~g. c:onneeted and· be!folr&i:.lib'e '!litl¢i 1 tii --.J. Harley :11e:Seil wh<J has been a guest at the hom<' of Abram Jo\rede• rtek on )Iill street has returned to 'Wilmington, DeL -:\Iiss }[a!'garet Yaun(>y. returned home from the :'\athan Littauer hos- pital on Sfi,turda~·. where she was op· era ted on for appendicrtis .. -Thomas &arson has gone to'Xew Y<>rk to meet his nephew William 'Johnson of Kieth, Seotland, who will make hfs future home in this <'ity. -){rs. Harriet o•:'\eil of ;,;telciler street who has \Jeew-spending se,·eral days with :'lliss Blatieh Young of Ballston Sna has returned to hel' home in this city. ~ I. , , -The frieJlds of lfriJ. Charles Han- son in this city wlll be pleased to know that she is reported to be con- ~alescing from 'her sm·iQUs illness at her bome. at 'l'r~bes .HilL . .. -}I: Heagle is removing .from bit~ South Melcher street proper>ty to t'fie fm'Ill east of the citY for tht> summer. The }!elclH!J: street property will be oecupied by, Eugene Hol'lt!ng. -Waltl:!r J<>hns~n wh~:t lt•f.t Sl'\'f'r>ll weeks ago for <ioldtlt>ld; )lev., ls eX· , pe~:ted h&me with!~ a rew tlays. 8ill('f' leuvinJ~; Johnr<town }fl'._ JohnRbn bus bas Yislted C<~Hfornia and',ll\\'l'l~tl WI'S· ' tern states. • ''1'alk about rom· bJ'e->tl,faHt tooos, I principal street he relli>ll'kPd to seY· were 1\ssuad retn\n\\\Je M• v 1 ~ \\' \\ - \\\ .,..... ed \\\\ t o\' · \' ... \'Y . a, -\-\ finn!. pnlyer ·was Qffered: b;Y Rev. :\Ir. · , · .,,.a ~ue era! ti.mt ·he Wi\f; going to !<ill Berke- The ' . t ill nd t ·~ \ ~HICAGO. Aprij 29. - Dr. Henry • lar entered the bedroom of M:ra. J«l'lln ~o~ \\~m \'\- etfe;~ts:ef ;\ll1~i1);~ .:a5 w a..,. ~ .... menc of 'Baldwlu. 'l'lle bt'nrt•rs were .tiJEI san1e ~ .... ~ '\'\ . .,..., ·~ Ie:{. but his \yords wE>re unheeded. J.abez' P. King, l-~le .\'f· .t·be ·t~\'II of 1 . J. WOOd of .Utica, ·N.• Y., died !JUddeti· Fra!let• in Wakefiel~, eat·ly •to<~. ~)', and .,..... ·w\'•n f·A.,,. .. \'-·.:.. t\l1G ·-Qj~~ ~ \\ · . ~\' who acteil- •at tim funeral of :){rs. Van · • · · ....... ,_.,.. ~\' .. '* . .,.\ v \ · Hding to tho steps of the RiY~'l'Sitle NorbhalUJJton, was ad\litt\\ to ·or\- ly · tQday, at -tbtl Auditoriulll ;auu~:t. took a· pocketbook conta.ini.Pg $1;000 '\b~ fe:\''\\ .:. .. n' ·'Wa\\ \\\\<>_~ _ •· ~... \ .'\.lien six w~ckJ;; ago, as follows: F. · f 11 · ' •-.•-1 .... ~ \ . ., . ....,, Hot..J, whien w,,~ opposite tile B<'rke- bata aM letters testa;U\Ml:til't'}:.t.bere- , f.[e w,., on his·way :to..,palifornie. Dr; rotl! under ,her pi ow. ·Mns. Frazer !iOQtl ;1.1 • ed ley HnuM. !!e ·waited fol' Uw illlJlt>ar· on isened. to EUza. a. King .of sdd:i\1 st' l'inlilunu .• ~. id<lner,' WUtiam 0 · H. C 'Patii-1(11·. also ot Uti~.~-~ hi> w-as · awO'ke iUst lu •titue ito ~ t\.le· man e l'll' __ ·~......,.._,......,....,_......;. \\'th\ 1 dl d · 1 \' one, WUlin,ni .not:r. c. v. Bigelaw, wav'-W'g·;>'~':ltb ·Dr. Wll~ said.'.that elimlbiit .. <t.h~ougll ·ll.'\w1ndow to a ku~ auce v< e an Ol' or tim titter. )ll'; tQwn. , . and J. Dunba~. Bilvial was in \'I•\iU\· ~P. \' a~r'·e]n f tt\ 11 \ tl ' \ ... ~· '• \' • \ th<r'latt~r\..''{ij; '\VaS due -~A p.J..j,;._~)ll• ! det -n•h\c<\ ile llU\ pl-\ 'll;.Alll\\' \''tl \\\\ \ 'y orge mg n u· mut 1e m- In the m,atter of the lina·l J'ud·1·~ 1 ·~1 · d ~ · ·w \\\' f .... .. \' '\\\\ .. .,. .,.. _ ~\' nci cemetel':Y. • '\. r. ... • · · • · cid•'ll •·oot out upon 1>ti< \'\ !''\'·\· \ttiem•at of \'' a\\n'·\ of Wat• , '\ ..,rt ~\' . ',.,..of\\....,. \• !'\\''\ !\'!\\•• and «·a ·rl1Ime·\·ataJ h t 1 1 . . . . ·- ' ' TTn'lC!~, .. ·•'h\i} 2<' • ..,;.., \D\ent·:v .... \\r--_J Mrs. l<'r•\-\'1'·-'-es a'-ne inn \·ttl\ -\.o.•w. \ s ·\'\' c y \ {} ,.~.a.. lace \·'cLaughlin a ... ex~u·•~>--,_.~f t·he u... ~- -\'l'\ \'\ ~ .... \ \ n ~~Q ~.-..- H \'\\ .. \ ~-- '1 ,_ \'\ ~ •v• v CARNEGl:Jj:'Sr · l\IEl\:lOR~ ~ • ' · · \\' p,.onso Brown walked t:oQ~}l;\tlnV!l~·· Pntl'l'e•l 1a's1t. ·wm ·and tElll<ta;n 1 en 1 t'•b¥ l\t'liW.Y \'c• - v.-ll\:1 died tti'is'mqm:~ing in Clli\ea'go; ot 'house:·t<a\1: {Nm -any neig;llbbr, an¢·!by · - .... lt has been-sa.id 'l)ita-t :Mr. Oa.rnegi-e lo,M';t ''1·~~-.·J·\\\•\s \'\',·\·1 .. \'\'\':'7\'*'\' u~·. f,.,...A tt'm\e \'''e ·«la'..- ·\a'\ b~\ s'\'--~ .. Mi<l'Y \f. Da.vls the woods bey and ·the <town autl ha,; Uil ughl!n,, I•ate ~f tbe . t~Il of ~ph· '\'\'\' \' \\\\'!! ..... v .. \ .,. .... .,.., \'\ '\' ''\\'\ ''\ .. •,.. '\' \ ~~ t!•~\\' is ·the only ~ill~ ()( th•e NatloleOU$ M frnm !olo.ai.·\ [J.J • .,o, Ca'·,,· .,;b\''\\' .. , .. J\·a\ ', ........... hhd di~·.-.p' .. a,.ed. Th\' m'\\'\Y never. bl'en heard from from that dny. ·ra .. tab, the .. executor fi.tleld h,ls ft~\'l•~~ ,.. · h ~\ ~ <::' \\u>:m• •· .,,., \'\' .,. \ '\\\\'~ \\~' .~ ....... -~ \ \\'\ . - \' ....... - of ul\stness w o. ~~s nott encounter- · ,_, · , ..., Large rewards were offered by caun- co)lnt ·a•n:d decree was entered setil· ed gri~ of ¥orne kind.. Thl!l·t is lla<Y· a-will'ter - ... nmEl; <liP:d ·bas WJilh ,my~ll of: 1 w:as w have been vlacoo in a :OOuk t~ ty, <to\vn and individuals,. but mollths' in·g t•he sa !lie a;s fileif ~~<Ud diSchar~lll!!: - his ;tj~e 'f-Ill' oa IlUiJll'l:ier. w X~~ )lr. \day. .. . . ' . il,lg a. grea!t dtlla~ of anY •hU•man h$· U~A~-· wa· I\ nn~ A., t\e : •• ,;; ... ·l ... b~cst w~l. .A ' I . passed and then years without word, t·h~ s•!!id ~xecuto:r. \ -!ilg. · V\1\h'Eil:ther 'he. be numbered \\\\ '\' \' ~ ,..._ \ , . .,.,.. · ~..,... ,. a'lld most pe()11Ie h:we by this time . Pe.Ution w·as fi·Ied. <by MQ;ttimP.r Le- a~oog the ldngs of fin•anoo or ·t;hooe tl~l!ts of·Utica.~ He> WJ.l-JLP~iden~ of It'sc'too 'bad to .see ~l>l..e w1-jo go forgO'tten all a bout the tt•agedy. Roy Porter, sole· execu<tbr of t\'e ..,.«~t l•'Qj;est Hill Cil'met~ry ~chit)o~.J:Iere, • from way to day sllfret'ing wi:tb -physi- \' •~ wb'o are just lucky enough to enjoy · ' ' will and tes~a.ment ·~J El·iwbe.iJ~, Res-. a~d his love od' tile, fl~aut.i~l is mark~ , cal we~kl:iess, ·W'ben Rocky MouEta:in All ons ot Fort _pJo.<n '· .. .J J h ... . . three sqware rnea;:s :a,.'lloa~. S!ttftCient, Ml in many Wll·\'i'i iJi -tbe arran-wemEm\\ . Tea .would stren ..... \en them. - T \'r , Q _ - segue, ,,ro.e u• fl Jl!'!!'I()Wn, deceas•eti, radme:nt •IIJld a. .oomfort.alble shcl•ter. \\' T \ \' ~ · · .,.... \ FORT PLAIN, Aprt!Jl 27. _ A. H. for a ftn•al judicl'M ~ttte.rnelit of his It ia, pOS!l'ible tJbJa\t sQime sctwr$ ~.gm; .. ,! .?f ~l;c- cemet~ry. ,.,. ·\ ·- :-\': l Talblet :i5 eeuts. W, B. 'Van Vii • Allen, wb'o wa11 incarcena,ted in the aooouutl1 a~d clt<~t!C.ns. were isso:ed be t.oun4 lif ·t'be ~:cr.ea.t steeJ'\' n:ra.g- Jruil •at G-Iovermille for several dli.'YS, retqrnll!ble 1\:L!\Y :n. na:t-e'l! ~leetd.~n.s w<ere as- v.ivid to as the suspected kidna.p•per of Hor· Q>ebel'lil as th-ey •a.re to b!mlielf. ,Jce Marvin,' arrived, in !fort Pl~!in . 'Fos~~e Oqt J>'lt , . , .with his wi-fe ~nd t:be boy •bhla.t be,ars 1'he 'i)OStottlce 4ePld'lilileut ail;' wash- . N((W Law omc~ HU{'h a strong reaemb1'ilnce tr;) 'tJhe iugton ·has Uirt;>t>tat the dise'ontlnu- .Ati\Orn.ey 1ll9!Wal'd :Mona·bail ·baa leaS· kldt~apped boy, ·and Is regiE'tere\d at ance of the postolftqe: in . G'l~in·Ule •. ed the l'QOtniJ oyer D3cVi.d stark's store the Eagle Ho•tel ·on M(}ha:wl{ street. l!iebeua.-tady county, ~ Al»'ll 3!): tha:t in the Kenued.Y lfi)lidin~ .. ~n 1\:ralli. Mr. Alle~1 tells the t~t,P•ry ot his ex- is .next 'l'uel!<ilily; Th~-~~1!?_11 .l'~r -th~ 'lftreet ~ud(Will la\\f otti~ M:aY' perioo\·es .. in Glover>Sville, which '1le· dl:Beontln\Y·an<>e-.is :fWople are 1, .~1:. of ;tlle t houg'ht ~were far fr~m bei_ng p!eljlS- being served nQ-w· lj' J( 'l',l},l:lll ;h:OO ·d'6· I ,Atl,bll~ .Law tqlh ~evelia.l ant and of his filU!,l \esc·~Il'<l from a· livery route from oOrA~l!.tlli!. . It ~ · ~\1i · ~ ' The Yo~n-glove ::~teJ=:i~tl~~~ . une of John.st<!\'lf~ fliitfi;;!lf ' d<ay$. , J'. L.\ MorleY were 1,1.dded to •the · <fn.i•di> ~a!Qn~ 23 men ·uQW elii~~ cotupll\ll~'. . . You're t?·b!! t:Jie jud'g~a-;:-:0' l t-o\ yd\l 11:0 dt!bit't~; all I verdl\';t ·-- W i 11\ ;t.T.;.m;'!it;. keep Y'0\1 '\ell? A tbolll!iand you c~n1 ~E\P; .. \ , I wouldn't llao·e t!H>na att a. -t:i~ ,.t'; i I\d ·lla\\e Rocky 31ountain Tea. . -w. s. \•3 vttet · rt~~:.-· . .'IP~·~ _'}-l_v. -~d h.e ~ 'told t~ TK>lley of the po~~ dM!t,lrt.:nte;n! ••Y&t ·to gtv<e bJs ~ase· ae- •tQ-~ttnue tlti$1IM'Urai•.1Wietolit~e. :~.ttlaUJ (rten~~ • .;Jj'J~Iill JJi1lCdl ~lkl:tf all possible· in hit ~ wberMer the Tltl'lll'~ ·~Ii-1!1117 t*\\' Ill ,... the countl')'. · . 1 viol meets t,Jte DM1Sa « \ 1 :Uountaiii i~n '\'7 _ TaW.tS, &~ ceBte. \'••·

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